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Motivate the weakest member into action and something will get done. Motivate the weakest member into action and something will get done...


Sometimes people choose not to believe something because it is not what they want to be true. Sometimes people choose not to believe something because it is not what they want to be true...

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It It's real if you want it to be..

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Luck only lasts so long, SKILL lasts forever! Luck only lasts so long, SKILL lasts forever!..

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A hero is not strong or weak, just someone who stands up for the needs of others than himself A hero is not strong or weak, just someone who stands up for the needs of others than himself..

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If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world..

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To strengthen the roots sometimes we need to prune the leaves To strengthen the roots sometimes we need to prune the leaves..

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Positivity creates a solution to every problem. Negativity creates a problem in every solution Positivity creates a solution to every problem. Negativity creates a problem in every solution..

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Getting drunk is a paradox! When people party they feel like royalty at the village pub, but feel Getting drunk is a paradox! When people party they feel like royalty at the village pub, but feel..

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The level of difficulty is inversely proportional to the level of determination you have The level of difficulty is inversely proportional to the level of determination you have..

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You can want, wish, and dream all day, but those that prepare, work, learn, practice, and problem-solve are the ones that find success in sports,..
-Loren Weisman

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Life bestows gifts on finishers and not starters Life bestows gifts on finishers and not starters ..

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Keep the ice in your mind and fire in your heart.. Keep the ice in your mind and fire in your heart....

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There There's a lot of light that cover amnesty unknown in the day it's when you get to the darkness you..

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If you want to be rich, learn to love. If you want to be rich, learn to love...

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The storm of life may seem darker and longer than you want, but don The storm of life may seem darker and longer than you want, but don't give up because you are your..

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The one who says he will The one who says he will 'try' has already determined in his heart that he will fail. It is better..


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My actions do not define my motives. My actions do not define my motives...

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Don Don't go out of your way to break rules.. but break the rules that get in your way...

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Don Don't ever let anyone direct an episode of your life..

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Live like a candle, so that you can give light to the people who live in the dark. Live like a candle, so that you can give light to the people who live in the dark...

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we should not judge ourselves according to society's definition of beauty or what they regard as beautiful because at the end we all have different..
-Melissa mhluzi

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I choose to smile at the world and its teeth than being grumpy and unsatisfied because anger peals I choose to smile at the world and its teeth than being grumpy and unsatisfied because anger peals..

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Bring me down, I will rise until you take a seat and watch me fly Bring me down, I will rise until you take a seat and watch me fly..

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Bring Fly

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No matter how much tough the situation is, our 'intent' must be positive.- Mukesh ZadeIf you want to walk with giants you must take giant steps.- Stanley WilliamsI'm a doormat, but I'm the first to welcome you.- NtameniTo be stuck in the comfort zone is to never find out what you are capable of.- Vitali ZverevIf you reach rock bottom you are not at the end you are at the beginning- Victor CourageOver and above the basic education a child receives, what is more imperative is moral education.- Dr Nirvadha Singh I have no desire to be loved by anyone. My only desire is to love myself enough - Alanah M FreedmanYou cannot control the way people feel or what they think about you, what matters the most is how you feel and what you know about yourself- Amzard LinxSome people confuse fear and respect, and treat them as one and the same. There are grave differences between the two. Fear is poison, it's destructive, it hurts, and it scares. Respect on the other hand nurtures others and builds up their confidence, helps and makes others feel safe, and unlike fear, respect is earned.- Steven EvansTrue leaders are never fully appreciated until their followers have made it to their destination successfully!- Joseph Skinner

