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Drowned in your eyes, can Drowned in your eyes, can't find shore! Help!..

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Some people Some people's are made to be closer or stranger..

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Dream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an Dream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an..

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i I'm not afraid to die.. just that today is not a good day to die..

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Can I blame you for not falling in love with me? If I could never fall in love with myself, how Can I blame you for not falling in love with me? If I could never fall in love with myself, how..

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A heart only aches so many times before it breaks. A heart only aches so many times before it breaks...

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I can I can't miss you anymore, I'm getting drowned in your love, please take me soon :(..

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You know your feelings are real when it makes you physically sick. You know your feelings are real when it makes you physically sick...

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Giving importance to something doesn Giving importance to something doesn't mean ignoring the rest.. it only means that few things never..

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Love from hearts just doesn Love from hearts just doesn't flow out fast enough nowadays...


Suicide may not be an act of cowardice, but it Suicide may not be an act of cowardice, but it's an escape plan and it leaves anybody you ever..


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Love is a chance. Love is a chance...

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It It's not his fault, he has told I'm his queen, I forgot that he had never been the king...

It It's only after someone is gone do you realize how much you miss them....


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I I'm in love with illusion, but my pain is real...

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When it When it's as good as a dream, wake up...

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If a person leaves you and breaks your heart, don't just lay on the floor crying, this person left you for a reason & honestly and clearly he/she..
-Neuri Mercedes

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When you fall for someone real bad, its really difficult to pick yourself again. When you fall for someone real bad, its really difficult to pick yourself again...


crying doesn Crying doesn't mean you are weak, it is a sign that you've been strong for too long...


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They say the first step to quitting is admitting, well I have, and I still can They say the first step to quitting is admitting, well I have, and I still can't shake your..

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The only person who can make you sad, is yourself. The only person who can make you sad, is yourself...

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Don't feel like you are not good enough because he didn't care. Don't be sad because he made you an option. Don't think you are not worthy of being..
-Shannon oliver

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Love is like a sword it Love is like a sword it's facet not one-sided....

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Sometimes it Sometimes it's better to have inner peace without love than to stick to a love that keeps on..

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Separation is always hard between the two hearts not between two people.- Dharaneesh sonuDifference between a relationship and friendship in our generation? Well, it's quite simple.. In friendship, you don't have sex.. .. as often.- Robert ZeleznikI love music and sleeping because we get a chance to forget the things and people who hurt us.- TejRemember when your heart aches, that at least your heart is kind enough to feel the pain. Some people will never be able to feel true heartache.- Chris Robb We may go our separate ways, but in a special place inside me, is where you'll always be - Hikaru ItoYou can break an army of a thousand men, but it only takes one word to reduce you to a million pieces.- Connor RedmondI cheated on my tears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my prayers at night following the prints on the behalf and now I'm married to my shadow in my broken swollen heart that is now my remedy- Esther FloresI played you a single note when you asked me for a symphony.- Brandon KellumOne day you will realize my importance in your life, but it will be too late.- KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANMy heart wants you.. But my mind denies you!- Apeksha Christian

