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A lot of people want success.. very few of them want to do the work! A lot of people want success.. very few of them want to do the work!..

Life Work

Life is short so live like you truly understand this. Life is short so live like you truly understand this...

Life Philosophy

No matter how much you try, you can hardly satisfy every person. Always focus on doing what is No matter how much you try, you can hardly satisfy every person. Always focus on doing what is..

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Like a boat through the ocean currents is a man fighting for his future. Like a boat through the ocean currents is a man fighting for his future...

Life Success Truth

everywhere in the world great people are being born.. ! Everywhere in the world great people are being born.. !..

Philosophy Relationship Success Truth heart break

some rules are too simple.. , but those are the rules to determined who we become.. ! Some rules are too simple.. , but those are the rules to determined who we become.. !..

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Integrity will lighten your path in this dark world. Integrity will lighten your path in this dark world...


No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency. No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency...

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Those who expand the world are those who think differently from the world to form a new thing.. Those who expand the world are those who think differently from the world to form a new thing....

Courage Life Nature Philosophy

The day you think you know everything is the day you die your first of many deaths intellectually. The day you think you know everything is the day you die your first of many deaths intellectually...

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Weakness is when one cannot commit to that what one believes in, when one cannot prove himself to be an exemplar of the principles he stands for. S..
-Bob of Burgundy

Courage action

Don Don't hold yourself back by trying to hold up someone else that isn't willing to do it for..

Change Freedom Leadership Life Truth

Trying Hold Willing
I looked for my savior in the midst of the storm, but now I feel that I have become my own savior. No more running away, no more disguises, now only I..
-Tilantha hansanath

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Time babbles in a freaky way on Sundays ! Time babbles in a freaky way on Sundays !..

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Nobody is born ready made. We have to make ourselves or we remain undone. Nobody is born ready made. We have to make ourselves or we remain undone...

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The future will be different, only if we are different from the past! The future will be different, only if we are different from the past!..

Life Philosophy

In the pursuit of wanting to be liked we lose track of the fact that just by liking ourselves it In the pursuit of wanting to be liked we lose track of the fact that just by liking ourselves it..

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Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD..

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Age does not question beauty. Only man. Age does not question beauty. Only man...

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The way of man is easy, but it is the nature of greed that dictates the road that he travels. The way of man is easy, but it is the nature of greed that dictates the road that he travels...

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This is where our life greatness begins from.. ! This is where our life greatness begins from.. !..

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A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter..

Death Life Love Philosophy Short

' Some bonds, whether they be human, animal, or bird, have an intimacy, and if situation comes to..

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One can learn techniques by looking at others but copying them as it is will cause to lose the amazing and natural talent that is inherent in them.- SAYYED SAMIYLLAHAMinus Negative is always positive- Rupinder SinghConscious leadership is the ability to be in touch with reality for the sake of humanity.- Gift Gugu MonaThe favour of God is upon her. She does not allow any failure to stop her from flourishing. She is a woman of faith.- Gift Gugu MonaSEEK GOD AND HIS WILL WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, SO THAT YOUR TOMORROWS WILL NOT BE FILLED WITH REGRETS OF YESTERDAY.- Matthew HempsteadYou will always learn and grow more from losing versus winning. Winning is the consequence of the fear of losing but fear not, every loss in life only means a win is on the way.- Raul MartinezThrough all of my tears could I have filled the emptiness of the seven seas, but let me not forget that those tears replenished what was once empty.- Raul MartinezWorld changes by the smallest of ideas- Pavan Kumar N RMany people dream of doing the impossible and they aren't even doing the possible.- Kevin B JohnstonIt doesn't matter what you were, it matters what you aspire to be- Daniel

