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Happiness is when you don Happiness is when you don't have anything you don't want; and don't want anything you don't have....

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Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say Sometimes I just want someone to hug me and say 'I understand your pain. it's gonna be okay' have..

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Son.. Son.. 'if you really want something go for it no matter the pain it puts you through because..

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IF you want to shine like a sun you first burn like a sun IF you want to shine like a sun you first burn like a sun..

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We always want to give people a piece of our mind rather than have peace of mind We always want to give people a piece of our mind rather than have peace of mind..

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I don I don't want to die even though I can't help it. I want to live, and while I live, I want to impact..

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You can want, wish, and dream all day, but those that prepare, work, learn, practice, and problem-solve are the ones that find success in sports,..
-Loren Weisman

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ignorance is about not knowing, while the true ignorance, is when you don Ignorance is about not knowing, while the true ignorance, is when you don't want to know...

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Don Don't waste time. Don't let a minute pass doing nothing or doing something that is not as per your..

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If you want to be rich, learn to love. If you want to be rich, learn to love...

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The storm of life may seem darker and longer than you want, but don The storm of life may seem darker and longer than you want, but don't give up because you are your..

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If my flight were to crash, I wouldn If my flight were to crash, I wouldn't want to miss the take off. It could be the last beautiful..

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A restless mind can take you places, but a well rested mind takes you where you want to go. A restless mind can take you places, but a well rested mind takes you where you want to go...

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Real change does not happen overnight, it happens after you envision what you want to accomplish Real change does not happen overnight, it happens after you envision what you want to accomplish..

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if you want to walk with giants you must take giant steps. If you want to walk with giants you must take giant steps...

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We live in a society that places natural ability, of which we have no control, over a want to better ourselves. For surely there is no merit in what..
-Daniel Madden

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Hate shouldn Hate shouldn't be the last thing you want to do, but the first thing you'll never do..

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If you don If you don't want your broken heart to sink, teach it to swim away...

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First you have to go through the Hell if you want to see the Heaven. First you have to go through the Hell if you want to see the Heaven...

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If you want people to remember you a certain way, then live your life the way you want to be If you want people to remember you a certain way, then live your life the way you want to be..

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Great things happen when we stop dreaming about what could be, and start working for what we want Great things happen when we stop dreaming about what could be, and start working for what we want..

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Mind easily deceives; especially when we want it to Mind easily deceives; especially when we want it to..

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If you want to be loved.. love yourself first.. If you want to be loved.. love yourself first....


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In order to get what you want in life you need to work hard,  sacrifice a lot and never ever give In order to get what you want in life you need to work hard, sacrifice a lot and never ever give..

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Give Up What You Want

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Talk less if you want to communicate more- Lokesh giriWe want to do many things in life, but instead of taking initiative we keep on waiting for the perfect time which never comes then we dump our ideas.- harbinderjit singh bajajI want to think outside the box because it's crowded in there..- Paul PeshkovWhen life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade; make what you want to make.- Jamie RussellLove yourself truly if you want to spread the spirit of humanity- palash sarkarLife is like a trip, you have to pass through some places before you get wherever you want to be.- Albert TshifulweGive people what they need, they MIGHT follow you. Give people what they want, they WILL follow you.- Lokesh giriIf you want success you have to put up with greater losses than the success you aim for..- Hermann J SteinherrThe words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society.- Forrest Munden Let no man say he doesn't err, let no man portray only what he want than he is. Weakness should be corrected.- Abasmi

