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The only person you can change.. is you! The only person you can change.. is you!..

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History doesn History doesn't change the past, but likely it changes the future...

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Change the world when you are single; because once your are married you can Change the world when you are single; because once your are married you can't even change the T. V..

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Transformation simply means change, what matters most is not what you change but what you change Transformation simply means change, what matters most is not what you change but what you change..

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if you don If you don't like it - then change it - if you don't change it - then you must like it..

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People and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them People and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them..

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Let not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man. Let not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man...

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Real change does not happen overnight, it happens after you envision what you want to accomplish Real change does not happen overnight, it happens after you envision what you want to accomplish..

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time doesn Time doesn't change even if you change your watch..

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We live in a society that places natural ability, of which we have no control, over a want to better ourselves. For surely there is no merit in what..
-Daniel Madden

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Stop checking your pocket for change. Check your heart for extra love, give it to the poor Stop checking your pocket for change. Check your heart for extra love, give it to the poor..

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You can You can't change the people around you, but you can change the people that you surround yourself..


Sorry means nothing if you Sorry means nothing if you've done nothing to change your actions...

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Life is too short, Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness, Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should And let go of what you can't change, Love..
-Sarah-Marie Teasdale

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Just because you can Just because you can't change where you come from, doesn't mean YOU can't change...

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If it is a dream, Live it. If it is a If it is a dream, Live it. If it is a 'Nightmare', Change it...


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Change yourself and you will see things getting changed! Change yourself and you will see things getting changed!..

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Only those who can not channel their anger hate system for what it is, one should only try to Only those who can not channel their anger hate system for what it is, one should only try to..

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You can never change a person who is reluctant to change. Willingness to change has to come within You can never change a person who is reluctant to change. Willingness to change has to come within..


Only by changing present can one change the future Only by changing present can one change the future..

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Perhaps it is impossible to change somebody if it is impossible to make them desire it. Perhaps it is impossible to change somebody if it is impossible to make them desire it...

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Love makes the man change by his own will. Love makes the man change by his own will...

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Yes, I believe that our system is corrupted, But remember its our responsibility to change our Yes, I believe that our system is corrupted, But remember its our responsibility to change our..

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Hope and patience may not always bring success, but the way they bring change in a man is the real Hope and patience may not always bring success, but the way they bring change in a man is the real..

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Only change remains the same- Kim HaleNo one will ever be able to change you unless you change yourself.- Syed BadiuzzamanChange doesn't happen, till You Change- Mark A GardnerAlways remember, everyday we make choices that change our future: You will be what you decide today- Mark A GardnerYou can ALWAYS change the way you think about things. You can't always change everything, but the way we perceive it might bring a whole new kind of change- Lood GoosenProgress is not as certain as Change- Lood GoosenPeople often talk about change in the world, but you have got to change yourselves for you to see the change you desire- ease berryIf you have the courage to connect with people from different races, nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, and regions, you have the courage to bring about change in the world.- Germany KentWe fear change because we trust the stained steel we know more than glistering gold we don't know.- mohdmustafa99Change is constant and it is a process everyone must pass through but we should be aware and conscious of the kind of change we are allowing to change us.- Biglyf writes

