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Race is only an issue if you let it become one. Race is only an issue if you let it become one...

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Don Don't hold yourself back by trying to hold up someone else that isn't willing to do it for..

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Life is all that exists in Truth! If it is true today it was forever! if past still true today in Life is all that exists in Truth! If it is true today it was forever! if past still true today in..

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Trying Hold Willing
Far greater than all the material possessions that I possess is- My Freedom to Choose, My Freedom Far greater than all the material possessions that I possess is- My Freedom to Choose, My Freedom..


Happy Freedom
Love unlocks doors that weren Love unlocks doors that weren't there before...


You have the obligation of speaking; and I have the right to ignore listening to you. You have the obligation of speaking; and I have the right to ignore listening to you...


Power without morality leads to abuse, and freedom without morality leads to depravity. Power without morality leads to abuse, and freedom without morality leads to depravity...


Power Freedom
If revolt was legal, it would If revolt was legal, it would't be necessary...

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Pay less attention to your problems, rather ; focus more on its solutions Pay less attention to your problems, rather ; focus more on its solutions..


Pay Focus
My freedom rings when lost in loving thoughts of other human beings My freedom rings when lost in loving thoughts of other human beings..

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Your mind is like a prison cell. Freedom can only be achieved when its open.. Your mind is like a prison cell. Freedom can only be achieved when its open....

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People will still hurt you everyday but don People will still hurt you everyday but don't give up to them ..

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Let not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man. Let not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man...

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Change Desire
Love liberates the heart. Love liberates the heart...

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Love Heart
Don Don't live in the shadow of fear, because fear might be the only thing stopping you from realizing..

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It is not until you have the courage toward your own fears that you can master your destiny It is not until you have the courage toward your own fears that you can master your destiny..

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Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest...

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When someone who cares about you is hiding things from you- they are saying you are worthless. When someone who cares about you is hiding things from..

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There is nothing more satisfying than freedom from self-imposed limitations earned through self- There is nothing more satisfying than freedom from self-imposed limitations earned through self-..

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Life is too short, Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness, Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should And let go of what you can't change, Love..
-Sarah-Marie Teasdale

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The first step to having fun is letting go The first step to having fun is letting go..

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I can I can't control anyone but me, what happens around me is life!..


Life Control
We are enslaved by the very things that we have captured We are enslaved by the very things that we have captured..

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Life Control
I like being in control, not being controlled. I like being in control, not being controlled...


Being Control

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Write your own book, Because no one is writing it for you.- Sophie BurtonWe humans fear the unknown, therefore the fear of being alone is the fear of self.- Marcus W PringleFreedom of mind is the costliest of all freedoms, it comes at the cost of time and painful lessons.- Lokesh giriIn a general sense, the natural man has great pleasure! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryFreedom is more important than food. Notice this when you open the cage to feed the bird , and then find it escaping and flying away- mohdmustafa99Though many seem to be independent, they experience conscious captivity because they spend their life conforming to the ideals of others, but never let their own amazing true self, shine on the face of this earth.- Wayne ChirisaGreater freedom frequently comes with greater responsibility.- Oscar Auliq IceIt is freedom to confine yourself without any outer obligation.- mohdmustafa99Any 'freedom' that allows you to do the wrong is the contrary of freedom.- mohdmustafa99The greatest development in media freedom is the better access to make lies.- mohdmustafa99

