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An alien is neither a destructor nor a creator; It An alien is neither a destructor nor a creator; It's always a secret intelligence agent ; )..

Short Truth Wisdom One liners

Grades don Grades don't determine people's success..

Life Short Success Wisdom One liners

Success is just a thought until you act upon it Success is just a thought until you act upon it..

Business Change Goal Short Success

Success Thought Act
When you fight fire with fire you justify the actions of your enemy When you fight fire with fire you justify the actions of your enemy..

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Fight Fire Enemy
Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well...

Life Short One liners

Life Hold
Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself..

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Love Heart Hell
In the pursuit of wanting to be liked we lose track of the fact that just by liking ourselves it In the pursuit of wanting to be liked we lose track of the fact that just by liking ourselves it..

Inspirational Life Relationship Success Wisdom

Love Heart Hell
Self-confidence is the total acceptance of one Self-confidence is the total acceptance of one's unique self despite society's perception of you...

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Self Confidence
Some ingredients of truth with pure lie makes the perfect lie Some ingredients of truth with pure lie makes the perfect lie..

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Truth Lie
Degree Of Manners is more valuable than the Degree Of Marks. Degree Of Manners is more valuable than the Degree Of Marks...

Short Truth One liners

Truth Lie
To kill a child To kill a child's imagination is the gravest sin..

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Kill Imagination
The only person you can change.. is you! The only person you can change.. is you!..

Inspirational Philosophy Short Success Truth

Do NOT trust a FAT Dietitian! Do NOT trust a FAT Dietitian!..

Funny Truth One liners

Knowledge is edited by time; wisdom needs no editors. Knowledge is edited by time; wisdom needs no editors...

Philosophy Wisdom One liners knowledge

Time Knowledge Wisdom
Pain only hurts as much as you let it. Pain only hurts as much as you let it...

Short One liners pain

Procrastination is the stepping stone to failures. Procrastination is the stepping stone to failures...

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If patience is not followed by patience after patience ; then that is not patience If patience is not followed by patience after patience ; then that is not patience..

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Wisdom comes once we embrace our failures and learn from it. Wisdom comes once we embrace our failures and learn from it...

Failure Wisdom One liners

Learn Wisdom
All is fair in love and war but neither love or war is ever fair. All is fair in love and war but neither love or war is ever fair...

Love Philosophy Relationship Short Truth

Love War
Grief lives as long as a bubble lives Grief lives as long as a bubble lives..

Life Short Time One liners

Love War
If anxiety enters like a mouse, then let cats come in. If anxiety enters like a mouse, then let cats come in...

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Love War
Many of those you hate, are those you need to be sympathetic with. Many of those you hate, are those you need to be sympathetic with...

Hate Short One liners

Need Hate
A fruitful tree was only a meek seed. A fruitful tree was only a meek seed...

Inspirational Nature Short Success Wisdom

Need Hate
A good leader is a follower who leads with examples. A good leader is a follower who leads with examples...

Leadership Life Short Success Truth


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Judge yourself before you judge others.- Zac OchsenbineSome songs will be better with changes in their words, music and the singer.- mohdmustafa99You can be quite different without being indifferent.- mohdmustafa99Don't wait on people to do anything that you can get done by yourself.- Marie Yolande PierreAnxiety is like the cuckoo; lays its eggs in other birds' nests.- mohdmustafa99Let time alone be a player and yourself be audience.- Pradeep pandeyTo strengthen the roots sometimes we need to prune the leaves- Ashish GuptaIF you want to shine like a sun you first burn like a sun- hamdan ahmadLove is the most beautiful gamble to risk.- Ruth BandoquilloMuseums are a thing of the past- Raymond Richard Reep

