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If you want to change the world , first change the way you see it. If you want to change the world , first change the way you see it...

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Success is just a thought until you act upon it Success is just a thought until you act upon it..

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It It's real if you want it to be..

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Don Don't hold yourself back by trying to hold up someone else that isn't willing to do it for..

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If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world..

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Some songs will be better with changes in their words, music and the singer. Some songs will be better with changes in their words, music and the singer...

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Two things you cannot hide: your nature and your fabricated nature. Two things you cannot hide: your nature and your fabricated nature...

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History doesn History doesn't change the past, but likely it changes the future...

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Let your spirit carry happiness so that you can clothe your tongue with words that may build, heal Let your spirit carry happiness so that you can clothe your tongue with words that may build, heal..

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Clarity is wisdom Clarity is wisdom's oil. Contemplation is its comb. Compromise is its hairstyler. Composure is its..

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If you want to be great, do more work on your table. -Eseka Jerry. If you want to be great, do more work on your table. -Eseka Jerry...

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Change the world when you are single; because once your are married you can Change the world when you are single; because once your are married you can't even change the T. V..

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Transformation simply means change, what matters most is not what you change but what you change Transformation simply means change, what matters most is not what you change but what you change..

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if you don If you don't like it - then change it - if you don't change it - then you must like it..

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I thought I was waiting for the me that is victorious to arrive but the truth was she I thought I was waiting for the me that is victorious to arrive but the truth was she's been..

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I know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words. I know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words...

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It doesn It doesn't matter how rich, how poor, how cool or how nerdy you are, what really matters is how you..

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Walk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else Walk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else..

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People and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them People and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them..

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If you want to be rich, learn to love. If you want to be rich, learn to love...

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Sometimes it Sometimes it's not people who change but the mask that they put it on. ~ Suyog Potdar [ People with..

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 Sometimes it takes coming close to death, to realize how much you wanna be alive Sometimes it takes coming close to death, to realize how much you wanna be alive ..

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You have to make the choice. Either get up once more and try again, or stop moving forward and You have to make the choice. Either get up once more and try again, or stop moving forward and..

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For you to succeed in Life, Divorce your Ego For you to succeed in Life, Divorce your Ego..

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In a world this beautiful and teeming with opportunities, it's extremely insecure to be hostile to the unfamiliar.- Robert BakerMaturity is not about how tall you have become or how large your muscles have become, it is how responsible you have become- Emmanuel Joojo HansonIt's like standing on a ledge wanting to fall.. then realizing the beauty of the view, so you step back. Further away from the edge. Then when night comes, nothing seems as beautiful so you slowly walk forward not realizing how close to the edge you are- Hilary Mayes Live like a candle, so that you can give light to the people who live in the dark.- SANTHOSHIt's a funny thing that comes with age, realizing you're the cause of your own cage.- Madalyn KenneySuccess is not based on talents alone but a threefold combination of vision, work and persistence- Angelica Dizon Let not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man.- Wilgar D. ArenghWork hard everyday to make sure you become a better person, better than anybody else you know. But don't you settle until you become a good person.- Yves Kays KamanziReal change does not happen overnight, it happens after you envision what you want to accomplish and you act upon it.- Rodrigo Andrade EspinosaWe are not a product of our environment, we're a product of the limitations we put on ourselves- Deanna Garrett

