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Thank you Lord Jesus, for giving me another opportunity to love you. Thank you Lord Jesus, for giving me another opportunity to love you...

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Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. It truly is that simple. Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. It truly is that simple...

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Happiness is not the money and the fame you get after a chase. Happiness is the peace and Happiness is not the money and the fame you get after a chase. Happiness is the peace and..

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If you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven If you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet,..

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If revolt was legal, it would If revolt was legal, it would't be necessary...

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Those who initiate unity are always seen as losers and losers are always seen as heroes for they Those who initiate unity are always seen as losers and losers are always seen as heroes for they..

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Peace is a war without killing. ‎ Peace is a war without killing. ‎..

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Peace with those who do not respect it is a defeat. ‎ Peace with those who do not respect it is a defeat. ‎..


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Solitude, Is the fastest bullet. Isolation, Is the sharpest blade. Loneliness, Is the Deadliest poison. However, Companionship, Is a bullet proof..
-Arakon Yumo

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Love brings hospitality, hospitality brings cooperation, cooperation brings unity, unity brings Love brings hospitality, hospitality brings cooperation, cooperation brings unity, unity brings..

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If the only thing you have to throw away your problems with is a boomerang, just make sure when If the only thing you have to throw away your problems with is a boomerang, just make sure when..

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No matter how much tough the situation is, our No matter how much tough the situation is, our 'intent' must be positive...

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Millions of dollars are spent every day to prepare for war. How much to prepare for peace? Millions of dollars are spent every day to prepare for war. How much to prepare for peace?..

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Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest...

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Never reject your dark side for it is part of you. Accept it and learn how to use it for good deeds, Never reject your dark side for it is part of you. Accept it and learn how to use it for good deeds,..

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Everyday is a beautiful day, the clouds are just hidden art work in the sky sent by the Universe. Everyday is a beautiful day, the clouds are just hidden art work in the sky sent by the Universe...

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A great gift that should always be given and returned is a smile. A great gift that should always be given and returned is a smile...

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Receiving gifts is not the way to look at Christmas. Giving gifts is the true spirit. Receiving gifts is not the way to look at Christmas. Giving gifts is the true spirit...

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Essayer d Essayer d'oulier quelqu'un que tu aimes est comme essayer de se rappeller de quelqu'un que tu n'as..


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from sand I come and in sand I shall go From sand I come and in sand I shall go..

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Action and peace are not opposites; more peace=more controlled action Action and peace are not opposites; more peace=more controlled action..

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God is peace; religion is man God is peace; religion is man's attempt to commune with God; and war is the worst result of man's..

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to keep anger and fear outside the mind one should learn to be at peace with oneself To keep anger and fear outside the mind one should learn to be at peace with oneself..

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Let Let's not tear one another down but build each other up.. determine to make someone's life better..

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Keep fantasizing and you will miss out on what's real- ABDULAZIZ Al DABAANApples though red or Green are still apples, people are still people.- Klavin John Barry JRWhen you get impatient with someone, slow down and do something kind, that makes you feel better than getting mad and it starts a chain reaction of kindness instead of anger- Bill GibbsAll those who are laughing aren't happy, laughter is universally mistaken for happiness.- Matt BillThe words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society.- Forrest Munden The Dragon is inside you, When he finds you, he disturbs your peace; Only the Fire of the Wise, beats the Dragon.- Mark A GardnerIn a general sense, the natural man has great pleasure! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryShadows are better than fake people.- Hadi MusthafaA tree shouldn't be so busy creating branches that it forgets its roots, shoots and fruits.- AiR Atman in RaviLove is the most effective weapon, to achieve victory in the battle for peace.- Jason Baptiste

