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World as a whole has enough food and wealth to keep everyone on it warm and healthy, still there is hunger and poverty. Are those marked boundaries..
-Lokesh Giri

God Philosophy War

Know me for what I am, not that which I pretend to


If I told you I loved you, would you say it back? Or would you simply just

You are the source of my happiness. You give me reason to breath again, make me smile once more and make me believe that life is still worth living....

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Love at any moment can

To show that you love someone. Don

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You find peace when you stop chasing desperately for other things, accept people the way they are

Peace Truth

love knows no

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love is a word you can say but you can

You don

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Love is such a joy for


You can


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‎good music is just like love, it needs to be spread among those who deserve

The first cut really IS the deepest, so I

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I was in your life; and I always tried to spread a smile on your face. But I promise when I die, I will try not to leave a single drop of tear in..
-Afeefa Nishaat

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love is like a story you can

Love: Love gives you hope, love gives you a need , love gives you happiness! You feel that his eyes see right through you , he sees you heart, but..

life is a river, it flows and flows but eventually it has to end somewhere.. and lucky for me it


I can

If looks could kill, his eyes spray the bullets of

Life is full of sorrow, The sweetest of the sorrows is love, The deadliest sorrow is being attached to the things you love. So on and so forth. Don't..
-Obed Ceballos

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Love Life
I don

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No Girl or guy should ever bring you down, just keep your head up and know there is someone better

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You know you

If you find your friends saying you are


Love struck is just puppy



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I was born when I saw you, I died when you left


Yes I cried over you. Do I regret it? NO WAY! This is life, when you cry, cry your hardest, when you laugh, laugh like it's the last chance you get,..
-Lindsey Kaufman

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If you could never feel hate, doesn

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no one knows anything until we accept the fact that we don

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Love is an equation with infinite

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it used to feel like he was a breath of fresh air; like I was drowning and he saved me- now I feel

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My heart is missing a beat for my mind is wandering without a


What is Love: It

Women are my weakness, not my want


The same way I could live when I didnt know you, I can live without you after letting you go, But

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Maybe a single soul has no role in this world. only if every soul would be able to find it

Not to love is better than to never have your love

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Nothing is more gratifying than seeing someone on the verge of happiness.. because of being

I know what it

Hatred is painted in black and white but love has all

People say

Love People
My heart isn

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The Love is the

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reasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be..

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love is a feeling that is available in the hearts of very few

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and when his lips touched mine for the very first time.. I knew he is the


You are unique and amazing, if you want to change, make a change for the better and only for

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nothing feels greater than being in a relationship with the person that loves your honesty without