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The only person you can change.. is you!- Lood GoosenDon't feel bad if people remember you only when they need you. Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is only darkness.- The Quoted IrisEvery feat was once unprecedented- Kyle FordLook after your thoughts, they shape your future.- Daniela IsmerioBe relentless in the pursuit of your dreams- Jeff FensterDon't be afraid to be curious. When you ask a question you're either correct or learning- the curious personA fruitful tree was only a meek seed.- mohdmustafa99Success will not lower its standards to accommodate you, rather you raise your standards to achieve it..- Mr vybs liveAlways put your coat on before answering your front door. If you like your visitor tell them you are just in. If you don't like them tell them you are just leaving- Eliza KeatingYour dreams come true when you're brave enough to sacrifice your current reality for the one you imagine living in- Andreh Ammari We should only fall in love with those who are worth waiting for - TMZPoetryTo think you know all the answers means you don't know all the questions- uzoefuna Darlington chimaobiThe most valuable teachers are the ones who left their values to their students.- Norbertus Krisnu PrabowoGetting drunk is a paradox! When people party they feel like royalty at the village pub, but feel like an outcast while kneeling at the porcelain throne?- Dr Travis J HedrickClarity is wisdom's oil. Contemplation is its comb. Compromise is its hairstyler. Composure is its gel. Temperance is its conditioner.- PasitheaTransformation simply means change, what matters most is not what you change but what you change into- Phineas SebolaSome roads lead to a dead end, others to an endless path. Both of them are precious. One teaches us when to stop, the other when to be unstoppable..- Raquel DevesaEveryone wants happiness not pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain - zachary angstNever let someone else's wind flicker your spark.- Akshay MahajanREADINESS IS MY BIRTHRIGHT- KRISHNAMURTYEach path goes somewhere, choose your destination- Ritesh RanjanEveryone deserves a long lived satisfaction and not just the desire of a short lived celebration- Wavamuno Shem MukasaBe not who you ought to be, be who you wish to be.- Mayra C. AlvarezThe path of least resistance is often appealing but is rarely, if ever, satisfying- Erik TroenIt's not the story that's inspiring, It's the inspiration that writes the story- Jessica DillonThere are no borders outside of the ones that we create.- Brandon KellumEverything seems more beautiful if you're in love.- Bizz LamichhaneWhat of your superior intellect if you can't shine it's rays upon mankind?- Henri HaapanenHelp only those who can utilize your help to help themselves.- mohdmustafa99I'd rather be a soldier in a victorious war, than a general in a losing battle- Edmond H SweidyYou cannot control the way people feel or what they think about you, what matters the most is how you feel and what you know about yourself- Amzard LinxI'm successful because I'm too stupid to know I may fail.- Scott HarperAn idea without a plan is nothing more than a dream- Steven A. BoardOnly we can decide to allow the disappointments in our lives to rule us. We can either rise above it and keep moving forward to become the best we possibly can be or we will stagnate refusing to grow past it. The choice is always up to us.- Lisa Ebersole DempseyTrue leaders are never fully appreciated until their followers have made it to their destination successfully!- Joseph SkinnerThere is nothing more satisfying than freedom from self-imposed limitations earned through self-effort- Lokesh giriNo matter how much one has, there will always be something missing which can only be fulfilled by giving not taking.- Lokesh giriWinning and Losing are just perspectives, they can even be the same things- Josh DarosaI do not wish to follow the majority; the resources are scarce that way.- Paul PeshkovThe greatest moment to be happy is today, tommorrow we have it by hope.- Brayne MatshotshiRespect a fool to avoid noise- Brayne MatshotshiThough hard work pays in future it pays satisfactorily, though laziness pays off now it's never enough.- Lokesh giriYou are part of the system. If it doesn't serve you right, it serves you right!- John AdebisiThrive by giving! The more we give the more we receive and we have more to give that we think!- Adrian McGinnGreet the day! Do not judge the day, it has not happened yet!- Adrian McGinnWe may be imperfect and impermanent but we can be impeccable and impactful!- Adrian McGinnServing life with dignity, decency, dedication, and discernment is being true to life!- Adrian McGinnThe power of an unbroken chain created by daily persistence can be infinite- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMYour family needs you more than your boss does. Find the balance!- Sibel TerhaarAn unexpected act of kindness is the best. Surprise them!- Sibel TerhaarYou should not wait for better days to come; they are already here. Life is all about attitude, remember that!- Sibel TerhaarGOD does not care about the color of your skin or what job you do, he cares about your heart. So do I!- Sibel TerhaarStay away from people who let you down, they will do it again.- Sibel TerhaarPrivacy brings peace and security but broadcasting everything brings jealousy and envy. Choose your path wisely.- Sibel TerhaarLet tears flow. They wash away your sorrow.- Syed BadiuzzamanLife is a mystery, happiness and positivity are the clues- Kabir Khivan SinghPoverty is always a guest in the house of a sluggard- Vusi Mxolisi ZithaOnly you can be the best 'you' there can ever be.- D.R. MeersSuccess is a measure decided by others, Satisfaction is a measure decided by yourself.- Nazra NishatMinor setbacks are part of the walk in life. Just like walking, one foot moves forward while the other remains behind but the movement is always forward.- Raul MartinezA Wave will always remain a Wave unless it Realizes it is the Ocean!- AiRThink hard, not dark- fahd shaykhLead with integrity, honesty and humility- Rev. Patrick EllapenChange doesn't happen, till You Change- Mark A GardnerDon't judge yourself of yesterday based on the knowledge you have today.- Jared BallHow you say something is more important than what you say..- Rajiv JainIn the Movement of Life comes the Energy of Wisdom; It is the 'Awareness' of Action that benefits the Soul; Balance is the blending of Dark and Light. Live in balance and do not worry for your future.- Mark A GardnerI cannot give flu if I don't have the flu. Same with LOVE and RESPECT and ANYTHING. YOU cannot give something YOU do not have.