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When you stop loving, you stop living. When you stop loving, you stop living...

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Stop Living Loving
Parallel relationships need transparency, not accuracy Parallel relationships need transparency, not accuracy..

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You can cross the shore without getting wet but you can You can cross the shore without getting wet but you can't get through life without tears...

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It doesn It doesn't matter what you were, it matters what you aspire to be..

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Never wait for something that you know won Never wait for something that you know won't happen...

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Know Happen Wait
When they stop caring, you should stop trying! When they stop caring, you should stop trying!..

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Stop Trying
Don Don't waste time trying to be accepted by people that you cannot see in your future...

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People Time Future Trying Waste
People will reveal who they are if you just pay attention. People will reveal who they are if you just pay attention...

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People Pay
Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say 'I understand your pain. it's gonna be okay' have..

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Want Pain Understand
If life is a question, love is the answer If life is a question, love is the answer ..

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Don Don't let your current circumstances determine your character...

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If you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven If you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet,..

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Love Way Find Enemy
You were so busy looking at the stars that you lost sight of the moon! You were so busy looking at the stars that you lost sight of the moon!..

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Lost Looking
if you don If you don't like it - then change it - if you don't change it - then you must like it..

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if you appetite is for success, happiness & a better you - you will never starve for attention! If you appetite is for success, happiness & a better you - you will never starve for attention!..

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Success Happiness
Drowned in your eyes, can Drowned in your eyes, can't find shore! Help!..

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Find Help
Everything seems more beautiful if you Everything seems more beautiful if you're in love...

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Love Beautiful
Success is what you achieve, and beauty what you inherit. So it Success is what you achieve, and beauty what you inherit. So it's up to you, you give importance to..

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Time Give Success Beauty Achieve
Love brings hospitality, hospitality brings cooperation, cooperation brings unity, unity brings Love brings hospitality, hospitality brings cooperation, cooperation brings unity, unity brings..

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Love Life Peace
Happiness either can last for a short period of time or can last forever. happiness that can be found and lasts for a short period of time is gained..
-rodriguez chavez

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Love Time Feel Happiness Money
When you When you're happy with the little things in life.. that's true happiness...

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Love doesn Love doesn't stop the bad things from happening, but it helps you get through them...

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Dream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an Dream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an..

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You should be able to resist everything but love. You should be able to resist everything but love...

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Love Able
love conquers all, hate conquers nothing Love conquers all, hate conquers nothing..

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Love Hate
Love is one mind in two hearts. Love is one mind in two hearts...

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Love Mind
Make a difference today.. lay aside petty disagreements and arguments.. tomorrow may be too late. Make a difference today.. lay aside petty disagreements and arguments.. tomorrow may be too late...

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Today Tomorrow Difference
find hope not only in yourself, but find more for others Find hope not only in yourself, but find more for others..

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Find Hope
Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults. You should love someone for who they are, not for who Nobody is perfect, we all have our faults. You should love someone for who they are, not for who..

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Love should be underlined in your life.. But in your heart it should be bold. Love should be underlined in your life.. But in your heart it should be bold...

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Love Life Heart
I sometimes don I sometimes don't get when girls say they are not pretty when they clearly are. To be HONEST, there..

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People Being Difference
If someone is stuck in your mind then it means they should be there If someone is stuck in your mind then it means they should be there..

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Love won Love won't come if you don't seek for it...

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Love Seek
Love is a strange emotion, it Love is a strange emotion, it's powerful enough to make the weakest man strong and the strongest..

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Love Strong Weak
An older pair of shoes that fits comfortably, beats a new pair that causes pain when walking long An older pair of shoes that fits comfortably, beats a new pair that causes pain when walking long..

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When love loves love, there are no occurrences of differences When love loves love, there are no occurrences of differences..

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If we really knew the pain of absence, we would appreciate more the presence of those we love. If we really knew the pain of absence, we would appreciate more the presence of those we love...

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Love Pain
Records are meant to be broken, not promises Records are meant to be broken, not promises..

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Live life you feel good living. Live life you feel good living...

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Life Feel Living
We had foundation to build our life together but we overlooked the blueprint We had foundation to build our life together but we overlooked the blueprint..

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Life Together Build
Love without attention is like a Fog without water; Not much there. Love without attention is like a Fog without water; Not much there...

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Love Water
My eyes are deep enough to make you drown My eyes are deep enough to make you drown..

