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Clothe yourselves with the truth, for it shall warm your heart and others Clothe yourselves with the truth, for it shall warm your heart and others..

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Forgiveness should come from a pure heart, not out of cowardice. Forgiveness should come from a pure heart, not out of cowardice...

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Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself..

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Broken heart is just like a glass, once you broke it, you can Broken heart is just like a glass, once you broke it, you can't join it with a single sorry..

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A sharing person with limited resources and a heart of gold is worth more than a selfish A sharing person with limited resources and a heart of gold is worth more than a selfish..

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Time is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache..
-Candace Easton

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Let the blade that Let the blade that's lodged in your heart, tainted with hate and despair .. Be banished and wiped..

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Keep the ice in your mind and fire in your heart.. Keep the ice in your mind and fire in your heart....

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Let the hole in the heart transmit light of true love. Let the hole in the heart transmit light of true love. ..

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The one who says he will The one who says he will 'try' has already determined in his heart that he will fail. It is better..

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You must have a logical heart and hearty logic. You must have a logical heart and hearty logic...


Facts are to a debate what the mind is to the body. Truth is to a debate what the heart is to the Facts are to a debate what the mind is to the body. Truth is to a debate what the heart is to the..


Love liberates the heart. Love liberates the heart...

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If you don If you don't want your broken heart to sink, teach it to swim away...

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Stop checking your pocket for change. Check your heart for extra love, give it to the poor Stop checking your pocket for change. Check your heart for extra love, give it to the poor..

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Happiness is a choice, a choice your heart makes. Happiness is a choice, a choice your heart makes...

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To find true love you have to figure out how to find true happiness. Find what actually makes you truly happy. Once you're there, then you will find..
-Bret Stringham

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They say the human heart is made of muscle, Then why does mine feel so weak? They say the human They say the human heart is made of muscle, Then why does mine feel so weak? They say the human..


never follow the decision of your heart , follow the decision of your brain because even the heart Never follow the decision of your heart , follow the decision of your brain because even the heart..


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Most people cannot see beauty because they look at it from their eyes instead of their heart. Most people cannot see beauty because they look at it from their eyes instead of their heart...

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Don Don't write your feelings in a diary.. instead write them in your heart so no one but yourself can..

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Love should be underlined in your life.. But in your heart it should be bold. Love should be underlined in your life.. But in your heart it should be bold...

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The beauty of a warm heart shines brighter than even the prettiest face. The beauty of a warm heart shines brighter than even the prettiest face...

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A heart only aches so many times before it breaks. A heart only aches so many times before it breaks...

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Happiness is the most important, then comes smile, because smile comes from lips, happiness comes from heart- kubhendraYour eyes lead you through the light but your heart will guide you through the dark- Bethany Hope SkinnerWhen hate fills your mind don't forget you have a heart.- Vanessa MurilloYou will never know your own heart until you let it speak.- NovaNo man is strong without a compassionate heart towards the weak.- Lokesh giriGOD does not care about the color of your skin or what job you do, he cares about your heart. So do I!- Sibel TerhaarDo you exist my love? Where might I find you? My heart burns with passion. Sad, sad passion. Knowing I can never have you by my side.- The Quoted IrisHappiness depends upon a mind full of rich thoughts and a heart full of rich emotions- Irfan Mamoun MDBalanced state of heart, soul and mind makes a perfect human being- Suraj Bhaskar GholapThe good man reaches out to others with an open hand, an open mind and an open heart. He lifts people up instead of letting them down- Irfan Mamoun MD