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Courage Quotes You have not broken me yet. Breaking someone means bringing them to the point of no return. I always return. Disappearing and reappearing like a magic trick. - Meagan Lynn GervaisCourage is when you have the strength to speak the truth. - Mohammed Al-DieryRunning away won't solve anything, face the truth and keep going strong - George CordovaStick to it, Dedication and Perseverance will see you through it. - Orestes VilorioIf you tell me it's impossible, I'll prove it can be done. - Sarah Ann CoxWe're all reflections of what we want to see in our own world. - Jesse HayesProblems are not created to ruin our life , but to add color to it. - ronalyn moralesWhen life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade; make what you want to make. - Jamie RussellYou get pushed down, you get up, brush your self off, move on. The process of life - Garron C. HaunMoving forward after a mistake, a wrong decision or a personal disaster can make you a better person or it can make you a bitter person.. One letter in one word could make the difference in your life.. - John BondsWhen you don't take a chance in a situation you'll always wonder what if I did, but when you take the chance you never wonder what would have happened if you did nothing - Matt Allen JonesI want to think outside the box because it's crowded in there.. - Paul PeshkovKeep your head up, and keep moving, never stop until your last breath but even then give death a run for his money - Shawn Timothy DeenWhen you are scared, throw away all your fear and your heart will shine brighter than a thousand suns - Josh Munoz Believe you can, and you will - Luke Henry VanlauweWhat you are is your greatest achievement and from here its the start of your greatest challenge - sandeep ShankaranarayananDon't trip on snags in your life, Stomp on them. - Cole James HemphillWhen the hole world is against you walk through the door to a new one! - Bella greerThere is no excuse, none people, no law is stopping you from being successful, it is you yourself who rules to be a failure. - Ai LingWhen you have nobody, you learn to do it on your own. That makes you stronger. - Latia HemphillEverything in life happens for a reason so don't be ashamed of anything you have done - Lauren CoyleBe the captain of your boat; tell yourself you are untouchable, unshakable and wouldn't let your boat sink. - Euginia HerlihyPromises to me mean a lot and I try to keep them no matter what. - CrispinMy wings are broken, but they will heal, and I shall soar - SheilsThe difference between an average person and the strongest man in the world is only a couple hundred pounds (if that), which is nearly nothing at all in comparison to the rest of the world. Why let nothing hold you back from trying? - Hunter JamesThe hero of one battle could be the first to go down in the next. - Hunter JamesTrue leaders are never fully appreciated until their followers have made it to their destination successfully! - Joseph SkinnerEveryone is perfect it's our imagination and expectation that make it not to be - Bolden KekanaBe strong, never give up and always push on- Sadie Muniz - Bill SchuffenhauerResiliency matched with Excellency reaches beyond Mediocrity - Abla Suzy AyeshAdditional risks in life is not taking risks - Jeton LajqiLuck only lasts so long, SKILL lasts forever! - Yasheel Santosh MaharajBy chance we survive, by decision we thrive - Dennis James Deegan CTMLife is short, we must go after what we ultimately want - with greed, and without shame. - Inna ShirokovaPeace is strength and must be nurtured for inner peace and a positive environment to flourish. - Dr Nirvadha SinghWhen one door shuts on you, be thankful as the Universe has a greater plan to open higher doors where your talent and heart will be valued and treasured. - Dr Nirvadha SinghAs you allow an illuminating love to enter your abode, there is only one lamp that will shine the brightest and longest, the light of your soul. - Dr Nirvadha SinghWhat Jerry knows that Tom doesn't ? Escape is more important than chasing - mohdmustafa99Go all the way or not at all - Jaffet HerreraWhen a person says to another , 'Respect yourself ' , he means to say, 'Respect me, please' - mohdmustafa99When I say 'WHAT IF' to myself.. the possibilities are that.. I can even change the world!.. - Lalith BhonsleSometimes, if you're feeling down the drain, feeling that you're living in a series of endless failures, don't give up. You are human, and everyone's got that moment before. So stand up and move on. Life's just rough that way. People can and will suffer huge losses and huge success. What makes them look invulnerable is that they don't give up. Because giving up would be the first step to actual failure. - Primus de PedosIf you want to walk with giants you must take giant steps. - Stanley WilliamsEvery move you make is a gamble, for best results go all in. - Ammar SamkoughBring me down, I will rise until you take a seat and watch me fly - Enid PeatWhen you're courageous and confident enough, you get to live your life the way you want it to be. - Dalia Marjanne KhouryHaving faith in your abilities gives you a humble confidence - bhushan madhukar meshramI choose to smile at the world and its teeth than being grumpy and unsatisfied because anger peals of the joys of being a human being. - Melissa mhluziBeing born is a gift. However being alive is a privilege. Every time you decide to hold back or procrastinate you're wasting the very gift that was given you. You have to move forward and fight with all your might otherwise the gift of being born have been wasted on you. - Danny NguyenA seed of doubt will grow into sure uncertainty and yield a crop of failure. - Angel BetemitObserve but do not interfere, think but do not speak, look but do not touch. These are the lessons we are taught by the world in order to survive. In order to live, we must learn to defy. - Corbin GordonDon't go out of your way to break rules.. but break the rules that get in your way. - Anthony ZhouNever give up on anybody, their worth is more than you can ever imagine. - Howard HannifordNever let words hurt you, be brave, be strong to kill them. - natalia Eric msunguI don't want anything, I just want to conquer my dreams. - Bizz LamichhaneNever be a Robot. Think for Yourself. - Amelia GoodeOur imperfections are what make us REAL. - Amelia GoodeWhen the whole world is always against you, you know you are destined for greatness. - Amelia GoodeIf you think I am a freak, weird, and abnormal.. then I am doing my job well! - Amelia GoodeFear is a loud voice in us that holds us back. Our visions are quiet voices that propel us. - Lawrence ElangoIf I don't regret it, then it's not a mistake - Nadira BadriGood music are songs with beautiful rhythm and heartfelt lyrics that connects and resonate with every listeners feelings, hopes and aspiration, either moving them to ecstasy or reduces them to tears when necessary irrespective of the genre (style) and lyrical language. - BJ SamLive on the hope for a better tomorrow or else you will dwell on your sorrows. - Lloyd IgbokweIntellect is the best weaponry - M A Gaffar ProdeepDon't take someone's expectations as your responsibility, make them your strength. - Bizz LamichhaneRekindle the light of lion in you and be on the brave of your voice.. - Kayode Seyi TayoAlways carry a backup plan in the back of your mind - Adheesh vatsLife is incredible, I have it, even if I got nothing else it is better to live, I know with it I am already Filthy rich. - Karrella JonesToday is ours, the future can wait - TERRENCE ELLISI do not allow the world to tell me what it means to be strong, because the world simply has it all wrong - Dylan Andrew Lee-ReidelNo matter how flexible you are let your decision be always rigid.. - Kayode Seyi TayoYou have to choose when to act, and you have to choose when to not act but be wise because its a choice. - Sterson StephaSometimes life isn't all butterflies and daisies; it's better. - Larissa Grace AndersonThere's a lot of light that cover amnesty unknown in the day it's when you get to the darkness you know that the real freedom is fearlessness in the night.. - Kayode Seyi TayoYes many people are trying to be someone that they're not created to be and that's when the pressure comes - Marie Yolande PierreTest of time is true determination of your faith, it is these moments of silence that define who you are and who you with are. Don't regret the mishaps, there were times when diamonds were not valued better than brass. - Shaila KunwalBe the best in the worst & the best among the best. - Selva KumarDevelop your destiny - dream it, do it, deliver it. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMLife bestows gifts on finishers and not starters - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMIt's time to respect yourself and your dream; both truly deserve that respect. Be the person you would do anything for. Be the person you will not let down. - Loren WeismanYou can want, wish, and dream all day, but those that prepare, work, learn, practice, and problem-solve are the ones that find success in sports, business, music, or whatever. Back up what you want with doing the work it takes to get it. - Loren WeismanChoose those you give your trust too carefully. Be caring; be loving; be creative. But also be careful. - Loren WeismanThe level of difficulty is inversely proportional to the level of determination you have - Sriprakash C SAsking for help will only end you up to a success that isn't purely yours. There's a different, better, feeling when you just smile at your achievement and say ' I did it all by myself'. - Skyler Venom HasashiGreatness is not in yielding to adversity, it's saying, 'adversity, it's my time to shine' - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe chance of not winning is not an excuse for a failure to start; however, the failure to start is the reason you will never win! - Dr Travis J HedrickLittle victories lead to bigger victories that affect the battles that eventually win the war. Winning begins small! - Dr Travis J HedrickDon't do Incredible things, Do the things which gives you credibility. - Ravi shekarWhen facing opposition, the most important question is not why the opposition? But am I in the right path? - CLKPerfection is not a destination but a journey. - CLKWe all lose to anxiety, but it is up to us to get up and face it. - Timothy DomesYou don't have to be offensive to be honest. - Oscar Auliq IceNothing is permanent, Life gets better - Hailey Nicole VanArsdale You have Tremendous Power running through Your veins. Your Heart Shines as a Light that Expands throughout the Everlasting Universe. There is nothing that is impossible for you to achieve if you will Your Heart and Mind to it. With Your smallest finger, You can knock Earth off of its axis, because You have Divine Love, Goodness, and Almighty Power moving Within Your Soul, Blasting through Your Spirit, and Engulfing the Entirety of Your Heart! - Amelia GoodeNo mountain is too high to climb, if only we can lose sight of its height and press on - Uwagbae Nosa LuckyStay strong no matter what happens, good or bad life goes on.. - Kayode Seyi TayoBe a woman who firmly stands, Fearlessly ascertains, Courageously impacts, Independently cares for herself. - Aisha S Kingu

