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No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency. No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency...

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Un dia gris Aveces llorar no sirve de nada La vida pasa pero me quede en el ayer Estás en todas Un dia gris Aveces llorar no sirve de nada La vida pasa pero me quede en el ayer Estás en todas..

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Being dead inside means no amount of help can ever cure you again. Being dead inside means no amount of help can ever cure you again...

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pain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it Pain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it..

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master your LIFE & your PAIN or become a victim of it.. Master your LIFE & your PAIN or become a victim of it....

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Solitude, Is the fastest bullet. Isolation, Is the sharpest blade. Loneliness, Is the Deadliest poison. However, Companionship, Is a bullet proof..
-Arakon Yumo

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Drowned in your eyes, can Drowned in your eyes, can't find shore! Help!..

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sometimes the pain is so intense that even your tears feel the pain and they just stand there in Sometimes the pain is so intense that even your tears feel the pain and they just stand there in..

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When you share your happiness it gets doubled, when you share your worries it gets halved. When you share your happiness it gets doubled, when you share your worries it gets halved...

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We who are BROKEN find sanctuary in BROKEN others as only yourself can be seen in sorrow We who are BROKEN find sanctuary in BROKEN others as only yourself can be seen in sorrow's mirror..

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Some people Some people's are made to be closer or stranger..

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Dream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an Dream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an..

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I I'm a doormat, but I'm the first to welcome you...

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I don I don't know, where do I find the courage, to be such a coward!..

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i I'm not afraid to die.. just that today is not a good day to die..

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Emotions resurface like aftershocks of an earthquake even after the hard times end causing spells Emotions resurface like aftershocks of an earthquake even after the hard times end causing spells..


Can I blame you for not falling in love with me? If I could never fall in love with myself, how Can I blame you for not falling in love with me? If I could never fall in love with myself, how..

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I move ahead to get some gain, some stay at one place to get the pain I move ahead to get some gain, some stay at one place to get the pain ..

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Pain, sadness, and sorrow are not the universe Pain, sadness, and sorrow are not the universe's way of punishing, but of telling you to go while..

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A heart only aches so many times before it breaks. A heart only aches so many times before it breaks...

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Don Don't stop being who you are because the moment you stop it is almost as if you don't exist anymore..

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To ignore misery means to be happy. To ignore misery means to be happy...

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We must speak openly about those who kill children by chemical weapons. Misuse of chemistry is not We must speak openly about those who kill children by chemical weapons. Misuse of chemistry is not..

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Speak Children Kill

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It's human nature to realise the worth and value of what was; only when it's lost - Azmath PashaLife is two tragedies : not to revenge, and to revenge.- mohdmustafa99You are miserable because you wish others misery.- mohdmustafa99Laziness is tolerable, but its consequences are completely intolerable- mohdmustafa99I hate goodbyes; but, they are inevitable.- The Quoted IrisWe often hold on to someone who actually wants us to let go - TMZPoetryAlzheimer's is killing the mind of my Father; while killing the heart of me.- The Quoted IrisSome people have the habit of breaking beautiful things. And that's why heartbreaks happen.- Jatin AswalI can't miss you anymore, I'm getting drowned in your love, please take me soon :(- KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANEveryone told me, warned me in fact. But who knew your lies were blinding me? Who knew you would destroy me? And you know what the sad thing is, it's that everyone knew..- Anika Sharma