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Short Quotes One should control his expressions to control his emotions. - Lokesh giriGiving with pleasure gets you back more than you can possibly give. - NovaThere are some good things to learn from everyone - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyPeople's ignorance can very well be answered by ignorance. - Maharshi UpadhyayaIt is like a dog that thinks barking at the mailman makes him retreat. - mike LorchBeing uncontrolled is not being cool - Lokesh giriIntegrity is doing that which is right even when no one is present - Brayne MatshotshiNever show your weakness before your adversary. - Euginia HerlihyMinds are like umbrella - they only function when open. - palash sarkarThe thought of quitting only comes in when challenge questions your commitment - Enmanuel RosadoNo one can beat you if you fight for truth. - Sourabh kumarDependence causes fear - Lokesh giriPassion is a requisite spice in the recipe for success - Ahmed BolajiHumility is what makes a fool wise. - annonymousCraftiness is the accomplice of the devious. - Victor CourageDon't do things because you have time but do it because it is worth your time - JosephSelf-condemnation does not yield redemption - Lovemore kagandeTime doesn't change even if you change your watch - maulikAn ounce of wisdom is better than a pound of talent. - Matshona DhliwayoIt only takes one nut to make a tree. - Ayndriane FowlerCalling a dog a cat doesn't change the fact that it barks. - ZakiaPractice a few times and you'll master it. - Areeba NoorI have to survive to narrate my story not to impress but to inspire them. - Areeba NoorSometimes women want the opposite of what they really want - Oluwaseun Adeboye VictorCoincidence is the slothful man's excuse for leading an un-examined life. - Lydia PerovicSome minds need to get reorganized. - joey the poetTime is the teller of all the tales - SpencerHaughtiness comes from a mind that is full of complaints - Tiffany FernandesThe choices you make is the steering Wheel of your future - Byron A. Williams Sr.Truth is the spark that ignites loyalty and respect - Charles HesterIF you want to shine like a sun you first burn like a sun - hamdan ahmadClean clothes do not hide inner dirtiness. - mohdmustafa99A lie is like boiling water; keep it a while to find it evaporated. - mohdmustafa99Please help me fix the problem I can't really find - Chari MaeContentment is not to lack desire to own animals, but to donate for the zoo. - mohdmustafa99We won't blame ourselves later on.. if each blames oneself now. - mohdmustafa99Boredom is earnest since it makes you accustomed to. - mohdmustafa99Everyone needs two pieces of wisdom : Not to interfere in others' affairs; and not to allow others interfere you in their affairs. - mohdmustafa99Increasing accusations of sexual harassment, makes you avoid doing favor to women. - mohdmustafa99To know secrets of success is easy but not before achieving success. - mohdmustafa99I like photography, but only as a holder of the camera. - mohdmustafa99The past is the total of faults that we are not anymore doing. - mohdmustafa99Never care about what they say against you even if they are psychologists. - mohdmustafa99Never challenge what you can easily defeat. - mohdmustafa99A silent bad listener is worse than an annoying chatter. - mohdmustafa99Don't wait on people to do anything that you can get done by yourself. - Marie Yolande PierreJudge yourself before you judge others. - Zac OchsenbineNegligence of others' efforts insults you not the others. - mohdmustafa99Trust few people, all people know this is the mechanism of trust - mohdmustafa99Not all those having ideas are writers; not all writers have ideas. - mohdmustafa99When life pushes you down, don't get back right away, build your primary foundations, to ensure it can't happen again - the curious personWe have enough people who do not have enough - mohdmustafa99No one is definitely sure about his little knowledge more than that who knows greatly. - mohdmustafa99To trust a doll is to trust its battery. - mohdmustafa99If anxiety enters like a mouse, then let cats come in. - mohdmustafa99We want security men to protect us from two evils : theirs and the others' - mohdmustafa99Admit your little knowledge like the poor one who admits having no money. - mohdmustafa99Justice, as a very important matter , should not be only the affair of justice administrations - mohdmustafa99Nurture yourself as a father, this is one way to nurture your children. - mohdmustafa99Nothing abolishes vice deeds like virtual deeds. - mohdmustafa99Good management employs you as a human being, not a machine - mohdmustafa99The pessimist and the ambitious can't meet in one person . - mohdmustafa99Greatness walks alone. - The Quoted IrisIf there are no corrupt ones in prisons , then the state is corrupt. - mohdmustafa99A coward feels shy to speak about his cowardice, but he never feels shy to show it practically. - mohdmustafa99Efficiency is to get rid of revision whenever you do.. - mohdmustafa99If we help needy ones, we won't find any needy one to help - mohdmustafa99Every wave is the result of some energy which is part of the whole. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyI minimize the sympathy to maximize the empathy.. - Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiPain only hurts as much as you let it. - Austin James LelievreThe day when you face your fears head on will be the day when your fears stop scaring you. - Austin James LelievreThe greatest disability is in the mind not the body - Junior Mphumzi.N MathanjanaYou can never win a race where you cannot fail. - ameya agrawalWhat if the Sky was in the way of the Moon? - The Quoted IrisI have more conversations in my head than I do with my therapist. - The Quoted IrisLet's start the chain of smile. - natashaWisdom is not the result of time lived; it is the result of lived time. - Mac McGovernDegree Of Manners is more valuable than the Degree Of Marks. - Hira AmjadThe stronger the interdependence, the worse is sudden independence! - Boghos L. Artinian MDAct upon your idea today because tomorrow you'd be procrastinating over it.. - Harshita BetalaTruth is a living God. - Joe CervantesThe most menacing lies come from yourself. - Enzo GiacobbeThere's no protection from ourselves except us. - Enzo GiacobbeAn alien is neither a destructor nor a creator; It's always a secret intelligence agent ; ) - KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANLive each day like it is your last one on this earth. - SundareshThe truly intelligent person neither regards nor treats anyone else as an idiot, but the truly idiot always does. - Sundaresh