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Change Quotes Let's not waste time wishing things were different. Let's take the initiative to make the change, it'll make a difference. - Lorreda C SmithIf you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world starts to heal :) - Paddy DuffyYesterday was the lesson Today is the reward - Nancy Thompson MahlerI was once forgotten, until I chose to remember - Marc O\'NeillLife is lead by your choices so be aware of the ones you make out of fear.. fear of failure, loneliness, or change.. Those are the only ones you will regret.. Make more choices every day out of Passion, Compassion, & Love.. - Haya DweidaryThe 'secret' recipe has always been within you. You just need to find an apt bowl to serve it. - Sohil R LadhaniWhen you follow others, you are trapped in an endless maze trying to find yourself before you lose yourself. - Nike HawkIf you allow your past & present situations & circumstances to define you instead of propel you to do better, then you have succumbed to a losing mentality & you'll never be able to rise above them - Kennisha L CrawfordBottling up your feelings is a lot easier than expressing them - Kevin Lu NguyenIt's okay to fail in the beginning because eventually we all thrive in the end. - Maria E. RodriguezAfter every winding road, a straight road ahead - Abeer Al Jammal The price of victory is patience and persistence - Dennis James Deegan CTMNever look back unless it's to see how far you've come. - Shelli ColeyI want to be the one you think of first thing in the morning, and before you go to bed. I want to be the reason you smile on a daily basis. The one you see a future with, and maybe someday fall in love with & live the fairy tale everyone dreams of! - Gabby RamosI Believe I Deserve, So I'm Determined To Achieve My Success. - Undreese GulleyIt's real if you want it to be - Elliot CainFor as long as there are little boys, there is hope for a better man. - Cory PowellThose who make a difference.. Know they must be different - Colette DegraffOften winners don't win because they are the best, but because the other who may actually be better made a costly mistake. - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SOne day we just wake up. We wake up and say enough is enough, but we just don't say it when we wake. We say it every second of every day. This is how habits are broken. This is how we make a change. - Lance Anthony Ambourn Do not stop pursuing your dreams in the midst of all the difficult situations you find yourself to be in. Instead, set your goals in faith. - Oscar Auliq IceLive like a candle, so that you can give light to the people who live in the dark. - SANTHOSHYou are well and alive, so do great things. Do it in the name of those who cannot. - DavidWhat keeps us back from trying is the fear of failing. - rhea josephThe sign of a strong leader and entrepreneur is one that has the ability in the midst of chaos to be able to leverage opportunities to attain success beyond what was originally contemplated. - Marshall KruppEmbrace your vision, so that you will have the power to conquer the impossible. - Howard HannifordThe power for positive change lies within all of us, emerge with confidence. - Howard HannifordNo matter what I look like or what size I am, people will always judge me by it, what really matters is my personality, my knowledge, and being myself. - safaLife doesn't matter how much you have given now, it only matters about how strong you are to go through what lies ahead of you.. - glint selormI made mistakes and am still making mistakes but this realisation is making me a better person - glint selormI will change or not, depends on the person who wants to change me. - Praveen malikDear beginnings. How are they plural you may ask? The answer is quite simple really. There are many paths leading up to the beginning. So in that case, there could be multiple beginnings leading to the next beginning and so on and so forth. I guess the only true end of beginnings is death? For death is the only thing that can truly stop you from beginning once more. Of course there is a spiritual route to be considered. But will the afterlife really be a brand new beginning? Or a beginning which simply leads to your next beginning? So for this, you will need to completely forget the meaning of beginning and the meaning of end. For they are not to be considered a path, a choice, an option, in this; my universe. - William A. HarrisonStrength is not just about one's physical performance, real strength is the ability to give up on something we love 'the most' for a better future. - Yves Kays KamanziDon't wish to be somebody else, be somebody who is getting better. - Charlotte HarrisI do not want to accept challenge, I want to become a challenge. - Syed Ali Zain ul AbideenSelf discovery is at the point of independence and not at the point of failure - Wavamuno Shem MukasaBringing your dreams to the conscious mind is the first step to them becoming reality - Simone WilliamsNo one loves your laziness, Go contribute your part! - Kushal SharmaThe only way to be yourself is to know yourself. And to know yourself you have to see yourself. You have to understand who you are, why you are, and lastly be who you are. - Brandon Timothy GordonIf you want to be rich, learn to love. - Jacqueline douglasFinish Friday Stronger Than You Started Monday - Steve AuraTo be weird is to be unique and to be seen different. Most see the same, so if most say your weird, your different, and you should stand tall and proud of being different and having the ability to see in your own special you way. -Kylie Arnold - Kylie Ann ArnoldWho am I? I am a feminist. I am a woman. I am a single mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a cousin. I am a Godmother. I am a great friend. I am a good self-discipline. I am a human being. I am a writer. I am a hard worker. I am a designer. I am a great listener. I am a great leader. I am a great believer of my heart, mind and soul. I am not afraid of failure. I am an experienced of life. I am who God has created me to be. - Marie Yolande PierreWhen you're unhappy with yourself, you think of making the entire world unhappy with you only if you could. Then after 4 seconds you realize that the world has nothing to do with you being unhappy. The world doesn't even know that you exist unless you have something great to offer the people. It's all about people. So start helping people all over the world by beginning with you. Then you'll be the happiest person alive. Stop fake being happy when you don't even know what can give you happiness. Start doing something meaningful for people and the result of happiness will be yours. What are you good at? - Marie Yolande PierreIn life, no match can be won until you start playing rather than just praying - Sahil BeniwalIt is not about starters, it is all about finishers - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMDream your dream, live your dream, make your dream a reality - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMCalling for change and being part of making change are two very different things. Stop calling for change and be a part of making the change you want to see. - Loren WeismanEvery human being on this planet has miscarriage of success, have courage to take responsibility of failure, One who creates the history One who reads the history will never be same - SaikiranKarnamSometimes a bad person is needed, in order to make things right. - Tankiso Gilbert MofokengHelping hand might not change the whole world, But it could change the world for one person - TLOTLO GODFREY TAUA Tough Journey Produces Great Results When Positive Mindset Is In place. - Samuel Okonji AKA Mc BobbyYou never know where a simple dream can take you. - Adriana BilykDon't live your life trying to impress foolish others, however live it trying to impress foolish you. The more you act foolish, the more sensibility you grow which is ' I don't care what people think about me'. - Elizabeth AppiahIt is all about starting and finishing that makes the difference - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMYou don't 'have' a personality, you create one. Make a new one if you don't like the one you've got. - Kevin B JohnstonIf you really think you will need a change in your life, it will change because the designer of your life is only you no one else. - sivaranjani

