Sapna Dhandh Sharma

Sapna Dhandh Sharma

Location:London, British
Experience on OwnQuotes: 5 Years 10 Months
Short Bio: Photographer/ Editor

Sapna Dhandh Sharma Quotes

"On Photography: It's amazing how we are trying so hard to achieve primitive results after having perfected over a century and half the art of taking
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Never believe when someone says that they will forsake this, that or those for you. What they

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"Counting sheep is not the right way for me. Sometimes they stand in one row, staring back at me, all slobbering - saliva of the same consistency and
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Jobs have no future. People have. And yet, so many are marrying jobs and divorcing people."

Freedom Heart Sad Success

"A relationship based

Life Love Philosophy Relationship Witty

"One-sided understanding is an unsustainable concept."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

Patience Philosophy Relationship Sad Wisdom

"I love my life's chaos. At least I have a life to make it chaotic."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

Courage Freedom Life Wisdom

"I am so possessive about you that i am even jealous of your reflection that stares back at you."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"The happiest day of my life was when I stopped capturing and started creating."

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"Dream is the root of actuality."

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I talk of

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" “And the Silence Fell” Looking out to the night sky through my patio door. I hear the flutter of the pigeon in my vicinity. A disorder caused
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

God Life Loneliness Philosophy

"Ask to be a friend, not a spouse - for a spouse will divorce you, a friend never will."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"A good conversation for me is equal to a simultaneous orgasm."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Ironically, a

Anger Beauty Business Change Confidence

"If I am blathering on about metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, it

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"I am learning to sail my ship through a tempest . Trying my best not to be storm-tossed."

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"There is no face uglier than the face of ignorance."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"After noticing a round red 'tikka' (dot or vertical marking worn by Hindus) on my forehead, I heard a white child ask his mother, 'Why does that
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Laughter IS the best medicine. Yeah? Try asking the person who

Beauty Confidence Courage Creativity Desire

"Arrogance alone is bad enough, but that under a veneer of modesty is intolerable.'
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"If my ideas were not so volatile, something solid would

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"Our FB experience works very much on Pareto principle: 80% of our FB time is spent on 20% people on our list. If we started updating the remaining 80
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"I would love to explore heaven as long as I don't have to die for it."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Now, even my dreams are in pixels. When a dream is clear, I call it high resolution."

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"Aankhein thaki thaki. Neend abhi bhi door hai. Bheja chhutti pe hai. Shabd, bina sir-pair ke, nikle ja rahe hai. (in Hindi)"
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Ignoring the warnings against pushing my system to the limits was not wise after all. Exhaustion is beginning to consume my brain-power, health and
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Now that I am careful, I am losing myself. Circumspection has a downside."
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"I don

Anger Confidence Courage Creativity Education

"Patience of plodding Archibald and confidence of swift-paced Noel: over or underdose of either

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"Never am I so un-mischievously involved as when working for myself."

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"At one point I wanted to become a pilot. I am still at that point."

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"X-ray is a great leveller. A white man

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"Lens is my third eye...intuitive, perceptive and focussed. Hoping I do not lose my other two eyes as I am inflicting pain upon them night after
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"I love you the way you are. But, do you have to be the way you are?"

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"Today I made a mental inventory of all my life's experiences so far. Contentment, by virtue of being human, I might still be seeking, but 'Regrets'
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Beyond a certain point god stops interfering."

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"If my impetuous heart says someone is right, but my astute, contriving head warns me against the

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"Why do people confuse

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"Psst psst god, is there a next life for those of us who leave tasks unfinished? Psst psst god, tell me which social networking medium will be around
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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Courage Desire Dreams Faith Freedom

"Thinking about the past is like watching an old movie over and over again."

Change Courage Dreams Education Failure

"At times I wish I was lonely. At times I wish I had pain. These essential ingredients, to produce

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A question I am usually asked, "Since you tackle a variety of genres in photography, how do we categorize you?" My answer is simple, "Do each one of
-Sapna Dhandh Sharma

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"Extremely knowledgeable people should never die. What a waste of knowledge it would be!"

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"Life has just begun... Seize! And remember: Old age is something that happens to other people"

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