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Knowledge is edited by time; wisdom needs no editors. Knowledge is edited by time; wisdom needs no editors...

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Time can cover and uncover the facts. Time can cover and uncover the facts...


Don Don't waste time trying to be accepted by people that you cannot see in your future...

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Let time alone be a player and yourself be audience. Let time alone be a player and yourself be audience...

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one, two, three, Life Will Be Tension Free, Four, Five, Six, Everything will be fixed, seven, eight, One, two, three, Life Will Be Tension Free, Four, Five, Six, Everything will be fixed, seven, eight,..

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Time is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache..
-Candace Easton

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Move On
A stitch in time saves a wardrobe malfunction. A stitch in time saves a wardrobe malfunction...

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There is a difference between a manager and a leader. Anyone can be a manager and tell others what to do; there is no investment and no reward. It..
-Dr Travis J Hedrick

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Give time For Good.. And take time for making good Give time For Good.. And take time for making good..

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The new currency of the 21st century is not money, it is time The new currency of the 21st century is not money, it is time..

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Get your work done on time, later your life will have a soothing chime Get your work done on time, later your life will have a soothing chime ..

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Your Life
Don Don't waste time. Don't let a minute pass doing nothing or doing something that is not as per your..

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What You Want
Time is the teller of all the tales Time is the teller of all the tales..

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the reason we cannot go back in time is because the only direction for time is the future. The reason we cannot go back in time is because the only direction for time is the future...

Short Time

How can we possibly ENJOY LIFE.. when we spend most of OUR TIME giving it away.. Work SMARTER Not H How can we possibly ENJOY LIFE.. when we spend most of OUR TIME giving it away.. Work SMARTER Not H..

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Success is what you achieve, and beauty what you inherit. So it Success is what you achieve, and beauty what you inherit. So it's up to you, you give importance to..

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Love is like a painted wall. It should be color washed from time to time, before it begins to fade Love is like a painted wall. It should be color washed from time to time, before it begins to fade..


time doesn Time doesn't change even if you change your watch..

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Happiness either can last for a short period of time or can last forever. happiness that can be found and lasts for a short period of time is gained..
-rodriguez chavez

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Don Don't do things because you have time but do it because its worth your time..


Don Don't do things because you have time but do it because it is worth your time..

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Emotions resurface like aftershocks of an earthquake even after the hard times end causing spells Emotions resurface like aftershocks of an earthquake even after the hard times end causing spells..

Sad emotion

Success is getting up one more time than you have been knocked down. Success is getting up one more time than you have been knocked down...

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When you keep failing in your biggest dream it must be time for you to wake up. When you keep failing in your biggest dream it must be time for you to wake up...

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Wake Up

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Those who take life seriously must be smiling joyously all the time. Those who look serious err by taking something else than happiness seriously.- Lokesh giriTime is insensitive, it bears no malice or favor; you cannot sneak up behind it, or ambush it. Your only choice is to reach far to your end of it.- Ed WachtelThe true essence of family resides in the amount of time spent together and not the amount of things given to each other.- Bobby WinterWe want to do many things in life, but instead of taking initiative we keep on waiting for the perfect time which never comes then we dump our ideas.- harbinderjit singh bajajLove is an unconditional contract which never gets expired with time- A MehtaThe one who loves the most has the power to influence the other party, over time.- MaloPain, sadness, and sorrow are not the universe's way of punishing, but of telling you to go while there is still time.- bobWhy waste your time being sad when there is so much happiness in life ready to be experienced?- bobTime doesn't heal, it just anesthetizes!- John McNultyIf we spend too much time focussing on tommorrow then we might well miss out on today.- christine sharland

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Life Quotes I never had time to understand what life is, I was busy living. - Lokesh giriIf people spent as much time being happy as they spent complaining about the economy, the world would be a happier world - GabrielIf we spend too much time focussing on tommorrow then we might well miss out on today. - christine sharlandAll the time, be prepared for unexpected behavior of others, because no one is a 'ROBOT' gifted by your father. - Bhatt HimanshuTry to never flow on the stream of feelings, emotions , surely it will lead you to the gutter, you'll look like a clown at that time , who will laugh at himself. - Adnan AliThere is a great relation between Proximity.. Money.. Satisfaction.. & Promotion. We want all, but in practical all are inversely proportional with reference to time. Need for one, may lead to devastation of others. - Pramod PJSo you try to fake a smile and it'll probably work for the first time, But till when could it cover all the pain that you hide inside? - Daleen IrshaidSpring is my favorite time of the year when life starts all over again winter is like a red stop light & spring is the green light that means go - chris parsleyThe greatest value is what you are having at this moment, this time, this life - Kazeronnie MakDon't spend Your Time on something You don't care, better spend on something you care - MarijaSpend the time with the people you Love, Spend the time that you have with someone Cause one day they unexpectedly maybe gone, make the last time the greatest time ever never be mad at them just LOVE them Trust me I know.. - RandiiOne picture may be worth ten thousand words, and tell an amazing story, but it doesn't say the real story all the time - Jorge Estrada RojasGod created every creature, including human, with a definite purpose. In a sense, every life is as significant as any other life. Consequently, everyone of us is destined to play the unique role scripted individually for us by the creator. The play is always through as at the present time, but the oncoming scenarios are yet to be played, and they are never revealed in advance.. it's shrouded in suspense. Life, and its mysterious state of affairs keep going along with the passage of time. - Chandrababu V SYou have to believe in fate one day, because life does not follow equation every time.. - Avhidipta MondalHopes die with time and that's the reason people die every second - Rimmon ShoukatTime is usually all we need. It's underrated.. - Vardz77Success is what you achieve, and beauty what you inherit. So it's up to you, you give importance to inheritance or success. Beauty you lose with time but success you can get more with time. - Anuj TiwariHow can we possibly ENJOY LIFE.. when we spend most of OUR TIME giving it away.. Work SMARTER Not Harder.. - Babi ShakesThe reality of war. A lot changed when the war began. It took only four years to destroy our homeland. War was declared and armies were mobilized. Young men were drafted and civilians were ostracized. Bombs were dropped and buildings collapsed. Enemies charged in and our soldiers fought back. Tanks rolled in and fighter jets flew by. Children were crying and mothers screamed 'OH God why' When the war dragged on and there was no end in sight. The presidents and the generals knew It was time to bring out the mushrooms and the very bright lights. With a quick push of a button and with one last 'may god help us all' The green light was lit and the bombs began to fall. The bombs rain down and the children were told to cover their eyes. The parents knew that they weren't going to escape alive. The sky became bright and ground began to shake. I knew at that moment, the blast killed millions in its wake. Dropping atomic bombs did end the war But there were no victors, no survivors, and no form - Jonathan AvalosLife is full of mysteries, only time will solve and they become history. - Howard HannifordIn life nothing is impossible, it is either you strive to get it right the first time or start all over again if that is what it takes to get it right.. - glint selorm Sometimes the hardest Thing Can't be the right thing at the same time - Jessy GulbertsonMoments In time are not ours to own, they are meant to be shared. - Ana WhiteGet your work done on time, later your life will have a soothing chime - Manu ShuklaKeep in mind the path to love is ALWAYS a straight line.. ALWAYS, then we choose to step off the road. It is not the road we are on it is the time we spend off, we find our self alone - Randal LewisWe will give up interference in politics in the time when politics stops interfering in our lives. - mohdmustafa99Don't waste too much time to think about the problem.. use that time to RESOLVE it.. - Prasanna PasupuletiLet time alone be a player and yourself be audience. - Pradeep pandeyAn eraser shrinks every time it erases. This may happen with you every time you try to correct others when they make errors. - mohdmustafa99Life is the structure of time, time is the structure of life - oluwagbenga segunTime and space is a chessboard, here pawns are your enemies, more important pieces are your internal shortcomings and flaws Here are millions of choices of moves of your will which will show completely different forms of the future. Make the fate of check and checkmate - RomeoThe world is too busy to care what you say or do. Sometimes you just have to keep everything to your inner being. Not all who will listen to your story, are willing to assist you. Some people are only gonna listen to your story just to pass time. Know who you share your issues with. - Azwihangwisi NematsweraniYou don't have to keep trying if you're the only one that keeps trying to make it work. You're wasting your time, it'll never work. - Marie Yolande PierreIgnorance is bliss but we don't have the bliss for ignorance in our time. - baxter phillipsALL Politicians are criminals to some point. If you think any different you need to spend more time in a book than on the internet. - Rev Ernie UrbanDon't waste time trying to be accepted by people that you cannot see in your future. - Germany KentCalendar date is meaningless, at all time you can do it. - ease berryI am searching for the POSITIVES in anything and everything. And, every time I find one, it is setting me free. - Amelia GoodeEternal love can be worth a life time of waiting for. - Jason BaptisteSpending time in the nature calms the nerves, refreshes minds and let's go off worries. The best nourishment to achieving serenity of the minds. - Chitra WithaneDon't waste time on anyone who has no time for you. Don't waste time waiting for miracles from the universe. We brought nothing when we were born and we take nothing when we die. Enjoy time here and now making the most of what you have in life. - Chitra WithaneGiving humans too much of your time, makes them forget how privileged they are. - Allen LazarWhen you have risen up or succeeded in life, it doesn't mean that you have to look down to those who are still trying, it's just a matter of time hence their time will come. Life is all about endeavouring till you achieve - Raymond TivaneIt is never too late to make amends, perhaps fate will give you a straw to hang onto in time of need. - Rajiv JainIf you have time, it is the best solution to every problem.. - Rajiv Jain

