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Life is too short, Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness, Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should And let go of what you can't change, Love..
-Sarah-Marie Teasdale

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There is nothing wrong with admiring beauty, but it is a beautiful attitude that connects people There is nothing wrong with admiring beauty, but it is a beautiful attitude that connects people..

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Moving forward after a mistake, a wrong decision or a personal disaster can make you a better person or it can make you a bitter person.. One letter..
-John Bonds

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When you When you're going in the wrong direction, it's never to late to take a U-Turn..

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Nothing you do is wrong.. until you get caught Nothing you do is wrong.. until you get caught..

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Their is no universal right or wrong, justice is based on opinions. Their is no universal right or wrong, justice is based on opinions...

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Dreams are required not when everything is going right, but when everything is going wrong Dreams are required not when everything is going right, but when everything is going wrong..


People are not wrong, they are just different from us. People are not wrong, they are just different from us...

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Embarrassment is the price I pay for admitting when I Embarrassment is the price I pay for admitting when I'm wrong, being wrong is the price I pay for..

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Wrong things can happen if you don Wrong things can happen if you don't come from the Right side of the tracks...


If our wrong habits are a part of our culture, then let our culture go to Hell If our wrong habits are a part of our culture, then let our culture go to Hell..

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Any Any 'freedom' that allows you to do the wrong is the contrary of freedom...

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Just because you are right, does not mean I am wrong. Just because you are right, does not mean I am wrong...

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when two wrongs don When two wrongs don't make a right, then ask yourself, who or what made it wrong to begin with...

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There can be nothing worse for a man when he realizes that he married the wrong woman. There can be nothing worse for a man when he realizes that he married the wrong woman...

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Every time I give up on someone, I expect them to prove me wrong Every time I give up on someone, I expect them to prove me wrong..

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I am trying to do the right thing, but I fear the right thing is leading me down the wrong path I am trying to do the right thing, but I fear the right thing is leading me down the wrong path..


Religions are a reflection of who man thinks God is, which is usually wrong. The best way to know who God really is, is to observe nature, know who..
-Candi Taylor Jeter Ed S

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People learn something every day, and a lot of times it People learn something every day, and a lot of times it's that what they learned the day before was..

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Personally, I Personally, I'd rather have someone tell me what I'm doing wrong than praise me for what I'm doing..

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 Love me for the things I do right instead of hating me for all the things I do wrong Love me for the things I do right instead of hating me for all the things I do wrong..

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There There's no right or wrong, there's only perspective and point of view...

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When everything goes wrong, patience is the best weapon When everything goes wrong, patience is the best weapon..

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A friend will ask what A friend will ask what's wrong while a best friend will have a shovel and ask where do you want me..

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You know it is wrong when you did it without happiness.- Brandon McCullochIt's Only Illegal If It Feels Wrong.- Marlene SanchezSometimes, it is not what we do is right or wrong.. it's the value of our actions that determines our own persona..- Arthur KwongIt's never the right time to do the wrong thing.- Bill GibbsEven a lie spoken for good cause is good, it's the intention that matters over right or wrong.- william anneIsn't it funny that we realize that the youth is being wasted on wrong people only after we cross it (youth).- Lokesh giriLeft is Right; and Right is wrong.- The Quoted IrisMy heart has been broken, turned upside down, cold and in wrong places over and over, it's like trying keys to a door that will not open. But if there's a key for that door l wonder should I let love back in my heart- Lila ReedIf you believe in what you create being art, then it is art, no matter what it is. Art has no right or wrong form.- Austin James LelievreI don't know which is wrong: my society or theories of sociology- mohdmustafa99