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Inspirational Quotes If God has bestowed you with a responsibility, then he certainly has given you the strength to handle it. - Bipin Kumar G JToday I woke up, often the most simplistic of tasks are the most important. - Jesse HayesEven if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward. - Sam ArmstrongYou do not have to be known to be good - regs zuse I am the king of my own kingdom & you are the slaves of others' state. - Atif MaqboolDiscover your significance, develop your skills and success will find you - Dennis James Deegan CTMEnemies will always be around. Don't react! Instead show them they are worth your success. - MskReal dudes never Chase, they just move on from the bad Phase & improvise themselves with more rigor & Pace, that's why they always win the Race.. - Rahul Kumar GolaPerception Believed is Reality Achieved - ANDREW AUGUSTObedience is 'Crème de la crème' of love. - mohdmustafa99You are only confined by the walls that you build around yourself , not by others. - Austin A McCartyI am thankful to the nay sayers for without them I would not hold my head so high with pride. - chris quillingThe one who says he will 'try' has already determined in his heart that he will fail. It is better for one to say 'I will', so that his intentions may be proved positive, and the outcome undetermined. - LockeheartImagine saying yes - I'm perfect in my imperfections. - Jen RamseyYou can do anything you set your mind to. - Nick LacosteGetting drunk is a paradox! When people party they feel like royalty at the village pub, but feel like an outcast while kneeling at the porcelain throne? - Dr Travis J HedrickYou are special, one of a kind. Let go of comparisons. Celebrate your uniqueness. - RoopleenStay strong, stay true, be bold - Kayla WeirNever ever permit your skin colour, appearance and other's judgement (on you) take over your confidence, talent and self esteem.. - Hema SrinathAttractive is the other word for confidence on character. - Owulo Ewureje JonahFailure follows doubt. Steel yourself with supreme confidence. - DanThe purpose of having struggles along your path is to shape you into better down the road. - Marcquiese BurrellThe acceptance you need in life is your own. - Ahmed Ali BalochUnlocking our full potential and doing the things we are truly capable of would leave us utterly astonished by our own abilities. - Marcquiese BurrellOur confidence that something will happen may be misplaced but having confidence that we will cope whatever happens is irreplaceable! - Adrian McGinn