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Confidence Quotes Let's not waste time wishing things were different. Let's take the initiative to make the change, it'll make a difference. - Lorreda C SmithIf you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world starts to heal :) - Paddy DuffyYesterday was the lesson Today is the reward - Nancy Thompson MahlerI was once forgotten, until I chose to remember - Marc O\'NeillLife is lead by your choices so be aware of the ones you make out of fear.. fear of failure, loneliness, or change.. Those are the only ones you will regret.. Make more choices every day out of Passion, Compassion, & Love.. - Haya DweidaryThe 'secret' recipe has always been within you. You just need to find an apt bowl to serve it. - Sohil R LadhaniWhen you follow others, you are trapped in an endless maze trying to find yourself before you lose yourself. - Nike HawkIf you allow your past & present situations & circumstances to define you instead of propel you to do better, then you have succumbed to a losing mentality & you'll never be able to rise above them - Kennisha L CrawfordBottling up your feelings is a lot easier than expressing them - Kevin Lu NguyenIt's okay to fail in the beginning because eventually we all thrive in the end. - Maria E. RodriguezAfter every winding road, a straight road ahead - Abeer Al Jammal The price of victory is patience and persistence - Dennis James Deegan CTMNever look back unless it's to see how far you've come. - Shelli ColeyI want to be the one you think of first thing in the morning, and before you go to bed. I want to be the reason you smile on a daily basis. The one you see a future with, and maybe someday fall in love with & live the fairy tale everyone dreams of! - Gabby RamosI Believe I Deserve, So I'm Determined To Achieve My Success. - Undreese GulleyIt's real if you want it to be - Elliot CainFor as long as there are little boys, there is hope for a better man. - Cory PowellThose who make a difference.. Know they must be different - Colette DegraffOften winners don't win because they are the best, but because the other who may actually be better made a costly mistake. - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SOne day we just wake up. We wake up and say enough is enough, but we just don't say it when we wake. We say it every second of every day. This is how habits are broken. This is how we make a change. - Lance Anthony Ambourn Do not stop pursuing your dreams in the midst of all the difficult situations you find yourself to be in. Instead, set your goals in faith. - Oscar Auliq IceLive like a candle, so that you can give light to the people who live in the dark. - SANTHOSHYou are well and alive, so do great things. Do it in the name of those who cannot. - DavidWhat keeps us back from trying is the fear of failing. - rhea josephThe sign of a strong leader and entrepreneur is one that has the ability in the midst of chaos to be able to leverage opportunities to attain success beyond what was originally contemplated. - Marshall KruppEmbrace your vision, so that you will have the power to conquer the impossible. - Howard HannifordThe power for positive change lies within all of us, emerge with confidence. - Howard HannifordNo matter what I look like or what size I am, people will always judge me by it, what really matters is my personality, my knowledge, and being myself. - safaLife doesn't matter how much you have given now, it only matters about how strong you are to go through what lies ahead of you.. - glint selormI made mistakes and am still making mistakes but this realisation is making me a better person - glint selormI will change or not, depends on the person who wants to change me. - Praveen malikDear beginnings. How are they plural you may ask? The answer is quite simple really. There are many paths leading up to the beginning. So in that case, there could be multiple beginnings leading to the next beginning and so on and so forth. I guess the only true end of beginnings is death? For death is the only thing that can truly stop you from beginning once more. Of course there is a spiritual route to be considered. But will the afterlife really be a brand new beginning? Or a beginning which simply leads to your next beginning? So for this, you will need to completely forget the meaning of beginning and the meaning of end. For they are not to be considered a path, a choice, an option, in this; my universe. - William A. HarrisonStrength is not just about one's physical performance, real strength is the ability to give up on something we love 'the most' for a better future. - Yves Kays KamanziDon't wish to be somebody else, be somebody who is getting better. - Charlotte HarrisI do not want to accept challenge, I want to become a challenge. - Syed Ali Zain ul AbideenSelf discovery is at the point of independence and not at the point of failure - Wavamuno Shem MukasaBringing your dreams to the conscious mind is the first step to them becoming reality - Simone WilliamsNo one loves your laziness, Go contribute your part! - Kushal SharmaThe only way to be yourself is to know yourself. And to know yourself you have to see yourself. You have to understand who you are, why you are, and lastly be who you are. - Brandon Timothy GordonIf you want to be rich, learn to love. - Jacqueline douglasFinish Friday Stronger Than You Started Monday - Steve AuraTo be weird is to be unique and to be seen different. Most see the same, so if most say your weird, your different, and you should stand tall and proud of being different and having the ability to see in your own special you way. -Kylie Arnold - Kylie Ann ArnoldWho am I? I am a feminist. I am a woman. I am a single mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a cousin. I am a Godmother. I am a great friend. I am a good self-discipline. I am a human being. I am a writer. I am a hard worker. I am a designer. I am a great listener. I am a great leader. I am a great believer of my heart, mind and soul. I am not afraid of failure. I am an experienced of life. I am who God has created me to be. - Marie Yolande PierreWhen you're unhappy with yourself, you think of making the entire world unhappy with you only if you could. Then after 4 seconds you realize that the world has nothing to do with you being unhappy. The world doesn't even know that you exist unless you have something great to offer the people. It's all about people. So start helping people all over the world by beginning with you. Then you'll be the happiest person alive. Stop fake being happy when you don't even know what can give you happiness. Start doing something meaningful for people and the result of happiness will be yours. What are you good at? - Marie Yolande PierreIn life, no match can be won until you start playing rather than just praying - Sahil BeniwalIt is not about starters, it is all about finishers - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMDream your dream, live your dream, make your dream a reality - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMCalling for change and being part of making change are two very different things. Stop calling for change and be a part of making the change you want to see. - Loren WeismanEvery human being on this planet has miscarriage of success, have courage to take responsibility of failure, One who creates the history One who reads the history will never be same - SaikiranKarnamSometimes a bad person is needed, in order to make things right. - Tankiso Gilbert MofokengHelping hand might not change the whole world, But it could change the world for one person - TLOTLO GODFREY TAUA Tough Journey Produces Great Results When Positive Mindset Is In place. - Samuel Okonji AKA Mc BobbyYou never know where a simple dream can take you. - Adriana BilykDon't live your life trying to impress foolish others, however live it trying to impress foolish you. The more you act foolish, the more sensibility you grow which is ' I don't care what people think about me'. - Elizabeth AppiahIt is all about starting and finishing that makes the difference - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMYou don't 'have' a personality, you create one. Make a new one if you don't like the one you've got. - Kevin B JohnstonIf you really think you will need a change in your life, it will change because the designer of your life is only you no one else. - sivaranjani

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Life Quotes Only change remains the same - Kim HaleGood and good repel each other & bad and bad too repel each other. , may be bcause of ego! But good and bad attract each other. , either bcause good wants to change bad or is influenced by bad. - Bipin Kumar G JLife is full of disappointments but you just have to put your head down and keep going. - Randall Carley What it is today will be different tomorrow. - adsfsad safdsafsadEveryone changes, for right and wrong reasons- but no-one forgets. - mj mansfieldWhen you're going in the wrong direction, it's never to late to take a U-Turn - PaskeminBe careful when you put your mouth on people. What they're going through today that you're gossiping about & laughing at, could be your own situation tomorrow - Kennisha L CrawfordLike plants, you can't grow in the shadows only towards the light - Josh DarosaGrowing up isn't something that happens automatically as you grow older, it's something that you choose to do. - Steven EvansPain makes people change, but it also makes them stronger - Rebecca Ann TottenChange what you cannot accept or accept what you cannot change. - Effymieaevi KosaiWhen one thinks 'I am wasting my life', it is time to change. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyGiving up on people isn't a crime, but giving up on yourself and isolating yourself from reality is. - Dalal YousifLife is like riding a roller coaster with your eyes closed, fast, up and down, plus it makes unexpected sharp turns. - Christoffer N. MoenIf you don't ever take a chance in life you will regret it for ever! - Wendy MercedesAre you sure that war changes the world? If anything, war changes the lives of the people, more then the world itself. - Alan LeTalking to strangers is like reading a new book. - Regan HowardJust because you realize it's the way it's supposed to be, doesn't mean it's easy to accept. - Dana Jo GraslieOne of the greatest challenge we face each day is challenging ourselves. - kemole parkerThe character of an individual depends on his/her early formative years. - Nana akwasiDelete can't erase what the eyes have already seen! - Kendra Latrelle MackroyA certain level of acceptance has to be reached for any change to occur.. - Vardz77Negative thoughts are the biggest threat to human kind - Shrikrishna DeoreEven though I do not like to study for knowledge, the research that I like to do grants me knowledge. - Jose Ezequiel Montalvan LlerenaIts just one positive thought that can spell a cast over entire life spent negatively. - NiharikaThere comes a time unlike the present, when we awaken our minds and begin to recognize all of the iniquities that plague our conscious. - Dr. Will Jenkins SrEverything ends for something new to begin. - M A Gaffar ProdeepDon't become fake.. for others' sake - Namratha GPeople and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them - Brayne MatshotshiWe want to know what a drunk man drank disregarding who's. ‎ - mohdmustafa99It doesn't matter how rich, how poor, how cool or how nerdy you are, what really matters is how you act towards other people - LinklordIf you don't like it - then change it - if you don't change it - then you must like it - G Swiss What's happening in your mind, is the most important thing in reality - Jens D’HeereIf your ego starts out, 'i am important, I am big, I am special ' you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we've discovered about the universe. No, you're not big. you are small in time and space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that's limited to Earth. - Sentitula__jmrTwo things you cannot hide: your nature and your fabricated nature. - mohdmustafa99Change yourself from person to personality, that is what I call as development. - BILAL SHEIKH AHMADTomorrow will be a good day if you decide to act on differently. - mohdmustafa99Not to begin a new habit, is one way to put an end to old habits. - mohdmustafa99Continuously position yourself among nurturers, thought leaders, and change agents. - Germany KentI wanted my life to Change, so I made the Choice, I knew it wouldn't happen just by chance. - Allen LazarGrowth is Painful, Change is Painful, But nothing is as Painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't Belong. 'God is Able' 77 - Charles Odili