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Love Quotes Hell is a heart whose only love is for itself - Lokesh giriEvery moment I lie beside you feeling your heart whispering in my hands is worth 1000 in heaven. - NovaLove should always happen, with everyone and everything for it is the way of seeing the world with a gentle and soft heart. - Lokesh giriOne actually starts living when every action comes from heart and every emotion is love - NovaThis night I shall dream of your bedazzling brown hair and sparkling-eyes. Wrapped in echoes of your truthful heart wrenching-music, I long to sip from your cheerful lips. In my dreams we fly on the exquisite winged sweet of blackness skimming vast continents of hearts and serpents. The depths of all the oceans of the universe shall never separate our feathers. Brilliant as dark deeping sea horses, the seas greet us from afar. In the vanilla-twilight we feast on chocolate-coated walabis and tende - nichole starLove, don't you feel it in your heart? love, don't you feel in your veins? if love didn't exist the world wouldn't shine - lorena patricia figueroaWhen people say 'love is blind, insane' I've never had space and time to listen and take it to my heart. I discovered it by my self, now I believe it's true. - Linda UsmanMother's Concern for an offspring can often be perceived as nagging but ultimately they are good intended bouts of love and affection, maybe misguided, often unwanted but pure of heart nonetheless - AhwneeI'm longing for.. a kiss on my forehead, a stare while I am sleeping, a hand to hold on tightly, warm shoulder to sleep on, an all night hugs and cuddles, laughter to share with, an endless heart to heart chat, being with someone, you.. - indah mayang indriyaniLove.. Love.. Love, You make my eyes open my heart always beating when I saw you around, I'm falling in love with you, Love.. Love.. Love, I'm crying and I wanted to be dead that time when you said you're gonna move from here Love.. Love.. Love It's hard to explain You don't understand me I can't let you go and I do care about You for all this time Love.. Love.. Love My heart is for you the only guy that I love the most I'm afraid to lose you - Macrina Melody MelanieA heart only aches so many times before it breaks. - Sherin AshrafYou scrap your knee.. but you don't worry because you know that your skin cells will reform and soon your flesh is covered with new skin.. I'm trying to figure out why God didn't make our heart cells like our skin cells.. because it would sure be nice to cover up some of those holes and scars - Minetre MartinMy one heart has been broken too many times and you just built on it. you took everything of mine and used it. with all the I love yous. it was all a lie. you didn't love me. i'm now broken inside, all my pain is finally hitting me. - Chelsea Taylor WaytLove is such a joy for heart. - Tra LalalicSometimes the heart can see what is invisible to the eye. - Ashlyn Mary HornikThe windows to your soul, Covered yet seen, my reflection faint, Intensity beats my heart as if stampedes contained, words elude my tongue pulled honesty, red alarms my anxiousness, trembling in uncertainty, strength emerges 'Wo Ai ni', embrace my consciousness, they have rested on your shoulders, to root and to sprout, intertwined. - Klavin John Barry JRI love you, but no one else. You are in my heart no matter what. You are the one that makes me laugh when i'm upset or you make me cry of pure laughter. I'll tell you once I love you i'll tell you twice I love and i'll tell you three times I THINK I LOVE YOU. - sparkleyes131Love: Love gives you hope, love gives you a need , love gives you happiness! You feel that his eyes see right through you , he sees you heart, but you don't understand how it feels , so you let down your guard. Not aware of what awaits you. - SchaelyI Love Hugs, So hug me. You know that place in your arm and so close to your heart? There is where I long to be. - Shorouq A HassanListening to your heart is not a good idea.. cause your heart feels and your mind thinks.. - jannitzy martinezNever fall for someone twice if it never worked out the first time.. Never fall for someone who played with your heart and crushed it.. but fall for the one person who picks you up when you are down and loves you for who you are - Jorie WattsYour heart is like a vase, Gentle to touch, Easy to break, Impossible to fix. - Michael Mustafa ReaHeart vs. Brain. Let the heart win because the heart is what you really want. Your brain is just stopping you from getting there. Logic does not always win - motheo petjeWe were given Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find - Hayley Nicole RyanMy heart is missing a beat for my mind is wandering without a reason - Farhad DastoorWhat is Love: It is when someone cries deep inside the heart and you come to know it by the way they breathe - Farhad DastoorIf you love somebody, don't let them go, keep them as close to your heart as possible - poso define Do I have a heart? yes.. is it breakable? yes.. so will you please promise not to break it? - brittany siegmanHandle your heart like you're in an egg race, if you move too fast you'll break it. - Karrella JonesLove is in my heart, can't give it to anyone else because it belongs to you. - Tra LalalicDon't write your feelings in a diary.. instead write them in your heart so no one but yourself can open it. - shiza shahidI will always be by your side till the day I die. I couldn't stand to live my life without you. When my heart felt like it was about to break you where there to comfort me. I will love you till the end of time. You are the best. - Trystan StrawnMy heart isn't enough to carry my love for you.. :) - shiza shahid If my heart is a lake, then our love should be an ocean - K.E.Always LOVE with an OPEN mind, heart, eyes & ears! - HEATHER SCOTTIf you want my heart you have to earn it.. not take it! - Boo_BooThe heart feels what your eyes can't see - CARMEN CHICLANALove is the body's invasion by another spirit. Beloved is the mirror that reflects the ideal that the lover created within himself. Mind separates, while love unites. Love is both the consequence and condition of moral perfection. Every love has four seasons. The love which is not cooled down by mind will evaporate. Love is the victory of heart on mind. Reasonable love is a part of life, while crazy love conquests the whole life. Divine love arises from the union of love with the feeling of sacredness. Love removes the borders between reality and imagination. - Abu TurkhanClothe yourselves with the truth, for it shall warm your heart and others - Edmond H SweidyIt's ok to fight for the SOUL of a man to keep him from going to a REAL hell, but it's NEVER ok to fight for his HEART. - Johnette Lithera MossYou know my love, until my heart beats, you own it. That's why I love you. - Christian C LovendinoYour eyes let me see your soul, and capture my heart to feel beyond control - Miranda ZekanovicWeird, how it's warm outside & winter grows far more deep in your heart. And automatically that sun, that warmth feels like a shadow standing miles away from this body of mine. - pahi shettyWe love we hate, we laugh we cry, we fight we cuddle, we fall we fly, we sing we shout, We are near we are far, but by heart we are one we are one.. ! - Darshil goswamiThe chamber of my heart is always open, come whenever you want, but remember 'i'm always waiting' - Rimmon ShoukatHave promised you my whole life, so you have to breathe until my heart stops beating - Rimmon ShoukatI have seen you And you have seen me, Our eyes are looking both, But our heart looking to make love.. - prakashLove keeps the heart warm. - Joe CervantesI've tried to hold it back, but my heart knew its way back to you! - Joe CervantesFor a good heart to meet another similar heart isn't that easy, but yes it's possible - Sipho P NkosiI think people underestimate the power of the LOVE LETTER.. Someone opening their HEART up to you, on paper.. it's a one of a kind GIFT.. - Babi ShakesA kite without a tail or a body without a lovable heart will crash. - Joe CervantesLet the hole in the heart transmit light of true love. - AlmatAs soon as you hug me , I felt your heart wrap mine gently. - Joe CervantesLove God with all your heart that's the best and only thing that counts. - Joe CervantesWhen you love, you don't rush things. You give time, you wait, you anticipate the good things to happen. When you know you love someone, you must also now that you are taking some risks. Because love is a risk for nothing is sure about it. Sometimes loving someone requires patience and endurance. You love by heart, not by feelings. - Maya BlancoTime is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache and sorrow. Time gives us choices, Time gives us regrets Time let's wrongs heal, Time let's people move on. Time let's you know what you had, Time let's you know what you lost. Time can be opportunities to fix our mistakes, Time can be breaking you into a million pieces. Time can let you fall in love again, Time can let you live in a dark place. Time is a chance to be a better person, Time is a chance to destroy ourselves. Time can make us strong, Time can make us lonely Time is my friend, Time is my enemy. Who will time be for you? - Candace EastonThe power of your smile, can heal a frozen heart - Cleopas mliloNo jealousy in our heart, No worry in our soul! No one can tear us apart! No one can break our whole - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLet your heart guide you and your journey take you to your destination - Kansas SmithLove is a connecting rod that makes two lover understand their heart language - oluwagbenga segunLove doesn't climb a heart. It flies over and then alights serenely. - mohdmustafa99You pierced me with your love, A dart to the heart! Like a burning stove I felt who thou art! O that what's I like to think of! Or a fiery fart, Or what's passionate love! And yet a water-dripping dove, You sprinkled me with your love, Peacefully thereof - Joshua Aaron GuilloryDo not stop giving love chance, whenever it knocks the door of your heart.. - Aye AyeDo not take note The most romantic gift that a boyfriend can give to his dying girlfriend who does not have a heart donor is to give her own loving heart. We must protect women because they are future mothers and teachers of our children - RomeoMy night has become a sunny dawn because of you.. because of you , I laugh a little harder , cry a little less, and smile a lot more you own my heart darling - SweetyKeep me in your memory or in your heart and never let me escape. - mohdmustafa99My heart is an envelope for you to put letters into It! every morning I receive a fresh letter from you , read it and put it back in my heart! at the end of my day all what I crave for is to read that letter again and have a grin on my face!every moment I read It, I start loving you in a different way!. - PrachidharNever allow others to represent your own creator of the universe; never follow and believe others interpretations about your own creator of the universe. others will fail tremendously. the only true understanding of your creator is already present within your heart. seek and ask the good within. - Amelia GoodeIt is hard to believe that you are Good and Righteous when others have continually told you otherwise. I am telling you now, you are Good and Pure, and the Love that exists inside of your heart is waiting for you to remember your true nature of Goodness. You were born Good, and you remain Righteous. - Amelia GoodeLove flows through my heart , Through your blood veins. - Joseph NwakushabeniSorrow becomes absent and joy presents itself when two people in a relationship hold a piece of each other's heart. - Sipho P NkosiYou shattered my heart.. When people say follow your heart which piece do I follow? - KPSShowers of my love, blessingly tumbled upon roses in gardens of your beautiful heart, reaching the adorable surface of it's destiny and it's purpose forever. - Jason BaptisteI've submitted my confessions of guiltiness, that my heart committed, when I quoted my love for you Her Majesty. - Jason BaptisteMy heart has been broken, turned upside down, cold and in wrong places over and over, it's like trying keys to a door that will not open. But if there's a key for that door l wonder should I let love back in my heart - Lila ReedThe heart is by far the most valuable asset a person can ever own. - Brenda Lee SandersIf you allow your heart to sail your ship, the maestro of passion determines kinship. - Levi JohnsonDo you exist my love? Where might I find you? My heart burns with passion. Sad, sad passion. Knowing I can never have you by my side. - The Quoted IrisI love my man with all my heart. I have a lot of hearts. - Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