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Life Quotes Everything else has found a way to let me go. I suppose pain is a longer process. - Meagan Lynn GervaisF**k you , and Your F**king Expectations. - maddie ramirezBehind my every smile is EVERYTHING that you will never understand. - kayla brook davisSometimes, you reach for something to hang on to, and find out nothing was ever there. - Rena EeplingSo you try to fake a smile and it'll probably work for the first time, But till when could it cover all the pain that you hide inside? - Daleen IrshaidSometimes when I think too hard, Everything Seems Meaningless, Like to die, is merely to sleep eternally in our Dreams.. - Abandoned ZombieIf you're gay, it's a sin. If you're bisexual, you're confused. If you're skinny, you're on drugs. If you're fat, you look nasty. If you dress up, you're conceited. If you speak your mind, you're a bitch. If you don't say anything, you're a punk. If you cry, you're a drama queen/king. If you have male friends, you're a whore. If you have female friends, you're a player.. You can't do anything without being criticized. Love me or hate me but you will never change me. - Martika CherryWith you I had to face my biggest fear: Become a stranger for someone I love. - The Quiet GirlMy mind has become so corrupted even the most beautiful songs of this world can't save me.. I can only hope that someone.. no, a hero will come to slay me. - Abandoned ZombieIf you're stupid enough to open the door and close it, I might be stupid enough to close it. - Dana Jo GraslieWhy do we live to only find that loneliness follow us? - Basil TongHopes die with time and that's the reason people die every second - Rimmon ShoukatWe hurt others like we hurt insects. - Basil TongI create a Dream world with her, without her knowledge - santhosh kumarBig gates open to sharp angles. - mohdmustafa99Drowned in your eyes, can't find shore! Help! - Eight words storyYou know your feelings are real when it makes you physically sick. - Michiel BesterSome people have the habit of breaking beautiful things. And that's why heartbreaks happen. - Jatin AswalRoses are red violets are blue, my life's a mess and so is yours - Kayla WeirHome sickness doesn't necessarily need to travel abroad. - mohdmustafa99Life is a tragedy for those who want it a comedy. - mohdmustafa99I doesn't matter how sad I am,I wouldn't forget to make at least someone happy in a day, because that's what makes life good.. - Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiShe listens to the music to block out the world.. The world blocks out her cries, her pain. - Melody HDon't stop being who you are because the moment you stop it is almost as if you don't exist anymore - KPSKnowledge is a disguised delight, It must have been mistaken - As treasure that glistens the night, But the light remains forsaken- It is all a common dread, The experience it beholds- For all wise thoughts left unsaid, This mold of mind unfolds- A blow of woe and sorrow instead - Zac OchsenbineYou were betrayed by one person, You stopped believing in the whole world. - Tilantha hansanathTry your best not to make people sad if you can't make them happy, because some people may be passing through tough time in life. - ojingiri hannahSometimes life can feel like too much to handle. It just feels like every day is a struggle, and no matter how hard you try, things just don't seem to get any better - kristin borgohainIt's like my happiness is a butterfly, and every time it lands, someone comes along to crush it. And even though I try to protect it and keep it safe, it feels like I can't keep it with me for long before it's taken away again - kristin borgohainI hate good moments. It creates sad memories - Jehu GrioI can't help but feel that I am in the wrong place, as if something is amiss and doesn't align with where I truly belong. - kristin borgohainIt is sad to have reached a point where I act a fool than to show you your foolishness - Eugene Jino MaumelaWhat used to be a happy song now plays a sad tune, filling the heart with ache and leaving it in gloom. - Ahmad kaddourHow difficult it is to love those with whom we can no longer be together - Tilantha hansanathLove only brings pain. It's like medicine. At first you feel better, but then withdrawal sets in and you slowly die - Tilantha hansanathLet's leave this world for a while, Let's disappear for a while. Let's not be seen anywhere, Let's fade away for a while. Little by little, step by step, Let's make our absence known for a while. Let's leave this world for a while. - Ahmed Ali Baloch

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Anger Quotes Never take revenge on someone; for it will never solve warfare. - Basil TongMost famous people who have life easier than most are destroying their lives, while bums on the street are trying to survive even when their lives aren't so great - PaskeminYou are like a rose. Beautiful inside and out but over time deteriorate, you and your fine qualities fall slowly and gently - KarolinaWhen your heart is overloaded with regrets, anger and sadness, you cry out all the pain, When your heart is overloaded with joy, freedom and love, you cry all out with tears of joy. But when your heart feel both emotions at the same time, what kind of tears do you cry out then?.. Neither of them. I feel nothing. All thoughts and feelings disappear and my mind goes blank. - KarolinaI wanna forget you while you are still fresh In my head. - Rick Daune GibsonSometimes I just want to scream. - Rena EeplingI hate you because you make me miserable. you hate me because i make you miserable. maybe there would be less hate if we just left each other alone. - EllaIt's not so bad when you have nothing to fight for.. than you have nothing to lose.. it's worse when you realize you are not worth fighting for.. - Slavko StrangarWhenever you feel envy, remember someone out there is envying you. - Iris PhilipDon't hold onto anger, bitterness and resentment, it has the power to hinder your well-being and happiness for the rest of you life if you let it. Acceptance and forgiveness is difficult but it is a lot easier than a lifetime of self-punishment and misery. - Iris PhilipWe all feel sadness and fear, but some of us live sadness and fear. - Danielle Rose YatesOnly the people who know true pain.. can hear the screams and whimpers.. and take the blame for the lost weepers. - Danielle Rose YatesOnce the beast is released from my soul, I don't know what to do, I hide from the judgment and whither where I stand. - Danielle Rose Yates Love, joy, peace, and happiness are just illusions. Don't make the mistake of believing in the trick - Danielle Rose Yates The Dove or the raven.. the dove who taunts.. the raven that haunts.. which one will willingly show.. the dove or the raven.. which one is my foe? - Danielle Rose Yates I'm tired of putting a smile on my face so I can please other people.. why can't I frown and show my true emotion and be accepted? - Danielle Rose YatesLove is your perception, it is just your point of view. Just because you see it, doesn't mean it's true. - Cory PowellI don't know, where do I find the courage, to be such a coward! - Lipjan HaliliI opened my chest, exposing my heart to you. You turned away, for in your eyes, it was a gross atrocity. - Kelley ChaplinDamn you who tells me that sleep will heal my mind as you are telling the legless that running will heal his - Joel JohnsonMy heart wants you.. But my mind denies you! - Apeksha Christian I am a bad man, I am a bad person, my whole life my mother asked that I never become like my father, nonetheless I failed her, I failed everyone in the worst way, for no matter how I've tried I've become all that I've strived not to be, I am my father, I've become my father and so much more, I will no longer bother with trying to beat it, for fighting it is like fighting quicksand, the more I struggle the deeper I am swallowed by the shadow of him, I will no longer try to love or live life, because I know I am my father, I have become what I hate most through some sick twist of fate, a card i've been dealt of which I cannot discard, like a sickness tied to my very soul, I am toxic poisoning everything in my path, like King Midas if his touch had been like the fangs of a viper rather than that of the golden touch. I now truly believe that the proverbial Apple does not fall far from the tree, almost all men are destined to grow into their father's shadows and sometimes even grow darker - chad daniel thomeIt is easier to be attached in uninteresting matters than to be detached in interesting ones. - mohdmustafa99I'm so sick of lying, because when you do I'm slowly dying. - Sarah Grace ShackettJustice Prevails is a bigger myth than a happy wife & a good neighbor - Ritesh RanjanMaster your LIFE & your PAIN or become a victim of it.. - G SwissWe will all experience pain, hurt & disappointment - it's just that certain ones are strong enough to still maintain complete control in the mist of it all - G SwissYour Age is not the only qualification for others' (my) respect. - Selva KumarPlease go away. You may see my shell of a human; but deep inside, there is a growing corruption; and it can't be remedied. - DonsaHedgecothLife is two tragedies : not to revenge, and to revenge. - mohdmustafa99

