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Life is always in a shape of Life is always in a shape of 'Y'. At times you arrive at the crossroad and there you need to make..

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Clicking selfie is matter of seconds.. .. building the image takes years. Clicking selfie is matter of seconds.. .. building the image takes years...

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Sometimes people choose not to believe something because it is not what they want to be true. Sometimes people choose not to believe something because it is not what they want to be true...

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Time babbles in a freaky way on Sundays ! Time babbles in a freaky way on Sundays !..

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As you age, your voice becomes quieter. The more you live, the more humble you become. Realizing As you age, your voice becomes quieter. The more you live, the more humble you become. Realizing..

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Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD..

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Age does not question beauty. Only man. Age does not question beauty. Only man...

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Grief lives as long as a bubble lives Grief lives as long as a bubble lives..

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Do not Do not 'Aprilify' my foolishness, nor 'Augustinize' my temper...

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History doesn History doesn't change the past, but likely it changes the future...

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Success comes when you realize you are the driver of the train for which you are waiting for. Success comes when you realize you are the driver of the train for which you are waiting for...

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Time is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache..
-Candace Easton

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I know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words. I know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words...

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The new currency of the 21st century is not money, it is time The new currency of the 21st century is not money, it is time..

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Get your work done on time, later your life will have a soothing chime Get your work done on time, later your life will have a soothing chime ..

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Don Don't waste time. Don't let a minute pass doing nothing or doing something that is not as per your..


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Time is the teller of all the tales Time is the teller of all the tales..

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I have no image of how graveyard is, only fool to be fool watering democracy and their thought only I have no image of how graveyard is, only fool to be fool watering democracy and their thought only..

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the reason we cannot go back in time is because the only direction for time is the future. The reason we cannot go back in time is because the only direction for time is the future...


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How can we possibly ENJOY LIFE.. when we spend most of OUR TIME giving it away.. Work SMARTER Not H How can we possibly ENJOY LIFE.. when we spend most of OUR TIME giving it away.. Work SMARTER Not H..

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You know you have lived life to the fullest when you have no regrets about anything you have done You know you have lived life to the fullest when you have no regrets about anything you have done..

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Life is like a puzzle. Only if you fit the pieces to the right places, you will see the beauty of Life is like a puzzle. Only if you fit the pieces to the right places, you will see the beauty of..

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No matter how much tough the situation is, our No matter how much tough the situation is, our 'intent' must be positive...

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This life is like a sea, it This life is like a sea, it's either you swim or drown..



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Time doesn't change even if you change your watch- maulikWe live our mortal lives for small immortal moments- Daniel MaddenDon't do things because you have time but do it because its worth your time- JosephDon't do things because you have time but do it because it is worth your time- JosephDon't wait for an auspicious day to do something. Instead do it now and make today's day auspicious- ShreyasMarriage is a hunting permit that entitles you to only one dear at a time.- vikrantEveryday is a beautiful day, the clouds are just hidden art work in the sky sent by the Universe.- Gabby RamosThe human greed has made some parts of this planet like a paradise & other parts just a hell. One world, one time, but not the same chances. Ebrahim Hemmatnia- Ebrahim HemmatniaWhen yesterday falls and gets a scar on her face, tomorrow learns, stands tall and remains beautiful..- kgabo Sarah phildine MothotsiTime is insensitive, it bears no malice or favor; you cannot sneak up behind it, or ambush it. Your only choice is to reach far to your end of it.- Ed Wachtel