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Life Quotes What is life without heart, soul, love and passion? What is heart, soul, love and passion without life? Because without life, what would exist to show these qualities? - Emma BurtonIt pushes you down, picks you up, spins you around, and touches the strings of your heart, so what are you going to do to life? - Klavin John Barry JRIf we weighed and considered every word we spoke the air would be much lighter of all the pollution it has to bear. but then what to say.. the pollution inside has to find its way outside – it has to escape as it kills the heart and the soul yet how about considering reduce hoard only clean thoughts – to reuse and recycle - RITU SAXENALove should be underlined in your life.. But in your heart it should be bold. - Haley laneFor when our heart is broken our secrets are revealed for people to see our weaknesses - Jason BakerIf a star fell from the sky each time a heart was broken, there would be no stars in the sky - M Adonis LayneUse your brains as a weapon, but never use it against yourself. Use your heart as a love, but never give it to somebody who don't deserve it. - isabelIt takes a person to find a lost soul, but it takes a heart to bind it. When bound, that heart will have eternal love - Patrick T RossIf you find the combination to unlock a broken heart, you are a genius. - Karrella JonesNo longer will I be anchored in old memories, but run towards the horizon with an open mind and wary heart. - Tiffany Louisa RichardsonIf someone wants to be part of your life, they make an effort to be in it. so don't bother reserving a space in your heart for someone who doesn't make any effort to stay - Rebecca Ann TottenA broken heart is like a precious broken vase, it can be fixed but it won't be the same.. ! - Rujul ChouthaiWhat the brain doesn't understand, the heart can - jenny hiddlestonCirculating thoughts.. From mind to heart.. from heart to mind.. I swing in between.. wonder when to stop thinking and start responding.. - ShaktiSikha SahooThe Heart and The Tongue.. please.. TAKE CARE of them.. - Babi ShakesFeelings are the lyrics of song, our heart sings.. - Soumya KushwahaThere she's managing a war of heart and mind. And me admiring her smiling heart piercing my ocean of emotions. - nirajIf space is everything and everything is space, and space is everywhere, how can anything be new? What's new is only a manifestation, appearance, or discovery of the old! Empty space is in every thought and idea, every feeling and emotion, and heart and mind, etc. ! Everything contains empty space and everything is empty space, even rocks - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAny one can catch your eye but it takes someone special to catch your heart - MEGHANARAJAVATHSAVAYAIn order for me to live in peace, I must be true to myself and my own heart. - Amelia GoodeTo know that I have done everything possible to be true to myself, that I have survived immense opposition from others, that I have persevered through the darkest of times to be true to my own heart, even when I was plagued with judgement and ridicule; I know that I am authentically living. - Amelia GoodeLove unlocks a chapter of kindness and trust within the heart - Kansas SmithI see no reason why my soul wouldn't sing when my heart beats.. - Kayode Seyi TayoFollowing your heart is like mastering an art. - Rashi PajwaniI opened my heart to you and I gave you the lock. Instead of protecting it, You played around with the lock until you locked it, thinking that I can always open it for you. One thing you didn't know is that I threw out the key the day I opened my heart to you. Now you lost me. - Marie Yolande PierreWinning the heart of a person is an art few know. Most others transact. - Dr Sanjeev TrivediEvery dream is a tear in your eyes. A wish that stumbled down through your cheeks. And lit your heart braids on fire. Laid a lump of rock on your heavy soul.. And faded with a drizzle on your written destiny.. Leaving just a charred trace of survival - Kavitha jesson615Deep thoughts are born from deeply wounded heart - Suraj Bhaskar GholapBalanced state of heart, soul and mind makes a perfect human being - Suraj Bhaskar Gholap

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Beauty Quotes It's not about the amount. It's about the condition of the heart. - Meagan Lynn GervaisBeauty isn't just from the looks.. it is also from the heart. - miah garcia Beauty doesn't come in the form of a person, it comes in the form of a heart - Michelle KingThe beauty of a warm heart shines brighter than even the prettiest face. - Derek L PurserThe ultimate respect you earn from a woman is through her heart, not her body - Farhad DastoorMost people cannot see beauty because they look at it from their eyes instead of their heart. - shiza shahidThat girl may be prettier than you, more popular than you, richer than you, can have everything she want but you still can be more beautiful if you had a beautiful heart and soul. - Amarysti KardiPeople may recognize your face but they get to know your heart. - Dana Jo Graslie a good HEAD and a good HEART are more important than a good FACE or a good FIGURE, but of course all FOUR would be nice to have - Andi Imelda Syamsuddin RiveraTrue beauty is found within the heart and is not with looks. The heart is what makes someone beautiful. - Caelob BodanYou really never know how things will work out, so never wait, never anticipate, follow your heart and trust all will work out for the best. - Vardz77My skin might be dark, but my soul and heart is even brighter and whiter than the white cloud up in the sky! - Patricia PaulA great character will always make you more attractive than someone who has a great face, but no character. which people will be willing to build a space for you in their heart. Thus, beauty catches the attention, but character catches the heart! - JuniblazeKeep your heart clean with love for all. - Habibullah KhanI've always had my eyes open and had only seen DEATH , it wasn't until I opened my heart I saw LIFE - Cory Michael AdkinsBeauty is more than skin deep. Beauty radiates from deep within. The innocence of a child. The love in someone's heart. A willingness to help others. The desire to make the world a better place. Someone painfully knocked down in life, who gets up, smiles, and continues to blossom. - HOWARD MANNBeauty is not in your face but in your heart - Lakshita negiThe beauty, grace, and glory of her heart Reveals the heavenly treasures of God, Of life, nature, the universal art, And to show the world all is true, not fraud! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