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Beauty Quotes Beauty isn't just from the looks.. it is also from the heart. - miah garciaI eat like a monster but I look like a model. - Jaime omar perez BerganzaI point out my flaws not because I hate them, but because I accept them. - Baely Gabrielle AskinsBeauty and Confidence are similar things. First can be bought in Beauty Parlors, but later one should be earned. - Sunil Kumar S BYou are stronger than you think, wiser than you know, prettier than you see. Believe in yourself! - Noelle MeghanI may not be that pretty, not smart, not even very good at sports or the most popular or skinny kid, but this is me and I am very proud to have my kind of life. - Haley BachelorI am strong because I know my weakness, I am beautiful because I am aware of my flaws, I am fearless because I learn to recognize illusion from real, I am wise because I learn from my mistakes, I am a lover because I have felt hate AND I can laugh because I have known sadness - Rebecca Ann TottenSome roses flourish faster than the others, but after time the seemingly sweet petals will reflect their thorns and the time will come for the other flowers to be admired - Emma NoelRemember that competition breeds animosity - Iris PhilipBeing Beautiful is not about someone's appearance, it's about the purity of their soul. - Sam CencerAs a confident Woman you feel that nothing will look better on you 
Than your own skin - Nancy Almeida I have no desire to be loved by anyone. My only desire is to love myself enough - Alanah M FreedmanDress well because you can; not because its a choice imposed on you - Wayne ChirisaWe should not judge ourselves according to society's definition of beauty or what they regard as beautiful because at the end we all have different perspectives and what matters the most is how you perceive yourself. - Melissa mhluziMy skin might be dark, but my soul and heart is even brighter and whiter than the white cloud up in the sky! - Patricia PaulThere's nothing to change about you. God made you in his image. You are tall? good. You are short? good. You are fat? good. You are skinny? good. You are white/ Black/ Hispanic? good! you and only you, because nobody gonna love you like you love yourself - miracle mikeal greenIf there were no valleys in life what would the view look like when you're in the mountain? The beauty of life is the Mountains and the Valleys. - Nazzim HypoliteBehind a beautiful face and pretty things are dark pasts and grave secrets. Underneath pretty clothes are deep scars of the past. Behind the curtains of these long lashes were eyes that have shed tears, that almost made my breath to halt. I'm a masterpiece painted by pain, heartbreak, grief, lies, abuse and betrayal. So who are you to decide my worth? I am my own priceless possession. - Jasmin Adviento Beauty is a flamboyant spectacle, it never goes unnoticed - Wayne ChirisaLife is like fashion its a mix of high and low end, its like everyday is a winding world. Own the aisle walk with comfort and confidence, wear your accessories of support in projecting the uniqueness self. Deal all inequities with contour, beauty and elegance - joan san juanConfidence is a God-made tiny chip planted in those that have it. If you’ve never had it in the past, don’t hope to have it in the future. Money, beauty and power do not ensure it. - Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu

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Faith Quotes Today I'm Playing the cards I'm dealt. For me that means Praying only for his will for me and the power to carry that out and maybe I'll get a glimpse at which ones to throw back and no matter what the cards are this reassures me that the cards are for me. - Bill GibbsI may not be the person you asked for, but I'm the person I want to be. - Maria E. RodriguezYou can only have artificial and temporary happiness from other people, but true happiness can only be created from yourself - Garron C. HaunI once met a man he told me if you have your faith then nobody can come in your way and soon you will become a leader! - Maria Farag Life isn't simple. It isn't a fairy tale with happy ending, it's a mean place which wouldn't get easy on you. So you have to learn to move on from every shit that life throws at you. - isabelA moving man will lose energy but will always overtake the standing.. - sudheer keshettyA living ant is better than a dead elephant. - isaiah adukwuMy life is an accident :( but I'm not hopeless :) - Aman ullAhStars play their games, you play yours :) - Devesh Aviral DevraniBeyond the sky just became my limit. Someone got to the sky already and I have to beat that - Stella Serwa NyadziDon't expect much from others, because the thing we get when we expect more is nothing.. - SaiCreating a bright future is to purposefully channel your spirit, mind, and body as a driving force for whatever lies ahead. - Howard HannifordWhen the steps are steep, don't look down - Nadira BadriKeep the ice in your mind and fire in your heart.. - Madhur AroraPeace is when everything comes together - Joshua Aaron Guillory Would you be ready to accept, if somebody reminds you in your dream that you are dreaming?. Indeed you will not, you feel so real then. So is this life. Only the death can wake them up one day those who cannot recognize this and there's no death for those wise men, who knew this truth - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRKeep faith and move forward with confidence no matter what you're going through in life - Carly Steeve B. AugustinFaith, Hope & Trust are the biggest and strongest words in English, without which a man cannot survive... Be very careful How, When, and with Whom you use it. Later comes confidence, attitude and etc. - Sanji Paul Arvind