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Life Quotes Life is like a trip, you have to pass through some places before you get wherever you want to be. - Albert TshifulweThere are two ways to look smart, being smart and pretending to be smart, pretending to be smart is far more difficult than really being smart. If you want to be smart you only need to work till you become smart, but with pretending it's hard to manage a lifetime. - Lokesh giriPeople who want others to be like them must note that if others become even a little better than you then world will say that you are like others. - AB BabyFulfill your wants if you can buy them, because there are times when, with all your money you can't buy what you want - Avinash BiramboleThere's only one life, nobody does guarantee about another one.. Live it the way you want it to be.. - Bipin Kumar G JIf you want sagacity, handle this life in your left hand. - Linda UsmanIf you want to make it in life stop pretending to be someone else, just be who you are - Albert TshifulweThere's one way to live life, how you want to. - Paige Angela CordingNever wait for something to happen to get what you want. - Tra LalalicWhen something is great in your life. You don't want it to change. - Brandon McCullochLove who you want to love, hate who you want to hate, be friends with who you want to be friends with, but be nice to everyone if they are nice to you - Brittany BaldwinSometimes in life you feel like you are on the edge of a cliff and you want to jump but you really can't, you want someone to push you. - Philon AlexiusLife is unpredictable. I get that. But am I supposed to comfort myself with the thought that although at the moment I'm going through so much pain somewhere down the line it'll all be okay? because all I want is for it to be okay Right Now. - nadia wuWe don't turn into anything we don't want to! - Gabby RamosHey. Could we do that again? I know we haven't met, but I don't want to be an ant. You know? I mean, it's like we go through life with our antennas bouncing off one another, continously on ant autopilot, with nothing really human required of us. Stop. Go. Walk here. Drive there. All action basically for survival. All communication simply to keep this ant colony buzzing along in an efficient, polite manner. 'Here's your change. ' 'Paper or plastic?' 'Credit or debit?' 'You want ketchup with that?' I don't want a straw. I want real human moments. I want to see you. I want you to see me. I don't want to give that up. I don't want to be ant, you know? - Twenty TwelveNot everything in this world is the way you want it to be, but everything in this world is made out to be the way you make it to be - Aaron FischerSome people think that a simple friendly smile means that you like them. Nowadays you can't be to friendly with some people , or they will think you want to get into their pants - Obed CeballosWhen life doesn't go as you want it to, before cursing God, think 'Why?'. - Sushana TaunkThere is a great relation between Proximity.. Money.. Satisfaction.. & Promotion. We want all, but in practical all are inversely proportional with reference to time. Need for one, may lead to devastation of others. - Pramod PJI think the phrase 'be yourself' is circumstantial and has a double standard to it, because when you be yourself and people don't like it, you have to be what they want you to be - Jon Byron RangelWe are all born to become something.. in this world , do what you want, but always take advise of others - mannnawar sehreenDo not wish for 'I want' and 'I don't want' in your prayer, but 'thanks' for what you want. - mohd fakhruddin maskoreI want to be in love, but I guess I wasn't made for that. - Rick Daune GibsonYou don't always have to get what you want, let others enjoy too. - jazmineIn order to get what you want in life you need to work hard, sacrifice a lot and never ever give up. - Arlene De JesusI want to rent a Big Room for a whole day, lock the door And Cry my eyes out and after that just carry on with life as if nothing ever happened. - Nadir AhmedSooner or later, you'll realize that perfection isn't exactly what you want in life - Effymieaevi KosaiI'm tired of life.. enough is enough, I keep trying to sleep, but life is too damn annoying with the problems and everything, I just want to sleep.. - Abandoned ZombieA restless mind can take you places, but a well rested mind takes you where you want to go. - Raihan HadiThe best advice that supersedes ALL is 'always do what you want to do in life' - Oluwaseun Adeboye VictorYou say you want me but then you drop me when you see someone better. I thought that you where the one but I was wrong again. - Rebekah RochaLife is a line you walk down everyday, you can make it as short as you want. But you can never make it longer. - Hunter marshallThe best ones to be equal to are those who want to be like you. - mohdmustafa99This is a MAGICAL WORLD.. if you want to live in this WORLD try to learn at least the basics of magic. - Prasanna PasupuletiWho would ever want to live life with a mediocre level of Love? - Amelia GoodeI have a Past of very good Memory and I have a Present of very bad Memory. Choose which Me you Want. - Ritesh RanjanYou can get it if you want it. You'll have it if you need it. - Marie Yolande PierreTruth is, very few people really want to hear from God. If they did, they would obey.. - Byron AbelLife is a tragedy for those who want it a comedy. - mohdmustafa99If you have a dog, I want you to hug it right now. That dog has helped you through tough times. They're life savers of man. Even if you yelled at your dog for peeing on the carpet, or eating a plate of chocolate-chip cookies, never forget. And when that dog is gone.. you will always remember them. - Elizabeth CunninghamTemptation is like magnet, attracting and forcing people to do what they don't want to do - Tijani Kehinde JohnYou can always get what you want out of life only if you believe - ease berryI want to spend the rest of my sunsets with you. - The Quoted IrisFewer and fewer people want 'The Mind Of Christ'. Many who had it, just tossed it away.. - Byron AbelWeeds, the uncherished, abandoned plant.. from which we want to get rid of somehow.. Despite intolerable detest by us.. It still remains immortal, omnipotent and unconquerable. - Krishnamayee sethiDo not negotiate when you are hesitant, and do not hesitate when you want to negotiate. - Prof Salam Al ShereidaI don't want to hear about your scales; ESPECIALLY when you HAVEN'T earned the coins to put on it to balance the weight. - Lashawnda BourrageLet no man say he doesn't err, let no man portray only what he want than he is. Weakness should be corrected. - AbasmiThe words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society. - Forrest Munden I am who I am because of what I have been through. If you want to know who I am and why I am the way I am, do not judge me from afar come close and you will understand who I am and why I am the way I am. - Dr. Patricia Ghann

