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I was brought up by great parents and great grandparents who told me. Raise your family as how we raised you with love and honor. 'Never, ever think..
-Eric Martin M Taghoy

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Thank you Lord Jesus, for giving me another opportunity to love you. Thank you Lord Jesus, for giving me another opportunity to love you...

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Race is only an issue if you let it become one. Race is only an issue if you let it become one...

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Pay attention to What fascinates me It Pay attention to What fascinates me It's not your beauty It's your habits..

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When you When you're afraid, you only care about people. But when you're not afraid, you care more about..

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Blessed are those who are happy! And happy are those who are free! - Joshua Aaron Guillory Blessed are those who are happy! And happy are those who are free! - Joshua Aaron Guillory..

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Happiness is beautiful! Look at her with love! - Joshua Aaron Guillory Happiness is beautiful! Look at her with love! - Joshua Aaron Guillory..

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When you stop loving, you stop living. When you stop loving, you stop living...

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I want you in good times And I need you in bad times! without you every time is worst time And I want you in good times And I need you in bad times! without you every time is worst time And..


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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, .. while loving someone deeply gives you courage.. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, .. while loving someone deeply gives you courage....


Stop Living Loving
Clothe yourselves with the truth, for it shall warm your heart and others Clothe yourselves with the truth, for it shall warm your heart and others..

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Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. It truly is that simple. Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. It truly is that simple...

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sometimes you just stand there and look at the stars, & the only question you know is Sometimes you just stand there and look at the stars, & the only question you know is 'what am I..

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Don Don't be with someone you can be with, Be with someone you can't be without..

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I know what love is! It I know what love is! It's giving away not accumulating...


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Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself..

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A Mind without the Heart is like a room with no sound. A Mind without the Heart is like a room with no sound...

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When love becomes an ache, it When love becomes an ache, it's a testament to the depth of our affection...

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Wood burns to coal, coal to ash. Alas, my misfortune; the fire which consumed me left nothing of me, Wood burns to coal, coal to ash. Alas, my misfortune; the fire which consumed me left nothing of me,..

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The best way to love someone is waking up everyday, thinking you are going to lose them any minute, cherish them like its the first and last day you..
-Kay Yash K Hove

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Age does not question beauty. Only man. Age does not question beauty. Only man...

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Respect is the best weapon you can use to fight against hate Respect is the best weapon you can use to fight against hate..

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This is where our life greatness begins from.. ! This is where our life greatness begins from.. !..

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A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter..

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We admire and love those people who constantly tease us, but we are doubtful of those who show us too much love.- Mwanandeke KindemboDedicated to the One I Love: Your smell my mind desires. Your touch and I'm inspired. Your look and I'm captivated all over again; this is why our love never ends.- Michael Sein Colon' Some bonds, whether they be human, animal, or bird, have an intimacy, and if situation comes to leave anyone or go far, that causes untold pain to the mind and heart.- SAYYED SAMIYLLAHASEEK GOD AND HIS WILL WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, SO THAT YOUR TOMORROWS WILL NOT BE FILLED WITH REGRETS OF YESTERDAY.- Matthew Hempstead'Life is too short ' So don't hurt yourself, Don't feel depress Tell yourself that you are strong, You love yourself.- Sharmila NarzaryLove is like breathing, it must be enjoyed as giving & receiving, or Love suffocates and dies- Mark A GardnerParallel relationships need transparency, not accuracy- Suraj Bhaskar GholapLife is all that exists in Truth! If it is true today it was forever! if past still true today in truth! And or is forever! - Joshua Aaron Guillory- Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou can cross the shore without getting wet but you can't get through life without tears.- SriIt doesn't matter what you were, it matters what you aspire to be- Daniel

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Life Quotes The waves of life-cycle might wash away the rock structures of life, but the sands of memories shall remain forever! - Bipin Kumar G JLove is a strange emotion, it's powerful enough to make the weakest man strong and the strongest man weak - Michael AmakiWhat is life without heart, soul, love and passion? What is heart, soul, love and passion without life? Because without life, what would exist to show these qualities? - Emma BurtonLife is not like magnets. Opposites don't attract. - Brandon McCullochIf someone is stuck in your mind then it means they should be there - Ashlyn Mary HornikNo man is worth your tears, and when you find the man who is, he'll never make you cry. - Hayley Nicole RyanNobody is perfect, we all have our faults. You should love someone for who they are, not for who they aren't. - Cheyenne Akard You should be able to resist everything but love. - Victor CourageLove doesn't stop the bad things from happening, but it helps you get through them. - Dana Jo GraslieLove? Love is still a mystery, but when I'm with you every day is a DEFINITION. - Roli ObraLove brings hospitality, hospitality brings cooperation, cooperation brings unity, unity brings peace, peace is life. love is life. - Bafferh MohammedSuccess is what you achieve, and beauty what you inherit. So it's up to you, you give importance to inheritance or success. Beauty you lose with time but success you can get more with time. - Anuj TiwariI may not be that handsome but believe me i'll always make you feel beautiful - Rimmon ShoukatThe long run of life becomes easy when you have someone special to you in between give you piggyback ride - Rimmon ShoukatDrowned in your eyes, can't find shore! Help! - Eight words storyWhen you stop loving, you stop living. - Jeremy CarrYou know your feelings are real when it makes you physically sick. - Michiel BesterIn order for me to live in peace, I must be true to myself and my own heart. - Amelia GoodeIf you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet, you will have entered into the highest degree of Internal Reward. - Amelia GoodeMy Love, The days I don't see you.. are the days I don't wish to see.. - Shweta FernandesWho would ever want to live life with a mediocre level of Love? - Amelia GoodeDon't dive too deep for someone. If lost, you might never be able to come back! - Soyuz KadelIf you keep putting someone on the back burner. Eventually they will go cold - Eliza KeatingA smile is the same in any language. - David L. RoseTell her that she's beautiful and special everyday.. So she doesn't enjoy hearing it from someone else. - Allen LazarLove is a reward- an exquisite, tenderhearted gift. Not a demand. - Amelia GoodeLove is what makes you feel good inside. Love is not pretending like you are blind when you should be reading the things that your partner might not see. Love is truth, honesty, communication and helping your partner stay healthy and succeed. Love is what you do to help someone you say you love. - Marie Yolande PierreIf life is a question, love is the answer - TMZPoetryPeople will reveal who they are if you just pay attention. - Germany KentYour parents love you. Call them more often. Somebody somewhere wishes they had parents they could call. - Germany KentWinning the heart of a person is an art few know. Most others transact. - Dr Sanjeev TrivediDon't waste time trying to be accepted by people that you cannot see in your future. - Germany KentFocus on what you can do or give, instead of receiving. - Dr Sanjeev TrivediNever be cheap so that everyone can use and throw you. Be expensive so that very few can afford you. - Bikram MahataI want to spend the rest of my sunsets with you. - The Quoted IrisYou can cross the shore without getting wet but you can't get through life without tears. - SriMy eyes are deep enough to make you drown - DEADSCREAMLove without attention is like a Fog without water; Not much there. - Mark A GardnerWe had foundation to build our life together but we overlooked the blueprint - Jasmina BrkovicParallel relationships need transparency, not accuracy - Suraj Bhaskar GholapRecords are meant to be broken, not promises - Suraj Bhaskar GholapIf we really knew the pain of absence, we would appreciate more the presence of those we love. - ClaudiaWhen love loves love, there are no occurrences of differences - Vusi Mxolisi ZithaWe admire and love those people who constantly tease us, but we are doubtful of those who show us too much love. - Mwanandeke KindemboSome people's love language is pain - Pistis BaluThank you Lord Jesus, for giving me another opportunity to love you. - Joe CervantesWhen love becomes an ache, it's a testament to the depth of our affection. - Suyog PotdarAfter two decades of marriage I was so sexually frustrated that start looking at my own wife bud and tits with lust. - Ilian Gidov