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Inspirational Quotes Only by changing present can one change the future - Lokesh giriIf you are trying to change yourself, then change your thoughts first! - Bipin Kumar G JChange yourself and you will see things getting changed! - Bipin Kumar G JThinking is not Illegal! - Monae GunnellsLife keeps changing every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year.. so keep improving - J K Amar NarayanEveryone is born the same way but not everyone starts the same way.. - Paul PeshkovYou may think your actions can be erased like a footstep on a shore but your actions follow you all the way from that shore - Josh DarosaDon't wait for the boat to come in, swim out to it. - Katy HollisterOne good reason to do something transcends hundreds of excuses not to. - Johnny JR RemickAll of my life, I've always chased demons; now I've ended up becoming one. - annonymousNever reject your dark side for it is part of you. Accept it and learn how to use it for good deeds, then you will be able to find inner peace. - Vitali ZverevWhen you are in T junction, You can go Left/ Right or Back But it doesn't mean that you have only 3 options - Sankha HettiaratchiChange , one of the most fearful aspects. Of human existence, yet the greatest. Most profound. Means of growth. - Helen CovingtonOur problems fount not from the lack of good and excellent priorities, but from misguided prioritization. - Kimto Oche EmmanuelWe live constantly barraged by tests and curve balls is refreshing to see life simply. A plain white canvas upon which you can create absolutely anything you perceive. - Robert BakerLick your words before they lick your courtesy. - mohdmustafa99You have to make the choice. Either get up once more and try again, or stop moving forward and become the person you never wanted to be - Marcela DulongSometimes we simply think too much and must learn how to let go. - Shelly K WaldeJust enjoy every moment and move on with the flow. - Abishek patilThe best type of judge is one's self, because this type of judgement comes without any prejudice, hatred, or unfairness. - SunofYah913There are three common types of care; careful, carefree and careless. Of these three types the safe, safer and safest of them is careful. Be careful in order to live long in good health. - Segun RasakiOne must lighten his/her dark room or either leave it. - mohdmustafa99The redemption of the mind, is equally important, as the redemption of the heart. - Wayne ChirisaProgress is not as certain as Change - Lood GoosenYou can ALWAYS change the way you think about things. You can't always change everything, but the way we perceive it might bring a whole new kind of change - Lood GoosenIf your life is filled with darkness, just go somewhere there is light. The darkness will slowly fade away. - Allen LazarYou are who you are, you cannot change what fate has made unique; you must first love you. - Mac McGovernSometimes things don't change no matter how hard we try. We have to change our attitude towards them. You can't expect to push a wall open. You have to look for the door. - Bafferh MohammedChange doesn't happen, till You Change - Mark A Gardner

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Courage Quotes To love is to learn how to let go - Gabby RamosThere will never be peace on Earth until we realize our own insignificance. It is this imagined self-importance that has led to our downfall. - Twenty TwelveI don't pursue Money.. I pursue making a difference in the lives of others - Garron C. HaunIt's not what you go through, it's how you come out.. - Paul PeshkovOnce we start being brutally honest with ourselves we found we had mistaken bad decisions for bad luck. - Bill GibbsParadise for me will be the setting free of thee. - Maya Only we can decide to allow the disappointments in our lives to rule us. We can either rise above it and keep moving forward to become the best we possibly can be or we will stagnate refusing to grow past it. The choice is always up to us. - Lisa Ebersole DempseyEmbrace change. have the courage to be adventurous, because you only have one ticket for this ride - El Haji NeroEvery single human being is selfish. May he/she want it or not. We eat meat, made of animals, just to survive, not thinking about the death of our food. That's selfish thinking, don't you think? And don't start about vegetarians, they eat plants that are just as equal as animals. So don't go around saying you aren't selfish. Everyone is. - KingKing3Change is not always easy, but it's an essential part of life. Embrace your fears - let go and allow the winds of uncertainty to be your guide. There are no short cuts, so open your arms and be free. You will always be exactly where you need to be - Lois Lovely LayneSome are born with silver spoons in their mouth, some are born with bank accounts waiting for them to use, some are born with ready-made life for them, but some had to work from zero to hero to live the life they are living today.. make your own living, let your sweat serve to water the seeds of your success. - Piet NtemaLittle good triumphs over much evil - Shoban kThe older I get, the less I care what other people think of me. Therefore the older I get the more I enjoy life. - Oscar Auliq IceThere's something we all can't change no matter how we try. It's worse to hear the truth because the truth we can't deny. - Amanda thorntonLet not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man. - Wilgar D. ArenghA puzzled piece like you should be where it belongs, not where it doesn't fit in, said a lot of people in my life. - Dakota Ace HardinThe melting pot of life involves, joy, sorrow, and pain. - Howard HannifordSometimes, the worst things that happen to you are the best things for you in a different world that's interconnected with your own. - Nadine Khayat One day I woke up and decided, I never wanted to give someone the power to tell ME when to wake up, Or to tell ME what I shall do. So I changed ME.. To stop that from ever happening - rhys hallThe past is a gift. You know why? Because you never have to live it again. - Gabriella Yach Sometimes it takes coming close to death, to realize how much you wanna be alive - Cory Michael AdkinsLive love laughter belong in one place. - Jacqueline douglasI thought I was waiting for the me that is victorious to arrive but the truth was she's been waiting on me to show up - Dr Ina CreekbaumHope lies in what action we take. - Oscar Auliq IceThere are times when you have to remove yourself from the environment that is contributing to your stagnation. - Lisa Ebersole DempseyI sacrificed my freedom for sobriety. - Cassandra MarcanoIf in life you feel like a stone tossed about in a stormy sea, remember that the rough and jagged edges of a stone are smoothed away by the rough waters. It was a small smooth stone that defeated a giant. When your edges are gone what will you be able to conquer with your life? - Dr Travis J HedrickDo not let situations change your fate, you decide on the fate of those situations. - k.r.chandrasekhar