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Freedom Quotes Be the bigger person, it makes the other person feel pretty damn small. - Lorreda C SmithA country where things are valued more than humans can never prosper. - shiza shahid Your children live off of your legacy. Regardless of how independent they become sooner or later they have to go back across the paths you've created. When you do evil against your brother/ sister, that is the gift you are actually leaving your children. Leave a legacy your children can 'cash' in on. Its worth way more than gold - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SLove the people that love you, Bless and let go of the rest. - Roseann PhaneufTake time out from people. Take time out from things. See what brings you peace. See who takes it away.. - Vardz77If you don't have money you don't have friend, because money makes more friends than reality.. - Kayode Seyi TayoWhen you do something accidentally, don't feel guilty. That's why they call it an accident - Joshua Aaron GuilloryBecome a regular habitue at freedom's parlor. The more you think and talk freedom the more free you will become - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf you wish to stay good, you must first know you're not bad. - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLove will make stank smell good - Joshua Aaron GuilloryKeep your love for life close! And let it not slip away! It is the lovely rose That refreshes every day - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHappiness is the flower that grows and never dies - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLife is a cup of tea! Don't drink it with fear! Drink it with love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHappiness is beautiful! Look at her every day with love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEvery mountain is easy to climb! Every road is easy to travel - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLove is the greatness of the soul! Love every day! Be love every day - Joshua Aaron GuilloryFind the freedom within! The freedom within is the peace within - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe way of righteousness is peace! The way of peace is love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryBeing real and true is what counts! And what is! Be real and true now - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAlways do good and you'll always live good! Always think good and you'll always be good! Always see good and your reward will always be good! This is the decision and justice of God! or Nature! The Holy, Divine, Spirit! In and as you - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou are forever! And forever is you - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf revolt was legal, it would't be necessary. - Ibn Al RawandiThe light of happiness will always shine bright - Joshua Aaron GuilloryO this heart of mine will love you without an end, Throughout eternity, and always be your friend - Joshua Aaron GuilloryWhat blossoms when you plant the seeds of love Is joy, peace and all the riches thereof - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt worries me not what the world will do! My duty is to live in peace with you! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe beauty of thy heart never tatters! The beauty of our love never shatters! Deep in the fields of life's soft, rigid soul A life-sustaining substance keeps us whole - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI have given you my love and true face! I have bestowed to thee familial grace! It is not love to compete in a race For love that no one can ever displace! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI am your sprightly drink, I am your dainty food, I am your golden wink, I am your all that's good - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTo clouds of heaven by imagination sent, A missile of love I am to thee targeted! Though I won't miss, if I did miss I would repent! But with heart's precision I will to thee far get - Joshua Aaron GuilloryKeep true to you! You know who you are! Shining like a star! These words I give you! These are your words, too! You know what to do Wherever you are! Keep the peace, no war! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLet the freeness of happiness flow in your life! Go with it! Be with it! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryGirl, I will never leave you, I mean that! Everything I do for you I don't regret! A home run hit is every day from the bat On the field of love, where everything we get - Joshua Aaron GuillorySounds like a guitar the way you play me so beautifully! like musical stars across the stringy milky way, both close and afar, that is how we are! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou gotta believe, That's right! You gotta achieve Day and night! Peace is in the bowl of the soul, Cooked deliciously and whole! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAll good is the highest good, And in harmony live man should - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThey say now is the only time! I say now is the only rhyme! What you see and write today Will become the now of yesterday! And still today, and forever, If it lives, and it will forever - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt takes one, me and you Together, to do What we desire to! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou are always aligned with yourself, the self, the universe, In every moment and situation, In every friendly conversation or affiliation! You are the help, and the help is you - Joshua Aaron GuilloryPassion is always in fashion - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLiving free is to be happy - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't grab the rope, keep living with hope - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLiving free is the way to be - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't let the deceitfuls knock you down, Keep climbing the stairway of heaven - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDon't let the barrel roll down the hill! Get a tight grip on your own special life! And keep moving it lightweight - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe thing about playing games, especially deceptive legalism, is that they have to end some time - Joshua Aaron GuilloryNo game lasts forever - Joshua Aaron GuilloryValiant men see perfection, achieve perfection, and are perfection! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTrue mercy is a good thing! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLOVE = Letting Our Virtues Excel! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryMake peace with world peace! Accept it serenely! Accept it joyfully! Accept it truly! Accept it now! - - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe devoted succeed in every lawful endeavor! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe dedicated know all will be mutual dignity! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe most sensible authority is to follow your desire! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryOverflow with ardent love and illuminate with truth! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTo know God, know the Bible! To know the Bible, know your heart! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryPeaceful thoughts of love brings ease to the mind, Keeps the mind refined, keeps the heart unblind! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryCleanliness is synonymous with perfection, and so is wisdom and valiant men - Joshua Aaron GuilloryA true ray of heavenly fire is swift to protect the rights of man - Joshua Aaron GuilloryFreedom means you're serene, happy, tender, and free! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHaving affection in the face of rottenness is a flower in a thorn! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryNegativity, no-gate-ivity, as in freedom or no limitation, is good! Gate, as in security or protection of that freedom, is also good! I have no gate! No, gate I have! Yes, negatively positive, negatively good! Positively negative, positively good! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryMorality is world peace, enthusiastic existence, and proud virtue! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryBe the space! The space is always open! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe space is always open! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEnjoy the gracious air of life! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIn a general sense, the natural man has great pleasure! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryComposure, and the union of life, keeps us sleeping peacefully in the victory of love and the security of joy! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryA human action or intention that is safely kept with natural desire is fortunate to travel the imaginary and realistic fields of noble truth! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryRighteousness is a work of art, the greatest of faiths, and an enduring destiny - Joshua Aaron GuilloryWe are what we repeatedly feel, so feel good! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe reason of love is greater than the reason of hate! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEvery individual and organization has a role to play in mobilizing skills, talents, and life experiences to move towards a more just and equitable world where all have what they need to survive and thrive in life. - Oscar Auliq Ice