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Business Quotes The first step in changing the world is saying hello - Isaiah Roemello SolanoYou may choose to think small scale, but that is not the only way to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Big ideas go on big scales. - Paul PeshkovAll things I've ever wanted to say, suddenly I've been bold enough to say them on Social Media. - Germany KentAs children we believe that anything is possible, as adults we tend to believe that we can't make it.. If we believe once more as adults our unbelievable will become our achievable goals - Andre HaymonModesty is redundant, most people already assume you've accomplished nothing. - Jeff LebowskiAny path will get you there - chose the path of least resistance and most reward. - Michael Eric JonesThink big and think positive, because you are the architect of your own future, what you see in your mind's eye is what you are capable of doing in the near future - Emmanuel EssienIf you give someone who has potential, the relevant power they need in order to succeed. They will - Angus Dolan One of the best confidence builders is experience. - Jaymin ShahAlone we can only do so much, together we can do it All! - Frank ArmstrongOpportunity exist for those who can observe trends, for this world is a trending place. - Oscar Auliq IceWhen people cannot see the possibilities it's because they have no vision of the opportunities. - Michael Eric JonesTry holding yourself accountable to yourself. If you had to give yourself a daily, weekly, or monthly report, would you be proud to talk about what you had done, or would you need to be prettying up things, bullshitting, or lying to keep your job? - Loren WeismanBeing broke is part of the journey. Staying broke is a f**king choice. - Jaymin ShahIt all depends on how you view yourself; it is neither your responsibility nor your business to worry about others; they are unhappy for a reason. - Marcquiese Burrell

Creativity + Confidence Quotes

Creativity Quotes 'Achieving is something but imagining it is another!' Imagine to your fullest potential. - Furu SherpaTo create you need to imagine as if you have already done it - abhishekPeople laugh at me because I m different but I laugh at them because they are all the same. - sandesh shewaleAnything that means Everything to you in life that's worth having requires a process. It's called a Journey. Can you handle the ride? - Kennisha L CrawfordTenacity is respected if strength procures, whereas tenacity is ignored if weakness prevails - Annette KniolaLiterate doesn't only mean giving your own ideas, but to understand others' ideas too. - adnan kIf you care about what people think about you, you will end up being their slave. Reject and pull your own rope. - Oscar Auliq IceFear does not exist, it is the creativity of ignorance - Kelvin JohnsonReality was once a thought.. - Prince EfuePositivity creates a solution to every problem. Negativity creates a problem in every solution - Muhammad AbdullahDon't let the external music affect your internal lyrics-of-life. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTM

Goal + Confidence Quotes

Goal Quotes Rule of life.. You suffer, learn and then live.. - Diego J Carrillo DiazDon't follow your life, lead it. - Ruben Castro-MedinaIn life, the hardest person you'll ever have to confront is yourself. - Thai ThachSometimes, the key to solve the problem is waiting in the future - Josh DarosaYou cannot control the way people feel or what they think about you, what matters the most is how you feel and what you know about yourself - Amzard LinxOver and above the basic education a child receives, what is more imperative is moral education. - Dr Nirvadha SinghI may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday. - The One And Only When your pain compels you to take rest; only a Physiotherapist keeps you moving, It's not just Rehabilitation; It's Reliving - PRACHI KERKARMy actions do not define my motives. - Maria Victoria Tellez AlvarezTo achieve excellence in all we do, we must model excellence in all we do. - Dr Travis J HedrickThe world is yours for the taking. You need only find the will within to seize it. - J W Barlament