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Dreams Quotes Using violence does not achieve much, peace achieves much more - Razvan SterblingPower is God giving us the pencil of faith, and letting us edit our script of life - Kevin gerimetI live for the present like a kid on Christmas - Joe Anthony VasquezThe only hurdle that stands in the way of you achieving true greatness is yourself. - Teboho KutoaneDestiny does not go knocking on your door. You have to knock on destiny's door. - Eric Scott Tolman JrLife is like tea. It can be bitter or it can be sweet. - Eric Scott Tolman JrNow love finally shows up, only I can't open up my heart because I'm obligated to leave. I joined the army content with that choice 'til you came along set on stealing my heart. - Christina JohnsUntil selfishness gives way to selflessness, the struggle remains nothing but a dream - paul odafe uthoEverybody sees the world in a different way.. - Hamdan Zefa BandaI believe in creating history, than reading it. Everyone can read history, but only few can create it. - Naqibullah PaimanChallenge yourself, or what you are right now is the best you ever thought you could be. - Raygan Tinea WoodwardImagine a world full of happy people, show someone love, make someone happy, be the best you can be, lets build a happier world - Amukelani HlangwaneWe are not a product of our environment, we're a product of the limitations we put on ourselves - Deanna GarrettNew Beginnings are in order, and you are bound to feel some level of excitement as new chances come your way. - Oscar Auliq IceReal change does not happen overnight, it happens after you envision what you want to accomplish and you act upon it. - Rodrigo Andrade EspinosaTo achieve the goal , you must not give up on what you are doing. Learn from mistakes and your dream will come true - Viery lesnarI always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same thing. - Quote questWe don't have time to lose time. - rawafGlory in your small dreams, because inside them something bigger may emerge. - Oscar Auliq IceFor you to succeed in Life, Divorce your Ego - Atayero Rotimi JohnsonBuild or crumble. - Charlotte HarrisIf you give up once, you'll keep giving up. - Ramone WilburnIf your dreams aren't bizarre and far-fetched then start Dreaming - Sesethu MbotyiDiscipline highlights the calling on your life. - Baylisia Ewing

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Business Quotes Many complex equations like Socialism and Capitalism come in the way of equality and growth but the best route is in-between them. - Dhruva MathurIf you don't think outside the box, eventually you'll get trapped in it - Beau If you think you deserve the best, then act like the best. - Naqibullah PaimanThe basic is to make a point about the fact that social media should be handled as 'main part of the business' and not a 'nice to have' communication channel. That theory died along with the Isdn. - Spiros Arvanitis, Greek Internet visionist - lexmarkRabat is the capital city in which you get eating fish every time you leave home to take ice-cream. - mohdmustafa99Give yourself permission to evolve. Become a philosopher; come up with your own interpretation of life & stop accepting someone else's as your truth. - Germany KentSocial Media begins with a story - your story. - Germany KentLeadership is not about what you control, it's more about what you allow. - Michael Eric JonesAny path will get you there, choose the one of least resistance and most reward. - Michael Eric JonesThe day that you are willing to sacrifice self-comfort and personal convenience, is the day that everything becomes possible - Dontae LundyOpportunity exist for those who can observe trends, for this world is a trending place. - Oscar Auliq IceSuccess is just a thought until you act upon it - Charlotte HarrisThe road to success is ever changing - Steve AuraPerfectionism is another form of procrastination. - Jen RamseyNot all experts are teachers, not all teachers are experts. - Ana WhiteBehind every innovation there is a creative brain - Praveen GoyalBeing broke is part of the journey. Staying broke is a f**king choice. - Jaymin ShahCarrying someone else's weight is only going to weigh down on you and add stress, frustration, and pain. Choose who you work with and play with wisely. - Loren WeismanClarity is wisdom's oil. Contemplation is its comb. Compromise is its hairstyler. Composure is its gel. Temperance is its conditioner. - PasitheaIntegration needs to be part of your marketing, Because customers are transforming faster than you are. If you don't catch them, you're in trouble. - Komalesh KPYou cannot make an important one unimportant or vice versa. This is the business of adjustment. - mohdmustafa99

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Short Quotes Many try, but only few change their destiny. - Lokesh giriChange is the only constant thing in the world - aftabkhanThe source is more important than the end - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyChanges are not always positive. - Tra LalalicI tried to pay attention, but attention paid me. - Darab ImteyazPeople can't change environment, Environment changes peoples.. - Nishant GuptaChange your mindset from negative to positive just like a camera. - nervisBe the agent of transformation - Piet NtemaKnowledge changes much, but experience changes everything. - Nigel AldridgeUse of exclamation marks is increasing ! - mohdmustafa99Unless you change your thoughts nothing will be new on this New Year. - Kowsalapathy SaravananBE NICE TO THE 'NICE' AND NASTY TO THE 'NASTY'. - Vijaya Lakshmi MedaSinking in your thinking can never be a Titanic story. - Abdelmalek Ben Ali AllalaToday I am not as I was Yesterday. I will change every day. I will be better everyday. - Doc RamzanYou can change your present not the past. - Kowsalapathy SaravananJewels were coarse coal. - mohdmustafa99To change your past is to change your future. - mohdmustafa99To change the coach is not enough to make winning. You also need to change the players. - mohdmustafa99Habbits can be changed but mindset can't - Suraj Bhaskar GholapNo one will ever be able to change you unless you change yourself. - Syed Badiuzzaman