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Life Quotes I never had time to understand what life is, I was busy living. - Lokesh giriWhen I look back, I feel I was stupid yesterday, would I feel the same tomorrow about today? - Lokesh giriIf we spend too much time focussing on tommorrow then we might well miss out on today. - christine sharlandThere is a great relation between Proximity.. Money.. Satisfaction.. & Promotion. We want all, but in practical all are inversely proportional with reference to time. Need for one, may lead to devastation of others. - Pramod PJ Memories last longer than moments. - Kassandra Elizabeth CorreiaThe greatest value is what you are having at this moment, this time, this life - Kazeronnie MakBurning lovely memories is always too tough! you need to burn your soul before the act. - Farhad DastoorThe power is not in the words of a man, but in its meaning - Farhad DastoorDon't spend Your Time on something You don't care, better spend on something you care - MarijaWhen I needed the world and my peers to answer a question, I was answered with complete silence. - Jordan ScaliceWe are not equal, life is a pyramid. - Kyle BannisterDon't let the past beat you up, because you won't be able to handle the strength of the future. - Dalal YousifThe human greed has made some parts of this planet like a paradise & other parts just a hell. One world, one time, but not the same chances. Ebrahim Hemmatnia - Ebrahim HemmatniaReading my diary of teenage years made me laugh at myself for I cared too much about the things that didn't matter and cared less for the things that did. - shiza shahidMarriage is a hunting permit that entitles you to only one dear at a time. - vikrantHow you use today determines how tomorrow will use you. - vikrantAs much as you might not like it, the clock you look at everyday at home or at school or at work it is counting down your life every second of every hour of every day. - Jabari TurnerWe live our mortal lives for small immortal moments - Daniel MaddenIt is only the 'past' that can bring smile on the face, future is uncertain so it seldom has that power ! - Sarad S DhungelThis life is like a sea, it's either you swim or drown - Brayne MatshotshiTime is usually all we need. It's underrated.. - Vardz77How can we possibly ENJOY LIFE.. when we spend most of OUR TIME giving it away.. Work SMARTER Not Harder.. - Babi ShakesLife is full of mysteries, only time will solve and they become history. - Howard Hanniford Sometimes the hardest Thing Can't be the right thing at the same time - Jessy GulbertsonLife is always in a shape of 'Y'. At times you arrive at the crossroad and there you need to make the tough decision. - Piet NtemaMoments In time are not ours to own, they are meant to be shared. - Ana WhiteLife begins at the end of nothing and end at the begin of everything.. - Kayode Seyi TayoYou fear two days: Yesterday when you gave a promise, and ‎tomorrow when you have to fulfill it. ‎ - mohdmustafa99Get your work done on time, later your life will have a soothing chime - Manu ShuklaToday is yesterday's tomorrow. - Get EssayYou'll know a man by his personality, who they hang around, and their overall lifestyle. - Joshua Aaron GuilloryFate moves mountains - Vivian DAlmeidaIf space is everything and everything is space, and space is everywhere, how can anything be new? What's new is only a manifestation, appearance, or discovery of the old! Empty space is in every thought and idea, every feeling and emotion, and heart and mind, etc. ! Everything contains empty space and everything is empty space, even rocks - Joshua Aaron GuilloryWork is great , therefore you must not consume it all today. Spare a part of it for tomorrow. - mohdmustafa99Keep in mind the path to love is ALWAYS a straight line.. ALWAYS, then we choose to step off the road. It is not the road we are on it is the time we spend off, we find our self alone - Randal LewisEat however and whatever , but bear in mind that we won't have a famine tomorrow. - mohdmustafa99Live life at its fullest so that there won't be lesser joy in older ages - Malik Ahsan AliLet the past generation be proud of their past since we did not create them good present. - mohdmustafa99An eraser shrinks every time it erases. This may happen with you every time you try to correct others when they make errors. - mohdmustafa99The past is well secure but the future remains in limbo. - Joe CervantesRenewal is good but it doesn't mean restarting. - mohdmustafa99Life is the structure of time, time is the structure of life - oluwagbenga segunNo one can manage his/her life serenely because today's dealings are not yesterday's. - mohdmustafa99I'm not who i'm by accident, I'm incident of now, not coincidence.. - Aye AyeGrief lives as long as a bubble lives - mohdmustafa99Calendar date is meaningless, at all time you can do it. - ease berryDon't waste time on anyone who has no time for you. Don't waste time waiting for miracles from the universe. We brought nothing when we were born and we take nothing when we die. Enjoy time here and now making the most of what you have in life. - Chitra WithaneIf you have time, it is the best solution to every problem.. - Rajiv JainAs you age, your voice becomes quieter. The more you live, the more humble you become. Realizing how much time was wasted on useless activities. - Marcquiese BurrellTHERE THREE THINGS THAT ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO US ALL 1. LIFE 2. TIME 3. LOVE - Lufuno VictorThere will be a time when no one will be skilled, knowledgeable, and wise. There will be a time when everyone will be anything without doing anything. - Ahmed Ali Baloch~In the final analysis, life often unveils itself as an anthology of missed chances—an untold story of roads not traveled and destinies left unexplored. The passage of time often reveals life's ultimate truth—In the end, life is just a collection of missed opportunities... - Carson AnekeyaTime is an artist; it reveals the masterpiece hidden within every passing moment. - Aloo Denish ObieroIt seems we have come to a time that when many are presented with objective truth and substantiated facts regarding anything that offends them or makes them uncomfortable; they find it easier to deny, ignore or disregard what is true for what they want or need the truth to be. - Loren WeismanThe only time the world stops moving is if it concerns everyone. - Jacob D Linkous