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Heart Quotes Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself - Lokesh giriOne actually starts living when every action comes from heart and every emotion is love - NovaWhen people say 'love is blind, insane' I've never had space and time to listen and take it to my heart. I discovered it by my self, now I believe it's true. - Linda UsmanA heart only aches so many times before it breaks. - Sherin AshrafIt doesn't Matter how many times you say 'i hate you' it doesn't hurt Nearly as bad as when you say 'i don't love you' for even just once - nina dandreaLove should be underlined in your life.. But in your heart it should be bold. - Haley laneI'm in love with illusion, but my pain is real. - hosam dahhanWhat is Love: It is when someone cries deep inside the heart and you come to know it by the way they breathe - Farhad DastoorWhoever said love isn't a bed of roses forgot that roses have thorns - Baely Gabrielle AskinsDon't write your feelings in a diary.. instead write them in your heart so no one but yourself can open it. - shiza shahidClothe yourselves with the truth, for it shall warm your heart and others - Edmond H SweidyIf you don't want your broken heart to sink, teach it to swim away. - Joe CervantesIt is very easy for one to manipulate the law, but impossible for him/her to escape from his/her conscience. - Tangwa Livinus AchaLove from hearts just doesn't flow out fast enough nowadays. - Joe CervantesLove keeps the heart warm. - Joe CervantesIn love we can control our minds but we cannot control our hearts - g srinivas charyI think people underestimate the power of the LOVE LETTER.. Someone opening their HEART up to you, on paper.. it's a one of a kind GIFT.. - Babi ShakesLove doesn't require a well toned body or a lot of make up or hot branded dresses.. love just requires two hearts that beat as one.. - Archita arora I may have loved others before you. I may have loved them with my mind, But the mind changes. I may have loved them with my heart, But the heart starts and stops. But you.. I loved you with my soul. And that is always. - Kendra Buchanan It doesn't matter whom you love; It does matter how you love. - Dharaneesh sonuA kite without a tail or a body without a lovable heart will crash. - Joe CervantesEven the 'Heart of Iron' can be melt with the Heat of 'LOVE' - ASHIQHUSSAIN NAMDHARIGiving importance to something doesn't mean ignoring the rest.. it only means that few things never lose their value in one's life and I hope that i'm one among those in your life - Saiteja ThottempudiLet the hole in the heart transmit light of true love. - AlmatShe saw him online and wondered if he also checked her last seen ever.. - Stuti SinhaWhen you love, you don't rush things. You give time, you wait, you anticipate the good things to happen. When you know you love someone, you must also now that you are taking some risks. Because love is a risk for nothing is sure about it. Sometimes loving someone requires patience and endurance. You love by heart, not by feelings. - Maya BlancoI can't miss you anymore, I'm getting drowned in your love, please take me soon :( - KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANYou were so busy looking at the stars that you lost sight of the moon! - Dianna Martinez'Promises are meant to be broken, ' she said. 'Promises and hearts, ' he corrected. - Jatin AswalLike Those little flowers can't be grown without sunlight similarly this life can't be lived without love light. - Shumaila KeerioLove unlocks a chapter of kindness and trust within the heart - Kansas SmithLove doesn't climb a heart. It flies over and then alights serenely. - mohdmustafa99Do you exist my love? Where might I find you? My heart burns with passion. Sad, sad passion. Knowing I can never have you by my side. - The Quoted IrisA broken piece will still miss in mending a broken heart. - William Gitau KA Mind without the Heart is like a room with no sound. - Mark A Gardner

