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Luck only lasts so long, SKILL lasts forever! Luck only lasts so long, SKILL lasts forever!..

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Victory is in your abilities and determination to overcome failure. Victory is in your abilities and determination to overcome failure...


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I I'm not a fortune teller, but if you show me your friends, I will read your future. Free of charge..

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Procrastination is the stepping stone to failures. Procrastination is the stepping stone to failures...

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Wisdom comes once we embrace our failures and learn from it. Wisdom comes once we embrace our failures and learn from it...

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failures blame others, winners take the blame. Failures blame others, winners take the blame...

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Love didn Love didn't develop literature. Failure in love did that...

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Life is three groups of hits: that you strike, that you receive, and that you avoid. Life is three groups of hits: that you strike, that you receive, and that you avoid...

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Everyone has defects, and the most serious of them is to be blind about yours. Everyone has defects, and the most serious of them is to be blind about yours...

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All good ideas are made from errors. All good ideas are made from errors...

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pain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it Pain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it..

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I know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words. I know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words...

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when you lose - never get stressed & when you win - never get comfortable When you lose - never get stressed & when you win - never get comfortable..

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you can either keep making excuses or start making moves You can either keep making excuses or start making moves ..

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ignorance is about not knowing, while the true ignorance, is when you don Ignorance is about not knowing, while the true ignorance, is when you don't want to know...


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Close your eyes and open your mind. Allow your mind to foresee the goals that your eyes fail to see. Silence the voice that tells you 'you can't do..

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Walk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else Walk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else..

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With only the acceptance of shame, rejection from success, and the pain of failure can we reach the point where even the smallest grain of sand can..

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One sign that you One sign that you're about to succeed is when you feel you can no longer continue with what you're..

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You gotta get tuned up to success lest your brain reverses the great focus. You gotta get tuned up to success lest your brain reverses the great focus...

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Two golden rules of life: don Two golden rules of life: don't expect from anyone and accept whatever comes your way..

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It's like standing on a ledge wanting to fall.. then realizing the beauty of the view, so you step back. Further away from the edge. Then when night..
-Hilary Mayes

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Sometimes you just need to be silent, and wait for the bad phase to get over.. Sometimes you just need to be silent, and wait for the bad phase to get over....

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If he hates me in my presence, SEND his love to my grave in my absence- vijayavarshiniIf the only thing you have to throw away your problems with is a boomerang, just make sure when they come around again, you duck.- Jessalyn RoussinSelf pity is the worst form of defense.. never succumb to it..- WisemeTake pride in learning from a mistake- jenny feraerI don't know, where do I find the courage, to be such a coward!- Lipjan HaliliYou will always fall somewhere along the way to success.. but you can always get back up.. and learn from your failures.. just keep moving forward .. Those who are do not stop are the ones who Succeed - Rena MartinezFailure is the biggest opportunity for greater success!- MskOnly we can decide to allow the disappointments in our lives to rule us. We can either rise above it and keep moving forward to become the best we possibly can be or we will stagnate refusing to grow past it. The choice is always up to us.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyFailure is a product of continuous decisions to compromise- Benni FisoWhen you keep failing in your biggest dream it must be time for you to wake up.- Hunter James