All Confidence Quotes

Don't be an opportunist but instead be able to make the opportunities wait for you- Shivam PanditIt's normal to make a mistake, but if you haven't learn from it, you will make it again and again. Until you will realize that all you did was running around the bush which is stopping you from moving on.- isabelWhat makes one qualified to be a critic? The inability to be better than the subject being criticized?- Robert BluckIts not how hard you try, its how you try hard- diya ahmed azzonyJust because you can't change where you come from, doesn't mean YOU can't change.- ajith CHEMPARATHYConfidence is the strongest weapon you can have.- Tra LalalicNot all brave men are compassionate, because some are misunderstood to be brave- Lokesh giriA dog that barks at a camel does nothing but disease its larynx.- mohdmustafa99Cowards aren't those who speak truth without fear; weaklings are those who jump from truth to lie in the face of oppression- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiMy only opponent is the person I was the day before today.- NaGa RaJ DDetermination is always bigger than the surrounding obstacles.- Manoj Abhichandani Never give up on someone who is having a bad day. Tomorrow could be yours - TMZPoetryTake your dream seriously.- Norbertus Krisnu PrabowoYou know the best thing about villains, they are damn clear about their in tensions and won't care about any obligations- Adarsh HegdeNo matter how the matter goes runs it until you master the race base on the truth and reality of nature- Kayode Seyi TayoIf you can explain to yourself why you're doing it or who you're doing it for.. you can articulate yourself better.- Vardz77Never stop being optimistic about your goals, because if people believe in you and you don't believe in yourself, you will continue to have PhD in failure.- Akinyele Akinyemi Y.Confidence is independent of your looks, dressing and knowledge.- Niayab KomalSometimes, secrets are meant to be told, like rules are meant to be broken.- Caridad AlvarezIn one way or another we are all dreamers of a better future. Yet, how many of us actually chase our dreams? Make your dreams become a reality!- Javier ContrerasKeep calm, and let the success come..- Ankit KediaNobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy, and make the most of where you are.- Germany KentPrayer is helping me rattle the heavens.- Joe CervantesNever accept failure, it is only temporary- Victor CourageFear reduces your confidence and and when your confidence is weak you often fail.- Sourabh kumarWhen people believe in you, it gives you courage and motivation, but when you believe in yourself, it gives you persistence, determination and infinite energy that are required to stay active, motivated and determined towards your goal.- Naqibullah PaimanGive your best to be the best..- Criz JordanRunning from your problems won't make them go away. Only when you confront them, can they go away.- Steven EvansWhat is perfect? So many people try to be 'perfect' but who is to judge what's perfect and what's not?- Ilrac smithLow self esteem is the only condition I know of where the cause and cure rests unknowingly with the afflicted.- Theophilus Society changes the weak - ABDULAZIZ Al DABAANThose who are quick to draw up conclusions are also quick to blunder into their destruction.- Thai ThachChances of being a winner is directly proportional to the amount of risk and challenges borne.- Maharshi UpadhyayaHate is stronger than love! When you hate someone you give them your soul- Gabby RamosApathy will always take you someplace where you don't want to be..- Gary SimsDon't let your fear overtake your confidence.- victoria manningIt is easy to look back and regret things, but it is hard to look into the future and say I will do it- Alex GaddiniIn order to gain true understanding of things, one must start with themselves.- Gerald AbadI don't regret the things I do, I regret the things I don't do. Then in the end you don't ask yourself what if.- Greg Allen Miller“Don’t look back on your laurels. Look forward with faith, confidence, passion, love, persistence, and determination. Be like the Sabal Palm tree that can withstand hurricanes.”- FRANCO CIANFLONENo one is gifted with confidence its something you gain within time and experience- NadineRammalFacing our true selves is the first step toward living a life of purpose, connection, and genuine joy.- Oscar Auliq IceThe ongoing impeachment investigation is an expensive and obstructive endeavor that undermines public confidence in the political system and misuses valuable resources. It is crucial to ensure that our institutions are focused on serving American citizens rather than pursuing political vendettas.- Luke Shen Tien ChiIf you like something about someone, let them know. Appreciation is a spark of confidence and it can make a big impact! It will fuel their flame of self-love and progress.- Anitha Susai rajPositive thinking isn't ignoring your Problems. It's having Confidence in your ability to deal with them. "God is Able" 77 - Charles OdiliFacing our true selves is the first step toward living a life of purpose, connection, and genuine joy.- Oscar Auliq IceWHEN THE WHOLE WORLD DOES NOT TRUST YOU, THEN THERE IS ONLY ONE PERSON WHO STANDS BY YOU, AND THAT IS YOU, SO TRUST YOURSELF; YOU ARE INVINCIBLE"...- Atul DhumalGod hasn’t brought me this far to fall me down- bolutife ojelekeYou’ve the power if you’ve self confidence and believe in yourself- Irfan Mamoun MDLet us continue to express our firm support and confidence in the government. It has our best interests at heart, even when we are out of patience.- Luke Shen Tien ChiBeing confident, is when you only care about your own opinion and advice.- Allen LazarDo any work with positive confidence no matter how tough it is.- J K SASMALWhen I'm talking to you I'm talking to myself because it is one linear truth..- Aye AyeThe more we keep pronouncing the freedom and peace the more oppressor ringing the bell of war- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiAs calm as lion as wild as cat..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiI'm impersonating myself, I charge myself to court of impersonation and set myself and others free from oppression to build independence..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiNo champion for life, we've legend for life..- Kayode Seyi TayoDon't give second thought to make a move, it's necessary to take a step towards the goal..- Kayode Seyi TayoCleanliness is next to Godliness, Business is next to richness- SelvaHelp others by depending on yourself- mohdmustafa99There's no need to throw away knife that wounded you rather than to caution how to handle it..- Aye AyeA woman who deserts a man that invested on her for another man that just spends on her. She shall surely learn a lesson of life to know difference between a man with vision and a man with television.- Segun RasakiWorking hard is not the way to achieve everything but work has some value..- Satya prakash paniThere is nothing called a wrong Question, so don't recede until you get right answer.- Raja PThe difference of submission and perseverance is just a matter of perspective or the correct mindset.- Alfonso LagazonWe were born to do what we can't.- Matthew ChildsHopelessness in any situation will be cured by hopefulness in any situation.- Joshua Aaron GuilloryAll men and women were born equal but fear of God and amount of education received by each individual set them apart.- Segun RasakiValue added friendships bring value to lives- Segun RasakiIf your dreams come true You're not dreaming big enough- Carter Ray SpencerYou are not Confident if you are not able to master your psyche- Adarsh HegdeLet's be free, confident and stand firm to state our mission even at the point of death, we are captainz of your soul- Kayode Seyi TayoPlaying the blame game is stupid and childish. Even if it is someone else's fault, the blame game is wasted time, effort, and energy that takes you somewhere that is not going to get you anywhere.