Heart + Sad Quotes

Heart Quotes The heart is supposed to be complicated, but mine is just pumping blood - NothingButAfoolAnd may they forever in tragedy be known, these words 'i love you' - Adam DolingerA heart only aches so many times before it breaks. - Sherin AshrafThe first cut really IS the deepest, so I'm afraid I can't fall for you tonight, or you'd have to call me over-seas, my dear.. - Kirsti Marie EbnerWhat's done is done. All that's left is a thought of you and I having something that never was. It would have been better if I never left. - Dianna MartinezI'm in love with illusion, but my pain is real. - hosam dahhanWhen I fell in love for the first time it was great. Now that it's over I can't stand another heartbreak. - Latia HemphillI'm no pothead, I just hit blunt after blunt hoping one day that brain cell that still has feelings for you just died already. - Ezequiel ruizHe always followed her, Always held her hand, never leaving her alone, never letting her go and at night when she lay there.. he wrapped his arms around her until she fell asleep. What was his name you ask? Pain. His name is pain. - Margaret McCruddenYou never understand a broken heart until you have one - Loveless_WorldLove from hearts just doesn't flow out fast enough nowadays. - Joe CervantesI played you a single note when you asked me for a symphony. - Brandon KellumYou can break an army of a thousand men, but it only takes one word to reduce you to a million pieces. - Connor RedmondHands Start Inking When Heart Starts Ripping. - Adithya Vikram Separation is always hard between the two hearts not between two people. - Dharaneesh sonuGiving importance to something doesn't mean ignoring the rest.. it only means that few things never lose their value in one's life and I hope that i'm one among those in your life - Saiteja ThottempudiI thought you could make me happy, but behind this smile is a body full of depression. - Kirstyn Allie Wheelee Behind my smile is a hurting heart. Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am.. isn't me. - Achen1358Tears are how our soul bleeds. It bleeds when we're happy and it bleeds when we're sad. - John Guedes do NascimentoI can't miss you anymore, I'm getting drowned in your love, please take me soon :( - KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANYour​ grief is​ the​ pain​ etched​ within​ my​ heart. - Anthony T HincksTo re-live tragedy is a burden of heartbreak and often self despair. - Zac Ochsenbine

