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Avoid engaging in conflicts that do not concern you. Avoid engaging in conflicts that do not concern you...

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Life is short so live like you truly understand this. Life is short so live like you truly understand this...

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No matter how much you try, you can hardly satisfy every person. Always focus on doing what is No matter how much you try, you can hardly satisfy every person. Always focus on doing what is..

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A woman of faith may go through many trials in life, yet she always finds a way to triumph. A woman of faith may go through many trials in life, yet she always finds a way to triumph...

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Dreams are of two types: Some that fade away with time; And, some end up becoming the ultimate goal Dreams are of two types: Some that fade away with time; And, some end up becoming the ultimate goal..

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Life without plans, is like a taxi without wheels, you are not going anywhere. Life without plans, is like a taxi without wheels, you are not going anywhere...

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If you want to change the world , first change the way you see it. If you want to change the world , first change the way you see it...

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Challenges do not make us strong or weak; they simply make us discover who we really are; either Challenges do not make us strong or weak; they simply make us discover who we really are; either..

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That fish do great in water does not make the sea a paradise for birds; you have got to find where That fish do great in water does not make the sea a paradise for birds; you have got to find where..


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The beauty of book can never determine it content.. The beauty of book can never determine it content....

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In the pain of yesterday and the race for tomorrow we forget that every thing is connected to what In the pain of yesterday and the race for tomorrow we forget that every thing is connected to what..

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Those who expand the world are those who think differently from the world to form a new thing.. Those who expand the world are those who think differently from the world to form a new thing....

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The value of a good heart is much greater than the value of your career. It is up to you to choose The value of a good heart is much greater than the value of your career. It is up to you to choose..

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It It's real if you want it to be..

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The future will be different, only if we are different from the past! The future will be different, only if we are different from the past!..

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Greed not only plays in your mind, but it also plays with your life. Greed not only plays in your mind, but it also plays with your life...

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My tears run as if from an open faucet. My tears run as if from an open faucet...

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As you age, your voice becomes quieter. The more you live, the more humble you become. Realizing As you age, your voice becomes quieter. The more you live, the more humble you become. Realizing..

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Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD..

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Age does not question beauty. Only man. Age does not question beauty. Only man...

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The way of man is easy, but it is the nature of greed that dictates the road that he travels. The way of man is easy, but it is the nature of greed that dictates the road that he travels...

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This is where our life greatness begins from.. ! This is where our life greatness begins from.. !..

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A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter..

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We admire and love those people who constantly tease us, but we are doubtful of those who show us too much love.- Mwanandeke Kindembo' Some bonds, whether they be human, animal, or bird, have an intimacy, and if situation comes to leave anyone or go far, that causes untold pain to the mind and heart.- SAYYED SAMIYLLAHAOne can learn techniques by looking at others but copying them as it is will cause to lose the amazing and natural talent that is inherent in them.- SAYYED SAMIYLLAHAMinus Negative is always positive- Rupinder SinghConscious leadership is the ability to be in touch with reality for the sake of humanity.- Gift Gugu MonaThe favour of God is upon her. She does not allow any failure to stop her from flourishing. She is a woman of faith.- Gift Gugu Mona'Life is too short ' So don't hurt yourself, Don't feel depress Tell yourself that you are strong, You love yourself.- Sharmila NarzaryYou will always learn and grow more from losing versus winning. Winning is the consequence of the fear of losing but fear not, every loss in life only means a win is on the way.- Raul MartinezThe ladder of success will be sweet only if you don't crush others on the way to reach to the top.- Rajiv JainYou can cross the shore without getting wet but you can't get through life without tears.- Sri

