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Parallel relationships need transparency, not accuracy Parallel relationships need transparency, not accuracy..

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Don Don't feel bad if people remember you only when they need you. Feel privileged that you are like a..

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Many of those you hate, are those you need to be sympathetic with. Many of those you hate, are those you need to be sympathetic with...

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Sometimes you need to check the fuel before planning to go on a long drive. Sometimes you need to check the fuel before planning to go on a long drive...


We don We don't need success to be happy. We need to be happy to be successful...

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Be Happy To Be Happy
To strengthen the roots sometimes we need to prune the leaves To strengthen the roots sometimes we need to prune the leaves..

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You don You don't need to be the best. You just need to be at your best...

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success suits only those who really know how to handle other responsibilities that come along with Success suits only those who really know how to handle other responsibilities that come along with..

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Sometimes you just need to be silent, and wait for the bad phase to get over.. Sometimes you just need to be silent, and wait for the bad phase to get over....

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It It's totally like dating a mermaid ; they need to be dry to have legs, then you can't make them WET..

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Dreams Need More Actions Than Negative Reactions Dreams Need More Actions Than Negative Reactions..

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In order to get what you want in life you need to work hard,  sacrifice a lot and never ever give In order to get what you want in life you need to work hard, sacrifice a lot and never ever give..

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Give Up What You Want
Your dreams need you Your dreams need you..

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Why do we need the Why do we need the 'holidays' to actually remind us to appreciate what we have in life?..

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Big fishes need big baits Big fishes need big baits..

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Those who only need an excuse to laugh will have more moments of happiness than those who need Those who only need an excuse to laugh will have more moments of happiness than those who need..


Give people what they need, they MIGHT follow you. Give people what they want, they WILL follow you. Give people what they need, they MIGHT follow you. Give people what they want, they WILL follow you...


Silence is an answer, which does not need explanation. Silence is an answer, which does not need explanation...

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The words we don The words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society...

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Sometimes in the hardships of life, you need a friend. Sometimes in the hardships of life, you need a friend...

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Make amends before it is too late, perhaps fate will give you a straw to hang onto in time of need. Make amends before it is too late, perhaps fate will give you a straw to hang onto in time of need...

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To love you need no reason to hate you need one. To love you need no reason to hate you need one...

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You need to use all your heads to understand your single heart. You need to use all your heads to understand your single heart...

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Problems need time to be solved and if you don Problems need time to be solved and if you don't have time it won't get involved...

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Everybody doesn't need to know everything about you.- Germany KentTo apologize, you need to be courageous. To forgive you need to be very courageous.- mohdmustafa99There is no particular order to see, it is just the need to see orderly.- Florence CleyouChanging a culture in an organization doesn't need money.. Culture needs time..- Kiran AidhiSometimes, when you love someone but they don't love you back, the best thing to do is just stand back and be there when they need you. That way, deep down, that person starts loving you back.- Willem RossouwI can hear your heartbeat saying 'look into my eye, tell me what you see, everything I do I do it for you which makes you more precious to me but all I need from you is to say Yes'- oluwagbenga segunYou need to maintain a balance between your number of successes and your number of failures, because life is incomplete and tasteless without the presence of either of them.- Nayanshree SonowalThe world is yours for the taking. You need only find the will within to seize it.- J W BarlamentTo seek for things you need is necessity, but to seek things you don't need is avarice.- mohdmustafa99We are brainwashed into thinking that money is the source of happiness while what we really need to know is that inner peace is something that comes from within.- Oscar Auliq Ice