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Funny Quotes They say time and tide wait for nun! but I ask why discrimination? - Lokesh giriRegained childhood is the last stage of perfection. - Lokesh giriIf you are taking life seriously you are not wise yet - Lokesh giriLive is not a game it's a nightmare - kolwer perezThose who blow their own trumpets often end up hoarse - Patricia SchwitzerNever leave a bathroom without an idea - Edmond H SweidyWhy give up if life takes no hostages? - Javier de WindtMy idea of a wild Friday night is buying a bottle of wine and not sharing it. - Dana Jo GraslieMuseums are a thing of the past - Raymond Richard ReepNever serve who doesn't serve oneself; never serve who can serve oneself. - mohdmustafa99The Mailman's Creed should be changed to 'We deliver whenever we feel like it. - The Quoted IrisHonesty has nothing bad except it makes you poor. - mohdmustafa99A job without work is worse than work without a job. - mohdmustafa99Employ graduates before they forget information of their specialties. - mohdmustafa99Truth is always painful unless you accept it. - Kowsalapathy SaravananStraws are for suckers. - Bradford Harry NeviusHuman cloning is a very complicated scientific process to give birth to illegitimate children. - mohdmustafa99Corruption makes offices like prisons ; places of offenders. - mohdmustafa99A dog doesn't wish to be a human as it barks at us disdaining our humanity. - mohdmustafa99Why are you astonished by finding me different? Your similar attitudes are the astonishing matter. - mohdmustafa99Not all carpenters have their doors broken. - mohdmustafa99Women must do a lot until gender equity becomes a male demand. - mohdmustafa99Theory of conspiracy in practice is to burn up the American flag when a Russian air raid attacks your town. - mohdmustafa99Some people speak like Moses and act as the Pharaoh. - mohdmustafa99A lot of smokers started smoking just after they got free lighters. - mohdmustafa99Mr. President ! We, the protesters, are not mobilized by foreign powers. We don't eat bread for foreign interests. - mohdmustafa99There must be no sheaths for minds , simply because they don't function like swords. - mohdmustafa99The intelligent ones are like the mentally retarded deaf, can understand by signs - mohdmustafa99It is great to be serious but not too serious - mohdmustafa99Many times , I speak to some people for the first time , I wish it will be both, the first and the last. - mohdmustafa99Cotton is not enough to escape roar coming into your ears. - mohdmustafa99Liars are very important for our life. Without them, we cannot know the credible ones. - mohdmustafa99There are two types of habits : One makes you funny by things such as narcotics ; and the other makes you very miserable by things such as narcotics. - mohdmustafa99Routine puts all its sentences in continuous present. - mohdmustafa99Whoever utilizes his or her naughtiness is developing to be naughtier. - mohdmustafa99Save Coy. It's in danger. - mohdmustafa99The prideful suck up more air than others. - Joe CervantesThe only golden rule is that all women adore gold. - mohdmustafa99Most people are not famous because they are not good enough nor too bad. - mohdmustafa99A Heavy smoker can give up smoking by not lighting a cigarette between a cigarette and a cigarette. - mohdmustafa99Money is a matter of chase. Not having it, makes you chaser. Having it , makes you chased - mohdmustafa99Marriage is one way to free oneself from love - mohdmustafa99Love doesn't only play with hearts but also with adrenal glands - mohdmustafa99News is always good because it tells who is worse than us - mohdmustafa99Bad words near your lips are flies to oust away. - mohdmustafa99You'll ignore a lot of things when you do away with ignorance. - mohdmustafa99An opportunity makes a thief; lack of opportunities makes the honest ones. - mohdmustafa99Women get involved in politics when they discover that men are not fit for it. - mohdmustafa99Any 'famous' one I don't know is not famous. - mohdmustafa99You can be neutral , but to be a pro-neutral is not neutrality. - mohdmustafa99Why should I love you ? I want to love you without 'should' - mohdmustafa99You need to use all your heads to understand your single heart. - mohdmustafa99To condemn everybody is to condemn nobody - mohdmustafa99Who wants balls of steel when you can have them in gold? - QuagganQuoter69Jesus loved the little children; but he never had any. - Michelle CaldwellDo NOT trust a FAT Dietitian! - The Quoted IrisNever say 'Lid' in a drugstore! - The Quoted IrisWhy do you say, 'Zombies are brain dead, dysfunctional, and have no place in society?' When, Zombies use more of your brain than you do. - Mac McGovernSome ingredients of truth with pure lie makes the perfect lie - Suraj Bhaskar GholapBe different not weird - Suraj Bhaskar GholapDon't be a fool just act dumb - Takunda Musingwini