Love + Sad Quotes

Love Quotes Even though I didn't fail in love, situations tuned me to be like this.. :-( - VenkatramanaCrying doesn't mean you are weak, it is a sign that you've been strong for too long. - mj mansfieldWhen you fall for someone real bad, its really difficult to pick yourself again. - Philon AlexiusNot to love is better than to never have your love back. - John Mari OngLove is a common feeling, but sometimes it will be a common entertainment - mohanIt's only after someone is gone do you realize how much you miss them.. - Darab ImteyazIt's not his fault, he has told I'm his queen, I forgot that he had never been the king. - Daleen IrshaidI will wait eternally by your side friend, lover or foe. I will never leave your side, unless you ask it of me. I will protect you until the end of my days. I will not break this promise again. - Jon SmithLove is a chance. - Inna ShirokovaWeird, how it's warm outside & winter grows far more deep in your heart. And automatically that sun, that warmth feels like a shadow standing miles away from this body of mine. - pahi shettyIn life many people can make you feel happy, but the person who can make you feel sad has to be someone special - Nikita ChawlaOne day you will realize my importance in your life, but it will be too late. - KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHAN We may go our separate ways, but in a special place inside me, is where you'll always be - Hikaru ItoI love music and sleeping because we get a chance to forget the things and people who hurt us. - TejSometimes it's better to have inner peace without love than to stick to a love that keeps on hurting you. - Pratiti ParidaDon't feel like you are not good enough because he didn't care. Don't be sad because he made you an option. Don't think you are not worthy of being treated the way you should. He is the one that chose to treat you that way and make you feel that way, don't blame yourself because you tried and you cared. - Shannon oliverThe thread of love weaves a nice sweater but the irony of fate, the sweater gets fitted to somebody else's body. - SummiWhen we have no real problems, we become sad for stupid ones. - Ivan Javier Velasquez

Happiness + Sad Quotes

Happiness Quotes Pain, I welcome it.. because it makes a small happiness seem more beautiful - Kritika ShresthaI think people like to share their misery more than happiness. - Ahmed Al ShareefUnhappiness is an internal construct; every person's feeling and experience is unique to him/her. The feeling of discrepancy of what one 'should have' to be happy is unique too. By tending to what is important when one could or the possibility of fulfillment of desires is what strives to get to that 'Happiness' which resets on fulfillment with a new desirable 'Happy State' - sandeep ShankaranarayananThere are many kinds of ways to live life, drink it down and lose loved ones, cheat through it all and give pain, and people who use all their heart to bring happiness to others - Josh DarosaAfter every pain lies happiness.. just like after very rough storm there is a rainbow - shiza shahidYou may be your worst enemy, learn to be your friend. - Iris PhilipI love you. I can't live without you. I feel so incomplete without you. You are a part of me and I can't live if I don't have that part. I am not asking you to love me forcefully or something. However, I'll never be able to stop loving you, it's like breathing to me and if I stop breathing I'll die. I know that I really love you because loving you hurts a lot. And I read somewhere that the things that really, really hurt are the right things to do. Now I can say that the things that really, really hurt are real. No matter how hard I try to ignore you, I can't. And I couldn't just get away with this feeling, I had to tell you because I had to give it a try. I still don't know whether you love me or not, but here I am telling you how I feel without even knowing anything about your feelings. I think it is worth taking the chance and trying again and again in love, no matter what happens. - nadia khanI prefer living in pain because of the truth, rather than living in joy because of a lie. - Marisol SoulJust because I'm accompanied by sadness doesn't mean I won't party with happiness. - PurvaWhen you share your happiness it gets doubled, when you share your worries it gets halved. - Kowsalapathy SaravananHappiness is the exception that proves the rule. ‎ - mohdmustafa99We often hold on to someone who actually wants us to let go - TMZPoetryThe well of virtue is inexhaustible, but very few thirsty ones do know where it is. - mohdmustafa99Love is like a sword it's facet not one-sided.. - Kayode Seyi TayoNo mourning if the thing you lost is despondency. - mohdmustafa99I smile at last for the time has passed. The wounds you inflicted have healed and scarred. They've left a memory, of a sad so past, but now I smile, at the last. - Anthony T HincksDo you know what it's like to leave someone you really love for their happiness? - Tilantha hansanath

Failure + Sad Quotes

Failure Quotes If a person leaves you and breaks your heart, don't just lay on the floor crying, this person left you for a reason & honestly and clearly he/she doesn't care about you, there may be someone who is willing to pick up the pieces and maybe help you put them back together. - Neuri MercedesLust will always hit a dead end. - Joe CervantesWhen everything in your life is falling apart and you still hold on because deep inside you know that better days are yet to come. - Javier ContrerasThe fear of being free, causes the pride to be a slave. - Abes ApesTHOSE WHO RUN AWAY FROM THEIR PROBLEMS AT THE SAME TIME UNCONSCIOUSLY RUN AWAY FROM THEIR SOLUTIONS. -JOB LAZARUS OKELLO. - JOB LAZARUS OKELLOI hate being me. I hate the mask I put up. But when alone I burst in tears. Can't they see my pain can't they understand. It's hard being you when you are already broken. It's hard being you when you are an outcast, a misfit, the black sheep in the family. - lesley antwiRemember when your heart aches, that at least your heart is kind enough to feel the pain. Some people will never be able to feel true heartache. - Chris RobbHappiness is a truth but not for all. - AbhimanyuI honestly didn't know what I had in you, I just kept on pushing you away and you held on tighter, I tried to look at you like you were the same but you were so much more than anyone else, you tried so hard and I was so blind - Dallas SmithBroken hearts sleep the deepest. - Michiel BesterPeople say good things always come after the bad, but i'm still waiting for that god damn moment in my life. - Sophia Anderson Ever has been anyone lucky enough to find peace without tasting the agony? - Sophie LalrinnungiPain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it - G SwissLaziness is tolerable, but its consequences are completely intolerable - mohdmustafa99