- TheigasenLove is not easy nor is it difficult. It is just YOU in a state of TRUTH- TheigasenYou really have to start before you start.- Uche Onyinyechi RichardYou starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline.- Mac McGovernI may or may never sit in to the shadows of tress I planted now, but my legacy will live forever- Jessie MoriHappy life is a myth only struggle is the truth.- Nikhil Prakash WanjareThe only way to know someone's true potential is to give them a chance.- Kaitlyn AndersonYou can ALWAYS change the way you think about things. You can't always change everything, but the way we perceive it might bring a whole new kind of change- Lood GoosenIt is our job to make decisions and take actions. Only time will tell if we chose and acted wisely.- Shan Ali NaqviThere's no accolade for laziness, awards are for those who work hard on merit..- success songGive me the swaggering braggart, the fierce warrior, the lone wolf with a fearsome bite. I want to run with those who know that success is not something you reach; it is something you demand.- Kevin B JohnstonDon't let life's circumstances define who you are, but something you overcame!- Ruby Rachelle HardeeNot being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection.- Tahir DanishOnly someone great can see your greatness.- Tahir DanishEducation is the escape route from poverty.- Howard HannifordYou can keep on judging and condescending while I keep moving forward- Liz KassimBesides God, there would be no life without a woman.- Marie Yolande PierreThere is no excuse in America for anyone to tolerate mediocrity as a life reality.- Rodney PierreIf you suffer from FRUSTRATION, focus on the HERE and NOW. Stop worrying about a failure from your past.- The Quoted IrisYou should be the editor of your life-book.- Neha S PariharLife is larger for the ones who are capable of 'giving' compared to the ones who 'expect'- Dr Sanjeev TrivediDon't spend your days comparing your life to others. Be too busy focused on all the dreams, visions, concepts, ideas, and positive things that you are manifesting in your own life.- Germany KentFocus on being the best person you can be, even if it means disassociating yourself with certain people, fake friends, social media, bad habits, or unhealthy environments.- Germany KentA healthy mind leads to a beautiful life.- Germany KentYou are only limited by your philosophies.- Germany KentConflict is inevitable, but the propensity to engage in provocative ways is best defeated by acknowledging that disharmony benefits no one.- Wayne ChirisaA grateful heart is a graceful heart- Jennifer PerssonThe way in which we perceive things, determines our intellectual ability to identify opportunities.- Wayne ChirisaIf reality is the mirror of our essence, we better start smiling at it.- Daniela IsmerioThose who try to impress everyone, usually end up impressing no one- the curious personI don't play golf for second place, I either win or gain experience- Lyle Roche PedroLife is what you make it. Your imagination is the only thing that will place you at a better stage or otherwise.- Previledge Tafadzwa MakazaWisdom is not to deal with matters you know, but with new matters that you haven't experienced before.- mohdmustafa99Stop living up to others' expectations, and be yourself. Only you know who you are or want to be- Rev Ernie UrbanOnce you become aware, it is impossible to return to an unaware state of mind.- Ana WhiteInstead of posting beauty through our pics.. we should take the time to post beauty through our words- SLESHEIA NEALOne voice can make a huge difference- Sunday OkorieLife is being Flexibly, adjust with what you are having at the moment.- Malik Ahsan AliA true leader must not always finish first, but to see everyone else finish.- Allen LazarIn order for me to find true happiness, I must stop trying to make everyone else happy.- Allen LazarSometimes, the best thing you can do for someone is care. Care enough to be there. Care enough to speak when needed and be silent when not. Care enough to, for a moment take some of their pain and toss it far, far away.- Rose ImaBe a Hopes Day prepper, Look for the Updraft not the downdraft- Nancy Joan Jenkins EspeLife is all about enduring bad and delivering good - Malik Ahsan AliDo not complain of being at the bottom, rise up. There is always room at the top.- Juned MohammedPerhaps the most dangerous thing about 'X' is people conclude about it without knowing enough.- Nischal Lal Shrestha The principles that shape our virtues as a society define the collective social richness of those that are committed to live by their virtues - Wayne Chirisa Never give up on someone who is having a bad day. Tomorrow could be yours - TMZPoetry Even the greatest showman alive could not reveal the trick behind the magic of her eyes - TMZPoetry It's strange to see people running after knowledge, disregarding that he himself is the source of knowledge. There will be nothing left to know, if you know your SELF - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRA person who lives their life righteously and without any misdeeds has nothing to hide - SunofYah913Mistakes are meant to be made, however making the same mistakes over and over again is a sign of a stagnant mind- SunofYah913The best type of judge is one's self, because this type of judgement comes without any prejudice, hatred, or unfairness.- SunofYah913You are special, one of a kind. Let go of comparisons. Celebrate your uniqueness.- RoopleenBlind is the man who thinks he knows it all. Blinder is the man who follows after this man blindly.- Dr Travis J HedrickChange is inevitable. What is also inevitable is failure for those who refuse to change.- Dr Travis J HedrickGreat customer service is as universal as love, Everyone wants it, and everyone knows when they are not getting it- Mike B PiazzaBLOOD: Blood is the most precious; it is only meant to share but not to shed- KRISHNAMURTYDREAMS: Dreams create hope, Hope makes determination, Determination makes strategy, Strategy forces for hard work, Hard work ultimately achieves the goal- KRISHNAMURTYIt pays to be obedient, you pay if you don't.- KRISHNAMURTYFake friends are no different than real enemies.- G SwissNever allow fake love & fake support to become a road block to your success- G SwissComfort and Learning are antonyms, your learning starts at the end of your comfort zone- Ritesh RanjanYou must be able to stand up to the devil inside of you and say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' for positive change to take preeminence- NDI DEREK GIYOHDoing what is GOOD is not as good as doing what is RIGHT..- Atayero Rotimi JohnsonRELIGION: Religion is created to reform lives, not to take revenge with one another- KRISHNAMURTYLEARNING: Learning is a continuous journey, not the destination- KRISHNAMURTYThe worldly elite moves pawns kings and bishops. When Jesus Christ returns, CHECKMATE!