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Life Quotes Humanity is the supreme most Religion, so try to be a Human first! - Bipin Kumar G JClear your mind, it will become your greatest asset in being able to understand - Josh DarosaEssayer d'oulier quelqu'un que tu aimes est comme essayer de se rappeller de quelqu'un que tu n'as jamais connu. - Olivia ChamandyReceiving gifts is not the way to look at Christmas. Giving gifts is the true spirit. - Eric Scott Tolman JrLove brings hospitality, hospitality brings cooperation, cooperation brings unity, unity brings peace, peace is life. love is life. - Bafferh MohammedNever let someone's actions determine your reaction.. - Vardz77The life is long, but the ways of living it are too less. So find a good way and enjoy it. - toni loyalThe reality of war. A lot changed when the war began. It took only four years to destroy our homeland. War was declared and armies were mobilized. Young men were drafted and civilians were ostracized. Bombs were dropped and buildings collapsed. Enemies charged in and our soldiers fought back. Tanks rolled in and fighter jets flew by. Children were crying and mothers screamed 'OH God why' When the war dragged on and there was no end in sight. The presidents and the generals knew It was time to bring out the mushrooms and the very bright lights. With a quick push of a button and with one last 'may god help us all' The green light was lit and the bombs began to fall. The bombs rain down and the children were told to cover their eyes. The parents knew that they weren't going to escape alive. The sky became bright and ground began to shake. I knew at that moment, the blast killed millions in its wake. Dropping atomic bombs did end the war But there were no victors, no survivors, and no form - Jonathan AvalosIf space is everything and everything is space, and space is everywhere, how can anything be new? What's new is only a manifestation, appearance, or discovery of the old! Empty space is in every thought and idea, every feeling and emotion, and heart and mind, etc. ! Everything contains empty space and everything is empty space, even rocks - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTranquility is not a state of mind to get by money , but with empty pockets you cannot have it easily. - mohdmustafa99Sometimes money doesn't have to buy you quality, but convenience and a piece of mind. - Daluxolo Dywili Michael DywiliIn order for me to live in peace, I must be true to myself and my own heart. - Amelia GoodeIf you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet, you will have entered into the highest degree of Internal Reward. - Amelia GoodeYour life is at peace, If you can enjoy a cup of tea with ease. - Neha S PariharBe in peace with your flaws, nobody is born without them! - Jumana khanIt's called past for a reason, leave it behind and be at peace in the present! - Jumana khanYesterday was better than today, today is for sure better than tomorrow. Everyday gone, is a day you will never get back. Enjoy the moment - Allen LazarThe words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society. - Forrest Munden Peace of mind, is long life. - ENGR ABAH SULEThank you Lord Jesus, for giving me another opportunity to love you. - Joe Cervantes

