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You will always learn and grow more from losing versus winning. Winning is the consequence of the You will always learn and grow more from losing versus winning. Winning is the consequence of the..

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The ladder of success will be sweet only if you don The ladder of success will be sweet only if you don't crush others on the way to reach to the top...

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The way you treat people says who you are, not the balance in your bank account. The way you treat people says who you are, not the balance in your bank account...

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Who You Are
If you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven If you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet,..

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the way you live your life determines how you make your decision The way you live your life determines how you make your decision..


Your Life
Don Don't be saddened by dark skies; for the clouds give way to the sun...

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Life is What we Create, Because the only way to grow a tree is to sow a seed.. Life is What we Create, Because the only way to grow a tree is to sow a seed.. ..


Rudeness is the weak person Rudeness is the weak person's way of presenting his strength..

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Two golden rules of life: don Two golden rules of life: don't expect from anyone and accept whatever comes your way..

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Don Don't go out of your way to break rules.. but break the rules that get in your way...

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Our future lies in our own hands, we control what we pick up and what we let go along the way. Our future lies in our own hands, we control what we pick up and what we let go along the way...

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Let Go
It It's better for regrets to be lit up along the way as lanterns, for they shall not let one to walk..


A person who has no friends, lives only half way. A person who has no friends, lives only half way...

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Whenever you are hit by lightning and break your ears with its loud thunder , always find a way to Whenever you are hit by lightning and break your ears with its loud thunder , always find a way to..

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You will always fall somewhere along the way to success.. but you can always get back up.. and learn from your failures.. just keep moving forward ....
-Rena Martinez

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You cannot control the way people feel or what they think about you, what matters the most is how You cannot control the way people feel or what they think about you, what matters the most is how..

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If you want people to remember you a certain way, then live your life the way you want to be If you want people to remember you a certain way, then live your life the way you want to be..

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Your Life Want To Be If You Want
Receiving gifts is not the way to look at Christmas. Giving gifts is the true spirit. Receiving gifts is not the way to look at Christmas. Giving gifts is the true spirit...

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If sustainability is adopted by every living being on earth the way humans do, everything would be If sustainability is adopted by every living being on earth the way humans do, everything would be..

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A pessimist is a person who looks both ways before crossing a one way road. A pessimist is a person who looks both ways before crossing a one way road...

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I do not wish to follow the majority; the resources are scarce that way. I do not wish to follow the majority; the resources are scarce that way...

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Pain, sadness, and sorrow are not the universe Pain, sadness, and sorrow are not the universe's way of punishing, but of telling you to go while..

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Death is just nature Death is just nature's way of making room for birth...

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going with the flow is not the way to go Going with the flow is not the way to go..


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Seek the knowledge, and everything else will find the way to you.- Bipin Kumar G JHope and patience may not always bring success, but the way they bring change in a man is the real success.- Lokesh giriOnly way to grow strong is to stop lying to self.- Lokesh giriImagine you are dead and you have been given a gift to live somebody else's life, how are you gonna live it? Live your life that way.- Matt BillBe it the way , be it the truth, be it the life, it is as much an artistic science as it is a scientific art.- SundareshThe only way to know someone's true potential is to give them a chance.- Kaitlyn AndersonYou can ALWAYS change the way you think about things. You can't always change everything, but the way we perceive it might bring a whole new kind of change- Lood GoosenEven if you feel like an ugly mess you are still beautiful in your own way!- Monica J. YoderThere's no way to justify garment of lie when truth is naked..- success songCreating your own recipe is way more fun than following the one that Google gave you.- Austin James Lelievre

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Life Quotes Imagine you are dead and you have been given a gift to live somebody else's life, how are you gonna live it? Live your life that way. - Matt BillThere's only one life, nobody does guarantee about another one.. Live it the way you want it to be.. - Bipin Kumar G JEverything else has found a way to let me go. I suppose pain is a longer process. - Meagan Lynn GervaisLove life the way it is. when it changes it is for the best. - bryce diasIt didn't start out this way.. But, then again, it never really does. We live our whole lives striving to be someone, trying to make our mark in someone's world. We start out trying to conquer the world, but in the end, find ourselves struggling from being conquered by it. No one's life is a fairy-tale, and although magic does exist, it lasts for mere seconds. CHIVALRY is dead. MAGIC is rare. DEPRESSION is real. HOPE and FAITH are exhausting. LOVE is dangerous and questionable. And, above all, LIFE is terminal.. There is absolutely NOTHING to over analyze. - Brittany Ann SmithYou can live life like a chess game or like a tic tac toe game. Either way there can only be one winner. - Christopher ReavesThere's one way to live life, how you want to. - Paige Angela CordingIf we weighed and considered every word we spoke the air would be much lighter of all the pollution it has to bear. but then what to say.. the pollution inside has to find its way outside – it has to escape as it kills the heart and the soul yet how about considering reduce hoard only clean thoughts – to reuse and recycle - RITU SAXENANot everything in this world is the way you want it to be, but everything in this world is made out to be the way you make it to be - Aaron FischerTo deny who we are, is another way to say, I'm ashamed of who I am - Tabetha emily Pacion What's the best way to lose future communication during a presently emotionally fueled discussion/argument? Bring up the past - Jon Byron RangelLife and everything in it is a Gift from the Infinite mind; And the only way Life could go wrong is through the limited Finite mind. - Eric Foley SaucierClean up your own backyard before you barge into someone else's.. if you point a finger make sure that the other four are not pointing right at you.. practice what you preach because KARMA has a way of finding the ones it missed! - cecille f criticaThe best way to change a lifestyle is to reward a desired lifestyle and block access to the rewards of alternative lifestyles. - Donald Lynn FrostReceiving gifts is not the way to look at Christmas. Giving gifts is the true spirit. - Eric Scott Tolman JrPast had passed, and nobody gives Guarantee of future. If you live this present in right way that's enough for today. - Pavan SomayajiThe golden rule of arguing is to listen more. This way, you can analyze rather than being analyzed. - Naqibullah PaimanA person who has no friends, lives only half way. - charan_vishwaAbility to say no in a gentle way is a virtue. - Avhidipta MondalWhy hurt ourselves by waiting for the one who ain't there to end the sufferings? Why not instead look around and embrace the one who is running along the way to just end that suffering? - pahi shettyThe way we act is influenced by your mood and the people you are around. - Cassandra LinaresThe life is long, but the ways of living it are too less. So find a good way and enjoy it. - toni loyalWhen there is no hero, be the hero.. When there is no villain, be the villain.. Either way become someone to be feared.. - XephoxRudeness is the weak person's way of presenting his strength - KRISHNAMURTYEither you are riding with me or you are in the way looking to get run over - G SwissI can't let a man with no guidance lead the way - Babi ShakesLife is What we Create, Because the only way to grow a tree is to sow a seed.. - Charles AfariOnce you're through the mud and there is no way you could get out of that mess, patterns do arise. - Tankiso Gilbert MofokengLife is a risk, and that's what makes it interesting, I love it that way, every risk comes with a reward, be it positive or negative - Uwagbae Nosa LuckyThe way you live your life determines how you make your decision - oluwagbenga segunIf you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet, you will have entered into the highest degree of Internal Reward. - Amelia GoodeIf you see the dark side of your life then only you can find the right way. - Nihar Ranjan BhattacharyaWhen a person lashes out and hurts others because they are ashamed of themselves, that person then puts a target on their chest. That target says, 'I am insecure. ' and 'I don't like myself. ' If you feel this way about yourself, ask for professional help to change. No one respects a bully. - Amelia GoodeLoving flowers by tending plants, a way to compensate the lost love in life. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyEven in the midst of trouble or even unthinkable circumstances, God provides a way through for He is in control of everything. - Shaila TouchtonThe ladder of success will be sweet only if you don't crush others on the way to reach to the top. - Rajiv JainI am who I am because of what I have been through. If you want to know who I am and why I am the way I am, do not judge me from afar come close and you will understand who I am and why I am the way I am. - Dr. Patricia Ghann