- Hugh Cahoon wear clothes to cover yourself not to color yourself- AijazLife is more beautiful when beautiful friends are around you.- Bizz LamichhaneFollow love when it calls, for it is God in every instance.- TheophilusBeing beautiful on the outside, is no excuse for being ugly on the inside.- Amelia GoodeNever be a Robot. Think for Yourself.- Amelia GoodeEmbrace your vision, so that you will have the power to conquer the impossible.- Howard HannifordSometimes when people don't stand up to your expectations, You have to fall down to their limits.- Fareena aliyaHow much do I have to give to realize what I have?- Brandon KellumSuccess starts in the womb and ends in the tomb.- Robert Dalton AdamsTHE GAP: Closed-Mindedness can create it, Narrow-Mindedness can widen it, Open-Mindedness can close it, Like-Mindedness.. Will Bridge It!- Johnny JR RemickIf you have wisdom, you will be able to reign in every area of your life.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaIt is very easy for one to manipulate the law, but impossible for him/her to escape from his/her conscience.- Tangwa Livinus AchaStars play their games, you play yours :)- Devesh Aviral DevraniIt is no matter to be an optimist or a pessimist. Importantly, it is to be 'adaptist'.- mohdmustafa99A female is the passage of entry for a soul into existence. She forms one of the closest links between the transcendental plane and Earth.- Dr Nirvadha SinghYour thoughts are like spiderwebs, the Point you start might not be the end Point but the most important point is where catches the Fly.- Stanley Kelechi OnwuemeneAn insane one, as well as the thinker, speaks silently with others , and loudly to oneself.- mohdmustafa99Because words have deep meaning, Tweets have power.- Germany KentNobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy, and make the most of where you are.- Germany KentTwitter is a vessel that we can use to share positivity to others through our timeline one tweet at a time.- Germany KentSay something worthwhile and people will listen.- Germany KentLet your ideas be the measure of your intelligence and not your remembrance of a textbook.- Chasare AllenChange , one of the most fearful aspects. Of human existence, yet the greatest. Most profound. Means of growth.- Helen CovingtonThe basic is to make a point about the fact that social media should be handled as 'main part of the business' and not a 'nice to have' communication channel. That theory died along with the Isdn. - Spiros Arvanitis, Greek Internet visionist- lexmarkDo not look for happiness, you will never find it. Happiness is a state of mind, and is not dependent on external factors, such as relationships and/or parties.- Inna ShirokovaSometimes you have to lose in order to win' 'A veces se tiene que perder para poder lograr ganar- Gerardo OrtizYou get to make choices about what you are going to do in this world. Your choices create your path.- El Haji NeroFailure is just a failure unless you fight it back and turn it into a huge victory.- Dalal YousifDiscover your significance, develop your skills and success will find you- Dennis James Deegan CTMAfter every winding road, a straight road ahead- Abeer Al Jammal Know That Virtually Every Decision That You Make In A Heightened Emotional State Will Not Be A Wise Decision- Donald Lynn frostPassion.. the driving force that morphs itself into all kinds of power- Josh Darosa If you are sincere, don't ever try to prove it. Just be sincere - Najam AzizIt is not until we are on the edge of losing control do we find out what we are made of- Kevin R WoodardOur ancestors are untraceable, the line goes too far back, thousands of failed civilizations all ripped apart by greed. There are no leaders, only guides, none which have found the right direction. It is time to work together as a collective and not as individuals, after all, we are all related. FACT!- Twenty TwelveIf religion is an illness, education is the cure.- Jesse HayesWe're all reflections of what we want to see in our own world.- Jesse HayesIn order to gain true understanding of things, one must start with themselves.- Gerald AbadPower is God giving us the pencil of faith, and letting us edit our script of life- Kevin gerimetLife and success is an immortal race, there is no finish line- Austin Tyrell HaynesIf you are not destined for greatness then life is easy..- Sidney WatkinsIt's never the right time to do the wrong thing.- Bill GibbsHaving a good heart is all you need because in the end, it's the only thing that will save you.- Meagan Lynn GervaisYou know you have accomplished something in life, when you leave memories for someone else.- Loretta AveryWhen you reach out for God's hand, you will never walk alone..- Sheila Jene DavisOnly your tongue can cross an overflowing river, but you can't- Lisemelo ThakalekoalaBelieve we can and we relieve ourselves of the greatest obstacle!- Adrian McGinnDo not let our pride stop us from consistently telling those whom are proud of exactly this!- Adrian McGinnNone of us is a better or worse human being than anyone else, if so it is our mind playing tricks on us!- Adrian McGinnBe our beautiful butterfly, leave the past, rise to the occasion, and embellish life!- Adrian McGinnOnly people who really love you can hate you for a small thing you do unintentionally.- Marie Yolande PierreI stopped expecting things from people who have nothing for themselves.- Marie Yolande PierreYou can't expect anything from someone who has nothing to give.- Marie Yolande PierreHuman thinking creates the virtual barrier between possible and impossible.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMBeyond the boundary of possible lies impossible. Remove the boundary and you convert impossible to possible.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMEmotions can make you or break you.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMPersistence is performance irrespective of your feelings.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMDon't give up on your dreams. Keep dreaming, Keep believing, Keep trying- Joshua MuasaConsistency over time increases the gap, competition cannot close. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMThe world makes no sense to a non sensical person and a non sensical person can only see nonsense in sense and can only make nonsense out of sense.- SundareshEmbrace persistence, for it will pay great dividends- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMThe world makes sense to a truly sensible person and a sensible person can see sense even in nonsense, and can make sense even out of nonsense.