Death + Sad Quotes

Death Quotes There is a small seed waiting to be free. Burrowed in the ground, fed and watered. It grows slowly year after year. It turns into a beautiful flower taking in the sunshine and air it wanders 'when will I be free?' It sleeps in the cold winter months. In spring it awakens and is lively again it is watered and fed day by day. It wanders 'when will I be free?' The flower lives on year after year wandering 'when will I be free?' A long time afterwards in the winter the flower whispers ' now I am free!' In the spring the flower doesn't wake up. - Bethany Hope SkinnerMy father built a house in heaven and sent me the directions to hell - Weqaar JanjuaI was in your life; and I always tried to spread a smile on your face. But I promise when I die, I will try not to leave a single drop of tear in your eyes. Then also I'll make you smile. I believe, you'll be glad of my death. - Afeefa NishaatThe only reason I wouldn't try to kill myself, is because I would probably screw it up. - Cory PowellI'm not afraid to die.. just that today is not a good day to die - Matthew LeeSuicide may not be an act of cowardice, but it's an escape plan and it leaves anybody you ever loved in the dust. - JohannaTrue fear is not when we're harmed; it's when we can never truly forget the cruel memories that we lived in the past - Basil TongNot every story ends with a happy ending - jenny hiddlestonSome do not commit suicide to gain attention. Some do it to be forgotten. - Morgan RedChildren are just people's, more particularly parents' puppets. They are just any random people's desires, Nothing more. - Khyati BhatnagarIt's better to die and live like a ghost than to be alive and live like dead.. - Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiIt feels like I’m drowning, but there’s no water around, so why do I still feel like I’m drowning? - KZRKKDUn dia gris Aveces llorar no sirve de nada La vida pasa pero me quede en el ayer Estás en todas partes menos aquí Mi corazón está de luto - Jessica Aquino

Friendship + Sad Quotes

Friendship Quotes Friends are like the wind.. They come once.. They go once.. - NataliaYou will always get a smile on your face, looking at other bunch of people; but behind that smile is a pain of not having such bunch to laugh with - Farhad DastoorThere are kind people in this world. It is always the kind people that get hurt the most. They help others when they can barley help themselves. When you meet one of them be kind to them and be their friends. It is always the kind people that get hurt the most emotionally.. - EthanWhen the loss is so great that you can feel it in every fiber of your being.. this is when no amount of kind words or pity can help. Only what was lost being returned. - William Shannon Arnold JuniorSome people's are made to be closer or stranger - viresh singhWe who are BROKEN find sanctuary in BROKEN others as only yourself can be seen in sorrow's mirror - Joel JohnsonLove is a crime if you don't abide by its rules and regulations. - Oscar Auliq IceTo love a dear friend is heartbreaking when not knowing if they feel the same way about you. - Basil TongSolitude, Is the fastest bullet. Isolation, Is the sharpest blade. Loneliness, Is the Deadliest poison. However, Companionship, Is a bullet proof vest. Fellowship, Is the strongest shield. And Friendship, Is the greatest medicine. - Arakon YumoDifference between a relationship and friendship in our generation? Well, it's quite simple.. In friendship, you don't have sex.. .. as often. - Robert ZeleznikIf there's no love in it, Let me correct you , It's called a 'NEEDY RELATIONSHIP' not 'FRIENDSHIP - Rufus AbishaiSome people hurt by words & some by action.. But the biggest hurt is someone ignoring you when you value them more than anything else - Manas Rajendra JadhavSince enemies' corner is negative doom I decided to shift to friends' zone positive mood.. - Ikulabi Anikulapo Ikuforiji