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Inspirational Quotes Never give in to early struggles just fight your way through it and Come out on top - Chris barcenasPoetry- first came the inspiration then came the words. It's never the other way around. You cannot ask me to write but you can give me a reason to. - Amanda F. Nichipor-CifuentesImperfection is beauty, madness is genius. It's absolutely impossible to please everyone, so I suggest that we all stop trying. Who cares what anyone else thinks, everyone is absolutely amazing and beautiful in their own way. Who says that you are not perfect? Don't listen to them, you are perfect, you are perfect at being you. - hey guys.The best way of dealing with pain is to let the hurt serve its course. - Brayne MatshotshiIt is said 'Something is better than nothing'.. but sometimes nothing is a way to express something special. - arush thapliyalSince the dawn of the human race, emotions have been behind the undoing of what we create. However, emotions are the motivators of our creations. The key to our success is to find a way to make our emotions work for us rather than us working for our emotions. - Donald Lynn FrostA simple way to be grateful is to close your eyes for a minute and think of those who never got a chance to open them - RVM AuthorI love mornings when I wake up and face the day with gratitude. I did realize one thing, that there are moments wherein you have to grieve to give way to gratitude. When that happens, fear disappears within. Then, you will realize that you are gifted and you actually have so much to be thankful for in this lifetime - Gladys GallentesA river might have a long way to flow with twists and turns to reach where it supplies the water, but in the end it will reach where it is supposed to supply its water. - Maduwa ThaboOnly thunderstorm tests the strength of your house, in the absence of storms don't think that all is well. Shifting furniture and all movable when it pours through the roof is not a way to solve the problem. Maintenance is the only way - Chester MakanaGiving up on important things and people in life is another way of saying silently that it/ they weren't that important in the first place. - Casper G. SmithRemember, the only way to bring about the greater good is to be the greater good. - HOWARD MANNWe all program our gadgets—computers, mobiles, but we don't Program our Mind in such a way that we can REJOICE and BE HAPPY. - RVM AuthorI've always wanted to save lives. If I can't do it as originally planned medically then I will find another way to do it. - Roxanne SilvaDon't be saddened by dark skies; for the clouds give way to the sun. - The Quoted IrisRespect goes a long way.. words vanish! be real - Allen LazarThe trees make way for the blue skies as I drive while the flags fly open as a token of my approaching. - Raul PompeI have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try and impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good. If they don't, it is their loss - Mr vybs liveThe way in which we perceive things, determines our intellectual ability to identify opportunities. - Wayne ChirisaYou can tell Capitalism isn't a bad way of running our government. It only needs one kick to get it into gear. - The Quoted IrisOppression only lasts for a season. Change the way you fight and the way you think, so that you are able to break free and walk out of the situation. Correct it and get it right. Do what it takes to win. - Germany KentLive with the mindset that you are a success. Your successes fuel your ambition and pave the way for more success. - Germany KentEven if you feel like an ugly mess you are still beautiful in your own way! - Monica J. YoderWaves are God's way of saying that problems in life just passed by; Sometimes you're carried away and sometimes your are stronger and even much stronger when someone is with you. - Marlene MahidlayonThe only way to know someone's true potential is to give them a chance. - Kaitlyn AndersonTravel is the best way to satisfy the appetite for life. - Brenda Lee SandersYou will always learn and grow more from losing versus winning. Winning is the consequence of the fear of losing but fear not, every loss in life only means a win is on the way. - Raul MartinezMusic is a heavenly way to perform a ritual , to prayer or offering to the Supreme being , to express gratitude for a particularly fine day, or give back on one that had more tests ! - Vivek SahneyBeing Fake is just a beautiful and easiest way to hide your pain and problems from the world, where everyone knew how to use your pain against you to make you taste your defeat. - Sayyed TarannumMusic is the polyphony of heaven and earth, while rituals are the gauge of the celestial city and globe. By way of harmony, all things are made recognized ! - Vivek Sahney