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Life Quotes Only change remains the same - Kim HaleLife can change anything, but try do change the change; then you will have achieved something - Prince Sunil RajGood and good repel each other & bad and bad too repel each other. , may be bcause of ego! But good and bad attract each other. , either bcause good wants to change bad or is influenced by bad. - Bipin Kumar G JIn a world of Good and evil, everybody is one of it's own. I am I and you are you and we can not change who we are, unless we're all willing to do so. Somehow we have managed to do something great, to love one another and to conceive all the beauty in the world in bunches. One by one we come, and one by one we go. Let us all share the precious gift, the gift of life and eternal youth.. - Zarah smithWhen something is great in your life. You don't want it to change. - Brandon McCullochHey. Could we do that again? I know we haven't met, but I don't want to be an ant. You know? I mean, it's like we go through life with our antennas bouncing off one another, continously on ant autopilot, with nothing really human required of us. Stop. Go. Walk here. Drive there. All action basically for survival. All communication simply to keep this ant colony buzzing along in an efficient, polite manner. 'Here's your change. ' 'Paper or plastic?' 'Credit or debit?' 'You want ketchup with that?' I don't want a straw. I want real human moments. I want to see you. I want you to see me. I don't want to give that up. I don't want to be ant, you know? - Twenty TwelveThe best way to change a lifestyle is to reward a desired lifestyle and block access to the rewards of alternative lifestyles. - Donald Lynn FrostPain makes people change, but it also makes them stronger - Rebecca Ann TottenWe cannot change the past, but we can change the present. - Aubrey SanchezChange what you cannot accept or accept what you cannot change. - Effymieaevi KosaiWhen one thinks 'I am wasting my life', it is time to change. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIf you're gay, it's a sin. If you're bisexual, you're confused. If you're skinny, you're on drugs. If you're fat, you look nasty. If you dress up, you're conceited. If you speak your mind, you're a bitch. If you don't say anything, you're a punk. If you cry, you're a drama queen/king. If you have male friends, you're a whore. If you have female friends, you're a player.. You can't do anything without being criticized. Love me or hate me but you will never change me. - Martika CherryLive to leave change - Piet NtemaA certain level of acceptance has to be reached for any change to occur.. - Vardz77Get a grip dude, one day everyone will leave.. your journey is yours, only change lasts forever - Archita arora If there should be any change or difference in this year, that should be you. - Sogbesan Temidayo BenjaminPeople and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them - Brayne MatshotshiIf you don't like it - then change it - if you don't change it - then you must like it - G SwissChange yourself from person to personality, that is what I call as development. - BILAL SHEIKH AHMADIf life is just like the small hand and big hand of clock, it would have been better because they wait for each other and there will be change in every possession - oluwagbenga segunLife does not promise that we will not go through trials, hardships, and testing of our own personal understanding of faith. What it does promise, is that if you persistently change your inner perspective to a positive one, those trials, hardships, and testings, will become void of pain. - Amelia GoodeMost people show their love by saying 'be patient, things are going to change and you know I love you'. That's not love. That's encouragement. You're just encouraging the person to stay in your miserable life. - Marie Yolande PierreContinuously position yourself among nurturers, thought leaders, and change agents. - Germany KentWhen a person lashes out and hurts others because they are ashamed of themselves, that person then puts a target on their chest. That target says, 'I am insecure. ' and 'I don't like myself. ' If you feel this way about yourself, ask for professional help to change. No one respects a bully. - Amelia GoodeI wanted my life to Change, so I made the Choice, I knew it wouldn't happen just by chance. - Allen LazarCLIMATE CHANGE IS REGULATED BY GOD; NOT THE GOVERNMENT. - The Quoted Iris

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Inspirational Quotes Only by changing present can one change the future - Lokesh giriIf you are trying to change yourself, then change your thoughts first! - Bipin Kumar G JChange yourself and you will see things getting changed! - Bipin Kumar G JEvery choice in life has it's own unique and inherent challenges and will bring about change.. - Paddick Van ZylYou must be able to stand up to the devil inside of you and say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' for positive change to take preeminence - NDI DEREK GIYOHChange is permanent, life is not - Ritesh RanjanBefore we can create change, we have to decide something needs to change. Before we can decide something needs to change, we have to accept it as it is. Before we can accept it as it is, we have to be aware of its existence. Awareness is the beginning of all creation. - HOWARD MANNWhen you start loving yourself and respecting your time and energy, things will change. Get to know your worth, and your value will go up. - Germany KentMoney can change how you look on the outside, but it can't change who you are on the inside - SunofYah913Life is like math. It doesn't matter the answer isn't what you think it should be. The only thing that matters is the truth. If you change the answer to fit your feelings the rest of answers to the problems you encounter will always be false - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SPositive Change, Growth, and Transformation in Your Identity in Goodness and Love, allow the arms of Flawless, Faultless Goodness to Expand throughout Existence; Tenderness and Completeness to Reign into Eternity. - Amelia GoodeI don't change my plans and decisions, I just change the time of implementation.. - Vikram NenwaniOppression only lasts for a season. Change the way you fight and the way you think, so that you are able to break free and walk out of the situation. Correct it and get it right. Do what it takes to win. - Germany KentProgress is not as certain as Change - Lood GoosenThe only person you can change.. is you! - Lood GoosenYou can ALWAYS change the way you think about things. You can't always change everything, but the way we perceive it might bring a whole new kind of change - Lood GoosenSometimes the truth hurts. If you don't like it, then change it. - Kaitlyn AndersonYou are who you are, you cannot change what fate has made unique; you must first love you. - Mac McGovernSometimes things don't change no matter how hard we try. We have to change our attitude towards them. You can't expect to push a wall open. You have to look for the door. - Bafferh MohammedChange doesn't happen, till You Change - Mark A Gardner