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Inspirational Quotes Every answer you need is in the sky, every cure you need is in the ground. Everything you need to embrace it is in your heart. God left no stone unturned in creation. We have just decided that concept is far too simple to be true - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SThe primary goal of the words of a motivation or an inspiration in life is the very first action to generate an awakening of the heart to last as the encouragement of the mind to find the peace of the soul sustainable on a whole - Anuj SomanyIf it doesn't make your heart smile, It is not worth it. - Zoya Kazi When fear jumps at you from the outside, get up, get over it, move forward and don't let it in your heart - Leonila Olivares Salazar There are fire extinguishers to extinguish fire but none made and never will to blow the fire in the heart - William Fernandes My heart is the same color as yours, but with a softer and gentle beat of pure love coming out to meet yours. - Joe CervantesFrom the heart comes poetry like after 2 comes number 3 - Suryakant_RJust remember you're born alone. you die alone, your heart beats on its own. You don't require anyone but yourself and your mind. - RexSteal heart by dedication not by distraction - RamuYour silence says something is there hidden in you, your smile tells nothing is hidden in you, your eyes tell sea of water is hidden in you, your broken heart tells deep wound within you, but your breathing tells still life is in you - Anand gillA grateful heart is a graceful heart - Jennifer PerssonA heart consists of 4 chambers, one for god, one for family, one for friends and one for yourself - DsistersdiariesMoney mends a broken heart only halfway. Only love can fully restore it to it's full potential, and hate will deteriorate the love and will be a forever growing dark void until it consumes your whole heart. Embrace the light Let it go. - Alex MillerYou must have a good heart in order to understand I don't think you will ever fully understand We share the same earth, same air and same water We share the same moon, same sun, same sky and same rain - Shaila TouchtonListen with heart , answer with soul. - Mobammad NatalieThe good man reaches out to others with an open hand, an open mind and an open heart. He lifts people up instead of letting them down - Irfan Mamoun MDIf you are failing at something, don't lose heart. The next thing of failure is success. - Syed Badiuzzaman

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Funny Quotes All these years I thought he had the key to my heart; only to find out he was a locksmith. - V SI wear my heart on my thighs. - Shelli ColeyYou only get heart failure when you overload it with women. - Joe CervantesThe heart behaves very well when the wife, or husband are around. - Joe CervantesI met a man whose heart was like a dollar bill - Joe CervantesMy heart is on a mission to love you and I'm just following the order from upstairs! - Joe CervantesIf you open up a Bible it will snatch your heart. - Joe CervantesA man's heart cannot stand by itself, it needs a woman to hold it. - joey the poetA man.. got a heart attack.. in hospital.. and the nurses shout.. call an ambulance.. - Babi ShakesThis heart is solid red with a solid engine and 1, 500 horsepower 2, 000 pounds-feet torque with twin turbo for the best performance ever, girl you have to tried it. - Joe CervantesIf the heart speaks it will say to the tongue , 'You are a liar' - mohdmustafa99Nothing breaks my heart like my neighbor who has an ugly daughter and keeps calling me in-law - Mr vybs liveO! pretty lady, it is my honor to have my heart being broken by you; only you. - mohdmustafa99You need to use all your heads to understand your single heart. - mohdmustafa99GOD does not care about the color of your skin or what job you do, he cares about your heart. So do I! - Sibel TerhaarMy heart will describe more than my hands will ever write - Kabir Khivan Singh

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Faith Quotes Having a good heart is all you need because in the end, it's the only thing that will save you. - Meagan Lynn GervaisMissionary work that comes from the heart and the spirit, is never wasted, only invested - Jim Nzepack EnowA simple prayer that you have to bring at work: Dear God, 'Let me work in accordance to your hand, decide in accordance to your heart, and think in accordance to your mind'.. Amen.. - zindyThe confession must speak the truth of your heart - Frisnel JosephWinning the heart of enemy is more valuable than winning the battle. - harbinderjit singh bajajJust when you least expect it and your heart is breaking God surprises us with unexpected blessings - Lisa Ebersole DempseyNo matter how many times people hurt you and ignore the good deeds and instead dwell on all the negatives they can find in you and others.. God knows your heart so keep on keeping on for Him. - Lisa Ebersole DempseyI gave my broken heart to the Lord. He's healing it. - bishwo_basnetNeither the piles of gold nor a hundredth of mansions worth! The richness! Of the heart! - Bafferh MohammedA messy bible is a healed heart - Jamileigh nolenThere's a place in your heart where God lives.. here, they speak Love, a language heard by the deaf and seen by the blind.. you allocate for it more land. - andrew matiyenga Everything you will ever be is a product of your heart. So be careful of what you think, what you believe and what you ponder on - BJ SamFind yourself. Don't slip away, do what you can then do even more. Fight for your heart and it will never go wrong. - Jon JweinatTrust in the Lord with all your heart, Lean not on your own understanding For those who love God all things work together for good Acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths Have faith in him, overcome mountainous obstacles in your lives - Shaila TouchtonHope is what makes a heart wait.. and faith is what makes it see beyond.. but love draws all the attention. - Joe Cervantes

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Desire Quotes I love fresh honey, but I don't like bee stings, and so I protect my heart in order to get some 'pain free'. - Marcus W PringleIf you are not having loads of happiness then no problem, but if you don't have Grief in your heart then you are the Happiest one in this World.. - syed.saleemirfanI thought I found the right one until such time I wake up only to realize I fooled my ownself.. making myself believed into something that will make me happy but at the end it only kills me inside.. something I believed that could bring me too much joy and happiness only to realized that he just came to break me up, cut my heart into a million pieces, twist my life upside down and to destroy my faith and ruin my future. I never thought I will be able to forgive him, I never thought I will learn to move on and let go, and I never imagine that time will come the pain will subside. I cried a thousand times, felt devastated, lost my sanity a couple of times and choose to end up my life. However, I heard something with in me, an inner voice telling me that life isn't so bad at all, after all their is still a reason to live again, to breath, and to love. I opted to continue my life because I believed that someday I will be able to prove to him that he made a mistake of turning his back, so wrong of leaving - zindyThey say the first step to quitting is admitting, well I have, and I still can't shake your addiction from my heart.. - Norman PolsonMy peaceful dream ended with the shatter of my heart, blurring the line between my fantasy and what is real! - NyrvaI gave you my heart for then I knew no one could make me happier, or make me giggle like you do, you have held my hands and assured me your love is mine and I knew in my heart that I'll be just fine. I have wished before for many things but since you came my wishing ended. I love you so and forever we vowed, so let this love never end as we grow old - Karrella JonesI hold on to the hope that you'll miss me, I pray for the day you call, I desire the sound of you saying you love me, my body craves the warmth of your embrace, without you my heart is nothing. - Thomas R DavisThe dream lives in your heart and the reality in your mind! As long as your dream becomes reality, it is not a dream anymore. - Morpho PyrrouThere are dreams and there are goals. I go for my dreams. Dreams are hard to reach, but if I have the heart, desire, and determination, then dreams will come true. The people that don't believe in my dreams are the people that wish they had dreams. - Conor FountainWe give everything we can and are ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away, but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOOSE US , PICK US and LOVE US.. but chasing won't work, we have to understand.. so I am trying my best to set you free.. its difficult, my heart bleeds every time and my pain comes out as a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE - Nidhi SainiAlways use your heart in making friends.. but never use your body in giving pleasure to them - Juliet Marto PerezDon't let that little desire in your heart die, it's never too late to make your passion your profession and follow your dreams. - Suyog PotdarIf love is my guide, And truth my treasure, And my heart the sea, To sink is pleasure. - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Freedom + Heart Quotes