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Happiness Quotes Being grave is not being serious, you can simultaneously be smiling and serious. - Lokesh giriRecognizing how lucky we are when seeing the world around us move so quickly is just as important as treating those with love and compassion. This City, my freedom and my ability to work and make a good living is a gift. - Joshua C SvarenPaint the world with brightest colors, even on the darkest days - Nicole CallantaWhy hold onto something that hurts you inside , moving on means total freedom, letting go of all the little things that kept you up at night. - MacmillanLove the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. - Roseann PhaneufA human being who trades away individuality for conformity is nothing but a slave. - Oscar Auliq IceI don't care what other people might think of me as long as I live in my harmony and I rest in peace. - Phillip John R. EndrinalBecome a regular habitue at freedom's parlor. The more you think and talk freedom the more free you will become - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't make the tomb your dwelling place - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf you wish to stay good, you must first know you're not bad. - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLove will make stank smell good - Joshua Aaron GuilloryKeep your love for life close! And let it not slip away! It is the lovely rose That refreshes every day - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHappiness is the flower that grows and never dies - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLife is a cup of tea! Don't drink it with fear! Drink it with love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHappiness is beautiful! Look at her every day with love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEvery mountain is easy to climb! Every road is easy to travel - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLove is the greatness of the soul! Love every day! Be love every day - Joshua Aaron GuilloryFind the freedom within! The freedom within is the peace within - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe way of righteousness is peace! The way of peace is love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryBeing real and true is what counts! And what is! Be real and true now - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou are forever! And forever is you - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe light of happiness will always shine bright - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI will with you, my love, never cloy, Because every day with you is forever joy - Joshua Aaron GuilloryO this heart of mine will love you without an end, Throughout eternity, and always be your friend - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLife is all about enduring bad and delivering good - Malik Ahsan AliWhat blossoms when you plant the seeds of love Is joy, peace and all the riches thereof - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt worries me not what the world will do! My duty is to live in peace with you! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe beauty of thy heart never tatters! The beauty of our love never shatters! Deep in the fields of life's soft, rigid soul A life-sustaining substance keeps us whole - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI have given you my love and true face! I have bestowed to thee familial grace! It is not love to compete in a race For love that no one can ever displace! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI am your sprightly drink, I am your dainty food, I am your golden wink, I am your all that's good - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTo clouds of heaven by imagination sent, A missile of love I am to thee targeted! Though I won't miss, if I did miss I would repent! But with heart's precision I will to thee far get - Joshua Aaron GuilloryKeep true to you! You know who you are! Shining like a star! These words I give you! These are your words, too! You know what to do Wherever you are! Keep the peace, no war! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLet the freeness of happiness flow in your life! Go with it! Be with it! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryGirl, I will never leave you, I mean that! Everything I do for you I don't regret! A home run hit is every day from the bat On the field of love, where everything we get - Joshua Aaron GuillorySounds like a guitar the way you play me so beautifully! like musical stars across the stringy milky way, both close and afar, that is how we are! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou gotta believe, That's right! You gotta achieve Day and night! Peace is in the bowl of the soul, Cooked deliciously and whole! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAll good is the highest good, And in harmony live man should - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThey say now is the only time! I say now is the only rhyme! What you see and write today Will become the now of yesterday! And still today, and forever, If it lives, and it will forever - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt takes one, me and you Together, to do What we desire to! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou are always aligned with yourself, the self, the universe, In every moment and situation, In every friendly conversation or affiliation! You are the help, and the help is you - Joshua Aaron GuilloryPassion is always in fashion - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLiving free is to be happy - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't grab the rope, keep living with hope - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLiving free is the way to be - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't let the deceitfuls knock you down, Keep climbing the stairway of heaven - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't let the barrel roll down the hill! Get a tight grip on your own special life! And keep moving it lightweight - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe thing about playing games, especially deceptive legalism, is that they have to end some time - Joshua Aaron GuilloryNo game lasts forever - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLife is all that exists in Truth! If it is true today it was forever! if past still true today in truth! And or is forever! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryValiant men see perfection, achieve perfection, and are perfection! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTrue mercy is a good thing! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLOVE = Letting Our Virtues Excel! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryMake peace with world peace! Accept it serenely! Accept it joyfully! Accept it truly! Accept it now! - - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe devoted succeed in every lawful endeavor! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe dedicated know all will be mutual dignity! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe most sensible authority is to follow your desire! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryOverflow with ardent love and illuminate with truth! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTo know God, know the Bible! To know the Bible, know your heart! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryPeaceful thoughts of love brings ease to the mind, Keeps the mind refined, keeps the heart unblind! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryCleanliness is synonymous with perfection, and so is wisdom and valiant men - Joshua Aaron GuilloryA true ray of heavenly fire is swift to protect the rights of man - Joshua Aaron GuilloryFreedom means you're serene, happy, tender, and free! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHaving affection in the face of rottenness is a flower in a thorn! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryNegativity, no-gate-ivity, as in freedom or no limitation, is good! Gate, as in security or protection of that freedom, is also good! I have no gate! No, gate I have! Yes, negatively positive, negatively good! Positively negative, positively good! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryMorality is world peace, enthusiastic existence, and proud virtue! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryBe the space! The space is always open! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe space is always open! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEnjoy the gracious air of life! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIn a general sense, the natural man has great pleasure! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryComposure, and the union of life, keeps us sleeping peacefully in the victory of love and the security of joy! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryA human action or intention that is safely kept with natural desire is fortunate to travel the imaginary and realistic fields of noble truth! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryRighteousness is a work of art, the greatest of faiths, and an enduring destiny - Joshua Aaron GuilloryWe are what we repeatedly feel, so feel good! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe reason of love is greater than the reason of hate! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Change + Freedom Quotes