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Be proud of struggles in your life. They bring you closer to greatness- Angelica A RodriguezIt doesn't matter what you were, it matters what you aspire to be- DanielThe higher you fly.. The more pain you get when you fall- Doctor spidy strangeI know more about life than I do about death, HENCE, I will not be crippled by the fear of death; I will be propelled by the possibilities of life.- Dahlia Godfrey AllenLife is like a race and the one who doesn't run wins it- Aarun D BalieanHappiness is when you don't have anything you don't want; and don't want anything you don't have..- Richard D. JacquesDon't waste time trying to be accepted by people that you cannot see in your future.- Germany KentPeople will reveal who they are if you just pay attention.- Germany KentLook after your thoughts, they shape your future.- Daniela IsmerioHow can fresh start be fresh if one reacts with the old and stale baggage in mind and react according to that?- Sapna Dhandh SharmaIf life is a question, love is the answer - TMZPoetryIf you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet, you will have entered into the highest degree of Internal Reward.- Amelia GoodeAnxiety is like the cuckoo; lays its eggs in other birds' nests.- mohdmustafa99Let time alone be a player and yourself be audience.- Pradeep pandeyWe only have a scapegoat nothing like scapelion; Do you understand?- Kayode Seyi TayoAn optimist is an under-beaten pessimist.- RomeoDo intelligent women cook perfectly? The question is against neither the intelligent nor those who cook very well.- mohdmustafa99To die from the concept of life is to live with the concept of death! - Joshua Aaron Guillory- Joshua Aaron GuilloryClarity is wisdom's oil. Contemplation is its comb. Compromise is its hairstyler. Composure is its gel. Temperance is its conditioner.- PasitheaLove creates tension between two souls.- Shubhanil RoyHe who finds happiness in another man's shoes will never be happy.- Hayden BoschNever let someone else's wind flicker your spark.- Akshay MahajanFear is a double-edged sword. It can be used to your advantage, or it can be used against you.- DavidIt doesn't matter how rich, how poor, how cool or how nerdy you are, what really matters is how you act towards other people- LinklordPeople and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them- Brayne MatshotshiSometimes it's not people who change but the mask that they put it on. ~ Suyog Potdar [ People with good hearts will always be good, though they might behave badly for a while when angry. ]- Suyog PotdarFighting fire with fire only makes the flame grow.- LockeheartRed, blue, Black , white .. Doesn't matter what color is your life like. Always be blue like the sky, colossal and fearless. Always be white like a piece of paper, simple but capable to be a paper airplane, to be a picture of your memories. Always be black like the universe , capable of having billions of stars and planets. An atmosphere for the light to shine. Always be red like blood , flow through the veins like a river, bringing life into the object.- Alex omidvarWhen a fight break out, learn to choose your words carefully because naturally humans will obey the law of factions.- bolutife ojelekeBefore a lamp gets off, It burn out loud..- KartikRottimathA restless mind can take you places, but a well rested mind takes you where you want to go.- Raihan HadiDefinition of common man: the person who can ignore everything happening around unless and until it doesn't affect his family- Poonam kshirsagarLife is simple but not easy!- Piet NtemaIt's a funny thing that comes with age, realizing you're the cause of your own cage.- Madalyn KenneyStay true to yourself, hated or loved..- Piet NtemaWhatever struggles or setbacks we face it is intended to purify and empower us on our journey!- Lisa Ebersole DempseyDream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an element to be cherished..- Namrata NahaDo whatever floats your boat as long as it does not sink mine.- JiaThe most profound conceptual fact of mankind's self awareness concluded the creation in finite parameters of the axiom that of which states; additions of the smallest units of reality can be added or subtracted to infinity, thus quantifying the existence of omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, energy, beyond the singularity of the self aware- Logan StarThoughts are like knives. They can be used to trim flowers, to keep them healthier, or cut them from the roots- Edmond H SweidyHonesty is a virtue dishonesty is an art- Victor CourageMarriage is a hunting permit that entitles you to only one dear at a time.- vikrantYou will always fall somewhere along the way to success.. but you can always get back up.. and learn from your failures.. just keep moving forward .. Those who are do not stop are the ones who Succeed - Rena MartinezLife is like climbing a stair case and while you are climbing the steps of life, you are required to stop and rest at the landings then build your momentum and keep climbing - El Haji NeroAn idea without a plan is nothing more than a dream- Steven A. BoardThe mind is like the ocean, and your thoughts like a diver with limited oxygen, The deeper you go the more you risk not coming to the surface.- matt duncanThere's a beast in every lady or gentleman, and a lady or gentleman in every beast.- Donald Lynn FrostDo not prepare a future for anyone, rather prepare that person for the future- Brayne MatshotshiNot everyone can be successful, but anyone can be successful- Brayne MatshotshiForgetting the problem doesn't solve the problem.- Lokesh giriJust when life expects you to say ' I Quit '.. Surprise it- shiza shahidFight your own EGO, rather than fighting with others- Farhad DastoorSimplicity is a complicated endeavor.- Robert BluckI do not wish to follow the majority; the resources are scarce that way.- Paul PeshkovBeing positive when things go bad is the best gift one could ever get.- Dhruva MathurWho are we to judge others, When we should be judging ourselves?- Maria E. RodriguezNobody is perfect, we all have our faults. You should love someone for who they are, not for who they aren't.- Cheyenne Akard Be careful when you put your mouth on people. What they're going through today that you're gossiping about & laughing at, could be your own situation tomorrow- Kennisha L CrawfordBeing happy is not about having more money, better friends or being higher against others. It's about being content.- Mac AceReality 'kicks', but not hard enough to wake you from the 'limbo' of your own creation. Inspired by 'Inception'.- Ahmed Al ShareefOur lives are like a mosaic with everything we do adding a little piece and like a mosaic often the true picture is only seen when you stand back and take a look.- Bill GibbsTheir is no universal right or wrong, justice is based on opinions.- Steven SierraThe first step to having fun is letting go- kennedy mercerLove is a strange emotion, it's powerful enough to make the weakest man strong and the strongest man weak- Michael AmakiNever judge a book by its 'index' page. Go through the book thoroughly, before doing it. The same holds good for people as well. Remember, face is ONLY the index of mind!- Bipin Kumar G JA better man is one who doesn't take pride in the fact that he is better.- Lokesh giriI think sometimes conservatives look to the past, liberals look to the future and both forget there is a present.- Erik G. RoscomHe who does not wish to make others happy, shall not hold any right to make them unhappy either.- Bipin Kumar G JRegained childhood is the last stage of perfection.- Lokesh giriOnly change remains the same- Kim HaleIt is impossible to have a panache and idyllic life without music and friends !- Vivek SahneySome dreams aren't achieved through hard work but by mere opportunity.