Wayne Chirisa

Wayne Chirisa

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Wayne Chirisa Quotes

“Beauty is a flamboyant spectacle, it never goes unnoticed.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Beauty Confidence Inspirational Romantic Short

“We aspire to be great, but very few desire to go to great lengths, to do the great things that will make you the great person you desire to be.”
-Wayne Chirisa

Desire Goal Inspirational Leadership Success

“The principles that shape our virtues as a society define the collective social richness of those that are committed to live by their virtues.” B
-Wayne Chirisa

Inspirational Philosophy Religion Wisdom

“Effective economic development is fostered by a resourceful society.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Business Inspirational Leadership Success

“Strength through unification is unattainable when discord is more prevalent than the well intended course of action.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Inspirational Leadership Peace Wisdom

“It takes undoubtable dedication and confidence to master a skill.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Confidence Education Inspirational Success

“The establishment and application of core competencies, sets a platform for a strong competitive advantage.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Business Inspirational Leadership Success

“You cannot evaluate the effectiveness of an objective, if you cannot comprehend the blueprint of the vision.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Business Dreams Goal Inspirational Leadership

“The laws of life are the same, just as the law of gravity applies to us every minute, each new day comes with challenges but with renewed hope,
-Wayne Chirisa

Change Faith Inspirational Optimism Religion

“We don't proclaim material gain through prayer, but we proclaim divine wisdom that enables us to acquire our needs.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Faith Inspirational Religion Success Wisdom

“Prayer restores courage, through prayer we restore the dignity that was once undermined, in

Faith Inspirational Life Religion Wisdom

“Music is an ageless form of art, an intricate language that resonates with the human soul.” By:

Happiness Inspirational Life Religion

“Effective operational activities are refined through process development.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Business Inspirational Leadership Success

“Progress is a vague concept, if there is no vision to progress towards.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Dreams Faith Inspirational Life Success

“One of the biggest barriers to a great vision, is failure to emancipate oneself from a gradual personality fabrication; that overshadows the best
-Wayne Chirisa

Dreams Faith Inspirational Philosophy Success

“Every effective winning strategy is mapped out by focusing on the desired end goal.” By: Wayne

Business Goal Inspirational Leadership Wisdom

“Faith does not operate on ultimatums of providing pre-markers to convince you to be courageous on pursuing something; all you have are choices,
-Wayne Chirisa

Faith Inspirational Leadership Relationship Religion

“Unrelenting internal wars of a society destroys the fabric of unity, yeilding way to the dark veil of divisiveness.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Inspirational Leadership War Wisdom

“The magnitude of pleasure can only be measured by the one that experiences it, and not by the prescriber.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Desire Inspirational Life Love Relationship

“When you speak and accept the truth, you edify to the wholeness of your self worth, because truth in itself, is a precious jewel that is sought
-Wayne Chirisa

Faith Inspirational Life Religion Truth

“Change is not only a topic of discussion, transformative change is effected through action.” B

Business Change Inspirational Leadership Success

“We are all a great creation, burdened by our shortfalls; the very shortfalls cannot make us anything less than our selfworth, we aspire to be a
-Wayne Chirisa

Faith God Life Love

“A progressive business advancement strategy enriches the businesses capacity to gain momentum in

Business Inspirational Leadership Opportunity Success

“The foundation and cornerstone of state leadership is power of the people.” By: Wayne C

Leadership Philosophy Wisdom

“An opportunity is multifaceted, how you see it determines your next plausible course of action.

Business Dreams Inspirational Opportunity Success

“Just as one would not fetch water from a disease infested river, likewise, do not fetch wisdom

Faith God Inspirational Religion Wisdom

“Nothing is more charming than style and confidence.” By: Wayne C

Beauty Confidence Courage Desire Relationship

"True love inspires unconditional gifting." By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Friendship Inspirational Love Relationship

“The strength to accomplish something begins in the mind.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Faith Goal Inspirational Life Optimism

“No storm can darken a strong heart full of joy and love.” By: Wayne C

Faith Life Optimism Religion Fear

“Time is a scarce resource, to effectively maximize on it is by aknowledging that not everything

Business Goal Inspirational Leadership Time

“Determination is founded on passion, likewise passion is founded on a vision.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Business Goal Inspirational Leadership Life

“Far gone are the escapades of open disparage, it is the dawn of courageous hopeful hearts.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Faith Inspirational Life Love Religion

“We are all architects of our current opportunities, build the best out of what you have at this

Inspirational Life Opportunity Success Wisdom

“A team that is built on tenacity is always bound to achieve the best.” By: Wayne C

Business Inspirational Leadership Optimism Success

“A pragmatic approach is more rewarding and virtuous.” By: Wayne C

Business Change Inspirational Leadership Religion

“Strength is not limited to physical masculinity, determined achievers reveal the most strength.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Confidence Courage Inspirational Optimism Success

“Growth is an ongoing endeavour.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Business Education Inspirational Leadership Optimism

“Beauty is boundless in nature, thus it holds no definitive form.” By: Wayne Chirisa
-Wayne Chirisa

Beauty Confidence Desire Inspirational Short

“All of life

Faith Inspirational Life Wisdom

“Social wars of a society should aim to reinstate a dignified life where love can thrive; not to

Change God Inspirational Relationship Religion

“Courtesy, is a constant repitition of reflecting established virtues.” By: Wayne C

Inspirational Relationship Religion Wisdom

“Progress is first conceived in the mind, nature and safeguard your thought patterns.” By: W

Faith Inspirational Life Success Wisdom

“Seek excellence not perfection, that alone is a perfect choice.” By: Wayne C

Beauty Happiness Inspirational Success Wisdom

“If one's firm faith and belief is that nothing is impossible, it would be hypocritical for the person to face a challenge and doubt that there
-Wayne Chirisa

Courage God Inspirational Religion Wisdom

“No warm sentimental words can succinctly articulate the expanse of boundless love, even the great depths of oceans and the seas have boundaries; I
-Wayne Chirisa

Life Love Relationship Romantic

“The strength of your personal financial resources is equivalent to the quality of your financial

Business Inspirational Success Wisdom

“Principled leadership that embraces the fundamental need to aid in the successful development of a society, consequently cultivates a path of
-Wayne Chirisa

Leadership Optimism Success

“To get the most out of a life

Inspirational Leadership Life Success

“Adorn your beauty with elegant fashion and embellish it with a genuine smile of pride.” By: W

Beauty Inspirational Love Romantic Short