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Funny Quotes 'Now' is the good time to do almost anything. - Lokesh giriOur lives are messages to the world waiting to be read. - MonicaA meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours are wasted - Timothy Michael LongTake your bed; it's time to lie not to lie. - mohdmustafa99Why be in a hurry ? scientists took thousands years to discover that there was life on Mars few billion years ago. - mohdmustafa99Years ago, by carrying too much money with you, you could be assaulted. But today, by carrying too much money with you, you could get arrested. - Samuel E. VillegasI have to drink a lot of water before bed because I don't have an alarm clock. - mohdmustafa99Two chances must not be missed for having tranquility: a party to be absent , and a meeting to reject participating. - mohdmustafa99A mad person is that who has become insane preceding you in arriving at this condition. - mohdmustafa99Ignorance is darkness of both night and daytime. - mohdmustafa99Do not 'Aprilify' my foolishness, nor 'Augustinize' my temper. - mohdmustafa99Money can buy love. Every time I go shopping I buy things I love. - mohdmustafa99A bald doesn't get rid of his old combs because he hopes that 'history repeats itself'. - mohdmustafa99A corrupt is a magician who can steal money without seeing it at the time of theft. - mohdmustafa99I want my family members and others I call that use horrible telephone rings to answer quickly. - mohdmustafa99Many times , I speak to some people for the first time , I wish it will be both, the first and the last. - mohdmustafa99Having time or not having it, people dislike being asked about things they don't know although it takes no time to say. 'I don't know'. - mohdmustafa99We Don't Spend Time, Time Spends Us! - Zeeshan AliTime babbles in a freaky way on Sundays ! - Vivek SahneyEthics of time has become a challenge our leaders...!! - William SebunjeWhen hard times won’t quit, just say to them : LEAVE and let live. - Nkwachukwu OgbuaguAlways something to be found when taking time to examine what abounds amongst organic compounds - LYGASWhy hide in the store and then spend time complaining about class....!! - William SebunjeIf you you focus on time you ignore looking for the right product......soon you will find yourself at the right place with a wrong bag....!!! Time is here to stay recycling.....all is about the options...!!! - William SebunjeIf we must only spend time meeting the successful ones.......soon someone will make us sound failures.....Even when we're on at arare speed of growth and development ...!! - William SebunjeIf you know it wont end in your favor...., always do not show up at atime when they are still counting what is theirs....and you will live to be happy....and at peace ...!! - William SebunjeIf you know it wont end in your favor...., always do not show up at atime when they are still counting what is theirs....and you will live to be happy....and at peace ...!! - William SebunjeIn the true time period of our commitment .....nature commits' its self to facilitate us we commit with less limitations....., We receive many free favors from the unknown sources...!! - William SebunjeThe world has lack water for many times "dry dry ....... the world has had flood and stagnant water for many times....., indeed we shall not lack forever..!! - William SebunjeTime travel? As long as time doesn’t travel here. - John Alejandro KingAfter we master the facts about abundance and facts about lack.......!! We learn to stay normal in all situations...!! Some goals are a subject to time than a crazy strategy....!! - William SebunjeEveryone has setup of time to achieve some personal goals......!!! - William SebunjeSometimes it is even scaring to share our peace with someone else.....because all we see many are smoking hate in big fumes..!! - William SebunjeThe last time someone was trying to tell me God doesn't love me......, I requested the person we first discuss the topic of his stupidity...but before we went five minutes in the discussion , he lost his tempers he even wanted to fight...., we separated immediately... !!! - William SebunjeYou know, I’d be more apathetic about the incongruity of the effects of entropy, if the passage of time weren’t so lethargic…. - LYGASConsider taking the time to search out the facts instead of quickly settling for the fiction when it comes to the claims that are being shared with you. - Loren WeismanIn the end, since it has become easier than ever to make anything popular and appear to be more than it truly is, the time you take to prove and research that popularity may help you avoid mistakes and missteps while keeping you from being fooled by the fools. - Loren Weisman

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Inspirational Quotes People who make big in life are those who actually recognize their talents on right time. - Sohaib Ali BabarAccording to Pythagoras, there are 3 kinds of people: the lover of pleasure, the lover of success and the lover of wisdom. But I say this, you must first find pleasure on the road to success and when you become successful, you will be surely wise. Wisdom is accumulated through experience and each perspective of each individual. Success is the crowning glory of wisdom itself. Pleasure is gained through success; nonetheless, one must choose first his choice on the road of life. - La Nostra De La Terra y CieloThe current of tide is timeless. The current of time is now. - Johnny JR RemickWhen things don't happen, people get Sick. They see time Tick and they want it Quick. They forget that Success happens brick by brick. - RVM AuthorDon't waste time. Don't let a minute pass doing nothing or doing something that is not as per your wish. Grab hold of each minute and do what you want to do. - RVM AuthorNo one is to blame for your future situation but yourself. If you want to be successful, then become 'Successful'. - Jaymin ShahIf you spend the day thinking about the regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, then you have no today in which to enjoy life. Seize today, and take control of your health and life, because how you live all your tomorrows will depend on how you live today - Robert RamseyTime is a bird, and it is you who decides if it is flying away or alighting near. - mohdmustafa99The end of a circle is the nearest point to its beginning, and the farthest from. The matter depends upon the direction of the movement from where you started. - mohdmustafa99Adjourn tomorrow's anxiety for its day. - mohdmustafa99World allows to commit crimes today, to judge tomorrow in the name of justice. - Halil XhafaTo accomplish something in life! Give it time. I mean spend all your time in it, don't rush it, be patient with it and don't questioning it. Sometimes you might feel like you're forcing to make it right and confused. Don't stop. Remember no one is going to see any of it until you succeed. - Marie Yolande PierreYou only hurt when I'm gone. I was hurting the whole time I was there. The truth is I'm still Feeling the pain. But I know one day I'll be OK. - Marie Yolande PierreIt is our job to make decisions and take actions. Only time will tell if we chose and acted wisely. - Shan Ali NaqviHow to utilize is more important than how to spend - Suraj Bhaskar GholapWorking within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMDon't regret the past, Coz it's a waste of time. - Joshua MuasaConsistency over time increases the gap, competition cannot close. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMThe ticking clock of the New Year is a call to embrace mindfulness, to reassess priorities, and to steer our course towards goals that add depth, fulfillment, and purpose to our existence. - Aloo Denish ObieroThe ticking clock of the New Year reminds us: time is not to be spent, but invested wisely in purpose and meaning. - Aloo Denish ObieroTime doesn't pass the same as the hands on a clock. - Anthony T HincksPatience is the gardener's virtue; in time, even the smallest seed becomes the mightiest oak. - Aloo Denish ObieroAlways remember to never forget, However far times may span apart despite what has or had yet to occur, regardless that which is discovered, There will always be that which remains unknown. - LYGASEnvironmental stewardship doesn't demand perfection; it craves our dedication to making a difference, one mindful choice at a time. - Aloo Denish ObieroThe cemeteries are full of people who waited for the right time. - Anthony T HincksTiming is not who moves first but who moves at the right time. - Ivan Javier VelasquezDon’t waste your time living someone else’s life. Be yourself. - Syed BadiuzzamanTime is the sculptor; our choices are the clay. - Aloo Denish ObieroOne fish, red fish, two fish, green fish, respect the fish, I don’t remember the rest, stop looking at me, time for you to get dressed…three fish blue fish, guest star, wish list, doubt all, role call, make it fast, don’t rush to get past, don’t mind being last - LYGASTime is the abstract currency of life.-DrTJ/Thomas John,MD,ABO,DTM - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMIf we must only focus on time we ignore looking for the right product......soon we shall find ourselves at the right place with a wrong bag....!!! Time is here to stay recycling.....all is about the options for our better being ...!!! - William SebunjeA day is only as long as the sunset. - Anthony T Hincks"Of all the treasures we may possess, none are as precious as time, for once lost, it can never be reclaimed.” - Patrick J RiachiThere is nothing the truth speaks, that isn’t worth taking the time having found out - LYGAS

