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A lot of people want success.. very few of them want to do the work! A lot of people want success.. very few of them want to do the work!..

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The life of the liar is always the biggest lie, and the life of the truthful individual is always The life of the liar is always the biggest lie, and the life of the truthful individual is always..

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Avoid engaging in conflicts that do not concern you. Avoid engaging in conflicts that do not concern you...

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Life is short so live like you truly understand this. Life is short so live like you truly understand this...

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No matter how much you try, you can hardly satisfy every person. Always focus on doing what is No matter how much you try, you can hardly satisfy every person. Always focus on doing what is..

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Sometimes your friend circle decreases in size, but increases in value. Sometimes your friend circle decreases in size, but increases in value...

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Grades don Grades don't determine people's success..

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Like a boat through the ocean currents is a man fighting for his future. Like a boat through the ocean currents is a man fighting for his future...

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A woman of faith may go through many trials in life, yet she always finds a way to triumph. A woman of faith may go through many trials in life, yet she always finds a way to triumph...

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Pay attention to What fascinates me It Pay attention to What fascinates me It's not your beauty It's your habits..

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Dreams are of two types: Some that fade away with time; And, some end up becoming the ultimate goal Dreams are of two types: Some that fade away with time; And, some end up becoming the ultimate goal..

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Integrity will lighten your path in this dark world. Integrity will lighten your path in this dark world...


Life without plans, is like a taxi without wheels, you are not going anywhere. Life without plans, is like a taxi without wheels, you are not going anywhere...

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No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency. No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency...

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Thank You.. if You understand my Silence! Sorry.. if You Misunderstand my Words! Thank You.. if You understand my Silence! Sorry.. if You Misunderstand my Words!..

If you want to change the world , first change the way you see it. If you want to change the world , first change the way you see it...

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Challenges do not make us strong or weak; they simply make us discover who we really are; either Challenges do not make us strong or weak; they simply make us discover who we really are; either..

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Not fighting for our rights is a crime in itself. Not fighting for our rights is a crime in itself...


That fish do great in water does not make the sea a paradise for birds; you have got to find where That fish do great in water does not make the sea a paradise for birds; you have got to find where..


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The beauty of book can never determine it content.. The beauty of book can never determine it content....

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Life is always in a shape of Life is always in a shape of 'Y'. At times you arrive at the crossroad and there you need to make..

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In the pain of yesterday and the race for tomorrow we forget that every thing is connected to what In the pain of yesterday and the race for tomorrow we forget that every thing is connected to what..

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drug addict will overemphasize its ecstasy and will easily forget its unfavorable drawback, remember every good and bad things has their advantages..
-Kayode Seyi Tayo

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Those who expand the world are those who think differently from the world to form a new thing..- Kayode Seyi TayoA LIE GIVES DEEP SMILE FOR A LITTLE BIT BUT NEVER TAKES YOU ON SAFE STAGE.. !- Gunjan LavaniaClicking selfie is matter of seconds.. .. building the image takes years.- TEEB Jayesh VThe value of a good heart is much greater than the value of your career. It is up to you to choose which comes first.- Dustin Rand AI may not live the best life, but I do live the BLESSED life!- Marcus Jackson Don't hold yourself back by trying to hold up someone else that isn't willing to do it for themselves! Carry what you have to! Let go of what you don't!- Kennisha L CrawfordI looked for my savior in the midst of the storm, but now I feel that I have become my own savior. No more running away, no more disguises, now only I have a brave heart and a spirit willing to try are at stake.- Tilantha hansanathA Mind without the Heart is like a room with no sound.- Mark A GardnerNobody is born ready made. We have to make ourselves or we remain undone.- Salam Ahmed OlalekanThe future will be different, only if we are different from the past!- Dr Callixte Yadufashije