Change Quotes We are enslaved by the very things that we have captured - Marcus W PringleSometimes in life one needs time to find himself, to once again be reunited with the reality again. - nervisDon't hold yourself back by trying to hold up someone else that isn't willing to do it for themselves! Carry what you have to! Let go of what you don't! - Kennisha L CrawfordOnce you learn to find yourself in the depths of buried secrets, you'll find that all the time you've been following others has been taking away from your true self's life span. - Nike HawkI live for the present like a kid on Christmas - Joe Anthony VasquezLife is too short, Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness, Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should And let go of what you can't change, Love deeply and forgive quickly, Take chances, give everything And have no regrets, Smile when you're sad, Love what you got And always remember what you had, Always forgive but never forget, Learn from your mistakes but never regret, People change and go wrong, But always remember LIFE GOES ON. - Sarah-Marie TeasdaleChange is not always easy, but it's an essential part of life. Embrace your fears - let go and allow the winds of uncertainty to be your guide. There are no short cuts, so open your arms and be free. You will always be exactly where you need to be - Lois Lovely LayneLet not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man. - Wilgar D. ArenghAs long as any power structure exists, none cannot. - Joshua Young One day I woke up and decided, I never wanted to give someone the power to tell ME when to wake up, Or to tell ME what I shall do. So I changed ME.. To stop that from ever happening - rhys hallSelf discovery is at the point of independence and not at the point of failure - Wavamuno Shem MukasaHuman rights are the cornerstone of sustainable development and a basis upon which strengthened societies can be built. - J BI sacrificed my freedom for sobriety. - Cassandra MarcanoStop trying to stop people from changing the world. Stop trying to try to stop people from changing the world, if it's for the better that is, for everyone! Peace - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't live your life trying to impress foolish others, however live it trying to impress foolish you. The more you act foolish, the more sensibility you grow which is ' I don't care what people think about me'. - Elizabeth AppiahMistakes are meant to be made, however making the same mistakes over and over again is a sign of a stagnant mind - SunofYah913The only salvation is self preservation. - Lady AnonI am not waiting for angels to arrive, I am just waiting for devils to depart. - mohdmustafa99You don't 'have' a personality, you create one. Make a new one if you don't like the one you've got. - Kevin B Johnston

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Confidence Quotes Today I'm Playing the cards I'm dealt. For me that means Praying only for his will for me and the power to carry that out and maybe I'll get a glimpse at which ones to throw back and no matter what the cards are this reassures me that the cards are for me. - Bill GibbsSocialists need to know that politics isn't about self-empowerment, it's about empowering others to pursue their own destiny. - B El HLife is short, we must go after what we ultimately want - with greed, and without shame. - Inna ShirokovaMy heart is no longer a prison of hate. - Joe CervantesBeing born is a gift. However being alive is a privilege. Every time you decide to hold back or procrastinate you're wasting the very gift that was given you. You have to move forward and fight with all your might otherwise the gift of being born have been wasted on you. - Danny NguyenEvery long walk has its sweet path - Sean O OsazuwaRekindle the light of lion in you and be on the brave of your voice.. - Kayode Seyi TayoAlways carry a backup plan in the back of your mind - Adheesh vatsIf you can explain to yourself why you're doing it or who you're doing it for.. you can articulate yourself better. - Vardz77Yes many people are trying to be someone that they're not created to be and that's when the pressure comes - Marie Yolande PierreLet's be free, confident and stand firm to state our mission even at the point of death, we are captainz of your soul - Kayode Seyi TayoAll men and women were born equal but fear of God and amount of education received by each individual set them apart. - Segun RasakiHopelessness in any situation will be cured by hopefulness in any situation. - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou have Tremendous Power running through Your veins. Your Heart Shines as a Light that Expands throughout the Everlasting Universe. There is nothing that is impossible for you to achieve if you will Your Heart and Mind to it. With Your smallest finger, You can knock Earth off of its axis, because You have Divine Love, Goodness, and Almighty Power moving Within Your Soul, Blasting through Your Spirit, and Engulfing the Entirety of Your Heart! - Amelia GoodeDon't give second thought to make a move, it's necessary to take a step towards the goal.. - Kayode Seyi TayoI'm impersonating myself, I charge myself to court of impersonation and set myself and others free from oppression to build independence.. - Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiCowards aren't those who speak truth without fear; weaklings are those who jump from truth to lie in the face of oppression - Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiThe more we keep pronouncing the freedom and peace the more oppressor ringing the bell of war - Ikulabi Anikulapo Ikuforiji