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Change Quotes Parents have always been saying, 'Kids these days have all gone mad' from days of old, crazy. - Lokesh giriOnly by changing present can one change the future - Lokesh giriNever give up, just Move On.. - Khem RaiIt's my opinion that the human race's inherent tendency to fear the unknown, can be held accountable for much of what's wrong with the world. Perhaps it's time to embrace the unknown, so that we may begin taking steps towards understanding it. To do so, is the only means we have of ever seeing our future differ from our past. - Jesse HayesWhen yesterday falls and gets a scar on her face, tomorrow learns, stands tall and remains beautiful.. - kgabo Sarah phildine MothotsiAll of my life, I've always chased demons; now I've ended up becoming one. - annonymousSad mistakes will be discovered in whatever future we are left with.. because, it seems, the present ignorance eludes the majority! - Steven A.BledsoeThe future will not be born unless society stops taking contraceptives. - mohdmustafa99Use of exclamation marks is increasing ! - mohdmustafa99Carve my name in hearts because marble is ever changing - Brandon KellumWe don't have time to lose time. - rawafNo war will stop unless allies change - mohdmustafa99Everything ends for something new to begin. - M A Gaffar ProdeepWhen you're unhappy with yourself, you think of making the entire world unhappy with you only if you could. Then after 4 seconds you realize that the world has nothing to do with you being unhappy. The world doesn't even know that you exist unless you have something great to offer the people. It's all about people. So start helping people all over the world by beginning with you. Then you'll be the happiest person alive. Stop fake being happy when you don't even know what can give you happiness. Start doing something meaningful for people and the result of happiness will be yours. What are you good at? - Marie Yolande PierreI know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words. - Wyatt puckettI sacrificed my freedom for sobriety. - Cassandra MarcanoIf your ego starts out, 'i am important, I am big, I am special ' you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we've discovered about the universe. No, you're not big. you are small in time and space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that's limited to Earth. - Sentitula__jmrHistory doesn't change the past, but likely it changes the future. - mohdmustafa99You can keep your dresses new , but you didn't buy them for this purpose. - mohdmustafa99Tomorrow will be a good day if you decide to act on differently. - mohdmustafa99We have two opposing attitudes in one time: to change the world, and to be adapted to. - mohdmustafa99Nothing is constant, consistency brings change over time.. - Aye AyeTime changes with life and life changes with time. - Nkwachukwu OgbuaguTime changes with life and life changes with time. - Nkwachukwu OgbuaguWhen I don't live today, try to justify this injustice to myself by thinking , maybe lll live tomorrow, but you and I both know same today as live tomorrow, such shame you seem rather to prefer we should waste our precious time away like this, was only a dream where a kiss could change all this - LYGASAs so goes time, as does out time with time shapes & builds a subtle pace along side it, it’s not that time passes us by, contrary its the very reason that we are always in motion, strikes a mood changes the season, allows us the opportunity to try, indifferent cant give us life so lets us borrow it - LYGAS