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Inspirational Quotes One needs to be courageous to kill self; but at the same time he/she must be a coward to run away from the challenges of life! - Bipin Kumar G JPeople who make big in life are those who actually recognize their talents on right time. - Sohaib Ali BabarTime, love and money are essential but only when combined in proper balance are they vital forces for good and God. - Rick HoelzerLife is an inspiration waiting to happen. Once it presents itself, One must take it, and run, For it only lasts the ride one is destined to take. Time it right, And they might just take it to a new height, Where the inspired become the inspiration, Of the next generation. This be the foundation of our greatest nation - TguiWe want to do many things in life, but instead of taking initiative we keep on waiting for the perfect time which never comes then we dump our ideas. - harbinderjit singh bajajThere aren't that many deep people in the world, Sometimes that means they don't bother to feel anything, But sometimes they think they are too good for time, No-one is too good for anything, and when you bother You discover a whole new World - Grace AwoyemiThe best time to prepare for the worst of times is during the best of times. - Donald Lynn frostSuccess is getting up one more time than you have been knocked down. - Jaxson MartinezThe current of tide is timeless. The current of time is now. - Johnny JR RemickThe people you admire & spend your time copying what they do & say will shape your future - El Haji NeroWhen things don't happen, people get Sick. They see time Tick and they want it Quick. They forget that Success happens brick by brick. - RVM AuthorIn my midlife, I have no time for Midlife Crises. - Murad JamilOur weakness is not in failing, but in giving up every time we fail. - Maduwa ThaboYou become what you listen to over time - popoola ebenezerSelf sacrifice or to deny yourself something for a greater good or a cause or a principle or an ideal or simply to make others happy is an experience worth having several times in a life time. - Valentine WatsDon't waste your time to prove that you are the best, let your work speak for you. - Maneet katariaThere is this deep thirst in me that only spiritual books/ knowledge can fulfill one day at a time. - Mekedes EndaleDon't waste time. Don't let a minute pass doing nothing or doing something that is not as per your wish. Grab hold of each minute and do what you want to do. - RVM AuthorLife is not a Race, but we still continue the Chase and try to be an Ace. It's time to get out of this Maze and Truly Live with Grace. - RVM AuthorWhen you start loving yourself and respecting your time and energy, things will change. Get to know your worth, and your value will go up. - Germany KentTime is a bird, and it is you who decides if it is flying away or alighting near. - mohdmustafa99We shuttle between joy and sorrow. We live, we die, and we don't even know why. We are born, and we just zoom from womb to tomb. We don't have time to realize the truth. - AiR Atman in Ravi There would be enough time for sleep in the grave when we are dead. Fortunate is the man who finds a noble cause for which he stays awake at night now that he's alive - Ohemu Godwin PiusI'll choose to be 'honest' over 'perfect' every single time. - Malik Ahsan Ali Leaders are like coaches managing teams for a period of time - Tijani Kehinde JohnWhen you are hurt that is the best time to set your goal - Srikanth GogulamudiTell your story to everyone, but be active. Idiots will think that you are a failure and see you prosper in short time - Mr vybs livePeople always targeted your Spirituality, but not themselves, why? because they don't have time to evaluate themselves - Anand gillI don't change my plans and decisions, I just change the time of implementation.. - Vikram NenwaniThe only time you fail is when you stop trying - Oorlog MphanyaYou failed because you just worked hard. Try again and this time work harder. - Amoako TheophilusHappiness is with people who are willing, ready to work with you, not with people that waste your time achieving nothing. - Mariam Paul ObiozoTo accomplish something in life! Give it time. I mean spend all your time in it, don't rush it, be patient with it and don't questioning it. Sometimes you might feel like you're forcing to make it right and confused. Don't stop. Remember no one is going to see any of it until you succeed. - Marie Yolande PierreYou only hurt when I'm gone. I was hurting the whole time I was there. The truth is I'm still Feeling the pain. But I know one day I'll be OK. - Marie Yolande PierreTime is universal measurement of performance - J K SASMALWhen the toughest of the problems strike me for I know that God is on my side He will Guide my steps even when I go astray He promises to come, right on time, to wipe away my tears and give me joy - Shaila TouchtonTake time for family and God because in the end if you lose everything else this is what will support and carry you through - Monica J. YoderNext time someone mocks you, just be glad you can feel for the hurting when you see others hurting - Monica J. YoderIt is our job to make decisions and take actions. Only time will tell if we chose and acted wisely. - Shan Ali NaqviThe bees count not days but moments, and have time enough. - Prof Salam Al ShereidaDon't regret the past, Coz it's a waste of time. - Joshua MuasaConsistency over time increases the gap, competition cannot close. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTM