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Change Quotes If I had a gift, I would have filled half the world with passionate people, with those people crazy enough to get out of their comfortable wretched lives to go in pursuit of love, love that is the way of feeling every moment without the fear/ decision from past, but the joy and gratitude of being blessed with such a wonderful gift - love. - Lokesh giriSeek the knowledge, and everything else will find the way to you. - Bipin Kumar G JActing on bad thoughts and NOT acting on good thoughts are merely the same, abuse for you will be imprisoned either way - J M GharstEveryone is born the same way but not everyone starts the same way.. - Paul PeshkovYou may think your actions can be erased like a footstep on a shore but your actions follow you all the way from that shore - Josh DarosaThe only hurdle that stands in the way of you achieving true greatness is yourself. - Teboho KutoaneBe original in all you do as that sets you apart, and changes the way we view situations - Grace Wairimu HeywoodHand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, step by step. That's the way we overcome evil - paul odafe uthoUntil selfishness gives way to selflessness, the struggle remains nothing but a dream - paul odafe uthoYou think you Decide your Direction, Your Direction Decides your Way, Your Way Decides your Future, So Change your Thinking & Everything - KrishanKant GoyalIf someone tries to change you don't let them because you are amazing just the way you are. - Nazifa TasnimIf you can't change the way you read , you can't change the way you think. so please change your thinking first.. - Disha khareEverybody sees the world in a different way.. - Hamdan Zefa BandaJust because you realize it's the way it's supposed to be, doesn't mean it's easy to accept. - Dana Jo GraslieNew Beginnings are in order, and you are bound to feel some level of excitement as new chances come your way. - Oscar Auliq IceAlthough it's not our role to convince people to live a certain way I believe it's our role as engineers to pioneer solutions that need no convincing - Kristopher Adam OrlowskiThe thing is, everyone is messed up in their own way, some realize it and change, but some don't. We can only hope and pray that others will see their wrong doing and change it. Some will never change but don't let them ruin a world of amazing wonderful people - Brynn Alanah LundThe only way to be yourself is to know yourself. And to know yourself you have to see yourself. You have to understand who you are, why you are, and lastly be who you are. - Brandon Timothy GordonSometimes when life is testing you and you have no answer. The best way to pass the test is to write down every little detail you have around you. Then write the life's questions because later on you might be able to answer them one by one. Don't keep asking yourself why these questions apply to me. Just write. - Marie Yolande PierreThe champion way to promote world peace is to promote the advancement of human rights. - J BWhen it comes to improvement which is just another word for beauty, there is always room for more. A little good makes a lot of difference and goes a long way, towards making things better. - Sundaresh‏You may wish to change your lover who doesn't love you, but you better change the way you want to be loved by. - mohdmustafa99Not to begin a new habit, is one way to put an end to old habits. - mohdmustafa99One day everything will start fading away and before you know it its all gone for good; making way for new and better things - Diego J. Carrillo DíazYou can ALWAYS change the way you think about things. You can't always change everything, but the way we perceive it might bring a whole new kind of change - Lood Goosen

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Peace Quotes We are all alike, We feel love. We feel sad. We feel angry. We all unite for a common cause good or bad. We don't do this because of the way we look , but for what we have inside that made us do this. Earth is big enough for all of us. - Obed CeballosThis planet is way too good for us! - diya ahmed azzonyThere is a way to achieve world peace, respect human rights. - J BLet us work together to transform the way we live without compromising human rights. - J BWe must become committed to doing all we can to protect human rights. We all need to advocate for human rights. It is the only way forward. - J BWe must in some way come to our senses. We must extricate ourselves from advertisement, consumption and manipulation on the television. We must discover within ourselves a deeper sense of responsibility toward each other and the world. We must respect, protect and fulfill human rights. - J BThe champion way to promote world peace it to promote the advancement of human rights. - J BCivil society's participation, in particular, is a sure way to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of human rights efforts. Their contribution is crucial. - J BViolating human rights is a lousy way to settle politics. - J BI believe the only way to build peace is collective action for human rights. - J BThe only route to peace goes by the way of human rights. - J BHuman rights is a way of seeing the world. - J B'Agreed to disagree'. This is the classic way to process peace negotiations - mohdmustafa99I stand in solidarity with hundreds of millions of suffering people. And I am with them every step of the way. Together we can bring human rights violations to an end. - J BDefending human rights is not a thing; it's a way. - J B

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Love Quotes Love should always happen, with everyone and everything for it is the way of seeing the world with a gentle and soft heart. - Lokesh giriSelfishness is the fastest way to lose someone you love. - Tra LalalicYou find peace when you stop chasing desperately for other things, accept people the way they are and the most important off all, accept yourself. - Tra LalalicLove is true. no matter if you are ugly or hot, someone out there will always love you just the way you are and love you no matter what - katherineI love the way your brown eyes shine, the way you laugh, the way that no matter what you are by my side, I love you and never forget that! - Megan MarsBeing in love is a humanly emotion that comes from a deep intimate, social communication. You sit on the phone all night, you have nice long conversations, and it just feels so amazing. Once it gets to a certain point you say 'I'm in love with this person. ' But the truth is, you're not in love with the person, you're in love with the way they make you feel. - James brownPeople are like stars, everyone is bright in their own special way, but there is that ONE that catches your eye as it shoots across the others. Then I think to myself, you are the one I have been waiting for. - dannika rodgersMost say that magic cannot be. But I can't describe the way I feel when you stare at me with any other word. - Emily LaBontyI said we are two same poles which would repel. And obviously, we aren't opposite poles. But what if I'm the South or North pole and your the magnetic field around me, the pole?I realized that I was wrong and we both are never separable and indistinguishable. Either you be the pole and I be the magnetic field or the other way round :) - KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANMusic Is Not a Thing , It's A Way Of Life - Vivek SahneySometimes, when you love someone but they don't love you back, the best thing to do is just stand back and be there when they need you. That way, deep down, that person starts loving you back. - Willem RossouwLove is the best way to revenge hatred.. - success songDon't feel like you are not good enough because he didn't care. Don't be sad because he made you an option. Don't think you are not worthy of being treated the way you should. He is the one that chose to treat you that way and make you feel that way, don't blame yourself because you tried and you cared. - Shannon oliverMy heart is an envelope for you to put letters into It! every morning I receive a fresh letter from you , read it and put it back in my heart! at the end of my day all what I crave for is to read that letter again and have a grin on my face!every moment I read It, I start loving you in a different way!. - Prachidhar