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Inspirational Quotes even to of what the past you want to have forgotten, only the future is of the past to be remembered - brent jubinA good book is not a book you just read out and put aside. A good book is a book you read out and want to read again - Benjamin MoellerWe want to do many things in life, but instead of taking initiative we keep on waiting for the perfect time which never comes then we dump our ideas. - harbinderjit singh bajajNot everyone is living the kind of life you want to emulate. You also do not need to impose your own criteria for successful living on others. They might have different priorities that don't necessary match your own. - El Haji NeroIf you want something then focus on it.. focus leads you to success. - Sourabh kumarBe mindful of each and every moment and make sure that it becomes the memory you will want to live with for the rest of your life - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SYou cannot express your 'FEELINGS' unless and until you want to express it to others.. - Steve RichardsWhen things don't happen, people get Sick. They see time Tick and they want it Quick. They forget that Success happens brick by brick. - RVM AuthorDo you want to make your Life exciting? Then find a purpose that will make you jump out of bed each day with Enthusiasm, Power and Excitement - RVM AuthorThose who Discover the High Sea are the ones who are FREE to Be what they Want to Be - RVM AuthorFatten me if you want to give me as meat for the wild animals. - mohdmustafa99Not everyone is living the kind of life you want to emulate. You also do not need to impose your own.. - Bako AmbiandaSo what if no one is supporting you towards your dreams.. If you know it is something you want, then just Get on your feet, be your own required push towards your future.. And walk.. jog.. sprint.. Sprint towards your goal.. You are and will always be there for yourself even when none else believes in you.. Do it for yourself not for others.. it's your destination - Archita arora Not truly living in the present moment & later regretting is like closing your eyes when a peacock is dancing, only to want to see it dance once it is gone. - RVM AuthorDon't waste time. Don't let a minute pass doing nothing or doing something that is not as per your wish. Grab hold of each minute and do what you want to do. - RVM AuthorNo one is to blame for your future situation but yourself. If you want to be successful, then become 'Successful'. - Jaymin ShahI don't want to die even though I can't help it. I want to live, and while I live, I want to impact generations. - Frederick Nana AmissahBe the one you always wanted to be, make yourself a person your parents want to make you , be a man a country needs.. be worthy enough to have a prosperous life.. - Aayushi vermaLife is all about dedication and hard work for the goals you want to achieve, if you are not be dedicated towards it, you aren't gonna achieve your goals ever ! be dedicating and courageous for the things you want - Aayushi vermaYou will win because the number of those want you to win plus those indifferent is greater than those who fear your success. - mohdmustafa99Son.. 'if you really want something go for it no matter the pain it puts you through because tomorrow might be too late.. - glint selormIf you want to know about tomorrow you must know about yesterday. - Nagendra SahuStop living up to others' expectations, and be yourself. Only you know who you are or want to be - Rev Ernie UrbanYou can get it if you want it. You'll have it when you need it. If you take care of yourself you'd be healthy and you live longer. - Marie Yolande PierreTo say you want to make a fresh start, but reacting under the weight of past baggage and experience is the wrong thing to do, and a sure failure to the start. You have to let go of the past and treat each episode there on as a new experience, and respond like it were new. - Sapna Dhandh SharmaIf you want to get success in life Simple rules Follow universal facts and keep learning from them. - Tadu chadaDespite my 20 years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a Women want? But at 21, I came to know Women are made to be loved, not understood. - Mujtuba HussainIf you want a life of meaning and purpose, sometimes you have to put the gloves on. - The Quoted IrisWhat kind of world do YOU want to live in? Don't settle for anything less than Utopia. - The Quoted IrisGive me the swaggering braggart, the fierce warrior, the lone wolf with a fearsome bite. I want to run with those who know that success is not something you reach; it is something you demand. - Kevin B JohnstonThe past made us who we are. The future will make us who we want to be. - Derek HaslamWe are the reflection of what we see in others. If you want better others become a better YOU. - TheigasenMagnetize your thoughts by repetition and attract whatever you want into your life. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTM

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Love Quotes Sometimes when a woman says something hurtful, they don't mean it. they just want to make a man realize how much they have hurt her. - Vianni OngkoIf you want to be a winner, die for your love. - Linda UsmanLove yourself truly if you want to spread the spirit of humanity - palash sarkarHeart vs. Brain. Let the heart win because the heart is what you really want. Your brain is just stopping you from getting there. Logic does not always win - motheo petjeWomen are my weakness, not my want - Farhad DastoorI can't say I can live in your memories.. I want you in my life dear - saikiranLove is when you shed a tear & you still want him, it's when he ignores you & you still love him, it's when he loves another girl but you still smile & say i'm happy for you, when all you really do is cry. - Kasie bentonIf you want to be loved.. love yourself first.. - shiza shahidHold my hand tightly so that a trace of our fingerprints are ingrained.. fingerprints don't fade.. and I want to know you like the back of my hands - Minetre MartinIf you want to marry for love, you will always live in pain. - vikrantI don't want to get married because people get married, I don't want to make babies because I was made, I just want to be with the person that gives me joy, the person I truly love. - olusola ogungbenroThe chamber of my heart is always open, come whenever you want, but remember 'i'm always waiting' - Rimmon ShoukatHe tells me the things I don't want to hear but those are the ones I really need to listen to make me better.. - shivangi lavaniyaI didn't want to let you go but I had no other option too. - shivangi lavaniyaIf you want to be happy in your life then love someone, she will give you the happiest moment of your life - divakar sarkarI don't want to leave you alone because shadow will never be apart from the body - SweetestOn my birthday I can see the happiness on your face for me, but on your birthday I want to see how I can make you feel happy when I am not there for you - SweetestAs the grasses grow, And wintered by snow, And by summer's heat glow, I want you to know Our love will never change But will contain All the world below And up above Or the universe can show Or that it can know Or that the wind can blow!.. (1 of 2 I want you to know.. ) - Joshua Aaron Guillory.. I want you to know Our love will never change But will remain the same, Infinitely new again And old as the rain! (2 of 2 I want you to know.. ) - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf you want to heal the traumas and hurts of your past, just keep Loving. Love lives inside of you. Know that Love reigns all existence, Love Yourself, Love others, Love the living, Love the dead, Love yourself by forgiving yourself, Love others by forgiving others, spread Love, dream of Love. - Amelia GoodeIn your darkest hour, hold on to Love. I know you want to slip away. You might, for a second. Remember, you can always reach out to Love again. Love will hold you close and comfort you, singing you a lullaby as you drift into peace. Love knows the darkness is only an illusion; Only Love remains. - Amelia GoodeAny thing you want in life, you have to work hard for it, you have to evaluate it, you have to know why you want it, you have to know what it means to you. If you don't do these things, you might lose it in a heartbeat. - Marie Yolande PierreLove yourself more than you want someone to love you. - Marie Yolande Pierre