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Love Quotes If one was able to look at himself like he can look at others, world would have missed the greatest love of all time - 'self love'. - Lokesh giriTime has taught me how to love you, but you always knew that - NovaI think its time for me to move on.. I will start over again and forget everything we had in the past.. - princess espinaLove.. Love.. Love, You make my eyes open my heart always beating when I saw you around, I'm falling in love with you, Love.. Love.. Love, I'm crying and I wanted to be dead that time when you said you're gonna move from here Love.. Love.. Love It's hard to explain You don't understand me I can't let you go and I do care about You for all this time Love.. Love.. Love My heart is for you the only guy that I love the most I'm afraid to lose you - Macrina Melody MelanieIf I had a penny for every time you crossed my mind there would have never been a recession © - Bobby Shawn DickensYou can't feel true love for more than one man in the same time. - Tra LalalicNever fall for someone twice if it never worked out the first time.. Never fall for someone who played with your heart and crushed it.. but fall for the one person who picks you up when you are down and loves you for who you are - Jorie WattsThe one who loves the most has the power to influence the other party, over time. - MaloIf a man says 'I love you' , first time say 'I dont' and then you will see if he still loves you into 1 min. - Kristi SimoLove is an unconditional contract which never gets expired with time - A MehtaMy intelligence had always been above par with most people around me. For their sake, I used to hold myself back.. Stooping down to their level of intellect, so that they could understand me, be comfortable around me. I lived in this fake world and I don't know when, I also started changing from all this pretending.. Losing my brilliance.. Becoming one of them.. But then I met you. I assumed you to be one of them and tried the same approach, but you didn't waste time, trashing my assumption. You were always there to understand my quick jokes, sarcasm and hidden meanings behind my cryptic messages. You understood me like no one else.. Maybe, even better than myself.. You were unpredictable. It's not that I failed to understand you.. It's just that you were too fun to be around. You always made me wish nervously, that you act as I hope you do.. And you never failed my expectations.. You brought colours to my boring life.. There's never been one like you and never will be.. - Zero TysonThere is only one greatest treasure at this moment, this time, this life.. TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. - Kazeronnie MakI will always be by your side till the day I die. I couldn't stand to live my life without you. When my heart felt like it was about to break you where there to comfort me. I will love you till the end of time. You are the best. - Trystan StrawnOF course I fell in love with you with the first sight and of course love does not need time to built. If it needed time we wouldn't say 'I fell in love' but I 'climbed on love'. - Constantinos Michael Love is like a painted wall. It should be color washed from time to time, before it begins to fade away - Sarala KariywasamYou gave me a lot of memories this time and these are enough for me to be happy. - shivangi lavaniyaAnd when his lips touched mine for the very first time.. I knew he is the one - shivangi lavaniyaLove and time for Relationships is just like Water and Air to Flowers.. - Niayab KomalTime is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache and sorrow. Time gives us choices, Time gives us regrets Time let's wrongs heal, Time let's people move on. Time let's you know what you had, Time let's you know what you lost. Time can be opportunities to fix our mistakes, Time can be breaking you into a million pieces. Time can let you fall in love again, Time can let you live in a dark place. Time is a chance to be a better person, Time is a chance to destroy ourselves. Time can make us strong, Time can make us lonely Time is my friend, Time is my enemy. Who will time be for you? - Candace EastonThis life of ours is sublime! We always have a good time! You and me are ever free! And both of us are happy - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLove is the peace and tenderness of the light of souls, the unity of tenderness. From love you fall into a gap in space and time, love outside the dimension is a very special space for two lovers in ordinary reality - RomeoShe carries me like a gust wind! Her power and force I can't pretend! Her passion and love is my friend! She carries me like a gust wind! She is my time, She is my sun, She carries me across the horizon - Joshua Aaron GuilloryYou still love him.. if you wish him goodnight when I its time for you to sleep - if he is your first thought every morning -if his smile gives you happiness even when you are not the reason - for he has touched your soul once and forever - for you know deep down inside he loves you too.. - LishaChurches have become man-centered and have cool and fun entertainment-style programs designed to lure kids and teens into the church, baiting the hook with promises of excitement with spectacular worldly events like hip-hop and rock music, craft time, snack time, or game time. - Shaila TouchtonLove is a journey.. beyond destiny, a joy.. beyond happiness, a word.. beyond description, a truth.. beyond reality, a treasure.. beyond measure, a thought.. beyond imagination, a trust.. beyond belief, a desire.. beyond achievement, a moment.. beyond time, a life.. beyond death. - Sanjeevani_panda

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Funny Quotes They say time and tide wait for nun! but I ask why discrimination? - Lokesh giri'Now' is the good time to do almost anything. - Lokesh giriIf time is money, and everything takes time, is it fair to say that 'Everything takes money' ? - James J. HarrisA man can invent a time machine while a woman is getting ready to go out for the night - diya ahmed azzonyTime and Tide wait for none! Unfortunately both are Feminine! - Amit ChoudharyThere comes a time in everyone's lives where they get the spotlight. I demand that Now is my time - Jovanna EstradaBe so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. Make all your friends feel there is something special in them. Look at the sunny side of everything. Think only of the best, work only for the best, and expect only the best. Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Give everyone a smile. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time left to criticize others. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger. - Darab ImteyazLife is short.. but it takes a long time to really live it. - Wes StaffordTake your bed; it's time to lie not to lie. - mohdmustafa99Every time poor Jack looks for something to steal , he finds a thief. - mohdmustafa99It seems that almost every time I try to fill the void in my life, I choose that which - is only temporary - Cole FordA stitch in time saves a wardrobe malfunction. - Raymond Richard ReepMoney can buy love. Every time I go shopping I buy things I love. - mohdmustafa99Yes, devils are in the details. Every time I deal with details of news I see them. - mohdmustafa99There is nothing boring and sleepy as working at a job that sucks all your time and pays you with peanut change - Justice Appiah BoatengA corrupt is a magician who can steal money without seeing it at the time of theft. - mohdmustafa99People say tough times test us, it might be true; but tough people test us all the time :) - Lokesh giriEvery time anyone pretends that s/he is not seeing me, he found me doing the same. - mohdmustafa99Many times , I speak to some people for the first time , I wish it will be both, the first and the last. - mohdmustafa99Having time or not having it, people dislike being asked about things they don't know although it takes no time to say. 'I don't know'. - mohdmustafa99We Don't Spend Time, Time Spends Us! - Zeeshan AliConscience will make it hard for you to tell a lie, at the same time makes it simple for you to say the truth.. - success songSpending your time with the mirror doesn't make you know who you are. - DUBA ABEL BITRUSRemember that time when you offered your advice? Me neither.. - The Quoted Iris

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Change Quotes Let's not waste time wishing things were different. Let's take the initiative to make the change, it'll make a difference. - Lorreda C SmithOne village at a time, together we can. - Nancy Thompson MahlerIt's my opinion that the human race's inherent tendency to fear the unknown, can be held accountable for much of what's wrong with the world. Perhaps it's time to embrace the unknown, so that we may begin taking steps towards understanding it. To do so, is the only means we have of ever seeing our future differ from our past. - Jesse HayesChange is for life. to change you have to want. to succeed you have to learn. in order to better your life you have to learn from your mistakes. not only learn form your mistakes but pick up all your positive pieces and leave your negatives and bloom like that beautiful tulip that you are and should be. Remember, in the end that only one can judge how far you go in life. it is time you move on - ladrea morganSometimes in life one needs time to find himself, to once again be reunited with the reality again. - nervisOnce you learn to find yourself in the depths of buried secrets, you'll find that all the time you've been following others has been taking away from your true self's life span. - Nike HawkThey say time heals all wounds, yet, is it true if you never make peace? - Garron C. HaunIt's funny how when desires are fulfilled he/she whose desires were fulfilled are nowhere to be found while he/she who has fulfilled these desires still stick around.. through the good, the bad and the ugly.. Stay strong comrades.. at the end of time every ticket shall get punched - James OkezeWhen one thinks 'I am wasting my life', it is time to change. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIf a change is necessary for the smooth conduct of life, do not hesitate to effect that without further time being lost. Time is as significant as change in life. - Chandrababu V SThe time you were helped, it was a preparation for you to help others. - Piet NtemaWe don't have time to lose time. - rawaf​What matters is not how long you stay in a place; it is the ability to get into a place and change it in the shortest time possible. - Soudie A OkwaroI prayed all the time.. and it DIDN'T change a thing.. until God reminded me.. that change has to.. begin with me.. - Babi ShakesThere comes a time unlike the present, when we awaken our minds and begin to recognize all of the iniquities that plague our conscious. - Dr. Will Jenkins SrIt is time to further our collective action to end human rights violations for good. - J BOrdinary people are easy to spot. They are the ones doing the same things you are. Time to try something different! - Dr Travis J HedrickWe are currently at a time where strong emphasis - and I must emphasize the word strong - has to be put on defending human rights. - J BIf your ego starts out, 'i am important, I am big, I am special ' you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we've discovered about the universe. No, you're not big. you are small in time and space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that's limited to Earth. - Sentitula__jmrWe have two opposing attitudes in one time: to change the world, and to be adapted to. - mohdmustafa99Every time a miser opens his treasury, he changes his mind and closes it again without drawing. - mohdmustafa99Nothing is constant, consistency brings change over time.. - Aye Aye