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Courage Quotes Friends won't make you do the things you fear.. Best friends will push you to conquer your fears and humiliate yourself! - Lauren NewmanWhat are Heroes? Heroes are Men, Women and Children who do an act of Freedom, Bravery, Courage and/or Intellect in their lives to be remembered by the next generations to come. - Garry Jack TownsendIt is not until we are on the edge of losing control do we find out what we are made of - Kevin R WoodardThe worst day of loving someone is the day that they die, so why not think of the best days you had with them and hold on to the memories you shared. Instead of grieving, you should be thankful for the moments you spent together and to value their life's. - ZakiaAs we stand on the precipice of a rainbow nation, either falling into a cloud of peace or valley of violence, we must always understand and define our existence within our own context. - Dr Nirvadha SinghIt is not until you have the courage toward your own fears that you can master your destiny - Paden S. FackrellThe Minute you make the choice not to do the right thing, You have potentially given away your ability to Choose what happens next - Brett DempsayWith letting go comes a moment of loneliness. Courage is understanding that moment. - Vardz77Every tear is a open door to a smile - EmelineHuman rights violations are committed by humans, therefore it can only be us, human beings, to address these issues. We must take decisive actions today. - J BTo those of you whose human rights are violated, let me say, you are not alone. Your struggle for freedom is a shared struggle. Today I stand with you. And I call upon countries and all people to stand with you too. - J BIt was in my darkest place, in my brokenness, where I found my greatest strength. - L ParkerAll men have the solemn duty to uphold justice for without there will be no truth nor freedom - Isaak BeanTo live as a carbon copy of everyone else is to not live at all. - J W Barlament

Life + Freedom Quotes

Life Quotes Write your own book, Because no one is writing it for you. - Sophie BurtonBe the bigger person, it makes the other person feel pretty damn small. - Lorreda C SmithI can't control anyone but me, what happens around me is life! - Paddy DuffyThe first step to having fun is letting go - kennedy mercerFreedom is an illusion there is only society. - Bjorn Devos To save a life is to save a generation and whatever the life gives you in return it is okay, because said life will not last forever - Michelle Sankar- WilliamsYou don't complicate rather uncomplicated life.. - Kayode Seyi TayoTake time out from people. Take time out from things. See what brings you peace. See who takes it away.. - Vardz77Be free be fine - UNIVERSAL To find what I am, I have to fight with what I am not. - shikha lagwalYou only live once, live the life you love. - shikha lagwalThe question is are we still free from our thoughts of aggressiveness, arrogance, dishonesty, irresponsibility, stupidity, selfishness, ruthlessness and all the negative traits which are hindrance in the growth of human beings and the country. Honor the freedom we got from the sacrifice of millions - Summi"To find meaning in life, one need not search too far; for true freedom lies in accepting what is and who we are." - Jo P Helm"Freedom is a wish, but not reality." - Lavith