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Life Quotes Their is no universal right or wrong, justice is based on opinions. - Steven SierraWe're not perfect, we lie, we do mistakes and that's ok because we all do the same, But just a few admit they're wrong, they tell the truth.. Will you be like the rest or be unique? - Daleen IrshaidSome people live to whine and tell, and others live to prove them wrong - Josh DarosaLife and everything in it is a Gift from the Infinite mind; And the only way Life could go wrong is through the limited Finite mind. - Eric Foley SaucierIn life, the one thing that you need to realize is that your enemies become your best friends and your best friends become your enemies so take every opportunity you get to tell someone you appreciate them and apologize for all your wrong doings , because you were only given today , and never promised tomorrow ! - Makayla EmmertI am determined to be successful, not to prove others wrong but to prove myself right - Alyx MartinezI don't like the word 'sorry' because 'sorry' is generally said when something wrong is going to happen again. - vikrantThere can be nothing worse for a man when he realizes that he married the wrong woman. - vikrantIn life we are neither here nor there. life is made up of three things; truth, fact & opinion. it is up to us to decide right from wrong and what to believe - Kavesan ReddyYou say you want me but then you drop me when you see someone better. I thought that you where the one but I was wrong again. - Rebekah RochaWhen two wrongs don't make a right, then ask yourself, who or what made it wrong to begin with. - moises santaYou cannot judge the world as wrong and you as right unless you are an extraterrestrial. - mohdmustafa99If despair, let your whisper be my hope, if sorrow, let your word wipe my tear as cloth, if wrong, let your word whip me to scold me when wrong, Let's engage in fair to rejoice hereafter, let's disengage in unfair from not woe! hereafter. - Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezEmbarrassment is the price I pay for admitting when I'm wrong, being wrong is the price I pay for not admitting when I'm wrong.. - Byron Abel