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Short Quotes Many try, but only few change their destiny. - Lokesh giriChange is the only constant thing in the world - aftabkhanTo change one's true self one must bend it to his will but not disguise it - AdityaPeople can't change environment, Environment changes peoples.. - Nishant GuptaChange your mindset from negative to positive just like a camera. - nervisChange is what the world is about .. we let it happen , or we make it happen - Daniel A LozanoTime doesn't change even if you change your watch - maulikCalling a dog a cat doesn't change the fact that it barks. - ZakiaUnless you change your thoughts nothing will be new on this New Year. - Kowsalapathy SaravananToday I am not as I was Yesterday. I will change every day. I will be better everyday. - Doc RamzanYou can change your present not the past. - Kowsalapathy SaravananTo change your past is to change your future. - mohdmustafa99To change the coach is not enough to make winning. You also need to change the players. - mohdmustafa99If you wish to change your past go ahead here is your future, do whatever you wish. - Kowsalapathy SaravananNo one will ever be able to change you unless you change yourself. - Syed Badiuzzaman

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Confidence Quotes Let's not waste time wishing things were different. Let's take the initiative to make the change, it'll make a difference. - Lorreda C SmithLife is lead by your choices so be aware of the ones you make out of fear.. fear of failure, loneliness, or change.. Those are the only ones you will regret.. Make more choices every day out of Passion, Compassion, & Love.. - Haya DweidaryJust because you can't change where you come from, doesn't mean YOU can't change. - ajith CHEMPARATHYWhen I say 'WHAT IF' to myself.. the possibilities are that.. I can even change the world!.. - Lalith BhonsleWith some women you need an extra knock on their door, to change their no to a yes. - Joe CervantesOne day we just wake up. We wake up and say enough is enough, but we just don't say it when we wake. We say it every second of every day. This is how habits are broken. This is how we make a change. - Lance Anthony Ambourn The power for positive change lies within all of us, emerge with confidence. - Howard HannifordI will change or not, depends on the person who wants to change me. - Praveen malikYou are unique and amazing, if you want to change, make a change for the better and only for yourself.. Love yourself - Henry Van VuurenCalling for change and being part of making change are two very different things. Stop calling for change and be a part of making the change you want to see. - Loren WeismanHelping hand might not change the whole world, But it could change the world for one person - TLOTLO GODFREY TAUSometime we feel that everything has been finished, we lose bearings and have no ray of hope to recover and we ask a question to own self - 'what should I do?' Answer is to change and forget the way for sometime and trying to become stronger and become a successful person, choose that way again where you had lost everything. - Subhash sharmaIf you really think you will need a change in your life, it will change because the designer of your life is only you no one else. - sivaranjani