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Life Quotes There are two ways to look smart, being smart and pretending to be smart, pretending to be smart is far more difficult than really being smart. If you want to be smart you only need to work till you become smart, but with pretending it's hard to manage a lifetime. - Lokesh giriBig fishes need big baits - Lokesh giriLife is only but a cycle, we live for others as others live for us. life never ends when there is always someone in need. - charlie rodriguezIt is better to keep an open mind than one that is closed and concentrated on the things that don't need any attention in life. - nervisHeaven is not hard to find, you just need to search for the life within. - Spirit RocThere is a great relation between Proximity.. Money.. Satisfaction.. & Promotion. We want all, but in practical all are inversely proportional with reference to time. Need for one, may lead to devastation of others. - Pramod PJWhy do we need the 'holidays' to actually remind us to appreciate what we have in life? - Ester CarrilloBurning lovely memories is always too tough! you need to burn your soul before the act. - Farhad DastoorIn order to get what you want in life you need to work hard, sacrifice a lot and never ever give up. - Arlene De JesusIn life, the one thing that you need to realize is that your enemies become your best friends and your best friends become your enemies so take every opportunity you get to tell someone you appreciate them and apologize for all your wrong doings , because you were only given today , and never promised tomorrow ! - Makayla EmmertDid you ever get the feeling that you need to do anything possible to save the things that mean the most to you.. - Jessica PrestiEvery day is a new day, a new beginning, a fresh new start to make it the best day that it can be. Yesterday's troubles are over and should be put behind us, yesterday's bills will still be here tomorrow, so why stress? Live today, put yesterday behind you and let the future take its course. Everything happens for a reason, so where we need to be tomorrow, will come with a purpose, with patience and determination - ileana capin fonseca When there is something, no need to do anything. But when there is nothing you need to do something. - Kowsalapathy SaravananSometimes you need to pretend to be scary.. pretend you are stronger! - Sudha BashyalTime is usually all we need. It's underrated.. - Vardz77No matter what you have, no matter your experience level, sometimes you just need a hand. - Oscar Auliq IceAs per Karma yoga: Feeding a person a day is the lowest help as hunger returns. Next is giving money as the need arises again. Teach them, knowledge and skills give them a direction and show an opportunity to live this is better help. Give them the spiritual confidence to sustain, that is the highest form of help. That is what we also seek from the God's and spiritual gurus. That is what we also expect in our children - feed, educate provide skills, build confidence and grow spiritually strong to sustain and achieve their goals. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIn this world we all need a purpose and once you have discovered yours, the puzzle called life is immensely solved. - Abel NdinyoGender equity is not enough. We also need equity between individuals of the same gender. - mohdmustafa99If you have to ask if you come before someone's child then you need to re-evaluate your life.. - Babi ShakesTo seek for things you need is necessity, but to seek things you don't need is avarice. - mohdmustafa99Both H. Spencer and C. Darwin quoted 'Survival of the fittest'. Today , we need a third humanitarian scholar to say , 'Survival of the weakest'. - mohdmustafa99I love so HARD.. but I need to.. Love me HARDER.. - Babi ShakesMistakes are the best teacher Of your life, They will teach you the best lessons at every point, you just need to be a good learner. - Shahida......You can get it if you want it. You'll have it if you need it. - Marie Yolande PierreAt times you need to keep a small social circle, it's socially healthy. - Previledge Tafadzwa MakazaHome sickness doesn't necessarily need to travel abroad. - mohdmustafa99There is no particular order to see, it is just the need to see orderly. - Florence CleyouWhen life lifts you high, beware, for you need to choose between booming rocket that finally crumbles down, or the slow growing mountain, that gradually touches the sky. - the curious personALL Politicians are criminals to some point. If you think any different you need to spend more time in a book than on the internet. - Rev Ernie UrbanTrue love does not need outsiders. - Ashish ku RoutIt is never too late to make amends, perhaps fate will give you a straw to hang onto in time of need. - Rajiv JainIf you come on the edge of death and nothing flashes before you it is proof you need to learn to live - Ben McCartneyParallel relationships need transparency, not accuracy - Suraj Bhaskar GholapThe words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society. - Forrest Munden As a man you need to be strong. - ENGR ABAH SULE

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Peace Quotes I don't want to defend human rights, I want to create a world where human rights don't need defending. - J BWe need accelerated global efforts to support human rights around the world. - J BWe need to address the reality of human rights. Human rights should be driving discussions and decisions around the world. Human rights should have the loudest voice of all. - J BInstead of responding to human rights crises, we need to invest far more in prevention. - J BIn regards to human rights, we need increased levels of ambition combined with concrete actions. - J BIn regards to human rights, we need more dialogue, more political will and more concrete action on the ground. - J BHuman rights need to replace what we are witnessing now - human right-less-ness. - J BHuman rights need to be met with a meaningful response. - J BWe need to act now for human rights. - J BWe must become committed to doing all we can to protect human rights. We all need to advocate for human rights. It is the only way forward. - J BThe crying need to build peace and prevent further human rights violations is foremost in my mind. - J BWe must recognize that all spheres of society are critical and need to be aligned if we are to effectively develop a coherent and well-coordinated framework for future human rights efforts. - J BThe need to defend human rights demands our attention. - J BHuman rights are what people need most. - J BWe need to fight seven days a week.. human rights violations don't stop on Fridays. - J BHuman rights are fundamental to the world we need to build. - J BBe the voice we desperately need for human rights. - J BWe need concerted resource mobilization and investment to successfully combat human rights violations. - J BWe need to recognize role of human rights in achieving sustainable development. - J BThe reality of human rights is there, and there is no need to contest it. What is more important is to look at what we can do to address the issue. - J BThe figures of human rights violations are very high. This is not acceptable, and we need to do something about it. - J BWe need a renewed sense of common purpose and concerted action on human rights. - J BWe need greater ambition on human rights. - J BAs we look to the human rights challenges we face, there is no doubt in my mind that global challenges require global solutions. No country can do it alone. We need multilateralism more than ever. - J BHuman rights are the most powerful force in our hands to unlock the potential and innovation we need to build more resilient and sustainable societies. - J BHuman rights are what we need to discuss if we want to progress. - J B'We need to make sure that human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled, otherwise we end up creating more inequality than we had before. - J B'We need more help to defend human rights. It is of vital importance to make progress towards political agreements to end human rights violations and relieve the humanitarian suffering of people. - J BYou don't need your human rights violated to defend them. - J BHuman rights are what we need most, but what we discuss the least. - J BWe now need to place human rights curricula in our schools, to really learn about the critical importance of human rights. - J BWe now need, and we need now, an unwavering human rights movement. - J BHuman rights; what else does a person need to be happy? - J BWe need to think of the human rights of our children and their children and act now. - J BWe need a common enemy to unite us. Let's make that enemy human rights violations. - J BThe need to defend human rights is getting bigger by the hour. - J B