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You starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline. You starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline...

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Children Food
Not being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection. Not being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection...

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Being Self
I want to spend the rest of my sunsets with you. I want to spend the rest of my sunsets with you...

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Want Spend
Besides God, there would be no life without a woman. Besides God, there would be no life without a woman...

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Life God
Never regret life. If you lose everyone and everything, just remember that you didn Never regret life. If you lose everyone and everything, just remember that you didn't lose yourself...

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Life Remember Regret
Before you break someone Before you break someone's heart, try to realize if they really deserve it...

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Heart Try Realize Deserve

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Always respect the ones who care for you before they decide to leave your life. The loss is yours, not theirs.- Adina ShahzadNever be cheap so that everyone can use and throw you. Be expensive so that very few can afford you.- Bikram MahataFocus on what you can do or give, instead of receiving.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediWinning the heart of a person is an art few know. Most others transact.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediYour parents love you. Call them more often. Somebody somewhere wishes they had parents they could call.- Germany KentA grateful heart is a graceful heart- Jennifer PerssonIf reality is the mirror of our essence, we better start smiling at it.- Daniela IsmerioLove is what makes you feel good inside. Love is not pretending like you are blind when you should be reading the things that your partner might not see. Love is truth, honesty, communication and helping your partner stay healthy and succeed. Love is what you do to help someone you say you love.- Marie Yolande PierreLove is a reward- an exquisite, tenderhearted gift. Not a demand.- Amelia GoodeTell her that she's beautiful and special everyday.. So she doesn't enjoy hearing it from someone else.- Allen Lazar