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Philosophy Quotes World is a race between time and sanity, time always wins. - Lokesh giriThere this guy inside me who scares me every time I think of doing new things, it's you my old love, fear. - Lokesh giriWe don't really own things, except that illusion, time lends us. - Lokesh giriWhen I look up at the stars at night I think 'Whoa I am really small compared to all that' and I realize that even though I am small, I can change the entire direction of time. - Jack BrownDon't judge yourself by your actions, righteousness of your actions are subject to time and people around you - Lokesh giriWE spend a great deal of time remembering the past and thinking about the future because our conscious minds cannot fully experience the present. - Randle L Alford Time and day does not wait until you grow old, So make haste to harvest what you reap for now because time and day waits for no man - Ravi SathasivamGood and love are inter dimensional, multidimensional form of philosophy, out of time, this state of harmony in eternity, the key to all worlds and the inner worlds of people both external and hidden - RomeoThere are no secrets in this world which you can not disclose to the correct person at the correct time. - T C JoseThink of Today, not Tomorrow. It's time to be Happy! Don't live a life of Sorrow. Find out those things that make you Glad, And eliminate those that make you Sad. - AiR Atman in RaviYouth don't have much time to participate in politics but they're leaders of tomorrow.. - Kayode Seyi TayoKnowledge is edited by time; wisdom needs no editors. - Boghos L. ArtinianDo not dwell in the past. Past can not be changed. Future is yet to come which reflects on the actions taken at Present time. Every action has a reaction based on good or bad. - Chitra WithaneMake amends before it is too late, perhaps fate will give you a straw to hang onto in time of need. - Rajiv JainLife moves at a pace that when the time changes, it will have already happened. - The Quoted IrisIn the Garden of Life, the tending of your fruits takes effort and time. You can avoid the care of the inner garden, and suffer the weeds that confuse your thinking or, take time to daily prune your inner turmoil and produce a lovely fruit, to be admired by others. - Mark A GardnerWe run the 'Sands of Time, ' but where are we running to? - Mark A GardnerA time machine on the shoulders of memories, two advisers: on the right shoulder there is good future, in the left past that is evil, two open rays of time in which consciousness travels. - Romeo

Peace + Time Quotes

Peace Quotes Peace is the time calculated between wars. - spiro ioannidisTill the time you don't realize what you are doing is good or bad you are not a human being.. - Aman pahwaNext time you see someone in uniform, whether it's a policeman, fireman, or soldier, remember that in order for you to have peace, they sacrificed theirs. - Calvin HelterbranDefending human rights is a great moral calling of our time. - J BTime for human rights action has overtaken the time for excuses. - J BThere is much to do and no time to waste in our fight for human rights. - J BIt is high time for human rights. - J BIt's time to talk human rights. - J BPeace wins every time! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt's time for concrete action for human rights. - J BI cannot defend human rights part-time. I have to commit my life to this, even if it means living poor in unfamiliar places. - J BAnother human rights violation.. this is a ear-splitting wake-up call to the world. It confirms that human rights violations are moving faster than we are - and we are running out of time. - J BI cannot be a part-time human rights activist. I have to commit my life to this, even if it means living poor. - J BTime is of the essence for human rights. - J BI devote a lot of time to defending human rights, but I don't think the time is wasted. - J BKey political issues remain unresolved in human rights efforts. This is not surprising- I recognize the complexity of this work. But we do not have the luxury of time. - J BNo matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for defending human rights, or surrender yourself to self-chosen adversity. - J B

Short + Time Quotes

Short Quotes Having no time to be happy is poverty - Lokesh giriWe spend most of our time with ourselves, we should learn enjoying our own company. - Lokesh giriYou get younger every time you LAUGH - Lokesh giriGive time some time, it will solve most of your problems - Lokesh giriTime is a relative term, one has lots of time but we always say less time or no time - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyTime never stops but it does stop once for every one. - harbinderjit singh bajajNo matter you are at a wrong place at the wrong time, you always can find good friends - Farhad DastoorDon't do things because you have time but do it because it is worth your time - JosephThe time will run the way it runs. You cannot make it stop. You cannot reverse it - Ankit NandanTime doesn't change even if you change your watch - maulikThe reason we cannot go back in time is because the only direction for time is the future. - mhlangano freedom nkalangaTime is the teller of all the tales - SpencerIf time is money then procrastination is a thief.. - Aye AyeTime is not your enemy as people say, instead it is your major competitor - Jonathan Papue SmallwoodProblems need time to be solved and if you don't have time it won't get involved. - Joe CervantesWisdom is not the result of time lived; it is the result of lived time. - Mac McGovern

Death + Time Quotes

Death Quotes Death is a natural part of life. If you fear death then you will die young but if you embrace death and except the joy and sorrow that come as a toll, then you will experience the true value that life brings and will have no regrets when the time comes to accept and return to the cycle of life. - Christopher Joesph AgrusoThere is a small seed waiting to be free. Burrowed in the ground, fed and watered. It grows slowly year after year. It turns into a beautiful flower taking in the sunshine and air it wanders 'when will I be free?' It sleeps in the cold winter months. In spring it awakens and is lively again it is watered and fed day by day. It wanders 'when will I be free?' The flower lives on year after year wandering 'when will I be free?' A long time afterwards in the winter the flower whispers ' now I am free!' In the spring the flower doesn't wake up. - Bethany Hope SkinnerMother Teresa once said If you judge people, you have no time to love them.. funny I hear when we die God will judge us all - Nikola BevandaPrepare, for all who have died are faces that you will meet on the other side when your time comes, and your time is coming. - Derek L PurserI want to live this life for others as I would have plenty of time to live for myself in heaven. - shiza shahidTime is insensitive, it bears no malice or favor; you cannot sneak up behind it, or ambush it. Your only choice is to reach far to your end of it. - Ed WachtelNothing except death lives for eternal time. - Amartya MaheshwariNo matter what came before, the book of time is quick to be written, so make what you do now count.. - Jamie Sean CallaghanAny time DEATH snatches our Loved ones, it reminds us that we are MORTAL BEINGS. - Oscar Auliq Ice The hardest prisons I've tried to break out of, are the ones I've put myself in. Me and no one else. Over and over again. An infinitely monotonous loop of despair. Those with the worse type of incarceration. My sentence? DEATH. Of mind and soul. Silenced for all time. - The Quoted IrisFear is the younger brother of death. Fear tries all the time to surpass his older brother - RomeoPhilanthropists do not kill poverty, but they anesthetize it for a short time - mohdmustafa99Whoever plans to live forever should at the same time have it in mind to die now.. - success song

Courage + Time Quotes

Courage Quotes It takes time and courage to grow up and become who you really are. - Linda UsmanPain, sadness, and sorrow are not the universe's way of punishing, but of telling you to go while there is still time. - bobThere are no limits in life. Even after you are six feet underground, your name will be remembered not for who you are, but for what you accomplished in your life time. - Jorge Estrada RojasIf you want something to happen, make it happen. Don't waste time and energy thinking about it - Daniel Mapoy An expired time is the one you refused to make good use of. Make now a compensation. - annonymousIf life was only about love, I would've suffocated to death long time ago Hope kept me alive till date. - bishwo_basnetOwn up and take complete and full responsibility every single time for all your actions, emotions, etc. regardless of the circumstance - G SwissFailure is a myth, and having fear of myth is just a waste of time. - Bibek DasIt is time to further our collective action to end human rights violations for good. - J BYour dreams don't have a expiration date but your time here is limited - crystal howardWith care, I may live another 20 to 30 years. I shall spend this time making my mark. For me this means composing music and writing my novels. I know not what fortune will befall these enterprises, but I know I will die having honored my heart all the way. - Kevin B JohnstonTrain, Prepare, Wait. For that day will come; when time bows to your resilience and those beside you, inspired by your courage. - Arun Eapen