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Inspirational Quotes Talent comes from immense pressure of need and struggle. - rakeshbabuTo broaden your horizons you need to narrow your introspection. - Donald Lynn FrostEvery answer you need is in the sky, every cure you need is in the ground. Everything you need to embrace it is in your heart. God left no stone unturned in creation. We have just decided that concept is far too simple to be true - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SNot everyone is living the kind of life you want to emulate. You also do not need to impose your own criteria for successful living on others. They might have different priorities that don't necessary match your own. - El Haji NeroNot everyone is living the kind of life you want to emulate. You also do not need to impose your own.. - Bako AmbiandaThose Who Don't Care Are The Ones Who Need Care The Most! - Meshack SeweSometimes you need to check the fuel before planning to go on a long drive. - SomitroYou can get it if you want it. You'll have it when you need it. If you take care of yourself you'd be healthy and you live longer. - Marie Yolande PierreWhen life lifts you high, beware, for you need to choose between the booming rocket that finally crumbles down, or the slow growing mountain, that gradually touches the sky - the curious personDon't feel bad if people remember you only when they need you. Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is only darkness. - The Quoted IrisCeaseless awareness on your 'I' consciousness is all you need. - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRThere are people in this world, we need to notice without falling for people that don't need to be sought - Mercedes LopezYou are Born with a Name, But you Need to Create a Name. Who You are is more important Than Who You Were. - Ritesh RanjanYou do not need INSPIRATION to open a business; you'll need MONEY. - Berny CGSOME ATTITUDES YOU CAN'T FIX LIKE FLAT TIRES; ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU NEED AN ENTIRE FRONT END ALIGNMENT! - Lashawnda Bourrage

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Love Quotes There is no more love, I am left here to bleed, but if you come back that would be all I need - remy jonesSome stories just need to end in tragedy. - Keegan NebelWhy be with someone that you have to change, When you can find someone that doesn't need to change. - Britney DavisLove: Love gives you hope, love gives you a need , love gives you happiness! You feel that his eyes see right through you , he sees you heart, but you don't understand how it feels , so you let down your guard. Not aware of what awaits you. - SchaelyFirst of all, when you find someone to love you. you need to hold him/her tight. and never do anything stupid to them. because he/she will feel how you do to them. and he/she love you as he/she never love someone else - gia joabLove is something every human has. You just need to find it - MaddySometimes you need determined welder to make the best out of You.. - Abatesi JanetOF course I fell in love with you with the first sight and of course love does not need time to built. If it needed time we wouldn't say 'I fell in love' but I 'climbed on love'. - Constantinos MichaelAll you need is love.. or so they say. - Rupal BhandariHe tells me the things I don't want to hear but those are the ones I really need to listen to make me better.. - shivangi lavaniyaLove is something you don't need to understand before accepting, It comes on its own will - Adebayo Alfred ayomideWe Need Vehemence Not Intelligence To Create A Melody - Vivek SahneyIf he doesn't love you enough to let you go when you need it, he never loved you enough to begin with - Chari MaeSometimes, when you love someone but they don't love you back, the best thing to do is just stand back and be there when they need you. That way, deep down, that person starts loving you back. - Willem RossouwSilence is an answer, which does not need explanation. - Claudia