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Funny Quotes Arranged marriage is murder, love marriage is suicide, ultimately marriage is death. - Lokesh giriLove is a heaven, but it can hurt you like hell - Prince Sunil RajWomen fall in love through their ears, and what about men? men! they just need to know you are available. - Lisa RoyLove is like a rain it will come and go - kubhendraA man can invent a time machine while a woman is getting ready to go out for the night - diya ahmed azzonyLOVE= A four letter lie - Rachelle CrandellLive is not a game it's a nightmare - kolwer perezIf you are as crazy as me, then were are both sane - Daniel BergThe person you lay next to night after night, should not be your opponent fight after fight. - Rob GiesbrechtAll these years I thought he had the key to my heart; only to find out he was a locksmith. - V SLOVE: celebration of the absence of the other type of chromosome [of course this doesn't explain homosexuality] - Lokesh giriWhoever came up with the saying 'money cannot buy love' was so broke, in that he just didn't know where it was sold.. - Brayne MatshotshiToday, you know that a girl doesn't like you, when she sees you coming and puts a cell phone on her ear. - Samuel E. VillegasWhere there are love birds there are bird watchers. - Joe CervantesMy heart is on a mission to love you and I'm just following the order from upstairs! - Joe CervantesNothing can affect me more than his affection : ) - shivangi lavaniyaLove isn't suppose to be like ready mix cement which drys up quickly and then hardens. - Joe CervantesMy wife is beautiful, intelligent and kind. Her only flaw is that she is real :) - Lokesh giriFirst love is a good training opportunity to process the second serenely. - mohdmustafa99Without you I can't Breathe, I love you so much, 'My Nose' - Rina 23Ladies in a relationship should stop posting their beautiful pictures, why advertise goods that are no longer in stock! - Mr vybs liveSometimes I just want someone to hug me and say 'I understand your pain. it's gonna be okay' have this 5 million shillings - Mr vybs liveMarriage is one way to free oneself from love - mohdmustafa99Love doesn't only play with hearts but also with adrenal glands - mohdmustafa99Why should I love you ? I want to love you without 'should' - mohdmustafa99When the cat and god are at play together, God is as work. - Jeffrey DeMann' Some bonds, whether they be human, animal, or bird, have an intimacy, and if situation comes to leave anyone or go far, that causes untold pain to the mind and heart. - SAYYED SAMIYLLAHAThis is where our life greatness begins from.. ! - William SebunjeGOD does not care about the color of your skin or what job you do, he cares about your heart. So do I! - Sibel TerhaarMy heart will describe more than my hands will ever write - Kabir Khivan Singh

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Short Quotes Love yourself, but others more. - Lokesh giriLove is a fine wine, the older the better - Prince Sunil RajLove is insight into one's unexplored self. - Lokesh giriI know what love is! It's giving away not accumulating. - Lisa RoyLet love happen, don't force it. - Matt BillPerhaps only by being in love can one become a better person. - NovaDon't fall in too much love with yourself, you may never get out of it - Lokesh giriLove yourself truly if you want to spread the spirit of humanity - palash sarkarLove conquers all things, money is just the icing on the cake - Karrella JonesNo. I am not in love with anyone. But I am in love. - Shade TellerYou can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving - Brayne Matshotshi'I love you' isn't complete, 'I love' is. - Lokesh giriLove doesn't come alone.. it brings trust with it.. - shiza shahidLove is that shoulder where every person wants to lay his head on, where there is no fear or ego - sanyaThere is nothing more bitter than sweet revenge itself - rfsYour love is my reason to live. - Areeba NoorLove is like a leaf once it withers cannot grow again.. - TilottamaLove cannot be touched or seen , it can only be felt. - Lukesh BammaLove is the most beautiful gamble to risk. - Ruth BandoquilloSome people feel the rain, others just get wet. - Cleopas mliloRead your feelings carefully before running into the lane that it wants to lead you to - Abasiofon FidelisSolution for every problem hides when you're angry - Prashanth ThotaMy nerves are wires where your feelings flow - Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezLove is not a word in Dictionary of Cardiology - mohdmustafa99The energy of love is the only energy that increases as much as you devour it. - mohdmustafa99Your love has added meaning for my living. - PromilaWhen love assaulted me, injuring my sorrows, I refuse to press charges. - Jason BaptisteLove should be a manure for the growth of a man and not a pest to destroy his growth. - Kowsalapathy SaravananSilence is an answer, which does not need explanation. - Claudia

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Inspirational Quotes It's always nice to be nice.. make the world worth living by sharing your smile, laughter, compassion and love to everyone.. - zindyEven in the darkness you may see no light, maybe you are the light - Josh DarosaFind hope not only in yourself, but find more for others - Josh DarosaLove is one mind in two hearts. - Ai LingNo matter how much one has, there will always be something missing which can only be fulfilled by giving not taking. - Lokesh giriHelp ever hurt never - mansi guptaSometimes you have to lose in order to win' 'A veces se tiene que perder para poder lograr ganar - Gerardo OrtizPassion is just like a flower, it blooms and gets filled up with fragrance when driven by love and humanity - Roma ChattopadhyayIn meditation, we can develop awareness. Our identity then shifts from thoughts and emotions to presence. Presence brings the dark into the light. The light is love. When we create from love, the greater good is done. We create heaven on earth. This is the future of mankind. This is spiritual evolution. - HOWARD MANNTo some, you are just a face in the crowd. To the one, you are the star of the show - TMZPoetryDon't let your current circumstances determine your character. - Allen LazarA grateful heart is a graceful heart - Jennifer PerssonBesides God, there would be no life without a woman. - Marie Yolande PierreNot being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection. - Tahir DanishIt doesn't matter what you were, it matters what you aspire to be - DanielYou starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline. - Mac McGovernLove is not easy nor is it difficult. It is just YOU in a state of TRUTH - TheigasenI cannot give flu if I don't have the flu. Same with LOVE and RESPECT and ANYTHING. YOU cannot give something YOU do not have. - TheigasenLive life you feel good living. - Marie Yolande PierreThe pillars of marriage are held strong by uncompromising mutual love. - Wayne ChirisaWhen you're afraid, you only care about people. But when you're not afraid, you care more about yourself. - Marie Yolande PierreHow can you expect to treat others with love and respect when you can't for yourself - James SorgePrivacy brings peace and security but broadcasting everything brings jealousy and envy. Choose your path wisely. - Sibel TerhaarStay away from people who let you down, they will do it again. - Sibel TerhaarThe power of an unbroken chain created by daily persistence can be infinite - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMI stopped expecting things from people who have nothing for themselves. - Marie Yolande PierreCommunication is the moisturizer of Love. - Dr Ikoghene S Aashikpelokhai

