Namratha G

Namratha G

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Short Bio: 'N'AMRATHA... is Always 'A'dorable 'M'erciful 'R'esponsible 'A'dmirable 'T'ruthful 'H'umble 'A'nalytical

Namratha G Quotes

Your Head Weight! At My Foot!!
-Namratha G


Agree the Reality.. You're not always the First Priority.
-Namratha G


Even you give importance more than they deserve.. They only confirm where do they belong!
-Namratha G

Life Patience Wisdom

Hurdles are confirmed when you decide to float on Happiness.
-Namratha G

Happiness Life Truth

No One Gonna Count the Reasons for Your Smile.. Make them Countless
-Namratha G

Happiness Hope Life Short

You will not live your life for a while, the time you pretend what you're not!
-Namratha G

Life Truth

I was Gud When U Were New! But Why not Now!! Mistake is Mine or Yours???

Friendship Life

Shine r Shade, Smiles never Fade
-Namratha G

Happiness Imagination Love

Truth is unbearable when u r addicted to sweet

Truth Witty

Not everyone who views your status will reply you! Not Everyone who smiles at you are Happy For You!!
-Namratha G


Who cares you today the most; is going to hurt you tomorrow the

Life Philosophy Short

Opt How you Should!! Adopt What u O


Don't consider my Patience is the Green Signal to show off your Attitude. Your Attitude at my Foot!
-Namratha G

Optimism Patience

My Attitude is at A

Optimism Short

Not Everyone interested to poke into your L

Life Truth Wisdom

Fate! Faith!! Fight!! Altogether known as F

Friendship Truth

What you are.. is what you think others

Truth Witty

I just tried to correct her.. She corrected my opinion about


Life Teaches you Through Scars! Learn from P

Inspirational Life

When you Choose to be Good!!!! Be ready to be Good to bad T


Yes!!!!!! I Love My Attitude!! That's Why it's at That Height!!!
-Namratha G

Confidence Faith

Exist where Your Existence creates Excitement! Not Where Your Happiness E

Education Happiness Inspirational Optimism

Keep Your Egoistic Words with Yourself!! Am Damn D

Confidence Optimism Peace

Be happy to be Alone.. U need not to pretend to impress someone else..
-Namratha G

Happiness Loneliness

Preferences do change with

Time Truth

Thank You.. if U understand my Silence! Sorry.. if U Misunderstand my Words!!
-Namratha G

Life Wisdom

The more you explain.. the more people will start

Truth Witty

As much as you lean on.. kneel down.. That much your value goes down!!
-Namratha G


Changing People with Changing Situations!
-Namratha G

Change Truth

Life is all about Remembering and Forgetting
-Namratha G

Life Short Truth

Any relationship turns Critical either because of Wrong Meaning or of Strong R

Life Relationship Truth

Anybody can RATE the Quote here.. but only Writer can NARRATE Wat they M

Truth Wisdom

Being Available Always!! Turns you to Nil Valued
-Namratha G


Silence.. that always Works out!
-Namratha G

Short Truth

Accident Is Unexpected; Wound is Painful; Scars are M


Best is what we Opt out of Good!
-Namratha G


In any relationship, Care is what the second person "Receive & Feel". Never the First person "R

Love Relationship Truth

One Day's Importance! Is Other Day's Ignorance!!
-Namratha G

Philosophy Sad Time Truth

When People don't find anything Bad in you to Blame... They search for Good things to find the Fault..
-Namratha G


To be Honest, its danger to be Too H

Philosophy Truth Witty

Love it.. As it is.. That

Love Patience Peace

It's Never too late... To Walkout
-Namratha G


Everything to Soil.. Except the Soul!

God Short Truth

My Failure is My Inspiration
-Namratha G

Failure Inspirational Optimism Philosophy Success

When you opt to be Silent... You will be asked to Talk... Life always Challenges You!!

Confidence Inspirational Optimism

Problem is to to Fight.. is to Solve.. Never to Surrender Yourself!
-Namratha G

Faith Inspirational Optimism Philosophy

Silence... Urges for words.. Distance... Waits to

Life Relationship

People Teach you Valuable Lessons.. sometimes for Free.. Sometimes for Huge Cost
-Namratha G

Philosophy Truth

Royal Feast is not Actually d Quality or Quantity of Food! It

Confidence Inspirational Life Success

Best Revenge I