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Short Quotes Having no time to be happy is poverty - Lokesh giriWe spend most of our time with ourselves, we should learn enjoying our own company. - Lokesh giriGive time some time, it will solve most of your problems - Lokesh giriIntervention is necessary when war is not an option. - AnonymousA fool speaks, a hypocrite judges and a wise man observes. - Neil KrishnanTime is a relative term, one has lots of time but we always say less time or no time - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyTime never stops but it does stop once for every one. - harbinderjit singh bajajNo matter you are at a wrong place at the wrong time, you always can find good friends - Farhad DastoorA lie comes to hide the truth. - Issac boatengDon't do things because you have time but do it because it is worth your time - JosephThe time will run the way it runs. You cannot make it stop. You cannot reverse it - Ankit NandanTime doesn't change even if you change your watch - maulikThe reason we cannot go back in time is because the only direction for time is the future. - mhlangano freedom nkalangaLive for this moment before that moment will die - SanchiTime is the teller of all the tales - SpencerIf time is money then procrastination is a thief.. - Aye AyeSuccess comes when you realize you are the driver of the train for which you are waiting for. - Shubham BhavsarRapid success is accidental. - mohdmustafa99Time is not your enemy as people say, instead it is your major competitor - Jonathan Papue SmallwoodThe past is the total of faults that we are not anymore doing. - mohdmustafa99Waiting is necessary sometimes. You cannot hasten an egg to hatch. - mohdmustafa99Problems need time to be solved and if you don't have time it won't get involved. - Joe CervantesWisdom is not the result of time lived; it is the result of lived time. - Mac McGovern

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Age Quotes From the shimmering light to the darkest shadows, life will flow continuously, from the very moment a baby is born into the light, the light will follow till that person dies and fades into the shadows. And still life moves on, without skipping a beat, for when a person fades from this world, another shall take its place. so is the cycle of rebirth. - Christopher Joesph AgrusoTime is not only the best healer but also the greatest teacher - Simon KingNo one knows anything until we accept the fact that we don't know anything and that's when we truly know something. - Latia HemphillLife changes and people grow, so don't be surprised. - Drilon GrajqevciYour childhood is precious and always taken for granted, your adulthood is true but a sad reality. - Dana Jo GraslieZero is my infinity because no one crosses me - Michael O\'RaffertyTime passes quickly as if November is February. - mohdmustafa99To live long, one has to age - Susanna Raubenheimer Clicking selfie is matter of seconds.. .. building the image takes years. - TEEB Jayesh VYou know you have lived life to the fullest when you have no regrets about anything you have done in the past. - Bre An RiversBeauty, style and luxurious life can now be bought but respect is still priceless. - Hasnat ChA court that sentences him life imprisonment thinks that people live all their lives. - mohdmustafa99Old statistics helps in doing now what you didn't achieve when that statistics was fresh. - mohdmustafa99Carelessness is the plague of the modern age. - J W BarlamentAge does not question beauty. Only man. - Anthony T Hincks