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Confidence Quotes The only way we will see peace is if we stop looking at chaos - christopher kinderI once met a man he told me if you have your faith then nobody can come in your way and soon you will become a leader! - Maria Farag You cannot control the way people feel or what they think about you, what matters the most is how you feel and what you know about yourself - Amzard LinxGo all the way or not at all - Jaffet HerreraSometimes, if you're feeling down the drain, feeling that you're living in a series of endless failures, don't give up. You are human, and everyone's got that moment before. So stand up and move on. Life's just rough that way. People can and will suffer huge losses and huge success. What makes them look invulnerable is that they don't give up. Because giving up would be the first step to actual failure. - Primus de PedosThere will be times in your life when it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong. And you will feel sick, it's like there's no way to feel better, but there is. Trust me, there is. I've been there many times and I survive. So don't give up, try again, dream again. Live your life again, laugh and move forward. Set your goal. Do not hesitate. God is with you, never fear. - Gladys GallentesWhen you're courageous and confident enough, you get to live your life the way you want it to be. - Dalia Marjanne KhouryIn one way or another we are all dreamers of a better future. Yet, how many of us actually chase our dreams? Make your dreams become a reality! - Javier ContrerasDon't go out of your way to break rules.. but break the rules that get in your way. - Anthony ZhouIt's not about the amount of time you put in, it is the way you spend the time on the work you need to get done. Saying that you worked ten hours on something that went nowhere is not really anything to brag about. - Loren WeismanWorking hard is not the way to achieve everything but work has some value.. - Satya prakash paniSometime we feel that everything has been finished, we lose bearings and have no ray of hope to recover and we ask a question to own self - 'what should I do?' Answer is to change and forget the way for sometime and trying to become stronger and become a successful person, choose that way again where you had lost everything. - Subhash sharma

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Freedom Quotes The way one prefers to dress before sleep is the real freedom - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyYou cannot 'over extend' in real estate if you use your own cash and avoid any kind of leverage. You can walk your way to wealth and arrive sanely and safely. - Cherif Medawar Finding where politics are concerned you sometimes lose friends and family.. Sad when we cannot agree to disagree and you get snubbed for having your own beliefs.. we need to be very careful to be kind and considerate regardless of which side we are on.. both sides have serious issues to take into consideration and that need to be addressed and both have their successes and failures.. we better find some common ground.. when one has lost their freedom of speech it affects us all so we better stick together to make a difference.. there are those who would see our way of lives destroyed and/or our very lives taken and these folks could care less about what party affiliation we are. - Lisa Ebersole DempseyDepression is like a maze. When you think you see your way out, it's not the way out. The best way to get out of the maze is to see from above. There are many challenges while going through the maze and a lot of dead ends that stop you there, but nothing satisfies more than to reach the end and get out of that mess! (maze). Free yourself from the maze you are in and follow the path that leads to freedom! Until then, you will be happy! - David Figueroa Your children live off of your legacy. Regardless of how independent they become sooner or later they have to go back across the paths you've created. When you do evil against your brother/ sister, that is the gift you are actually leaving your children. Leave a legacy your children can 'cash' in on. Its worth way more than gold - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SMy mine, my mind, my heart, my desire, my opinion, my way, my time, my decision, my life. But if you think I am going to repeat my mistakes, think again nine times plus now. - Marie Yolande PierreThe way of righteousness is peace! The way of peace is love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI love the look of your gorgeous tress And the way you wear your sleeveless dress - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTo experience in life what we experience in dream! To experience in dream what we experience in life! To live the way that life doth truly seem! To know the peace and to know there is no strife - Joshua Aaron GuillorySounds like a guitar the way you play me so beautifully! like musical stars across the stringy milky way, both close and afar, that is how we are! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryLiving free is the way to be - Joshua Aaron Guillory