Desire + Change Quotes

Desire Quotes Perhaps it is impossible to change somebody if it is impossible to make them desire it. - NovaWhy do people think of changing the world? perhaps because we don't see the necessity for changing ourselves. - Lisa RoyWe are enslaved by the very things that we have captured - Marcus W PringleIt's funny how when desires are fulfilled he/she whose desires were fulfilled are nowhere to be found while he/she who has fulfilled these desires still stick around.. through the good, the bad and the ugly.. Stay strong comrades.. at the end of time every ticket shall get punched - James OkezeLet them use you. Let them enjoy draining your humanity. It's okay, men like non-humans. - khashayar alaviPeople don't change, their lives do. - MonicaIf you allow yourself to be defined by someone other than yourself, then you have not reached your true potential if that definition is not who you are or want to become. - George A. GilmoreThe road to happiness is the road you build yourself. - Christoffer N. MoenSome people march forward by turning backwards. - mohdmustafa99We live in a society that places natural ability, of which we have no control, over a want to better ourselves. For surely there is no merit in what you are born with but only in your attempt to change - Daniel Madden'I love you' and 'i hate you' have 8 alphabets each, so don't be surprised if he comes to profess his today and tomorrow you see hatred being demonstrated. - Kabirat Ahmed SalihsSuccess is not based on talents alone but a threefold combination of vision, work and persistence - Angelica Dizon Someone has rightly said that everyone got a weak point. In my case there are many. - bhushan madhukar meshramStop obsessing over your dreams. You dream about things that aren't achievable. Those that are, you barely think about them and take them for granted. - Mohammad Ahsan KidwaiOh, but my dear, this is not Wonderland and you are not Alice. This is reality and you are but a girl. - Natalya MnauelI wanted more, I wanted to reach for something. So I decided to stop holding on to nothing - TERRENCE ELLISBeing present in the moment gives peace and rest to mind and body. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIf you want to be great, do more work on your table. -Eseka Jerry. - Eseka JerryNo one was born carrying sins , but many people behave as if they are born to make them. - mohdmustafa99

Goal + Change Quotes

Goal Quotes If somebody has done it, then you can do it to - bobI always land on my feet.. even when I get knocked on my back I always land on my feet.. because I've never lived a day where getting up was not an option - James OkezeLife is like a game, difference is, in game we have many lives to achieve many targets, but in life we have only one life to achieve all targets. - anuragEveryone wants peace? True. Everyone wants it. But there is a difference between the one who wants it and the one WHO IS TRYING TO ACHIEVE IT. - IWillBringChangeDON'T FORGET to have fun and enjoy your lives TOGETHER.. It's NOT WORTH sitting at home becoming ROOMMATES.. just to save a LITTLE CASH.. - Babi ShakesI can't change you and you can't change me, but we can work together and change the world. - Germany KentThe future will not be born unless society stops taking contraceptives. - mohdmustafa99Even a fool knows a banana can't go back in its peel - ZakiaTransformation simply means change, what matters most is not what you change but what you change into - Phineas SebolaThe challenges in the world today, -in Africa, Asia, America, Europe.. can only be solved by collaboration and openness. Isolating ourselves and protecting our interests, will not lead us into a good future. - Eseka JerryExcuses are many, Reasons are few, and Successes are fewer - Pradeep jagatIf you want to change the world , first change the way you see it. - DIPANSHU RAGHAVIn life you can either chose to be a spectator or the main player but not both. - Daniels-Adudu Darlintine Uche.You can keep your dresses new , but you didn't buy them for this purpose. - mohdmustafa99A New year is a moment to pause, think and upgrade. - Akpan Okpongette Essienimo

Failure + Change Quotes

Failure Quotes Don't let fear stop you from growing, Don't let the past hold you in a cage of regret, Yesterday was the lesson, Today is the reward - Nancy Thompson MahlerNever give up, just Move On.. - Khem RaiPast failures create a manual for future success - Phillip OrangeWhen yesterday falls and gets a scar on her face, tomorrow learns, stands tall and remains beautiful.. - kgabo Sarah phildine MothotsiIt's wise not to look back to have no regrets, but to look at the future with hope, we need great courage. - Chris PetersAny president should not be valued by what he did , but by what he didn't. - mohdmustafa99When an extremist goes in failure, he learns temperance. ‎ - mohdmustafa99Walk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else - Brian KelleyChange, for change's sake, is a recipe for failure. - Dr Travis J HedrickChange is inevitable. What is also inevitable is failure for those who refuse to change. - Dr Travis J HedrickFear, Failure and Disappointment changes me. - Ruth BandoquilloYou are a fool if you want to change people. You are mad if you want to change the world. - mohdmustafa99It's human nature to realise the worth and value of what was; only when it's lost - Azmath PashaDo not complain of being at the bottom, rise up. There is always room at the top. - Juned Mohammed

Creativity + Change Quotes

Creativity Quotes They say it's good to have regrets in life that's how we learn from our mistakes.. Now if you had regrets but haven't learnt anything from it then I suggest you go see a shrink. - MaxI need to buy myself a box, so I can sit outside of it, and think. - Alexis L. EastonSometimes in life one needs time to find himself, to once again be reunited with the reality again. - nervisIt's impossible to change the world but it is possible to change ourselves by looking at the world with a different perspective. - Bobby WinterI bealive anybody can do a little something to keep this world alive. - Austris VansovicsIf you want to change the world then be the job maker not the job seeker. - Sourabh kumarFeminist literature is like a sandpaper, made tough to smoothen our hard minds for having good thoughts about women. - mohdmustafa99The point of wisdom is when the heaven takes you higher than what you expect of what you know. - Oscar Auliq IceSit here thinking to myself the wonders that we've made. An individual has; invented, created, impacted the world. These individuals overcame judgment/discrimination by others who had disagreement towards their ideas. Imagine no judgement and no discrimination, what can we accomplish as a human race? - Giovanni JimenezDo not allow your resentment towards negative in this era to blind you into spiting yourself. We were made unique and should celebrate each other's life and the uniqueness that defines us. - Oscar Auliq IceOrdinary people are easy to spot. They are the ones doing the same things you are. Time to try something different! - Dr Travis J HedrickPride takes you from the peak of your life to depth of infamy. - Hasnat ChNothing is constant, consistency brings change over time.. - Aye Aye