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Change Quotes Using violence does not achieve much, peace achieves much more - Razvan SterblingFind peace in your heart and you will find yourself. - KarolinaI have learned that the things that I cannot change are exactly as they should be - Dr Ina CreekbaumEvery single human being is selfish. May he/she want it or not. We eat meat, made of animals, just to survive, not thinking about the death of our food. That's selfish thinking, don't you think? And don't start about vegetarians, they eat plants that are just as equal as animals. So don't go around saying you aren't selfish. Everyone is. - KingKing3You're not losing everything you want. You're realizing you are better than what was wanted! - Zac FarkoshEveryone wants peace? True. Everyone wants it. But there is a difference between the one who wants it and the one WHO IS TRYING TO ACHIEVE IT. - IWillBringChangeNever reject your dark side for it is part of you. Accept it and learn how to use it for good deeds, then you will be able to find inner peace. - Vitali ZverevTo cease is a piece of peace. - mohdmustafa99Sit here thinking to myself the wonders that we've made. An individual has; invented, created, impacted the world. These individuals overcame judgment/discrimination by others who had disagreement towards their ideas. Imagine no judgement and no discrimination, what can we accomplish as a human race? - Giovanni JimenezNo war will stop unless allies change - mohdmustafa99Human rights are the cornerstone of sustainable development and a basis upon which strengthened societies can be built. - J BSometimes a bad person is needed, in order to make things right. - Tankiso Gilbert MofokengJust enjoy every moment and move on with the flow. - Abishek patilStop trying to stop people from changing the world. Stop trying to try to stop people from changing the world, if it's for the better that is, for everyone! Peace - Joshua Aaron Guillory It may be difficult to restore peace & prosperity of an unbalanced Nation, still never lose hope of moving from troubles to triumph - Abdulghaniyyu Muhammad Bashir

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Happiness Quotes All those who are laughing aren't happy, laughter is universally mistaken for happiness. - Matt BillA great gift that should always be given and returned is a smile. - Paaj MivPeace and happiness are like Left and Right hand of a human. Right hand is always seeking the harmonious support from Left hand. If either of the two is missing the person becomes a handicapped entity. - Chandrababu V SIf you give a s**t, you get hurt - Jihan HeenkendaKeeping a healthy and peaceful life, we need to be very selective to choose what ingredients of life to allow and what to deny to maintain a healthy lifestyle with peaceful mind - Roma ChattopadhyayMany things point to falsehood but truth ultimately wins - Joshua Aaron GuilloryWe are brainwashed into thinking that money is the source of happiness while what we really need to know is that inner peace is something that comes from within. - Oscar Auliq IcePeace is the flower that grows and never dies - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAlways trust in peace and you will always be peaceful and happy - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHappiness is not the money and the fame you get after a chase. Happiness is the peace and tranquility that puts a smile on your face! - AiR Atman in RaviPeople are searching for the truth, but where is this Truth? People are searching for happiness, but where is this happiness? People are searching for peace, but where is this peace? People are searching for Love but where is this Love? - SundareshThe riches of life are to be found within, joy, peace, and happiness all your life time - ease berryHappiness is all about listening to others & helping them - Muhammad Shahwan TariqRather than taking a morose and desponding view of reality, see life as triumphant and true - Joshua Guillory