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A smile is the same in any language.- David L. RoseIf you keep putting someone on the back burner. Eventually they will go cold- Eliza KeatingDon't dive too deep for someone. If lost, you might never be able to come back!- Soyuz KadelWho would ever want to live life with a mediocre level of Love?- Amelia GoodeMy Love, The days I don't see you.. are the days I don't wish to see..- Shweta FernandesFriend, best-friend, girlfriend, and boyfriend end with end but you see family ends with ily which means i love you- Chandrima GhoshLove unlocks a chapter of kindness and trust within the heart- Kansas SmithIn order for me to live in peace, I must be true to myself and my own heart.- Amelia GoodeWhite hair are enough to keep me reminded that journey of this luxurious life has a certain end - Malik Ahsan AliAbility to share is the beginning of ability to care.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediTry to sit in the Comfort and Patience of Your Own Heart; it will lead you to Goodness.- Amelia Goode'Promises are meant to be broken, ' she said. 'Promises and hearts, ' he corrected.- Jatin AswalTrust the timing of your life. Everything you go through is a part of your process- L ParkerYou can add up 'pride and prejudice' , but not pride and love. ‎- mohdmustafa99You know your feelings are real when it makes you physically sick.- Michiel BesterGiving importance to something doesn't mean ignoring the rest.. it only means that few things never lose their value in one's life and I hope that i'm one among those in your life- Saiteja ThottempudiIce melts when heated; Eyes melt when cheated- Dharaneesh sonuAnger to anger is fuel to fire, Love to anger is water to fire.- THOMAS \"TJ\" JOHN, MDThe long run of life becomes easy when you have someone special to you in between give you piggyback ride- Rimmon ShoukatI may not be that handsome but believe me i'll always make you feel beautiful- Rimmon ShoukatIn the event where we can't be lovers, we can't be friends.- Howard HannifordNever Prioritize the one who generalizes you- Suyog PotdarLove. The only natural drug that can alter perspective without adding anything external.- Robin ThillySometimes you have to unlearn what you've learned about someone. Sometimes people change. Sometimes people grow up. Unlearn, not discard.- Vardz77Love? Love is still a mystery, but when I'm with you every day is a DEFINITION.- Roli ObraLove is the path of light, hate is the path of darkness. With love you lead a happy life. With Hate you lead a dreadful life- kaleb dquarius reynoldsIt takes a great amount of courage to open a door for an unknown opportunity. It's a risk. It could even be a mistake. Or it could be the best damn thing in the world.- Regan HowardUnless you've loved a Man at his worst, don't begin to claim your love is the purest just yet - Nancy Almeida‎If the legacy of a person's life is measured by the lives they've touched, and how much they were loved. A big piece of them will live on forever.- Steven EvansFalling in love is like getting really drunk, it's fun while you are drunk until the next morning when you get a hangover and you tell yourself 'Why did I do this. I will never drink again. '- Adlberto ToledoDon't judge a person by his religion, race, relatives, friends, country or caste but by his character.- shiza shahidYou may think your actions can be erased like a footstep on a shore but your actions follow you all the way from that shore- Josh DarosaEven in the darkness you may see no light, maybe you are the light- Josh DarosaEmpathy is like the key to someone's door- Josh DarosaSometimes you have to let go the people you love in order to protect them- Daleen IrshaidThe person you lay next to night after night, should not be your opponent fight after fight.- Rob GiesbrechtIf you are as crazy as me, then were are both sane- Daniel BergAppreciate What You Have Before It is Gone. What You Have Today Might Not Be Your's Tomorrow.- Diandra HaydenThe ultimate respect you earn from a woman is through her heart, not her body- Farhad DastoorI'm in love with illusion, but my pain is real.- hosam dahhanWhen it's as good as a dream, wake up.- hosam dahhanLive is not a game it's a nightmare- kolwer perezNo man is worth your tears, and when you find the man who is, he'll never make you cry.- Hayley Nicole Ryan Love never goes away, it is just covered by hate and ignorance - Kerry Deshun TateTo love is to learn how to let go- Gabby RamosWho are we to judge others and their differences, when we ourselves have our own differences, that others may also judge, and problems within ourselves that have not been dealt with- Sydney NewkirkThere are three 'L' words, which can illustrate a typical Human Life.. 'lie, love & lust' - Dr.RahulNarayanLife is not like magnets. Opposites don't attract.- Brandon McCullochWhat is life without heart, soul, love and passion? What is heart, soul, love and passion without life? Because without life, what would exist to show these qualities?- Emma BurtonThe only person who can make you sad, is yourself.- Joshua WuYou know you have accomplished something in life, when you leave memories for someone else.- Loretta AveryThe waves of life-cycle might wash away the rock structures of life, but the sands of memories shall remain forever!- Bipin Kumar G JChoose your friends and life wisely. It may build up or pull you down gently.- asokhaRather than taking a morose and desponding view of reality, see life as triumphant and true- Joshua GuilloryWe are not the Bodies that we Wear. We are the ones that Wear the Body.