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Inspirational Quotes The chains may hold you down and they may even hurt your soul forever, but they can never hurt what you stood up for - Josh DarosaThere is nothing more satisfying than freedom from self-imposed limitations earned through self-effort - Lokesh giri Your children live off of your legacy. Regardless of how independent they become sooner or later they have to go back across the paths you've created. When you do evil against your brother/ sister, that is the gift you are actually leaving your children. Leave a legacy your children can 'cash' in on. Its worth way more than gold - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SActions are well said than words themselves. - Sadiea AkbarI Am That I Am. I do not need love, acceptance, understanding, validation or trust. I love myself, I accept myself, I understand myself, I value myself. And therefore, I trust myself. I am now free to love others.. unconditionally. - Ramona WilsonThough many seem to be independent, they experience conscious captivity because they spend their life conforming to the ideals of others, but never let their own amazing true self, shine on the face of this earth. - Wayne ChirisaFinancial freedom came when I gave more attention to quality than price - Anthony MuuoWhen men go to war, and they know what they’re fighting for; when they have trust in their leadership; that you know your brother in arms would take a bullet for you, and you for him; when morale is high and you value victory and freedom more than your own life, this is how wars are won. - Harvey StaubThe ability to enforce a law is not what makes it right; rather, it is the intrinsic value it provides to the people whose liberty and freedom it is intended to limit - George O SmithWe are but an eternal moment, in the flicker of time. - Mark A GardnerResistance is a component of Freedom - Mark A GardnerOur lives are like branches swaying in the wind - the higher we are, the greater the challenges, but also the greater the freedom that gives us the opportunity to choose our path. - AnastasiyaFreedom has to be claimed, it is achieved by advancing towards it! - Adrian McGinn

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Short Quotes I like being in control, not being controlled. - Meagan Lynn GervaisFreedom is what we have only in our minds. - Regan HowardThe first step to success is freedom. - Mohammed Al-DieryLiberty comes with labor - Rizwan JamilGiving is freedom - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyDance like no one is watching, Sing like no one is listening, Just do it for God. - Rebekah LinserYour mind is like a prison cell. Freedom can only be achieved when its open.. - Anthony Dewayne BrownIf you want to have the best policemen , train prisoners - Temwani ChilengaThe bigger the gate, the less possibility to go through. - mohdmustafa99The greatest development in media freedom is the better access to make lies. - mohdmustafa99You have the obligation of speaking; and I have the right to ignore listening to you. - mohdmustafa99It is freedom to confine yourself without any outer obligation. - mohdmustafa99