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History is the blueprints of our mistakes, the Future is the corrections of those mistakes- Josh DarosaTry not to measure your success on how much better you are than someone else, but by how you as a person are better than yesterday- Michael murrayI move ahead to get some gain, some stay at one place to get the pain - Farhad DastoorDays are like an empty canvas, you are the artist.- Klavin John Barry JRTime doesn't heal, it just anesthetizes!- John McNultyIf you are always looking back, you can't see what is in front of you.- taylor morgan roweRich are those who have time, and right people to spend on- Lokesh giriRegretting is a bad use of time, hatred is self spoiling of mood.- Matt BillFreedom of mind is the costliest of all freedoms, it comes at the cost of time and painful lessons.- Lokesh giriWe all can only love beautiful things, but time has the charm to make anything look beautiful.- Lokesh giriKids have both angels and demons in them, they become what time carves out of them.- Lokesh giriWell, There has never been enough time for anyone.- Lokesh giriWorld is a race between time and sanity, time always wins.- Lokesh giriThe best opportunities are the moments we positively invest our time in, to inspire successful results.- Wayne ChirisaWhen it comes down to it, the clock always wins.- The Quoted IrisRationality of the past might be irrationality of today and vice versa- mohdmustafa99Life is a journey, an adventure of unknown tomorrow and engagement of now..- Aye AyePhilanthropists do not kill poverty, but they anesthetize it for a short time- mohdmustafa99The best time to be optimistic is when you are about to be pessimistic- mohdmustafa99Do you want more? Well! work more, invest more, give it more evaluations and stop wasting your time.- Marie Yolande PierreDuring waiting you may chance another thing or a person more important than that you are waiting for.- mohdmustafa99Time is not equal to Money, Time is better. Money has perceived importance Time has absolute importance- Lokesh giriAre you counting seconds or making seconds count?- Monte S MinthorneI haven't the time to worry about my enemies, I'm too busy appreciating the friends that I have.- Danny Ray BoydstonIt is never too late to succeed but it is ever too late to start late for time is a spirited horse when not driven , drives past you- Sunny Godswill akpanDon't fear of failure, fear missing out on taking the countless opportunities this world has to offer you.- Jaymin ShahYou never know what kind of setup market will present to you, your objective should be to find opportunity where risk reward ratio is best.- Jaymin ShahHappiness can not be bought by money it can only be felt at the right place, with the right person on right time- Ajay NegiWhen you do something accidentally, don't feel guilty. That's why they call it an accident- Joshua Aaron GuilloryWhen you love, you don't rush things. You give time, you wait, you anticipate the good things to happen. When you know you love someone, you must also now that you are taking some risks. Because love is a risk for nothing is sure about it. Sometimes loving someone requires patience and endurance. You love by heart, not by feelings.- Maya BlancoEvery minute spent complaining or not living to your fullest potential is a minute wasted- G SwissGlory be to God in the highest for the new day i'm grateful for the grace to be living in existence of brightness morning dated Sun 23 Apr in your infinity mercy Lord have mercy on me and do new thing in my life this week that would proclaim your name in my life..- Kayode Seyi TayoWriting is my hobby, 'not to write' is my business.- mohdmustafa99Focus kills time faster than guns- Oluwaseun Adeboye VictorCreating a bright future is to purposefully channel your spirit, mind, and body as a driving force for whatever lies ahead.- Howard HannifordWith letting go comes a moment of loneliness. Courage is understanding that moment.- Vardz77Some moments are to be just lived and rejoiced, rather than being captured and updated- PRACHI KERKARTravelling is all about exploring an unknown land and discovering yourself- PRACHI KERKARSometimes you have to unlearn what you've learned about someone. Sometimes people change. Sometimes people grow up. Unlearn, not discard.- Vardz77Of days, I like Mondays; of colors, I like the azure; and of music , I like silence.- mohdmustafa99Time is indeed our handler.. keeping us in the illusion of living by time, because time is the illusion that we live by.- Nina Danielle uuroWhen I say 'WHAT IF' to myself.. the possibilities are that.. I can even change the world!..- Lalith BhonsleIf you want the cake, you do the bake- ZakiaThere's a feeling behind every meaning.- diya ahmed azzonyWhen it comes to friends; Time is invested, not wasted- Farhad DastoorIf you are having a hard time finding the good in people, it's most likely because you are not looking for it.- Michael CostelloThere does not exist a word 'Impossible' for those who believe in the beauty of their Dreams- Farhad DastoorHeaven is what all are born for; Hell is what we create.- Farhad DastoorYesterday is in your rear view mirror, Today is in your front & Tomorrow is your blind spot that's why it isn't promised- Kennisha L CrawfordA dream is only a step ahead of reality.- Maria E. RodriguezHabits.. Those small actions we choose to do every day, and they become part of who we are.. They build our character and shape our destiny- Haya DweidaryIt takes time and courage to grow up and become who you really are.- Linda UsmanYou know you have accomplished something in life, when you leave memories for someone else.- Loretta AveryTime managing is real living.- MohammedTo the past we are the future.- Jack BrownIf one was able to look at himself like he can look at others, world would have missed the greatest love of all time - 'self love'.- Lokesh giriYou know, I’d be more apathetic about the incongruity of the effects of entropy, if the passage of time weren’t so lethargic….- LYGASWe are ahead of our time in terms of wasting time.- Tamerlan KuzgovAnd he said... "any act of randomness is only a shadow of the chaos that was sown in another time and place."- Anthony T HincksIt is very possible to catch up with time holding everything we do not and shall never need.......and possible to delay hunting for everything we most desire and shall live to love....!!- William SebunjeWoe to the tree fruit, tribute to seeds, tree to one seedling, keep to the Rings.- NA..We have go to allocate ourselves more time of self courage ...than more time of self blame...!!- William SebunjeEach on their own time, given the path they may find, best of luck with what you find, if only nothing better than that which comes to mind tomorrow than what we hoped to leave behind, manage this well & you’ll find this was time well spent- LYGAS“Outer beauty fades with time, but the inner beauty is forever.”- Syed BadiuzzamanReally, there's only two kinds of "time". Time of birth and time of death. Everything in between are moments. How will you spend your moments?- Latoya MobleyIn time, there are no friendships, only loneliness.