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Out of chaos they create order on their

Short One liners

The FBI doesn't drop the balls. They throw the balls out of bounds under the guise of National Security.
-Hugh Cahoon

Sad Truth

Hillary Clinton makes the Black Plague look like an innocent bystander.
-Hugh Cahoon

Death Short Truth

Just because it

God Short Truth

Every person approving Washington State


#hate_speech. I hate unconstitutional behavior patterns.
-Hugh Cahoon

Hate Short

Despising the Truth and embracing lies has severe

Faith God Short Truth

The lovers of money seem to be rooted in evil.
-Hugh Cahoon

Business Love Short Wisdom

People demanding gun control are asking for

Death Short Truth

The lovers of money appear to be deeply rooted in evil.
-Hugh Cahoon

Business Love Short Truth

There are more than a few people willing to kill the most people for the least amount of money. ~ hnc
-Hugh Cahoon

Business Death Truth War

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven every day, and then share the G

Faith God Inspirational Relationship

Precipitating the erosion of God-given unalienable rights is a Satanic behavior

Faith God War

Maybe no good deed goes unpunished, but JESUS loves Good Samaritans.
-Hugh Cahoon

God Religion Truth

A child in a mother's womb is not an enemy of the The Constitution of The United States of America, and has no Constitutional Rights.
-Hugh Cahoon

Sad Short

A child in the womb is not an enemy of the Constitution of United States of America. Why does the child in the womb have no Constitutional rights?
-Hugh Cahoon

Being the grotesque failure I is motivates my hope for the success of others.
-Hugh Cahoon

Failure Short Success

As the Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at 450,000 miles an hour. Scientists discover. We are circling a toilet's drain.
-Hugh Cahoon

Funny Imagination Witty

Endoscopy sterilization: If the Doctor won


The worldly elite moves pawns kings and bishops. When Jesus Christ returns, CHECKMATE!
-Hugh Cahoon

Faith God Inspirational

United States of America

Leadership Short

Voting for either political party is like forgiving your abusive spouse after listening to promises

Relationship Short

The Fire Extinguishers get angry when I tell them, they are

Serious prayer is a part of sustainable

Faith God Religion Short Truth

I like good Cops + I don


If your Jesus is Satan

Faith Religion Short

The child in the womb has the same inalienable rights everyone else has. The child's life begins in the womb before anyone knows.
-Hugh Cahoon

Life Truth

Theocracy exists just as gravity

Faith Life

Wars are profitable for Diabolical Illuminati Military Industrial Complex B

Short Truth War

Children in the womb have the same Bill of Rights.
-Hugh Cahoon

Education Faith Life Truth

The spirit of Allah never did anything, but deceive, hate, steal, kill, and

Death Religion Short

The more we condone sin. The worse it

God Inspirational Religion Truth Wisdom

I believe the Bill of Rights was established by the Grace of God, but we are losing those rights because of SIN.
-Hugh Cahoon

Faith Freedom God Inspirational

Baltimore: The perfect place for generating misinformation to cause the chaos they create to

Sad War

Spelling wired wrong is

Education Short

Hegelian Dialectic: Out of chaos we create order on our

Short War

Let them eat cake. I would rather have Beef S

Desire Life Short Truth

United States has officially chosen to reject God Almighty, and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Faith God Truth

Satan loves to play a role in making Christians look bad, and almost everybody jumps on his B

Death Religion Sad Short

Allah fits the Bible description of Satan: Cheating, destroying, hating, killing, lying, stealing,

Anger Hate Truth Fear

As you get older; your memory slips a little at a time. A good time to be honest is all the

Inspirational Life Truth Wisdom

US Presidents: The more we sin the worse they

Leadership Short Wisdom

If an outfit can arrange for the election of a quasi-president of The United States of America, and get away with it. What else can you expect?
-Hugh Cahoon


Blending two parts water and two parts alcohol would equal three parts (2+2=3). That is why

Funny Wisdom

I'm such a phenomenal mix of races. I don't know who to hate without hating myself.
-Hugh Cahoon

Funny Hate Heart Witty

A Police State is not a Safe S

Truth Fear

A novel about you, and if you don't buy it, I'll self-publish it.
-Hugh Cahoon

Business Creativity Funny Imagination Short

The sun, planets, moons, and stars move in their appointed time, and orbit. Looks like a fine and dandy design to me.
-Hugh Cahoon

Creativity Faith God Wisdom

If someone can kill Loretta Fuddy, and get away with it. What else can you expect?


If an Outfit can make Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappear, and get away with it. What else can