- Ivan Javier VelasquezLife is a gift, Talent is a blessing.- Fn ShihepoThe power of an unbroken chain created by daily persistence can be infinite- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMSuccess without failures is often a near impossibility - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMAn unexpected act of kindness is the best. Surprise them!- Sibel TerhaarLet tears flow. They wash away your sorrow.- Syed BadiuzzamanLife is a mystery, happiness and positivity are the clues- Kabir Khivan SinghFaith is perseverance and unbelievable truth.- Vibhuti GoswamiPain is real.. If the suffering is real..- ShanmugapriyaPeople are not wrong, they are just different from us.- Nazra NishatYour mind can be your worst enemy. Control and train it wisely.- asokhaSuccess is a measure decided by others, Satisfaction is a measure decided by yourself.- Nazra NishatThe words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society.- Forrest Munden It was said that:'While there is life there is hope' I think it should read:'While there is hope there is life'- Irfan Mamoun MDDeep into the ashes of my misery is where the last of any substance of me remains. But from this fire I shall rise reinforced and forged in the shields of glory and honor from the light of the sky I shall rise once again. Burn me, like the flaming bird, the phoenix, I shall rise above my pain.- Raul MartinezEveryone hurries to their graves. - RomeoIf the worst phase in your life doesn't bother your generosity, it complies you are familiar with art of living- Suraj Bhaskar GholapAn advice will be considered an advice only if given a few times, but if given repeatedly then it is a requirement not an advice..- Rajiv JainLove without attention is like a Fog without water; Not much there.- Mark A GardnerChange doesn't happen, till You Change- Mark A GardnerHow you say something is more important than what you say..- Rajiv JainThe only people who can break you are those who are close to you..- Rajiv JainIf you have time, it is the best solution to every problem..- Rajiv JainWe are a concoction distilled through a reality that is equally so- Forrest Munden Hidden Secrets drag your Soul down, Like a Vampire in the Night it steals from you.- Mark A GardnerIn the Movement of Life comes the Energy of Wisdom; It is the 'Awareness' of Action that benefits the Soul; Balance is the blending of Dark and Light. Live in balance and do not worry for your future.- Mark A GardnerLife is short, See a Vision and Paint your Canvas well.- Mark A GardnerThere are no guarantees in life, because there is no Customer Service Counter.- Mark A GardnerTo repeat something a fool has said is foolishness in itself, the news media falls foolishly into that trap and gives the fool momentum.- Nancy Joan Jenkins EspeCreativity is the only energy that should never be saved.- Antonio DisiInnocence is the lie we build our faith upon. It is the twisted truth we use to justify our misguided actions. It is the soil we plant the seeds of our future in. Innocence is the ultimate disguise of doom. It is what makes us human. I have looked into its eyes, and I trust it no longer.- Manuel BundFrom the meaning of error we learn the truth , and if we shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out.- Prof Salam Al ShereidaIf you cannot save a life, at least do not destroy one. Do not interfere in the working of the creator.- Rajiv JainDon't serve water of sadness when they're thirsty of happiness..- success songJust because someone pulls the curtains on you doesn't mean you should stop the show.- Brenda Lee SandersHappy life is a myth only struggle is the truth.- Nikhil Prakash WanjareLive today like it is your last day on earth and if you wake up tomorrow, do it again.- Joey Martin posthumusIf you can't focus, refocus- Meshack SeweNot being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection.- Tahir DanishLife wouldn't stop to teach even when we're not ready to learn..- success songDon't stop being who you are because the moment you stop it is almost as if you don't exist anymore- KPSCome ordinary go extraordinary.- Kowsalapathy SaravananIt is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one; Than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.- Michelle CaldwellYou can keep on judging and condescending while I keep moving forward- Liz KassimExcept for body and soul, one can own nothing in a given moment.. everything else is the drama created for the entertainment of others.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyThe same energy that fuels enthusiasm fuels bitterness. But there is no comparison for the transcendence that accompanies being able to rid ourselves of bitterness.- Gbolabo AdetunjiYou should be the editor of your life-book.- Neha S PariharFocus on what you can do or give, instead of receiving.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediLife is larger for the ones who are capable of 'giving' compared to the ones who 'expect'- Dr Sanjeev TrivediWinning the heart of a person is an art few know. Most others transact.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediGet serious about who you allow to influence you. Relationships matter and the roles people play in your life will affect you significantly, directly or indirectly.- Germany KentYou're at an advantage when you stand up for yourself, even if it means you are vulnerable in the process.- Germany KentA healthy mind leads to a beautiful life.- Germany KentIf you put all of your business out on social media don't be surprised when the general public tries to run your life.- Germany KentSocial media is not your diary.- Germany KentUntil you watch porn with your parents never come here and tell us that anything is possible- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusLife may go on, but how do any of us know that the world won't cease to exist when we die for ourselves?- John Guedes do NascimentoIf reality is the mirror of our essence, we better start smiling at it.- Daniela IsmerioLife is a journey, an adventure of unknown tomorrow and engagement of now..- Aye AyeThere is no particular order to see, it is just the need to see orderly.- Florence CleyouLife is truly short but it is a blessing when spent for a purpose- Segun RasakiTo every finishing line there is a starting point. Don't ignore the days of your little beginning, because without them the success story is never complete.- Sunday OkorieLove is a reward- an exquisite, tenderhearted gift. Not a demand.- Amelia GoodePoetry teaches nothing with regard to life lessons. It is written for enjoying life , not learning its tactics.- mohdmustafa99People say tough times test us, it might be true; but tough people test us all the time :)- Lokesh giriStop living up to others' expectations, and be yourself. Only you know who you are or want to be- Rev Ernie UrbanLife is a open world game.- Md RazaullahCriminals, failures, depressives, and the homeless. These are nothing more than victims of an incompetent society.- HUNTER HWho would ever want to live life with a mediocre level of Love?- Amelia GoodeOne voice can make a huge difference- Sunday OkorieFriend, best-friend, girlfriend, and boyfriend end with end but you see family ends with ily which means i love you- Chandrima GhoshIf you don't go through hell you wouldn't understand the beauty of heaven..- Kayode Seyi TayoIn order for me to live in peace, I must be true to myself and my own heart.- Amelia GoodeGOODNESS is the Author of all of Creation and Existence.- Amelia GoodeI'd rather die, after failing a hundred times in life than live one day wondering why I never tried.- Allen LazarThe young are as uncomfortable with the past as the old are with the future; the former has no yesterday, the latter sees no tomorrow.