Carmel Sullivan

Carmel Sullivan

Location:London, British
Experience on Earth:19 Years
Experience on OwnQuotes: 5 Years 10 Months
Short Bio: Im 15 and my birthday is on the 4th of July!! Love you lots like jelly tots xx

Carmel Sullivan Quotes

The people that have you back now will be the ones that stay with you for a life time. Forget the others just keep these people close.
-Carmel Sullivan

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Beauty Change Desire Faith Friendship

Love is a special thing. Its like a key to a new beginning. There are loads of keys on your key

Beauty Change Dreams Faith Friendship

Life is like a cherry tree. It grows from a seed and after a while it blossoms and starts to grow cherries and then starts to die. But it puts all
-Carmel Sullivan

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Bullys are horrorble, sly and sick, But best friend are there when the world is dark, Bullys have no care, no worry and no bother for you, But best
-Carmel Sullivan

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When you have one true love. You dream and want to be with them all the time. Make sure you never lose him/her and if you do then do everything in
-Carmel Sullivan

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Your not a child for that long, make the most of it. You only have one family, so spend as much time as possible with them. You only have one
-Carmel Sullivan

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How to deal with seinor school bullies: Grow up to be smarter, richer and better looking than them

Anger Beauty Change Confidence Courage

Teachers are TOO bossy TOO strict TOO stupid to teach us and be nice AND HAVE A LIFE!!!!! ANGRY!!

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Pokemon is CRAP!!!!! But the song

Failure Hate Love Truth

My life is rubbish i hate it, everyone hates me, the way i act, the friends i have, and lots of other stupid stuff!!
-Carmel Sullivan

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My birthday is on the 4th of July! Please wish me happy birthday then!!! Just throught i would tell you lot who look at my quotes and stuff that i
-Carmel Sullivan

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People who take to piss because there rich and your not! They are low, sad, friendless people just remember money doesn't matter it family and real
-Carmel Sullivan

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You don't own anyone and no one owns you so don't let them stand up for your self and be strong whatever the problem! Violence isn't the answer!
-Carmel Sullivan

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The quote 'Age before Beauty' is very horrible in some scence but some people would disagree and some would agree but thats YOUR opinion!
-Carmel Sullivan

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Teachers are idoits and need to shut up! But they help us through bad time and help us get the job

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People say school is rubbish when you come here not to get moaned at. To get educated and get a great job in the future! So you better do your best
-Carmel Sullivan

Courage Education Goal Happiness Inspirational

Hello bullys around the world (and yes im talking to you) you dont need to come and make up rubbish about us just because you've had a bad time
-Carmel Sullivan

Anger Change Courage Faith Hate

Love comes from the heart! Not from your head or gut!
-Carmel Sullivan

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You are beauty full no matter what they say words can

Beauty Change Courage Desire Faith

Self harming is a way to control your anger! But you need to think before you self harm because people who hate you doesn't matter you just need to
-Carmel Sullivan

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Make your past, Your past and your future as now!

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Bullys are horrorble, sly and sick, But best friend are there when the world is dark, Bullys have no care, no worry and no bother for you, But best
-Carmel Sullivan

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Quotes are lessons that can stay with us forever, And Lessons are Quotes for old and wise people!!

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People call you stupid, You say your smart, People call you names, You perfer your name, People call you a loser, You see yourself as a winner. Lots
-Carmel Sullivan

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When life brings you down you can choose if you want to get up or stay down!! YOU CHOOSE!!

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