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Relationship Quotes Love in installments for longer relationship. - AB BabyIf it's possible to love that somebody even after knowing them better, they are worth living with. - Lokesh giriThe curtains of ego blur our eyes from recognizing the true colors of love! - Bipin Kumar G JCrying doesn't mean you are weak, it is a sign that you've been strong for too long. - mj mansfieldWhen you fall for someone real bad, its really difficult to pick yourself again. - Philon AlexiusI don't expect you to please me, buy me presents, take me to expensive dinners and mostly I don't expect you to be mister perfect.. I only expect you to never love anyone more than me - NataliaLove is an unconditional contract which never gets expired with time - A MehtaThe key to being successful in your relationships with women is knowing that they are always right. everything else is just part of the dance. - Donald Lynn frostA Boyfriend Shouldn't just be a boyfriend, He should also be your best friend. - Kaylee Marie DickinsonAt some point in my life I loved you. I guess we haven't got there yet. - Cory PowellThe world's best lovers are great listeners. - Joe CervantesI want you in good times And I need you in bad times! without you every time is worst time And living is a punishment for lifetime! - Siddharth BansalOne who shows love to avoid punishment is a good lover, one who shows for rewards is a hunter for love, one who loves to love is a good person. - Wony LeeLove becomes chaotic when someone becomes unsure of their love. - Nelson CheryRelationships are like equations. You must solve the issue, by doing to one side what you've done to the other. The Law of Balance. - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SWhen love begins to cease, emptiness begins to take its place. - The Quoted IrisYou were the best as well as the worst part of my life, best for giving me such a wonderful memories and worst for not continuing it. - RohitA man is liable to make a mistake if he loves two women. - Joe CervantesTruth is the glue that keeps a relationship sailing safely on loves oceans. - Jason BaptisteThe things we miss the most in life, are things we had but were taken away from us. - Allen LazarRelationships stand only on understanding. - Neha S PariharDo everything in your power to not let lies or half-truths destroy the trust and commitment between you. - Neo MoreYou became the light inside of me, but all that's left, is the glimpse of your memory. - Sagi WritesTwo month fling and a heartbreak for eternity - R EVELYN MONICA

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Freedom Quotes Don't grant me wishes if you can't set me free - Fendi Marie LibbySometimes you just stand there and look at the stars, & the only question you know is 'what am I doing here?' - Sebastian GrablLove the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. - Roseann PhaneufLove liberates the heart. - Joe CervantesImprison me in your attention and never let me be free. ‎ - mohdmustafa99My freedom rings when lost in loving thoughts of other human beings - kevin phippsBecome a regular habitue at freedom's parlor. The more you think and talk freedom the more free you will become - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEvery virtue hath his vice, and every vice hath his virtue. - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryKeep your love for life close! And let it not slip away! It is the lovely rose That refreshes every day - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHappiness is the flower that grows and never dies - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHappiness is beautiful! Look at her with love! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLove is the greatness of the soul! Love every day! Be love every day - Joshua Aaron GuilloryFind the freedom within! The freedom within is the peace within - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe way of righteousness is peace! The way of peace is love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou can't get rid of greatness! You can't get rid of me! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - I am greatness! And greatness is me! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe light of happiness will always shine bright - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe beauty of thy heart never tatters! The beauty of our love never shatters! Deep in the fields of life's soft, rigid soul A life-sustaining substance keeps us whole - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLove unlocks doors that weren't there before. - The Quoted IrisShe approves my love! I approve her snow-covered skin! She lifts me above, Up over the highest mountain! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryBlessed are those who are happy! And happy are those who are free! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLife is all that exists in Truth! If it is true today it was forever! if past still true today in truth! And or is forever! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIn a general sense, the natural man has great pleasure! - Joshua Aaron Guillory'Life is too short ' So don't hurt yourself, Don't feel depress Tell yourself that you are strong, You love yourself. - Sharmila NarzaryRace is only an issue if you let it become one. - The Quoted Iris

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Happiness Quotes Love has no limit, no awareness of merit, no categories.. it is pure and beautiful like early morning sunrise falling on lake! - Elizabeth K.The best lines are those that are left unspoken until that one perfect moment. - Ma. Soledad F. AngtuacoA great gift that should always be given and returned is a smile. - Paaj MivTo find true love you have to figure out how to find true happiness. Find what actually makes you truly happy. Once you're there, then you will find someone that can add to it. Don't expect someone else to make you happy. You have to find it on your own. Only then can you find what truly makes you happy and someone that can add to it. Happiness is a journey through your own heart, not a destination. - Bret StringhamNever expect anything from those who don't love and care about you and those who really do will already fulfil your expectations before you wish. - vikrantWhen you're happy with the little things in life.. that's true happiness. - Dana Jo GraslieEverything seems more beautiful if you're in love. - Bizz LamichhaneWith the magic of love turn your sadness into happiness. - Areeba NoorIf you appetite is for success, happiness & a better you - you will never starve for attention! - G SwissSometimes we hope for what we left behind. - Sipho P NkosiHappiness can not be bought by money it can only be felt at the right place, with the right person on right time - Ajay NegiPeace is the flower that grows and never dies - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe time you take to bad-mouth someone, why don't you use the same time to elevate the person? - Howard HannifordIf reality is the mirror of our essence, we better start smiling at it. - Daniela IsmerioLife is a mystery, happiness and positivity are the clues - Kabir Khivan Singh