Faith + Change Quotes

Faith Quotes It's my opinion that the human race's inherent tendency to fear the unknown, can be held accountable for much of what's wrong with the world. Perhaps it's time to embrace the unknown, so that we may begin taking steps towards understanding it. To do so, is the only means we have of ever seeing our future differ from our past. - Jesse HayesI have learned that the things that I cannot change are exactly as they should be - Dr Ina CreekbaumThe difference between a prophet and a peasant is that the prophet is willing to accept an alternate reality. - TheophilusI believe a person should be who they are because in the long run, this life is going to pass over, and you will never discover who you are, if you don't. - David FigueroaCharacter must first be developed on the inside before it will manifest on the outside.. - Paddick Van ZylHappinesss might be right behind us but sometimes we're too afraid to turn around. - Chris PetersAngels are driven by compassion deprived of instinct, Animals are driven by instincts deprived of compassion, Humans are a grip of soil and a puff of soul, driven by both, when their compassion dictates their instinct we call them Angels and when their instincts dictates their compassion we call them Animals - Fawstes AhmedThere are billions of seconds in your lifetime, and it only takes one to completely alter the significance of your life. - Christian Andrew Stites Quitting whatever you are fighting for is not an option as you forge to eliminate all fears. - Howard HannifordWhatever is happening today is happening due to our karma, karma is what we did in the past, what we are doing in present and what we are going to do in future - karan dhawanIf in some point of your life you get stuck and there is 79% chance of failure and 21% chance of success, don't think about that failure think about the 21% success. It's just like nitrogen and Oxygen, there is 79% of Nitrogen and 21% of oxygen still we are surviving. Look life from a different angle you will always succeed - Karan MaliI am not waiting for angels to arrive, I am just waiting for devils to depart. - mohdmustafa99

Anger + Change Quotes

Anger Quotes Only those who can not channel their anger hate system for what it is, one should only try to change system for the love of it. - Lisa RoyHate is stronger than love! When you hate someone you give them your soul - Gabby RamosMost famous people who have life easier than most are destroying their lives, while bums on the street are trying to survive even when their lives aren't so great - PaskeminThose who are quick to draw up conclusions are also quick to blunder into their destruction. - Thai ThachWork on your attitude and change yourself into a better person before destiny does. - Dalal YousifSorry means nothing if you've done nothing to change your actions. - Inna ShirokovaWhen you are doing things to better your race you are called a racist When you are doing things to better your gender you are called a sexist When you are doing things to better yourself you are called an egoist When you are doing things to better your community you are accused of being clannish When you are doing things to better your soul you are called weird Pulling yourself and others together on any level for any reason is one of the most threatening things one can do. There will always be someone to criticize or even lie to try and rob you of your efforts and reputation. Always expect resistance, push back and blockages, but NEVER stop doing things better. - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SThe furrowing of one's brow begins the plummet to mindlessness in veiled thoughts - Adam SilverfstrandIn a world this beautiful and teeming with opportunities, it's extremely insecure to be hostile to the unfamiliar. - Robert BakerIn the event where we can't be lovers, we can't be friends. - Howard HannifordYou're such a doll - pretty, fake and soulless - Irene Parker

Age + Change Quotes

Age Quotes You may be young, you may be old, Your hair may be, the color gold. Everyone is special, in their own special way, You may be a boy, you may be a girl, You may like to wear, a shiny pearl. Everyone is special, in their own special way, This is my quote, the one that I say. - Bethany Hope SkinnerDeath can either be a beautiful or horrid sight it is what you make of it in the end. - nervisNo one knows anything until we accept the fact that we don't know anything and that's when we truly know something. - Latia HemphillWe change when we get older in age.. - Daleen IrshaidTime passes quickly as if November is February. - mohdmustafa99Nothing is advancing here except ages. - mohdmustafa99It's the Stupid ones that end up becoming Wise. - Ashkan HassaniIt's a funny thing that comes with age, realizing you're the cause of your own cage. - Madalyn KenneyThe purity of youth is unfathomable. - AtticusDon't need everyone in order to be happy .. just some are enough in your life to be happy.. - selvan premBackwardness is to think that your ancestors were luckier than you. - mohdmustafa99