Happiness + Time Quotes

Happiness Quotes Yes I cried over you. Do I regret it? NO WAY! This is life, when you cry, cry your hardest, when you laugh, laugh like it's the last chance you get, when you love, love with everything you have, Don't look back and don't regret, don't waste your time on second-chance guys. Live your life to the end, after all, you only get one life to live - Lindsey KaufmanA perfect life does not mean being happy all the time.. It is pain combined with happiness that makes a perfect life.. - shiza shahidThose who take life seriously must be smiling joyously all the time. Those who look serious err by taking something else than happiness seriously. - Lokesh giriEveryone utilizes their time to earn money and spend it on things they need and things which makes them happy. Their effort on earning more and more for the purpose of having more and more happiness. I utilize my time to serve the ignored people of my society which eventually brings happiness in their life and bringing smile on their face motivates me to work more and more for them. And as a result, it brings happiness in my life even though I am not earning any money. NO ONE CAN DENY, helping others does make us proud. In one line: VOLUNTEERISM IS OUR EARNING, we buy happiness by serving. - Syed Mohammad MujtabaThe best time is yet to be. ‎ - mohdmustafa99Happiness can not be bought by money it can only be felt at the right place, with the right person on right time - Ajay NegiOne, two, three, Life Will Be Tension Free, Four, Five, Six, Everything will be fixed, seven, eight, nine Everyone Has A Right To Shine, Ten ten ten Time Will Heal All Your Pain.. - Aayushi vermaThe time you take to bad-mouth someone, why don't you use the same time to elevate the person? - Howard HannifordLength of time depends on happiness and pain - mohdmustafa99The riches of life are to be found within, joy, peace, and happiness all your life time - ease berryDetachment is the key to happiness, It is time for a change and remove toxicity around you, Don't let just anyone take you for guaranteed and have you for their own amusement, Don't waste your time, and efforts on people who don't understand your true value - Pooja Fulara

Wisdom + Time Quotes

Wisdom Quotes Wisdom has outlived the life of a man. Wisdom has been living for a long time, humans haven't - Vijay IyerTime spent alone is time only you remember, and when you die it's lost. - Marcus MagnussonOnly when you have plenty, you have plenty to waste, whether it is time, money or toothpaste - Dr Sanjeev TrivediWise men have said, 'Everything is fair in love and war'. But wise men certainly aren't or weren't gods. So this millennium-old quote is certainly not acceptable all the time. Everything has its own limit, realistic-ness, and psychology. - Shayontan Fardin NabiA smile that is directly related to space and time, to the fabric of reality itself. Which opens the portal to the dimension of people. Look at how the babies fall into the mega giant smile of the insanity of reality. Teeth, poisonous teeth of sarcasm and irony everywhere. Even the psyche of the strongest turns it into mincemeat. This reality is only seen by the enlightened - AlmatThey will be confused, they will joke, they will scare, and by the beginning of the joke unscrupulous stubborn people return. Reborn, they will be arrogant, sarcastically smile. This is reincarnation and the wheel of samsara. And your mind is turned into a toy, there are formed instincts, the basis of which is unconsciousness, instincts like a child's lego constructor that forms various desires and goals in life. And your life route is cubes of catfish, each time a new path. Life is a melody, an endless improvisation of mixes and remixes on a vinyl disc. The music that creates the drum machine is a DJ of fate, all the intentional actions and randomness on the DJ reality table. After death another rap music of reality is launched. You feel deja vu, as the whole joke called life repeats itself again and again. This is a great party of dark forces - AlmatSomeone has brought my time before you. my time has been brought, my absent here is present elsewhere. - Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezLove is the highest form of thinking in the universe. It is above any form of appearance and character, above money, above Nazism racism, above sexism and feminism, above and more valuable than any problems, above all offenses and guilt, above all earthly, material values. Love is the thinking and life of the spirit, not of the body, in any world, dimension, universe, outside of time. Since the spirit is directly connected with the heart, this constitutes the true form of the body, thus you see much more and more deeply than with the animal eyes of a materialist, an atheist. Love is when you sacrifice your ideals, dreams for the sake of a loved one because you value and love this person much more than anything in the world, since your second half and your children are your highest value in the universe. - RomeoCourtesy is to say what must be said, by the best way of saying it, to the person that it must be said to, in the best time to say, for the best purpose to say. - mohdmustafa99Short-time wisdom is much more better than full-time foolishness - Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiTime can cover and uncover the facts. - Joe Cervantes