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Tell me I can't, so I can go out and prove you wrong!- Rodney PierreTo say you want to make a fresh start, but reacting under the weight of past baggage and experience is the wrong thing to do, and a sure failure to the start. You have to let go of the past and treat each episode there on as a new experience, and respond like it were new.- Sapna Dhandh SharmaI did not fail because I knew the wrong ways of doing.- mohdmustafa99Do you want people do as you do? Do the wrong.- mohdmustafa99May be I'm wrong but I will do write someday. may be I'm careless but you will miss me one day. may be I'm hopeless but I will fulfill your hopes one day.- SweetestThey said two wrongs can never make a right, neither would two right make a wrong- success songWe can write our wrong right now but not when we are no more.- Akpan Okpongette EssienimoThere is nothing called a wrong Question, so don't recede until you get right answer.- Raja PThe political left and right spend more time arguing over who is right and wrong than they do fixing the problems both of them have created. And even then they often get it wrong!- Dr Travis J HedrickI do not allow the world to tell me what it means to be strong, because the world simply has it all wrong- Dylan Andrew Lee-ReidelIt's always been an uphill battle against adversities: Tell me I can't do something and I'll prove you wrong every time- Kishan PatelWithout good advice everything goes wrong, it takes careful planning for things to go right..- juliet petersMy dad says you can't do anything but he isn't wrong because I wanna do everything..- shivangi lavaniyaThe thing is, everyone is messed up in their own way, some realize it and change, but some don't. We can only hope and pray that others will see their wrong doing and change it. Some will never change but don't let them ruin a world of amazing wonderful people - Brynn Alanah LundWith intelligence and ingenuity comes a successful future with much pride and honor. With wrong-doings and atrocious actions comes a failure in life added on to the terrible consequences.- Arya PratapThere will be times in your life when it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong. And you will feel sick, it's like there's no way to feel better, but there is. Trust me, there is. I've been there many times and I survive. So don't give up, try again, dream again. Live your life again, laugh and move forward. Set your goal. Do not hesitate. God is with you, never fear.- Gladys GallentesI'M JUST A GIRL I love being called pretty, but I'll never believe it. I'm not always right, but hate admitting I'm wrong. I'm almost always smiling, but its not always real. I can be read like an open book, but hide so much. I work hard at things, but don't always get what I deserve. I'M JUST A GIRL.- Mymenchelle LaurentWe are human beings because we believe in something or someone. We are inhuman when we don't know right from wrong - Erica Jaimes-MayfieldTo be right is satisfying, to be wrong is no disaster- Victor CouragePeople always find an 'excuse' for what they are in.. Why don't they just accept the fact that they 'may be wrong' and just improve themselves instead of rationalizing things that in the reality is wrong? - Xand Bellido AbadescoIf you loved once then you truly are in love, if you loved twice the first one was a mistake, if you loved three times maybe there is something wrong with you.- justin carterIn a day, when you don't come across and problems you can be sure that you are traveling in a wrong path.- Jaspreet GrewalI don't believe in God, but I do really hope I'm wrong.- Andreas DahlbergPeople who know me say I'm strong, but the person who lives inside me knows they're wrong- Daleen IrshaidReasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be exactly what one needs. Acknowledge the hunches and obliterate the exasperating silence. To resist one's impulse is a bowl of anguish. Preservation is a limited convention. The more we attempt to prevent ourselves from falling, the closer we become to the fall. The innocent shall never win. The vulnerable shall never prosper Nonetheless the courageous are those who acknowledge the struggle that entails living. The pretentious are those who dare to breathe. And the ingenious are those who dare to love. There is no right and wrong. Whatever brings us stability and gets us through the day is always the sanest thing to do. A second of what you want can be worth a day of what you don't.- CamillaIf loving you is wrong.. then I don't want to be right! I will love you no matter how wrong it is!- DaKi KCThere's nothing wrong with this train. It's the Engineer!- Derek L PurserEvery mistake teaches you new things. Every failure encourages you to work hard. Every death of a loved one isn't the end, he/she is probably telling you to move on in life. Every punishment tells you the right and wrong. Every thing has a bright side, even hell.- AllenRight and Wrong are a mighty forces, they tempt us to do things we shouldn't and pull us away from them, yet in any of these events we are only judged by choice- Josh DarosaNo matter you are at a wrong place at the wrong time, you always can find good friends- Farhad DastoorAll your wrong doings are being watched by the messenger of GOD who is sitting deep in your mind in the guise of your SOUL.- harbinderjit singh bajajIf you live life without friends, keeping yourself bottled up and depressed , you definitely need a friend and there is always someone that cares, other people are just mean and wrong, find the ones who care and stick by them, like they stick by you, they care and can't stand to see you sad, those people are your best friends- shye anne crockerWhy do we have to always do the right thing? Why can't we just do the wrong thing once in a while, and learn the right thing?- Jamie RussellPerhaps we're asking the wrong questions. Rather than concerning ourselves solely with where our species came from, we also need to pay attention to where our species is going. Otherwise, we're going to end up back at the beginning.