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Life Quotes Our expressions are the reflections of the inner-self tampered by emotions. - Matt BillA better man is one who doesn't take pride in the fact that he is better. - Lokesh giriBut it is all words that mean nothing and feelings that mean everything. - Zarah smithSome things in life are simply necessary temporaries. - Eddie HarrisLife won't be around forever so live it before its gone. - Josie HillmanYour past is gone but tomorrow brings a new day - Maria Farag Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. - Sam ArmstrongForgetting the problem doesn't solve the problem. - Lokesh giriThe difficult parts of your journey in life are your greatest teachers. - El Haji NeroYou should be able to resist everything but love. - Victor CourageProof ends cloudiness - Edmond H SweidyLife is a journey through which you truly find yourself - Dylan Wilson BrowneIts an open world outside for you to venture but beware of the walls within. - Harikrishna GopalakrishnanAbility to say no in a gentle way is a virtue. - Avhidipta MondalA better world begins with better people - Chiquita BowlegWe live our mortal lives for small immortal moments - Daniel MaddenWe can't expect to be respected if we can't respect ourselves - Derrick JacksonEveryone in this world is playing the 'I' game. - Pat broThe only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability - Amaan HussainLife is simple but not easy! - Piet NtemaA conscious person can create a better world than a self-conscious person. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyNever give room for success killers - Abasiofon Fidelis‏We are a voicing phenomenon, but when we keep silent we become an overthrown phenomenon. - mohdmustafa99Let time alone be a player and yourself be audience. - Pradeep pandeySome people are like sugar coated tablets, sweetened from outside and very bitter from inside. - mohdmustafa99Neutralize fears or fears will neutralize you. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMAnxiety is like the cuckoo; lays its eggs in other birds' nests. - mohdmustafa99An expelling state is a geographical zone in which earth lost gravity. - mohdmustafa99Doubts are not lies but they function like them or even worse. - mohdmustafa99Extra laughing extinguishes heart's expediency ; little laughing extinguishes lung efficiency. - mohdmustafa99No knowledge; no courtesy; that's nonsense life. - mohdmustafa99Life is a tragedy for those who want it a comedy. - mohdmustafa99We smell water to find no smell in it. And so Life goes on like this , to check out to find nothing. - mohdmustafa99Difficult life is a treasure of wisdom - mohdmustafa99An autobiography is a literary genre that doesn't contain any life faults like a biography. - mohdmustafa99Grief lives as long as a bubble lives - mohdmustafa99Social media is not your diary. - Germany KentIf patience is not followed by patience after patience ; then that is not patience - mohdmustafa99For a lady 'public relations' is a suitable job , but as a life style it is not. - mohdmustafa99Relationship without trust is like river without water.. - Sourav MishraCome ordinary go extraordinary. - Kowsalapathy SaravananLies kill trust while truth expose decisiveness - success songWithout seasons there is no harvesting. - Jason BaptisteIf you try, you can find an entire galaxy in me - DEADSCREAMAlways look on the brightest side of life - Rimsha IftikharLife is what you make of it. - David FigueroaI'm drowning in the misery of me - Nicole BeckGrades don't determine people's success - pasculina nabusani purityCLIMATE CHANGE IS REGULATED BY GOD; NOT THE GOVERNMENT. - The Quoted Iris