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There is no road in the world that goes to happiness.. But happiness itself is the only way which can go anywhere in the world!- Ananya SardarMarriage is one way to free oneself from love- mohdmustafa99We all desire and strive for Goodness in our lives, because deep down to our core, we are all Good. We all get a little lost sometimes. And that's ok, because we can find our way back again to our true nature of Goodness.- Amelia GoodeThe best way to remain popular is to be a hypocrite; the only way to remain honest is to be controversial- Meshack SeweNurture yourself as a father, this is one way to nurture your children.- mohdmustafa99If you wanna change the world, say hello to the first person you see tomorrow on your way to work.- Allen LazarCinderella, She never asked for anything, She just helped a needy woman with a glass of milk And The god mother did the rest, Keep your heart pure and be kind, God will help you find a way that will Lead to treasures of life. - Shivank BharadwajOne should always let one's accomplishments speak for one and one's reputation precede one and lead one. These always have to be earned the right way, they cannot be begged or borrowed or stolen. So much for being a true leader and a true follower.- SundareshWhat is good for me may not be good for you, things don't change so change the way you look at them.- Aquiver kid We should all be thankful to each and every person in our life.. because they all have taught us some unique lessons of life in their own way- Aayushi vermaFamily.. a fortress whose foundation is love all the way. It is intentionally blind to all else except love.- JabulileLife is not the way only ; it's both the way and the hindrances.- mohdmustafa99Love the way you would want to be loved.. Never not love and end up wondering why you're not being loved at all.- Imraan Van KesterenI thank God for the gift of friendship, the kind that you don't get to meet or talk to everyday and yet when you see them in person you will be surprised that they are these charming people that touches your soul in a way that you will remember, forever. And at which point you feel like you just want to be around them, share your silly jokes, be yourself, and you don't want the day to end. However, we can't just go on like that, we have to separate ways at the end of the day. What's important is you found them and you feel blessed with the gift of friendship- Gladys GallentesFriendship is not how you listen or how you understand, Friendship is not how you hold or how long you hold, Friendship is not how you love but the way you love- vijayavarshiniA little craziness goes a long way.- Victor CourageIf the children are our future, then there is no greater way to invest in the future than investing in our children.- Dr Nirvadha SinghConsumerism is psychological and emotional abuse disguised as a gate-way to happiness.- Iris PhilipReligions are a reflection of who man thinks God is, which is usually wrong. The best way to know who God really is, is to observe nature, know who you are, be who God created you to be and who God is will show up- Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SLive your life in a way you want to be remembered- ClairvoyanWhat is Love: It is when someone cries deep inside the heart and you come to know it by the way they breathe- Farhad DastoorThe fastest way to start living your dream; is to wake up from your dream and get out there and start doing whatever it takes to achieve your dream.. no one can live your dream except you.- Eddie HarrisTo be truly happy all you have to do is live your life the way you want it.- srfghsdfDivorce is just a way of getting rich quicker.- Jovonta BattleThe easiest way to poison an egalitarian movement is to become its leader.- Jon LewisCultivate and water your own grass, this way the grass on the other side doesn't appear greener- Joanne Blasco DiehlA person who doesn't 'want' anymore is the only person who has all he wants, never the other way- Lokesh giriYou may be young, you may be old, Your hair may be, the color gold. Everyone is special, in their own special way, You may be a boy, you may be a girl, You may like to wear, a shiny pearl. Everyone is special, in their own special way, This is my quote, the one that I say.- Bethany Hope SkinnerBeauty comes from the inside not the outside, everyone is unique and pretty in their own way.- bryce diasThe best way to study is to teach your own self loudly in an isolated room.- Jasleen kaurA humble person has great vision because his EGO does not get in his way, i. e ( Ego, Egoism and Egotism are not in his dictionary)- Irfan Mamoun MDThough We are literate of the 21st century, still we are illiterate when it comes to financial literacy. Financial literacy is the only way to enjoy breathing the fresh air to become financial independence. You have to adopt the below action tips to become financial independence in your life. -EBINE- EBINEZAR GNANASEKARANHoly life starts as we detach ourselves from the source of sin. Then we shall become the children of God and holiness shall become a way of life.- Shaila TouchtonWhat if the Sky was in the way of the Moon?- The Quoted IrisThe fears you do not face, will inescapably become your nemeses. They will come seeking retributive justice, in a divine yet nightmarish way when that fear is but conquered. By You.- The Quoted IrisEducation is one of the most difficult thing in life but the easiest way to success.- Amoako TheophilusEvery person, at some point in their life, experiences low self-esteem. Some people choose to change their way of life so they can be the best they can be, and learn to Love themselves, while others do not. That choice makes all the difference. It is not right to shame others for gaining self Love.- Amelia GoodeWe want happiness to go along the way , but it always goes across.- mohdmustafa99Passionately great teachers, study the subject and master their lessons, then learn the best way to teach them. When all is done, you are all set to open a school.- Luke Shen Tien ChiA woman likes to be understood by a child; but doesn't like adults understand her the same way.- mohdmustafa99Worrying about the competition, is like worrying about an impending train. You can either watch in terror as the train runs you over or you can proactively step out of the way.- Oscar Auliq IceSweet and gentle is the fragrance of our love! It caresses the soul with an aroma so pleasant and pure And provides us a way to fly away by air and endure! To live with redolent wings of imagination and tour Safely the universal city above! Anywhere is here and anything thereof!- Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf it's not politics whose game would allow blind to lead those who can see crystal clear? Politics indeed is other way around of thinking..- success songThe effective way to learn spoken language is to know how to engage in a conversation with different audience.- Luke Shen Tien ChiI simply don't accept failure, that way I'll work very hard to succeed.- Allen LazarGod said, 'You shall NOT' Satan said, 'Oh, Why NOT' Man said, 'I must NOT' Satan said, 'God doesn't mean NOT' So Man swallowed Satan's PLOT Man chose death and the way HOT God's love for man was a sure SHOT He provided a Way to be blood BOUGHT To deliver us ALL from Satan's PLOT!