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Change Quotes I need to buy myself a box, so I can sit outside of it, and think. - Alexis L. EastonThe 'secret' recipe has always been within you. You just need to find an apt bowl to serve it. - Sohil R LadhaniChange is not always easy, but it's an essential part of life. Embrace your fears - let go and allow the winds of uncertainty to be your guide. There are no short cuts, so open your arms and be free. You will always be exactly where you need to be - Lois Lovely LayneIt's wise not to look back to have no regrets, but to look at the future with hope, we need great courage. - Chris PetersIf you want to change a stupid one towards betterment of his mentality, you need first to pass a camel through a needle's eye. - mohdmustafa99Although it's not our role to convince people to live a certain way I believe it's our role as engineers to pioneer solutions that need no convincing - Kristopher Adam OrlowskiDear beginnings. How are they plural you may ask? The answer is quite simple really. There are many paths leading up to the beginning. So in that case, there could be multiple beginnings leading to the next beginning and so on and so forth. I guess the only true end of beginnings is death? For death is the only thing that can truly stop you from beginning once more. Of course there is a spiritual route to be considered. But will the afterlife really be a brand new beginning? Or a beginning which simply leads to your next beginning? So for this, you will need to completely forget the meaning of beginning and the meaning of end. For they are not to be considered a path, a choice, an option, in this; my universe. - William A. HarrisonSometimes, All we need is to walk away from our own created distractions, to get a clear view of our Goals.. - Megha Singh ChauhanWe need to spread and deepen the significance of human rights. We must do everything we can to reach this objective. - J BHuman rights violations happening in many parts of the world do not need to persist if we work together. - J BWhy are you criticizing smoking when you know you can not do without vaping such is an hypocrisy nature you need to change.. - Aye AyeTo change the coach is not enough to make winning. You also need to change the players. - mohdmustafa99If you really think you will need a change in your life, it will change because the designer of your life is only you no one else. - sivaranjani

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Faith Quotes Having a good heart is all you need because in the end, it's the only thing that will save you. - Meagan Lynn GervaisThere is so much hate in the world and too many people are dying old and young from fighting and pollution but we brought it all on ourselves. Animals suffer from litter and young children die from diseases and pills-drugs, we need help and god shall guide us through our own mess. Hope is nearly gone for us yet we steal and kill. Fellow human beings are in trouble but our selfish ways lead us away from a needy soul. Humans are greedy and arrogant, caring only for themselves and not for the welfare of others, people starve with no homes or family, children and adults just like us are lonely and need a friend and who is there for them, no one yet, we always find a way out of trouble, well they cannot find that way and they need our help. We take and take but never give. Everyone gets a time, their special time, but it is not mine nor yours so lets give it to someone who really needs help! - Bethany Hope SkinnerLife is what we have.. Life is what we want.. Life will never always stay, that's why we need to eat, pray, and love all day. - Criz JordanImagine you are stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, you have one can of pop that is still cold for now but is getting warm increasingly fast. Do you drink the pop in one sitting while it's cold and enjoyable, or prolong it and take a little sip whenever you need it savoring the drink but making it far less enjoyable. You can compare this to life. Some people make choices to live in the now and enjoy life in this exact moment and let hope and god take over from there. Others think about their future and try to simply survive. If you decided to drink the pop in one sitting you think in the now and are living life. If you chose the sips every once in a while you are merely surviving. - Adam Langlais You don't need to know what tomorrow holds, when you know the one who holds tomorrow - RikuIf everyone had the knowledge of their self-value and internal ability to be successful, then there won't be any need for hatred, envy and jealousy towards our fellow humans - Sunday AdelajaPeople all have a talent, sometimes you need to step outside of your comfort zone to reach it - Stella M HassanWe don't need success to be happy. We need to be happy to be successful. - AiR Atman in RaviO Lord! Give me what I need, though I don't know exactly what I need. - mohdmustafa99We must not only profess our faith and love for Christ but also need to practice such faith and love in our daily lives. - Shaila TouchtonGod has given us many healing promises according to our needs. We need to constantly confess the word of God on our troubles, needs, health etc. God wants us to pray and put faith in him as the scripture says that genuine faith is 'more precious than gold that perishes. - Shaila Touchton