Freedom Quotes I'm lonely, I have good friends but there's a empty space in my heart - Brittany Jenkins Reasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be exactly what one needs. Acknowledge the hunches and obliterate the exasperating silence. To resist one's impulse is a bowl of anguish. Preservation is a limited convention. The more we attempt to prevent ourselves from falling, the closer we become to the fall. The innocent shall never win. The vulnerable shall never prosper Nonetheless the courageous are those who acknowledge the struggle that entails living. The pretentious are those who dare to breathe. And the ingenious are those who dare to love. There is no right and wrong. Whatever brings us stability and gets us through the day is always the sanest thing to do. A second of what you want can be worth a day of what you don't. - CamillaI can't stop thinking about you, You're in my Brain, You're in my heart, I wish you felt the same But times moved on And you're gone, So now we are just strangers With memories together  - CharlotteeLove liberates the heart. - Joe CervantesMy mine, my mind, my heart, my desire, my opinion, my way, my time, my decision, my life. But if you think I am going to repeat my mistakes, think again nine times plus now. - Marie Yolande PierreI would be a fool not to recognize The beauty and love in your heart and eyes! But I am wise, for I know you so well, And what is in thy heart thy lips do tell - Joshua Aaron GuilloryO this heart of mine will love you without an end, Throughout eternity, and always be your friend - Joshua Aaron GuilloryO my lovely dear, onto your heart I steer! And travel therein, and find no speck of sin! The beauty I see is the beauty I feel, As when you're with me, I always have a thrill - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe beauty of thy heart never tatters! The beauty of our love never shatters! Deep in the fields of life's soft, rigid soul A life-sustaining substance keeps us whole - Joshua Aaron GuillorySweet is the pie you made! It's warm like your lovely heart! Nicely cut with the blade, Remaining whole, yet apart - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTo know God, know the Bible! To know the Bible, know your heart! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryPeaceful thoughts of love brings ease to the mind, Keeps the mind refined, keeps the heart unblind! - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Loneliness + Heart Quotes

Loneliness Quotes Ever since you left out of my heart, my heart has felt lonely and without love. I feel it dripping blood of tears. wish you come back to my arms and my heart again. i'm lonely without :( - Gladys MariaThe heart is supposed to be complicated, but mine is just pumping blood - NothingButAfoolIt's funny how boys can break your heart into a billion pieces and not care for one. - Vanessa MurilloCan I smile with a bitter heart? Can I pretend not to care? Can I let you go without even thinking? Can I carry on with life without you? Can I see you happily in her arms? All my questions are answered by myself.. My answers are NO.. but what else can I do, .. except to see you smile.. So I have to let go - NataliaSomewhere in the corner of my heart, stays a pain which misses you all the time - Farhad DastoorThe great feeling of love can be felt from a single pick up line, but a broken heart takes forever to pick up the pieces. - John Mari OngSo what if I can't have you in real life.. I will always have you in my most secret place of all.. my heart.. - shiza shahidYou never understand a broken heart until you have one - Loveless_WorldThe Moment When You Realize: Yes.. A Broken Heart Really Might Can Kill You. Also The Moment You See That There's No one To Blame But Yourself - Jennifer Kay StarkeySomeday you will be faced with the reality of loss. And as life goes on, days rolling into nights, it will become clear that you never really stop missing someone special who's gone, you just learn to live around the gaping hole of their absence. When you lose someone you can't imagine living without, your heart breaks wide open, and the bad news is you never completely get over the loss. You will never forget them. However, in a backward way, this is also the good news. They will live on in the warmth of your broken heart that doesn't fully heal back up, and you will continue to grow and experience life, even with your wound. It's like breaking an ankle that never heals perfectly, and that still hurts when you dance, but you dance anyway with a slight limp, and this limp just adds to the depth of your performance and the authenticity of your character. The people you lose remain a part of you. Remember them and always cherish the good moments spent with them. - Eershad GunessThey said happiness starts within you. How can I be happy without you? Because every heart beat of mine calls out your name - Mejie F Silva

Anger + Heart Quotes

Anger Quotes When I look at her my heart stops beating - Isaiah Roemello SolanoIf your fist is the size of your Heart and two fists together be the size of your Brain, Violence is definitely not the answer - Klavin John Barry JRLive with anger all your life and you will have dagger in your heart in no time. - ajith CHEMPARATHYDon't let your mind and your anger ruin your heart.. - jannitzy martinezWhen your heart is overloaded with regrets, anger and sadness, you cry out all the pain, When your heart is overloaded with joy, freedom and love, you cry all out with tears of joy. But when your heart feel both emotions at the same time, what kind of tears do you cry out then?.. Neither of them. I feel nothing. All thoughts and feelings disappear and my mind goes blank. - KarolinaCarrying bitterness and anger in our hearts immobilizes and stagnates our lives. Refuse to allow those seeds of unforgiveness to sprout spreading the spirit of malice and retaliation. Nothing is more powerful than just determining in your own heart to let it go and set them free, for in doing so you set yourself free. - Lisa Ebersole DempseyWhat can I do but excoriate you. The damage is already done.. you have already left me broken, speechless, and trust less. But I am not going to leave you with your intentions fulfilled. I will rise above, and grow stronger, and better teach myself never to trust any body like you, because you don't deserve my trust, you deserve pain, and misery for causing my heart to sever, the heart who loved the most of you.. - PurvaDeep down a broken heart, all the sadness one can bear is misery. - Oscar Auliq IceMy heart wants you.. But my mind denies you! - Apeksha Christian It doesn't feel comfortable with your presence; but it does feel comfortable when my heart whispers it is the life of vengeance - Dharaneesh sonuLet the blade that's lodged in your heart, tainted with hate and despair .. Be banished and wiped clean with love and a fresh start. - Ulises Rodriguez