- Nancy Joan Jenkins EspeCourtesy is to say what must be said, by the best way of saying it, to the person that it must be said to, in the best time to say, for the best purpose to say.- mohdmustafa99It's hard for me to say, I am jealous of the way you are happy without me.- Cleopas mliloThe great part about hitting rock bottom is that there's only one way left to go, and that's up.- Tebogo SweatzBelieving means seeing things the way you desire and visualized them to be. Don't allow fear to make you see things the way they are not going to happen. Have faith and start seeing things how they should happen.- Tebogo SweatzWhen you close your eyes and thoughts you are already on your way to failure- Abasiofon FidelisMen are pigs. And I say that not as an insult. I should know, we're wired that way, we want to f**k every woman we see right in front of us. Women are pigs as well, we're just more obvious.- Brandon Hynes Copying other successful businesses without any planing of your own is the best way to plan the funeral of your business - Ohemu Godwin PiusHistory repeats. And when it does l'll make sure not to treat you the way you treated me.- BladeTo do nothing is the easiest way to be nothing.- DUBA ABEL BITRUSProblems are hostile, best way to annihilate them is through hospitality, that way you will have a smart TKH in dealing with them- Uwagbae Nosa LuckySorry is the easiest way to end mistakes- hamdan ahmad'If the meaning of the word 'belief' is, 'a mental consideration without evidence', what is the difference between belief and blind belief? Certainly, believing is the first step, but what is the point of believing in God throughout your life, without knowing Him?. Leap beyond beliefs and know Him. Self realization is the only way to know God' - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRNo matter how difficult life is, He will surely make a way. Just believe.- Eseka JerryThe most devastating thing artists can do to their career is get in their own way, and way too many people do. It's not the labels, the industry, the fans, the cities, the economy, the social media, the marketing, the promoting, the 'right time, ' the music, or whatever other excuse you can come up with that determines whether you succeed or you fail. It is you—no one else.- Loren WeismanThe best way to know yourself is to love yourself- TheDream GirlSomeday you will be faced with the reality of loss. And as life goes on, days rolling into nights, it will become clear that you never really stop missing someone special who's gone, you just learn to live around the gaping hole of their absence. When you lose someone you can't imagine living without, your heart breaks wide open, and the bad news is you never completely get over the loss. You will never forget them. However, in a backward way, this is also the good news. They will live on in the warmth of your broken heart that doesn't fully heal back up, and you will continue to grow and experience life, even with your wound. It's like breaking an ankle that never heals perfectly, and that still hurts when you dance, but you dance anyway with a slight limp, and this limp just adds to the depth of your performance and the authenticity of your character. The people you lose remain a part of you. Remember them and always cherish the good moments spent with them.- Eershad GunessEven if things don't unfold the way you expected, don't be disheartened or give up. One who continues to advance will win in the end..- Kayode Seyi TayoSatanism isn't about being carnival but it is the alternative way of taking a religion- Meekness TaperaHappiness is irritating your Best Friend in the most insane way- Suyog PotdarWE are connected somehow. What you do to someone else will always find a way back to you.- Piet NtemaI am a bad man, I am a bad person, my whole life my mother asked that I never become like my father, nonetheless I failed her, I failed everyone in the worst way, for no matter how I've tried I've become all that I've strived not to be, I am my father, I've become my father and so much more, I will no longer bother with trying to beat it, for fighting it is like fighting quicksand, the more I struggle the deeper I am swallowed by the shadow of him, I will no longer try to love or live life, because I know I am my father, I have become what I hate most through some sick twist of fate, a card i've been dealt of which I cannot discard, like a sickness tied to my very soul, I am toxic poisoning everything in my path, like King Midas if his touch had been like the fangs of a viper rather than that of the golden touch. I now truly believe that the proverbial Apple does not fall far from the tree, almost all men are destined to grow into their father's shadows and sometimes even grow darker- chad daniel thomeThe Road to Insanity begins in mind. Some have crossed the half way, some have just started ..- claudius fernandoIf you are blessed enough to have people in your home, church, work etc.. that have shown their desire to be a help and have a passion for a particular calling do not discourage them with a micro managing controlling mindset and lack of faith. Those who do this will find folks slowly lose that passion due to feeling stifled and unable to reach their full capabilities. A soul on fire is a wonderful thing and his power can do mighty things if we stay out of the way.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyI've tried to hold it back, but my heart knew its way back to you!- Joe CervantesI see this world in a different way, because I am a photographer.- Bizz LamichhaneYou just follow your heart and never be afraid, because your heart knows the way.- kittygirl583The best way to learn is to speak more with others- karthick kumarNever underestimate the power of guilt, in the end it will find its way to destroy you. The more you try to turn your back on it, the easier it is for it to stab you in the back.- Kabelo MabonaEveryone is beautiful in their own way, if people tell you different, then they are the ugly ones- Skully MacTavishIf you don't walk according to the Word of God, then you are on the way that leads to self destruction.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaThe way to get rich is to pretend you don't have money even when you do!- Nicola HoskingTo love a dear friend is heartbreaking when not knowing if they feel the same way about you.- Basil TongLearn the hard way if you can take the pain.- Joe CervantesThe time will run the way it runs. You cannot make it stop. You cannot reverse it- Ankit NandanLove is a two-way game, you cannot truly love one who does not love you, neither can you force them to love you and look past the hurtful deeds you've done. I learned that the hard way..- Alireza GilichkaniNo matter how hard the situation is, no matter how hard life is, always be thankful. Think of it as a challenge and have faith that God will never give us problems we can't handle. So always keep your head up and keep smiling. Don't lose hope. Don't ever give up. For every trials that come our way , we can grow and learn each day and that we should be always grateful.- Lovely Grace BactolIt may look bad, it may sound bad, but it's not that bad. The way for your escape has already been paved.- Lera petersonYou are beautiful in every single way, never ever ever let anyone, I mean no one tell you different- blueprincessswaggQuotes are a way to express myself in ways I couldn't fathom possible.- Raygan Tinea WoodwardBusiness depends on our way of thinking.