All Change Quotes

Stop checking your pocket for change. Check your heart for extra love, give it to the poor- Edmond H SweidyHappiness is a choice, a choice your heart makes.- MacmillanIf we treat people like competitors, how can we possibly work together to make the world better?- Iris PhilipThe earlier it dawns on us all that we either sail together or sink together, the better- paul odafe uthoLife is too short, Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness, Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should And let go of what you can't change, Love deeply and forgive quickly, Take chances, give everything And have no regrets, Smile when you're sad, Love what you got And always remember what you had, Always forgive but never forget, Learn from your mistakes but never regret, People change and go wrong, But always remember LIFE GOES ON.- Sarah-Marie TeasdaleThe hardest part after being hurt isn't healing; it's learning to trust again.- Sarah BridgesI move ahead to get some gain, some stay at one place to get the pain - Farhad DastoorSeek the knowledge, and everything else will find the way to you.- Bipin Kumar G JYou can never change a person who is reluctant to change. Willingness to change has to come within self!- Bipin Kumar G JLove makes the man change by his own will.- NovaYes, I believe that our system is corrupted, But remember its our responsibility to change our system.- vinayaka sagar v pattanashettyLions live amongst lions. Tigers live amongst tigers. Please don't ask me where to find success.- Allen LazarPeople often talk about change in the world, but you have got to change yourselves for you to see the change you desire- ease berryWe fear change because we trust the stained steel we know more than glistering gold we don't know.- mohdmustafa99Change is constant and it is a process everyone must pass through but we should be aware and conscious of the kind of change we are allowing to change us.- Biglyf writesIf truth is indeed unchangeable definitely lie is changeable..- Kayode Seyi TayoDon't change your mind when you intend to say the truth- Aye AyeOrigin of true happiness lies in the congruity of thought, word, and deed - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMVery rapid change is more associated with deterioration.- mohdmustafa99If it is important to make lies , then it is more important to know the truth that you want to distort.- mohdmustafa99Children Have The Potential To Change Even The Most Irredeemable Of People- SunofYah913A person who lives their life righteously and without any misdeeds has nothing to hide - SunofYah913Mistakes are meant to be made, however making the same mistakes over and over again is a sign of a stagnant mind- SunofYah913If every moment in your life is a lesson.. then every person you have met was a teacher.. !- Saiteja ThottempudiNothing will never change for you - until you change- G SwissLooking back blocks you from seeing ahead.. the key is to keep the past in your peripheral IF you don't wanna repeat it- Mekedes EndaleTo succeed in anything get out of the I-KNOW-IT-ALL syndrome, Learn and Receive from others- Atayero Rotimi JohnsonChanging world is not that tough seriously, try changing yourself and you are done.- shivangi lavaniyaMany people who refuse to accept change are miserable from their own doing.- Piet NtemaYou can't change what you don't acknowledge.- Piet NtemaSometimes one just needs to ride out the unavoidable rancid days in order to enjoy a pleasurable future that awaits ahead.- Javier ContrerasComedy in Guatemala lost a lot. One of the comedians there has been elected a president.- mohdmustafa99We meet people by chance, not by choice, so adjust and adopt to their ways.- Nana akwasiIf you don't have anything to do , do anything.- mohdmustafa99First step to change your life is to change your mindset- Piet NtemaThe time you were helped, it was a preparation for you to help others.- Piet NtemaForgiveness does NOT cancel out consequences - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SIt is hard to forgive someone who never gave you a good enough reason to.- Raygan Tinea Woodward Change is a progress not an event - Nancy AlmeidaHand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, step by step. That's the way we overcome evil- paul odafe uthoBe original in all you do as that sets you apart, and changes the way we view situations- Grace Wairimu HeywoodCommonplace is pointing out the faults of others, Rare is seeing your own faults.- Bill GibbsSometimes walking through darkness helps you see the light.- ABDULAZIZ Al DABAANIf the earth changes, what can we expect from people?- Daleen IrshaidThey say time heals all wounds, yet, is it true if you never make peace?- Garron C. HaunFind peace in your heart and you will find yourself.- KarolinaThe end is just a beginning of something new.- KarolinaDon't cry because it is the end, but smile because it is another chance at hello- that guyChange is just the trigger.. our emotions and actions towards it are the only constants in life- jonathan castanedaDon't hate what already exists, you'll only end up hating everything- Lokesh giriReal change always comes from within.- Syed BadiuzzamanOne day everything will start fading away and before you know it its all gone for good; making way for new and better things- Diego J. Carrillo DíazTwo things one must avoid changing them : flexibility of own mind , and rigidity of the other's mind.- mohdmustafa99A president who wants to change the constitution to be elected for a third term, wants to be elected for the fourth , fifth.. etc.- mohdmustafa99The world is changing but not according to scenarios of those who want to change it.- mohdmustafa99It is social development to change a thief from stealing to a receiver of reliefs.- mohdmustafa99Politicians wouldn't stop deceiving people until people stop deceiving themselves and embrace truth..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiIf the constitution is one mockery, then change in it is two.- mohdmustafa99Every time a miser opens his treasury, he changes his mind and closes it again without drawing.- mohdmustafa99Because of their hidden secrecy they introduced blind politics for the masses, not to see that they're selfish politicians rather than to render selflessness service to their people and country as whole..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiWe have two opposing attitudes in one time: to change the world, and to be adapted to.- mohdmustafa99‏You may wish to change your lover who doesn't love you, but you better change the way you want to be loved by.- mohdmustafa99Are you going to repeat the past of your forefathers? Or are you gonna make it?- Brandon HynesA 'bad friend' is not necessarily a teacher of evils, you can take him or her as a student who wants to learn decency from you.- mohdmustafa99Occasionally all you require is 'Some Inactivity'.- NaGa RaJ DYou're afraid to see your own shadow, But you have to realize that's you in the shadow- AravindWhy are you worried? Consider your defects as inebriety , and tomorrow you will get sober.- mohdmustafa99To be radical is to believe in alteration by means that have no other alternatives.- mohdmustafa99We're in a state of oblivion, waiting for the epoch of ephemeral luminescence to commence.- VaibhavThe only salvation is self preservation.- Lady AnonI learned my lessons and changed, then the person I was with, was not enough for the person I became.- Pedro NascimentoIn the name of sustainability or anticipating funds, one must not do mean things.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyMen fall for the same mistake over and over because they don't wanna learn from previous mistakes- CLKI came to you when I needed to smile, I thought you were the one who made me fly, It took me a while, Now I realize that you were the one who made me cry- Isabella O\'ReillyStop trying to stop people from changing the world. Stop trying to try to stop people from changing the world, if it's for the better that is, for everyone! Peace- Joshua Aaron GuilloryBad things happen to good people so the world can become better for it. Imagine if bad things only happened to bad people. The world wouldn't benefit at all.- Nikki CoughlinFear is also the foundation of subservience.