Inspirational + One Liners Quotes

Inspirational Quotes Leave a mark not a scar! - Lee HynesThe aspects of the leader are reflected in the group. - Larry H. WestonSuccess is getting up one more time than you have been knocked down. - Jaxson MartinezWhen you fight fire with fire you justify the actions of your enemy - Donald Lynn FrostMany people have a degree but only Very few have a VISION. - Sourabh kumarNever let someone else's wind flicker your spark. - Akshay MahajanBy far the hardest part of accomplishing anything in life is getting started. - Nnoshi kekanaStorms are best in judging your true potential! - Kanha yTo think you know all the answers means you don't know all the questions - uzoefuna Darlington chimaobiYou can be quite different without being indifferent. - mohdmustafa99Wisdom is not to deal with matters you know, but with new matters that you haven't experienced before. - mohdmustafa99It is ridiculous to be crazy; it is crazy to be ridiculous - mohdmustafa99You can't be a true generous unless you give beyond you were asked. - mohdmustafa99That who wants to know the inlet must also know the outlet. - mohdmustafa99Adjourn tomorrow's anxiety for its day. - mohdmustafa99A fruitful tree was only a meek seed. - mohdmustafa99To criticize oneself is approval. - mohdmustafa99Those who try to impress everyone, usually end up impressing no one - the curious personGo up my fried; the lower places are too crowded - mohdmustafa99You are not alone , but you can't know this unless you sit alone. - mohdmustafa99You may not be able to fix the world but you may fix that one person that changes the world - Nicole ShurtleffCriticism is the fuel by which the vehicle of success runs.. - Bikash KumarThe only person you can change.. is you! - Lood GoosenHappy life is a myth only struggle is the truth. - Nikhil Prakash WanjareShadows are better than fake people. - Hadi MusthafaPeople who affront that of which they know nothing, are unqualified to attempt an opinion on that subject. - Mac McGovernYou starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline. - Mac McGovernAlcoholism, the pariah feeding on the collapse of self-control befuddling the brain's sensibility; transforming intelligence into ridicule. - Mac McGovernEven the mighty sun sets to rise again. - Bafferh MohammedLive life you feel good living. - Marie Yolande PierreLone fighter is better than entire team without unity - Suraj Bhaskar GholapBe genuine because xerox can never be original - Suraj Bhaskar GholapBetter to create rather than to execute the given - Ritik kapoorGo for consistency rather than non-frequent excellence - Suraj Bhaskar GholapSelf-confidence is the total acceptance of one's unique self despite society's perception of you. - CamilleHow can you expect to treat others with love and respect when you can't for yourself - James SorgeIn the pursuit of wanting to be liked we lose track of the fact that just by liking ourselves it would make this pursuit meaningless! - Adrian McGinnYou can't expect anything from someone who has nothing to give. - Marie Yolande PierreI stopped expecting things from people who have nothing for themselves. - Marie Yolande PierreBe our beautiful butterfly, leave the past, rise to the occasion, and embellish life! - Adrian McGinnServing life with dignity, decency, dedication, and discernment is being true to life! - Adrian McGinnNone of us is a better or worse human being than anyone else, if so it is our mind playing tricks on us! - Adrian McGinnGreet the day! Do not judge the day, it has not happened yet! - Adrian McGinnThrive by giving! The more we give the more we receive and we have more to give that we think! - Adrian McGinnBelieve we can and we relieve ourselves of the greatest obstacle! - Adrian McGinn

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Philosophy Quotes Knowledge isn't power if it isn't put into use. - Jack BrownEvery culprit is a victim himself - Lokesh giriSuccess completely depends on how we behave with ourselves - Lokesh giriYou can't cheat others except yourself - palash sarkar Traditions are man made rules not worth fighting for. - abdu bahtaTruth is timeless - paul odafe uthoMeasure your thoughts carefully only you are responsible for them. - Victor CourageRules are hard to follow and easy to ignore. - karnakar reddy pasulaNot all the poor are boor. - mohdmustafa99Once again, we shall fall in love with life, In the end it was just a sweet lie. - GURTEJ SINGH NANDHRAIt's good to think about others but never forget to think about yourself simultaneously.. - Aye AyeNecessity disdains doctrines. - mohdmustafa99Legislators are their legislations: the worse they are, the worse they are. - mohdmustafa99Globalization needs to be globalized as an alternative substituting 'clash of civilizations' - mohdmustafa99Religion cannot be 'opiate of people' because people of opiates have no deference to religions. - mohdmustafa99Rationality of the past might be irrationality of today and vice versa - mohdmustafa99Everybody doesn't need to know everything about you. - Germany KentNot a leftist or a rightist, nor in between. I'm above. - mohdmustafa99Emotions and desires are the unfortunate casualties of whim - M A Gaffar ProdeepEternity is without deadline. - Jason BaptisteKnowledge is edited by time; wisdom needs no editors. - Boghos L. ArtinianLittle truth is better than a great lie.. - success songA spider's shadow doesn't sting - Pistis BaluEars never sleep hungry - Pistis Balu

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Change Quotes Only change remains the same - Kim HaleLove makes the man change by his own will. - NovaOnly by changing present can one change the future - Lokesh giriWe are enslaved by the very things that we have captured - Marcus W PringleThe road to happiness is the road you build yourself. - Christoffer N. MoenBe the agent of transformation - Piet NtemaUnless you change your thoughts nothing will be new on this New Year. - Kowsalapathy SaravananBE NICE TO THE 'NICE' AND NASTY TO THE 'NASTY'. - Vijaya Lakshmi MedaWalk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else - Brian KelleyYou can change your present not the past. - Kowsalapathy SaravananDon't change your mind when you intend to say the truth - Aye AyeIf truth is indeed unchangeable definitely lie is changeable.. - Kayode Seyi TayoIf the constitution is one mockery, then change in it is two. - mohdmustafa99Some songs will be better with changes in their words, music and the singer. - mohdmustafa99The world is changing but not according to scenarios of those who want to change it. - mohdmustafa99Two things one must avoid changing them : flexibility of own mind , and rigidity of the other's mind. - mohdmustafa99You can ALWAYS change the way you think about things. You can't always change everything, but the way we perceive it might bring a whole new kind of change - Lood GoosenYou are who you are, you cannot change what fate has made unique; you must first love you. - Mac McGovern