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Your inner strength will help you form the steps to make your plan come together. Put your plan in writing. That's the first step.- Ms P QuotesSomeday you will find yourself at peace when you learn to forgive and accept everything at ease..- CelA punch in peace hurts a thousand times more than a bullet in war.- Siavash RohaniCinderella, She never asked for anything, She just helped a needy woman with a glass of milk And The god mother did the rest, Keep your heart pure and be kind, God will help you find a way that will Lead to treasures of life. - Shivank Bharadwaj It's strange to see people running after knowledge, disregarding that he himself is the source of knowledge. There will be nothing left to know, if you know your SELF - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRLosing a loved one is no less than losing your very own self.- sharonkempTry to sit in the Comfort and Patience of Your Own Heart; it will lead you to Goodness.- Amelia GoodePeace is when everything comes together - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt was in my darkest place, in my brokenness, where I found my greatest strength.- L ParkerWar goes to truce in one leg, and comes out of it with two.- mohdmustafa99The soap for washing your mind is forgiveness.- bhushan madhukar meshramWhen a truth is hidden in your heart, it feels heavy and painful. But when it is out of your heart, you feel light and peaceful.- Kowsalapathy SaravananIt is very easy for one to manipulate the law, but impossible for him/her to escape from his/her conscience.- Tangwa Livinus AchaIf you are not being honest with yourself you have not reached the inner mind.- Victor CourageBe mindful of each and every moment and make sure that it becomes the memory you will want to live with for the rest of your life- Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SIf the world were made of good intentions, what a wonderful place it would be.- Cory PowellFear of fear, only increases fear of fear itself- ZakiaMaybe there would've been a better world if guns would change into gifts and bullets into invitations.- La Nostra De La Terra y CieloThe world would be a bloody boring place if we were all the same and everything was certain.- Iris PhilipContempt destroys all of our progress- Iris PhilipCapitalism is a disease. Having Said that, we are all infected.- Maria PesceDon't judge a person by his religion, race, relatives, friends, country or caste but by his character.- shiza shahidEmpathy is like the key to someone's door- Josh DarosaThere's a feeling behind every meaning.- diya ahmed azzonyAs there is no free lunch there is no free freedom.- Birhanu Mekuria EsheteLove the peace you have, cherish it because it may not last- Calli PersonDon't worry about the things you can't control- Regan HowardWe are all alike, We feel love. We feel sad. We feel angry. We all unite for a common cause good or bad. We don't do this because of the way we look , but for what we have inside that made us do this. Earth is big enough for all of us.- Obed CeballosA good book opens the mind, allow its content to elevate the soul.- Spirit RocYesterday is in your rear view mirror, Today is in your front & Tomorrow is your blind spot that's why it isn't promised- Kennisha L CrawfordOur ancestors are untraceable, the line goes too far back, thousands of failed civilizations all ripped apart by greed. There are no leaders, only guides, none which have found the right direction. It is time to work together as a collective and not as individuals, after all, we are all related. FACT!- Twenty TwelvePeace is the time calculated between wars.- spiro ioannidisI can understand those who feel they are at the end of the line. It's a unhealthy place to be. It's those that see the light at the end of the tunnel and know for sure that it's not a train.. They are the ones who persevere.- Gary SimsOne can only find peace when they have witnessed pain.- Mohammed Al-DieryA smile says more than a laugh. the more you're calm, the more you're meaningful- diya ahmed azzonyAllow yourself to lose control. The hardest part of living is learning to let go.- Regan HowardMusic is art to the ear and art is music to the eye- Tanya FridDisarm me from the evils of my conscious mind so I can embrace my pure soul and engorge in the peace of silence.- Maria L MonterreyHaving a good heart is all you need because in the end, it's the only thing that will save you.- Meagan Lynn GervaisLove becomes meaningless and wanes away when one takes the other for granted. It however blossoms when both parties accept, appreciate and propel each other to achieve their dreams while nurturing a common ground for happiness, peace and fulfilment in the future.