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Change Quotes Love makes the man change by his own will. - NovaTo love is to learn how to let go - Gabby RamosFind peace in your heart and you will find yourself. - KarolinaThe hardest part after being hurt isn't healing; it's learning to trust again. - Sarah BridgesYou may think your actions can be erased like a footstep on a shore but your actions follow you all the way from that shore - Josh DarosaIt's wise not to look back to have no regrets, but to look at the future with hope, we need great courage. - Chris PetersStop checking your pocket for change. Check your heart for extra love, give it to the poor - Edmond H SweidyWe meet people by chance, not by choice, so adjust and adopt to their ways. - Nana akwasiThe older I get, the less I care what other people think of me. Therefore the older I get the more I enjoy life. - Oscar Auliq IceDon't wish to be somebody else, be somebody who is getting better. - Charlotte HarrisSometimes it's not people who change but the mask that they put it on. ~ Suyog Potdar [ People with good hearts will always be good, though they might behave badly for a while when angry. ] - Suyog PotdarIf you want to be rich, learn to love. - Jacqueline douglasIf you don't like it - then change it - if you don't change it - then you must like it - G SwissLet your spirit carry happiness so that you can clothe your tongue with words that may build, heal and refresh other people's lives - Masego

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Hate Quotes If you can't love, don't love; don't hate. - Lokesh giriLove is to hate to hate. - AB BabyNever say I love you, because one day you will re grate it. - Chelsea Taylor WaytThere is no place like home, but home isn't a home if your loved ones are gone. - Tayler hansenWhen you love, be careful with progression. When you hate, hold nothing back. - Hunter JamesLove conquers all, hate conquers nothing - Victor CourageLove is the path of light, hate is the path of darkness. With love you lead a happy life. With Hate you lead a dreadful life - kaleb dquarius reynoldsStay true to yourself, hated or loved.. - Piet NtemaYou can add up 'pride and prejudice' , but not pride and love. ‎ - mohdmustafa99Truth is sad to those who hate it but heal the broken heart of those who love it.. - Kayode Seyi TayoTo love you need no reason to hate you need one. - Kowsalapathy SaravananOnly people who really love you can hate you for a small thing you do unintentionally. - Marie Yolande PierreThe love we feel for others is a sign that we are all connected and that everyone we love displays a part we like about ourselves that every human being we hate displays a part we hate about ourselves. All is connected , separation being the illusion. - Kay Yash K Hove

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Desire Quotes Last desire of the noblest man is certainly not fame, it's love. - Lokesh giriLove and power are the most desired of all things one can imagine of desiring. - william anneThey say the first step to quitting is admitting, well I have, and I still can't shake your addiction from my heart.. - Norman PolsonThere are three 'L' words, which can illustrate a typical Human Life.. 'lie, love & lust' - Dr.RahulNarayanI loveeee hiis bluue eyes - Julia Manning The fire you burn today may not be burning tomorrow, so relight your fire and keep it burning - Karrella JonesFalling in love is like getting really drunk, it's fun while you are drunk until the next morning when you get a hangover and you tell yourself 'Why did I do this. I will never drink again. ' - Adlberto ToledoLove the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. It truly is that simple. - Roseann PhaneufSometimes I wish, If we could actually export the dreams we see, compress them & email to the person/ people who was/were in it. - Suyog Potdar - Suyog PotdarLove creates tension between two souls. - Shubhanil RoyIf love is my guide, And truth my treasure, And my heart the sea, To sink is pleasure. - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAlways remember, everyday we make choices that change our future: You will be what you decide today - Mark A Gardner

Friendship + Love Quotes

Friendship Quotes I will always be there like 'Q' is always there for 'U' - dominique hudsonSometimes you have to let go the people you love in order to protect them - Daleen IrshaidEmpathy is like the key to someone's door - Josh DarosaDon't judge a person by his religion, race, relatives, friends, country or caste but by his character. - shiza shahidIf you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me - Jasmin TomsonSome people's are made to be closer or stranger - viresh singhLove can't be limited. - Aniekee TochukwuLove the way you would want to be loved.. Never not love and end up wondering why you're not being loved at all. - Imraan Van KesterenAll the moments shared, all the tears, all the smiles with friends will be remembered one day! - Bafferh MohammedNever allow fake love & fake support to become a road block to your success - G SwissSometimes sex is the best communication and communication the best sex - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAbility to share is the beginning of ability to care. - Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

Philosophy + Love Quotes

Philosophy Quotes Love should always happen, with everyone and everything for it is the way of seeing the world with a gentle and soft heart. - Lokesh giriPhilosophy means love of wisdom, it should have been wisdom of love - Lokesh giriTake a step forward, and you realize that you're one foot away from what you were running from. - Klavin John Barry JRThere are many things in the world that can be gained, but only love can be won.. - Elijah McKinleyLove is like a story written in pencil, it can be written but can also be erased. - joel cervantes Show your love to others. Share it generously. - Bret StringhamLove is communication without obstacle, understanding without prejudice, and consideration without effort. - Paul V LopezAll is fair in love and war but neither love or war is ever fair. - John Guedes do NascimentoLove is not only a word, it has deep feelings, emotions, it of many kind, it is a power which has the potential to create or destroy you. - PromilaCritical Thought - is a laser beam of awareness. Without the broad beam of 'Love awareness', the tendency is to only see the flaws and not the love that should be seen - Mark A GardnerLove is a circle. When unbroken it completes itself, forever! - Mark A Gardner