- SundareshUse your mind-power for your dream-power- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMMagnified thinking augments resistance, minimizes performance.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMKindness has massive power, only smart people get it. Think about it.- Sibel TerhaarI don't believe in revenge; I forgive and heal quietly. But I never let the same person fool me again.- Sibel TerhaarPrivacy brings peace and security but broadcasting everything brings jealousy and envy. Choose your path wisely.- Sibel TerhaarDeath is a physical loss but a spiritual gain- Kabir Khivan SinghDeath is a physical loss but a spiritual gain- Kabir Khivan SinghDiscipline breaks the chains of limitations and liberates you to your freedom.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMMagnetize your thoughts by repetition and attract whatever you want into your life.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMDon't blame the God for your actions and consequences.- Syed BadiuzzamanGod is the best listener. Even a totally silent prayer is clearly audible to Him.- Syed BadiuzzamanTears are prayers and they are answered.- Syed BadiuzzamanChoose your friends and life wisely. It may build up or pull you down gently.- asokhaWe are not the Bodies that we Wear. We are the ones that Wear the Body.- AiRThe person with high level of stupidity is considered the most intelligent in a company of fools- Vusi Mxolisi ZithaIgnorance is Believing that Silence is Nothing. Wisdom is Knowing that silence is Everything !- AiRI flew because I imagined success, you fell because you imagined failure- Albara almerfYou can be the bright light to someone's darkness.- Liam KauffmanDon't run after a person who doesn't respect you and love you. If so it may be most harmful for you.- Karma c lodoeWho stops us from Realizing God? Our Mind is the Enemy. It hides from us, Our Lord !- AiRDoing just one good thing a day or week or even month continually may make you a better person.- Syed BadiuzzamanAccepting responsibility for our problems is the first step to solving them.- Tadu chadaMusic is the polyphony of heaven and earth, while rituals are the gauge of the celestial city and globe. By way of harmony, all things are made recognized !- Vivek SahneyMusic is a heavenly way to perform a ritual , to prayer or offering to the Supreme being , to express gratitude for a particularly fine day, or give back on one that had more tests !- Vivek SahneyBetter to create rather than to execute the given- Ritik kapoorIntegrity is not defined by how you perceive yourself to be, but rather by your moral actions.- Wayne ChirisaUnderappreciation slows down the creativity- Suraj Bhaskar GholapMy Ego is only my Identity. My Ego is not 'Me'. Because I live in Ignorance, who 'I' truly am, I cannot see.- AiRJust blindfold your eyes , listen to your favourite music of different genres – you will feel different, taste different, smell different and picturize different as well !- Vivek SahneySOME ATTITUDES YOU CAN'T FIX LIKE FLAT TIRES; ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU NEED AN ENTIRE FRONT END ALIGNMENT!- Lashawnda BourrageYou are an extension of others. To LOVE or despise is a choice you make for either to be greater.- TheigasenWe are the reflection of what we see in others. If you want better others become a better YOU.- TheigasenYou finally realized that life is not too long to be happy.- tinaBeautiful is a word that you use to describe yourself. But beautiful is what you are inside and out.- tinaYou do not need INSPIRATION to open a business; you'll need MONEY.- Berny CG'Not every sketch needs to be colored in order to be beautiful- TMZPoetryAI is a paradigm shift. Hope we embrace it vs on the mercy of others. It is automation raise to the power infinity and much more..- Sandeep AggarwalIt Burns like Hell, but then I stole the fire. Now it's Lit. ~Attitude Matters!- Kentren R YehIt's not color or religion that separates mankind, its riches.- Raymond JackmanAlcoholism, the pariah feeding on the collapse of self-control befuddling the brain's sensibility; transforming intelligence into ridicule.- Mac McGovernYou are who you are, you cannot change what fate has made unique; you must first love you.- Mac McGovernPeople who affront that of which they know nothing, are unqualified to attempt an opinion on that subject.- Mac McGovernIt matters not why you write, how you write, or, when you write, because, no matter what you write, someone will love it.- Mac McGovernLies of deception, targeted to deceive through the indoctrination of masses, are the hallmark of compliance.- Mac McGovernIf, I can assist one stupid person make a common sense decision, I have attained greatness.- Mac McGovernPrejudice learned now encapsulates willing souls.. until only hate survives.- Mac McGovernLook around you, there is a wall covering you and protecting you from life, the damages of the outside world, thus to truly grasp the reality of the world you live in you must break down that wall not at once , but a little piece everyday, so you can see how you grew and how much you still can achieve- LarissaAlthough the past fades away, you never escape its grasp in you, it forms your path and follows you throughout life- LarissaYou are Born with a Name, But you Need to Create a Name. Who You are is more important Than Who You Were.- Ritesh RanjanNot to have problem at all, is like being brain dead- Dr Sanjeev TrivediHabits when truly inculcated, flow in the blood.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediNothing is impossible, You just have to discover it.- Mariam Paul ObiozoDo not underestimate your abilities at all. Your inner lighting can illuminate the whole world.- Prof Salam Al ShereidaThere's no such a thing as impossible dreams, neither is dreaming the impossible. All are just dreams, and they are as possible as you dream them to be.- Lucas TverdsMark your plans in number system and not alphabets. You'll have more alternatives then.- Ritesh RanjanThere's something about a woman with a loud mind that sits in silence, smiling, knowing she can crush you with the truth.- Aurora CoulangeIf your life is filled with darkness, just go somewhere there is light. The darkness will slowly fade away.- Allen LazarSometimes the truth hurts. If you don't like it, then change it.- Kaitlyn AndersonInsane speaks whereas intellectual presumes- Muhammad Shahid IqbalBe the one who creates opportunities, instead of being an opportunist.- Muhammad Shahid IqbalHave your own light discovered. No one else can hold a torch for you for life.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediIf you have dreams, don't keep excuses, if you have excuses, forget about the dreams.- Tahir DanishYou only hurt when I'm gone. I was hurting the whole time I was there. The truth is I'm still Feeling the pain. But I know one day I'll be OK.