Izuakor Ikechukwu

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Izuakor Ikechukwu Quotes


Faith Goal Life Optimism Wisdom

Words are like seeds in the hands of a farmer which can only bear fruit when

Faith Friendship Inspirational Life Philosophy

Gird your loins, fasten your seat belt, be ready, prepare your mind...anybody can be

Friendship Heart Inspirational Life Truth

Live as a king, huzzle as a merchant, pray as a prophet and die as a

Business Dreams Life Opportunity Success

Noises are like arrows pierced to a gentle soul when the mind is on a journey of thought
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Freedom Friendship Life Peace Truth

Words are like flames of fire that can devour when its your master and give life when its your servant
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Anger Courage Friendship Life Fear

When friendship matures into love, the ship makes the friends stable in the tempests and storms of love
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Friendship Hate Heart Life Love

Until lessons of life are learnt and properly applied, repeated mistakes are inevitable
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Change Dreams Happiness Life Success

Until we begin to wipe off the bitter memories from womb of our mind, we

Freedom Hate Life Peace

Your wife hold two tickets in her hands for you: one to the gate of heaven and the other to the

Faith Heart Life Love

While we cried at birth, others were rejoicing and while we smile to death, others were

Desire Dreams Imagination Life Truth

Until pains are endured, depressions surmounted, mockeries ignored and goliaths conquered, destiny might not be achieved
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Friendship Goal Hope Inspirational Life

Smokes of mockery is the gasoline that ignites our passion for greater

Goal Hope Inspirational Life Optimism

Whatsoever we throw into the ocean of life is what it will vomit for us on the shores of our

Dreams Funny Life Truth

Friends are like foods, some are poisonous, some will purge you, some will sustain you while others will give you life
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Death Friendship Heart Life Truth

When we begin to live in the imagined world of our visions and dreams then we are a step away from

Hope Imagination Life Love

Marriage can be a dungeon of pains when the wrong person is invited
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Heart Loneliness Love

When words are too heavy for the mouth, the soul weeps in agony
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Hate Heart Life Love

We are the products of our mouth-pattern and our thought-pattern. Say the right things and think the right thoughts
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Change Dreams Heart Life Love

Life does not hand refined golds to us but golds hidden under the garment of the

Life Loneliness Peace Fear

When we exits the realm of faith, we drop on the roof of

Faith God Life Love

Love does not hurt when the heart is not engaged with its affairs
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Hate Heart Hope Life Love

When life is down to nothing then God is up to something but your location must be found within the

Faith Friendship Inspirational Love Relationship

Life comes in sizes, shapes, weights, colours and heights, however it comes to you can only be the

Change Dreams Heart Hope Life

Lessons of life can be learned anywhere and anytime as long as the learner is in tune with his

Beauty Dreams Life Philosophy

We explore to experience, we eat to live and we hate to

God Happiness Hate Heart Inspirational

When passions are ignited in the heart, the whole body responds to its

Heart Life Loneliness Love

Grace gives without with-holding even when the receiver is not aware of its

Faith God Inspirational Life Love

Learn to dance in the storm so when life hands you a stormy weather, you just glide through

Life Love Philosophy Success

We see sacrifices on the altar but God sees blood splashed on the walls of the

Faith God Inspirational Optimism Religion

When out eyes are tear-stained then our heart is blood-stained as

Happiness Hate Heart Life Love

When the heart is down and the soul is heavy, the eyes can only speak the language of tears
-Izuakor Ikechukwu

Heart Inspirational Life Love

Prayer is the only key that opens both physical and spiritual

Faith God Imagination Life Religion

When heavens smile on a man, the earth have no other choice than to respond to his

Faith God Inspirational Religion Wisdom

Its possible to have fun, live a good life and enjoy the best of the land without being

Faith Hope Inspirational Life Peace

Tears are just the overflow from the river-banks of the

Inspirational Life Loneliness Love Relationship

Grace can give life when serviced but can as well take life when its taken for

Faith God Inspirational Relationship Religion

I belong to the most powerful cult in the universe and beyond where Holy Spirit is the ministering

Faith God Inspirational Philosophy Religion

You can change your pastor, you can change your church as well but you can

Faith Goal God Inspirational Religion

When love dies, the love song fades into

Hate Heart Inspirational Love

When the fire of love is quenched, hatred creeps in through the window of neglect and

Friendship Hate Hope Inspirational Loneliness

The paths of love is never smooth, can be rough but

Friendship Hate Heart Hope Inspirational

True Love denied or rejected is as deadly as a nuclear missile to the

Friendship Goal Hate Heart Inspirational

Love is beautifully wicked and wickedly

Desire Friendship Hate Heart Hope

The depth of true love is

Friendship Goal Heart Inspirational Life

The entire universe cannot stop a man that God has approved his appointed

Desire Dreams Faith Goal God

When there is a crack in trust in a relationship, then the bond of the union is at

Desire Friendship Goal Heart Hope

When you kill your time of today, you bury the glory of your

Business Change Courage Education Faith

Invest in your now and harvest it in your

Business Desire Dreams Education Failure

God is like a WiFi, Jesus is the password and God

Faith God Hope Inspirational Optimism