- Sourabh kumarDo not avoid exploring every avenue which comes your way in life, irrespective of the size or extent of advantage involved. A meagerly looking, unimportant avenue explored in life might turn into the most important stepping stone in life.- Chandrababu V SShortcuts are for fools. The destination is in front and yet they choose not to move that way.- Nerd BrookeYou lose trust after several disappointments. When you accept those disappointments as a way of life, a strange calmness sets in. This calmness is dangerous, and is the onset of problems- Sapna Dhandh SharmaWhen Christ light shines on you there is no way you can be left out in the dark- KrishnaJesus ChristYou don't have to LIKE me. I'm not a FACEBOOK STATUS. You don't have to FOLLOW me. I'm not Twitter. You don't have to CHECK me. I'm not NIKE. You don't have to love me. I'm not MCDONALDS. But you sure can't have it your way. I'm not BURGER KING!- shandrekaThe only way to be respected by others is to have some confidence in yourself.- HafsahThe only way to know if the grass is greener on the other side is to graze- NJ VillaroelStrive to be the best you can be and never let anything get in your way!- grantbaileylewisLanguages are just another way to get the message.- Mitch GrillzThe way we think can change the way we act, but the way we act doesn't change the way we think- juno phoonI don't claim to be sad , its the way of my life but sure I m dead now because I once felt alive- Gaurav NayalWe don't perceive exactly the way others perceive things.- Mac AceAs I go through all kinds of feelings and experiences in my journey through life -- delight, surprise, chagrin, dismay -- I hold this question as a guiding light: 'What do I really need right now to be happy?' What I come to over and over again is that only qualities as vast and deep as love, connection and kindness will really make me happy in any sort of enduring way.- Darab ImteyazLove your hater they should not be your biggest fear, love your friends the same way you love you haters- amanda renee hendryIf people could unite the way they do during funerals this world could be a better place.- Brayne MatshotshiI must admit that pain disintegrates in time. But when I recall the experience, the intensity is still the same. Life is like a double helix of a DNA- one helix is for pain, and the other one is for happiness. So, when you experience pain today, get ready for tomorrow, for happiness shall come your way.- Jaydee John CapurasThe choice is yours.. You can live your life dreaming or you can live the life you dreamed of, either way you can choose to be happy- Donna Letterio-GarofoloPeople that take advice are wise, people that don't take it and do it their own way are even wiser- Josh DarosaThe best way to follow rules is being able to break them without getting caught but still, follow.- Anas OtomMany complex equations like Socialism and Capitalism come in the way of equality and growth but the best route is in-between them.- Dhruva MathurA lot of obstacles have been thrown my way lately.. God help me to have the resolve to overcome them and keep it moving..- Lisa Ebersole DempseyYou may choose to think small scale, but that is not the only way to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. Big ideas go on big scales.- Paul PeshkovChances are, I will be there; the question is 'will you be there for me?', or is it just words spoken to get your way?- Paul PeshkovThe same way I could live when I didnt know you, I can live without you after letting you go, But the only difference is before knowing you I didn't miss you while now I do- Daleen IrshaidI rehearsed saying I love you in so many ways but there is just one way to say it, and that is I LOVE You- laneka ayanna aysha petgraveOn Christianity: Don't walk the way the world walks , let the world see on whose footsteps you walk- Pranay BaghPeace is a lie and will never exist unless we burn humanity, and then restart. There will always be war, for human nature requires for at least one person to want to rule over it all. The only 'peace' is safety which may only be attained by people who are to willing risk their own life for others. All soldiers 'good, bad, Nazi, ally' , they all are heroes in a way.- Payton VaughnStare in the darkness of life and trudge the corridors of morbid tribulations but if you strike the match of imagination and determination this will illuminate a way through that will eventually lead to your happiness and success- Phillip OrangeThe pain of injustice does not know borders, they are not our relatives nor our friends but the way they are oppressed and abused pains us too, solidarity is forever.- Chester MakanaYes I cried over you. Do I regret it? NO WAY! This is life, when you cry, cry your hardest, when you laugh, laugh like it's the last chance you get, when you love, love with everything you have, Don't look back and don't regret, don't waste your time on second-chance guys. Live your life to the end, after all, you only get one life to live- Lindsey KaufmanOne way to cure ignorance is to apply one's intuition- Jason OlshawskyThere is always more than one way to solve a problem, and your way may not always be the best possible way in my opinion. So you try your way, and I'll try mine, in the end we'll see which one works out just fine- TguiThe only way to believe in religion is to open our hearts. In doing so we close our minds.- Matthew PerezThe only way you can find happiness is if you look for it.- Brian EmmersonChildren and cars are similar in the way they both need to be pushed sometimes when they breakdown- ajith CHEMPARATHYThe Art of War is Priceless, in a textbook it can be seen as paintings of great men, doing great things. It is common knowledge that not all these things are morally correct. History has a way of Making even the not so great things look great.- DemetriusWe are like a magnet, you are north and I am south, we will always find a way back to each other.- kayla brook davisWhen you are content with the way your life is, you wear a smile on your face! I gotta big old grin on!- Lisa BumgarnerThe only way out is the way through it- Cherif Medawar Just when you think everything is going great something comes your way to make every thing so wrong!- zikia hockerMaybe someday I'll learn to smile again. To trust again. To love again. But until that day comes I'll pretend. Because sometimes pretending is the best way to stay strong.- nadia wuI ask my-self what I would do to be beautiful?.. well the real secret is to be your-self, we are all beautiful in some way - JAMINE PEREZSometimes only the smallest star in the sky can guide your way- diya ahmed azzonyThe lord has a deck of cards and we are all dealt a specific hand and the hand that is dealt to you, might not be the best, but we have to deal with that hand in our way. And the way to make yourself happy about the cards you were dealt, is to arrange them in the order that makes us happy!- Timothy Robert Williams Jr.Know the evil same way like your loved ones. only then you can gain the upper-hand against evil.- Juha Samuel SaukkoIn a broken relationship: letting go and moving on is really hard, but as you go along the way you will realize that you will learn to forgive him, forget how much pain he caused you, forget how much he hurt you, how devastated you was during the break up and your struggles only happen when LOVE fades.. pain will only disappear once your heart is willing to let go, therefore forgiveness can only be achieved when love subsides..