All Love Quotes

Real love has no if.- Luke Shen Tien ChiNo currency will buy you an extra breath at the end, be humble- Allen LazarLove didn't develop literature. Failure in love did that.- mohdmustafa99Let love lead.- Cleopas mliloNo love is as pure as the love for your dream - Aayushi vermaTime is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache and sorrow. Time gives us choices, Time gives us regrets Time let's wrongs heal, Time let's people move on. Time let's you know what you had, Time let's you know what you lost. Time can be opportunities to fix our mistakes, Time can be breaking you into a million pieces. Time can let you fall in love again, Time can let you live in a dark place. Time is a chance to be a better person, Time is a chance to destroy ourselves. Time can make us strong, Time can make us lonely Time is my friend, Time is my enemy. Who will time be for you?- Candace EastonIt's easy to find someone who has resemblance of another person by looks but can never find the same character and experience the same memories with them- Alfred Winston SamWe always want to give people a piece of our mind rather than have peace of mind- KISHORE WIZZY RAMDATHHe who conquers love conquers all.- Joe CervantesLet the blade that's lodged in your heart, tainted with hate and despair .. Be banished and wiped clean with love and a fresh start.- Ulises RodriguezThey say love is blind, I say say love can see for it sees and feels you from thousand miles away, it appears blind for the audience but for the holder it sees- Hilton John Malatji Love is like a painted wall. It should be color washed from time to time, before it begins to fade away - Sarala KariywasamLove defines success in life not because it's a key aspect in life but because it's that aspect about life that makes it a key- Dise MokatiResentment is an impediment where love is supposed to be.- Cheryl Joy KhanIf he hates me in my presence, SEND his love to my grave in my absence- vijayavarshiniI hate when people say 'love is blind'. Love gives you the power to see what others can't.- Cheyenne SealHappiness either can last for a short period of time or can last forever. happiness that can be found and lasts for a short period of time is gained from money , fame, sex and everything else that can lead us humans to sin but happiness that can be found and can last forever is gained from love. whenever you are with someone who truly loves you the most you will feel that happiness that can never be replaced by fame , money, sex and everything else that can vanish in an instant- rodriguez chavezDream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an element to be cherished..- Namrata NahaLove should never take a long vacation.- Joe CervantesNever ever give such importance to anyone that you stop giving importance to yourself.- Harsh ChandpurkarI'm not afraid to die.. just that today is not a good day to die- Matthew Lee I have no desire to be loved by anyone. My only desire is to love myself enough - Alanah M FreedmanTruthful conversation is the height of intimacy- Lucille Candice CorneliusDon't marry someone you can live with. Marry someone you can't live without.- Rebekah LinserCan I blame you for not falling in love with me? If I could never fall in love with myself, how could I expect it of you?- Jon SmithIf you want to be loved.. love yourself first..- shiza shahidIf you can't get someone off your mind they are probably supposed to be there.- Darab ImteyazMake a difference today.. lay aside petty disagreements and arguments.. tomorrow may be too late.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyLet's not tear one another down but build each other up.. determine to make someone's life better not bitter.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyLove never is mean or hurtful, its always loving and forgiving- brittany hopeLove is not only a feeling its an action- Keke JacksonLove begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.- Hayley Nicole RyanThe one who loves the most has the power to influence the other party, over time.- MaloI sometimes don't get when girls say they are not pretty when they clearly are. To be HONEST, there is a difference between being pretty and being attractive to certin people.- Obed CeballosLove won't come if you don't seek for it.- srfghsdfTake away a man's weapon, and he'll fight you with his bare hands. Take away a man's dignity, and he'll fight you with his honor. Take away a man's family, and he'll fight like he has nothing else left to lose.- Garrett BenoitAn older pair of shoes that fits comfortably, beats a new pair that causes pain when walking long distances.- Marcus W PringleOnly those who can not channel their anger hate system for what it is, one should only try to change system for the love of it.- Lisa RoyIf you weren't there for me always, I wouldn't be there for myself.- NovaBy loving you more I'm in more love with myself than ever- NovaHow did we fall in love? how did we find each other? I think love found us, for its justification of existence.- NovaLove and eggs are best, when they are fresh- Prince Sunil RajEven the demons in hell will have mercy at my heart, but you..- Sanji Paul ArvindSome dreams aren't achieved through hard work but by mere opportunity.- Ivan Javier VelasquezSometimes the weight you have to lose is not in your body but in your soul.- ClaudiaIf love is mad, every human being in mad- VnTIf love could be hypothetical, don't use any other test to test it, except love itself- Dr Callixte YadufashijeNobody is right for you, Love makes one right!- jikings JuniorIf you allow your heart to sail your ship, the maestro of passion determines kinship.- Levi JohnsonYour emotional identity is a combination of the character of all prior loves.- Levi JohnsonLove the real, not the departed.- Mobammad NatalieLove is a journey.. beyond destiny, a joy.. beyond happiness, a word.. beyond description, a truth.. beyond reality, a treasure.. beyond measure, a thought.. beyond imagination, a trust.. beyond belief, a desire.. beyond achievement, a moment.. beyond time, a life.. beyond death.- Sanjeevani_pandaLove yourself more than you want someone to love you.- Marie Yolande PierreLove is the most effective weapon, to achieve victory in the battle for peace.- Jason BaptisteIn the game of love, there are either two winners or none at all.- The Quoted IrisYou might think that you are 'bad', but you are not. You might think that you are 'sinful', but you are not. Love is the strongest Force in The Universe, and it does not speak of such things. Love wants you to remember you are Good and Virtuous, and to spread Goodness by Loving yourself and others.