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Friendship Quotes If you live life without friends, keeping yourself bottled up and depressed , you definitely need a friend and there is always someone that cares, other people are just mean and wrong, find the ones who care and stick by them, like they stick by you, they care and can't stand to see you sad, those people are your best friends - shye anne crockerIn any battle for one to truly understand both sides, one will need a friend and a friend on the other side - Josh DarosaAs I go through all kinds of feelings and experiences in my journey through life -- delight, surprise, chagrin, dismay -- I hold this question as a guiding light: 'What do I really need right now to be happy?' What I come to over and over again is that only qualities as vast and deep as love, connection and kindness will really make me happy in any sort of enduring way. - Darab ImteyazIf you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me - Jasmin TomsonIf your greatest enemy in success is your best friend everywhere else you need to do one of two things: change your plans, or change your perspective - Hunter JamesWe get it.. Life is hard, but you don't know what hard is until you lose your best friend, and sticking them six foot under your heart.. You need to know that they will always stay there. - Kelsie veenemaA good friend need not be your relative. But a good relative has to be a good friend. - Kowsalapathy SaravananSometimes when you are in the company of people you barely know, you just need to lie to know what to believe or who to trust - bolutife ojelekePeople are like a ladder, you need them to get to the top. - Maduwa ThaboYou need self-love and we-love to see love - Joshua Aaron GuillorySometimes in the hardships of life, you need a friend. - Anonymous