- Siavash RohaniLife is a gamble and gambling is always rigged- Noah almendarezWe aren't responsible for the actions of others but we are responsible for what we do in response to that behavior- Bridget WilliamsonWhen you overlook the little fault in front of you it will keep growing to a point where it cannot be handled by you again- Abasiofon FidelisIt takes your inner eye to see beyond the ordinary realm and understand the level at which you're heading to in life.- Abasiofon FidelisIt's human nature to realise the worth and value of what was; only when it's lost - Azmath PashaThe best of faith is that which makes you free of anxiety caused by disbelief- mohdmustafa99Life may not give you for your goodness, but surely it will subtract of yours if you are not good.- mohdmustafa99Life's a journey everyone must travel, irrespective of the mode of transport, we'll all arrive at our destinations by the clock- Uwagbae Nosa LuckyLoans and Liabilities, Keeps You on Track- Rahul GovilaDeath is a doorway to God. We celebrate Life and mourn Death, shouldn't we reverse it?- AiR Atman in Ravi It's strange to see people running after knowledge, disregarding that he himself is the source of knowledge. There will be nothing left to know, if you know your SELF - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRDo not judge the next person. In their shoes, you would probably do worse than them- JabulileWe all suffer from the disease of only sharing the glossy part of our lives, forgetting that it is the messy part that will remind the next person that it does get better.- JabulileTry to sit in the Comfort and Patience of Your Own Heart; it will lead you to Goodness.- Amelia GoodeDon't wait for doors to open, just burst right through them.- joey the poetThe only way to know that your eyes are open is knowing that your eyes are closed. Therefore, you will find the truth if you found yourself believing a lie.- KimIt's our responsibility to bring light and love into people's lives when they feel their entire world is dark and lonely- Josie WindsorMoments In time are not ours to own, they are meant to be shared.- Ana WhiteYou have always had the greatest treasures within- Steve AuraGiving importance to something doesn't mean ignoring the rest.. it only means that few things never lose their value in one's life and I hope that i'm one among those in your life- Saiteja ThottempudiThe worldly elite moves pawns kings and bishops. When Jesus Christ returns, CHECKMATE!- Hugh CahoonPeople come and go in and out of your life, but remember that it's up to you to choose who is worth keeping, and letting go.- Casper G. SmithEverything ends for something new to begin.- M A Gaffar ProdeepWe live here on earth praising material things but if we gave God the attention we give to materialistic things life would be better than better- Frankie LavenderFollow love when it calls, for it is God in every instance.- TheophilusBeing beautiful on the outside, is no excuse for being ugly on the inside.- Amelia GoodeSometimes, secrets are meant to be told, like rules are meant to be broken.- Caridad AlvarezDear smokers, when you burn one stick you not only burn relationships but also burn your one and only life.- shivangi lavaniyaBaseless, false accusation can prove to be a tricky business.. And will always come back to bite you in the end.. Keep your facts straight or shut your blabbering hole..- Archita arora I was always taught to forgive people. Always taught to give people a second chance. A third chance. Hell, I'll give people a million chances. They deserve it. Everyone does. I've come to accept this.- Lenard GertisLove? Love is still a mystery, but when I'm with you every day is a DEFINITION.- Roli ObraStars play their games, you play yours :)- Devesh Aviral Devrani Ironically, the evils that are unimaginable to a good person, are exactly what evil counts on..- LesleyZThe two meanings of the word DOZEN are: To women it means Eggs To men it means BEER.- Samuel E. VillegasDamn you who tells me that sleep will heal my mind as you are telling the legless that running will heal his- Joel JohnsonNo man has a right to judge another man's right to live..- No OneWho can foretell the end before starting something new? But yet, most of us play the same record over and over, in thirst of the same end.- pahi shettyA female is the passage of entry for a soul into existence. She forms one of the closest links between the transcendental plane and Earth.- Dr Nirvadha SinghYou can't make a large salad mix of all the different types of food you love and expect it to taste good. Some things are best enjoyed separately.- Lorreda C SmithWhen we are in bright side of life, we forget dark side too belongs to us. If bright side enchants soul, the dark side builds vision and courage- SadashivanAbility to say no in a gentle way is a virtue.- Avhidipta MondalIt shouldn't be 'you live, you learn'. It should be 'you learn, you live'.- David FigueroaIn life what you ASPIRE will TRANSPIRE- be it Loss or Gain, Sun or Rain, Joy or Pain.- RVM AuthorA man who dresses in others' clothes will be undressed on the highway.- vikrantIf you are always looking at the sky, you will never discover anything on the ground.- vikrantI am not afraid of ghosts now because I have realized that people nowadays are scarier than ghosts.- vikrantThe purpose of the debater in a debate isn't to offer an opposing point of view, the purpose is to get the debater's opponent to offer up additional proof that the debater is right.- Donald Lynn FrostThe golden rule of arguing is to listen more. This way, you can analyze rather than being analyzed.- Naqibullah PaimanSuccess is the result of multiple failures.- shiza shahidEach man is the architect of his own fate.- Eric Scott Tolman JrThe minute you start to live, is the minute you stop living for the approval of others.- Feneau DemesminYou know how we light up when we talk about our dreams? Keep that light burning & it'll take you to your dreams. Believe & persevere.- SheilsDon't judge a person by his religion, race, relatives, friends, country or caste but by his character.- shiza shahidDon't spend Your Time on something You don't care, better spend on something you care- MarijaThe breeze may comfort you and even allure you to great fortunes but be careful of where it came from- Josh DarosaEven in the darkness you may see no light, maybe you are the light- Josh DarosaLife is full of mistakes, the thing is I took my mistakes and made something of them while you took yours and used them as an excuse, that's the only difference between me and you.- James EatonThe power is not in the words of a man, but in its meaning - Farhad DastoorDreams are delicate, nurture them with care- Farhad DastoorNobody knows what happens after death because nobody has come back from death to tell anyone.- Ryan Scott CorlissIf we wait until retirement to enjoy ourselves, there may not be enough of ourselves to enjoy it.- Mike Hammar What's the best way to lose future communication during a presently emotionally fueled discussion/argument? Bring up the past - Jon Byron RangelYou don't have to let go of the past, just don't live on it- AndroniqueAll our life, we are taught to be supportive of others, but are the others also taught the same thing?- OmerJawedYou get pushed down, you get up, brush your self off, move on. The process of life- Garron C. HaunThe fact is everybody must die, but it is your choice how to live it until then- drake lummusIt is a wise decision to flee when you know you are going to lose, learn from your mistakes and come back stronger, rather than rot in defeat.- Austris VansovicsOur ancestors are untraceable, the line goes too far back, thousands of failed civilizations all ripped apart by greed. There are no leaders, only guides, none which have found the right direction. It is time to work together as a collective and not as individuals, after all, we are all related. FACT!