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Change Quotes Change is for life. to change you have to want. to succeed you have to learn. in order to better your life you have to learn from your mistakes. not only learn form your mistakes but pick up all your positive pieces and leave your negatives and bloom like that beautiful tulip that you are and should be. Remember, in the end that only one can judge how far you go in life. it is time you move on - ladrea morganIf you allow yourself to be defined by someone other than yourself, then you have not reached your true potential if that definition is not who you are or want to become. - George A. GilmoreI want to be the one you think of first thing in the morning, and before you go to bed. I want to be the reason you smile on a daily basis. The one you see a future with, and maybe someday fall in love with & live the fairy tale everyone dreams of! - Gabby RamosIf you want to change the world then be the job maker not the job seeker. - Sourabh kumarEvery single human being is selfish. May he/she want it or not. We eat meat, made of animals, just to survive, not thinking about the death of our food. That's selfish thinking, don't you think? And don't start about vegetarians, they eat plants that are just as equal as animals. So don't go around saying you aren't selfish. Everyone is. - KingKing3You're not losing everything you want. You're realizing you are better than what was wanted! - Zac FarkoshWe live in a society that places natural ability, of which we have no control, over a want to better ourselves. For surely there is no merit in what you are born with but only in your attempt to change - Daniel MaddenIf you want to change a stupid one towards betterment of his mentality, you need first to pass a camel through a needle's eye. - mohdmustafa99Real change does not happen overnight, it happens after you envision what you want to accomplish and you act upon it. - Rodrigo Andrade EspinosaWe live in a world with so much hatred and so little love. We live in a world where you can't even walk in the street anymore without fearing. We live in a world where you never know if tomorrow is going to be our last day. We can't go to bed anymore without saying a prayer to thank god to have kept us alive for an other day. We live in a world where fear is the most common feeling. We live in a world where in only 24h 115 000 people lost there lives in terrorists attacks. At this point we aren't living anymore.. we are fearing life. Let's make a change. Because right now what we are living is what is going to be in our children's history books. Do we really want that. So let's all pray that one day we will have peace all over the world. That we will all stand at one and never fear again. - Laurence LefebvreSometimes, I like to look up at the sky and dream about what I want to be. While others, I look down in disgust at what I have become. While in rare times, I look at myself, and decide to become better. - Cainon J NealI do not want to accept challenge, I want to become a challenge. - Syed Ali Zain ul AbideenIf you want to be rich, learn to love. - Jacqueline douglasWe want to know what a drunk man drank disregarding who's. ‎ - mohdmustafa99Calling for change and being part of making change are two very different things. Stop calling for change and be a part of making the change you want to see. - Loren WeismanYou are a fool if you want to change people. You are mad if you want to change the world. - mohdmustafa99If it is important to make lies , then it is more important to know the truth that you want to distort. - mohdmustafa99‏You may wish to change your lover who doesn't love you, but you better change the way you want to be loved by. - mohdmustafa99The world is changing but not according to scenarios of those who want to change it. - mohdmustafa99

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Funny Quotes It's so funny to me when people see me having a conversation with a woman, they think something is going on, let them think all they want, i enjoy talking to women, they have a lot to say! lol - JESSICA SERITA ABRAMSTalk less if you want to communicate more - Lokesh giriI smile because I don't want to waste brushing my teeth for nothing - Daleen IrshaidWe want to make a good president but all candidates are expired ingredients. - mohdmustafa99Donors want to be droplets, and they want you to hold your umbrella. - mohdmustafa99Do you want people do as you do? Do the wrong. - mohdmustafa99I am sad when I want to go to bed because I can never have the oppurtunity that I have in the day - oluwagbenga segunIt's easy to become anything you want in your imagination - Tijani Kehinde JohnThe reason I look in the mirror so much is not because I'm vain, I just want to remember what I looked like after I die. - David L. RoseI want my family members and others I call that use horrible telephone rings to answer quickly. - mohdmustafa99The reason why I don't want to go back to the village is because I have that grandma who gives me hugs calling me her husband - Mr vybs liveIf you want to know the distance between 'yes' and 'no', ask a child. - The Quoted IrisSometimes I just want someone to hug me and say 'I understand your pain. it's gonna be okay' have this 5 million shillings - Mr vybs liveGood guys are not hard to find. We just don't want you - Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusWhat a difficult charge; to forget what you want to forget - mohdmustafa99Great nations want to keep us laughter, to keep having something to laugh at. - mohdmustafa99Why should I love you ? I want to love you without 'should' - mohdmustafa99If you really want to fall in love with the most promising person then fall in love with yourself and experience it. - swati somalI want to host a meeting where none of us wouldn't be in attendance due to one or two circumstances.. - Ikulabi Anikulapo Ikuforiji

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Confidence Quotes If you want to be exceptional in this world, you can't be following the standards - Joseph Washington IIIWe're all reflections of what we want to see in our own world. - Jesse HayesI may not be the person you asked for, but I'm the person I want to be. - Maria E. RodriguezWhen life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade; make what you want to make. - Jamie RussellThinking can conflict with imaginary thoughts such as both the possible and impossible.. Beliefs on the other hand, can lead you to where, what, and how you want to be in the future - MohanadI want to think outside the box because it's crowded in there.. - Paul PeshkovConfidence comes from knowing what you want, and believing you are gonna get it. - krista floriaYou don't need friends to succeed in life ; All you need is your family & to work hard & stick to what you want to be, because you will be shocked when you make it - rhys blakeLife is short, we must go after what we ultimately want - with greed, and without shame. - Inna Shirokova God is neither male nor female, God is neither black nor white, God is neither old nor young, God is neither small nor tall, God is neither fat nor thin, God is neither gay nor straight, YOU are God and YOU have the power to do exactly what YOU want - Max ruleIf you want to walk with giants you must take giant steps. - Stanley WilliamsWhen you're courageous and confident enough, you get to live your life the way you want it to be. - Dalia Marjanne KhouryIf you want to be a lion, you must train with the lions. - Karanveer Singh KamraI don't want anything, I just want to conquer my dreams. - Bizz LamichhaneYou are unique and amazing, if you want to change, make a change for the better and only for yourself.. Love yourself - Henry Van Vuuren The storm of life may seem darker and longer than you want, but don't give up because you are your own ship and without you Lighthouses would have nothing to shine Upon - Nick MeraglioYou can want, wish, and dream all day, but those that prepare, work, learn, practice, and problem-solve are the ones that find success in sports, business, music, or whatever. Back up what you want with doing the work it takes to get it. - Loren Weisman