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Inspirational Quotes A person who lacks direction and drive in life will tend to blame the next person for his failures! Your success is yours no matter what or who is in your life.. take ownership of your failures and give thanks to your accomplishments! - Christine ArringtonIf a person leaves you and breaks your heart, don't just lay on the floor crying, this person left you for a reason & honestly and clearly he/she doesn't care about you, there may be someone who is willing to pick up the pieces and maybe help you put them back together. - Neuri MercedesOur ancestors are untraceable, the line goes too far back, thousands of failed civilizations all ripped apart by greed. There are no leaders, only guides, none which have found the right direction. It is time to work together as a collective and not as individuals, after all, we are all related. FACT! - Twenty TwelveSuccess is achievable, if failure is unacceptable. - neil huntamerIn order to be someone, you must first be yourself. - Darab ImteyazDiscouragement is my enemy and not welcome in my head. - Lynnon RogersFailure is the biggest opportunity for greater success! - MskIf you want to create History then you have to risk failure. - Sourabh kumarYou must be willing to play with Failure before you reach Success - RVM AuthorThere is no failure, there is only inadequate effort put in. - Maduwa ThaboNeglect everything, except failure. ‎ - mohdmustafa99Success Shares Its Own Story, Failure Listens to it - Ritesh RanjanBlind is the man who thinks he knows it all. Blinder is the man who follows after this man blindly. - Dr Travis J HedrickI simply don't accept failure, that way I'll work very hard to succeed. - Allen LazarThe first sign of true success, is failure. - Allen LazarI did not fail because I knew the wrong ways of doing. - mohdmustafa99Loss is indeliberate failure; to ignore its causes is definitely deliberate. - mohdmustafa99Procrastination is the stepping stone to failures. - Mohith NairFailure is like reading a book, It increases your knowledge more than successful people, if you can study that book properly, you can achieve higher level of success in life. - Hadi MusthafaI flew because I imagined success, you fell because you imagined failure - Albara almerfSuccess without failures is often a near impossibility - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMIt is not wise to either only blame others for your every failure or to give credit only to yourself for every success you have, because your mistake is the main factor in your failure and you cannot win with your will alone - Srinivas MishraGoods and Failure happen is all experience to us. So stay calm and steady. Let success make a sound. - Tonny Prakash PatrickSucess is happiness. Failure is experience. Be calm and focus on what you do. One day you will be successful person. - Tonny Prakash PatrickFailure is the hidden gift of Success - Dr Ikoghene S AashikpelokhaiFailing in life cannot be avoided but you can always learn from your failure and make a better decision next time. - ojingiri hannahPassion, priority-based actions, and consistently pushing through failures, are essential ingredients that can often open the gates of the pathway to success.-DrTJ/Thomas John, MD,ABO,DTM - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTM“There is no failure in life. Every failure is an attempt to succeed.” - Syed Badiuzzaman“Every failure is a stepping stone that leads you to success.” - Syed BadiuzzamanOften it is only on reflection that we realise that we have grown more from our failures, losses, and pain than from our achievements and these become part of our successes! - Adrian McGinnTo fail, is to simply begin. - Aisha S KinguYour posture will determine if you succeed or not. - Anthony T Hincks"Great Philosophers, Legends, Achievers, moreover Teachers learned a lot from failures which even means none of the above-mentioned humans can't teach anybody more than failure accomplishes". - JesinthHUNGER TO SUCCESS , HUMBLE TO FAILURE. - Mohammad Arafath KSometimes, it is essential to accept failure as a means of achieving our objectives. - Adeleke Aishat -TashiaWhilst success often leads to complacency, failure leads to growth and leaning! - Adrian McGinnFailure is not the end of the road but a pivotal chapter in the narrative of success. - Patrick J Riachi

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Life Quotes You will always fall somewhere along the way to success.. but you can always get back up.. and learn from your failures.. just keep moving forward .. Those who are do not stop are the ones who Succeed - Rena MartinezHe is inexperienced to know that he is inexperienced - mohdmustafa99Failure in life does not mean a lack of gifts, it only means the failure to put the gifts to work. - Pastor Sunday AdelajaShit happen life goes on. - Judith J.KennedyThe deceiving smile. When everyone thinks that you are doing just fine, but deep inside, you know your are falling apart. - Javier ContrerasDon't ask me, I am also good at questioning. - mohdmustafa99Happiness is a truth but not for all. - AbhimanyuYou gotta get tuned up to success lest your brain reverses the great focus. - Murungi Nathaniel MuthomiWe are celebrating a victory without knowing there is a disaster coming. - Alexandru BulaiLife is like a video game, there are a few hard levels but eventually we get through them. Always remember that there is no failure in challenge, you only fail when you give up. - Isaiah Petrosky I honestly didn't know what I had in you, I just kept on pushing you away and you held on tighter, I tried to look at you like you were the same but you were so much more than anyone else, you tried so hard and I was so blind - Dallas SmithWin to lose or lose to win, the choice is yours! - Ritesh RanjanWhen you lose - never get stressed & when you win - never get comfortable - G Swiss Ever has been anyone lucky enough to find peace without tasting the agony? - Sophie LalrinnungiPain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it - G SwissEveryone has defects, and the most serious of them is to be blind about yours. - mohdmustafa99Trust is always bigger than the capacity of the vessel that we put it in. - mohdmustafa99Laziness is tolerable, but its consequences are completely intolerable - mohdmustafa99Life is three groups of hits: that you strike, that you receive, and that you avoid. - mohdmustafa99It's better not to make a promise than fail to fulfill it when it's made; promise is debt, failure to redeem it sin.. - Kayode Seyi TayoIf there are too many solutions, then we haven't studied the problem utterly. - mohdmustafa99You need to maintain a balance between your number of successes and your number of failures, because life is incomplete and tasteless without the presence of either of them. - Nayanshree Sonowal"Valentine's Day is right around the corner. This year, let's come together for the greater good, and offer up our voices in a refreshing rendition of; 'I left my FART in SAN FRANSHITSCO.' Let's honor(?) these Homeless, Drug Addicted, Naked, Poop-Slinging, Bug-Infested, Violent Californians." - The Quoted IrisImpossibilities exist in the minds of those who are afraid of failure and even success. - Anthony T Hincks~Fear of rejection, fear of not being forgiven, robs us the courage to seek second chances. We hesitate to ask for them because we fear being vulnerable and judged. The fear of disappointment and failure often outweighs the desire for redemption. - Carson Anekeya