- Twenty TwelveThere's no right or wrong, there's only perspective and point of view.- Ahmed Al ShareefHave you mistaken Life from Death?? Cause you live your whole LIFE escaping from Death, while DEATH is the eternal Life..- Ahmed Al ShareefThose who fear death often waste their lives doing so.- Jesse HayesWe're all reflections of what we want to see in our own world.- Jesse HayesYou know it is wrong when you did it without happiness.- Brandon McCullochIn order to gain true understanding of things, one must start with themselves.- Gerald AbadIf time is money, and everything takes time, is it fair to say that 'Everything takes money' ?- James J. HarrisIf you don't like me, don't make it my problem.- Meagan Lynn GervaisThe most important word in the english launguage is compromise. While we like to win, if you go all out or nothing chances are you'll get nothing.- Erik G. RoscomThe only immortality that humans can achieve is through the passing on of our knowledge.- Jack BrownJust because I am calm does not deter me to be evil. Try looking into my eyes and you will find a a whole new world where your nightmare becomes your reality and face it everyday. With your soul being trapped you will remember me cause I am the Devil, the master of pain and rule of the dark world.- Terry PintoDeath is a physical loss but a spiritual gain- Kabir Khivan SinghDeath is a physical loss but a spiritual gain- Kabir Khivan SinghDiscipline breaks the chains of limitations and liberates you to your freedom.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMMagnetize your thoughts by repetition and attract whatever you want into your life.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMAs a man you need to be strong.- ENGR ABAH SULETears are prayers and they are answered.- Syed BadiuzzamanWhen theirs evil, you'll be their. When theirs dark, you'll be their. you are the light.- Anthuan Gabriel Walter SamudioLife's daily experiences bring new meaning to our outlook of life, people, and the world.- Howard HannifordChoose your friends and life wisely. It may build up or pull you down gently.- asokhaWe are not the Bodies that we Wear. We are the ones that Wear the Body.- AiRI flew because I imagined success, you fell because you imagined failure- Albara almerfYou are Unique, Feel the inner beauty of yourself..- Payal BiswasBe genuine because xerox can never be original- Suraj Bhaskar GholapLone fighter is better than entire team without unity- Suraj Bhaskar GholapDeath is not the end, but rather the beginning of eternal life.- Rev. Patrick EllapenWe are the reflection of what we see in others. If you want better others become a better YOU.- TheigasenYou finally realized that life is not too long to be happy.- tinaYou do not need INSPIRATION to open a business; you'll need MONEY.- Berny CG'Not every sketch needs to be colored in order to be beautiful- TMZPoetryAlcoholism, the pariah feeding on the collapse of self-control befuddling the brain's sensibility; transforming intelligence into ridicule.- Mac McGovernLies of deception, targeted to deceive through the indoctrination of masses, are the hallmark of compliance.- Mac McGovernIf you can't do good, at least don't harm someone. Remember, whatever you do will come back to you.- Rajiv JainYou are Born with a Name, But you Need to Create a Name. Who You are is more important Than Who You Were.- Ritesh RanjanNot to have problem at all, is like being brain dead- Dr Sanjeev TrivediIf you misuse your strength to destroy someone, God will use his strength to destroy you..- Rajiv JainWe ourselves are the story writer, actor, producer and director of our own movie i. e. Karma.- Rajiv JainIt is never too late to make amends, perhaps fate will give you a straw to hang onto in time of need.- Rajiv JainWe don't have control over the alphabet 'B' & 'D' i. e. Birth & Death, but the middle alphabet 'C' i. e. Choice, is totally in our hands..- Rajiv JainLife is a mirage, we cheat others, others cheat us, but in the end nobody wins..- Rajiv JainDeath is simply the soul getting naked. The wardrobes of eternity has infinite fashions.- Jason BaptisteHe who has a how to be patient can bear with almost anyhow.- Prof Salam Al ShereidaNothing is impossible, You just have to discover it.- Mariam Paul ObiozoWeeds, the uncherished, abandoned plant.. from which we want to get rid of somehow.. Despite intolerable detest by us.. It still remains immortal, omnipotent and unconquerable.- Krishnamayee sethiMark your plans in number system and not alphabets. You'll have more alternatives then.- Ritesh RanjanWater is nature's cure all. Need to lose weight? Drink water. Complexion problems? Keep that skin hydrated. Drink water. Tired of your spouse? Drown him/ her.- The Quoted IrisIf you think you matter, then yes darling you are just a matter..- RVD RichiWhoever plans to live forever should at the same time have it in mind to die now..- success songIts better to die in happiness than to live in sorrow..- success songIf something is not good for me, it doesn't mean it's not good for somebody else. Often what doesn't work for me works out fine for someone else. Don't hold your breath, let it go and breathe.- Marie Yolande PierreSometimes I don't know what to say until I say Truth..- success songIt's good to be silent, life is not easy- Deepti MittalBack benchers have their own version of the story- Deepti MittalRather be angry at the person, than to be jealous.- Brian SekelePeople only believe what is written by ink.- Brian SekeleWe don't actually stop missing the people we lose, we just learn to live around the holes they left- KPSMy Problems, Create My Path- Satyam KumarTo accomplish something in life! Give it time. I mean spend all your time in it, don't rush it, be patient with it and don't questioning it. Sometimes you might feel like you're forcing to make it right and confused. Don't stop. Remember no one is going to see any of it until you succeed.- Marie Yolande PierreIt's better to be happy than to be free..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiIf fire & water could go together, life would be simpler.- Amreen LuthraEveryone can't be beautiful. We wouldn't be able to tell each other apart.- The Quoted IrisLife is like a movie, no thrill after knowing the end- YoosufDevelop positive from negative and prove yourself- swati somalWhenever you found yourself around problematic people, don't get disturbed.. have patience, back to your roots and say to yourself.. 'NO, I won't give up, I will stand and fight for me.. I will raise my words and take my step against violence.. i will spread my words to encourage'- swati somalThe worse the winter the better the spring.- Leanne TarrabDon't prepare for the house until you get to the palace where there's crown that befit thy head..- Kayode Seyi TayoWhat are you doing to make things happen for you? Have you heard of purpose? Your gift! What's your value?.. Well, whatever it is, that's your thing. Now take action.- Marie Yolande PierreHow is a Black person supposed to behave Like a typical village person? Wake up, we are in the 21st century. Get updated and act educated. The day of categorizing black people as low level thinking villagers and barbaric, mud house living people are over.- Mariam Paul ObiozoWe are in society of underrated truth and overrated lie..- success songCeaseless awareness on your 'I' consciousness is all you need.- FEROZ KHAN LAMIRWhatever skill, talent you have in any field, the real joy begins once you start sharing and mold others as you are !- FEROZ KHAN LAMIRI'm not you.. Your not me.. Ever wonder why?- Me, Myself & I - GTEveryone is busy in changing their DP, but I'm busy changing my life- Samiya AmmarTake life easy, though it is not easy, needful has to be done..