- Jesse HayesIt's my opinion that the human race's inherent tendency to fear the unknown, can be held accountable for much of what's wrong with the world. Perhaps it's time to embrace the unknown, so that we may begin taking steps towards understanding it. To do so, is the only means we have of ever seeing our future differ from our past.- Jesse HayesJust when you think everything is going great something comes your way to make every thing so wrong!- zikia hockerA computer is like an eye. you have to decide whether you want to see right or wrong- palash sarkarEveryone changes, for right and wrong reasons- but no-one forgets.- mj mansfieldWhat you read in science may be correct to that very second because one change can prove all theories wrong till so far.- Yash MauryaYour heart searches beneath the skin and goes deeper than your eyes can see, your eyes will judge but the heart is never wrong just give people a second chance..- Bethany Hope SkinnerIs it worth loving somebody more than myself? Is it wrong asking it?- Matt BillWrong is now right in the eyes of many people because they seek to please the flesh, and they do not seek to please the Living and Holy God.- Shaila TouchtonFor every human rights violation there is a cause that is simple and wrong.- J BSome years ago it was just me and my dreams, many people proved me wrong, but they are the reason I didn't give up.- ease berryTo move forward is natural. Moving backward needs some training to do the wrong.- mohdmustafa99I've already looked at the man in the mirror, And I've already looked beyond the mirror, And I have seen the reflection within and without! I've never done wrong, So no need to pout! I've held to truth so long, I never took another route! I am the truth forever, for me no reason to doubt- Joshua Aaron GuilloryFind yourself. Don't slip away, do what you can then do even more. Fight for your heart and it will never go wrong.- Jon JweinatSome actions come with wrong impression, some impressions come with wrong actions.- Sunny Godswill akpanI said we are two same poles which would repel. And obviously, we aren't opposite poles. But what if I'm the South or North pole and your the magnetic field around me, the pole?I realized that I was wrong and we both are never separable and indistinguishable. Either you be the pole and I be the magnetic field or the other way round :)- KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANHuman rights violations are the cornerstone of all that is wrong in the world.- J BTrue love doesn't exist, he/she wasn't loyal. No! you just find the wrong person.- Bafferh MohammedGoing after the wrong girl is called having a crush, but running after that same girl is called love- Sanil HuddaThat's why I miss the Lord a lot. if He would've been on this planet.. nature would've never gone wrong.- Arvinder SinghThe lone wolf, I howl at the moon. Hunting for what? What do I need. What's wrong, everyone seems to be scared. Or is it just me?- Isidro CruzTo you, I say this, i'm not wrong i'm the right, I don't think you'll ever find someone like me- Timothy Michael LongThe definition of being arrogant is 'having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities' and if setting my expectations of myself higher than the average man is wrong I can't see why.- Kavyia SpencerI hate being angry and pissed off. I hate when people are pissed off with me and won't tell me why. I hate when someone is pissed off with a close friend and won't grow a pair and tell them what's really wrong. I also hate when you are sitting in your room just calming down from being pissed off earlier, and you hear your parents complain about something else yet again that you have done, and they think you can't hear them complain. Its even worse if you don't know what it is that you have done wrong..- Becky Kirsty ChartersWhy do people cuss? I don't cuss. I think its wrong, follow the lord and he will show you the way.- Satiya JacksonIf there is no love, there is no revenge. If there is no faith, there is no god. If there is no dumb, there is no wisdom. If there is no events, there is no forgiveness. If there is no heart, there is no romance. If there is no prison, there is no freedom. If there is no impatience, there is no patience. If there is no decisions, we know what will happen. If there is no difference, there is no jealousy. If there is no parents, there is no chance of learning love right after you are born. If there is no wrong, there is no right. If there is no sadness, there is no happiness. If there is no failure, there is no goal. If there is no death, there is no life. If there is no war, there is no peace. If there is no lies, there is no truth. If there are no effect, there is no cause. If there is no darkness, there is no light. If there is no imagination, there is no fear. If there is nothing scary, there is no courage. If there's no life, there is no world. If there is one person, just one, miss- Karen KuranIf I don't think I can, then I'm ready to prove myself wrong.- Laura WilmotHave you ever had that feeling when you think he was the one. and you think you are 99.8% sure. But then you are wrong, then you find another boy and this time you are 200% sure. well I found this boy we have everything in common. and he laughs at my jokes and I laugh at his. And he makes me smile that's what I love about him. That he can make me smile and laugh.- Julia ManningI thought I found the right one until such time I wake up only to realize I fooled my ownself.. making myself believed into something that will make me happy but at the end it only kills me inside.. something I believed that could bring me too much joy and happiness only to realized that he just came to break me up, cut my heart into a million pieces, twist my life upside down and to destroy my faith and ruin my future. I never thought I will be able to forgive him, I never thought I will learn to move on and let go, and I never imagine that time will come the pain will subside. I cried a thousand times, felt devastated, lost my sanity a couple of times and choose to end up my life. However, I heard something with in me, an inner voice telling me that life isn't so bad at all, after all their is still a reason to live again, to breath, and to love. I opted to continue my life because I believed that someday I will be able to prove to him that he made a mistake of turning his back, so wrong of leaving- zindy