- Amelia GoodeIn your darkest hour, hold on to Love. I know you want to slip away. You might, for a second. Remember, you can always reach out to Love again. Love will hold you close and comfort you, singing you a lullaby as you drift into peace. Love knows the darkness is only an illusion; Only Love remains.- Amelia GoodeMarriage brings about the establishment of spiritual wholeness through the declaration of love.- Wayne ChirisaLove is like rain : little of it is a problem, and too much of it is a problem.- mohdmustafa99When we leave this world, the soul is not the last thing to leave our body; but hope.- Marcelo CahuenasSometimes silence is more painful than violence.- Parker BrashearLove is like cancer, it has no special treatment- ALFRED JACKSON NTATIRWAMy world without you is blank.- PromilaLove grows sweeter with age.- Luke Shen Tien ChiLove is to understand and to be understood.- PromilaThe love of a family is life's greatest blessings- Rina 23As beautiful as she was, she never knew what beauty was.- Mr. EnglishLet love be indoctrinated into the minds of the youth and let wisdom be indoctrinated into their hearts.- Zac OchsenbineLove is the best way to revenge hatred..- success songLove is: You set her as your priority Even when you know that you are only an option for her!- Soyuz KadelSometimes, when you love someone but they don't love you back, the best thing to do is just stand back and be there when they need you. That way, deep down, that person starts loving you back.- Willem RossouwFriend, best-friend, girlfriend, and boyfriend end with end but you see family ends with ily which means i love you- Chandrima GhoshNever complain about what your parents couldn't give you. it was probably all they had.. !- Rafia AzeezThe one thing in this world which is free of cost is parents' love- Bharath vikasYou know you truly love him, when you are willing to let him go- Chari MaePeople change people for the better of those around them- Rozleyn BrownLove is the luxury of the rich, the plaything of the fickle, the bane of the truthful, the motto of the unfaithful, the Shangri-La of the seeker, the lie undiscovered by the wise, and the eternal salt over the unhealing wound.- Siavash RohaniTo drown in your eyes is what I impatiently wait for - kristin borgohainLove is when the stars are in her eyes and the sun is in her smile.- Cleopas mliloWhite hair are enough to keep me reminded that journey of this luxurious life has a certain end - Malik Ahsan AliWhen there is forgiveness, there is love- Akpan Okpongette EssienimoGod doesn't CAUSE bad things to happen; but, He WILL make use of them.- The Quoted IrisI love to go deeper to know the truth rather than to accept lie at a glance..- Kayode Seyi TayoLet's learn to love, for every man is gifted with this currency, no matter how much you spread out, it can't be exhausted.- Uwagbae Nosa LuckyLove is a cycle, we first received, then learned to give back.- Ruth BandoquilloWhen you love so much.. others who do not know you will connect with you easily.- Joe CervantesChildren Have The Potential To Change Even The Most Irredeemable Of People- SunofYah913Falling in love is no less than finding life.- sharonkempFamily.. a fortress whose foundation is love all the way. It is intentionally blind to all else except love.- JabulilePossessive lovers are without the possession of love- Jason BaptisteTry to sit in the Comfort and Patience of Your Own Heart; it will lead you to Goodness.- Amelia GoodeLove is something you don't need to understand before accepting, It comes on its own will- Adebayo Alfred ayomideNothing that is Good is impossible. Goodness is the only thing that truly exists.- Amelia GoodeSilence always says something.- Bikram MahataStep out of the way if you're not aiming at love.- Joe CervantesIf you have feet to work with, and hands to share with, and a heart to love with, then that's how we will remain as one great nation under God working together.- Joe CervantesAcceptance is love !- moises santaTrust the timing of your life. Everything you go through is a part of your process- L ParkerI wish I can fly straight to your room..- MhathungIce melts when heated; Eyes melt when cheated- Dharaneesh sonuDon't get hard on yourself when a girl doesn't talk to you. It means she is afraid of love.- Dharaneesh sonuAnger to anger is fuel to fire, Love to anger is water to fire.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMThere are two possible effects a woman can have on a man. If he loves her: she can effect him to be the best man he was designed to be or the monster she will complain about in the future.- Piet NtemaLove gives you more comfort than medication and meditation. Love makes you able to believe in miracles, happiness and hope.- Niayab KomalReal love can't be created, but it's formed by itself.- Sipho P NkosiIn the event where we can't be lovers, we can't be friends.- Howard HannifordNever Prioritize the one who generalizes you- Suyog PotdarLove is a pure internal feeling.. That can only be experienced by, two hearts that crave to be one..- Archita arora We can't love with ego, there is either love or ego.- Areeba NoorLove. The only natural drug that can alter perspective without adding anything external.- Robin ThillyIf you can't forget someone, to forget them you'll have to remember someone new.- victoria The only medicine to heal a broken heart are sweet words- Sipho P NkosiHair on head its not verification you are still Young. It's about how much your brain working. If your brain going well you don't need to worried about how old are you. '- Anshan Ahemd NizamaniWhat's the point of love, if we don't know what it means.- Salma Atteya Sometimes you have to unlearn what you've learned about someone. Sometimes people change. Sometimes people grow up. Unlearn, not discard.- Vardz77I'm dying twice in one life what makes it worse is being killed by the same person Twice- Siye tLet your smile be your shadow and I will be that sunshine which will make your shadow prominent always..- Rimmon ShoukatMother is the only one who loves you even if you hate her.- Kowsalapathy SaravananMother is the only one who loves you even if you hate her.- Kowsalapathy SaravananI am stronger on my right leg, but without my left I cannot walk.- Nana akwasiLove is not blind but it leads to blindness.- Oscar Auliq IceDon't wait until it's too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care.- Oscar Auliq IceSuicide may not be an act of cowardice, but it's an escape plan and it leaves anybody you ever loved in the dust.- JohannaLove is not based on material, wealth and standard but it is an issue of two hearts becoming one..- Tumelo MahlareIt takes a great amount of courage to open a door for an unknown opportunity. It's a risk. It could even be a mistake. Or it could be the best damn thing in the world.- Regan HowardPeople may recognize your face but they get to know your heart.