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I create a Dream world with her, without her knowledge- santhosh kumarTo love a dear friend is heartbreaking when not knowing if they feel the same way about you.- Basil TongIn life many people can make you feel happy, but the person who can make you feel sad has to be someone special- Nikita ChawlaLove is a crime if you don't abide by its rules and regulations.- Oscar Auliq IceEasy to hate who loves you, Easy to love who hates you, Difficult to hate who you love!- Tewelde G hawerya G meskelWeird, how it's warm outside & winter grows far more deep in your heart. And automatically that sun, that warmth feels like a shadow standing miles away from this body of mine.- pahi shettyIsn't it funny How one can think about another for hours and all those sweet moments, and yet, feel pain, because they know it just can't be? - Ashley Ortiz'I love you' and 'i hate you' have 8 alphabets each, so don't be surprised if he comes to profess his today and tomorrow you see hatred being demonstrated.- Kabirat Ahmed SalihsDrowning in my own thoughts, trying to solve the world.. Picking up broken pieces of glass, will perhaps only hurt more. Better to leave them be, however also that is just a thought.. But you just cannot ignore and fact remains, this person is your world.- Not InterestingIf you're stupid enough to open the door and close it, I might be stupid enough to close it.- Dana Jo GraslieYou never understand a broken heart until you have one- Loveless_WorldDON'T FORGET to have fun and enjoy your lives TOGETHER.. It's NOT WORTH sitting at home becoming ROOMMATES.. just to save a LITTLE CASH..- Babi ShakesLove is a two-way game, you cannot truly love one who does not love you, neither can you force them to love you and look past the hurtful deeds you've done. I learned that the hard way..- Alireza GilichkaniLove is your perception, it is just your point of view. Just because you see it, doesn't mean it's true.- Cory PowellI prefer living in pain because of the truth, rather than living in joy because of a lie.- Marisol SoulAs time goes by, things change, people change. Those you knew become strangers, those you did not know become your trusted ones. But as long as your love and care remains, you will be ready for when they return.- SazzeyI love you. I can't live without you. I feel so incomplete without you. You are a part of me and I can't live if I don't have that part. I am not asking you to love me forcefully or something. However, I'll never be able to stop loving you, it's like breathing to me and if I stop breathing I'll die. I know that I really love you because loving you hurts a lot. And I read somewhere that the things that really, really hurt are the right things to do. Now I can say that the things that really, really hurt are real. No matter how hard I try to ignore you, I can't. And I couldn't just get away with this feeling, I had to tell you because I had to give it a try. I still don't know whether you love me or not, but here I am telling you how I feel without even knowing anything about your feelings. I think it is worth taking the chance and trying again and again in love, no matter what happens.- nadia khanNow love finally shows up, only I can't open up my heart because I'm obligated to leave. I joined the army content with that choice 'til you came along set on stealing my heart.- Christina JohnsI'm no pothead, I just hit blunt after blunt hoping one day that brain cell that still has feelings for you just died already.- Ezequiel ruizI will wait eternally by your side friend, lover or foe. I will never leave your side, unless you ask it of me. I will protect you until the end of my days. I will not break this promise again.- Jon SmithLove is a common feeling, but sometimes it will be a common entertainment- mohanI hold on to the hope that you'll miss me, I pray for the day you call, I desire the sound of you saying you love me, my body craves the warmth of your embrace, without you my heart is nothing.- Thomas R DavisLove is like a sick dog that you have had forever , you want it to survive but yet you don't want it to suffer.- Tayler Scott obrienNot to love is better than to never have your love back.- John Mari OngNo, I can't put a fake smile on my face. All I can put on is a curve on my lips- EarthaSomewhere in the corner of my heart, stays a pain which misses you all the time- Farhad DastoorWhen I fell in love for the first time it was great. Now that it's over I can't stand another heartbreak.- Latia HemphillWhat's done is done. All that's left is a thought of you and I having something that never was. It would have been better if I never left.- Dianna MartinezI wanna forget you while you are still fresh In my head.- Rick Daune GibsonWhen your heart is overloaded with regrets, anger and sadness, you cry out all the pain, When your heart is overloaded with joy, freedom and love, you cry all out with tears of joy. But when your heart feel both emotions at the same time, what kind of tears do you cry out then?.. Neither of them. I feel nothing. All thoughts and feelings disappear and my mind goes blank.- KarolinaTime is taking me through hell but destiny will take me to heaven.- JORGE RODRIGUEZI was in your life; and I always tried to spread a smile on your face. But I promise when I die, I will try not to leave a single drop of tear in your eyes. Then also I'll make you smile. I believe, you'll be glad of my death.- Afeefa NishaatThe first cut really IS the deepest, so I'm afraid I can't fall for you tonight, or you'd have to call me over-seas, my dear..- Kirsti Marie EbnerThere may be 100 reasons to smile in a day.. But it takes only 1 reason to cry for lifetime.. - sandeep singh kohliEven though I didn't fail in love, situations tuned me to be like this.. :-(- VenkatramanaAnd may they forever in tragedy be known, these words 'i love you'- Adam Dolinger