Love + One Liners Quotes

Love Quotes By loving you more I'm in more love with myself than ever - NovaPerhaps only by being in love can one become a better person. - NovaLove yourself truly if you want to spread the spirit of humanity - palash sarkarIf you can't get someone off your mind they are probably supposed to be there. - Darab ImteyazThere is nothing more bitter than sweet revenge itself - rfsYour love is my reason to live. - Areeba NoorLove is the most beautiful gamble to risk. - Ruth BandoquilloLove becomes chaotic when someone becomes unsure of their love. - Nelson CherySolution for every problem hides when you're angry - Prashanth ThotaMy nerves are wires where your feelings flow - Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezThe energy of love is the only energy that increases as much as you devour it. - mohdmustafa99Love is a disease whose medicine is negligence of the unfaithful beloved one. - mohdmustafa99Your love has added meaning for my living. - PromilaLove is like rain : little of it is a problem, and too much of it is a problem. - mohdmustafa99All is fair in love and war but neither love or war is ever fair. - John Guedes do NascimentoLove is an attachment with detachment - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyTwo month fling and a heartbreak for eternity - R EVELYN MONICA

Hate + One Liners Quotes

Hate Quotes Love is to hate to hate. - AB BabyThere is a lot of difference between 'hating' and 'not liking'. - Bipin Kumar G JWhen hate fills your mind don't forget you have a heart. - Vanessa MurilloLove conquers all, hate conquers nothing - Victor CourageHaters are like water to my soil - James millerWe can get rid of hate if those we hate help us. - mohdmustafa99I hate thieves but not those who steal hearts. - mohdmustafa99Many of those you hate, are those you need to be sympathetic with. - mohdmustafa99We are all going to be hurt when we hate each other - Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezTo love you need no reason to hate you need one. - Kowsalapathy SaravananOnly people who really love you can hate you for a small thing you do unintentionally. - Marie Yolande Pierre