- Marie Yolande PierreYou should know things to know you do not know things because if you do not know things you will never know if you do not know things.- ameya agrawalMy enemies should keep up, cause I keep on stacking, got no problem cause I will keep on going.- Mariam Paul ObiozoIf a pencil, that can be erased, represents a contemplative tool in Art, (like a thought or an opinion that can be changed), a pen is like a spoken word, (once used/spoken, it leaves a permanent mark) it can't be unsaid.- Robert ZunicGod gives you either comfort or peace. Many a times the choice is yours!- the scribeHappiness is with people who are willing, ready to work with you, not with people that waste your time achieving nothing.- Mariam Paul ObiozoIf who you are inconveniences your people, Then they are not your people. If who you are inconveniences your partner then that's not your partner. If who you are inconveniences your family then that's not your family. If who you are is celebrated by people, then you have found your people- Tina Fransman-SellWhat you see is never what it is- Lilian Djamila SilvaPatience Helps you Complete a Job, Impatience Makes you Start it. Both are Important.- Ritesh RanjanIf you really want to fall in love with the most promising person then fall in love with yourself and experience it.- swati somalDevelop positive from negative and prove yourself- swati somalWhenever you found yourself around problematic people, don't get disturbed.. have patience, back to your roots and say to yourself.. 'NO, I won't give up, I will stand and fight for me.. I will raise my words and take my step against violence.. i will spread my words to encourage'- swati somalThe worse the winter the better the spring.- Leanne TarrabOur generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren't created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can't do.- Ashi SinghWhat are you doing to make things happen for you? Have you heard of purpose? Your gift! What's your value?.. Well, whatever it is, that's your thing. Now take action.- Marie Yolande PierreHow is a Black person supposed to behave Like a typical village person? Wake up, we are in the 21st century. Get updated and act educated. The day of categorizing black people as low level thinking villagers and barbaric, mud house living people are over.- Mariam Paul ObiozoDespite my 20 years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a Women want? But at 21, I came to know Women are made to be loved, not understood.- Mujtuba HussainCeaseless awareness on your 'I' consciousness is all you need.- FEROZ KHAN LAMIRWhatever skill, talent you have in any field, the real joy begins once you start sharing and mold others as you are !- FEROZ KHAN LAMIRI'm not you.. Your not me.. Ever wonder why?- Me, Myself & I - GTI can't be friends with jealous people. They will take you nowhere- Mariam Paul ObiozoIt's an everyday wish list, until you actually do it to make it your everyday life experience.- Wayne ChirisaOppression only lasts for a season. Change the way you fight and the way you think, so that you are able to break free and walk out of the situation. Correct it and get it right. Do what it takes to win.- Germany KentThe bird that sings Christmas songs during December is always there throughout the year just that it sings differently and it does not make a mistake- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusGoing through your man's phone is like peeling an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you are going to start crying at inappropriate times.- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusLife is like a gamble, You WIN, you LOSE, It depends on how you play the game- DsistersdiariesThe degree to which you value the currency in your possession; is a reflection of your daily potential good or bad investment choices.- Wayne ChirisaIf you want to get success in life Simple rules Follow universal facts and keep learning from them.- Tadu chadaNothing in this world is for free You have to give something to get something.- Tadu chadaDon't wait just create- Tadu chadaYou fall, it is normal; but it is failure if you do not get up and try again.- Bashar H. MalkawiI have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try and impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good. If they don't, it is their loss- Mr vybs liveWorld allows to commit crimes today, to judge tomorrow in the name of justice.- Halil XhafaTo say you want to make a fresh start, but reacting under the weight of past baggage and experience is the wrong thing to do, and a sure failure to the start. You have to let go of the past and treat each episode there on as a new experience, and respond like it were new.- Sapna Dhandh SharmaYou create your own luck. God just gives you the thumbs up. But if it gets late, don't wait for it.- Abhaas AggarwalWhen life lifts you high, beware, for you need to choose between the booming rocket that finally crumbles down, or the slow growing mountain, that gradually touches the sky- the curious personPeople always targeted your Spirituality, but not themselves, why? because they don't have time to evaluate themselves- Anand gillTo criticize oneself is approval.- mohdmustafa99Old Latin quotes also fit in our contemporary life. Therefore, the quote you write today may last for two thousand years and even more- mohdmustafa99I'm not the same as I was when I wasn't me.- The Quoted IrisLord, though this be a madness in my brain; what then, resides in my soul?- The Quoted IrisYou are the Inventor of your imagination. Your own thoughts will lift you or break you. You choose! Think it, Imagine it, Dream it, Believe it, Live it, Receive it!- Mar TorosianWhen people bullshit you, just smile. Why? Because your worth is something they can't handle. Bullshitting them back will only reduce your worth and make you like them. Be wise!- Biglyf writes Leaders are like coaches managing teams for a period of time- Tijani Kehinde JohnIf your fear is whether or not anyone wants you, you should conquer that fear, if you don't, you'll start to hurt yourself more than the pain of those who've left you.- Ely PickettFake friends make you know the value of good friends because fake friends are of little or no values while good friends are jewels of inestimable values- Segun RasakiThose Who Don't Care Are The Ones Who Need Care The Most!- Meshack SewePositive Change, Growth, and Transformation in Your Identity in Goodness and Love, allow the arms of Flawless, Faultless Goodness to Expand throughout Existence; Tenderness and Completeness to Reign into Eternity.- Amelia GoodeGoodness is the Core, Origin, and Foundation of Love.- Amelia GoodeIf you were to crack open LOVE as you would an egg, absolute, unblemished Goodness would pour out of it.