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Nobody can define who you are until you supply the words they need to use to define you- Segun RasakiTry holding yourself accountable to yourself. If you had to give yourself a daily, weekly, or monthly report, would you be proud to talk about what you had done, or would you need to be prettying up things, bullshitting, or lying to keep your job?- Loren WeismanWhat we need starts from the end point of what we have got. - mohdmustafa99Some minds need to get reorganized.- joey the poetWhy reinvent the wheel? Because if we try, maybe someday we will fly everywhere we need to go.- Kelly GraffGather your strength for one day you will certainly need it.- Victor CourageDefeating wise people is easy, you just need to be little wiser. But it is almost impossible to defeat a fool- Lokesh giriWicked people don't need any enemies. They drive themselves to misery.- FARHAN HAMEEDWe need to learn how to appreciate the people around us, because we never know the day when they might go out for a flower in the front yard and die from a bee sting.- Arlene De JesusThings would be a lot different if we would realize that what we WANT and what we NEED are actually two separate things!- Stephanie RodgersThings would be a lot different if we realized that what we WANT and what we NEED are actually two separate things!- Stephanie RodgersI don't need drugs to be high, I'm already high on life.- Jamie RussellWe humans are like flowers. We need nourishment so that we can develop and flourish.- Benjamin MoellerLife is like music, you need to play all its notes so you can understand some of it- diya ahmed azzony we don't need a special day to live with love, we need love to live special days - diya ahmed azzonyWomen fall in love through their ears, and what about men? men! they just need to know you are available.- Lisa RoyOnly your strength can give you what you want, need.- ENGR ABAH SULEA man need never lose his ideals, dreams and purposes. He can always make them shine again with the glory of renewed hope- Irfan Mamoun MDI don't need your sympathy if you can't help me out.- Jasleen kaurEvery individual and organization has a role to play in mobilizing skills, talents, and life experiences to move towards a more just and equitable world where all have what they need to survive and thrive in life.- Oscar Auliq IceAfricans need a value based education that influences the heart. It is through this we will impact those around us.- Kenton Mutethia MuthauraWater is nature's cure all. Need to lose weight? Drink water. Complexion problems? Keep that skin hydrated. Drink water. Tired of your spouse? Drown him/ her.- The Quoted IrisIf you don't have to say anything you need to say the Truth..- success songOne cannot make money without betraying the good faith, good confidence and good trust of one's friends and one's family in one. One must necessarily compromise on one's ethical and moral integrity in order to make money. Besides one does not need any money to be truly happy.- SundareshTo know that you don't know, is good to know.. Now you know that you need knowledge.- Jason BaptisteNo need to fear death, dying is living.- AliciaAll you need is to achieve something big, to calm your inner dissatisfaction.- Tayyaba BhattiWe need some euphoria , some zest , some enigma , some oomph & some allegiance to compose a melody !- Vivek SahneyI don't want consolation goal I need jubilation goal..- success songYou need to introspect to embrace your flaws.- SkyraYou do not need the 'army' to create ART!- Halil XhafaIf we all spoke the visual or musical language, we would not have much need for any other language to communicate.- Robert ZunicIt's often said that you have to go out slowly in order to build momentum and you need to build a solid foundation where one can begin to grow from.- Luke Shen Tien ChiIn a technical field, competition for the best skills is very stiff and thus to thrive you need to continually refine them and have an impregnable disposition.- Murungi Nathaniel MuthomiPeople who really want to study language well need to know how to speak properly.- Luke Shen Tien ChiA young mind may not know a lot but sometimes we need a young mind to understand a lot- Ephraim jajiWhy should we keep birds in cages? They need us to feed; they are noisy, they contradict with our attitude toward freedom, they make us fear cats, and they are not edible.- mohdmustafa99I Am That I Am. I do not need love, acceptance, understanding, validation or trust. I love myself, I accept myself, I understand myself, I value myself. And therefore, I trust myself. I am now free to love others.. unconditionally.- Ramona WilsonWe don't need to train a fool to play in a theater since he is going to play the role of an idiot anyway.- mohdmustafa99Let old times never return. If we ever get current times straight, we won't need to fall back on our inferior ways.- The Quoted IrisShow me what I need to know instead of what you know.- Ron LacroixOne should not jump the gun. The first step to solving any problem is not recognition of need and doing the needful, but recognizing what is not needed and not doing what is not necessary and money is never needed and never necessary.- SundareshIf you want to put on clothes that people like, you need to neutralize your likeness.- mohdmustafa99A blacksmith has no need of an axe but manufactures axes for others to use..- Kayode Seyi TayoThere's no need to throw away knife that wounded you rather than to caution how to handle it..- Aye AyeIf it rains and you do not feel the wetness, you need to find the nearest pool and immerse yourself in it, otherwise you will be ashamed of being left out from enjoying the natural blessing from above.- Segun RasakiTrue love doesn't need whatsapp/ fb status, make it a status for others.- vivek sharmaI'm going to be gone for a while, I need to get my life together and find myself. A ribbon presented itself to me while I was in the abyss, upon my despair to relish in it's complete darkness. I sensed the ribbon will take me to my true self, so I'm grabbing onto it, and I'll see whatever destination it may be, do not fret, it seems artless and only promising.- ScxioIt's not about the amount of time you put in, it is the way you spend the time on the work you need to get done. Saying that you worked ten hours on something that went nowhere is not really anything to brag about.- Loren WeismanDon't need everyone in order to be happy .. just some are enough in your life to be happy..- selvan premSometimes you just need time to gain the courage and bravery to open up and love again..- Vardz77To make others happy- Love is a feeling that just happens. You are the one. Start dating yourself. If you start loving yourself you will not need anyone to be loved by.- being limitlessIf you give someone who has potential, the relevant power they need in order to succeed. They will- Angus Dolan Love is a open door we just need to find the right person to walk through it with us- Myauna Cummings All I need is warm love and hot coffee in my life.