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If you wanna change the world, say hello to the first person you see tomorrow on your way to work.- Allen LazarPeople change people for the better of those around them- Rozleyn BrownDon't change your mind when you intend to say the truth- Aye AyeVery rapid change is more associated with deterioration.- mohdmustafa99What is good for me may not be good for you, things don't change so change the way you look at them.- Aquiver kid Life can not change without struggles and sacrifices- Abdul Rehman JamroChildren Have The Potential To Change Even The Most Irredeemable Of People- SunofYah913Change is inevitable. What is also inevitable is failure for those who refuse to change.- Dr Travis J HedrickNothing will never change for you - until you change- G SwissThe smallest act of kindness, be it a kind word or even a smile, can totally change someone's life forever.- Rev Ernie UrbanMany people who refuse to accept change are miserable from their own doing.- Piet NtemaYou can't change what you don't acknowledge.- Piet NtemaSometimes you have to unlearn what you've learned about someone. Sometimes people change. Sometimes people grow up. Unlearn, not discard.- Vardz77I can't change you and you can't change me, but we can work together and change the world.- Germany KentInstead of trying to see the change in the numbers, try seeing the change in yourself.- Raygan Tinea WoodwardFirst step to change your life is to change your mindset- Piet NtemaChange is not always easy, but it's an essential part of life. Embrace your fears - let go and allow the winds of uncertainty to be your guide. There are no short cuts, so open your arms and be free. You will always be exactly where you need to be- Lois Lovely LayneEmbrace change. have the courage to be adventurous, because you only have one ticket for this ride- El Haji Nero Change is a progress not an event - Nancy AlmeidaWork on your attitude and change yourself into a better person before destiny does.- Dalal YousifTruth is constant. Whether yesterday, last year or in 20 years time. It doesn't change- paul odafe uthoMaybe there would've been a better world if guns would change into gifts and bullets into invitations.- La Nostra De La Terra y CieloIt's impossible to change the world but it is possible to change ourselves by looking at the world with a different perspective.- Bobby WinterA-spire the change, B the change, C the change..- Shoaib noorThe fear of death is worse than death itself because death is not annihilation death is change.- Curtis RossDon't be a thermometer by adjusting to your surroundings. Be a thermostat and change your environment.- Marvena D RuddyWhy be with someone that you have to change, When you can find someone that doesn't need to change.- Britney DavisChange is just the trigger.. our emotions and actions towards it are the only constants in life- jonathan castanedaDetachment is the key to happiness, It is time for a change and remove toxicity around you, Don't let just anyone take you for guaranteed and have you for their own amusement, Don't waste your time, and efforts on people who don't understand your true value- Pooja FularaReal change always comes from within.- Syed BadiuzzamanFAKE people change GENUINE remains the same.- AashishEvery person, at some point in their life, experiences low self-esteem. Some people choose to change their way of life so they can be the best they can be, and learn to Love themselves, while others do not. That choice makes all the difference. It is not right to shame others for gaining self Love.- Amelia GoodeA president who wants to change the constitution to be elected for a third term, wants to be elected for the fourth , fifth.. etc.- mohdmustafa99The world is changing but not according to scenarios of those who want to change it.- mohdmustafa99Nothing is constant, consistency brings change over time..- Aye AyeIt is social development to change a thief from stealing to a receiver of reliefs.- mohdmustafa99There is nothing boring and sleepy as working at a job that sucks all your time and pays you with peanut change- Justice Appiah BoatengIf the constitution is one mockery, then change in it is two.- mohdmustafa99We have two opposing attitudes in one time: to change the world, and to be adapted to.- mohdmustafa99‏You may wish to change your lover who doesn't love you, but you better change the way you want to be loved by.- mohdmustafa99A playwright is a writer who does not change a novel into a play, but writes a play from the beginning.- mohdmustafa99 You are the only person who has the power to change your life - Dawn Harbin, Therapist, PhD StudentYou are a fool if you want to change people. You are mad if you want to change the world.- mohdmustafa99Do not let situations change your fate, you decide on the fate of those situations.- k.r.chandrasekharChange, for change's sake, is a recipe for failure.- Dr Travis J HedrickOuter beauty can be changed, but no one can change the inner beauty.- Hajra AnsarDream, so you do not steal, fight for it, so you can fall for it, always blaming others will just make you blunt , blame yourself so that you can change your ways.- Letsatsi Patrick MothapoDwelling on our fears and negativity will not change the outcome. Focus on and trust Him. He already knows the outcome.