- Loren WeismanIt's not about the amount of time you put in, it is the way you spend the time on the work you need to get done. Saying that you worked ten hours on something that went nowhere is not really anything to brag about.- Loren WeismanYou are the Strongest Dad, you never give up, you are my Champion. You give me Strength when I am weak. and that makes family worth fighting for!- Joanne bustillosIf I believe I am doing the right thing, then that will bring me one step closer to happiness- Melissa Marcoe Live life, Continue learning and surely, you can make a difference - Tro VanGoing on straight isn't to be backward again..- Kayode Seyi TayoThere's only one You. Complement yourself!- Mudau Mukethwa OscarBe a good speaker, and let people to efface their problems with your words.- Bizz LamichhaneIt's always been an uphill battle against adversities: Tell me I can't do something and I'll prove you wrong every time- Kishan PatelThe power to halt the storm is in you..- OLATUNBOSUN DANIELYou are unique and amazing, if you want to change, make a change for the better and only for yourself.. Love yourself- Henry Van VuurenMake them think you are strong until you think you are strong - Shekinah WilliamsYou might not get a luxury car for a ride, but a person with enough pride.- Sargun Singh ChawlaWhen you think you've got yourself an unbeatable problem just Remember there's no problem greater than death, it can't be fixed or stopped and no one is excused from it.- Dakota Ace HardinIf you want to be a lion, you must train with the lions.- Karanveer Singh KamraEvery long walk has its sweet path- Sean O OsazuwaMy broad shoulders are not sign that i'm proud, it's just your narrow thinking which won't let you see anything else except it- Rimmon ShoukatIt's true, we should not judge a book only by its cover. Though, you also have to judge whatever you can from it- Shingen chenIf someone is laughing at you , he is jealous of what you are doing.- Viery lesnarIf everyone looks like stars to your eyes, definitely you are the only moon in the sky!- Namratha GOur grades do not measure our intelligence they measure only our cooperation to do work- Dee RoachPeople with low self-confidence and self-esteem often feel nervous about antagonizing others and tend to rate others' needs more highly than their own.- Oscar Auliq IceSucceed on what you can't, because when you can, that's when you succeed.- Janet lunaThere will be times in your life when it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong. And you will feel sick, it's like there's no way to feel better, but there is. Trust me, there is. I've been there many times and I survive. So don't give up, try again, dream again. Live your life again, laugh and move forward. Set your goal. Do not hesitate. God is with you, never fear.- Gladys GallentesSometimes, in life, our greatest trials later become our greatest joys.- Gabrielle ChapinExperience is not how deep your is history; it is how wide your geography is.- mohdmustafa99Go ahead! Take a million pictures! You've already lost some of the youth you had when you took it!- Alice Martinez If you can't be good at everything then at least make sure you are good at something.- Ryan Van ZylThou shouldst have made peace with before thou hadst fought against.- mohdmustafa99My heart is no longer a prison of hate.- Joe CervantesHiding your love for someone Or someone's love for you Is like hiding a great and valuable treasure, If you should ever lose it No one will ever believe it existed- M Adonis LayneWith some women you need an extra knock on their door, to change their no to a yes.- Joe Cervantes God is neither male nor female, God is neither black nor white, God is neither old nor young, God is neither small nor tall, God is neither fat nor thin, God is neither gay nor straight, YOU are God and YOU have the power to do exactly what YOU want - Max ruleWhen you don't find money in your purse, pursue purrs- mohdmustafa99If I don't know, I won't able to do, but If I learn it, I will be the master- Ishan JainTo be right is satisfying, to be wrong is no disaster- Victor CourageThose who usually don't follow trends, are more special.- A A AbbasI'm not here to convince you. Your ignorance is your own problem.- Inna ShirokovaSadness can only be an illusion, but happiness is real.- Surayya People always find an 'excuse' for what they are in.. Why don't they just accept the fact that they 'may be wrong' and just improve themselves instead of rationalizing things that in the reality is wrong? - Xand Bellido AbadescoDo not follow quotes.. Make decision as per the situation- Sayan SenI blamed god for my bold, impetuous heart. Then thanked him for my astute, contriving head.- Sapna Dhandh SharmaBe different, 
Be the smile in the room, Confidence is mostly found in being yourself - Nancy AlmeidaAim high, follow your dreams, reach your goal but always keep your feet on the ground.- Princess Landicho NohayAlways think of yourself as beautiful and courageous, not ugly and stupid, because once you get that in your mind you'll never get it out- SkyThe best synonym for beautiful.. is you- Liliana RuizToo much blaming blackens self-confidence- Clemence KabujeWhenever you feel envy, remember someone out there is envying you.- Iris PhilipStyle is not determined by the high volumes of brands that you possess but it is determined by how well-rounded you are in your personal endeavors.- Glenn Mckeva WigginsYou don't need friends to succeed in life ; All you need is your family & to work hard & stick to what you want to be, because you will be shocked when you make it- rhys blakeSocialists need to know that politics isn't about self-empowerment, it's about empowering others to pursue their own destiny.- B El HI ain't afraid of facing the damn challenge.. I'm just concerned about the consequences- Sarad S DhungelConfidence comes from knowing what you want, and believing you are gonna get it.- krista floriaI'm sorry, sometimes I get a little jealous, thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it's my insecurities acting up. But I do know that no matter how hard and long you look. You will NEVER FIND SOMEBODY THAT LOVES YOU LIKE I DO.- Rebecca Ann TottenDon't let people put you down because it's their opinion not yours and not mine, so stay positive- Alexus PhillipNever let people bring you down always believe in who you are and what you believe in just be yourself because you find the right person in life to love you- Daneshka DeceneRemember in time you will meet a current that will bring you closer to light at the horizon of success, just make sure you try to hang on- Josh DarosaI will not be confined by society's preconceived notion of what I should be.- Emilia AlvarezDon't sit around waiting for success, put your best self out there and make it happen- Karrella JonesNever look back.. remember with a smile. Look forward with a grin.. somethings just aren't supposed to be.- Ruth DunneSo lets play 'GOD' and start 'ANIMATING'..- Rajesh S MoilyNo one knows anything until we accept the fact that we don't know anything and that's when we truly know something.- Latia HemphillThe only way we will see peace is if we stop looking at chaos- christopher kinderDream big and nothing less- christopher kinderWhat should I reach for if I'm already in the stars.- Elias RiosSometimes it is worth to confess you misjudging of your friends- Frisnel JosephWhy don't we all just look in the mirror and be like wow I deserve RESPECT- ladygagaEvery human is like fire. They all have a weakness.- Brandon McCullochI don't work to earn money.. I work to fulfill your needs- Nevlin CrastoDon't be A dreamer be a Succeed-er- Callum MatthewsIf you want to be exceptional in this world, you can't be following the standards- Joseph Washington IIINot all of us know the difference between confidence and overconfidence, because not all of us play poker.- Lokesh giriTo be confident one needs to convince himself that he is confident, success does just that.- Lokesh giri

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