- Amelia GoodeIt's not what it is, it's what you make it.- Jonathan XuJust remember you're born alone. you die alone, your heart beats on its own. You don't require anyone but yourself and your mind.- RexLife is like one long race, except it is the last place that wins- JOSIAH PFriends are like degrees, the true ones are 360, you cannot expect 360 degrees loyalty from 45 degree friends.- George O SmithNothing is permanent, Life gets better- Hailey Nicole VanArsdale As I grow older, depression tries to seep into every part of my life. I keep moving. I let it try to find me and when it does.. I give it a swift kick in the you-know-what.. and I move to another place.- Ms P Quotes Would you be ready to accept, if somebody reminds you in your dream that you are dreaming?. Indeed you will not, you feel so real then. So is this life. Only the death can wake them up one day those who cannot recognize this and there's no death for those wise men, who knew this truth - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRMaturity is not the ability to think positively, but to attain the state of thoughtlessness. The moment you 'think' whether positive or negative, you miss the presence of God conscious in you- FEROZ KHAN LAMIRHard Work & smart work, must be in the ratio of 55 : 45 for Success.- Nishant ShekhawatThere are three common types of care; careful, carefree and careless. Of these three types the safe, safer and safest of them is careful. Be careful in order to live long in good health.- Segun RasakiMoney can change how you look on the outside, but it can't change who you are on the inside - SunofYah913I've always wanted to save lives. If I can't do it as originally planned medically then I will find another way to do it.- Roxanne SilvaLearn to run your life using good life experiences from other people to avoid you ruining your life and presenting bad examples of how not to run a life.- Segun RasakiInspiration is the mother of invention and the force behind and within these two is the spirit of the most high God.- Segun RasakiA Tough Journey Produces Great Results When Positive Mindset Is In place.- Samuel Okonji AKA Mc BobbyPeople will only reach as high as the standard is set. It is the leader's duty to set the standard high, but then to come behind them to help them reach that standard. This is true motivation and true leadership!- Dr Travis J HedrickWithout wisdom there is no understanding. Without understanding there is no knowledge.- Robtrice SimmonsTo be a good leader is to be a good follower, because in the assembly of leaders someone has to lead the pack.- Segun RasakiNever be afraid of who you are. The nature of who you are is immensely more Grand than even the opposition of fear.- Amelia GoodeEveryone wants happiness not pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain- zachary angstBe firm on the ground and aim for the sky- Suyog PotdarEverything happens for a reason. Wait on God and trust in Him. He wants the best for us. He wants to take us from glory to glory, and from victory to victory.- Germany KentYou can do anything you set your mind to.- Nick LacosteNever look for a relation to overcome your loneliness or weakness. Look for a true companionship where you enjoy the moments ONLY- Muhammad Shahwan TariqStarting off as an idea in the conscious of two sets of cumulative energy. Focus is drawn into one moment that will move forward in a direction determined by choices. Setting off on this profound journey called life an eternal path is created.- Chad R KerstEarn a repute, Learn to respect it- Ritesh RanjanREFLECTION: At every moment you are nothing but the true reflection of your own awareness- KRISHNAMURTYYOUR FUTURE: Your decision makes your future Your mind decides your decision, Ultimately it is your awareness which guides your mind- KRISHNAMURTYONLY AWARENESS, Your total success in each and every field is directly proportional to your quantum of awareness- KRISHNAMURTYAwareness is one's invisible miraculous brain's softwear- KRISHNAMURTYFocus is a catalyst for reality - Mabrig KorieRather than wondering about the roads not taken, believe that the one you chose is the best- Anik JhaWe seem to fight for our survival in society that we close off our vulnerable side to maintain our perceived credibility by creating a barrier between ourselves and the rest of the world only sharing our real complete selves to a very select few- Edmond H SweidyA person cannot 'act, communicate or respond' above where they are.- Marian E CurrieYour degree of peace of mind is directly proportionate to your quantum of outlook- KRISHNAMURTYBe a sanctuary and grow an island garden.- Brody SevereIf you are born cruel, that is not your mistake; due to ignorance if you die cruel, that is definitely your mistake- KRISHNAMURTYAlways be yourself. No matter what anyone says. It's the little things that make you who you are. Your passions, beliefs, and personality make you, you. It doesn't matter what life brings never lose yourself for anyone.- Hannah G. GreerYou are empowered to refuse negativity into your life. It ONLY enters by YOUR permission.- A IqraIntellect is the best weaponry- M A Gaffar ProdeepI am thankful to the nay sayers for without them I would not hold my head so high with pride.- chris quillingPeople who've got IT, can only give IT, to people who get IT- Johnnie Williams IIILick your words before they lick your courtesy.- mohdmustafa99You must first define what you want in life; then work hard to achieve it at any cost- JOB LAZARUS OKELLOIf you think I am a freak, weird, and abnormal.. then I am doing my job well!- Amelia GoodeOur imperfections are what make us REAL.- Amelia GoodeAnyone can be a writer, but it takes talent to keep an audience.- Krystle Nicole Martin NeaWe live constantly barraged by tests and curve balls is refreshing to see life simply. A plain white canvas upon which you can create absolutely anything you perceive.- Robert BakerNo one was born to be poor, but we all are born to be rich. Yes we all are born with brains and talents- Sipho P NkosiI see this world in a different way, because I am a photographer.- Bizz LamichhaneIt doesn't fit a forester to cut the tree down.- mohdmustafa99Living is not about seeing, . It's about being. Silence and acceptance can give the answers we seek. With our mouths and eyes wide open all we seem to catch at time is the dirt gathered up by others.- Darren GiardelliEvery country has beauty.. but it's the people that make it beautiful!- Michael LynchThe lion rules his house The tiger rules the kingdom- Benyamin FarkasIf you think money is an obstacle, that shows that you still lack wisdom.