- zindyAll I wanted was just a simple way to get over you so I looked inside and found many many many reasons to hate you.- Bre ElfvinThere are two types of dreams, there are those that can become a reality and there are those that are just fantasies which will never come true. Even though dreams have two different outcomes they all share one common trait, and that is if someone's dream is crushed completely then that person is going to suffer because a dream is not just a goal, it is a way of motivation. when a person loses his motivation he eventually gives up on everything else in life as well.- Christopher Joesph AgrusoDoing too much work is a way out of escaping from immediate concerns- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyHeaven radiates the light of the future and is a mark of repentance and the only way to get there is to sell off successes and buy failures.- MUCOR DEDALIV RALUIA day will come when we'll be rewarded for making mistakes earlier in our lives because we get better with each one of them and do things the right way when they are more important!- Ravi KantControl is the true way to happiness, if you disagree, you do not know either what happiness is or control is.- Matt BillWe're all a little weird in our own way, but its nice to have a hobby.- Rodrikus Dontavious JenkinsExperimenting in new things is the best way to know oneself.- Lisa RoyAs I have figured out, the best way to be happy is to live without fear.- Lokesh giriEvery way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.- Shaila TouchtonA little remote viewing goes a long way.- RIchard RaislerIt's not like I chose to be this way, I got to be either drunk in the flesh, or drunk in the Spirit..- Byron AbelThere's a lot of vacancy at the top seat but it's kind of easy for us other way around to get there because we don't want to research the searcher..- Ikulabi Anikulapo Ikuforiji'living every day it is easy but leaving a new effect is so hard' let's us try to find out the way to do it.- Anand gillWhen you close your eyes and have thoughts you are already on your way to failure- Abasiofon FidelisWith care, I may live another 20 to 30 years. I shall spend this time making my mark. For me this means composing music and writing my novels. I know not what fortune will befall these enterprises, but I know I will die having honored my heart all the way.- Kevin B JohnstonThe best way to fulfill human rights is to put human rights first.- J BIf you can't teach me a lesson the hard way, then I see you as my teacher rather than lecturer..- Kayode Seyi TayoThink best, tone it down to better, tone it down to good and tone it down to good enough. If you do that way, you can start good enough now and will achieve best in near future which will be better than trying to achieve best in the attempt- Sandeep AggarwalHolding on stands in the way of what's meant for you..- Vardz77One of man's major purposes is to have dominion over the earth, in the same way as God has dominion over the universe.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaDon't worry, you are loved. You are SO SO LOVED! Never doubt that I will stick to you like glue the whole way through. No matter what crap idiots throw at you, what names they call you, what rumors they spread about you. I just don't care. I will hold your hand while you dangle off a cliff and I will not let go. I'll fall with you first. YOU ARE LOVED!- JohannaThe world was created in perfection; with commandments and a balanced life cycle to maintain order; but human nature chose its way thus the chaos we experience today- Wayne ChirisaAlways talk to the man about people in such a way that he might tell them everything whatever you said about them, good or evil and in the end, it should make no difference to you whether he tells them or not.- vikrantI don't try to look this way, it comes naturally- Kirsten GWe all get upset sometimes, we all cry a little. But that is a part of life, that is a part of being human. You are all amazing whoever reading this, you are all beautiful no matter what anyone says. Don't listen to those bullies, you are amazing. no, I don't even have to see you to know that yous are beautiful because everyone is beautiful in their own way.- hey guys.Why do people cuss? I don't cuss. I think its wrong, follow the lord and he will show you the way.- Satiya JacksonI sleep much lately, because sleeping is the only way to escape from reality- Daleen IrshaidEyes are the mirror of heart, to clear a heart from sins the best way is to see the god in the hearts of mankind & even in all living entities & try to make everyone happy with most emotionally touch under the moral & reasonable laws of all religion paths.- A HUMANDear stress, I'm sorry i'm not stooping to your level, I must admit difficult challenges are constantly approaching but i'm not interested, I have 3 BFFs- FAITH, DETERMINATION, & SUCCESS, I am way above your average & your expectations, sometimes I take you as consideration because I must admit you MOTIVATE me & is molding me to progress much intellectual, optimistic & stronger ways PS:I will never become your victim because GOD is on my side :) - Aneshia N FloydWhether you like it or not you will always need to rely or lean on someone, but no matter how hard you try you can't resist, but that's what friends and family are for, aren't they? so affect them in a positive way as you would want to be treated, and show the colors of light that make everything - Nike HawkTo succeed you must do the right thing, in the right way, at the right place, at the right time and know why and how you did it so you can repeat it and improve on the results. Most people want to make by just copying WHAT was done but they ignore the other crucial elements of WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW to adjust for the variances.- Cherif Medawar I walk down the school hallway. A student in front of me will drag their feet on the way, but I pass them as I do not want them to slow me down. No, I will not allow them to drag me down to their level.- MigoeThere is so much hate in the world and too many people are dying old and young from fighting and pollution but we brought it all on ourselves. Animals suffer from litter and young children die from diseases and pills-drugs, we need help and god shall guide us through our own mess. Hope is nearly gone for us yet we steal and kill. Fellow human beings are in trouble but our selfish ways lead us away from a needy soul. Humans are greedy and arrogant, caring only for themselves and not for the welfare of others, people starve with no homes or family, children and adults just like us are lonely and need a friend and who is there for them, no one yet, we always find a way out of trouble, well they cannot find that way and they need our help. We take and take but never give. Everyone gets a time, their special time, but it is not mine nor yours so lets give it to someone who really needs help!- Bethany Hope SkinnerGoing into a meditative state' is just another way of saying 'I'm going to sleep while sitting okay?- Jack BrownWhen I see myself in the mirror in the morning I do not ask myself any thing more philosophical than 'Shall I have butter with my toast this morning?' and people who have thoughts more philosophical than that are way too spaced out.- Jack Brown