All heart Quotes

'Revenge' satisfies the Heart, with a temporary sense of power, or victory, while ensuring the souls downward journey, to a failure of the spirit of goodness.- Mark A GardnerPhilanthropy may not be your calling, but being a humanitarian requires nothing more than an open heart and a willing spirit.- Germany KentDon't expect to get what you give. Not everyone has a heart like you.- Rina 23The redemption of the mind, is equally important, as the redemption of the heart.- Wayne ChirisaYou can do something nice without posting it on social media. Give with heart. Share with authenticity. And help without the spotlight.- Loren WeismanEyes may deceive; especially when they involve a view through the heart.- The Quoted IrisCinderella, She never asked for anything, She just helped a needy woman with a glass of milk And The god mother did the rest, Keep your heart pure and be kind, God will help you find a way that will Lead to treasures of life. - Shivank BharadwajAlzheimer's is killing the mind of my Father; while killing the heart of me.- The Quoted IrisTry to sit in the Comfort and Patience of Your Own Heart; it will lead you to Goodness.- Amelia GoodeIf you have feet to work with, and hands to share with, and a heart to love with, then that's how we will remain as one great nation under God working together.- Joe CervantesYou can't break my heart only stick and stone can- Alfred ravalWhen You Work With The Heart, Amazing Things Happen.- joey the poetFriends are like colours, with the right blending, they'll make rainbows in your heart- Dom PreciousThe only medicine to heal a broken heart are sweet words- Sipho P NkosiNo matter how loud the other noises are, Let your heart always hear its own voice.- Zoya KaziWhen a truth is hidden in your heart, it feels heavy and painful. But when it is out of your heart, you feel light and peaceful.- Kowsalapathy SaravananA pure heart has no fear.- Kowsalapathy SaravananWhen one door shuts on you, be thankful as the Universe has a greater plan to open higher doors where your talent and heart will be valued and treasured.- Dr Nirvadha SinghYour heart can be heavy if your pains are many. So lay them down at the sea side and let the wind carry them away- Karrella JonesFind peace in your heart and you will find yourself.- KarolinaBeauty is blind.. for the eyes can not see the heart- Mary SpencerIf a person leaves you and breaks your heart, don't just lay on the floor crying, this person left you for a reason & honestly and clearly he/she doesn't care about you, there may be someone who is willing to pick up the pieces and maybe help you put them back together.- Neuri MercedesA broken heart can't be replaced- Brandon McCullochThere are three types of people in this world. The first is the one who clings to fear in hopes to live at all costs, the second is one who tries to balance the fear in is mind with the courage in his heart, and the third is one who rids himself of all the fear in his mind, soul, and body and learns the true meaning of life.- Christopher Joesph AgrusoSin is deceitful and it will silence the heart.- Joe CervantesIf you are unable to reach your target then it's not about your luck but something related to your decision. So think once again not from brain but use your heart that what you want to be.- Jasleen kaurIf you have a perfect diet you can have a perfect body and if you have a perfect mind and heart you can have a perfect relation in your life- Bishal kalitaWhy does my heart ache? Why does it feel pain? My heart searches each night to find its true love.- The Quoted IrisAfricans need a value based education that influences the heart. It is through this we will impact those around us.- Kenton Mutethia MuthauraNever ever give a chance to anyone breaking your heart. A broken heart makes a person dead in living! It's better to die than living like a dead.- Taher RehmanThrough your care and kindness, I feel the touch of your heart, that your hands cannot provide.- Jason BaptisteWith the beauty of thought, even the blind can see the beauty of the heart.- Jason BaptisteThe pure heart is like a broken mirror that reflects the purity in each of its pieces. Although the pieces of the mirrors have different unequal shapes, the reflection will always be the same. Nobody can touch the purest heart because the broken pieces are sharp enough to protect it.- Chetan gowda h sA slap to the face hardens the heart but a kiss softens it.- Joe CervantesToday Women have been successful in achieving great heights. Being a woman with balancing family, housework & job is not easy, but she does it with all her heart. Thank you to all the men who have supported women and also given her the freedom of her choice. Happy women's day strong ladies.- Joycee FernandesWe may be miles apart, But still live in each other's heart.- Neha S PariharWhy don't you turn off your brains and let the heart do the talking.- Cleopas mliloA man who has nothing to hide will reveal what is inside his heart.- Joe CervantesIf a person is not healing for you, then they are not right for you. Strive to be a person of healing, who spreads healing, and who surrounds themselves with those who authentically Love and heal. The purity of heart of all must be tested. Be cautious and guard your heart.- Amelia GoodeA sickly heart sickens nothing but its weighing of truth.- mohdmustafa99Our heart sings out what we long for and mind holds the knowledge for us to achieve it.- Luke Shen Tien ChiYour dream goal is treasured in your heart.- Luke Shen Tien ChiThe only time an evil person should be acknowledged is when somebody with a good heart defeats them.- Zac OchsenbineThe integrity of a man's heart is not tested by wishes and words of self but by his actions and accountability from an unknown eye witness.- Biglyf writesThe veranda of my heart must be afraid in the labyrinth. All alone. Only if feelings knew that the walls of this maze are nothing but grey matter.- Saugato AdhikaryEducation is a seed of success sow it in a willing heart- oluwagbenga segunHit me 100 times with your fist, I'll heal and forgive you. hit me with one bad word from your heart, that I will never forget.- Allen LazarYour mind, heart, inner world and soul are portals- RomeoIf someone breaks your heart, break theirs back.- The Quoted IrisA bad heart is like pregnancy, the more you hide, the more visible it becomes- Lithole NdamuleloLosing my son is the hardest thing in the world it's like a part of me has died, part of my heart has shattered, doesn't matter how many pieces I try to put together, i'm always missing that one Piece in my heart that I will never be able to put back together RIP de'von- Nashonite hackmanBehind my smile is a breaking heart. behind my laugh, i'm falling apart. behind my eyes are tears at night. behind my body is a soul trying to light.- Virginia VaqueraYou have Tremendous Power running through Your veins. Your Heart Shines as a Light that Expands throughout the Everlasting Universe. There is nothing that is impossible for you to achieve if you will Your Heart and Mind to it. With Your smallest finger, You can knock Earth off of its axis, because You have Divine Love, Goodness, and Almighty Power moving Within Your Soul, Blasting through Your Spirit, and Engulfing the Entirety of Your Heart!- Amelia GoodeBetter be treated ordinary than to be treated extraordinary and nurse your torn heart.- sharonkempA man that cannot count will have an empty heart.- Joe CervantesOh, my heart is plagued with the agonizing truth that very few will fathom and acknowledge this divergent inner being I hold within myself.- Amelia GoodeFollow your heart, it will lead you to Goodness, because your heart is Goodness.- Amelia GoodeHave music in your heart, and it will never be silent.- Kiley McCormickBrain lingers between many options, but our heart guides us towards best selection. So follow your heart, to reach your destination!- Saiteja ThottempudiExternal beauty is temporary, what lasts forever is the beauty of the heart and soul.- ashwin sankarSuffering is easy to overcome when your knees hit the ground and your heart sings toward the heavens.- Joe Cervantes Behind my smile is a hurting heart. Behind my laugh, I'm falling apart. Look closely at me and you will see, the girl I am.. isn't me. - Achen1358Who am I? I am a feminist. I am a woman. I am a single mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a cousin. I am a Godmother. I am a great friend. I am a good self-discipline. I am a human being. I am a writer. I am a hard worker. I am a designer. I am a great listener. I am a great leader. I am a great believer of my heart, mind and soul. I am not afraid of failure. I am an experienced of life. I am who God has created me to be.- Marie Yolande PierreIf the heart can't take a charge its time to replace it.