All Sad Quotes

Nothing will never change for you - until you change- G SwissIf life was only about love, I would've suffocated to death long time ago Hope kept me alive till date.- bishwo_basnetI hate teenagers who are 40 years old.- mohdmustafa99A man cheats, his woman forgives him. He should be happy she took his lowlife self back! But then he cheats again. A fool will keep returning to his problem but in this case who is the real fool him or her?- NicNicLouisianaA meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours are wasted- Timothy Michael LongThe worst feeling in the world is being heartbroken, because no one ever really understands..- Caroline HuamaniConsumerism is psychological and emotional abuse disguised as a gate-way to happiness.- Iris PhilipEveryone can judge, but only some can understand.- ajith CHEMPARATHYLow self esteem is the only condition I know of where the cause and cure rests unknowingly with the afflicted.- TheophilusI can speak three languages: Arabic, English- I learned when I was just a little child and Silence- I learned when people had just started to let me down- Daleen IrshaidWhen it's as good as a dream, wake up.- hosam dahhanThey say time heals all wounds, yet, is it true if you never make peace?- Garron C. HaunPain is just a word for you, pain is what I ever got from you- VIBHOR DEMTAPeople who smoke bring death in breath.- ajith CHEMPARATHYSometimes Silence is all we have to give..- Islam Houssam AhmedThey say the first step to quitting is admitting, well I have, and I still can't shake your addiction from my heart..- Norman PolsonCrying is not a sign of a weakness, but a reaction of being human- Brayne MatshotshiThe only person who can make you sad, is yourself.- Joshua WuThe positive memory makes us remember the happy moments much more than the sad ones- Irfan Mamoun MDSilence is the deafening scream a sorrowed heart.- AlfranceHow sad that the memory cannot be killed. It alone destroys our lives. How painful it is to live with the funny phrase "time heals everything" in mind.- Tilantha hansanathBeing very nice to someone may not be fruitful, as you may be showered with bundles of doubt, and even your minor mistakes can cause them to lose trust in you.- Farhan HameedNo one knows my pain No one knows who i am but everyone knows what i do- Cokie XDIt is for the Heart to desire what to love and the Mind to become insane because of it.- Zac OchsenbineIt is not the absence of sleep that has left mark under my eyes, but the weight of emotions that overflowed in an endless cascade of tears- kristin borgohainTrue loyalty and faith is determined when burdens are upon us for wishing to save those we love.- Zac OchsenbineI used to preach that mental health is the most important thing, but now I'm living proof of the agony that comes with neglecting it- kristin borgohainNo matter how sad you already are you can always make another happy, but no matter how happy you already are you can never make yourself happy.- Sundaresh“Be with people that make you happy, flow with people that make you happy, and stop moving from place to place seeing people looking down on you like useless person, because it will make you remember your problem and sad again”- 2Greidz Efejene“Be with people that make you happy, flow with people that make you happy, and stop moving from place to place seeing people looking down on you like useless person, because it will make you remember your problem and sad again”- 2Greidz Efejene“Be with people that make you happy, flow with people that make you happy, and stop moving from place to place seeing people looking down on you like useless person, because it will make you remember your problem and sad again”- 2Greidz EfejeneLove is the conquering of hate, but when true love cannot be expressed, suppression for the tragedies within one's own life, it destroys the soul.- Zac OchsenbineShe's all I think about; all I dream about; all I write about; all I cry about.- RsbI don't just like comedians because they make sad people smile, I love them because they make happy people laugh..- success songWe get sad for not being happy- ameya agrawalThere are two types of habits : One makes you funny by things such as narcotics ; and the other makes you very miserable by things such as narcotics.- mohdmustafa99The oppressed do not speak about their oppression , but about their oppressors.- mohdmustafa99A sad world in which we live when a man must be disloyal to his family in order to prove his honor.- Zac OchsenbineYour expectations are nothing more than a poison bottle.. You die everyday you have one - Yashi mahendraYou are not gone. but you are not here.- Cleopas mliloIf a screen is your protection, stop hiding behind it, own your ugly side- Dawn Marie muiseBehind my smile is a breaking heart. behind my laugh, i'm falling apart. behind my eyes are tears at night. behind my body is a soul trying to light.- Virginia VaqueraWe want nothing from those who were unfair with us, but we wish they know that they were unfair.- mohdmustafa99Woe unto a nation that neighbors do not hear the voice of its poet.- mohdmustafa99Nothing is permanent, Life gets better- Hailey Nicole VanArsdale The pain you feel today, will be your greatest testimony someday.- Ruth BandoquilloMen fall for the same mistake over and over because they don't wanna learn from previous mistakes- CLKWe as a massive collective have stooped to new lows. Life lived only through social media perhaps freedom to some but death to most. A frequent revelation of thy inner most thoughts freely given to all only to render it insignificant.