- Dana Jo GraslieLove isn't just the intensity of emotion that you feel for the other person. Love is the ability to translate this emotion into actions that make the other person happy- Dulce FernandesLove has no gender. Why wait for the wo/ man to do what you can do? It takes two to fall in love and it will take two to make it work.- Piet NtemaYou are all you have to offer the world. Know yourself, love yourself and be yourself.- vikrantWhen I'm rich I will buy you the world, but for now my love is all I can afford.- Cory PowellLove is a chance.- Inna ShirokovaFind someone who will put you on a pedestal, because every Queen deserves a King- Caroline HuamaniUnless you've loved a Man at his worst, don't begin to claim your love is the purest just yet - Nancy AlmeidaLove is something every human has. You just need to find it- MaddyYou have to forgive those that have hurt you, so that you can love those who won't hurt you.- Kendall MyersSometimes the people that you don't care about are the people that care about you the most.- David FigueroaEveryone comes with the baggage, but sometimes it is best to just leave it at the airport- Beau It's not his fault, he has told I'm his queen, I forgot that he had never been the king.- Daleen Irshaid‎If the legacy of a person's life is measured by the lives they've touched, and how much they were loved. A big piece of them will live on forever.- Steven Evans I will always welcome people; I will always feel for people, I will never turn away from someone who needs love - Veronica ChaplinLove is like a nail.. There's always a perfect fit.- Emily Gillespie No matter how much I try to hate you. I always end up loving you.- Gaurav NayalIt's only after someone is gone do you realize how much you miss them..- Darab ImteyazYou never really stop loving someone, you just learn to try to live without them.- Darab ImteyazTo let go, is probably difficult but it will bring you happiness in the long run. Holding on to the dust of yesteryears will bring you sadness and fear- sandeep ShankaranarayananThe best description of Love is not being able to describe it- Josh DarosaI have been with a man who has loved me at my best- now, I pray to find that one person who would love me the same at my worst.- paulane garcia tugasI am strong, but when it comes to you i'm weak enough to forgive you over and over again!- Daleen IrshaidAppreciate What You Have Before It is Gone. What You Have Today Might Not Be Your's Tomorrow.- Diandra HaydenThe ultimate respect you earn from a woman is through her heart, not her body- Farhad Dastoor if you love something and you think you will never stop loving that, don't think, do it. - jonathan cossioWhat hurts the most is being so close and having so much to say then watching you walk away- Jordan DavisWhen it's as good as a dream, wake up.- hosam dahhanQ. What happens to unexpressed feelings A. They HAUNT you..- aftabkhanWe were given Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find- Hayley Nicole Ryan Love never goes away, it is just covered by hate and ignorance - Kerry Deshun TateThe game of love is not always fair because some players keep their cards too close to their chests.- MaloHeart vs. Brain. Let the heart win because the heart is what you really want. Your brain is just stopping you from getting there. Logic does not always win- motheo petjeLove's value, like that of a dollar, is seen only as it is invested and not hoarded.- Rick HoelzerFalling in love is like jumping off a mountain.. It takes your breath away!- lexi stevensYour are the sun that finally comes out on a rainy day, you are the feeling after a hard day at work and coming home to loving family ready to make you feel loved as you step through the door- Josiah hoffmanSometimes the heart can see what is invisible to the eye.- Ashlyn Mary HornikLove is just a word.. until someone comes along and gives it meaning- Ashlyn Mary HornikIf a person leaves you and breaks your heart, don't just lay on the floor crying, this person left you for a reason & honestly and clearly he/she doesn't care about you, there may be someone who is willing to pick up the pieces and maybe help you put them back together.- Neuri MercedesLove is the thing that gives us life, blesses us with Hope of Happiness, and Kills us when we're not giving enough.- Antonia Mackenzie Simon NeillTo be in love is like picturing that person like there is no one else around when millions surround- zikia hockerWho are we to judge others and their differences, when we ourselves have our own differences, that others may also judge, and problems within ourselves that have not been dealt with- Sydney NewkirkIf I had a penny for every time you crossed my mind there would have never been a recession ©- Bobby Shawn DickensIt's true that we can't live only from love, but we can't live without love either.- Tra LalalicSelfishness is the fastest way to lose someone you love.- Tra LalalicEven if I'm not the one who makes your day complete.. but I can be the one who will love you till my last breath- sayka m. hara we don't need a special day to live with love, we need love to live special days - diya ahmed azzonyMother's Concern for an offspring can often be perceived as nagging but ultimately they are good intended bouts of love and affection, maybe misguided, often unwanted but pure of heart nonetheless- AhwneeWhy be with someone that you have to change, When you can find someone that doesn't need to change.- Britney DavisIf I wished something I had more in life, it would be love. For love can never be too much of. It's all that counts.- Benjamin MoellerIf a man tells you, that you are pretty when you look like mess.. then that means he really loves you <3- HlhkkggklThe only person who can make you sad, is yourself.- Joshua WuYou know you have accomplished something in life, when you leave memories for someone else.- Loretta AveryMany a times people misinterpret attraction, affection, compassion, care, and sex as love. Love is beyond all these!- Bipin Kumar G JYou can't love a person genuinely if you can only look at his weakness- NovaOf all the gifts given to mankind by God, the most sacred one is Love- Bipin Kumar G JPerhaps only love can make a man crave to be sweeter, humble and kind- NovaIf the true wise old man is incapable of loving, is he still wise?- Lisa RoyIf one was able to look at himself like he can look at others, world would have missed the greatest love of all time - 'self love'.- Lokesh giriToday I got the real meaning of love. I have feelings for a girl and the girl aso have same feeling. But the problem is that I have feelings only for her and she has for many others. I know she is characterless and I deserve better easily but still it hurts when another person comments sexy on her dp- Arpit Kumar Singh

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