- success songThe day should never know that the night was dark.- Isha mehtaI know they say There's a lot of stars in the sky. But you are the only star, that brings light to my world. YOU ARE MY SUN.- Julien NarayanasawmyHard work, efforts and sacrifices have to flow into the blood, for the formation of a character.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediContinuously position yourself among nurturers, thought leaders, and change agents.- Germany KentKarma is real. There are returning boomerangs from bad deeds and earned returns for good deeds. Do your best to attract good karma.- Germany KentIf you're not using your gift and platform to reach people and help whenever you can, sadly, you are not rising to the level of excellence and purpose through your potential to enjoy a full abundant life.- Germany KentOppression only lasts for a season. Change the way you fight and the way you think, so that you are able to break free and walk out of the situation. Correct it and get it right. Do what it takes to win.- Germany KentSadly, people are still losing their jobs over things that they tweet.- Germany KentPorn is the number one Billionaire industry in this world. But no one admit they're watching it. So who's watching it????- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusThe bird that sings Christmas songs during December is always there throughout the year just that it sings differently and it does not make a mistake- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusWhen I'm alone by myself I become extremely intelligent but when I'm out there with the people I just become super stupid- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusGoing through your man's phone is like peeling an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you are going to start crying at inappropriate times.- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusALL Politicians are criminals to some point. If you think any different you need to spend more time in a book than on the internet.- Rev Ernie UrbanYou can never be as fool as wise you're..- success songOnward, through the fog.- Kareem DiengWhen all is lost and all hope is gone just keep on praying. Something is bound to happen whether it was God's doing or not.- John Guedes do NascimentoI have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try and impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good. If they don't, it is their loss- Mr vybs liveArt is rich, but artists are poor!- Halil XhafaWorld allows to commit crimes today, to judge tomorrow in the name of justice.- Halil XhafaMy art probably does not touch everyone, but it's important to touch the right people!- Halil XhafaWe Don't Choose Music : Music Chooses Us In The Womb !- Vivek SahneyThere are three types of people you know: Those who really care, those who don't care, and those who just don't care!- Meshack SeweThe minute I was born was the minute I lost the privilege to support abortion.- baxter phillipsAt this point in my life I'm not trying to win the game, I'm just trying to stay in it- M Adonis LayneEach morning I hope for a better day, each night I pray for another day- M Adonis LayneNever be embarrassed to be your own best friend. That is where it all starts.- Amelia GoodeIntentions mean little to me. 'Good intentions' can lessen the pain to some degree, but at the end of the day, if someone is hurting you, they are hurting you.- Amelia GoodeDeveloping, practicing, and withstanding your own personal boundaries with others daily, will be the key to a flourishing life for yourself. Never back down, and never allow others to make you feel guilty for taking care of yourself and your own personal well-being.- Amelia GoodeDeath is the end of life so as birth the beginning of life..- Aye AyeIgnorance is bliss but we don't have the bliss for ignorance in our time.- baxter phillipsWhere there is pain, there is strength.- Priyanka SarodeYou create your own luck. God just gives you the thumbs up. But if it gets late, don't wait for it.- Abhaas AggarwalOld Latin quotes also fit in our contemporary life. Therefore, the quote you write today may last for two thousand years and even more- mohdmustafa99Every philosopher should analyse the existence of self and life intrinsically like a detective. Pursuing all answers in every field of wisdom in which is lead to be rendered profound.- Zac OchsenbineThat who wants to know the inlet must also know the outlet.- mohdmustafa99Because I'm not part of them I decided to be myself.. You- Aye AyeWe know how to Love, because Love and Goodness lives and dwells within us. We belong to Love.- Amelia GoodeWhen people bullshit you, just smile. Why? Because your worth is something they can't handle. Bullshitting them back will only reduce your worth and make you like them. Be wise!- Biglyf writesLife does not promise that we will not go through trials, hardships, and testing of our own personal understanding of faith. What it does promise, is that if you persistently change your inner perspective to a positive one, those trials, hardships, and testings, will become void of pain.- Amelia GoodeWhen it's out of hand hope it doesn't get to head- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiI have a Past of very good Memory and I have a Present of very bad Memory. Choose which Me you Want.- Ritesh RanjanIf your fear is whether or not anyone wants you, you should conquer that fear, if you don't, you'll start to hurt yourself more than the pain of those who've left you.- Ely PickettIf weighed on a scale, your words weigh more than your deeds, your life is out of balance- M Adonis LayneIn death, we have the same urgencies as we had in life.- The Quoted IrisGood friends and bad friends, these are used commonly day to day but in reality there should not be such use but friends and enemies as opposite of friend is enemy though opposite of good is bad using good and bad to qualify friends is just simply being politically correct.- Segun RasakiFake friends have over a million reasons why they disappointed you when you most needed them but true friends have only one reason why they stayed with you at all times, and the reason is because they truthfully care about you.- Segun RasakiI am sad when I want to go to bed because I can never have the oppurtunity that I have in the day- oluwagbenga segunWe can't tell how far we will go in life: but let's fight for what is meant for us- oluwagbenga segunI'll choose to be 'honest' over 'perfect' every single time.- Malik Ahsan AliLife is so exciting! It's like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone!- The Quoted IrisBeethoven once said; 'Wherever you are, I am there also. ' Hmm.. Didn't GOD say that first?- The Quoted IrisMoney is not the most important thing in life, our last breath is.- Allen LazarMany have the words to lure you, others the ability to persuade you but only few have the will to push you.- Sunny Godswill akpanTo know that I have done everything possible to be true to myself, that I have survived immense opposition from others, that I have persevered through the darkest of times to be true to my own heart, even when I was plagued with judgement and ridicule; I know that I am authentically living.- Amelia GoodeWithout GOODNESS, there is no Love. Love is determined by the embodiment of Divine GOOD; GOODNESS is the Soul of Love.- Amelia GoodeGOODNESS is the only thing that truly exists. GOODNESS is the Spirit, the Embodiment of Love. When you understand that GOODNESS is the only Force in The Universe, and that all other messages of the world are fabrications of the human mind, you will no longer fear the present moment or the Beyond.- Amelia GoodeWhat is a goal without effort? What is a goal without growth? What is a goal without standards?