- Joe CervantesWhen you left , My heart broke and now I feel imprisoned- DWA DadA liar bites his own tongue and his heart is full of shame.- Joe CervantesIt starts in my soul. It grows in my heart. It flows through my blood and it becomes a vision in my head, Success!- Christian SantelliI know what it's like to build walls so high that no one can penetrate.. I know what it's like to be abused and not be able to talk about it.. It's hard to connect on a deeper level when you can't trust.. If there is anyone out there who is hurting tonight I love you and God loves you. God can do what no one else can. He's a friend that sticks closer than a brother and you can trust Him. Open your heart, have faith and let Him come in.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyMy sins were made white as snow but I have to let others know, the gentle peace of every footstep I take will make another heart not like mine want to take.- Joe CervantesHands Start Inking When Heart Starts Ripping.- Adithya Vikram Remember when your heart aches, that at least your heart is kind enough to feel the pain. Some people will never be able to feel true heartache.- Chris RobbIf all the layers of hatred were removed from your heart you would be lovable.- Joe CervantesI don't have chocolates to give you, but I have a chocolate like heart to give you right now- piyush kambojI cheated on my tears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my prayers at night following the prints on the behalf and now I'm married to my shadow in my broken swollen heart that is now my remedy- Esther FloresTrust your mind and follow your heart.- Areeba NoorEvery person has a soul, even the pervert who broke your heart..- Archita arora I don't think I can fall in love again, I lost my heart when I gave it to you and my heart shattered when you gave it away.- victoria You date more than ONE PERSON.. and you still say.. you have a HEART.. Dear.. that's not a HEART.. it's a MEMORY CARD..- Babi ShakesYou just follow your heart and never be afraid, because your heart knows the way.- kittygirl583For YOU to have MY HEART.. I have to have YOURS..- Babi ShakesUninstalling the heart break incidents.. Backing up valuable persons.. Vault flashback memorable memories.. and last.. update version of life in progress..- Pavan ChowdaryThe one thing the heart is good at is to see what is invisible to the eye.- Sebastian BalthazarKelly Clarkson said 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. ' Well that ain't true, cause a broken heart can REALLY hurt, like the fragments are as sharp as knives.- Joe BeveridgeIf you over turn my heart you'll find more love.- Joe CervantesDon't be mistaken by tears rolling out of her eyes. She has over joyously melted her heart, flowing through her eyes. - SadashivanMy heart is no longer a prison of hate.- Joe CervantesFollow your heart and do what you think is right, so that when life happens you shouldn't have anyone to blame- mokoena kgaugeloJust the mention of your beautiful name, my heart skips a beat.- Joe CervantesA jewel is only as beautiful as far as the eyes can see; a woman's beauty is inspired from within the heart and soul and the eyes bow to that command- Wayne ChirisaI gave part of my heart to so many people, that I still have one more piece left for you.- Joe Cervantes I write with an invisible pen that cannot be bought in a shop, online or a department store, my pen is my heart - Lory La Selva PaduanoLoving someone with a white heart, no matter what they do to you no matter how they treat you, is that unconditional love? If not, what is unconditional love??- MacmillanMUSIC helps to make you feel better if You listen by Heart.. every problem has a solution if you figureout with heart.- Sourabh kumar Do not waste it doing anything that your heart doesn't respect or, agree - Banuja Kumari AcharyaOne should try to fill his or her heart with the good so that there is no space left for the bad.- shiza shahidI blamed god for my bold, impetuous heart. Then thanked him for my astute, contriving head.- Sapna Dhandh SharmaShe's got her dreams in her hands, and her heart strapped onto a dolphin under the sea.- Samrita AdwaniWe get it.. Life is hard, but you don't know what hard is until you lose your best friend, and sticking them six foot under your heart.. You need to know that they will always stay there.- Kelsie veenemaNow love finally shows up, only I can't open up my heart because I'm obligated to leave. I joined the army content with that choice 'til you came along set on stealing my heart.- Christina JohnsPain is not the arm that breaks nor the heart that stops but the heart that breaks and chooses to continue beating cares the pain within..- Jeffrey Allen hatchYou can give help as much as you can, but you can't change anyone. God is the only heart changer.- Euginia HerlihyGrowing Old Means That You Are Getting Younger Inside Your Heart..- Shane Greyden GrahamBachelors have a merry heart. - Rizwan JamilThere are many kinds of ways to live life, drink it down and lose loved ones, cheat through it all and give pain, and people who use all their heart to bring happiness to others- Josh DarosaAlways be as nice as you can afford to be, love is to be embraced not abused, like a kiss that comes in many different hidden flavors, to know the one you love will help you identify those hidden flavors, stay true to your heart and the windows of your life will show a beautiful sight.- dee poolerWhen you are scared, throw away all your fear and your heart will shine brighter than a thousand suns- Josh MunozIn this world, the farthest place is not from state to state, not from a country to country, not from earth to space, it is from your heart and what you think about the other person- Taylor AnnI only think of her when it rains ' that's the day my heart was broken on ' it was a rainy day- JESSICA SERITA ABRAMSYou should see my heart, it's full of bandages from all my ex's- JESSICA SERITA ABRAMSWhen I first met him I never thought he would have been the one I would give my all to and love with all my heart- kayla brook davisWhat happens when your heart becomes cold? What happens when your eyes run out of tears? What happens when your smile becomes fake? What happens when you say, 'I'm Sorry, ' but you are not forgiven? What happens when one day they wake up, and you're not there?- Rena EeplingThe proof of a miracle lies not in its ability to manifest physical evidence for the skeptic. It lies in the indelible mark left on the heart and spirit of those who are witness to it.- Amy BeardYour dreams and aspirations may not come true unless they come from your soul and not from your heart.- John BondsI try to be what I am , I don't want to be what I am not, if you judge me by my tongue and face then you're a fool, always judge people by their heart, not by their words , words are perfect seducers.- Adnan AliI miss you, I miss your smile And I still shed a tear Every once in a while And even though it's different now You're still here somehow, My heart won't let you go And I need you to know I miss you- jacqueline ramirezIf one makes war his destiny, he is destined to make his heart the war zone.- larona MokotiYou once owned the key to my heart but not any more- alimamy kamaraYour heart was made for a reason; so follow it without any regrets.- Jack RusselThe world seems insufficient deprived of a rainbow, only color left is grey and red; sick of spilling tears as I wash the red from my heart.- NyrvaI draw your name in the sky, but the wind blows it away.. I draw your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away.. I draw your name in my heart, forever it will stay..- Moon in Ae Dead to the world because no one knows where my heart is - Minetre MartinIn a broken relationship: letting go and moving on is really hard, but as you go along the way you will realize that you will learn to forgive him, forget how much pain he caused you, forget how much he hurt you, how devastated you was during the break up and your struggles only happen when LOVE fades.. pain will only disappear once your heart is willing to let go, therefore forgiveness can only be achieved when love subsides..- zindyThe moment you kissed me I skipped a beat. The moment you touched me I struggled to breathe. Then and there I fell in love. We were friends and still are. Never knew I could hide this love, and now I have learnt. You are my friend and always will be! Your in my heart and always will be. I love you as my friend forever and always x- Emily Matcham In the presence of danger three things come to mind, fight for the future, die for what you believe in, and love what your heart says - Michael AmakiHow could this be i'm alone again, without you my life has no meaning.. how could this heart feel so much for one person.. so I'll wait until the day we become one again- disire darkke leslieYour heart searches beneath the skin and goes deeper than your eyes can see, your eyes will judge but the heart is never wrong just give people a second chance..