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Greed not only plays in your mind, but it also plays with your life.- Anthony T HincksIn the pursuit of wanting to be liked we lose track of the fact that just by liking ourselves it would make this pursuit meaningless!- Adrian McGinnWorking within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMAge does not question beauty. Only man.- Anthony T HincksThe way of man is easy, but it is the nature of greed that dictates the road that he travels.- Anthony T HincksThis is where our life greatness begins from.. !- William SebunjeWORK HARD ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. ENJOY SUCCESS, BUT ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE- Hans W ThomaszA smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter smart or rich you are.- John Guedes do Nascimento' Some bonds, whether they be human, animal, or bird, have an intimacy, and if situation comes to leave anyone or go far, that causes untold pain to the mind and heart.- SAYYED SAMIYLLAHAOne can learn techniques by looking at others but copying them as it is will cause to lose the amazing and natural talent that is inherent in them.- SAYYED SAMIYLLAHAMinus Negative is always positive- Rupinder SinghConscious leadership is the ability to be in touch with reality for the sake of humanity.- Gift Gugu MonaThe favour of God is upon her. She does not allow any failure to stop her from flourishing. She is a woman of faith.- Gift Gugu MonaSEEK GOD AND HIS WILL WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART, SO THAT YOUR TOMORROWS WILL NOT BE FILLED WITH REGRETS OF YESTERDAY.- Matthew Hempstead'Life is too short ' So don't hurt yourself, Don't feel depress Tell yourself that you are strong, You love yourself.- Sharmila NarzaryDon't trust man, trust God.- Shaniese MillerYou will always learn and grow more from losing versus winning. Winning is the consequence of the fear of losing but fear not, every loss in life only means a win is on the way.- Raul MartinezLord God Almighty.. You gave us the ability to imagine. That is where our sin is, to imagine that You don't see our sin..- Byron AbelYou can cross the shore without getting wet but you can't get through life without tears.- SriIt doesn't matter what you were, it matters what you aspire to be- DanielLife is like a race and the one who doesn't run wins it- Aarun D BalieanHappiness is when you don't have anything you don't want; and don't want anything you don't have..- Richard D. JacquesDon't waste time trying to be accepted by people that you cannot see in your future.- Germany KentThe best six Doctors are Sunshine, Water, Rest, Fresh Air, Exercise and Balanced Diet.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediPeople will reveal who they are if you just pay attention.- Germany KentLook after your thoughts, they shape your future.- Daniela IsmerioIf life is a question, love is the answer - TMZPoetrySeparation is really hard, but in most cases it is the key to success.- Previledge Tafadzwa MakazaAlways put your coat on before answering your front door. If you like your visitor tell them you are just in. If you don't like them tell them you are just leaving- Eliza KeatingIf you can eventually find a way to Love your greatest enemy, even if you haven't forgiven them yet, you will have entered into the highest degree of Internal Reward.- Amelia GoodeLet time alone be a player and yourself be audience.- Pradeep pandeyTwo things you cannot hide: your nature and your fabricated nature.- mohdmustafa99We only have a scapegoat nothing like scapelion; Do you understand?- Kayode Seyi TayoAn optimist is an under-beaten pessimist.- Romeo We should only fall in love with those who are worth waiting for - TMZPoetryLife is the best teacher I've got, because when life teaches you a lesson you never forget it till your last breath- Ajay NegiClarity is wisdom's oil. Contemplation is its comb. Compromise is its hairstyler. Composure is its gel. Temperance is its conditioner.- PasitheaPersonal wealth should be measured by one's degree of enrichment of other people's lives- Segun RasakiSome roads lead to a dead end, others to an endless path. Both of them are precious. One teaches us when to stop, the other when to be unstoppable..- Raquel DevesaThere is a war within us all, for that is what it means to be human- Justin VaughanIf you don't like it - then change it - if you don't change it - then you must like it- G SwissPain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it- G SwissThere's a lot of light that cover amnesty unknown in the day it's when you get to the darkness you know that the real freedom is fearlessness in the night..- Kayode Seyi TayoIf you take the bait, who else can you blame?- Joe CervantesNever let someone else's wind flicker your spark.- Akshay MahajanWhen you lose - never get stressed & when you win - never get comfortable- G SwissTrust is a commodity seldom regained.- Melvin Sagun BurgessREADINESS IS MY BIRTHRIGHT- KRISHNAMURTYFear is a double-edged sword. It can be used to your advantage, or it can be used against you.