Don't let your today over shadow your tommorow,today my seem rough but tommorow might be the best moment of your life...there are better days ahead of you..learn how to be yourself,don't care about what people say,don't influence bad peer groups,don't try to be who you're not......with this your future is bright!! For more inspirational quotes and write ups,follow me on ''INSTAGRAM'' @iamjikings,''TWITTER'' @iam_jikings -jikings adeshina anuoluwapo

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People say good things always come after the bad, but i

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I am a bad man, I am a bad person, my whole life my mother asked that I never become like my father, nonetheless I failed her, I failed everyone in..
-chad daniel thome

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You don't ever have to feel bad about removing toxic people from your life. It does not matter who that person is; a relative, an old friend, an..
-Ashley Nicole

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in life, you don

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Few people realize the most important thing in life is not money but peace of mind that comes from the awareness of tenderness of love and trust..
-Marshall kalu

Love Life People Mind
If you want people to remember you a certain way, then live your life the way you want to be

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Sometimes, if you're feeling down the drain, feeling that you're living in a series of endless failures, don't give up. You are human, and everyone's..
-Primus de Pedos

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The moment you stop treating people like people, that


Life is like a road with traffic. Here you have to find your own way, people will just become obstacles for you while finding their own way. So never..
-Jahnavi mereddy


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Every day is a new day, a new beginning, a fresh new start to make it the best day that it can be. Yesterday's troubles are over and should be put..
-ileana capin fonseca

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I am an angel of life which needs love and care, but sometimes people think I am the key of their


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If you spend the day thinking about the regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, then you have no today in which to enjoy life. Seize today,..
-Robert Ramsey

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