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Change Quotes Don't let fear stop you from growing, Don't let the past hold you in a cage of regret, Yesterday was the lesson, Today is the reward - Nancy Thompson MahlerNever give up, just Move On.. - Khem RaiPast failures create a manual for future success - Phillip OrangeWhen yesterday falls and gets a scar on her face, tomorrow learns, stands tall and remains beautiful.. - kgabo Sarah phildine MothotsiIf you allow yourself to be defined by someone other than yourself, then you have not reached your true potential if that definition is not who you are or want to become. - George A. GilmoreOnly we can decide to allow the disappointments in our lives to rule us. We can either rise above it and keep moving forward to become the best we possibly can be or we will stagnate refusing to grow past it. The choice is always up to us. - Lisa Ebersole DempseyIt's wise not to look back to have no regrets, but to look at the future with hope, we need great courage. - Chris PetersAny president should not be valued by what he did , but by what he didn't. - mohdmustafa99Some people march forward by turning backwards. - mohdmustafa99There's something we all can't change no matter how we try. It's worse to hear the truth because the truth we can't deny. - Amanda thorntonOne day we just wake up. We wake up and say enough is enough, but we just don't say it when we wake. We say it every second of every day. This is how habits are broken. This is how we make a change. - Lance Anthony Ambourn When an extremist goes in failure, he learns temperance. ‎ - mohdmustafa99Walk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else - Brian KelleyI know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words. - Wyatt puckettChange, for change's sake, is a recipe for failure. - Dr Travis J HedrickChange is inevitable. What is also inevitable is failure for those who refuse to change. - Dr Travis J HedrickDo not let situations change your fate, you decide on the fate of those situations. - k.r.chandrasekharFear, Failure and Disappointment changes me. - Ruth BandoquilloYou are a fool if you want to change people. You are mad if you want to change the world. - mohdmustafa99It's human nature to realise the worth and value of what was; only when it's lost - Azmath PashaDo not complain of being at the bottom, rise up. There is always room at the top. - Juned MohammedLife challenges us with fear and failure, but we can challenge them back with our right choices and our relentless spirit. That is how we change our lives and inspire others. - Srinivas Mishra