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Desire Quotes If you have a dream that you want to come true you need to believe that you will achieve this dream, never doubt yourself - Isaiah Roemello SolanoYou are everything I could want. but, I don't want someone who is completely perfect; I want someone who is only perfect in my eyes. - mj mansfieldApathy will always take you somewhere you don't want to be. - Gary SimsTo be truly happy all you have to do is live your life the way you want it. - srfghsdfI want something but don't know what. - Darab ImteyazLife is filled with so many inaccuracies, it's up to you to take aim and shoot for what you want! - Eddie KeithMind easily deceives; especially when we want it to - Lokesh giriWe give everything we can and are ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away, but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOOSE US , PICK US and LOVE US.. but chasing won't work, we have to understand.. so I am trying my best to set you free.. its difficult, my heart bleeds every time and my pain comes out as a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE - Nidhi SainiI don't ever want to be the person that says the right things, I want what I say to be the right things - key bharathPeople go to the Opera House because they want to be like the people who like operas. - mohdmustafa99If you want to be successful in any area of life, you have to work on developing your soul. - Pastor Sunday AdelajaSometimes you need to see what you think you want in order to know what you really want - MichaelIf you want to do something, then it will be done! - SIDDHARTH GAURAV RAVATYou must first define what you want in life; then work hard to achieve it at any cost - JOB LAZARUS OKELLOMay you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live. - LockeheartIf you want God to give you with no count, then neglect your rosary and glorify Him without counting. - mohdmustafa99What you desire can't come to you unless with fight, so don't stop fighting for what you want. - ease berry

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Short Quotes The trouble with justice is, when you're guilty you want justice. When I'm guilty you want revenge. - lawrence tierneySmiles help sometimes, but sometimes it is the one thing you don't want to see from a person. - Jennifer LujanKnowledge is the knowing that we want to know what we don't know or can't know. - vikrantReality is a bitch. Why would anyone want to be in touch? - PopsySometimes women want the opposite of what they really want - Oluwaseun Adeboye VictorEverything goes right, when you really want to make it right. - swisha belenPeople don't know that they're not supposed to live how they want - joey the poetIF you want to shine like a sun you first burn like a sun - hamdan ahmadYou won't tolerate anyone if you want people to be tolerable. - mohdmustafa99Children do not correct adults' mistakes because children do not want to be responsible for them. - mohdmustafa99We want security men to protect us from two evils : theirs and the others' - mohdmustafa99Only your strength can give you what you want, need. - ENGR ABAH SULE