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Freedom is not only to choose, but also to avoid choosing.- mohdmustafa99Freedom of a writer is in his pen, of a labor is in his wages, of a child in his playing, and of a woman is in saying 'nope'.- mohdmustafa99The best of faith is that which makes you free of anxiety caused by disbelief- mohdmustafa99Try to sit in the Comfort and Patience of Your Own Heart; it will lead you to Goodness.- Amelia GoodeCan we fix a work of art? The artist alone knows the why of his representation!- CLKWhen you do something accidentally, don't feel guilty. That's why they call it an accident- Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf you are deceived, how do you know?- Byron AbelOne day a person asked me, what is your address? I simply replied 'World is my home & India is my room in the home. '- Bikram MahataImprison me in your attention and never let me be free. ‎- mohdmustafa99We can mistake the total of one plus one, but we must not ‎mistake the total of freedom plus sharing which is true ‎democracy- mohdmustafa99You are most free when you are with family, You can be who you are without the fear of judgement, When you have that fear around people you call family, They are not family. Surround yourself with people that accept the best and the worst of you, when you have this, you found family- Tina Fransman-SellEvery brick I've used to build my wall is not yours to break.- Imraan Van KesterenThe key to holding a logical argument or debate is to allow oneself to understand the other person's argument no matter how divergent their views may seem.- Oscar Auliq IceGreat leaders live, love and strive for the freedom of everyone.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyFreedom can never be asked or demanded. Because, if it does, it's fake. Freedom has always been owned. And when it does, you rule.- Arvinder SinghYour powerful mind commands.. and your body simply obeys- Tina PanossianA true friend is someone who accepts you for who you are. They aren't the ones who betray you easily. They will be with you in every step you take.- Hafsah Choice is a gift to be used or it will be taken - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SForgiveness is the ultimate key to unlock doors for freedom- Brayne MatshotshiDon't let people weigh your value.. Value yourself- shiza shahidA country where things are valued more than humans can never prosper.- shiza shahidTo be in a secured net of the world of Imitation is to live a life imitating the 'other' or live in fear. Education means to kindle the sense of freedom and fearlessness to be free from the bondage of fear- sandeep ShankaranarayananDon't grant me wishes if you can't set me free- Fendi Marie LibbyAllow yourself to lose control. The hardest part of living is learning to let go.- Regan HowardIf you want to live in freedom.. Then you have to be yourself. Find yourself and you will be free!- PatrickHaving a good heart is all you need because in the end, it's the only thing that will save you.- Meagan Lynn GervaisLiberty is a central concept in political philosophy and is often considered a fundamental value in democratic societies. However, the meaning of liberty and the extent to which it should be upheld has been a topic of debate throughout history.- Oscar Auliq IceThe idea of individual freedom and the ability to make choices without external constraints has been the cornerstone of many democratic societies. However, the concept of liberty is not without its challenges, and it is essential to strike a balance between individual liberty and societal norms.- Oscar Auliq IceLiberty is a fundamental human right that should be protected and promoted for the betterment of society.- Oscar Auliq IceA DCA A Day Keeps Poverty Away- Najah RobertsHe who is in search for financial pearls must put on their gear, open their eyes and dive below the surface.- Najah RobertsBitcoin, and keep CALM- Najah RobertsAttention to Bitcoin and Intention of buying Bitcoin are the mechanics of Wealth Manifestation- Najah RobertsFinancial Freedom must be fought for inch by inch, and held by vigilant education that never sleeps- Najah RobertsIn dealing with money the unconditioned mind can spot wrong answers but it takes a reconditioned mind to spot wrong questions- Najah RobertsI am a close the wealth gap fanatic, I will not change my mind, and I will not change the subject- Najah RobertsI can not say that if they change to Bitcoin things will get better, what I can say is that they must change to Bitcoin if they are to do better…- Najah RobertsI don’t just teach about Cryptocurrency to change the way you think about money, but to make you change the way you look at money, and everything else around you.- Najah RobertsIF ONE DAY I WOULD HAVE A MAN BY MY SIDE IT WOULD BE BECAUSE I WANT HIM NOT BECAUSE I NEED HIM- SureetMen who are fighting for Communism have nothing to fight for. If they don’t fight, they’re killed or jailed. Men fighting for Democracy and freedom, would rather die fighting than live under Communism- Harvey StaubSo what did Social Justice awareness accomplish in pro sports?Besides a lot of fans losing complete interest altogether,forever.A couple of athletes threw some money at the problem.BLM bought some mansions.Only Enes Freedom walked away from the NBA & started his own foundation to fight human slavery- Harvey StaubSin separates from God and sinners are slaves to sinful behavior and addictions, and they don’t enjoy the glorious freedom in God’s light but are still in bondage with the devil, as their sinful behavior is controlling them.- Shaila TouchtonDogs do not cherish freedom, yet they would not mind tasting it when masters are lacking.- Boghos L. ArtinianWhat is freedom, independent are all pf these seem meaningful or meaningless, maybe for some but what about the others?