- Bethany Hope SkinnerThe anger that I has stuck deep inside. Carried by the memories that linger in my head. Following me day by day, Regreting the moves that I never made, Wondering what would have changed, If I had spoken the words I felt. Hate, disgusted, embarrassed & sad. There may be a lot more that we could've had. Now our love is still beautiful, We still made it far.. I just wish you would have heard or Noticed the Hurt that I had in my heart.- Magaly ToledoSince the dawn of life on earth, the journey to the present day has been a series of loops repeating tragic and devastating conflicts, yet the life clock resets and continues ticking till another cataclysmic event stops the clock, and then another loop is formed in history. Then the life clock resets again. This planet we call home is a life-form it has a source of power (heart) it breaths and grows and gives birth to new life, but just like in animals everything has to end at some point - Christopher Joesph AgrusoDrums are the heart of the music. Bands can't perform without someone to keep a steady beat. Guitars are one thing, but drums keep the music alive.- Mike M.I loved you twice.. now it is three times but my heart and I can't take it anymore. It hurts but I can't keep loving you even if I want to.. I don't want to get hurt even worse again- Gladys MariaLaughter is the best medicine for a broken heart- NattA wise man is always eager to enter all the places in the world except women's heart for the sake of love- jaanuThere are basically two types of people - Heart driven (Emotional), Mind driven(Intellectual) and there is one more category of people - Mind and heart driven (GREAT ACHIEVERS or CONFUSED FOOLS ) :-)- K SAI MAHESHSometimes when I'm alone I cry, because I am on my own. the tears I cry are bitter and warm. they flow with life but take no form, I cry because my heart Is torn. I find It difficult to carry on. If I had a ear to confide, I would cry among my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on, the world moves fast and it would rather pass by than to stop and see what makes one cry. so painful and sad and sometimes I CRY and no one cares about why- karina silvaGod looks for a heart who seeks God, who fears God, who will obey and follow his commandments by respecting him with trustful and submissive heart who truly devotes and serves God with all our heart, soul and mind.- Shaila TouchtonEvery way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.- Shaila TouchtonUpon the shores of my heart, splashing waves of your love tidal to it's destiny.- Jason BaptisteLabel me what do I mean? The wordings at the tablet of thy heart..- success songMusic Is Our Body - Folk Music Is Our Heart , Classical Music Is Our Mind & Light Music Is Rest Of The Parts- Vivek SahneyI haven't spent one day without you here! I accepted you, you accepted me! Into each other's heart we peer clearly! Wherever you go, I go, far and near! We two are the same, we live without fear, Just as Julia Roberts and Richard Gere- Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe great four letter word ever that connote from my heart to your soul is L-O-V-E on this day fourteen February nothing would change it to worse ever four letter word called H-A-T-E..- Aye AyeIf there's a promise my heart bleeds about, it's those made to my mom. I just need to keep her hopes living. I do Love her- Justice Appiah BoatengTo have peace of mind and heart, conclusion is needed for those who don't realize.- Sirisha kIs Glass fragile? or heart? Both are, but One is replaceable but the other is not!- SoumyaWith care, I may live another 20 to 30 years. I shall spend this time making my mark. For me this means composing music and writing my novels. I know not what fortune will befall these enterprises, but I know I will die having honored my heart all the way.- Kevin B JohnstonI do rinse my heart in faith, I rinse my love in Islam to be pure.- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezLove is the highest form of thinking in the universe. It is above any form of appearance and character, above money, above Nazism racism, above sexism and feminism, above and more valuable than any problems, above all offenses and guilt, above all earthly, material values. Love is the thinking and life of the spirit, not of the body, in any world, dimension, universe, outside of time. Since the spirit is directly connected with the heart, this constitutes the true form of the body, thus you see much more and more deeply than with the animal eyes of a materialist, an atheist. Love is when you sacrifice your ideals, dreams for the sake of a loved one because you value and love this person much more than anything in the world, since your second half and your children are your highest value in the universe. - RomeoHis passion never left his will! True to his life, true to his heart! His heart no one could break apart! His heart no one could ever kill - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe best place to get a Tattoo is the Bible. Get the Word of God written upon your heart!- Susan Marie Davis SMZ3D comMy Heart Flutters For You.- joey the poetIf I say sorry, I don't want you to think twice, rather accept the fact that your heart means a lot to me even through the distance..- Kayode Seyi TayoFear of the unknown and fear in general comes from the emptiness the heart feels when the mind leaves the heart; with the heart's fearing of abandonment, the mind sets off on a long journey to find a solution to the heart's loneliness, not realizing that the further it leaves the heart through thought, the more emptiness is created in the heart and the more one fears abandonment. This emptiness or this fear in the heart can only be filled with love and comfort. The heart is thus a vessel for caring and needs all the attention one can give it. Because like a baby, the heart cries and will always cry until things are set right with it. The mind as smart as it can be cannot feel like the heart, it can only understand and that my friends are two different things.- David FigueroaWhere Idols dwell the heart sinks.- Joe CervantesIf you can respect the Lord in my heart we can be friends.- Joe CervantesA woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek him in order to find her.- Rebekah LinserA strong person is not one with muscles, but one that has experienced hell and somehow managed to get herself up again. The heart says a lot, does a lot and endures a lot. I'm not alone, Jesus is holding on and I've been brave enough to let go and trust him- Teresa MontielEyes are the mirror of heart, to clear a heart from sins the best way is to see the god in the hearts of mankind & even in all living entities & try to make everyone happy with most emotionally touch under the moral & reasonable laws of all religion paths.- A HUMANIf there is no love, there is no revenge. If there is no faith, there is no god. If there is no dumb, there is no wisdom. If there is no events, there is no forgiveness. If there is no heart, there is no romance. If there is no prison, there is no freedom. If there is no impatience, there is no patience. If there is no decisions, we know what will happen. If there is no difference, there is no jealousy. If there is no parents, there is no chance of learning love right after you are born. If there is no wrong, there is no right. If there is no sadness, there is no happiness. If there is no failure, there is no goal. If there is no death, there is no life. If there is no war, there is no peace. If there is no lies, there is no truth. If there are no effect, there is no cause. If there is no darkness, there is no light. If there is no imagination, there is no fear. If there is nothing scary, there is no courage. If there's no life, there is no world. If there is one person, just one, miss- Karen Kuran There have been times, where I have felt alone. Thinking to myself, where should I go. Than I met this man who took me away, To a very happy place, where the love would never end. Into his heart, as deep as it went. Feeling the spark, feeling the life. Everything surrounding us feeling so bright. The feeling never leaves, It stays feeling high.. and still until this day we are together living our happy lives.- Magaly ToledoI loved you and trusted in you.. but what you did is the most hurtful thing ever! I can't take it! I cry everyday for you and what you did. my tear drop down everyday but not from my eyes.. its so painful that I cry from my heart- Gladys Maria