All time Quotes

Rich are those who have time, and right people to spend on- Lokesh giriRegretting is a bad use of time, hatred is self spoiling of mood.- Matt BillFreedom of mind is the costliest of all freedoms, it comes at the cost of time and painful lessons.- Lokesh giriWe all can only love beautiful things, but time has the charm to make anything look beautiful.- Lokesh giriPlease don't forgive me next time, I can't see you smiling in pain.- NovaKids have both angels and demons in them, they become what time carves out of them.- Lokesh giriWell, There has never been enough time for anyone.- Lokesh giriThe best opportunities are the moments we positively invest our time in, to inspire successful results.- Wayne ChirisaDon't worry about what other people are doing when it comes to homework; just improve on yourself. The only time you should be looking to others is to see how much revision they're doing so you can do more and crow in their face about better results- QuagganQuoter69The best time to be optimistic is when you are about to be pessimistic- mohdmustafa99Do you want more? Well! work more, invest more, give it more evaluations and stop wasting your time.- Marie Yolande PierreChanging a culture in an organization doesn't need money.. Culture needs time..- Kiran AidhiInstead of posting beauty through our pics.. we should take the time to post beauty through our words- SLESHEIA NEALTime is not equal to Money, Time is better. Money has perceived importance Time has absolute importance- Lokesh giriI haven't the time to worry about my enemies, I'm too busy appreciating the friends that I have.- Danny Ray BoydstonIt is never too late to succeed but it is ever too late to start late for time is a spirited horse when not driven , drives past you- Sunny Godswill akpanWhat Person Has Time To Hate When There are So Many Beautiful Things In The World To Explore- SunofYah913When you love, you don't rush things. You give time, you wait, you anticipate the good things to happen. When you know you love someone, you must also now that you are taking some risks. Because love is a risk for nothing is sure about it. Sometimes loving someone requires patience and endurance. You love by heart, not by feelings.- Maya BlancoPatience is a Strong Human Virtue that goes with time- Akpan Okpongette EssienimoFocus kills time faster than guns- Oluwaseun Adeboye VictorA relationship that is made during the time of requirement isn't real- shivangi lavaniyaShort time sacrifices for long term happiness..- ashTime is indeed our handler.. keeping us in the illusion of living by time, because time is the illusion that we live by.- Nina Danielle uuroTwitter is a vessel that we can use to share positivity to others through our timeline one tweet at a time.- Germany KentDon't do things because you have time, but because it is worth your time- JosephEvery time I give up on someone, I expect them to prove me wrong- PurvaTruth is constant. Whether yesterday, last year or in 20 years time. It doesn't change- paul odafe uthoNo one ever has wasted my time, because I believe learning is unending.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediThere are three types of people: those who quit when they get hurt, those who take some time off, and those who just happen to be fast healers.- Hunter JamesI really wish that we're living in a time where money and formalities aren't treated like god and his holy book.- diya ahmed azzonyHearing music for the first time is like a religious experience. It touches you and changes your life. It will take you on a journey to places you've never been before, and places you never thought existed.- Steven EvansWhen it comes to friends; Time is invested, not wasted- Farhad DastoorIf you are having a hard time finding the good in people, it's most likely because you are not looking for it.- Michael CostelloA girl will never carry the same look for the second time, the one which made you fall in love with her- Farhad DastoorOur ancestors are untraceable, the line goes too far back, thousands of failed civilizations all ripped apart by greed. There are no leaders, only guides, none which have found the right direction. It is time to work together as a collective and not as individuals, after all, we are all related. FACT!- Twenty TwelveCancer's only weapon is time, make sure yours is wisdom- diya ahmed azzonyFear is a powerful illusion that one must rid himself of or his mind will be forever bound by the chains of time and slowly wither away and seize to exist- Christopher Joesph AgrusoWhen people say 'love is blind, insane' I've never had space and time to listen and take it to my heart. I discovered it by my self, now I believe it's true.- Linda UsmanIt's never the right time to do the wrong thing.- Bill GibbsTime managing is real living.- MohammedWe mourn loved ones for a time, memories will fade with each generation, until no memory remains. A journey has come to an end; a piece of history is lost again.- Mac McGovernDon't look up and stare at the building, go one level at a time.- Allen LazarMaturity is when you know what and who is important to deserve your precious time.- Allen LazarLord, shine Your light in our super-dark world. As sinners we wait with frustrated patience for Your Resurrection. Please Lord, do not tarry. For as frustrated as we are, we know that everything is in Your perfect time.- The Quoted IrisIf someone is speaking the words of truth, but is being a hypocrite at the same time, that doesn't make their words less truthful - Luka Anu i LakovskiThe thing about playing games, especially deceptive legalism, is that they have to end some time - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTRUST is built slowly over time, with careful, deliberate actions. They must be completely void of any selfishness. Always remember every action can be forgiven. NO action is ever forgotten.- Joe coleSuccessful companies talk to the right people, at the right time and with the right content!- Thomas E. WilliamsI think repetitive songs are a waste of time. Nobody needs to hear the same lyrics over and over and over and over again. Sing them once, then move on to the next part of the song.- Austin James LelievreBiggest lie in today's world- Time will always fly but, Good relations never die!- Ananya SardarIf I would have to choose between time and present, I would choose time because to be with you is priceless..- CelAt the end of the day, be grateful for every rejection and disappointment. Consider it a blessing and continue to soar, regardless. God makes no mistakes, and in time, He will catapult you to new levels.- Germany KentUse your platform to do everything you are qualified to do for that time, for that day, for that year, for that season.- Germany KentRaise level of your false arrogance every time you want to decrease the arrogant wicked arrogance.- mohdmustafa99Whatever the river cannot uncover.. money and time will.- Joe CervantesNostalgia is but beauty of the pastime and past time.- mohdmustafa99Every time lies want to make history, they make sandcastles.- mohdmustafa99They say now is the only time! I say now is the only rhyme! What you see and write today Will become the now of yesterday! And still today, and forever, If it lives, and it will forever- Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt is impossible for time to go anticlockwise , but remorse doesn't deal with this fact.- mohdmustafa99I'll lift you by my hand, every time you fall.- PromilaForgiveness can be repeated but not for the third time- mohdmustafa99The traditional factors of production are: land, labor and capital. Over time the factors of production have evolved to become: space, innovation (mental capital) and time.- Murungi Nathaniel MuthomiIt is nice and wise to put all contradictory parts together in one time if we speak about people not thoughts.- mohdmustafa99The reason it is impossible for us to time travel into the future or the past is because we are supposed to be living NOW.- Amelia GoodeThe only time an evil person should be acknowledged is when somebody with a good heart defeats them.- Zac OchsenbineListening comprehension is a skill that takes time to make progress.- Luke Shen Tien ChiTime can not be upon us It is only in front or behind- TARA DYER DEMETRIOUWaiting is not to tolerate only time but also place.- mohdmustafa99Time is moving so fast waiting for no man..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiThe right time to commit a crime is now or never..- Kayode Seyi Tayo Found a huge contradiction between two Sacred phrases 'Do not shed blood on earth' and 'Do holy war in the name of God'. It took time to realize that's not about a war between people, but it's about a fight which must be done by every individual against the evil force inside them - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRIf you have an aim then time is a blank cheque for you..- Abhishek Vikram Singh The political left and right spend more time arguing over who is right and wrong than they do fixing the problems both of them have created. And even then they often get it wrong!- Dr Travis J HedrickGreatness is not in yielding to adversity, it's saying, 'adversity, it's my time to shine'- Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf you don't know your tendencies and can't analyze when you are most effective, then how can you get the most done in the least amount of time with the best results?- Loren WeismanThe most devastating thing artists can do to their career is get in their own way, and way too many people do. It's not the labels, the industry, the fans, the cities, the economy, the social media, the marketing, the promoting, the 'right time, ' the music, or whatever other excuse you can come up with that determines whether you succeed or you fail. It is you—no one else.- Loren WeismanPlaying the blame game is stupid and childish. Even if it is someone else's fault, the blame game is wasted time, effort, and energy that takes you somewhere that is not going to get you anywhere.- Loren WeismanIt's not about the amount of time you put in, it is the way you spend the time on the work you need to get done. Saying that you worked ten hours on something that went nowhere is not really anything to brag about.- Loren WeismanOur strength comes from the Lord. He gives rest and joy. He is a shelter in the time of storm. Trust Him!- Lisa Ebersole DempseyIt's time to respect yourself and your dream; both truly deserve that respect. Be the person you would do anything for. Be the person you will not let down.- Loren WeismanToday, spend a little time cultivating relationships offline. Never forget that everybody is not on social media.- Germany KentBefore your time is up - be everything you want to be - do everything you want to do- G SwissTest of time is true determination of your faith, it is these moments of silence that define who you are and who you with are. Don't regret the mishaps, there were times when diamonds were not valued better than brass.- Shaila KunwalIt is futile to go to churches where every emphasis is laid on miracles rather than on principles. Miracles may fill you for a period of time but not forever- Sunday AdelajaEvery time I want to be better, people remind me of my past and I get back to the old place- Nahid afrinIf the heart can't take a charge its time to replace it.- Joe CervantesSomething will just wake me up at the time I begin to inline on the philosophy of the truth in me..- Kayode Seyi TayoAdmire the beauty and the success of 'The Stars', but never count them, it is only a waste of time.