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I want to be spiritually enlightened rather than religiously blind.- Rahul DeyLet the dog bark at you as much as they want, but never let them bite you because you will be the one who is suffering the pain.- Lin LinDepression or illness is a horrible thing. Treat others how you want to be treated. Pass on the happiness. You only live once.- Iain MacdonaldWe do not do what we want to do, But We do what others expect from us..- Deepak VermaMost people want to contribute to something big; to be part of a collective, for it's an inherent characteristic of the human race.- Luke Shen Tien ChiDo you want more? Well! work more, invest more, give it more evaluations and stop wasting your time.- Marie Yolande PierreIf you want to be applauded, prove your worth!- DRIES BESONGAKULife is not always going to dish up what you want. Sometimes it will give you the opposite. Learn to appreciate what life decides to give me.- Azwihangwisi NematsweraniA suicide committer is a crazy one who doesn't want to enjoy his or her craziness.- mohdmustafa99We , animals do not want the lion to be our king, but we are afraid that the hyena takes over.- mohdmustafa99Friends must be like dental amalgam, but some friends want to be like the decayed molars.- mohdmustafa99Boss! it is difficult but if you really believe and know what you want and work to it, failure is not an option.- Justice Appiah BoatengVision is what you want to do, Mission is what you have to do- Ritesh RanjanIf you speak your mind you'll be hated, if you say what they want you to say then they own you.- Dakota Ace HardinLove the way you would want to be loved.. Never not love and end up wondering why you're not being loved at all.- Imraan Van KesterenI thank God for the gift of friendship, the kind that you don't get to meet or talk to everyday and yet when you see them in person you will be surprised that they are these charming people that touches your soul in a way that you will remember, forever. And at which point you feel like you just want to be around them, share your silly jokes, be yourself, and you don't want the day to end. However, we can't just go on like that, we have to separate ways at the end of the day. What's important is you found them and you feel blessed with the gift of friendship- Gladys GallentesIf you want the cake, you do the bake- ZakiaLife is not hard, it's us making it hard, because we want more than what we deserve.- Naqibullah PaimanIf you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me- Jasmin TomsonThat girl may be prettier than you, more popular than you, richer than you, can have everything she want but you still can be more beautiful if you had a beautiful heart and soul.- Amarysti KardiLive your life in a way you want to be remembered- ClairvoyanIf you want a good wife be a better husband- jeffersonIf all the things you want make you happy, why not feel happy for all the things you already have- MushinIf you're needed but not wanted, Do you really want to be needed? - Callie MatthewsThings would be a lot different if we would realize that what we WANT and what we NEED are actually two separate things!- Stephanie RodgersThings would be a lot different if we realized that what we WANT and what we NEED are actually two separate things!- Stephanie RodgersIf you want to make the world a better place, trust not in your invisible friends, but in your peers.- Jesse HayesApathy will always take you someplace where you don't want to be..- Gary SimsA friend will ask what's wrong while a best friend will have a shovel and ask where do you want me to bury the jerk that made you feel this pain!- Ashlyn Mary HornikYou are not what others want, you are what you are.- Brandon McCullochIf you want to live in freedom.. Then you have to be yourself. Find yourself and you will be free!- PatrickIf I had one wish, I would wish not to want to wish- HectorMaybe there's a reason God gave me weak memory, maybe He doesn't want me to remember what I've endured.- Saad ShakeelIf life was as simple as we would want it to be, nobody would ever appreciate life. For through life's struggles lessons are learnt, faith burst into hope and hope looks forward for tomorrow.- Dr. Patricia GhannIf you are unable to reach your target then it's not about your luck but something related to your decision. So think once again not from brain but use your heart that what you want to be.- Jasleen kaurIf you seriously want to do something great then stop thinking totally. Just pick up your target and complete it till it gets finished.- Jasleen kaurAmerica is considered to be The Land of Plenty. A utopia where we all want for nothing. How & why do we allow our own to become destitute? We MUST feed OUR OWN first!- The Quoted IrisYou can always get what you want only if you believe- ease berryI don't want consolation goal I need jubilation goal..- success songRaise level of your false arrogance every time you want to decrease the arrogant wicked arrogance.- mohdmustafa99We want happiness to go along the way , but it always goes across.- mohdmustafa99If you want to gain, go and meet those who forfeit.- NaGa RaJ DI work for Appreciation and my money, If you want Loyal Hire a Dog.- Komalesh KPEvery time lies want to make history, they make sandcastles.- mohdmustafa99I want everyone to live happily and peacefully; knowing that I made a contribution toward this before I depart.- Luke Shen Tien ChiIf you want to give colors to someone's life, then you have to make your life black and white.- Anand gillA fisherman can give you a fish free every day instead of teaching you fishery because he doesn't want you to share his business.- mohdmustafa99Coercion also means to do what people do not want you to do.- mohdmustafa99People who really want to study language well need to know how to speak properly.- Luke Shen Tien ChiIf you lose yourself now. You will never win when you want to.- Khor Yong KaiIf you want to kill me make it twice because I don't die once in seven times..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiGreat minds congratulate you even with your small wins not because they can see the future but because the want to be celebrated someday- Isele Eghosasere ElfredaCome here love! I want to cherish you like you have never imagined possible!- Chari MaeTeach me the abacus; I want to calculate the pure ones.- mohdmustafa99Men are pigs. And I say that not as an insult. I should know, we're wired that way, we want to f**k every woman we see right in front of us. Women are pigs as well, we're just more obvious.- Brandon HynesPeople are three groups: those who want help; those you want help from; and those we don't know what to do with.- mohdmustafa99I don't want to be the greatest in the world. I'd rather settle just to be the bravest in the world - Mark TurnerIf you want to put on clothes that people like, you need to neutralize your likeness.- mohdmustafa99Jobs are of three types: the wide, the tall, and the deep. If you want all together , seek the deep.- mohdmustafa99He who wants to work doesn't get the job, But he who has the job doesn't want to work.- Rahul SaxenaWe want nothing from those who were unfair with us, but we wish they know that they were unfair.- mohdmustafa99If we want to Realize the Truth We must Open our REAL EYES!- AiR Atman in Ravi'His eyes are always smiling and disarming' I always want to make sad one smile even if I have nothing but smile and word of hope. I do ask people who I love to tell me, my fault.. These are reasons for smiling- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezLife is just molecules moving to make this dying planet to go around everything, else is made up by the figment of imagination of want and greed.- zaraIf you want to see how integral and reliable the society is, just release a cobra in a crowded auditorium. The selfish tendencies of human nature will be exposed. Don't suppress your heart's calling and will only to impress the others. SOCIETY is an illusory concept- Krishna Jagan Mohan rao I want all the living to know that they ARE LOVE.