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Success Quotes Always try but not for success only! - Zeeshan AsgharTry and fail, but don't fail to try. - Darab ImteyazThe difference between success and failure is fear - Michael motti AttiasNobody wants failure but a pile of failure builds a great success. - Bafferh MohammedSuccess starts with expecting failure and ends with failure of this expectation. - mohdmustafa99Success starts with expecting failure and ends with failure of this expectation. - mohdmustafa99The ability to redefine failure as an opportunity to learn is a critical skill for any effective entrepreneur, and it is best to learn early. - Oscar Auliq IceIt is not a matter if you fail, but how well you fail. - Oscar Auliq IceQuitting is the only thing that really brings permanent failure. - Oscar Auliq IceFailed attempt is just one step closer to finding a solution. Keep working through the failure, it will just be one step closer to success. - Oscar Auliq IceFailures blame others, winners take the blame. - Allen LazarPositive or negative its all feedback. - Oscar Auliq IceI'm not a fortune teller, but if you show me your friends, I will read your future. Free of charge - Allen LazarVictory is in your abilities and determination to overcome failure. - Vusi Mxolisi ZithaDon't run away from your challenges in search of your success, else you will meet your failure, but attack your challenges and you can overcome and conquer your failure and outdoor your undiluted success - Asare Ben Chris ABCIt is better to be an over achiever and a winner and to be humble and make light of ones achievements and ones success than to be an under achiever and a loser and to brag and to boast and to make much of ones failures and ones losses. - SundareshIf success makes you arrogant it means you did not succeed, but if failure makes you insistent and persistent it means you will never fail - Irfan Mamoun MDIt is not true that failure is not the end of the road, but it is what makes success your companion - Irfan Mamoun MDIt is not true that failure is the end of the road, but it is what makes success your companion - Irfan Mamoun MDWe invite success into our lives. Failure comes without invitation. - Tamerlan KuzgovExcuses are the currency of failure, while determination fuels success. - Dr Ikoghene S Aashikpelokhai

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Confidence Quotes In order to gain true understanding of things, one must start with themselves. - Gerald AbadEvery human is like fire. They all have a weakness. - Brandon McCullochJust because you can't change where you come from, doesn't mean YOU can't change. - ajith CHEMPARATHYMoving forward after a mistake, a wrong decision or a personal disaster can make you a better person or it can make you a bitter person.. One letter in one word could make the difference in your life.. - John BondsLow self esteem is the only condition I know of where the cause and cure rests unknowingly with the afflicted. - TheophilusI ain't afraid of facing the damn challenge.. I'm just concerned about the consequences - Sarad S DhungelThe hero of one battle could be the first to go down in the next. - Hunter JamesAdditional risks in life is not taking risks - Jeton LajqiLuck only lasts so long, SKILL lasts forever! - Yasheel Santosh MaharajWhen one door shuts on you, be thankful as the Universe has a greater plan to open higher doors where your talent and heart will be valued and treasured. - Dr Nirvadha SinghNever accept failure, it is only temporary - Victor CourageSometimes, if you're feeling down the drain, feeling that you're living in a series of endless failures, don't give up. You are human, and everyone's got that moment before. So stand up and move on. Life's just rough that way. People can and will suffer huge losses and huge success. What makes them look invulnerable is that they don't give up. Because giving up would be the first step to actual failure. - Primus de PedosIf you can't be good at everything then at least make sure you are good at something. - Ryan Van ZylIf you care about what people think about you, you will end up being their slave. Reject and pull your own rope. - Oscar Auliq IceA seed of doubt will grow into sure uncertainty and yield a crop of failure. - Angel BetemitFear does not exist, it is the creativity of ignorance - Kelvin JohnsonIf I don't regret it, then it's not a mistake - Nadira BadriIt's always been an uphill battle against adversities: Tell me I can't do something and I'll prove you wrong every time - Kishan Patel

Anger + Failure Quotes

Anger Quotes I can always tell when people are lying. That's why I don't lie. Because I'm afraid people can tell when I'm lying. - Lorreda C SmithDon't bother painting the world prettier for its true color is painted by evil and all you can do is watch the display of man painting its own world. - adsfsad safdsafsadTwo damages caused at once is not as bitter as one damage caused twice - DRSWe all feel sadness and fear, but some of us live sadness and fear. - Danielle Rose YatesI don't know, where do I find the courage, to be such a coward! - Lipjan HaliliI opened my chest, exposing my heart to you. You turned away, for in your eyes, it was a gross atrocity. - Kelley ChaplinDamn you who tells me that sleep will heal my mind as you are telling the legless that running will heal his - Joel JohnsonPain and misery are two different words, which both hurt. - Oscar Auliq IceDeep down a broken heart, all the sadness one can bear is misery. - Oscar Auliq IceIf the only thing you have to throw away your problems with is a boomerang, just make sure when they come around again, you duck. - Jessalyn RoussinSometimes you just need to be silent, and wait for the bad phase to get over.. - Ankit KediaThe anger increases, as my self-worth decreases - harleyMadame! I don't have a common name for what you have cooked. - mohdmustafa99Justice Prevails is a bigger myth than a happy wife & a good neighbor - Ritesh RanjanPlease go away. You may see my shell of a human; but deep inside, there is a growing corruption; and it can't be remedied. - DonsaHedgecoth