- AiRI flew because I imagined success, you fell because you imagined failure- Albara almerfIn every unsuccessful love story, there is a evil with hidden identity- Suraj Bhaskar GholapLust is intermediate somewhere between hate and love- Suraj Bhaskar GholapDeep thoughts are born from deeply wounded heart- Suraj Bhaskar GholapMy Ego is only my Identity. My Ego is not 'Me'. Because I live in Ignorance, who 'I' truly am, I cannot see.- AiRI will never say I regret loving you because that would be selfish of me..- Jasmina BrkovicWe are the reflection of what we see in others. If you want better others become a better YOU.- Theigasen'Not every sketch needs to be colored in order to be beautiful- TMZPoetryIt Burns like Hell, but then I stole the fire. Now it's Lit. ~Attitude Matters!- Kentren R YehYou are who you are, you cannot change what fate has made unique; you must first love you.- Mac McGovernWe mourn loved ones for a time, memories will fade with each generation, until no memory remains. A journey has come to an end; a piece of history is lost again.- Mac McGovernWhat greater honor, when a person moves forward, they leave behind in each of us, the best of what they were.- Mac McGovernThe bees count not days but moments, and have time enough.- Prof Salam Al ShereidaLust is temporary, love is forever. Don't swap your life long memories for temporary pleasure.- Allen LazarI can't stop if my feelings continue to say 'keep going'.- Hand Holder ZIYesterday was better than today, today is for sure better than tomorrow. Everyday gone, is a day you will never get back. Enjoy the moment- Allen LazarMoney is not everything in life. Some believe no relationship is possible without money but no amount of money can buy love or happiness.- Chitra WithaneLoving flowers by tending plants, a way to compensate the lost love in life.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIf something is not good for me, it doesn't mean it's not good for somebody else. Often what doesn't work for me works out fine for someone else. Don't hold your breath, let it go and breathe.- Marie Yolande PierreYou only hurt when I'm gone. I was hurting the whole time I was there. The truth is I'm still Feeling the pain. But I know one day I'll be OK.- Marie Yolande PierreEternal love can be worth a life time of waiting for.- Jason BaptisteTo accomplish something in life! Give it time. I mean spend all your time in it, don't rush it, be patient with it and don't questioning it. Sometimes you might feel like you're forcing to make it right and confused. Don't stop. Remember no one is going to see any of it until you succeed.- Marie Yolande PierrePart of being a person is about helping others.- Setshaba MakgwaneIf who you are inconveniences your people, Then they are not your people. If who you are inconveniences your partner then that's not your partner. If who you are inconveniences your family then that's not your family. If who you are is celebrated by people, then you have found your people- Tina Fransman-SellA meaningful friendship is worth more than a so-called companionship - Muhammad Shahwan TariqIf fire & water could go together, life would be simpler.- Amreen LuthraLife is like a movie, no thrill after knowing the end- YoosufLook at others and learn.- Sipho P NkosiIf you really want to fall in love with the most promising person then fall in love with yourself and experience it.- swati somalTrue love does not need outsiders.- Ashish ku RoutLet's enjoy the life we're creating for ourselves. That's the only thing I'm in control of. What I do is my business. What you and someone else do is your business. Let's learn to live with our mistakes.- Marie Yolande PierreWhat are you doing to make things happen for you? Have you heard of purpose? Your gift! What's your value?.. Well, whatever it is, that's your thing. Now take action.- Marie Yolande PierreDespite my 20 years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a Women want? But at 21, I came to know Women are made to be loved, not understood.- Mujtuba HussainSmile, because it can change someone's day.- Adina ShahzadThe Art of Life Lies in Being Singularly Happy.- Neha S PariharEveryone is busy in changing their DP, but I'm busy changing my life- Samiya AmmarI know they say There's a lot of stars in the sky. But you are the only star, that brings light to my world. YOU ARE MY SUN.- Julien NarayanasawmyTruly in love is knowing nothing else has meaning without that love; No amount of accomplishment has value or reward without that love to share it with; knowing you cannot imagine yourself in any Universe or Timeline without that love with you & knowing that your life has forever changed because of it- Rodney PierreContinuously position yourself among nurturers, thought leaders, and change agents.- Germany KentGood guys are not hard to find. We just don't want you- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusGoing through your man's phone is like peeling an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you are going to start crying at inappropriate times.- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusA heart consists of 4 chambers, one for god, one for family, one for friends and one for yourself- DsistersdiariesB - Be your Best.. E - Evoke your Best.. S - Summon your Best.. T - Top your Best..- Rodney PierreYou only live once, live the life you love.