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One day you

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When you packed your suit cases and left, I think you accidentally took my heart with

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Pain, sadness, and sorrow are not the universe

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I don

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I move ahead to get some gain, some stay at one place to get the pain

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I can speak three languages: Arabic, English- I learned when I was just a little child and Silence-



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even through the joy I feel the pain, even through the sun I feel the rain, & even when i


After every pain lies happiness.. just like after very rough storm there is a

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Can I blame you for not falling in love with me? If I could never fall in love with myself, how

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I don

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Dream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an

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Kelly Clarkson said

Easy to hate who loves you, Easy to love who hates you, Difficult to hate who you love!

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We who are BROKEN find sanctuary in BROKEN others as only yourself can be seen in sorrow

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Damn you who tells me that sleep will heal my mind as you are telling the legless that running will

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In life many people can make you feel happy, but the person who can make you feel sad has to be

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I should smile more, but there ain


The fear of being free, causes the pride to be a

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sometimes the pain is so intense that even your tears feel the pain and they just stand there in

I just asked your time and it was the only thing I never


I cheated on my tears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my prayers at night following the

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I am a bad man, I am a bad person, my whole life my mother asked that I never become like my father, nonetheless I failed her, I failed everyone in..
-chad daniel thome

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You can break an army of a thousand men, but it only takes one word to reduce you to a million

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We may go our separate ways, but in a special place inside me, is where you


Remember when your heart aches, that at least your heart is kind enough to feel the pain. Some

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Hands Start Inking When Heart Starts R

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There is no war crime, because war is the biggest


Drowned in your eyes, can

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Happiness is a truth but not for

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I love music and sleeping because we get a chance to forget the things and people who hurt

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Solitude, Is the fastest bullet. Isolation, Is the sharpest blade. Loneliness, Is the Deadliest poison. However, Companionship, Is a bullet proof..
-Arakon Yumo

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Difference between a relationship and friendship in our generation? Well, it

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If there

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I honestly didn't know what I had in you, I just kept on pushing you away and you held on tighter, I tried to look at you like you were the same but..
-Dallas Smith

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I thought you could make me happy, but behind this smile is a body full of

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Sometimes silence kills a lot more than the


People say good things always come after the bad, but i


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nothing will never change for you - until you

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pain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow

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nothing could break her. neither bad relationships nor heartbreaks not even people's criticism. but the one thing that broke her was her father's..

Tears are how our soul bleeds. It bleeds when we

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Being dead inside means no amount of help can ever cure you

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I came to you when I needed to smile, I thought you were the one who made me fly, It took me a

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We as a massive collective have stooped to new lows. Life lived only through social media perhaps freedom to some but death to most. A frequent..
-gaetano comparcola

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I m standing ALONE in the DEEP and SCARY darkness with the silence around me , expecting someone to

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Sometimes it


The pain you feel today, will be your greatest testimony

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