- Amelia GoodePessimist developed life more than the optimists did because pessimists often do some activities to belie their outlooks.- mohdmustafa99As calm as lion as wild as cat..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiLife is what you make it and beauty can be found in anything that you make. If you find the beauty in your own life, you will find beauty in everything. Even in the ugliest of times.- Kevin Aaron LawsOur brain is like a motor, but stress builds up a frictional layer over it which reduces its (brain) efficiency- Sourav MishraThe stars know when to shine, and how to hide.- Saugato AdhikaryMy life is like music that everyone wants to listen to, I'm like water that has no enemy- success songHuman nature is not designed to be perpetual - Malik Ahsan AliIt is easy to know, but it is very difficult to identify ones you like to transfer your knowledge to.- mohdmustafa99It's better not to make a promise than fail to fulfill it when it's made; promise is debt, failure to redeem it sin..- Kayode Seyi TayoBoth H. Spencer and C. Darwin quoted 'Survival of the fittest'. Today , we need a third humanitarian scholar to say , 'Survival of the weakest'.- mohdmustafa99A pleasing mind can capture perfect picture of other's eyes- Aquiver kid You can hunt down and kill people with violent ideology. But you can never kill that ideology, thus you can never really kill all the people with that ideology, so the violence will continue - M Adonis LayneLet's free people who think that they are free.- mohdmustafa99Suicide is as selfish as those that oppose it- Forrest Munden You are a fool if you want to change people. You are mad if you want to change the world.- mohdmustafa99Life is a test that I'm failing.- The Quoted IrisYour eyes are highly sophisticated projectors. Don't trust on what you see through it. Just like a movie ends, it all will vanish abruptly. Be a nonreactive watcher. Pay much attention on watcher who only will exist. Be in Love with yourself - FEROZ KHAN LAMIR Would you be ready to accept, if somebody reminds you in your dream that you are dreaming?. Indeed you will not, you feel so real then. So is this life. Only the death can wake them up one day those who cannot recognize this and there's no death for those wise men, who knew this truth - FEROZ KHAN LAMIR You consider whatever you see with your eyes as true, but what about your own face, which your eyes cannot show you? Is that really real which the mirror or photo shows you?. Even If your own face is just a belief, what else exists? - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRAs society becomes increasingly burdened by an excess of population, the stresses experienced by individual members become greater. This increasing stress adds to the pressures already imposed upon the individual by the mores of societal dynamics, and rather than each individual having to contribute less because there are more to share the burden, each individual must contribute more to try to balance the increasing demands of the many.- John CahillCorrect and fair reflection is not the preserve of many men- CLKIn an open-discussion, to agree does not necessary mean being on the same side, it also means not making people upset; because the only reason they are upset is agreeing with you inconsciently.- CLKContamination of water in a pond is from stillness rather than from fishes.. Contamination of brain is from insolvency of thinking rather than of neagative thoughts..- nishkarsh mishraIf we are all infinite beings, where does your life sit right now in that sea of indefiniteness?- Richard RAYou'll know a man by his personality, who they hang around, and their overall lifestyle. - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIf it rains and you do not feel the wetness, you need to find the nearest pool and immerse yourself in it, otherwise you will be ashamed of being left out from enjoying the natural blessing from above.- Segun RasakiArtist retires when he dies - Halil XhafaIf you don't know, you cannot seek.- Maximilian MonteleoneDream-to-reality converter is superior to dream-creator. - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMYou can do anything you set your mind to.- Nick LacosteJustice Prevails is a bigger myth than a happy wife & a good neighbor- Ritesh RanjanHuman rights violations are committed by humans, therefore it can only be us, human beings, to address these issues. We must take decisive actions today.- J BEquality is an inapplicable theory even among the dead ones. ‎- mohdmustafa99Life begins at the end of nothing and end at the begin of everything..- Kayode Seyi TayoEquality might be a problem, inequality is assuredly two ‎problems. ‎- mohdmustafa99We seem to fight for our survival in society that we close off our vulnerable side to maintain our perceived credibility by creating a barrier between ourselves and the rest of the world only sharing our real complete selves to a very select few- Edmond H SweidySomething will just wake me up at the time I begin to inline on the philosophy of the truth in me..- Kayode Seyi TayoYou can't live forever, simply because you must leave.- Abdullahi Yahya YusufDon't become fake.. for others' sake- Namratha GThose who make conditions for people to grow impossible will make it impossible to grow people.- Michael Eric JonesBeauty comes from within, it shines bright inwardly with outer radiance- Carmen Lesley SpeakThe most frustrating thing about getting old isn't that you can't do what you could in your 20's and 30's but not being able to do what you could 3 months ago!- Howard F MartinLife is a dream in itself- Giobari M AturaThe way we act is influenced by your mood and the people you are around.- Cassandra LinaresYour mind is a cage, if you can find the key to it then you can escape reality.- Dakota Ace HardinI see this world in a different way, because I am a photographer.- Bizz LamichhaneEven though I do not like to study for knowledge, the research that I like to do grants me knowledge.- Jose Ezequiel Montalvan LlerenaIrony, but True, you get BEST & TRUE Friends, when you are complete stranger to a person before you become friends and very little they know about you. A friendship born without any self-interest.- Suyog PotdarNo matter what came before, the book of time is quick to be written, so make what you do now count..- Jamie Sean CallaghanIn Death, We Find Love's Purest Form.- Kip Campbell CooperWe are the direct connotation of the Macrocosm (cosmos) however limited by space time and a limited perception- BM KHNONKHEA poem is an impression of a poet's expression!- PRACHI KERKARA Poet expresses expressions - PRACHI KERKARLife is a labyrinth and at each turn, there's something that either shapes you or deforms you.- Maitreya Rajan MahantaGreat thoughts are produced in the short passing moments of life.- bishwo_basnetI was crying when I was born, because my mother was in difficult moment of her life- Kamal S LoharImagine you are stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean, you have one can of pop that is still cold for now but is getting warm increasingly fast. Do you drink the pop in one sitting while it's cold and enjoyable, or prolong it and take a little sip whenever you need it savoring the drink but making it far less enjoyable. You can compare this to life. Some people make choices to live in the now and enjoy life in this exact moment and let hope and god take over from there. Others think about their future and try to simply survive. If you decided to drink the pop in one sitting you think in the now and are living life. If you chose the sips every once in a while you are merely surviving.- Adam Langlais Let the past die, live in the present and look forward to the future- No OneTalking to strangers is like reading a new book.- Regan HowardTo continue making love to your wife after your children have caught you, is darn near impossible!