- Elizana KharmirI do not know if there is still some lights to get shined. If you find much, I bet you're blind. if you didn't, I am sure you have far much more eyes than two. The two seems to be enough to live, but not enough to see.- Mostafa SarabzadehLove is a slavery on which no one wants freedom from- Pistis BaluThe freedom that money buys is worse than bondage.- SundareshEvery individual and organization has a role to play in mobilizing skills, talents, and life experiences to move towards a more just and equitable world where all have what they need to survive and thrive in life.- Oscar Auliq IceKeep sharpening the axe for an unknown day- success songFreedom is like the wind that cannot be captured, enslaved, or misdirected.- Jason BaptisteLet your imagination guide you as you read, For it will work indeed! Let your imagination guide your story! It will be easy without any worry- Joshua Aaron GuilloryFools can freely make us laugh, and can make us confused, but they must be trained not to make us irritated.- mohdmustafa99I disapprove of abortion but I will defend to the death your right to do it.- 130170117 4No matter how hard life might be, never surrender to poverty, get rich..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiA human was born free, but fees and taxes make him doubtful about this condition.- mohdmustafa99Why should we keep birds in cages? They need us to feed; they are noisy, they contradict with our attitude toward freedom, they make us fear cats, and they are not edible.- mohdmustafa99Axe is L when the head is down, never forget is automatically 7 when the head is up..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiFar within the depths of our souls, a child resides. Basking in freedom. Playing as if without a care. Filling us with everything we've ever wanted. Teaching us how to fly!- The Quoted Iris Truly, this generation is one, hate no one, no matter how different your values, still remain united, Respect the norms & culture of others then life will be better - Abdulghaniyyu Muhammad BashirA dictionary is a good tool to get rid of it.- mohdmustafa99A top boss is the person who gives himself freedom of coming late, or being absent.- mohdmustafa99A blacksmith has no need of an axe but manufactures axes for others to use..- Kayode Seyi TayoLet's free people who think that they are free.- mohdmustafa99A pen can be well used or misused. In whatever case , the political system judges.- mohdmustafa99Media credibility can't fall outside the audience.- mohdmustafa99Always do good and you'll always live good! Always think good and you'll always be good! Always see good and your reward will always be good! This is the decision and justice of God! or Nature! The Holy, Divine, Spirit! In and as you - Joshua Aaron GuilloryNever think to become like others. Let others think to become like you.- Hasnat ChYou have the freedom to make your choice but the consequences of that choice, that is what you don't choose.- Joveci Korotama I want all the living to know that they ARE LOVE.- Amelia GoodeFREEDOM is the thing which I crave for..- Janvi RamaniFreedom is human right, inhumanity is oppression- Kayode Seyi TayoYou are inhuman if your conscience proves you guilty before humanity- Kayode Seyi TayoWhen you are a wood-worker and life hits you with a fallen tree, you don't just leave it there. You make a beautiful piece of art- kyle and sarah s quotes Yes , America first, and it was the first in receiving immigrants. ‎- mohdmustafa99It is easier to be attached in uninteresting matters than to be detached in interesting ones. - mohdmustafa99If you don't have money you don't have friend, because money makes more friends than reality..- Kayode Seyi TayoGrace is not the permission of God to enjoy our attachment to sin. Grace is the power of God to destroy our attachment to sin.- Richard John NiichelIf you want to be Successful, you have to give up sleep. Determine your Success- Foday PessimaLife is a stage so perform your own- Roha SadaphuleThe fear of being free, causes the pride to be a slave.- Abes ApesWe're taken hostage by the ones that we love.- Brandon KellumI make my living by writing. I draw a deep breath of inspiration in every second to filter my soul.- Brehima SangareDifferent is not always good, but to be good you have to be different- Uwonkunda PatrickWe hide freedom, we hide pain, we hide feelings we gain fame- ClaivoyanWhen you view success as synonym to luck then you're in for a big surprise. Success requires a great deal of hard work and stress. Sometimes instead of immersing yourself with your goal there will be a point where you want to get out and be freed from any responsibilities. And if you did get successful after the entire rocky road, success is indeed sweeter. This applies not only to business people but to anybody who's gone through a series of life disappointments and pain.- Gladys GallentesTime does not heal ALL wounds. Sometimes it just allows you space to learn how to live with the wound. So stop waiting to heal before you do this or that. Let the wounded healer in you be unleashed- Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SThe illusion of freedom is the greatest weapon in life - Atzin Espino-MurnaneI know I'm not the best, but I am definitely better than most, and I am happy with my imperfection because that makes me human..- PurvaThe price of freedom is high, the price of repression is immeasurable- Victor CourageEL AMOR , ES SOLO ESO 'AMOR' , NO TIENE SEXO , EDAD , RAZA , TAMAÑO , NI PREFERENCIA SEXUAL! - Ulises Ramirez There are no pure forms of insanity, only the artists insanity, which is their true reality - Danielle Rose YatesHide your own hatred and time will pass you by, bringing freedom as you realize the truth.- La Nostra De La Terra y CieloFri(end) boyfri(end) girlfri(end) fam(ily). if this doesn't help you to realize something, i honestly don't know what will.- Morgan AshleyDon't Step Where You Can't Walk.