- Amelia GoodeIf you want to have the best policemen , train prisoners - Temwani ChilengaI never want to see the dream where you are not.- Bikram MahataBefore your time is up - be everything you want to be - do everything you want to do- G SwissEvery time I want to be better, people remind me of my past and I get back to the old place- Nahid afrinI don't want to defend human rights, I want to create a world where human rights don't need defending.- J BPretend that I'm deaf and cannot hear, show me the things that you want me to feel- Shaundre \' BayardMy sins were made white as snow but I have to let others know, the gentle peace of every footstep I take will make another heart not like mine want to take.- Joe CervantesIf you want to be Successful, you have to give up sleep. Determine your Success- Foday PessimaWe are extremely unlucky to be human beings constrained to depend upon words to vindicate probity of our sentiments because words are seldom accompanied by what we actually want to say- imran afraz khanBe the leader you want reflected in others.- Michael Eric JonesPride is a lie for I would want to talk about. Pride is a power for I am eager to possess. Pride is a death for I would love to die again- Phuc PhanRegardless of what you want & desire; what's for you will find you. Anywhere. Anytime.- Vardz77Even if your dreams don't come true, don't give up. Later in life, you will eventually get what you want.- Hermoine kelesWhy you want to change the world is less important than how you will do that.- Florin HanganuWhen you view success as synonym to luck then you're in for a big surprise. Success requires a great deal of hard work and stress. Sometimes instead of immersing yourself with your goal there will be a point where you want to get out and be freed from any responsibilities. And if you did get successful after the entire rocky road, success is indeed sweeter. This applies not only to business people but to anybody who's gone through a series of life disappointments and pain.- Gladys GallentesIf you want to do things without hurting anybody, anticipate the worst before planning the things.- Jagadish reddySit beside me; I don't want you to be my neighbor, but my partner.- mohdmustafa99You have to do what you got to do until you can do what you want to do.- Tariq AlinurIf you want to be a merchant , don't be of a Venice type.- mohdmustafa99When you decide you want to achieve a goal, either you do the impossible to achieve it or you don't get to do any other goal.- Jose Daniel Batista ColonIf you want to create History then you have to risk failure.- Sourabh kumarIf you want to see how sincere your friend is then fight with her/him- Kanchan KumariLife is what we have.. Life is what we want.. Life will never always stay, that's why we need to eat, pray, and love all day.- Criz JordanIf you want my heart you have to earn it.. not take it!- Boo_BooWhen I die, God, take me as I am, not how I want to be.- madison vogelIf you want something to happen, make it happen. Don't waste time and energy thinking about it- Daniel Mapoy You don't demand money by work, you demand money because you want that much..- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddySometimes I'm too strong to cry. Even if I don't want to be. So I end up just sitting there, letting the pain tear me apart.- Lerena HutchinsonReasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be exactly what one needs. Acknowledge the hunches and obliterate the exasperating silence. To resist one's impulse is a bowl of anguish. Preservation is a limited convention. The more we attempt to prevent ourselves from falling, the closer we become to the fall. The innocent shall never win. The vulnerable shall never prosper Nonetheless the courageous are those who acknowledge the struggle that entails living. The pretentious are those who dare to breathe. And the ingenious are those who dare to love. There is no right and wrong. Whatever brings us stability and gets us through the day is always the sanest thing to do. A second of what you want can be worth a day of what you don't.- CamillaIf you want to fulfill your dreams; stay away from the people who look down on you. Those who try to finish every sentence for you. Those people are called dream killers.- Euginia HerlihyIf loving you is wrong.. then I don't want to be right! I will love you no matter how wrong it is!- DaKi KCYou can do anything you want.. it all depends on the power of will..- shiza shahidI want to live this life for others as I would have plenty of time to live for myself in heaven.- shiza shahidLove is like a sick dog that you have had forever , you want it to survive but yet you don't want it to suffer.- Tayler Scott obrienAnger and hate aren't the same when you have anger you want to yell at people and fight a lot, when you have hate you just want to stay away from every one- kyle rahmerIt is so hard to become something because you get stuck between becoming a person you want to be with and becoming a person you are expected to be..- shiza shahidPeace is a lie and will never exist unless we burn humanity, and then restart. There will always be war, for human nature requires for at least one person to want to rule over it all. The only 'peace' is safety which may only be attained by people who are to willing risk their own life for others. All soldiers 'good, bad, Nazi, ally' , they all are heroes in a way.- Payton VaughnWe all say we want to live in peace, but we're still at war. Is peace so important, that you fight for it until one or the other falls? After the fighting stops, did you really won back peace? The costs you paid are your people, and their lives.- Sierra AireyUnderstand when a girl says 'You are not my Type' - What she means is 'I want you to be the type of guy I want'.. - Change the Perception - Farhad DastoorSometimes I just want to scream.- Rena EeplingA friend is someone whom you can trust and rely on. A friend is someone who shares their feelings with you. When they are in pain, you can also feel the pain too. When they are feeling low, you will be there to cheer them up. Treat your friends like how you want to be treated. Cherish them and they'll be yours.- Nuratiqah Lyyana Bte RiadI want to grow with my age no matter how long I live- A MehtaYou know you love someone when they treat you like you are the only one in the world and when you look into their eyes all you see is what you want- Ashley GrohI don't really want to stay in, but I don't want to come out either.- Kaylee GreeneI want someone to support me not to abort me- diya ahmed azzonyWhen God asks me 'What have you done with the life I gave to you?', I don't want my answer to be 'I spent it all chasing Silver and Gold. ' - Feneau DemesminI try to be what I am , I don't want to be what I am not, if you judge me by my tongue and face then you're a fool, always judge people by their heart, not by their words , words are perfect seducers.- Adnan AliA computer is like an eye. you have to decide whether you want to see right or wrong- palash sarkarSome people on earth are much more dangerous than snakes, if you want to survive you should have the ability to convert them into life saving drug- palash sarkarLiving among those who don't know where they want to go with their lives is making it harder and harder for me to reach my destinations- diya ahmed azzonyYou don't need love to be happy. sometimes it is better to be single and happy, than being with someone and keep thinking you want to be with someone else!