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Criticism made men who took it positively great men- CLKAll good ideas are made from errors.- Karl CollinsWe always want to give people a piece of our mind rather than have peace of mind- KISHORE WIZZY RAMDATHHe who finds happiness in another man's shoes will never be happy.- Hayden BoschA tree whose roots are deeply grounded fears no gale.- Christan MitewuKeep the ice in your mind and fire in your heart..- Madhur AroraLife doesn't always go as planned; it goes better sometimes.- Larissa Grace AndersonGod didn't make us different, he made us unique.- Unnati KalaHidden tears are better than visible tears- Gavhi Reginaeh RTrust is a commodity seldom regained.- Melvin Sagun BurgessBeautiful people are not always good but good people are always beautiful..- suhana husainNever think highly of yourself ; life will always throw you from your pedestal.- Michiel Bester Team is Built by people not by person - PrashantEven the 'Heart of Iron' can be melt with the Heat of 'LOVE'- ASHIQHUSSAIN NAMDHARIFighting fire with fire only makes the flame grow.- LockeheartValue of a leader is not in the answers he gives but in the questions he asks.- Jaladheer TummalaDon't Let Your Circumstance Determine Your Future!- Toni EvansWhat of your superior intellect if you can't shine it's rays upon mankind?- Henri HaapanenLive as if you were to die tomorrow but learn as if you were to live forever.- Masood Ahmed RahuResentment is an impediment where love is supposed to be.- Cheryl Joy KhanAll can earn power - but few can earn the right type.- O. KIf you want to walk with giants you must take giant steps.- Stanley WilliamsWhat are you doing today to better someone else's tomorrow? - Mariza RuizBeauty originates from our inner-most self-confidence- Hanifa Fatima LiwandaFirst you have to go through the Hell if you want to see the Heaven.- LucyBalance is how much you can handle before you go nuts!- Edmond H SweidyReal poverty is when you run out of ideas to help others- Edmond H SweidyWe are prisoners between the walls of our beliefs.- Leandru ViegasLeader said we but boss said i.- Sourabh kumarFailure is the biggest opportunity for greater success!- MskAn idea without a plan is nothing more than a dream- Steven A. BoardA great gift that should always be given and returned is a smile.- Paaj MivThe best lines are those that are left unspoken until that one perfect moment.- Ma. Soledad F. AngtuacoFrom sand I come and in sand I shall go- shiza shahidAction and peace are not opposites; more peace=more controlled action- Lokesh giriSuccess can only be measured by happiness- Eddie KeithYour dreams need you- Daleen IrshaidThe greatest leader is the best dedicated follower.- Bobby WinterI want to think outside the box because it's crowded in there..- Paul PeshkovDeath is just nature's way of making room for birth.- christine sharlandPatience is not just a virtue; it's an art of control- Lokesh giriAnger is desirable only when it's intentional.- Lokesh giriIt's easier to satisfy the devils desires than God's.- Joe CervantesArrogance is the firstborn of pride.- Kevin T. MutasaThe finest gift a man can give is the gift of a constructive and creative life- Irfan Mamoun MDBe it the way , be it the truth, be it the life, it is as much an artistic science as it is a scientific art.- SundareshTypically when we give someone privilege they take it for granted.- Muhammad Shahid IqbalThe Earth Without Music Is Just Soil & Rocks !- Vivek SahneyLife wouldn't stop to teach even when we're not ready to learn..- success songPut others' Needs before your Wants.- Grayson ElliottTrue friendship is revealed when you are in trouble.- T C JoseIf you aim to please, you never miss.- SundareshSevere idiocy is pity, moderate idiocy is laughable and mild idiocy is dangerous.- mohdmustafa99I don't wish death for my enemy , but I wish my enemy be against my wishes.- mohdmustafa99Someday you will find yourself at peace when you learn to forgive and accept everything at ease..- CelTrust everybody and believe no one..- success songFreedom is more important than food. Notice this when you open the cage to feed the bird , and then find it escaping and flying away- mohdmustafa99Media is a kitchen where unripe winds are boiled to become hurricanes.- mohdmustafa99Misfortune that breeds hope; isn't misfortune.- mohdmustafa99The greater your position , the greater your trifle mistakes. The humbler your position the trifler your great mistakes- mohdmustafa99If our wrong habits are a part of our culture, then let our culture go to Hell- mohdmustafa99To dissent against the world means failure in adaptation of oneself to live in.- mohdmustafa99Our similarities reveals our deficiencies in creativity.- mohdmustafa99History of future starts with criticism of the past.- mohdmustafa99Hesitance and solidity do not work together.- mohdmustafa99A divorced woman knows much about marriage though she failed it- mohdmustafa99A bad writer can improve by reading rather than by more writing.- mohdmustafa99If it's easy, it won't last very long.- Allen LazarArt can't be taught: It can only be found- Bob EvermonTo apologize, you need to be courageous. To forgive you need to be very courageous.- mohdmustafa99I trust my mouth, my nose, my eyes , my tongue, but not my ears.- mohdmustafa99Never work like a mosquito; you'll be hit deadly.- mohdmustafa99Loss is indeliberate failure; to ignore its causes is definitely deliberate.- mohdmustafa99Philanthropists do not kill poverty, but they anesthetize it for a short time- mohdmustafa99All kinds of growth are susceptible to failure , except age growth.- mohdmustafa99It is freedom to confine yourself without any outer obligation.- mohdmustafa99Any 'freedom' that allows you to do the wrong is the contrary of freedom.- mohdmustafa99Our government often has two words: the unfulfilled good one, and the well fulfilled bad one.- mohdmustafa99The greatest development in media freedom is the better access to make lies.- mohdmustafa99If you don't go through hell you wouldn't understand the beauty of heaven..- Kayode Seyi TayoTime is not equal to Money, Time is better. Money has perceived importance Time has absolute importance- Lokesh giriA dog that barks at a camel does nothing but disease its larynx.- mohdmustafa99Success starts with expecting failure and ends with failure of this expectation.- mohdmustafa99Your family members are more technical than Internet to choose you a spouse.- mohdmustafa99Failure tests determination of success..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiTo ignore misery means to be happy.- mohdmustafa99We , animals do not want the lion to be our king, but we are afraid that the hyena takes over.- mohdmustafa99The less means we have ; the more dreams we make.- mohdmustafa99The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.