- shikha lagwalI have fought enough to stay with my friends, I announce retirement. It is now up to you to convince me to be your friend- Mr vybs liveArt is rich, but artists are poor!- Halil XhafaMy art probably does not touch everyone, but it's important to touch the right people!- Halil XhafaThe minute I was born was the minute I lost the privilege to support abortion.- baxter phillipsNever apologize for taking care of yourself. If you refuse to take care of yourself, then who else can, or will?- Amelia GoodeIntentions mean little to me. 'Good intentions' can lessen the pain to some degree, but at the end of the day, if someone is hurting you, they are hurting you.- Amelia GoodeLove yourself before you expect someone else to love you.- Marie Yolande PierreSometimes we lost within ourselves and we're fighting somebody else to find us. What happens often is that we end up get buried inside.- Marie Yolande PierreMost people show their love by saying 'be patient, things are going to change and you know I love you'. That's not love. That's encouragement. You're just encouraging the person to stay in your miserable life.- Marie Yolande PierreYou don't have to keep trying if you're the only one that keeps trying to make it work. You're wasting your time, it'll never work.- Marie Yolande PierreYou can get it if you want it. You'll have it when you need it. If you take care of yourself you'd be healthy and you live longer.- Marie Yolande PierreYou can get it if you want it. You'll have it if you need it.- Marie Yolande PierreIf your fear is whether or not anyone wants you, you should conquer that fear, if you don't, you'll start to hurt yourself more than the pain of those who've left you.- Ely PickettI love going to sleep at night because I know there's a possibility the next morning I might see you- Rozleyn BrownA human needs love because he needs to live.- mohdmustafa99Many have the words to lure you, others the ability to persuade you but only few have the will to push you.- Sunny Godswill akpanIt is all about being AUTHENTIC.- Amelia GoodeGod said, 'You shall NOT' Satan said, 'Oh, Why NOT' Man said, 'I must NOT' Satan said, 'God doesn't mean NOT' So Man swallowed Satan's PLOT Man chose death and the way HOT God's love for man was a sure SHOT He provided a Way to be blood BOUGHT To deliver us ALL from Satan's PLOT!- Nancy Joan Jenkins EspeWithout GOODNESS, there is no Love. Love is determined by the embodiment of Divine GOOD; GOODNESS is the Soul of Love.- Amelia GoodeGOODNESS is the only thing that truly exists. GOODNESS is the Spirit, the Embodiment of Love. When you understand that GOODNESS is the only Force in The Universe, and that all other messages of the world are fabrications of the human mind, you will no longer fear the present moment or the Beyond.- Amelia GoodeDivine Goodness Resides in Your Soul, it is the Essence of Your Being, it Saves You from turmoil, it Rests in Your Existence.- Amelia Goode She is twice as beautiful as the moon and all of the stars together - TMZPoetryLove is all about 'Serotonin', 'Dopamine' & 'Oxytocin'.- Asif Ali Amir Ali KhowajaI wish you best of all this world could give.- Cleopas mlilo If justice & honesty is in the heart of people and love exists; Unity and progress will never end. - Abdulghaniyyu Muhammad BashirEven women's movements didn't call for increase of women's presentation in men's hearts.- mohdmustafa99An idiot who accepts the true love is always better than the wise man who rejects that true love.- Aquiver kid A pleasing mind can capture perfect picture of other's eyes- Aquiver kid The day we stop loving.. is the day we start dying - Randal LewisKeep in mind the path to love is ALWAYS a straight line.. ALWAYS, then we choose to step off the road. It is not the road we are on it is the time we spend off, we find our self alone - Randal LewisThe egoist expenses 50 percent of love to oneself, and keeps the remainder as an emergency account.- mohdmustafa99Live a half of your life loyal to emotions , and the other half by being disloyal to.- mohdmustafa99Life is a cup of tea! Don't drink it with fear! Drink it with love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEveryone deserves to be happy. No ONE has the right to make others unhappy in their process.- Laila Hakim You consider whatever you see with your eyes as true, but what about your own face, which your eyes cannot show you? Is that really real which the mirror or photo shows you?. Even If your own face is just a belief, what else exists? - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRDon't be sad that you are going to die, always be happy of what you have left. :)- Connor Michael LambethThe roots of true love penetrate deeply into the soul.- ashwin sankarLife is better when you know where you are going, happier when you know who is going with you, and more exciting the closer you get to your destination!- Dr Travis J HedrickShe was neither enticing nor hot. But A lost galaxy to be explored.- Jatin AswalMany things point to falsehood but truth ultimately wins- Joshua Aaron GuilloryDating a Christian is the best, I cheat, she finds out, we pray together and blame the devil.- Tankiso Gilbert MofokengWhen you got no one, you got nowhere to go. But your mother will always be there for you.- Tankiso Gilbert MofokengThere she's managing a war of heart and mind. And me admiring her smiling heart piercing my ocean of emotions.- nirajFollow your heart, it will lead you to Goodness, because your heart is Goodness.- Amelia GoodeLove them all, but care less about those who take you for granted.