- Segun RasakiYou don't plan to shed out the tears. It just happens like summer rain droplets and leaves you with a smell after rain.- Aamna KhanEvery new day is a blessing in your hand. You can be the sculpture of your future.- Charmila KTake a walk with me and let's turn the world upside down so we can step on stardust- Oana FergheteWhatever is destined can't be changed except by hard work..- ashwin sankarWhen you are a wood-worker and life hits you with a fallen tree, you don't just leave it there. You make a beautiful piece of art- kyle and sarah s quotesHuman rights are the cornerstone of sustainable development and a basis upon which strengthened societies can be built.- J BPeople Change, I Don't- Chandra PriyanSometimes, All we need is to walk away from our own created distractions, to get a clear view of our Goals..- Megha Singh ChauhanNo war will stop unless allies change - mohdmustafa99​What matters is not how long you stay in a place; it is the ability to get into a place and change it in the shortest time possible.- Soudie A OkwaroSometimes, I like to look up at the sky and dream about what I want to be. While others, I look down in disgust at what I have become. While in rare times, I look at myself, and decide to become better.- Cainon J NealDon't feel obliged to someone, it could destroy what you have built- glint selorm Darkness cannot drive out darkness: Only light can do that. Madness cannot drive out stupidity: Only calmness can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: Only love can do that - JuniblazeThe book you read today will set the stage for tomorrow's future.- Howard HannifordCarve my name in hearts because marble is ever changing- Brandon KellumAs long as any power structure exists, none cannot.- Joshua YoungThe thing is, everyone is messed up in their own way, some realize it and change, but some don't. We can only hope and pray that others will see their wrong doing and change it. Some will never change but don't let them ruin a world of amazing wonderful people - Brynn Alanah LundSometimes the closest people in your life become your everything.. only then to realise you don't have much.- Imraan Van KesterenThe clothes that we wear.. wear us the most.. one day we are here.. the next we are ghost- ClairvoyanWine was a friend of serenity, before it turned a friend of obscenity- mohdmustafa99Sad mistakes will be discovered in whatever future we are left with.. because, it seems, the present ignorance eludes the majority!- Steven A.BledsoeOnly after graduation, youth discover that life isn't as easy as a university.- mohdmustafa99To cease is a piece of peace.- mohdmustafa99Every new thing you are about to start in life, Always leave a chapter 'Blanked', which serves as Precautions.- LinqwaRestore your ex-wife; she has restored her happiness.- mohdmustafa99No censure: You don't remember me because I've taken myself from your memories.- mohdmustafa99Question with uncertain answers develops our minds.- mohdmustafa99You're not losing everything you want. You're realizing you are better than what was wanted!- Zac FarkoshWhen we focus on God we are simply telling Him that, we are trusting Him for a turn around.- Bamigboye OlurotimiDenial is accepting things that you can not change!- Edmond H SweidyIf you can't change the way you read , you can't change the way you think. so please change your thinking first..- Disha khareEvery living being has the birth-right granted by the nature to live and die in this world without the manipulative interference of human Every living being has the birth-right granted by the nature to live and die in this world without the manipulative interference of human.- Chandrababu V SIf a change is necessary for the smooth conduct of life, do not hesitate to effect that without further time being lost. Time is as significant as change in life.- Chandrababu V SIf someone tries to change you don't let them because you are amazing just the way you are.- Nazifa TasnimYou think you Decide your Direction, Your Direction Decides your Way, Your Way Decides your Future, So Change your Thinking & Everything- KrishanKant GoyalWe must not only talk or criticize, we must also be ready to act & work towards effecting the change we clamor for- paul odafe uthoIt's the uncertainties in life that create change.. you can either accept it and grow from it, or deny it and suffer the consequences of it- Jake MasonNo matter how much sweetness and bitterness you taste in life, there will be a new menu every day.- diya ahmed azzonyWe all change, but the memories remain- Heritier NdeleTraining addresses skills gap, but it does not change one's thinking ability- Brayne MatshotshiAlways not enough words, and so many unnecessary words to say, for a situation that should never have happened.- Jon SmithYou have one chance to live, so why not live it well? you can, because at the end you won't have the chance!- Courtney Beauty is a feeling, not a vision. you may dress it up to make a design But a design without a feeling is unfinished.- Patrick CarterI may not change the world completely. But, I'm sure that I will do a massive contribution- Word WordsworthLife is a Wiki -Text Book.. Where you can learn Many in detail.. and edit many in detail..- JowinSometimes you are so blind. you go after people that treat you badly, just to feel better about yourself. you don't realize what has been in front of your face nearly your whole life.. then when you realize it.. you are blind to change anything.- katie popePositive change can only take place in your life, when you are willing to exchange the negative for it.- Bobby WinterEducation may not make a change in your life. It makes you ponder over at least.- Kazeronnie MakSpring pops, Fall develops.- mike LorchWe all change and sometimes it's not in our hands, For better or worse, That is- Daleen IrshaidDon't be afraid of the unknown and don't make excuses when you reach it, enter with an open mind, as it could be a route of success and self development- Phillip OrangeI can open my eyes to something I've seen everyday and see something I've never seen in it before. It's a new perspective; a new meaning.. and it's beautiful- Regan HowardChanges can either make your life easier or harder to live.- Elsy BonillaPeople change, Thoughts change, Everything changes.. That's the fact that no one can change- Daleen IrshaidIt is so ironic that change is the only consistent thing in this inconsistent life.- bornagainChange can be good but some changes can be bad too, take the good with the bad and make it great- brittany hopeBy doing only one thing can you stay happy for your whole life and that is 'MOVE ON'- Varun BatraOnce you learn to find yourself in the depths of buried secrets, you'll find that all the time you've been following others has been taking away from your true self's life span.- Nike Hawk'When you are truly a 'new you' that means that the 'old you' has died & it's impossible to go back to something once it's dead'.- Kennisha L CrawfordOur Nationalities, ethnicities, religious affiliations and other labels may bring us pride sometimes and may mark us with shame some other times; but our humanity will always be there. Unmarked. Unashamed.- Temmylade Ayo AladeokinThe idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving.- Twenty TwelveReligion and Literature should be admired from a distance. Truth and Rational thinking should be right before you eyes - Twenty TwelvePeople say when one door closes another one opens, but I prefer to climb out the window and take my chances- Lisa BumgarnerTo make a change is to make a difference in the world- Kirsten KizzeeThe more we are stuck, we continue to adjust with the given situation and seldom ready for change.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyI use to do things that changed my perception of reality now I do things that change my perception to reality.- Bill GibbsIf I had a gift, I would have filled half the world with passionate people, with those people crazy enough to get out of their comfortable wretched lives to go in pursuit of love, love that is the way of feeling every moment without the fear/ decision from past, but the joy and gratitude of being blessed with such a wonderful gift - love.- Lokesh giriParents have always been saying, 'Kids these days have all gone mad' from days of old, crazy.- Lokesh giri

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