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaIf you want to be successful in any area of life, you have to work on developing your soul.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaIf a person has wisdom, then he will also have the anointing. But sometimes a person with the anointing may not have much wisdom- Pastor Sunday AdelajaIf you don't walk according to the Word of God, then you are on the way that leads to self destruction.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaWisdom justifies a person in the face of any opposition.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaUnderstanding a child's world and mind, is when you realize that everything makes sense in life. You learn, you live, you enjoy and you never get tired of getting surprised by what surrounds you..- Juan Habib Bendeck SotoTolerance is not only acceptance, but celebration, of others' differences.- Emme Gerund In the depths of myself I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible hope, A dream so big, that I myself can not see it. Etched into my skin, like a strand of DNA, a soul part of myself. Personal. With nothing but myself to believe in, but that moment. Standing on a windswept ridge. Or hanging by the last of my skin on a sun drenched crag, in a place where nothing works. But everything is found.- Joshua GuyerActions are well said than words themselves.- Sadiea AkbarBeauty is when the soul remembers what the mind has forgot, and without such beauty my mind cannot rest.- Ralph HarlowQuotes are a way to express myself in ways I couldn't fathom possible.- Raygan Tinea WoodwardI don't always have the best situation, but I make the best out of every situation.- Inna ShirokovaThe problem with books is that I love to read them, but not many of them are original. That's why I write-to bring my visions to life.- Jadyne FarrowEvery single human being is selfish. May he/she want it or not. We eat meat, made of animals, just to survive, not thinking about the death of our food. That's selfish thinking, don't you think? And don't start about vegetarians, they eat plants that are just as equal as animals. So don't go around saying you aren't selfish. Everyone is.- KingKing3Not everyone is living the kind of life you want to emulate. You also do not need to impose your own criteria for successful living on others. They might have different priorities that don't necessary match your own.- El Haji NeroLife is short, we must go after what we ultimately want - with greed, and without shame.- Inna ShirokovaThose who rebel and don't follow the rules will fail and end up working a small job. Those who follow the rules are the ideal, mainstream person will end up being the employers of those who rebel, which is a great achievement. And those who follow the rules but think outside the box, who are thought to be weird, will change the world.- Ivy BYou lose trust after several disappointments. When you accept those disappointments as a way of life, a strange calmness sets in. This calmness is dangerous, and is the onset of problems- Sapna Dhandh SharmaLive for today with your eyes on the future.- Thomas Flajnik antichimerapodalAccording to Pythagoras, there are 3 kinds of people: the lover of pleasure, the lover of success and the lover of wisdom. But I say this, you must first find pleasure on the road to success and when you become successful, you will be surely wise. Wisdom is accumulated through experience and each perspective of each individual. Success is the crowning glory of wisdom itself. Pleasure is gained through success; nonetheless, one must choose first his choice on the road of life.- La Nostra De La Terra y CieloPhotography is a passion, which if once is awake, it never falls asleep.- Morpho PyrrouThe chains may hold you down and they may even hurt your soul forever, but they can never hurt what you stood up for- Josh DarosaWisdom starts not when you try, it starts when you accept trying- Josh DarosaThese that are disabled, are disabled from giving up- Josh DarosaThere are shortcuts in life but not hard work- Josh DarosaIn general, there are no bad experiences. For all experience have value in the quest for wisdom.- TheophilusNever look back.. remember with a smile. Look forward with a grin.. somethings just aren't supposed to be.- Ruth DunneYou do not have to be known to be good- regs zuse Sometimes love and life will knock you down but you gotta get back up rather than sit there all your life wondering what it would have been like if you got up and took risks, loved again, and got hurt but still lived.- Samantha BunnI point out my flaws not because I hate them, but because I accept them.- Baely Gabrielle AskinsI can open my eyes to something I've seen everyday and see something I've never seen in it before. It's a new perspective; a new meaning.. and it's beautiful- Regan HowardLearning isn't always about being right. When mistakes are made, don't feel down, look at what's left, correct it, and stand up a better person- Brian SeahLife and Death are two dimensions of something so big that the human brain and science would never be able to define it.- Dhruva MathurMaking a difference is not about being a big hero. It is about lending a helping hand to those in need, lifting someone's spirit to those who feel down, giving hope to those in despair, putting a smile to those in tears and for just being there in times of need.- lulu topacioWhen God asks me 'What have you done with the life I gave to you?', I don't want my answer to be 'I spent it all chasing Silver and Gold. ' - Feneau DemesminEveryone gets nervous when they watch the ticking clock, because that is the time gone from the time reaching your dreams- Karen KuranSometimes in life one needs time to find himself, to once again be reunited with the reality again.- nervisToday I woke up, often the most simplistic of tasks are the most important.- Jesse HayesIt's my opinion that the human race's inherent tendency to fear the unknown, can be held accountable for much of what's wrong with the world. Perhaps it's time to embrace the unknown, so that we may begin taking steps towards understanding it. To do so, is the only means we have of ever seeing our future differ from our past.- Jesse HayesI know what I know & I know what I don't know!- Maria Turner-HeuerSmile because you can, Laugh because it makes you feel good! Think positive because things will get better- Gabby RamosPeople who make big in life are those who actually recognize their talents on right time.- Sohaib Ali BabarBe the water not the glacier!- antonio miltonLife is an undulating sine wave; that starts at zero, goes through peaks and troughs and eventually ends back at zero.- Saad ShakeelValue the food you eat, more than the money you spend!- Bipin Kumar G JMoney is not the only means to help the needy.- Bipin Kumar G J