- Dr. Patricia GhannThere is a Devine Peace for every season in life.- Dr Titus SimsambaIn honor there is strength; In controversy there is growth; In the Light of the Most High there is peace.- Mark A GardnerTo understand human rights, listen to their stories.- J BWithout a globally shared effort, all the progress in human rights could be lost.- J BA world where governments are held accountable for their human rights violations will earns its place in the twenty-first century.- J BGuaranteed protection of human rights should be included in any political consideration.- J BFailure is like reading a book, It increases your knowledge more than successful people, if you can study that book properly, you can achieve higher level of success in life.- Hadi MusthafaYou don't become a human rights advocate for the money.- J BDon't come up with a speech for human rights, come up with a plan.- J BInclusive government takes not all, it even welcome ideas of those that belongs to no party..- success songIf you have dreams, don't keep excuses, if you have excuses, forget about the dreams.- Tahir Danish In many Societies, Conflicts & violence come to exist because people sacrifice Peace running after Wealth, but then cry for help after the consequences have occurred. A wise will give away his wealth for peace rather than living in Crises - Abdulghaniyyu Muhammad BashirIt is so frustrating that we allow human rights violations to continue to happen.- J BThe whole of human rights is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.- J BOnce you understand the importance of human rights you will defend them at all costs, even the rights of others. That is precisely why human rights education is so critical.- J BEach is dancing alone like parts in peace negotiations.- mohdmustafa99I am not a troublesome although I have a lot of banana peels.- mohdmustafa99Dear Peace, you have Wars within. Dear War, you have Peace within.- Ritesh Ranjan'Agreed to disagree'. This is the classic way to process peace negotiations- mohdmustafa99To achieve human rights, the voices of the peoples whose human rights have been violated should be heard.- J BI want everyone to live happily and peacefully; knowing that I made a contribution toward this before I depart.- Luke Shen Tien ChiA warrior is bound by a code of honor, to sacrifice himself, and never leave innocence dishonor -- in the parsing of peace itself.- Zac OchsenbineI find human rights in every situation.- J BYou don't need your human rights violated to defend them.- J BThe more we keep pronouncing the freedom and peace the more oppressor ringing the bell of war- Ikulabi Anikulapo Ikuforiji'We need to make sure that human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled, otherwise we end up creating more inequality than we had before.- J BDefending human rights is a responsibility that begins with each of us.- J BThe health of society depends on the health of our human rights.- J BHuman rights violations are often driven by irrational hatred and unbounded ignorance.- J BThe cost of human rights violations is not borne by the victims alone. Ultimately, it is borne by all of us.- J BHuman rights are the most powerful force in our hands to unlock the potential and innovation we need to build more resilient and sustainable societies.- J BStay strong, stay true, be bold- Kayla WeirThe reality of human rights is there, and there is no need to contest it. What is more important is to look at what we can do to address the issue.- J B'His eyes are always smiling and disarming' I always want to make sad one smile even if I have nothing but smile and word of hope. I do ask people who I love to tell me, my fault.. These are reasons for smiling- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezSilence is the best painkiller- VimalsankarThe scent of righteousness is always present! And it's smell is good- Joshua Aaron GuilloryPeace wins every time! - Joshua Aaron Guillory Found a huge contradiction between two Sacred phrases 'Do not shed blood on earth' and 'Do holy war in the name of God'. It took time to realize that's not about a war between people, but it's about a fight which must be done by every individual against the evil force inside them - FEROZ KHAN LAMIR Would you be ready to accept, if somebody reminds you in your dream that you are dreaming?. Indeed you will not, you feel so real then. So is this life. Only the death can wake them up one day those who cannot recognize this and there's no death for those wise men, who knew this truth - FEROZ KHAN LAMIR You consider whatever you see with your eyes as true, but what about your own face, which your eyes cannot show you? Is that really real which the mirror or photo shows you?. Even If your own face is just a belief, what else exists? - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRBroken things can't be fixed by those who broke them.