- Taylor DeGeusI know you want me because I need you too, there are times in my life I cannot bare to be apart from you, when it's late and you feel like you want to cry, just take a few minuets to think that I just long to hold and kiss you and no I'll never let go- sarah alicia thompsonWhen you are young it is important to be selfish, to be picky, and to be stubborn. If you are selfish when you are young, you will have the sources to be generous in the future. If you are picky it means you know what you want in life, and if you are stubborn then you will eventually get it - Kaylee Michelle MauserDon't ever give up if you still want to try, don't ever wipe your tears if you still want to cry. don't ever settle for an answer if you still want to know. don't ever say you don't love him if you can't let him go.- Sirena FedericoI wanted something that I couldn't have. But when I got it, I felt empty. I didn't want it anymore. So I had to leave..- Zarah smithNobody can be like you. they can copy all they want but no, they are not you.- shelly gonzalezThose who want freedom, they already have, need not declare that 'I want freedom'.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyAnyone who cares that much to have friends; they will not want to know that someone is in pain.- Basil TongLife is Hell, and I want Heaven..- Abhishek ThakurDo you want me to give you a chance to want to make you happy, or is that something I can't do?- Freaky I loved you twice.. now it is three times but my heart and I can't take it anymore. It hurts but I can't keep loving you even if I want to.. I don't want to get hurt even worse again- Gladys MariaAren't we all living in an imaginative world, we love the idea of loving somebody than loving somebody for we want the feeling of being in a relation which is nice, than stop lying to self and start facing the difficulties that take to be really good enough to be liked by somebody, it certainly is a beautiful life to think we love our parents, spouse, children, but do we really love them and make them feel it? interestingly we don't have so much time in the universe left for us.- Lokesh giriAs long as you remember all the reasons why they left, the harder it is to trust the next person who might want to help.- Alex CraigeLove only the ones you know won't leave you, trust only yourself unless you want to bleed, so aim that gun or point your knife, I don't care it's my life.- Alex CraigeNever wait for anybody and anything in life, because they never wait for you when you want.. !- Vinuth kumar G VIf you want to pay someone for something they have done to you, pay attention.- Lokesh giriDo I GIVE YOU what you want? or, allow YOU to TAKE it from me?.. are you a poet? a thinker? my lover? all?.. nothing?.. tell me.- The Quoted Iris"One thing I want to leave my children is their human rights fulfilled."- J BClose your eyes, realize, like you want to visualize- ease berryHuman rights are what we need to discuss if we want to progress.- J BThere's a lot of vacancy at the top seat but it's kind of easy for us other way around to get there because we don't want to research the searcher..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiIf we want to succeed in confronting human rights violations in all their manifestations, we must better understand their root causes.- J BWhen it is interesting you don't want people to be involved, when it is trouble you want to involve and include people. You want people to settle quarrel but you deny them enjoyment when interesting- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezThey want to be sexy but I want to succeed- Parvej Nijam MujawarWhy are you thinking what I want to guess when I'm reading your mind?- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiWe must start today defending the human rights we want tomorrow.- J BI have not experienced any situation, from Africa to the Pacific Islands, where there have not been people who had a vision of peace, a want for human rights, emerging often from their own experience of pain.- J BDefend human rights for the future we want.- J BIf I say sorry, I don't want you to think twice, rather accept the fact that your heart means a lot to me even through the distance..- Kayode Seyi TayoNo one else really know what you want to be.- charan_vishwaI don't care, and I don't want to know- aditya vermaImagination can take you anywhere you want to go, to a place where anything is based by you, to a place where the story is made by you and to a place where YOU can be YOU To the realm of fantasy To the realm of dreams and wishes To the realm where anything is possible But no matter what you do.. You will end up to the place where you originally are.. In reality- No OneI admit I want perfection. It's always the case when I am confused.- Nerd BrookeWhen you see someone struggling for an abundant life.. want it for them, they are the part of you that does not yet realize they deserve it. When you see someone living an abundant life.. be happy for them, they are the part of you that knows they deserve it- Donna Letterio-GarofoloI don't know and I don't want to know, because I do know what I want.- diya ahmed azzonyYes, I smile but that is fake. You think it is all real, but did you know something.. it's not. You want me to be perfect, but you know what? I'm not. I have flaws like everyone else does. I'm not the perfect child like my 'AMAZING' brother. If I'm in a bad mood, I get yelled at! If he is in a bad mood, I get told that I need to shut up and that everyone gets into their moods. Guess I'm not perfect.- hey guys.I just wanted to say that I care a lot about you, I am so happy to have you in my life, I never want to lose you no matter what, I will always be here for you, thanks for being my friend- Jacquelin I want to make a GRAVE of my Memories and visit it everyday- Farhad DastoorWhether you like it or not you will always need to rely or lean on someone, but no matter how hard you try you can't resist, but that's what friends and family are for, aren't they? so affect them in a positive way as you would want to be treated, and show the colors of light that make everything - Nike HawkI thank God for many things. There are three things I want to mention here. The first is the music. The other is books. The third is the writing. All three of these leads to something good and make life more positively- Benjamin MoellerI want to show you that I'm not like the others and that I have something that makes me different, I want to show you I'm going to be there for you when no one else is, I want to show you the love I can give, I want to show you that you are the only girl in this world for me and no one will ever replace you, I want to show you- Ashton TaylorLove like you wanna be loved, live like you want your kids to live, and turn to god today because tomorrow may not ever come- Jennifer Lynn TaylorTo succeed you must do the right thing, in the right way, at the right place, at the right time and know why and how you did it so you can repeat it and improve on the results. Most people want to make by just copying WHAT was done but they ignore the other crucial elements of WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW to adjust for the variances.- Cherif Medawar I walk down the school hallway. A student in front of me will drag their feet on the way, but I pass them as I do not want them to slow me down. No, I will not allow them to drag me down to their level.- MigoeThe more i think about it the more i realize that to grow up i must walk away from all of the things that have held me down.. the only thing that i really want to focus on is me, my family, my friends, and my boo.. i love this life that i was given but i'm not sure where it is taking me yet but when i find out i hope you all are still here for the ride.. i grew up..- Niece FazierOnly the people with the freedom to do what they want are fools.- Noah CourtneyChoose the right and trust in your Heavenly Coach, for He knows.. and His team never loses, though the game be tight and the enemy attacks furiously.. just obey and focus on his game plan and tactics.. on it depends your final victory.. would you want the bronze or silver when you definitely can get the gold medal with Him who made the very field on which all play and by whom even the enemy was made?..- Jim Nzepack Enow