- Bizz LamichhaneSometimes you need to see what you think you want in order to know what you really want- MichaelWe do not need leaders, but guides.- O. KKeeping a healthy and peaceful life, we need to be very selective to choose what ingredients of life to allow and what to deny to maintain a healthy lifestyle with peaceful mind- Roma ChattopadhyaySpeak up for the Silent; you may be surprised to discover how badly they need you- stop bullyingI found three kinds of people in life. Some need Respect, Some need Attention. The rest are MEN!- Ebenezer MichaelYOU don't need an excuse or a special occasion to celebrate YOU or to shower yourself with love & kindness. Your relationship with you sets the tone!- Germany KentWith some women you need an extra knock on their door, to change their no to a yes.- Joe CervantesPeople are drawn to drama and death but won't help them when they need it.- Kanonimous KapoaFeminism is a lie, its just women hating on men for they have hatred but need a scapegoat and they chose an easy target.- Timothy Michael LongTrust is like a debt, give it to the right person and get it the time you need it- Nura IdryzEveryone utilizes their time to earn money and spend it on things they need and things which makes them happy. Their effort on earning more and more for the purpose of having more and more happiness. I utilize my time to serve the ignored people of my society which eventually brings happiness in their life and bringing smile on their face motivates me to work more and more for them. And as a result, it brings happiness in my life even though I am not earning any money. NO ONE CAN DENY, helping others does make us proud. In one line: VOLUNTEERISM IS OUR EARNING, we buy happiness by serving.- Syed Mohammad MujtabaRespect both what you need to know and what you don't need to know. Respect mystery, for mystery is still needed to run the universe.- Carew PapritzYou don't ever have to feel bad about removing toxic people from your life. It does not matter who that person is; a relative, an old friend, an acquaintance, someone you once trusted, etc. you do not need to make room for anybody who disrespects you or tries to make you feel small in their own ways. You set boundaries for a reason, whether its for you & your child, your job, etc & anyone who disregards your feelings & try to step over your boundaries needs to go. It does not matter what they think or feel, it is YOUR boundaries & they need to be respected.- Ashley NicoleWhen the door closes it is never locked, but you will never open it until your are told there is no need for a key.- Brandon SalazarWe are plants. We need water, food, sun, and we grow- Eric Scott Tolman JrYou don't need friends to succeed in life ; All you need is your family & to work hard & stick to what you want to be, because you will be shocked when you make it- rhys blakeSocialists need to know that politics isn't about self-empowerment, it's about empowering others to pursue their own destiny.- B El HI do not need a perfect one. I just need someone who can make me feel that I am the only one.- Rebecca Ann TottenLike my daddy said, you need to act like a lady and think like a man- lady pinkEach story has its end, and here we are at the edge of that end, I can't take it anymore and obviously you don't need to hold on. Yes It was me who ended it, but it was you who wanted it- Daleen IrshaidFinding where politics are concerned you sometimes lose friends and family.. Sad when we cannot agree to disagree and you get snubbed for having your own beliefs.. we need to be very careful to be kind and considerate regardless of which side we are on.. both sides have serious issues to take into consideration and that need to be addressed and both have their successes and failures.. we better find some common ground.. when one has lost their freedom of speech it affects us all so we better stick together to make a difference.. there are those who would see our way of lives destroyed and/or our very lives taken and these folks could care less about what party affiliation we are.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyI need comfort for moments like these that make me stop and consider what we could've been- Skyler HeluniaThey say dreams do come true. All I need is you to make it literal.- Tabitha Alivia RodgesDreams are always something above your high expectations, something that probably you need to reach out for. If it's too high up, then jump higher! Just keep going for that dream, no matter how hard you try just don't let it die out.- anonymousThose dreams you've does not need a dreamer as much they need a person who is willing to make it come true- Daleen IrshaidWhen people ask for a free opinion, always remember all they need is your consideration not opinion- Farhad DastoorMaking a difference is not about being a big hero. It is about lending a helping hand to those in need, lifting someone's spirit to those who feel down, giving hope to those in despair, putting a smile to those in tears and for just being there in times of need.- lulu topacioThis life is not enough to be a master of anything; I need to take several births because knowledge is eternal..- A MehtaLay me down in a bed full of white roses. Let me bleed out and make them red. Let me lay in peace for what I have done. No need for crying. The pain is gone.- jazmineChildren and cars are similar in the way they both need to be pushed sometimes when they breakdown- ajith CHEMPARATHYI miss you, I miss your smile And I still shed a tear Every once in a while And even though it's different now You're still here somehow, My heart won't let you go And I need you to know I miss you- jacqueline ramirezTo life's surprise comes the need to learn and move on. To some a surprise is failure not expected, to me it is a reward I don't remember winning because I'm focused on the next one- Freddy Sipho MAhhumanePerhaps we're asking the wrong questions. Rather than concerning ourselves solely with where our species came from, we also need to pay attention to where our species is going. Otherwise, we're going to end up back at the beginning.- Jesse HayesThere is no need to hate because your own past makes some of your enemies to look like saints.- larona MokotiYou don't need love to be happy. sometimes it is better to be single and happy, than being with someone and keep thinking you want to be with someone else!- Taylor DeGeusI know you want me because I need you too, there are times in my life I cannot bare to be apart from you, when it's late and you feel like you want to cry, just take a few minuets to think that I just long to hold and kiss you and no I'll never let go- sarah alicia thompsonIf you have a dream that you want to come true you need to believe that you will achieve this dream, never doubt yourself- Isaiah Roemello SolanoThose who want freedom, they already have, need not declare that 'I want freedom'.