- Shristy Sinha Don't be sad that you are going to die, always be happy of what you have left. :)- Connor Michael LambethHistory is made to repeat itself.- Charles Arthur MillerOne day of rest is worth a thousand days of sleep.- Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe entire mistake of my life is that I don't believe in God but in people.- Bikram MahataDating a Christian is the best, I cheat, she finds out, we pray together and blame the devil.- Tankiso Gilbert MofokengNever be afraid of who you are. The nature of who you are is immensely more Grand than even the opposition of fear.- Amelia GoodeReligion is where others tell you what to believe, how to live, what is 'truth'. Being true to yourself is to tell yourself Your Own Truth from the Life that already lives within you.- Amelia GoodeThe centralization of human rights will be the realization of world peace.- J BLife is one continuous moment full of everyone's experiences.- Brent TaylorThere is no difference between the words LIVE or DEAD when they are tagged with the term CLINICALLY.- Mustapha Khalid Palash Ever has been anyone lucky enough to find peace without tasting the agony?- Sophie LalrinnungiSleep is the only medicine that brings complete relief..- Anthony Dewayne BrownForgiveness does not mean we simply forget, or we are ok with what has happened. Forgiveness means we understand humans unconsciously do horrible things. Forgiveness is a choice not to be held in a pain prison of the past. Forgiveness is to choose presence. Forgiveness is to choose peace.- HOWARD MANNShe dreams awake. Sleep-walking through hate and awakened by love.. She is, I am, a Designer's Original- L ParkerTo those of you whose human rights are violated, let me say, you are not alone. Your struggle for freedom is a shared struggle. Today I stand with you. And I call upon countries and all people to stand with you too.- J BHuman rights violations are committed by humans, therefore it can only be us, human beings, to address these issues. We must take decisive actions today.- J BI don't want to defend human rights, I want to create a world where human rights don't need defending.- J BHuman rights obligations apply no matter the people, and irrespective of the location. Acts of violations are criminal and unjustifiable, wherever and whenever, and by whomsoever commits them.- J BMy sins were made white as snow but I have to let others know, the gentle peace of every footstep I take will make another heart not like mine want to take.- Joe CervantesEverything in Life happens for a Reason. Don't Fight it but, Accept it and make the Best out of it.- Blessed DankeIf you want to be Successful, you have to give up sleep. Determine your Success- Foday PessimaA man's heart cannot stand by itself, it needs a woman to hold it.- joey the poetThere will be wars between humans as long as we find someone equally worthy to fight with. There can't be peace, until there is war- Henry MichalecSeasons always take care of nature, only people fail to take care of each other.- Johannes SigudhlaWhen a legend dies, leaders are born- rizwan khaliq khanEvery tear is a open door to a smile- EmelineKeep your heart clean with love for all.- Habibullah KhanNext time you see someone in uniform, whether it's a policeman, fireman, or soldier, remember that in order for you to have peace, they sacrificed theirs.- Calvin HelterbranThere's a place in your heart where God lives.. here, they speak Love, a language heard by the deaf and seen by the blind.. you allocate for it more land.- andrew matiyenga In a world full of noise, the ones who see it and not hear it probably understand it better.- Christina JaafarEverybody has their own story That hasn't been told yet..- Liya johnsonIT IS GOOD TO BE GOOD. A THINKER IS A BETTER PERSON.- olorun oseunHearty words help us end other worries without money.- SRUMNever think you're different, never think you're normal, normal is a word in my dictionary- Genevieve Elizabeth Johnson If they are your enemies or friends, do something good for them.- SRUMNo matter how many years go by, I know one thing to be as true as it ever was.- tshepang edgar septemberHe who favors his fragile dignity over his body is bound to break both.