- Sipho P NkosiTrue love doesn't need whatsapp/ fb status, make it a status for others.- vivek sharmaHis love was like a rainbow but unfortunately she was colorblind.. - Lakshay negiA Dad is sometimes just a Man with a wallet in his pocket, but a real Dad is there raising his kids and Loving them Unconditionally.- Joanne bustillosIt's not your job, money, car or social status that defines you in life, it's the people around you that choose to have you in their life and love you for being you that is priceless . Help others and give more than you take and life will be good I am sure- Greg PendletonThink less in your prospective and think more in others' prospective, to know how they feel.- Akshay raghuFeelings are the lyrics of song, our heart sings..- Soumya KushwahaToo much of anything is never a good thing - unless it's real love & positivity- G SwissIt's not about moments, events or intensity, it's all about consistency of your feelings, she fell in love with you! - Muhammad Shahwan TariqNo body wants you to smile but you've to Do it yourself. That's life.- Kapil GaireLet your pain fuel your passion for your purpose- L ParkerYou say you want me but then you drop me when you see someone better. I thought that you where the one but I was wrong again.- Rebekah RochaSundays are made to love slow- Catherine Fourrel De FrettesWhat I said was not exactly what I meant and the thing you got is out of everything what I actually meant, but you know I always strive to see an arc on your face- Saiteja ThottempudiSometimes you have to be quiet even when you wanna scream, because somethings are best kept unspoken.- shivangi lavaniyaLove, trust, jealousy they are all strong emotions.. But if you label them all as just 'emotions' your life might be empty, but at least won't feel pain of watching love turning to hate, trust to isolation and jealousy into pain- Djordje PericFriendship is not a business where people exchange things for their benefits- Vishal GujratiA man's heart cannot stand by itself, it needs a woman to hold it.- joey the poetSometimes you just need time to gain the courage and bravery to open up and love again..- Vardz77You are unique and amazing, if you want to change, make a change for the better and only for yourself.. Love yourself- Henry Van VuurenTime. Cherish those who cherish yours..- Vardz77Never give up on anybody, their worth is more than you can ever imagine.- Howard HannifordEverybody has their own story That hasn't been told yet..- Liya johnsonIn this world there is one lucky person who will love you more than anyone else in the world.. someday you'll find them!- Jessica HarveyWe are all books- the world is our library.- Anthony ZhouTo keep the database of Life, always Up and Running Happily.. EXTRACT good People from the crowd. TRANSFORM them into Friends and LOAD them into Life forever. #ETL Do not forget to COMMIT- Suyog PotdarLove is a open door we just need to find the right person to walk through it with us- Myauna Cummings Now a days, it seems that everyone has gotten lazy pronouncing words such as Babe which is already short for baby. 'BAE' in Danish actually means poop, and simply 'BAE' takes away the personality out of Babe.- Javier ContrerasIn Death, We Find Love's Purest Form.- Kip Campbell CooperI create a Dream world with her, without her knowledge- santhosh kumarIf you love someone, you should fight for him no matter what.- Meg PerezA sensitive person must find a sensitive life partner otherwise a raw life partner would become a puzzle for his/her entire life- Muhammad Anwar JalilTo love a dear friend is heartbreaking when not knowing if they feel the same way about you.- Basil TongBand-Aids Don't Fix EVERYTHING But I Wish They Did- kate stevensRequited love is better than tainted love. But yet again, most dwell over requited love in quest of tainted love.- pahi shettyLet's not be faded under this lavender sky. Let the golden sky fall upon us. Look at me. For what we have now, is everything they crave.- pahi shetty'I love you' and 'i hate you' have 8 alphabets each, so don't be surprised if he comes to profess his today and tomorrow you see hatred being demonstrated.- Kabirat Ahmed SalihsOne day there will be enough money but not enough love to live.- Avhidipta MondalIf you're stupid enough to open the door and close it, I might be stupid enough to close it.- Dana Jo GraslieDON'T FORGET to have fun and enjoy your lives TOGETHER.. It's NOT WORTH sitting at home becoming ROOMMATES.. just to save a LITTLE CASH..- Babi ShakesTime does not heal ALL wounds. Sometimes it just allows you space to learn how to live with the wound. So stop waiting to heal before you do this or that. Let the wounded healer in you be unleashed- Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SYour fun is not dependent on anyone else, but the right person can amplify it- Gregory K. ParaghThe meaning of life is whatever meaning you give to it, but without you, there is no meaning.- Ralph HarlowThe BEST experience life can bring.. PARENTHOOD..- Babi ShakesA broken heart is like a precious broken vase, it can be fixed but it won't be the same.. !- Rujul ChouthaiLife is what we have.. Life is what we want.. Life will never always stay, that's why we need to eat, pray, and love all day.- Criz JordanAs time goes by, things change, people change. Those you knew become strangers, those you did not know become your trusted ones. But as long as your love and care remains, you will be ready for when they return.