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyYou don't need makeup to look beautiful.. you'll look artificial- Viviana GonzalezTo create you need to imagine as if you have already done it- abhishekTo convince someone, you first need to prepare them to love being convinced- Lokesh giriWorld as a whole has enough food and wealth to keep everyone on it warm and healthy, still there is hunger and poverty. Are those marked boundaries on the globe that we have between states, countries and continents stopping us from not helping our brothers and sisters? Is our love only restricted to watch them in movies and weep, when they desperately need love? God is certainly playing a joke.- Lokesh giriThe road to hell is not paved with good intentions, it is mostly paved with religions and souls trapped by indecision and tourists who think they don't need a map because they have a GPS.- Jack BrownWhat we need is anti-civilization to remove all the boundaries that present civilization has imposed on us or over civilization which could out power us to live beyond barriers.- Lokesh giriIt takes a true writer to create something good, to inspire and help those who need it the most. Anyone can feel sorry for themselves on paper.- Anna BrantleyIn all of this cyber illusion of the human world, the animatronics of working ethics need to be lubricated with machine oil of humanity of empathy- RomeoYou don't need to do anything perfect on your own when you've impeccable God..- success songGod blesses us by providing what we need, at the exact time in our lives when we need it. This is but an example of God's Perfect Love and Perfect Plan that He has created for each of us.- The Quoted IrisWe need to cry out to the Lord on our knees everyday and take his refuge. We all Need to stand up in prayer for our families, families of others and for our society and nation. Definitely God can save us because of few righteous.- Shaila TouchtonMy memory is full of knowledge, But need more to achieve my dream- TishyaI'm safeguarded on a daily basis, No need for me to worry about any racists! I'm king at home or anywhere I go! My throne is the universe and everybody knows! My home is everywhere, everybody is aware! I've never slipped or tripped, my ground is the air- Joshua Aaron GuilloryI've already looked at the man in the mirror, And I've already looked beyond the mirror, And I have seen the reflection within and without! I've never done wrong, So no need to pout! I've held to truth so long, I never took another route! I am the truth forever, for me no reason to doubt- Joshua Aaron GuilloryPotential risks need to be managed by us.- NaGa RaJ DThe Kampala we need is here. No Jam, no noise, no thieves, why can't you people just stay in your villages- Mr vybs liveThe existence of Spokenology lies in the fact that there is a need for a higher level of spoken communication.- Luke Shen Tien ChiIf there's a promise my heart bleeds about, it's those made to my mom. I just need to keep her hopes living. I do Love her- Justice Appiah BoatengGiving suffering to someone is very simple, just as throwing stone into the water, as humans we have a need to understand how dangerous it is for others- Anand gillThe knowledge of world religions is only four keys to the highest form of awareness. They will open the gates to the higher worlds; you just need to choose one of these keys to evolve- RomeoToday, we need many freedoms not only one as when we were under the colonial rule.- mohdmustafa99We need to make human rights the best-selling brand.- J BI understand that none of this is easy. I understand some will need to make some tough political decisions for human rights. But this is the time for consensus. This is the time for political compromises to be reached. This means sacrifices, but it will benefit us all collectively.- J BWe need accountability to end human rights violations.- J BWe need new solutions in managing human rights issues so as to meet emerging challenges.- J BLearning the game isn't enlightenment, learning yourself is! And only those who are enlightened know what I truly mean! That real, initial enlightenment will separate you from the bull crap of everyone! You don't need bad and evil in the world to live an enlightened life, though in your enlightened journey that may be around you! In truth everything is perfectly beautiful, happy and loving! Nobody can ever take my enlightenment away from me! I'll never forget it! and I'll never forget me! If you don't embrace the kid inside you, the peaceful innocence inside you, you won't know what it's truly like to be enlightened. The initial enlightenment contains the full enlightenment! People who say the world has to keep being evil are crazy [yes, I called you crazy] [you can call me crazy and I'm still at peace] and they're just repeating what they think enlightenment is! I know the joy and peace I experienced and experience by myself! That's truth! That's enlightenment - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe magnitude and complexity of human rights violations are too immense for any country or organization to tackle alone. We need to do more to devise joint strategies and to draw on our comparative advantages.- J BThe more we protect human rights the less we need to.- J BYes I advice myself.. because some times I need an expert's advise.. You ain't too dumb to speak dumb truth to your self.. at least there is truth in the dumbest truth.- Richard ofem inahA woman who truly loves god.. would take a man who is only rich in faith.. and hold him down physically.. and carry him spiritually.. all she would need is his love and dedication.. and together they would rock this world for jesus..- Babi ShakesThe lone wolf, I howl at the moon. Hunting for what? What do I need. What's wrong, everyone seems to be scared. Or is it just me?- Isidro CruzWhen hungry, no one need point you in the direction of food, what quantity to eat and how to eat it to satisfy your hunger- Ahmed BolajiYolo Means- You Only Live Once; Yontstfu Means- You Only Need To Shut The F**k Up- Tiffany EvansWhat happens when you need a shoulder to lean on and your friend says 'NO' what happens to the song 'lean on me Then you will be STRONG' :)- MyaYes, I smile but that is fake. You think it is all real, but did you know something.. it's not. You want me to be perfect, but you know what? I'm not. I have flaws like everyone else does. I'm not the perfect child like my 'AMAZING' brother. If I'm in a bad mood, I get yelled at! If he is in a bad mood, I get told that I need to shut up and that everyone gets into their moods. Guess I'm not perfect.- hey guys.Soulless Love Love hurts and so does the feeling of being soulless. I don't need to be a mortal who is here and gone the next day to feel the bliss of love. I don't need to have a soul to know the pain of a heartbreak either. I am who I am and they are what they are, but we have what they don't have.. A Soul less Love- Haley CrosswatersWhether you like it or not you will always need to rely or lean on someone, but no matter how hard you try you can't resist, but that's what friends and family are for, aren't they? so affect them in a positive way as you would want to be treated, and show the colors of light that make everything - Nike HawkI hate you all and i don't need a reason- someshreddy y