Hope + Failure Quotes

Hope Quotes You can't help someone by changing them, but what you can do is give them some motivation or an opportunity to succeed. - Garron C. HaunWhy do we have to always do the right thing? Why can't we just do the wrong thing once in a while, and learn the right thing? - Jamie RussellBeing positive when things go bad is the best gift one could ever get. - Dhruva MathurFailure is just a failure unless you fight it back and turn it into a huge victory. - Dalal YousifA face will either show hope or despair. - Joe CervantesLiving is not about seeing, . It's about being. Silence and acceptance can give the answers we seek. With our mouths and eyes wide open all we seem to catch at time is the dirt gathered up by others. - Darren GiardelliWhen everything in your life is falling apart and you still hold on because deep inside you know that better days are yet to come. - Javier ContrerasTwo golden rules of life: don't expect from anyone and accept whatever comes your way - RAVINDERSINGH POTHIWALAllow your failures to guide you to your success - G SwissExcuses will never get you solution - G SwissNo Hope No Pain ! - Muhammad Saqib Al WadoodiThere is always a discovery in your last failure. - Saugato AdhikarySome individuals may secretly hope for your failure in order to find common ground with you. People often prefer relatability, as it brings comfort. When you strive for greatness, it can unsettle them. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your ambitions to achieve greatness. - Marcquiese Burrell

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Short Quotes Failure is a product of continuous decisions to compromise - Benni FisoNeglect is the key to a child's failure. - Joe CervantesAccept defeat but do not let it flourish. - Victor CourageIgnorance is about not knowing, while the true ignorance, is when you don't want to know. - moises santaAny race has two ends: the final point, and the failure point. - mohdmustafa99Collapse is not only to fall but also to roll down. - mohdmustafa99If success was that easy, we would all be failures. - Allen LazarYou do the same as a prisoner does. That's doing nothing. - mohdmustafa99'I will do it later on' means after the expiry date. - mohdmustafa99It is not astrology to know that malice will fail. - mohdmustafa99It is impossible for time to go anticlockwise , but remorse doesn't deal with this fact. - mohdmustafa99Naivety is not to be cheated , but to deny that you've been cheated. - mohdmustafa99The fear of failure repels opportunities for success - Chido Tapera Mapungwana