- Diton ElbaliavaFrustrated mind can be dangerous but I have always been a peace lover so I always win my fight against me.- bhushan madhukar meshramLove yourself for allowing peace into your life at last.- Cheryl Joy KhanWhen beauty is all you see, how can life NOT be good?- Melia GullottiEverybody is right depending on the level of Knowledge, experience and thinking.- Stanley Kelechi OnwuemeneAll of the things we question come from the answer within, in which we question because we don't understand the answer until we have the information that helps the answer make sense- Nina Danielle uuroThou shouldst have made peace with before thou hadst fought against.- mohdmustafa99Release it (the bad) and receive it (the good).- Jean Renee PorterCalm waters sooth souls, rough waters attract angry spirits . walk softly or fall hard. its your choice- drew sheehanBeing respectful can defuse nearly any volatile interaction.- Bret ToddPeace is strength and must be nurtured for inner peace and a positive environment to flourish.- Dr Nirvadha SinghEyes view only within its boundary.. Soul sees beyond.. Faith.. the bridge between boundaries and beyond..- Dr Nirvadha SinghGreat people talk about ideas, Average people talk about things, small people talk about other people.- Elder R GomezPerfection is not an exploit, it is a state of paranoia.- Julian WuttkeTill the time you don't realize what you are doing is good or bad you are not a human being..- Aman pahwaAnother word for marriage is compromise.- shiza shahidLife without worries can only be led by a child.- shiza shahidDon't establish your opinion by listening to one Person's story.. remember there are always two sides of the story.. one side is hidden while the other side is told.- shiza shahidYour mind will answer most of the questions, if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.- Darab ImteyazBe so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. Make all your friends feel there is something special in them. Look at the sunny side of everything. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best. Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give everyone a smile. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger.- Darab ImteyazDreams are always something above your high expectations, something that probably you need to reach out for. If it's too high up, then jump higher! Just keep going for that dream, no matter how hard you try just don't let it die out.- anonymousA flame from within is the brightest site, for it is a content soul that provides everlasting light.- victoria leeWe all say we want to live in peace, but we're still at war. Is peace so important, that you fight for it until one or the other falls? After the fighting stops, did you really won back peace? The costs you paid are your people, and their lives.- Sierra AireyThe only way we will see peace is if we stop looking at chaos- christopher kinderWinning the heart of enemy is more valuable than winning the battle.- harbinderjit singh bajajPsychology is human made, just like pornography- diya ahmed azzonyScience and Alzheimer's, waits for no man.- Louis Michael Nevola Jr.Life is life.. so go live it.- Hope LedfordSurround yourself with distractions. It's a temporary solution. In the end, it's the people and things of substance that fuel your desire to live.- Jeremiah DixonIdeas shape our world, our reality, our existence.. Power shifts, Nations rise and fall.. But Ideas grow, they live on and they can change the world..- Haya DweidaryI draw your name in the sky, but the wind blows it away.. I draw your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away.. I draw your name in my heart, forever it will stay..- Moon in AeThe bond between brothers begins when both have found inner peace.- Mohammed Al-DieryWe are living in the age of modern ignorance- diya ahmed azzonyYou find peace when you stop chasing desperately for other things, accept people the way they are and the most important off all, accept yourself.- Tra LalalicOnce your middle finger goes up, raise your index next.- Brandon McCullochI'm an alien and death is my planet- diya ahmed azzonyThis world is filled with an overabundance of problems.. Everybody's got 'em, some more than others. But if everyone helps somebody out with one of their problems, maybe there would be a little less of 'em around.- Lorreda C SmithLife for me is for my old age, when evaluating it back then gives peace and content.- Warrior WhiteDive into the big waves head first, because you get a terrific rush and there is always a beautiful calm on the other side.- Jack Brown

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