- Yakin DiwanDetermination is always bigger than the surrounding obstacles.- Manoj AbhichandaniNo one wants to remove their crown of ego- Adarsh HegdeCreate your own destiny by being true to yourself- pollet reneilwe masekoamengInner strength will beat all outer adversities- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMNature can offer you the biggest gifts only if you are ready to accept them- shivangi lavaniyaIn love we can control our minds but we cannot control our hearts- g srinivas charyAccept defeat but do not let it flourish.- Victor CourageBiggest mistake in the world is to hurt others.- mahendrasinh zalaDreams are one of the few things in life that we shouldn't risk for others- Nancy AlmeidaLive your life in a way you want to be remembered- ClairvoyanWhat one believes to be oneself is only repetitive imagination- Lokesh giriEveryone has a genetic make-up of leadership- Brayne MatshotshiThe best education in the world is that got by struggling to get a living.- Darab ImteyazWe all make mistakes but only a few are willing to be corrected.- Bobby WinterWhen everything goes wrong, patience is the best weapon- palash sarkarOne can only find peace when they have witnessed pain.- Mohammed Al-DieryDon't grant me wishes if you can't set me free- Fendi Marie LibbyIt's Only Illegal If It Feels Wrong.- Marlene SanchezIs the God that created rich people and love the same God that created hobos?- Pistis BaluThe right choice always bring an expected end.- ENGR ABAH SULENature is at it's best without human's conquest- Vaishnavi MishraDeep thoughts are born from deeply wounded heart- Suraj Bhaskar GholapEverything good is an indispensable necessity that virtue can well afford to give lock stock and barrel, for free. Everything evil is a costly luxury that wealth can ill afford to buy in bits and in pieces, for an exorbitant price.- SundareshWe mourn loved ones for a time, memories will fade with each generation, until no memory remains. A journey has come to an end; a piece of history is lost again.- Mac McGovernThe more you fail the more you learn.- Kowsalapathy SaravananDreaming about her is not weird dreaming only about her is weird- chinnappa sagecKeep sharpening the axe for an unknown day- success songAny dream without merry pixies doesn't deserve to sleep for- mohdmustafa99These days a tweet has officially become the new press release.- Germany KentA minority struggles for separation of its region, not because of oppression, but because it wants to utilize its natural wealth alone.- mohdmustafa99There are two groups: One exaggerates dreams to forget them, and the other minimize their dreams to remember.- mohdmustafa99Fools can freely make us laugh, and can make us confused, but they must be trained not to make us irritated.- mohdmustafa99I learn from patience that Saturday , Friday, and the days in between are one day.- mohdmustafa99Rationality decreases imagination.- mohdmustafa99'Agreed to disagree'. This is the classic way to process peace negotiations- mohdmustafa99We are not naïve enough to accept speeches of some ruling leaders.- mohdmustafa99Credibility of faith is measured by reduction in misconducts.- mohdmustafa99Waiting doesn't increase age, but it consumes it.- mohdmustafa99Greater the wish ; lesser the work to do for- mohdmustafa99Nationalism is wonderful ; the problem is with departmentalization- mohdmustafa99The mob can't be the opposition- mohdmustafa99Little sin doesn't make a great saint..- Aye AyeHaters are like street dogs, let them bark.- MAHARAJDeath is the end of life so as birth the beginning of life..- Aye AyeMaking visual art is having a conversation with your work and you don't do all the talking- Bob EvermonThe encyclopedia of history will shrink to one tenth of its volume if we remove from it events caused by chumps.- mohdmustafa99One must be optimistic disregarding the majority.- mohdmustafa99An ideology governs, and thoughtlessness too.- mohdmustafa99The main cause of rage is losing temperance.- mohdmustafa99Every time lies want to make history, they make sandcastles.- mohdmustafa99If people meet their dreams realized they will be afraid of going to bed.- mohdmustafa99Reality is Better Than Imagination- ONKAR PATILThe oppressed do not speak about their oppression , but about their oppressors.- mohdmustafa99Tranquility falls into hearts, not stomachs- mohdmustafa99I find it difficult to accept mosquitoes as partners in the ecological balance of this globe.- mohdmustafa99I'm possible and potent not impossible nor impotent..- Aye AyeA woman likes to be understood by a child; but doesn't like adults understand her the same way.- mohdmustafa99Forgiveness can be repeated but not for the third time- mohdmustafa99Space Agencies Should Play Non-Stop Music In Space To Discover Life On Other Planets !- Vivek SahneyYou may confuse cows with each other , but please, not to the extent of trying to milk the bull.- mohdmustafa99Most of a prisoner's dreams fall outside the walls of the prison.- mohdmustafa99Propaganda is used to attract popularity, but in fact it brings boredom and disapproval.- mohdmustafa99To watch people kills you. To be watched increases your age.- mohdmustafa99Follower is the backbone of leader..- Aye AyeLet's visit the sick. They have a strong belief that health is communicable.- mohdmustafa99If your bed dreams are far from reality; then that indicates you live remotely from reality.- mohdmustafa99Merchants do not give beginners advice. When they do, reverse the advice and act.- mohdmustafa99What we had yesterday was good what we've now is better, tomorrow is our best that is yet to come..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiThe courtyard of your humble house is the million star hotel.- mohdmustafa99The good of making in-deliberate rash decisions is learning of making good decisions.- mohdmustafa99'I will do it later on' means after the expiry date.- mohdmustafa99The end of waiting is not to get what you are waiting for, but to terminate waiting and make any new arrangement.- mohdmustafa99Truth might not be profitable at the beginning but it's gainfully at the end likewise lie might be favorable at the start but it ends as colossal loss- Kayode Seyi TayoThose who spell love don't feel it and those who feel love spell it, not because it's better to feel love than to spell it..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiThe difference between gain and pain is (g/p) nevertheless no pain no gain..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiPrick me with the point of your pen ; this is less harmful than what your pen writes.- mohdmustafa99Your dreams are your thoughts- Joel masegelaEveryday you're living history.- Nazifa TasnimCuriosity can drive insanity into one's mind.- Devon Breshears

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