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God is peace; religion is man's attempt to commune with God; and war is the worst result of man's failure to do so.- TheophilusDo not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.- Darab ImteyazNever make the same mistake twice, no matter how tempting it may be- Gabby RamosThe biggest mistake is not learning from it.- Marcus W PringleWhen life slaps you in the face, fall over and pretend you are dead so it won't kick you.- Alex CraigeSuccess is always a relative matter. One person's success may even be the failure of another person.- Syed BadiuzzamanTo dissent against the world means failure in adaptation of oneself to live in.- mohdmustafa99A divorced woman knows much about marriage though she failed it- mohdmustafa99If it's easy, it won't last very long.- Allen LazarAll kinds of growth are susceptible to failure , except age growth.- mohdmustafa99Failure shouldn't hold you back. Be strong, stand firm, hold on to the struggles of failure when you fall.- B. Samford M. BlahFailure tests determination of success..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiA cautious person is that who stops doing the wrongs , but unfortunately, s/he stops doing the right too.- mohdmustafa99An ideologist is the person who doesn't know doctrines of his ideology, but he knows what's bad of yours.- mohdmustafa99Better to assign responsibility to a stone than to a fool.- mohdmustafa99Boss! it is difficult but if you really believe and know what you want and work to it, failure is not an option.- Justice Appiah BoatengDon't fear of failure, fear missing out on taking the countless opportunities this world has to offer you.- Jaymin ShahRepeating the same mistake again and again is a clear sign of you fooling yourself.- sharonkempBeing broke is part of the journey. Staying broke is a f**king choice.- Jaymin ShahOwn up and take complete and full responsibility every single time for all your actions, emotions, etc. regardless of the circumstance- G SwissIn LIFE there are no do-overs or rewind buttons - G SwissSuccess shares its own story, failure listens to them- Ritesh RanjanYou are owed nothing.- Brandon KellumIf you haven't failed at least once, you can't have a solid success foundation.- Akinyele Akinyemi Y.One of the best confidence builders is experience.- Jaymin ShahIt makes no difference to follow Satan or to make him follow you. ‎- mohdmustafa99How much do I have to give to realize what I have?- Brandon KellumIf you try your very best to succeed at something and fail, at least you tried. If you try your very best to fail at something and succeed, something's not right.- Bre An RiversLet them rejoice at your failure. That's better than to make them envious of your success.- mohdmustafa99I can't solve your problems, but I sturdily promise you that you can solve them by yourself.- mohdmustafa99The only reason I wouldn't try to kill myself, is because I would probably screw it up.- Cory PowellFailure is an important ingredient of achievement.- El Haji NeroA child is like a blank canvas. As an artist of your most important masterpiece, it's your job to illustrate all the beauty of its potential. Disconnect from limitations, project inspiration.- Giulia VecchioSuccess is the result of multiple failures.- shiza shahidMistakes can be your strength or your weakness, it is up to you- Iris PhilipYou will never be better than anyone, and no one will ever be better than you- Iris PhilipUnlike the Future, History doesn't give you a second chance!- Allen DunbarDon't worry about the things you can't control- Regan Howard Beauty alone, will only satisfy so little - ABDULAZIZ Al DABAANFailure makes us mature, strong and humble- A MehtaYou have to go through a few nightmares to make your Dreams come true.- Puja AgarwalQ. What happens to unexpressed feelings A. They HAUNT you..- aftabkhanFear of failure makes you lose the confidence, but losing as a fighter makes you gain the confidence.- harbinderjit singh bajajWhen everything is falling apart in your life the worst thing you can possibly do is just stand and watch.- srfghsdfIf you can embrace the failure, you can ride the wave of despair.- Guy SpivackMy father built a house in heaven and sent me the directions to hell- Weqaar JanjuaAllow yourself to lose control. The hardest part of living is learning to let go.- Regan HowardFailure to enter into the forest of ones own dominated good thoughts and plan ahead......., it means one can only live to think someone else is holding his bag of blessings...!!- William SebunjeFailure to manage time..., is total failure to manage reason...!!- William SebunjeExcuses are the cheapest commodity in our verbal market. It enhances failure and represses the capacity to be successful. It is the comfort abode for one who gives up on trying.- Dr Ikoghene S AashikpelokhaiOur Fears become our excuses, our excuses become our failures and our failures become our frailties.- Vivek GundimiFailure means that what you can, didn't meet what is required!- Dr Callixte YadufashijeThe failure of marriage reveals your failures.- Tamerlan KuzgovPride is the perfect antidote for total failure.- Joe CervantesCelebrating our luck, we're celebrating someone's failure.- Tamerlan KuzgovA man is a fool when he tries to achieve so much for those around him and fails to truly achieve anything for himself.- Zac OchsenbineTo succeed in the future, close the failure entrance doors of the past before opening the success entrance doors of the future- Dr Callixte YadufashijeThe journey to success often involves encountering several failures before eventually attaining the desired outcome.