- gaetano comparcolaI came to you when I needed to smile, I thought you were the one who made me fly, It took me a while, Now I realize that you were the one who made me cry- Isabella O\'ReillyI walked down the path putting my hands in my empty pockets, but I carried my head with millions of memories- Adarsh HegdeNothing could break her. neither bad relationships nor heartbreaks not even people's criticism. but the one thing that broke her was her father's untrusting​ eyes. and that was it. she fell and completely broke.- ankitaBehind a beautiful face and pretty things are dark pasts and grave secrets. Underneath pretty clothes are deep scars of the past. Behind the curtains of these long lashes were eyes that have shed tears, that almost made my breath to halt. I'm a masterpiece painted by pain, heartbreak, grief, lies, abuse and betrayal. So who are you to decide my worth? I am my own priceless possession.- Jasmin Adviento Sometimes silence kills a lot more than the words..- BindhuI don't cry, not because I'm afraid to show my emotions, but because if I did, all of my sadness from my past will come with it.. and I'd never be able to stop..- FairyOh, but my dear, this is not Wonderland and you are not Alice. This is reality and you are but a girl.- Natalya MnauelSomeday, you will find the happiness you deserve. But, you can never complain how it will go, because every dream has different reasons and different complications behind it. Some will find it easy but some will find it hard.- Sky123Give thanks to God even amidst tribulation because it will surely end someday- Atayero Rotimi JohnsonThere is no war crime, because war is the biggest crime.- IRFAN ALII cheated on my tears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my prayers at night following the prints on the behalf and now I'm married to my shadow in my broken swollen heart that is now my remedy- Esther FloresI just asked your time and it was the only thing I never got..- shivangi lavaniyaIf I were your lighthouse we'd be awaken by the sounds of ships crashing against the shore.- Brandon KellumI should smile more, but there ain't much left to smile for.- Hope HardyLife becomes easier when you find the purpose to your existence.- Javier ContrerasPrayers are a psychological mediation where one talks to themselves, it's not a talk to God.- Basil TongWe hide freedom, we hide pain, we hide feelings we gain fame- ClairvoyanI was on fire, but you used me to light your cigarette.- rubi bhandariLife sucks so much that you are a prisoner of society, I don't have a chance to choose what I become, well I guess that is just the reality of life- William GarcilazoEasy to hate who loves you, Easy to love who hates you, Difficult to hate who you love!- Tewelde G hawerya G meskelSpeak up for the Silent; you may be surprised to discover how badly they need you- stop bullyingKelly Clarkson said 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. ' Well that ain't true, cause a broken heart can REALLY hurt, like the fragments are as sharp as knives.- Joe BeveridgeIsn't it funny How one can think about another for hours and all those sweet moments, and yet, feel pain, because they know it just can't be? - Ashley Ortiz'I love you' and 'i hate you' have 8 alphabets each, so don't be surprised if he comes to profess his today and tomorrow you see hatred being demonstrated.- Kabirat Ahmed SalihsI am neither funny nor interesting, but tangled.- mohdmustafa99A mirage is a mirage, no matter how closely or brightly it is seen.- Avhidipta MondalDrowning in my own thoughts, trying to solve the world.. Picking up broken pieces of glass, will perhaps only hurt more. Better to leave them be, however also that is just a thought.. But you just cannot ignore and fact remains, this person is your world.- Not InterestingZero is my infinity because no one crosses me- Michael O\'RaffertyDON'T FORGET to have fun and enjoy your lives TOGETHER.. It's NOT WORTH sitting at home becoming ROOMMATES.. just to save a LITTLE CASH..- Babi ShakesLove is a two-way game, you cannot truly love one who does not love you, neither can you force them to love you and look past the hurtful deeds you've done. I learned that the hard way..- Alireza GilichkaniWhen you don't find money in your purse, pursue purrs- mohdmustafa99Feminism is a lie, its just women hating on men for they have hatred but need a scapegoat and they chose an easy target.- Timothy Michael LongHe didn't hold my hand, saw me growing up, crying or smiling and I, once conceived with love, I no longer exist.- Chris PetersBehave normally even if you're dead inside, and if you deceive your friends, it might work for yourself too.- Chris PetersBeat is you who hates others, in god's eyes you are a insect waiting to be squished in hell- Timothy Michael LongLife is not cells nor of blood, but the spirit that dwells inside it.- Alan LeMissing those people you love is not a sign of weakness. Nay! Admitting it shows how strong you are. In accepting that their absence has created a vacuum only they can fill..- Yakubu Natogmah Abukari (NAY)Sadness can only be an illusion, but happiness is real.- Surayya Filled with endless regret, I find happiness in the fact that in another dimension, I have made all the right decisions.- Jordan J KoloskiAs time goes by, things change, people change. Those you knew become strangers, those you did not know become your trusted ones. But as long as your love and care remains, you will be ready for when they return.- SazzeyNow love finally shows up, only I can't open up my heart because I'm obligated to leave. I joined the army content with that choice 'til you came along set on stealing my heart.- Christina JohnsWe've come so far yet we've learnt nothing- Iris PhilipYou can break me, i'll fall, You can break me again, but it'll be harder to fall this time, I've got used to break, to fall. I've gotten stronger, try to break me now, if you can.- DanielaSometimes I'm too strong to cry. Even if I don't want to be. So I end up just sitting there, letting the pain tear me apart.