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyThat sad moment when you are compelled to change yourself just because you come by so much pain in a relation- kristin borgohainPeople Change, I Don't- Chandra PriyanThere's nothing to change about you. God made you in his image. You are tall? good. You are short? good. You are fat? good. You are skinny? good. You are white/ Black/ Hispanic? good! you and only you, because nobody gonna love you like you love yourself- miracle mikeal greenNo war will stop unless allies change - mohdmustafa99​What matters is not how long you stay in a place; it is the ability to get into a place and change it in the shortest time possible.- Soudie A OkwaroChange it or leave it.- Akwaci25Love isn't a dress you change on regular basis, love is the soul you endure throughout your life..- Archita arora The thing is, everyone is messed up in their own way, some realize it and change, but some don't. We can only hope and pray that others will see their wrong doing and change it. Some will never change but don't let them ruin a world of amazing wonderful people - Brynn Alanah LundThere's something we all can't change no matter how we try. It's worse to hear the truth because the truth we can't deny.- Amanda thorntonWhy you want to change the world is less important than how you will do that.- Florin HanganuAll the people promising change must specify what type of change they will bring and how they intend to archive it, it is not just about change but the direction of such change that is important. The ambiguity of the word change has been used to deceive far too many. A seed can rot and decay or it can germinate and grow, all justifying change- Andrew Ahile kashamiOne big idea can change the life of a brand or product forever- Edmond H SweidyDenial is accepting things that you can not change!- Edmond H SweidyIf you want to change the world then be the job maker not the job seeker.- Sourabh kumarNo one can change the time --> 'which is spent before' and 'which is gonna be spent further'- abhishek madanIf you can't change the way you read , you can't change the way you think. so please change your thinking first..- Disha khareThose who rebel and don't follow the rules will fail and end up working a small job. Those who follow the rules are the ideal, mainstream person will end up being the employers of those who rebel, which is a great achievement. And those who follow the rules but think outside the box, who are thought to be weird, will change the world.- Ivy BIf a change is necessary for the smooth conduct of life, do not hesitate to effect that without further time being lost. Time is as significant as change in life.- Chandrababu V SAs time goes by, things change, people change. Those you knew become strangers, those you did not know become your trusted ones. But as long as your love and care remains, you will be ready for when they return.- SazzeyIf someone tries to change you don't let them because you are amazing just the way you are.- Nazifa TasnimYou think you Decide your Direction, Your Direction Decides your Way, Your Way Decides your Future, So Change your Thinking & Everything- KrishanKant GoyalWe must not only talk or criticize, we must also be ready to act & work towards effecting the change we clamor for- paul odafe uthoIt's the uncertainties in life that create change.. you can either accept it and grow from it, or deny it and suffer the consequences of it- Jake MasonIf your greatest enemy in success is your best friend everywhere else you need to do one of two things: change your plans, or change your perspective- Hunter JamesI remember when we broke up.. a month.. i'll change, I hate we broke.. we are never never ever.. getting back together you go talk to your friend talk to my friends talk to me but we are never never ever getting back together.. TALK TO ME NEVER NEVER EVER I used to think we would last for ever we are never never ever get together sad face - alisha rigbyWe all change, but the memories remain- Heritier NdeleTraining addresses skills gap, but it does not change one's thinking ability- Brayne MatshotshiYou can give help as much as you can, but you can't change anyone. God is the only heart changer.- Euginia HerlihyThe way we think can change the way we act, but the way we act doesn't change the way we think- juno phoonPeople don't change, their lives do.- MonicaI may not change the world completely. But, I'm sure that I will do a massive contribution- Word WordsworthSometimes you are so blind. you go after people that treat you badly, just to feel better about yourself. you don't realize what has been in front of your face nearly your whole life.. then when you realize it.. you are blind to change anything.- katie popePositive change can only take place in your life, when you are willing to exchange the negative for it.- Bobby WinterEducation may not make a change in your life. It makes you ponder over at least.- Kazeronnie MakWe all change and sometimes it's not in our hands, For better or worse, That is- Daleen IrshaidWe change when we get older in age..- Daleen IrshaidUnderstand when a girl says 'You are not my Type' - What she means is 'I want you to be the type of guy I want'.. - Change the Perception - Farhad DastoorPeople change, Thoughts change, Everything changes.. That's the fact that no one can change- Daleen IrshaidIt is so ironic that change is the only consistent thing in this inconsistent life.- bornagainI A-spire the change, B the change, C the change..