- Keith BrownWe demean prostitutes in the day, undress them at night. It's the hollowness of us blessed ones, our justice and our might!- Ayush DhingraBehave normally even if you're dead inside, and if you deceive your friends, it might work for yourself too.- Chris PetersLife has the ability to convince us that once we know about something, it loses its mystery.- Marruen MahmudA man honors those before him by honoring the institutions with which he freely chooses to associate.- Charles James GregorskiEvery day is a new day, a new beginning, a fresh new start to make it the best day that it can be. Yesterday's troubles are over and should be put behind us, yesterday's bills will still be here tomorrow, so why stress? Live today, put yesterday behind you and let the future take its course. Everything happens for a reason, so where we need to be tomorrow, will come with a purpose, with patience and determination- ileana capin fonseca Today will always run faster than yesterday in search of tomorrow.- vikrantJust because you are living and breathing doesn't mean you are alive.- vikrantI don't like the word 'sorry' because 'sorry' is generally said when something wrong is going to happen again.- vikrantTo understand some situations, try to imagine life in slow motion- Tina PanossianReading my diary of teenage years made me laugh at myself for I cared too much about the things that didn't matter and cared less for the things that did.- shiza shahidGoing out there is a suicide if you're not ready.- Nerd Brooke Time waits for no one. So why must you wait for someone ? Stop waiting, time is ticking. Chase your dreams, earn your dreams, and be a winner - Shafiq BuangEnjoy the benefit of life, don't let someone who doesn't know the definition wreak havoc on it.- Thomas Flajnik antichimerapodalThose who are labelled insane, are the ones that see things that are not there, yet- TyrelleDon't hate on me, hate on yourself- George PoulosThe real problem with communication is the illusion of it- Dennis James Deegan CTMSkin makes the difference, otherwise everything underneath is just flesh and bones..- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyBeauty is a feeling, not a vision. you may dress it up to make a design But a design without a feeling is unfinished.- Patrick CarterReasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be exactly what one needs. Acknowledge the hunches and obliterate the exasperating silence. To resist one's impulse is a bowl of anguish. Preservation is a limited convention. The more we attempt to prevent ourselves from falling, the closer we become to the fall. The innocent shall never win. The vulnerable shall never prosper Nonetheless the courageous are those who acknowledge the struggle that entails living. The pretentious are those who dare to breathe. And the ingenious are those who dare to love. There is no right and wrong. Whatever brings us stability and gets us through the day is always the sanest thing to do. A second of what you want can be worth a day of what you don't.- CamillaDon't establish your opinion by listening to one Person's story.. remember there are always two sides of the story.. one side is hidden while the other side is told.- shiza shahidI want to live this life for others as I would have plenty of time to live for myself in heaven.- shiza shahidThere are people who solve problems and there are people that solve their problems- Josh DarosaPeople that take advice are wise, people that don't take it and do it their own way are even wiser- Josh DarosaCare about your children, just bless them instead of worrying. As every child is the little Buddha who helps his parents to grow up.- Kazeronnie MakIn general, there are no bad experiences. For all experience have value in the quest for wisdom.- TheophilusThe pen will never be mightier than the sword if its words are forever permanent.- Eric ScottThe greatest value is what you are having at this moment, this time, this life- Kazeronnie MakI think people like to share their misery more than happiness.- Ahmed Al ShareefI think life is all about giving, because in the end, it won't be about how much you took but how much you gave.- shiza shahidPerfection comes in the simplest of forms- Chloe MendelsonNot everything is black and white. The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of grey.- Sean Aloysius MuhaSometimes love and life will knock you down but you gotta get back up rather than sit there all your life wondering what it would have been like if you got up and took risks, loved again, and got hurt but still lived.- Samantha BunnSometimes it is your past that makes your future better..- Daleen IrshaidA flame from within is the brightest site, for it is a content soul that provides everlasting light.- victoria leeLife and Death are two dimensions of something so big that the human brain and science would never be able to define it.- Dhruva MathurNever do good things till you are asked to, for good turns out to be bad- Farhad DastoorOur purpose in life is intertwined in the web of the goals and aspirations of everyone else around us- Khalid MohammadYes I cried over you. Do I regret it? NO WAY! This is life, when you cry, cry your hardest, when you laugh, laugh like it's the last chance you get, when you love, love with everything you have, Don't look back and don't regret, don't waste your time on second-chance guys. Live your life to the end, after all, you only get one life to live- Lindsey KaufmanPeople are like a tooth brush, none of them are strong- OmerJawedIf destiny has it for you, it shall be delivered unto you, no matter what.. whether you are hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or while just being carried to the grave..- saikiranThe problems you are now experiencing will continue for the rest of your life.- Obed CeballosLife is full of sorrow, The sweetest of the sorrows is love, The deadliest sorrow is being attached to the things you love. So on and so forth. Don't be attached and don't love unless you are willing to face those sorrows with the person you are sharing a soul with.- Obed CeballosI may not be perfect, but I am awesome- Sian KendrickPeople who make big in life are those who actually recognize their talents on right time.- Sohaib Ali BabarThere may be 100 reasons to smile in a day.. But it takes only 1 reason to cry for lifetime.. - sandeep singh kohliWe are like integers on this number line universe, some are positive & some are negative.- Yash MauryaWhat's the point of being serious when life's a joke?- Charlotte CrafterI can always tell when people are lying. That's why I don't lie. Because I'm afraid people can tell when I'm lying.- Lorreda C SmithWhen two extremes meet, either a wonder or a blunder happens and the wonder may seem blunder to someone and blunder may seem as wonder to someone.. !- abhishekFrom the shimmering light to the darkest shadows, life will flow continuously, from the very moment a baby is born into the light, the light will follow till that person dies and fades into the shadows. And still life moves on, without skipping a beat, for when a person fades from this world, another shall take its place. so is the cycle of rebirth.- Christopher Joesph AgrusoIf you want to be exceptional in this world, you can't be following the standards- Joseph Washington IIIGrowth in humans is not necessarily being able to find faults in others, but being able to make a best living with them despite their faults- Lisa RoyIt's not a disciplined life where a master is addicted to his own qualities.- Lokesh giriWhen people ask me for answers that I don't know, I tell them to figure it out on their own and listen eagerly when they do.- Jack BrownWhen I look back, I feel I was stupid yesterday, would I feel the same tomorrow about today?- Lokesh giri