- SazzeyI want to be the one you think of first thing in the morning, and before you go to bed. I want to be the reason you smile on a daily basis. The one you see a future with, and maybe someday fall in love with & live the fairy tale everyone dreams of!- Gabby RamosLife loves when you forget about it.. So forget about it- James OkezeI love you. I can't live without you. I feel so incomplete without you. You are a part of me and I can't live if I don't have that part. I am not asking you to love me forcefully or something. However, I'll never be able to stop loving you, it's like breathing to me and if I stop breathing I'll die. I know that I really love you because loving you hurts a lot. And I read somewhere that the things that really, really hurt are the right things to do. Now I can say that the things that really, really hurt are real. No matter how hard I try to ignore you, I can't. And I couldn't just get away with this feeling, I had to tell you because I had to give it a try. I still don't know whether you love me or not, but here I am telling you how I feel without even knowing anything about your feelings. I think it is worth taking the chance and trying again and again in love, no matter what happens.- nadia khanNow love finally shows up, only I can't open up my heart because I'm obligated to leave. I joined the army content with that choice 'til you came along set on stealing my heart.- Christina JohnsThe cure to everything is love, so love one another. Says God.- David FigueroaWe give everything we can and are ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away, but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOOSE US , PICK US and LOVE US.. but chasing won't work, we have to understand.. so I am trying my best to set you free.. its difficult, my heart bleeds every time and my pain comes out as a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE - Nidhi SainiI believe a person should be who they are because in the long run, this life is going to pass over, and you will never discover who you are, if you don't.- David FigueroaWords can't describe how our love will be, but I'm sure that I'll care for you.- David FigueroaI do not need a perfect one. I just need someone who can make me feel that I am the only one.- Rebecca Ann TottenIf you don't care for me someone else will, if you are not missing me someone else is, if you don't love me someone else does- Rebecca Ann TottenTo much of this can make you sink, not knowing which detection to go down even the Good can be a curse, curse- Rebecca Ann TottenI'm sorry, sometimes I get a little jealous, thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it's my insecurities acting up. But I do know that no matter how hard and long you look. You will NEVER FIND SOMEBODY THAT LOVES YOU LIKE I DO.- Rebecca Ann TottenReasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be exactly what one needs. Acknowledge the hunches and obliterate the exasperating silence. To resist one's impulse is a bowl of anguish. Preservation is a limited convention. The more we attempt to prevent ourselves from falling, the closer we become to the fall. The innocent shall never win. The vulnerable shall never prosper Nonetheless the courageous are those who acknowledge the struggle that entails living. The pretentious are those who dare to breathe. And the ingenious are those who dare to love. There is no right and wrong. Whatever brings us stability and gets us through the day is always the sanest thing to do. A second of what you want can be worth a day of what you don't.- CamillaLife is nothing without love:)- JasenCare and love me like a mother, be strong like a father, protect me like a brother, tease me like a sister, pamper me like a baby, hugs me like a friend, kisses me like a lover.- VwsyRemember that wherever you are or whatever you are feeling, GOD knows.- Mojtaba SaraiIf you find the combination to unlock a broken heart, you are a genius.- Karrella JonesLove at first sight is only possible between soul mates..- shiza shahidI don't regret coming to earth because it brought me to you- shiza shahidIt takes a person to find a lost soul, but it takes a heart to bind it. When bound, that heart will have eternal love- Patrick T RossI live for the present like a kid on Christmas- Joe Anthony VasquezAs I go through all kinds of feelings and experiences in my journey through life -- delight, surprise, chagrin, dismay -- I hold this question as a guiding light: 'What do I really need right now to be happy?' What I come to over and over again is that only qualities as vast and deep as love, connection and kindness will really make me happy in any sort of enduring way.- Darab ImteyazI want to live this life for others as I would have plenty of time to live for myself in heaven.- shiza shahidThere's fear behind every wonderful love in life.- Ai LingEverybody needs somebody.- Darab ImteyazFriends and Families share a unique bond with you, they build on you filling in those empty spaces in you- Josh DarosaI want to be in love, but I guess I wasn't made for that.- Rick Daune GibsonLove nature, life and yourself.- Emilia AlvarezUse your brains as a weapon, but never use it against yourself. Use your heart as a love, but never give it to somebody who don't deserve it.- isabelLove is like trophies, sometimes you win it, and sometimes you lose it- Karrella JonesIt isn't the wedding that makes the marriage; it's the marriage that makes the wedding.- Sarah BridgesNever look back.. remember with a smile. Look forward with a grin.. somethings just aren't supposed to be.