- Shoaib noorChange can be good but some changes can be bad too, take the good with the bad and make it great- brittany hopeI have learned that the things that I cannot change are exactly as they should be- Dr Ina CreekbaumTo make a change is to make a difference in the world- Kirsten KizzeeIdeas shape our world, our reality, our existence.. Power shifts, Nations rise and fall.. But Ideas grow, they live on and they can change the world..- Haya DweidaryLove at any moment can change.- Brandon McCullochWhat you read in science may be correct to that very second because one change can prove all theories wrong till so far.- Yash MauryaOpinions are like fortune cookies. once you open them and read them you can't change them, you can rip it up and throw it away but it will always stay the same, saying what was originally written.- Brittney JonesThe more we are stuck, we continue to adjust with the given situation and seldom ready for change.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyI use to do things that changed my perception of reality now I do things that change my perception to reality.- Bill GibbsChange is unavoidable, seeing it in yourself is easy. Seeing it in others and believing it is mentally crippling. Live like every day is a first impression- nikko MazzaWhen I look up at the stars at night I think 'Whoa I am really small compared to all that' and I realize that even though I am small, I can change the entire direction of time.- Jack BrownChange is not a big thing, but everyone changing simultaneously sure is..- Vinuth kumar G VRepentance must always be first to God and then to the offended member. Repentance means Recognition, Remorse, Rejection and willing to change as a new person.- Shaila TouchtonThe importance of human rights does not change; we change.- J B'Aptronym' , a word for a name that coincidentally self-fulfilled. If we apply this word , most people will be obliged to change their names.- mohdmustafa99Successful people are the change agent, they know how to turn the stumbling blocks to stepping-stones.- EBINEZAR GNANASEKARANWhy are you criticizing smoking when you know you can not do without vaping such is an hypocrisy nature you need to change..- Aye AyeThe great four letter word ever that connote from my heart to your soul is L-O-V-E on this day fourteen February nothing would change it to worse ever four letter word called H-A-T-E..- Aye Aye.. I want you to know Our love will never change But will remain the same, Infinitely new again And old as the rain! (2 of 2 I want you to know.. )- Joshua Aaron GuilloryAs the grasses grow, And wintered by snow, And by summer's heat glow, I want you to know Our love will never change But will contain All the world below And up above Or the universe can show Or that it can know Or that the wind can blow!.. (1 of 2 I want you to know.. )- Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe United States is known for leading the fight for human rights - and changing that would change the soul and character of our country.- J BOnly those who dare to defend human rights will change the world.- J BHuman rights are not spoken at school. This needs to change.- J BA surge in human rights defending is needed to change the world.- J BI believe that human rights are the catalysts for real change.- J BIf people understand that they indeed have a critical role to play, and not see themselves as unable to galvanize change, they will conceivably raise up and strategize about defending human rights.- J BIt used to be.. old washed up fool's asking you for dollars and change Now it's young washed up fool's- Babi ShakesI prayed all the time.. and it DIDN'T change a thing.. until God reminded me.. that change has to.. begin with me..- Babi ShakesWe live in a world with so much hatred and so little love. We live in a world where you can't even walk in the street anymore without fearing. We live in a world where you never know if tomorrow is going to be our last day. We can't go to bed anymore without saying a prayer to thank god to have kept us alive for an other day. We live in a world where fear is the most common feeling. We live in a world where in only 24h 115 000 people lost there lives in terrorists attacks. At this point we aren't living anymore.. we are fearing life. Let's make a change. Because right now what we are living is what is going to be in our children's history books. Do we really want that. So let's all pray that one day we will have peace all over the world. That we will all stand at one and never fear again.- Laurence LefebvreIf you want to change a stupid one towards betterment of his mentality, you need first to pass a camel through a needle's eye.- mohdmustafa99Depression. One of human's let downs. How do you get over it? You jump. You change from one situation to the next. Are you depressed? Then take a leap and forget about what you were thinking.- David FigueroaYou told me I was not good enough but who are you to judge when you are a diamond in the ruff. I am pretty sure you got something to change about yourself.- yohaChange is for life. to change you have to want. to succeed you have to learn. in order to better your life you have to learn from your mistakes. not only learn form your mistakes but pick up all your positive pieces and leave your negatives and bloom like that beautiful tulip that you are and should be. Remember, in the end that only one can judge how far you go in life. it is time you move on - ladrea morganCreation, is simply the change of nothing into everything.- Jack Brown