- Anthony T HincksTime passes but friendship remains.- Syed BadiuzzamanThe clock is unstoppable, but so is your talent. Learn to adapt to time, and you'll find that every moment is a possibility for your brilliance to dazzle.- Srinivas MishraWhen it’s time to stay, obey your heart. When it’s time to go, obey your legs.- Nkwachukwu OgbuaguDon't let money blind you to the value of moments. Money comes and goes, but moments are forever. Cherish them before they slip away.- Srinivas MishraOur final dance with time doesn't end at death; it's where we step into the eternal waltz of the cosmos.- Lil SkullieIt is natural for a person to say a word that makes people very “scared”, but we call that anger, and with time it will pass- Ibrahim Al HassanWhat makes a new year old? ...Midnight.- Anthony T HincksThe past whispers its lessons to those who lend an attentive ear to the winds of time.- Aloo Denish ObieroService is the noblest way to leave footprints in the sands of time.- Aloo Denish ObieroMusic is a thrilled, volatile beloved. Spend time with it, give attention and it’s yours !!- Vivek SahneyWe mourn loved ones for a time, memories will fade with each generation, until no memory remains. A journey has come to an end; a piece of history is lost again.- Mac McGovernDon't look up and stare at the building, go one level at a time.- Allen LazarWhoever plans to live forever should at the same time have it in mind to die now..- success songTRUST is built slowly over time, with careful, deliberate actions. They must be completely void of any selfishness. Always remember every action can be forgiven. NO action is ever forgotten.- Joe coleI think repetitive songs are a waste of time. Nobody needs to hear the same lyrics over and over and over and over again. Sing them once, then move on to the next part of the song.- Austin James LelievreIf I would have to choose between time and present, I would choose time because to be with you is priceless..- CelLength of time depends on happiness and pain- mohdmustafa99Whatever the river cannot uncover.. money and time will.- Joe CervantesNostalgia is but beauty of the pastime and past time.- mohdmustafa99I learn from patience that Saturday , Friday, and the days in between are one day.- mohdmustafa99It is impossible for time to go anticlockwise , but remorse doesn't deal with this fact.- mohdmustafa99An optimist postpones today's work for tomorrow ; a pessimist does tomorrow's on the day before.- mohdmustafa99Forgiveness can be repeated but not for the third time- mohdmustafa99The reason it is impossible for us to time travel into the future or the past is because we are supposed to be living NOW.- Amelia GoodeWe are renewed daily.- Amelia GoodeThinking about yourself is more complicated than thinking about the universe which God created in six days and you in nine months.- mohdmustafa99'I will do it later on' means after the expiry date.- mohdmustafa99Courtesy is to say what must be said, by the best way of saying it, to the person that it must be said to, in the best time to say, for the best purpose to say.- mohdmustafa99Time can not be upon us It is only in front or behind- TARA DYER DEMETRIOUYou can easily say 'yes' in one second, then you will find yourself either a liar or very busy all times to fulfill your 'yes'.- mohdmustafa99A top boss is the person who gives himself freedom of coming late, or being absent.- mohdmustafa99Waiting is not to tolerate only time but also place.- mohdmustafa99Expecting nothing is a good expectation.- mohdmustafa99Time is moving so fast waiting for no man..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiDon't blindly follow someone, follow market and try to hear what it is telling you.- Jaymin ShahThe right time to commit a crime is now or never..- Kayode Seyi TayoCryptography is more than fun. It is future.- sazzad mahmudHistory is made to repeat itself.- Charles Arthur MillerHey! 2018 , We've only just met and I know there will be periods of adjustments. Let me warn you that I may fall short of all the promises I make . But if you're anything like twenty -seventeen , I'm sure you'll be a dedicated teacher, giving me plenty of chances to try again. i'm anticipating all that you have to offer and except to grow in leaps and bounds we take this Journey together.- monika singhIf it's not draw is either won or loss..- Aye AyeEvery book starts with a blank page, so do you.- Aidan L.X. LeongLove them all, but care less about those who take you for granted.- Sipho P NkosiKeep the momentum while you are moving to guarantee additional motion and momentum.- Loren WeismanIt's not about the amount of time you put in, it is the way you spend the time on the work you need to get done. Saying that you worked ten hours on something that went nowhere is not really anything to brag about.- Loren WeismanThere is no difference between the words LIVE or DEAD when they are tagged with the term CLINICALLY.- Mustapha Khalid PalashStarting off as an idea in the conscious of two sets of cumulative energy. Focus is drawn into one moment that will move forward in a direction determined by choices. Setting off on this profound journey called life an eternal path is created.- Chad R KerstLet your pain fuel your passion for your purpose- L ParkerLife's questions are puzzles. Life's tests are puzzles. Life's answers are self-lifestyles.- Marie Yolande PierreThe best time is yet to be. ‎- mohdmustafa99Good Leaders volunteer their time in the development of others without seeking a reward- Rev. Patrick EllapenThere will be wars between humans as long as we find someone equally worthy to fight with. There can't be peace, until there is war- Henry MichalecWhen a legend dies, leaders are born- rizwan khaliq khanTake time out from people. Take time out from things. See what brings you peace. See who takes it away..- Vardz77Sometimes you just need time to gain the courage and bravery to open up and love again..- Vardz77Any time DEATH snatches our Loved ones, it reminds us that we are MORTAL BEINGS.- Oscar Auliq IceLove and time for Relationships is just like Water and Air to Flowers..- Niayab KomalSee the Future with your eyes, Use the hands in present , crush your past with your feet and Imagine a time beyond past, present and future with your mind- Nishant SubediDon't waste your time on trying to open a lock when you could spend your time on searching for the key.- Caridad AlvarezTime. Cherish those who cherish yours..- Vardz77When angry, her vocabulary power increases remarkably.- mohdmustafa99When you think you've got yourself an unbeatable problem just Remember there's no problem greater than death, it can't be fixed or stopped and no one is excused from it.- Dakota Ace HardinNo matter what came before, the book of time is quick to be written, so make what you do now count..- Jamie Sean CallaghanI don't care what other people might think of me as long as I live in my harmony and I rest in peace.- Phillip John R. EndrinalWe are the direct connotation of the Macrocosm (cosmos) however limited by space time and a limited perception- BM KHNONKHEWe live in a world where the Web is more accessible than the World itself- PRACHI KERKAROne cannot look at the future without looking at the past.