- Marcquiese BurrellWorking hard is often the difference between success and failure, but is also a rewarding pursuit in itself.- Oscar Auliq IceEveryone who lives fails to die and everyone who dies fails to live,so everyone is a failure- Ajith"Don't scratch your past failures. Just focus on your present goal and build your future"...- Atul DhumalThe main reason of the people’s failure in their life is that they listen to friends, family and neighbors when taking important decision in their life- Irfan Mamoun MDNever think u failed in life.Failure is always a better teacher for us.Each time you fail you get innovative ideas to solve a problem. And failure is never an option.So don't question yourself just because you failed once in life.The same reason can help you later on.So learn from it and find a way- Akash UnnikrishnanThe longer you try The harder it gets to keep going To the point where you cannot breath To the point where you loose all hope and you just stop trying at one point..As if you’re a machined and has broken..- Kacey MinorFailures disclose your potential and ability to tackle the situation fearlessly.- Japleen Kaur GillOthers are feeling the same, your stand speaks, my failure your lesson.- ENGR ABAH SULENever feel depressed for failure. Failure has always been the gateway to success.- Syed BadiuzzamanAt the end of the day, be grateful for every rejection and disappointment. Consider it a blessing and continue to soar, regardless. God makes no mistakes, and in time, He will catapult you to new levels.- Germany KentThings are bad but, rejection and failure won't stop me from working hard and making my dreams a reality- Mr vybs liveYou can lock away a criminal today, but tomorrow there will still be tenfold, and they will never be captured.- Zac OchsenbineFailure wasn't part of the plan but I met it and it doesn't mean I am done. I still have to work towards my goals and visions- Justice Appiah BoatengRepeat your mistakes but not artistically, nor haphazardly.- mohdmustafa99A state collapses when that who protects you becomes a danger.- mohdmustafa99You were spoiled by the ground when you had fallen down and it cuddled you.- mohdmustafa99The problem is not that patriotism is sleeping, but it's failure to get up.- mohdmustafa99Backwardness is to think that your ancestors were luckier than you.- mohdmustafa99Whenever an autocrat behaves correctly , then s/he is making an in-deliberate mistake.- mohdmustafa99Always believe on the ones who still believe in you- Vaibhav ShrivastavaYou can't realize your dreams; therefore, you are better than those having no dreams.- mohdmustafa99Old statistics helps in doing now what you didn't achieve when that statistics was fresh.- mohdmustafa99To do nothing is the easiest way to be nothing.- DUBA ABEL BITRUSEverybody competes for success nobody challenges failure..- Kayode Seyi TayoEveryday presents new opportunities to write a new chapter in the memoir of one's life; you may write good or bad stuff, it all depends on you.- Segun RasakiFailure does not have the meaning we give to it; failure simply means try again.- CLKOur ability to adapt has been the key to our evolution. A school that has less of that will eventually perish.- Norbertus Krisnu PrabowoChildren are just people's, more particularly parents' puppets. They are just any random people's desires, Nothing more.- Khyati BhatnagarLaziness condemns and gives nothing; labor is unable to do these- mohdmustafa99People say good things always come after the bad, but i'm still waiting for that god damn moment in my life.- Sophia AndersonWhen intuition proved to be incorrect, then that was not intuition ‎- mohdmustafa99If there were no valleys in life what would the view look like when you're in the mountain? The beauty of life is the Mountains and the Valleys.- Nazzim HypoliteBroken hearts sleep the deepest.- Michiel BesterAll the so-called 'secrets of success' will not work unless you do.- Jaymin ShahPractice makes perfect but there is nobody who is perfect.- mhlangano freedom nkalangaRemember when your heart aches, that at least your heart is kind enough to feel the pain. Some people will never be able to feel true heartache.- Chris RobbI hate being me. I hate the mask I put up. But when alone I burst in tears. Can't they see my pain can't they understand. It's hard being you when you are already broken. It's hard being you when you are an outcast, a misfit, the black sheep in the family.- lesley antwiIf it goes as planned, it isn't life.- Shwindél TōkùmêPeople can make big mistakes , but still be worth forgiveness.- priitThe fear of being free, causes the pride to be a slave.- Abes ApesIf you are at the end of your rope with failure, don't let go of the swing!- Joe CervantesYour ideas are tennis balls. Not so solid, not so colorful, small, and mostly hit out.- mohdmustafa99Everyday when I wake up . I see things that have happened in my life. it does not matter what I was in my past .. but it matters what I will be in my future. - Ubaid hassan MubarikiLiterature should not be taught to adult students who think that Hamlet is the author of Shakespeare.- mohdmustafa99It is nice to be lazy, but laziness can't make you nice.- mohdmustafa99Art is my second world, second soul and second language - MypleasureThe only failure that you would taste and see in front of your eyes is when you see yourself FAIL right in front of your life.- Dalia Marjanne KhouryIt is during our darkest moment of facing the consequences of our fiascoes, we discover our mistakes.