- John KDepression is like a maze. When you think you see your way out, it's not the way out. The best way to get out of the maze is to see from above. There are many challenges while going through the maze and a lot of dead ends that stop you there, but nothing satisfies more than to reach the end and get out of that mess! (maze). Free yourself from the maze you are in and follow the path that leads to freedom! Until then, you will be happy!- David FigueroaYou can break me, i'll fall, You can break me again, but it'll be harder to fall this time, I've got used to break, to fall. I've gotten stronger, try to break me now, if you can.- DanielaI can't stop thinking about you, You're in my Brain, You're in my heart, I wish you felt the same But times moved on And you're gone, So now we are just strangers With memories together - CharlotteeIf you don't care for me someone else will, if you are not missing me someone else is, if you don't love me someone else does- Rebecca Ann TottenYou are my best-friend but I'd say you are my hero! You saved me from everything that happened to me!- Shona KaloloReasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be exactly what one needs. Acknowledge the hunches and obliterate the exasperating silence. To resist one's impulse is a bowl of anguish. Preservation is a limited convention. The more we attempt to prevent ourselves from falling, the closer we become to the fall. The innocent shall never win. The vulnerable shall never prosper Nonetheless the courageous are those who acknowledge the struggle that entails living. The pretentious are those who dare to breathe. And the ingenious are those who dare to love. There is no right and wrong. Whatever brings us stability and gets us through the day is always the sanest thing to do. A second of what you want can be worth a day of what you don't.- CamillaFinding where politics are concerned you sometimes lose friends and family.. Sad when we cannot agree to disagree and you get snubbed for having your own beliefs.. we need to be very careful to be kind and considerate regardless of which side we are on.. both sides have serious issues to take into consideration and that need to be addressed and both have their successes and failures.. we better find some common ground.. when one has lost their freedom of speech it affects us all so we better stick together to make a difference.. there are those who would see our way of lives destroyed and/or our very lives taken and these folks could care less about what party affiliation we are.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyDon't think your negativity is going to affect me in anyway! The Universe is too amazing to focus on nonsense!- Gabby RamosLove is like a sick dog that you have had forever , you want it to survive but yet you don't want it to suffer.- Tayler Scott obrienIt's funny how religion promotes peace, however the most bloodiest wars ever fought in history were caused by religion.- Thai ThachI'm lonely, I have good friends but there's a empty space in my heart- Brittany Jenkins The outcome isn't always favored- chandler rendlCarrying bitterness and anger in our hearts immobilizes and stagnates our lives. Refuse to allow those seeds of unforgiveness to sprout spreading the spirit of malice and retaliation. Nothing is more powerful than just determining in your own heart to let it go and set them free, for in doing so you set yourself free.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyYour fight for freedom to have your own voice and choice is never over, but it is those who abuse their actions that make our life like an endless war of graphic conflict waiting to unleash it's wrath upon our empty souls of either sorrow or completion of the body and soul, but not to mention the ignorant foolishness of the sinister in which no escape can be made until life is but a little plaque of criticism.- Nike HawkWhen God asks me 'What have you done with the life I gave to you?', I don't want my answer to be 'I spent it all chasing Silver and Gold. ' - Feneau DemesminCarbon emissions are a thing of the past, what we should really worry about is our governments hot air from their mouths..- Jo LawsWho says that you can't be yourself? Trust me.. It's much more satisfying.- MuzeThere must be some weakness in my friendship, which let her pass one day without me.- Digbijaya MohantyFreedom: A horse running wild, a bird being let out of a cage to freedom , a run-away teenager deathly in love, a little girl saying 'I have had enough of you bossing me around'- SchaelyYou cannot 'over extend' in real estate if you use your own cash and avoid any kind of leverage. You can walk your way to wealth and arrive sanely and safely.- Cherif Medawar Fake friends last a day; true friends last a lifetime.- Maria E. RodriguezMost famous people who have life easier than most are destroying their lives, while bums on the street are trying to survive even when their lives aren't so great- PaskeminBefore you support the people's call for freedom, make sure they know what they're talking about.- Tamer LokmanSurround yourself with distractions. It's a temporary solution. In the end, it's the people and things of substance that fuel your desire to live.- Jeremiah DixonAn untamed human is nothing more than an animal itself.- anna juanita brownOne lie can cause death of thousands- maurice booneNever stop believing, never let anybody tell you different, never stop loving, never give up.- Paige Angela CordingThose who want freedom, they already have, need not declare that 'I want freedom'.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyFriends get mad and talk behind your back but a Best friend gets mad and tells the people who talk behind your back to stop- bridget slayThe way one prefers to dress before sleep is the real freedom- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddySharing is Freedom and Integrity- Dr N Sai Bhaskar Reddy

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