- Lerena HutchinsonYou could have a grey sky now and a sad song of the day but the sun could shine tomorrow and you can smile again.- Euginia HerlihyEach story has its end, and here we are at the edge of that end, I can't take it anymore and obviously you don't need to hold on. Yes It was me who ended it, but it was you who wanted it- Daleen IrshaidFinding where politics are concerned you sometimes lose friends and family.. Sad when we cannot agree to disagree and you get snubbed for having your own beliefs.. we need to be very careful to be kind and considerate regardless of which side we are on.. both sides have serious issues to take into consideration and that need to be addressed and both have their successes and failures.. we better find some common ground.. when one has lost their freedom of speech it affects us all so we better stick together to make a difference.. there are those who would see our way of lives destroyed and/or our very lives taken and these folks could care less about what party affiliation we are.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyI don't claim to be sad , its the way of my life but sure I m dead now because I once felt alive- Gaurav NayalEven through the joy I feel the pain, even through the sun I feel the rain, & even when i'm high I feel the lows, I guess that's all I know.- Louise ThomsonLife is full of sorrow.. Hold onto that smile and shine through!- Thomas R DavisI hold on to the hope that you'll miss me, I pray for the day you call, I desire the sound of you saying you love me, my body craves the warmth of your embrace, without you my heart is nothing.- Thomas R DavisLove is like a sick dog that you have had forever , you want it to survive but yet you don't want it to suffer.- Tayler Scott obrienAs a poet, my words are spoken with true emotion As an artist, my sketches are of the strangest things As a musician, I play and sing with the utmost enthusiasm As a writer, the tales I tell are the most wondrous, yet the darkest But as a teenage student, these ideas lie at the deep end of the pool, while I remain shallow- Elysia BI wish I had died the last time I was in your arms, so I wouldn't have to wake without you today :(- RounchyNo, I can't put a fake smile on my face. All I can put on is a curve on my lips- EarthaThe pain of injustice does not know borders, they are not our relatives nor our friends but the way they are oppressed and abused pains us too, solidarity is forever.- Chester MakanaSomewhere in the corner of my heart, stays a pain which misses you all the time- Farhad DastoorSometimes we're forced to hide all the pain we feel even from our closest ones, because it is our secret that can not be shared..- Daleen IrshaidWhat happens when your heart becomes cold? What happens when your eyes run out of tears? What happens when your smile becomes fake? What happens when you say, 'I'm Sorry, ' but you are not forgiven? What happens when one day they wake up, and you're not there?- Rena EeplingI don't really want to stay in, but I don't want to come out either.- Kaylee GreeneTo be insane and talk to animals is a mental illness. But to be sane and talk to animals, is plain retardation- TguiCarbon emissions are a thing of the past, what we should really worry about is our governments hot air from their mouths..- Jo LawsGreat people always leave deep scars. Never take anything for granted and don't rush into things, be patient. Every little piece will fall into its place when you least expect it.- KarolinaI miss you, I miss your smile And I still shed a tear Every once in a while And even though it's different now You're still here somehow, My heart won't let you go And I need you to know I miss you- jacqueline ramirezTime is taking me through hell but destiny will take me to heaven.- JORGE RODRIGUEZMaybe someday I'll learn to smile again. To trust again. To love again. But until that day comes I'll pretend. Because sometimes pretending is the best way to stay strong.- nadia wuI hate it when life gives you something that you never wanted, and when you are really attached to it, it doesn't just take it, it snatches it from you.- Philon AlexiusI sit alone at the lunch table, I talk to myself, I have nobody to love, now that I think about it, my life is very lonely..- haley elizabeth schmichSuicide is more an emotion than an intention or act.- nervisThere may be 100 reasons to smile in a day.. But it takes only 1 reason to cry for lifetime.. - sandeep singh kohliYou take granted of the things you have, but when they matter the most they just aren't there- Alex GaddiniMake things better for now but sooner or later they'll get worse once again , but hey, thanks for trying ..- NelyLife has given me nothing because I have never made most of it.- sandesh shewaleAren't we all living in an imaginative world, we love the idea of loving somebody than loving somebody for we want the feeling of being in a relation which is nice, than stop lying to self and start facing the difficulties that take to be really good enough to be liked by somebody, it certainly is a beautiful life to think we love our parents, spouse, children, but do we really love them and make them feel it? interestingly we don't have so much time in the universe left for us.- Lokesh giriBeing avoided is a very unpleasant feeling, it questions the basic character of the person.- Lokesh giriSometimes when I'm alone I cry, because I am on my own. the tears I cry are bitter and warm. they flow with life but take no form, I cry because my heart Is torn. I find It difficult to carry on. If I had a ear to confide, I would cry among my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on, the world moves fast and it would rather pass by than to stop and see what makes one cry. so painful and sad and sometimes I CRY and no one cares about why- karina silva

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