- Bafferh MohammedThe most annoying thing about regrets is that you never think of them till they come to existence. They are unwanted guests that come unexpected- Bafferh MohammedIt's the Stupid ones that end up becoming Wise.- Ashkan HassaniIt is strange how some people ignore the logic just because they believe what they like to believe and ignore the truth.- Oscar Auliq IceLust will always hit a dead end.- Joe CervantesNothing is advancing here except ages.- mohdmustafa99Sometimes to do more you got to do less.- Sean Robert DaltonSometimes we fail to realize that our biggest failures were a blessing in disguise- Sara AlsakkaIf you embarrass yourself publicly, you may find it laughable some day. But if you embarrass your nation, there will never be anything funny about it.- AamirSuffering because you've been abandoned is not as much devastating as going through inevitably with your memories all the beautiful moments you two lived together.- Chris PetersThe first to leave are the first to fail.- Aaron JohalThe more election is ruthless, the easier to predict its result.- mohdmustafa99Even an insect doesn't repeat its failure aggressive behavior , why do you do?- mohdmustafa99Short people look taller only when being with pygmies- mohdmustafa99If evolution is taking place, Then what is the problem with this human race, Earth is filled with intelligent life so very diverse, Yet the only planet with life in which evolution is taking place in reverse- Jerome Lashawn Kidd JrEveryday I see people giving up but I always say if you give up you're always going to give up and when you give up you're a failure.- Mya Shatira ClarkeSome people don't deserve a second chance because they didn't even deserve the first one.- Mohammad AlalemYou should be smart enough to understand how dumb you are!- PriyankaFilled with endless regret, I find happiness in the fact that in another dimension, I have made all the right decisions.- Jordan J KoloskiHe who has no headache, has no head at all.- Gregorio SantosYou lose trust after several disappointments. When you accept those disappointments as a way of life, a strange calmness sets in. This calmness is dangerous, and is the onset of problems- Sapna Dhandh SharmaIf you don't know who you are and what's your true value anybody can name and define you, if anybody can name and define you you'll answer and accept anything..- ANTONEASHIA JACKSONThe only impossibility in the world is the theory of impossibility- Cristian NinoFri(end) boyfri(end) girlfri(end) fam(ily). if this doesn't help you to realize something, i honestly don't know what will.- Morgan AshleyIt starts with light, and it ends with light. And in between, there is darkness .. so keep hoping and dreaming- jaque zoldaiqueTo keep an idea in your head, it'll either stop you from achieving something or it'll give you the push to achieve it.. It depends whether the thought was negative or positive- Daleen IrshaidWhy is it that we blame God for failure and praise ourselves for success.. ?- shiza shahidMost marriages fail because no one is willing to compromise.- shiza shahidLove can sometimes be magic. But magic can, sometimes, just be an illusion.- Darab ImteyazIt's life, you gotta take the good with the bad and make the best of what you got- James EatonTo be successful you must not get caught in the craziness of the roller coaster ride we call life- Susan JohnsonAt the center of the forgotten, in the epicenter of despair, is where I am waiting, looking at the sky with no stare.- Jason TeethersDisappointment is only possible if the expectation is realistic.- TheophilusThe right time and point to know the strength of your relation is when you are a failure- A MehtaWhenever I was having failure, I was learning more- A MehtaNo one knows anything until we accept the fact that we don't know anything and that's when we truly know something.- Latia HemphillThe first mistake is the worst mistake.- Brent HarpsterYour dreams and aspirations may not come true unless they come from your soul and not from your heart.- John BondsTo life's surprise comes the need to learn and move on. To some a surprise is failure not expected, to me it is a reward I don't remember winning because I'm focused on the next one- Freddy Sipho MAhhumaneDeath can either be a beautiful or horrid sight it is what you make of it in the end.- nervisThe first step towards correcting a mistake, a problem or a fault; is to acknowledge it.- Jesse HayesJust when you think everything is going great something comes your way to make every thing so wrong!- zikia hockerSurround yourself with distractions. It's a temporary solution. In the end, it's the people and things of substance that fuel your desire to live.- Jeremiah DixonWhat you see is what you get. But what you get is not always what you see'. Ninety percent of achievers spend ninety percent of their time working truly hard on goals they truly do not desire- Michael Severance Words can't describe feelings, feelings can't describe actions, actions can't describe outcomes.. All it comes down to is that one small yard.. - Nathan Daniel MalinskiFailure is not in me, but an activity around me- Brayne MatshotshiThe only good that ever comes out of anything is the good that never lasts.- Meagan Lynn GervaisGreat leaders were not born they were made.- sandesh shewaleFailure in Love is Success in Life.. converse of this may not be true- AB BabyWith failure comes the urge to win, with it comes the ecstasy of winning, without failure there wouldn't have been zeal to win, there wouldn't have been the immense happiness failure leads to- Lokesh giri

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