- Ruth DunneSometimes love and life will knock you down but you gotta get back up rather than sit there all your life wondering what it would have been like if you got up and took risks, loved again, and got hurt but still lived.- Samantha BunnWomen are like onions, you have to pull us back one layer at time to find the beauty underneath all of uneven things in our lives. Also to find out who we are for what we truly are and what we wanna be known for.- Susan JohnsonFor when our heart is broken our secrets are revealed for people to see our weaknesses- Jason BakerLove is not worth dying, that's why God made up crying- kayla lynnWhen I fell in love for the first time it was great. Now that it's over I can't stand another heartbreak.- Latia HemphillLove is only a word that means nothing if it isn't felt, shown, appreciated & above all REAL.- Kennisha L CrawfordYes I cried over you. Do I regret it? NO WAY! This is life, when you cry, cry your hardest, when you laugh, laugh like it's the last chance you get, when you love, love with everything you have, Don't look back and don't regret, don't waste your time on second-chance guys. Live your life to the end, after all, you only get one life to live- Lindsey KaufmanIf you find your friends saying you are 'love blinded' then wonder once in a while to yourself 'is this real love at all?'- Hanorra RaindaYou can't work for love.. You can't expect Love to happen.. It will just fall into your hands and completely overwhelm you with emotion.- Garron C. HaunLive to love, love to live- alyssaI don't care who you are, you were incorrect if you ever thought that there was no-one in the world who loved you. I can personally guarantee that there will always be one person who does.- JoshSome people spend thousands of dollars on therapy, trying to figure out what causes their depressive feelings. Life is cruel and unfair. In reality, they are trying to figure out what stops their depressive feelings. In my experience, there's only one thing I know of and that is love.- JoshI wanna forget you while you are still fresh In my head.- Rick Daune GibsonLife is full of sorrow, The sweetest of the sorrows is love, The deadliest sorrow is being attached to the things you love. So on and so forth. Don't be attached and don't love unless you are willing to face those sorrows with the person you are sharing a soul with.- Obed CeballosWhen your heart is overloaded with regrets, anger and sadness, you cry out all the pain, When your heart is overloaded with joy, freedom and love, you cry all out with tears of joy. But when your heart feel both emotions at the same time, what kind of tears do you cry out then?.. Neither of them. I feel nothing. All thoughts and feelings disappear and my mind goes blank.- KarolinaTime is taking me through hell but destiny will take me to heaven.- JORGE RODRIGUEZLife is a river, it flows and flows but eventually it has to end somewhere.. and lucky for me it ended with you- KatieI may not be perfect, but I am awesome- Sian KendrickLife is what it is, Love is what makes it so special!- Marion BorgThere will be very few days when I will be sad and cry but when that happens it will only have to do with the people that mean something to me- Elton HuffLife is what you make, but when the people you love have died you feel like not living anymore, like killing yourself to be with the person you loved, but instead of doing that, live it while you can and wait till your day comes.- jeanette I knew I loved you when you looked me in the eyes and I already knew I would keep you locked in my head until we meet again- ladygaga'i love you' is nothing but a word.. but being told 'i love you' is more than any word that could possible be written.- mj mansfieldYou are everything I could want. but, I don't want someone who is completely perfect; I want someone who is only perfect in my eyes.- mj mansfieldI should never have met you, because I could never forget you- mj mansfieldJust because you haven't been swept of your feet yet, doesn't mean there isn't someone who wants to.- mj mansfieldEveryone has a soul mate, just because you can't find yours; doesn't mean they are not out there looking for you.- mj mansfieldThere may be 100 reasons to smile in a day.. But it takes only 1 reason to cry for lifetime.. - sandeep singh kohliLove others as much as you love yourself.. Life will be cool and meaningful..- VenkatramanaYou are the source of my happiness. You give me reason to breath again, make me smile once more and make me believe that life is still worth living.. I cannot afford to lose you for in you I learn to stand up. I manage to live again knowing that you are there to hold me, guide me and support me. I will never loose grip in you because you are the source of strength and a reason of my sanity..- zindyIn a world of Good and evil, everybody is one of it's own. I am I and you are you and we can not change who we are, unless we're all willing to do so. Somehow we have managed to do something great, to love one another and to conceive all the beauty in the world in bunches. One by one we come, and one by one we go. Let us all share the precious gift, the gift of life and eternal youth..- Zarah smithYou only have one life, don't waste it on a loser- k mLive life to love, love life to live- George AntoinetteFor those who can understand, it's superb and for the rest, its stupid- Bipin Kumar G JWhat's a happy life without love?- Lokesh GiriI love life, hoping it might love me back someday when it can't hold anymore- Lokesh Giri