- Dharaneesh sonuFate always plays with life, Luck and life always fight, Time is what keeps them in track, And when the time runs out, you deal with the consequences of that, It is called 'real life'- Cintilande GlinsterendeGood Leaders volunteer their time in the development of others without seeking a reward- Rev. Patrick EllapenIt's always been an uphill battle against adversities: Tell me I can't do something and I'll prove you wrong every time- Kishan PatelTake time out from people. Take time out from things. See what brings you peace. See who takes it away..- Vardz77Sometimes you just need time to gain the courage and bravery to open up and love again..- Vardz77See the Future with your eyes, Use the hands in present , crush your past with your feet and Imagine a time beyond past, present and future with your mind- Nishant SubediDon't waste your time on trying to open a lock when you could spend your time on searching for the key.- Caridad AlvarezWhen I look at the waves I realize not every time it meets the shore , sometimes it even ends before reaching it's destination.- shivangi lavaniyaTime. Cherish those who cherish yours..- Vardz77I just asked your time and it was the only thing I never got..- shivangi lavaniyaMost people get depressed over math.. Say that it is pointless, and for the most part, has no use for life. I disagree completely. Math is like life, always staying constant like time yet always has an algebraic expression to account for any unknown variable. It teaches you reasoning because of the variables, but most importantly, it instills a solid self-knowing of pure logic. It also teaches discipline when solving a tough problem; you must have the diligence to master only one equation at a time- Jeffrey Michael BeckmanLiving is not about seeing, . It's about being. Silence and acceptance can give the answers we seek. With our mouths and eyes wide open all we seem to catch at time is the dirt gathered up by others.- Darren GiardelliBeing born is a gift. However being alive is a privilege. Every time you decide to hold back or procrastinate you're wasting the very gift that was given you. You have to move forward and fight with all your might otherwise the gift of being born have been wasted on you.- Danny NguyenWe are the direct connotation of the Macrocosm (cosmos) however limited by space time and a limited perception- BM KHNONKHEThinking about the past and the future will make you forget, remember about your present self and time- Tristan celhellvanChoose to ignore the bad and embrace the good. There are others who just simply have issues who enjoy making others suffer.. RUN.. they are energy zappers and a complete waste of your time. It makes a huge difference in how your day will go!- Lisa Ebersole DempseyYou haven't felt the true gut wrenching pain of rejection until you are told 'I am done with you, it was time to replace you anyway'- Becky TurnerDon't follow those people who laughs at you every time for each mistake you did.. follow those people who help you even though you did mistakes and tries to help you when everyone is against you- turairao rakeshSome dreams can never be true even if You spend all Your time sleeping, You're just dreaming and You got to wake up. Likewise some people can never respect You even if You spend all Your life loving them, You're just dreaming and You got to wake up.- BAIGALLA PREETHIRabat is the capital city in which you get eating fish every time you leave home to take ice-cream.- mohdmustafa99Time passes quickly as if November is February.- mohdmustafa99Learning is the process of life as well as pleasure of present time..- OMi ShahI think the reason why 'In God We Trust' is on Money is because people pray for money all the time.- NicNicLouisianaTime does not heal ALL wounds. Sometimes it just allows you space to learn how to live with the wound. So stop waiting to heal before you do this or that. Let the wounded healer in you be unleashed- Candi Taylor Jeter Ed STrust is like a debt, give it to the right person and get it the time you need it- Nura IdryzEvery time you make it to my memory album of happiness, I'm glad we shared a memory, every time you make it to my memory album of sadness, I'm glad we shared a life..- PurvaDon't waste your precious time talking about things which are none of your business and believe me 90% of the people do this.- vikrantNo one can change the time --> 'which is spent before' and 'which is gonna be spent further'- abhishek madanBecoming famous is not good every time, because famous things are not long lasting- Nishant GuptaSree Narayana Guru, born as an Ezhava (once deemed to be a backward class in Sate of Kerala, India), perhaps, is the prime reason attributed to the reluctant attitude expressed by the upper class communities in India, as to appreciate or admit the greatness of this greatest soul of all time belonged to this part of the world.- Chandrababu V SYour kid just wants you to be beside him all the time.- Nerd BrookeAs time goes by, things change, people change. Those you knew become strangers, those you did not know become your trusted ones. But as long as your love and care remains, you will be ready for when they return.- SazzeyAnyone at anytime without measuring time is extremely mad at anything.- Basf Time waits for no one. So why must you wait for someone ? Stop waiting, time is ticking. Chase your dreams, earn your dreams, and be a winner - Shafiq BuangI have put in so much work but now I think its time to let go- adrian dHide your own hatred and time will pass you by, bringing freedom as you realize the truth.- La Nostra De La Terra y CieloWe give everything we can and are ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away, but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOOSE US , PICK US and LOVE US.. but chasing won't work, we have to understand.. so I am trying my best to set you free.. its difficult, my heart bleeds every time and my pain comes out as a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE - Nidhi SainiSome roses flourish faster than the others, but after time the seemingly sweet petals will reflect their thorns and the time will come for the other flowers to be admired- Emma NoelPace yourself and let the time fly, hurry and you'll have another hour ahead of you.- ScarlettaYou can break me, i'll fall, You can break me again, but it'll be harder to fall this time, I've got used to break, to fall. I've gotten stronger, try to break me now, if you can.- DanielaTime is the father of all kinds of music.- diya ahmed azzonyI imagine that I am the infant, learning to walk, and God is the parent, holding me up. If there ever be a time when I can't seem to stand, I know that He will always help me. And if I fall, He will lift me again, and we will walk together.- K OEasy come, easy go! Nothing in this life that is worth having is EASY. Especially in relationships and LOVE. Getting to know someone takes time! Jumping into things (from personal experience) is unhealthy and shows lack of self-discipline. Your 'feelings' are not what should dictate a relationship. Rather patience, understanding, and building a friendship above all. It's like building a house! Yo you wouldn't wanna just move in to a house that took a couple of weeks to build.. why? The foundation isn't sturdy enough and sooner or later it will start to break apart. It takes TIME to build something that is long lasting! Seriously ladies, marriage can wait.. it's better to BUILD THAT FOUNDATION so you can have a happy and fulfilling marriage in the long run, putting GOD first above all.- Alejandra HernandezThe truest friends I've had in my life can withstand a distance and still embrace our closeness; Make memories with me while always moving forward; and no matter how many days, months, or years we've been apart still hold me true to their hearts and naturally the time we share is never measured by length but my meaning!- chelsea rae powellEvery time I try to chase my dreams I keep on getting hurt- andy abadTime runs without ever waiting for anybody, but man always runs behind time waiting for something to happen and in between what he gains remains as history for the future- Prof Siva Prasad peddiI must admit that pain disintegrates in time. But when I recall the experience, the intensity is still the same. Life is like a double helix of a DNA- one helix is for pain, and the other one is for happiness. So, when you experience pain today, get ready for tomorrow, for happiness shall come your way.- Jaydee John CapurasRemember in time you will meet a current that will bring you closer to light at the horizon of success, just make sure you try to hang on- Josh DarosaI don't get it.. Sure it makes you happy for the time being but there are other ways to be happy. I don't care if its hard to get there but i'm wiling to figure it out myself not some artificial happiness that only lasts a few minutes. be above the influence :)- Victoria Laine BrownIf a star fell from the sky each time a heart was broken, there would be no stars in the sky- M Adonis LayneTrue commitment toward relation is the key for it to be a SUCCESS; and 'Understanding' is just a matter of time - Naresh DhimanI wish I had died the last time I was in your arms, so I wouldn't have to wake without you today :(- RounchyYou have to forgive people, otherwise they will always have something over you, let it go and god will take care of the pain in good time- JESSICA SERITA ABRAMSWomen are like onions, you have to pull us back one layer at time to find the beauty underneath all of uneven things in our lives. Also to find out who we are for what we truly are and what we wanna be known for.- Susan JohnsonSomewhere in the corner of my heart, stays a pain which misses you all the time- Farhad DastoorI am not short tempered. my temper infact lasts slightly longer each time I flip my lid.- bornagainThe right time and point to know the strength of your relation is when you are a failure- A MehtaWhen I fell in love for the first time it was great. Now that it's over I can't stand another heartbreak.- Latia HemphillSpace and time are two of the best and worst commodities which you will never be able to touch or control- Matt Allen JonesTime is not only the best healer but also the greatest teacher- Simon KingEveryone gets nervous when they watch the ticking clock, because that is the time gone from the time reaching your dreams- Karen KuranIf you keep moving on up in life, eventually you will not be able to climb any higher, that's when you know it's time to come back down..- Elijah McKinleyWhen your heart is overloaded with regrets, anger and sadness, you cry out all the pain, When your heart is overloaded with joy, freedom and love, you cry all out with tears of joy. But when your heart feel both emotions at the same time, what kind of tears do you cry out then?.. Neither of them. I feel nothing. All thoughts and feelings disappear and my mind goes blank.- KarolinaYou are like a rose. Beautiful inside and out but over time deteriorate, you and your fine qualities fall slowly and gently- KarolinaIf time is of the essence, why have we wasted millions of years getting this far. If in 100 years humanity can look back at its faults, its lies, its betrayal and learn so much about why we are here. Why not NOW can we make things right. Or has time run out on us. ??- Twenty TwelveTime is taking me through hell but destiny will take me to heaven.- JORGE RODRIGUEZTime waits for no man & neither will I.- Garry Mackall IIIn life you are always going to be compared to others.. whether that be your predecessors, celebrities, family or even mates! You've just got to strive so that at some point in time you are the one they are comparing people to! This shows your life has had a purpose- JordanLive with anger all your life and you will have dagger in your heart in no time.