- Dan C MThinking about the past and the future will make you forget, remember about your present self and time- Tristan celhellvanA man's trust for a women starts when he is a boy, with the trust for his mother, so if a mother betrays a boy's trust how is that boy when he becomes a man supposed to trust any women?- Neil Simon Triston Mercieca All of the things we question come from the answer within, in which we question because we don't understand the answer until we have the information that helps the answer make sense- Nina Danielle uuroThere is no innocence in a world of violence.. there is no truth if all is lies.. there is no opposer if we all oppose the opposer.. there is no peace if the peacemakers are the protesters.. there is no enemy if we're all against each other- Nina Danielle uuroOne night's cough can bring you curses from your neighbors more than cancer did in thousand nights.- mohdmustafa99I live near the future to look thoroughly from my window to the past.- mohdmustafa99I was crying when I was born, because my mother was in difficult moment of her life- Kamal S LoharWhen imagination can join North pole and South pole why can't religion?- Karthik gandhiLearning is the process of life as well as pleasure of present time..- OMi ShahIf people meet their dreams fulfilled they will be afraid of life.- mohdmustafa99Sell used books because you won't care about reading them in your shop.- mohdmustafa99Nothing can beat a perfect timing..- Piet NtemaThe moment my knee went down the floor, my problem walked out the door- May GeorgeCan you truly understand something you've never experienced ?- MacmillanDon't waste your precious time talking about things which are none of your business and believe me 90% of the people do this.- vikrantTo understand some situations, try to imagine life in slow motion- Tina PanossianPeople always find an 'excuse' for what they are in.. Why don't they just accept the fact that they 'may be wrong' and just improve themselves instead of rationalizing things that in the reality is wrong? - Xand Bellido Abadesco People will talk, but it's only when you react, problems occur - Charles CarpenterNo one can change the time --> 'which is spent before' and 'which is gonna be spent further'- abhishek madanAs time goes by, things change, people change. Those you knew become strangers, those you did not know become your trusted ones. But as long as your love and care remains, you will be ready for when they return.- Sazzey Time waits for no one. So why must you wait for someone ? Stop waiting, time is ticking. Chase your dreams, earn your dreams, and be a winner - Shafiq BuangWe get it.. Life is hard, but you don't know what hard is until you lose your best friend, and sticking them six foot under your heart.. You need to know that they will always stay there.- Kelsie veenemaI have put in so much work but now I think its time to let go- adrian dHide your own hatred and time will pass you by, bringing freedom as you realize the truth.- La Nostra De La Terra y CieloFri(end) boyfri(end) girlfri(end) fam(ily). if this doesn't help you to realize something, i honestly don't know what will.- Morgan AshleyPace yourself and let the time fly, hurry and you'll have another hour ahead of you.- ScarlettaTruth will wound you, but the acceptance of truth will kill you.- Hunter JamesTime is the father of all kinds of music.- diya ahmed azzonyTime runs without ever waiting for anybody, but man always runs behind time waiting for something to happen and in between what he gains remains as history for the future- Prof Siva Prasad peddiWhen you create an illusion, the truth tends to reveal itself.. unfortunately it is not always as bright as we hoped..- ClairvoyanThe darkest hour is just before dawn.- Katy HollisterI want to live this life for others as I would have plenty of time to live for myself in heaven.- shiza shahidSometimes, the key to solve the problem is waiting in the future- Josh DarosaPrepare, for all who have died are faces that you will meet on the other side when your time comes, and your time is coming.- Derek L PurserThere is only one greatest treasure at this moment, this time, this life.. TO LOVE AND BE LOVED.- Kazeronnie MakI'm lonely, I have good friends but there's a empty space in my heart- Brittany Jenkins Truth is hidden within the lies.- JohnSpace and time are two of the best and worst commodities which you will never be able to touch or control- Matt Allen JonesYou can't grow into your future if you're still stumped by your past- Kennisha L CrawfordIn life you are always going to be compared to others.. whether that be your predecessors, celebrities, family or even mates! You've just got to strive so that at some point in time you are the one they are comparing people to! This shows your life has had a purpose- JordanFake friends last a day; true friends last a lifetime.- Maria E. RodriguezPerhaps we're asking the wrong questions. Rather than concerning ourselves solely with where our species came from, we also need to pay attention to where our species is going. Otherwise, we're going to end up back at the beginning.- Jesse HayesThe rise of secularism in and of itself is a clear indication that the next stage of humanity will not be governed by a theistic process at all, but defined by the ability of our species to coexist and advance in its absence.- Jesse HayesLiving among those who don't know where they want to go with their lives is making it harder and harder for me to reach my destinations- diya ahmed azzonyTo quote something eloquent, you must devote time.- ajith CHEMPARATHYEveryone has a soul mate, just because you can't find yours; doesn't mean they are not out there looking for you.- mj mansfieldNever say there isn't enough time. Time is all we have.- Shaina RossCriticism always comes to those who don't follow the normality and guidelines set for them by society. They are always hated and and shunned until society admits its mistake, but by that time the greats are dead and the whole world mourns. Even when shunned, the greats keep going, remember this when you are being hated.- Christopher ReavesThe past has covered up my eyes, but the future unveils them.- Johnny VuongIt's funny how boys can break your heart into a billion pieces and not care for one.- Vanessa MurilloWithout time we have no purpose.- Devan LangTomorrow's should be done today and today's should be done now. DECIDE WHAT TO DO.- sandesh shewaleLife has given me nothing because I have never made most of it.- sandesh shewaleYou can chase your dreams, but you can't run forever.- MohammedTime has taught me how to love you, but you always knew that- NovaWhen I look up at the stars at night I think 'Whoa I am really small compared to all that' and I realize that even though I am small, I can change the entire direction of time.- Jack BrownTime spent on beautiful thoughts and sweet memories make the best moments of our life, next to time spent in best company.- Lokesh giriWe don't really own things, except that illusion, time lends us.- Lokesh giri

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