- ajith CHEMPARATHYThere is one thing the course of life or time can never teach me; how to dislike Christmas- Klavin John Barry JRTo quote something eloquent, you must devote time.- ajith CHEMPARATHYWhat you see is what you get. But what you get is not always what you see'. Ninety percent of achievers spend ninety percent of their time working truly hard on goals they truly do not desire- Michael SeveranceAll it takes is one person, at one time, to have one bad moment, and your customer service will be flawed. We must keep striving for perfection.- Michael CostelloFear is only in our minds, take viable time away, so don't hide from fear, face it and beat it.- Chelsea Taylor WaytNever say there isn't enough time. Time is all we have.- Shaina RossCriticism always comes to those who don't follow the normality and guidelines set for them by society. They are always hated and and shunned until society admits its mistake, but by that time the greats are dead and the whole world mourns. Even when shunned, the greats keep going, remember this when you are being hated.- Christopher ReavesWithout time we have no purpose.- Devan LangSaving the World One Click at a Time- Jack R MonsalveTime to Build Nuclear Weapon not with Uranium but with Unity- Tabish ZahidAdvising others is always easy; But when it's your turn, make sure you don't fail to implement it. If you happen to fail, it's sure that there won't be any takers for your advises the next time!- Bipin Kumar G JWhen my time comes and I must make journey into the stars to find my celestial home, I'm going to make sure to pack lunch.- Jack BrownI am one of the only people in the world who know exactly what they are. I am human and I am a soul and I am a pebble in the river of time.- Jack BrownAren't we all living in an imaginative world, we love the idea of loving somebody than loving somebody for we want the feeling of being in a relation which is nice, than stop lying to self and start facing the difficulties that take to be really good enough to be liked by somebody, it certainly is a beautiful life to think we love our parents, spouse, children, but do we really love them and make them feel it? interestingly we don't have so much time in the universe left for us.- Lokesh giriTime spent on beautiful thoughts and sweet memories make the best moments of our life, next to time spent in best company.- Lokesh giriWe are all spammers one time or the other.- Lokesh giriGod blesses us by providing what we need, at the exact time in our lives when we need it. This is but an example of God's Perfect Love and Perfect Plan that He has created for each of us.- The Quoted IrisI have flags upon other very common items in my bedroom. Most people would just see them as flags of different countries, but for me, they hold memories of my time in those countries. Do not judge people for what they value without knowing the whole story behind first.- Austin James LelievreMessage contains certain information. Information is composed of words. Words describe an individual's viewpoint, idea and emotion. Viewpoint forms over time, whereas an idea occurs to a person instantly. Emotion exists permanently.- Luke Shen Tien ChiI enjoy time with you here, My lovely spouse, dear, and free, In our o so lovely house, Where you are forever near - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHurting someone is quite easy but when you get back the hurt then you understand the pain you gave at a time to someone!- Subhayan sauI understand that none of this is easy. I understand some will need to make some tough political decisions for human rights. But this is the time for consensus. This is the time for political compromises to be reached. This means sacrifices, but it will benefit us all collectively.- J BWe do not have the luxury of time to be complacent or passive in regard to human rights.- J BDefending human rights is the global responsibility of our time.- J BIf you get time, try to read me, I am the answer of all your queries- N C SolankiDefending human rights is the greatest challenge of our time.- J BIt speaks to our character to fight the human rights violations of our time.- J BThe time is up on human rights remaining as elusive matters.- J BValuable time, don't devalue it- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMDon't play with me, because I am Not Your Time Pass- Anu MehtaMy mine, my mind, my heart, my desire, my opinion, my way, my time, my decision, my life. But if you think I am going to repeat my mistakes, think again nine times plus now.- Marie Yolande PierreYou can hurt my feelings.. you can give me pain.. you can burn all my dreams.. & every time I heal myself.. you can do this to me all over again.. I, will heal again, but this time I'll let it go & you can't do nothing this time.. you can't fight fate.- Arunesh Chand MankotiaI will clash swords against your barren human wasted and useless skin of weakness tormenting me to pierce it's humorous and saddening convolution as a thin and yet cumbersome veil of cowardice disguised as some manner of useful and productive triumph. Open thine eyes; I am aware of thine purpose within the fullness of the moonlight on this equinox of time.- Logan StarWhen you have so much pain but you would rather smile and appreciate your blessings in life.. when you open your mind to accept it, you can do it. You can learn to let go and accept what's meant to be. Stop worrying, laugh and enjoy life as it unfolds. You might not heal in time but you'll be healed eventually. Trust in Him.- Gladys Gallentes Sometimes we feel, we wasted valuable time of our life. In fact it is a time to stay back and learn patience - SadashivanLifting lives, 140 characters at a time..- Germany KentDon't ever feel lonely, you know you have friends out there, you know you can make friends out there, and you know you have family out there. If none of that, you know you have God out there. You may not know that and feel that, and you may not see him there by you, but he will help and make you make a friend. Don't feel lonely, God will make you feel better right away. He knows how you're feeling right now. It's just that time in life, when you aren't with those family members, and friends. You are probably just wishing they were with you. Don't ever say you're a loner though, because that is not true. Don't cry, and don't hate yourself.- Zendaya ColemanThe funny thing is when they try to break you, you become truly aware of what you are made of, which is a serious weapon that becomes sharpened every time they strike. Which then through time ultimately becomes unbreakable.- Omar SaeedFriendship is hard to define sometimes because as individuals we do not characterize or rather perceive friendships in the same sense. One may see friendship as a brief day to day contact with someone and another may see it as having monthly or yearly associations with someone. I realized that I do not have to communicate with you on a day to day basis to have that reassurance that you care. I do not have to sit and wonder if you will always be there because through time, you have silently ingrained in me the assurance that no matter what challenges we have and will face our friendship was built to last forever and always.- Minetre MartinWhy should we smile because it happened when it didn't continue happening? How should we smile after knowing that we were blind all that time, believing all those lies? Should we smile for the pain they made us feel? Or for the memories they made us believe?- Daleen IrshaidThe hardest things to understand in life have nothing to do with the life time you are living. It has to do with the life time before and after your own.- Naomi Van HornA kiss on the cheek is to explain I care a lot about you, a hug is to state you've been my friend for a long time and I trust you, but a handshake says 'hears is an invitation to being my friend'- Hanorra RaindaTo succeed you must do the right thing, in the right way, at the right place, at the right time and know why and how you did it so you can repeat it and improve on the results. Most people want to make by just copying WHAT was done but they ignore the other crucial elements of WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW to adjust for the variances.- Cherif Medawar Love someone for who they are not what they say, don't trick yourself that you're in love, or that he loves you, just because he flatters you with complements. Flattery and physical appearances are deceiving, it's more selfish love if anything. True love takes time, nurture, and communication. Anyone can give a complement and a better looking person can come any minute. SO ask yourself: do I really love him?/Does he really love me?- HeavenlyIf we know who we are, and we know we are beautiful, then why do we have such a hard time ignoring those who tell us otherwise? because in my mind, I believe words, simply are not actions. Therefore, we should not be hurt by them- Sydney NewkirkHave you ever had that feeling when you think he was the one. and you think you are 99.8% sure. But then you are wrong, then you find another boy and this time you are 200% sure. well I found this boy we have everything in common. and he laughs at my jokes and I laugh at his. And he makes me smile that's what I love about him. That he can make me smile and laugh.- Julia ManningRemember me as a time of day.. so that even if you forget my face, my voice, my very own existence.. at least you will remember me as a part of your life- Augustus YuanI thought I found the right one until such time I wake up only to realize I fooled my ownself.. making myself believed into something that will make me happy but at the end it only kills me inside.. something I believed that could bring me too much joy and happiness only to realized that he just came to break me up, cut my heart into a million pieces, twist my life upside down and to destroy my faith and ruin my future. I never thought I will be able to forgive him, I never thought I will learn to move on and let go, and I never imagine that time will come the pain will subside. I cried a thousand times, felt devastated, lost my sanity a couple of times and choose to end up my life. However, I heard something with in me, an inner voice telling me that life isn't so bad at all, after all their is still a reason to live again, to breath, and to love. I opted to continue my life because I believed that someday I will be able to prove to him that he made a mistake of turning his back, so wrong of leaving- zindyThere is so much hate in the world and too many people are dying old and young from fighting and pollution but we brought it all on ourselves. Animals suffer from litter and young children die from diseases and pills-drugs, we need help and god shall guide us through our own mess. Hope is nearly gone for us yet we steal and kill. Fellow human beings are in trouble but our selfish ways lead us away from a needy soul. Humans are greedy and arrogant, caring only for themselves and not for the welfare of others, people starve with no homes or family, children and adults just like us are lonely and need a friend and who is there for them, no one yet, we always find a way out of trouble, well they cannot find that way and they need our help. We take and take but never give. Everyone gets a time, their special time, but it is not mine nor yours so lets give it to someone who really needs help!- Bethany Hope SkinnerI really feel I'm dumb sometimes, and that's good, that makes me feel I'm special because most others are dumb most of the time, and rest of others are dumb all the time.- Lokesh giri