- DavidIt doesn't matter how rich, how poor, how cool or how nerdy you are, what really matters is how you act towards other people- LinklordWalk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else- Brian KelleyThose who listen will be heard.- Michiel BesterNever think highly of yourself ; life will always throw you from your pedestal.- Michiel BesterPeople and things change but principles and values remain unchanged. Always uphold them- Brayne MatshotshiSometimes it's not people who change but the mask that they put it on. ~ Suyog Potdar [ People with good hearts will always be good, though they might behave badly for a while when angry. ]- Suyog PotdarFighting fire with fire only makes the flame grow.- LockeheartRudeness is the weak person's way of presenting his strength- KRISHNAMURTYThe path of least resistance is often appealing but is rarely, if ever, satisfying- Erik TroenWhen a fight break out, learn to choose your words carefully because naturally humans will obey the law of factions.- bolutife ojelekeBlood maybe thicker than water, but spirit is stronger than hell.- duy trinhIt is for us to expect and for God to decide.- LukasEverything seems more beautiful if you're in love.- Bizz LamichhaneLife is simple but not easy!- Piet NtemaSuccess is what you achieve, and beauty what you inherit. So it's up to you, you give importance to inheritance or success. Beauty you lose with time but success you can get more with time.- Anuj TiwariThe only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability- Amaan HussainLife's first lesson is that lessons are unavoidable, and to ignore one is merely to postpone it. A wise man is not always a knowledgeable man, but one not so keen on learning a life lesson twice.- Matshona DhliwayoStay true to yourself, hated or loved..- Piet NtemaWhatever struggles or setbacks we face it is intended to purify and empower us on our journey!- Lisa Ebersole DempseyHappiness either can last for a short period of time or can last forever. happiness that can be found and lasts for a short period of time is gained from money , fame, sex and everything else that can lead us humans to sin but happiness that can be found and can last forever is gained from love. whenever you are with someone who truly loves you the most you will feel that happiness that can never be replaced by fame , money, sex and everything else that can vanish in an instant- rodriguez chavezIts an open world outside for you to venture but beware of the walls within.- Harikrishna GopalakrishnanDream is like the dry leaf pressed between memories and long forgotten but it always retains an element to be cherished..- Namrata NahaDo whatever floats your boat as long as it does not sink mine.- JiaI do respect faithfulness except adult's to adolescence.- mohdmustafa99Balance is how much you can handle before you go nuts!- Edmond H SweidyThe meaning of beauty is abolished when your appearance is based on the eyes of others- awesomejj101Are you sure that war changes the world? If anything, war changes the lives of the people, more then the world itself.- Alan LeYou will search for opportunity in vain unless you have planted its roots within you.- vikrantSorry means nothing if you've done nothing to change your actions.- Inna ShirokovaThere are three types of people in this world; Problem seekers, Problem Solvers and Problem 'see you later'.- El Haji NeroAn idea without a plan is nothing more than a dream- Steven A. BoardOnly we can decide to allow the disappointments in our lives to rule us. We can either rise above it and keep moving forward to become the best we possibly can be or we will stagnate refusing to grow past it. The choice is always up to us.- Lisa Ebersole DempseySteady your feet on the ground, to maintain balance..- Reselmae TolentinoYou can't lose something you never had.- Kendall MyersDo not prepare a future for anyone, rather prepare that person for the future- Brayne MatshotshiIf you never stop trying, you can never fail.- Gianni CoxThose who take life seriously must be smiling joyously all the time. Those who look serious err by taking something else than happiness seriously.- Lokesh giriIn order to get what you want in life you need to work hard, sacrifice a lot and never ever give up.- Arlene De JesusThe best things in life are the nearest: Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life.- Darab ImteyazOpening an unknown door with a bunch of keys is like life. Once one of the key is unable to open a door, you put it aside and don't use it again, like a mistake, you don't do it again.- AllenHistory is the blueprints of our mistakes, the Future is the corrections of those mistakes- Josh DarosaWinning and Losing are just perspectives, they can even be the same things- Josh DarosaI do not wish to follow the majority; the resources are scarce that way.- Paul PeshkovWhy do we need the 'holidays' to actually remind us to appreciate what we have in life?- Ester CarrilloBe careful when you put your mouth on people. What they're going through today that you're gossiping about & laughing at, could be your own situation tomorrow- Kennisha L CrawfordIf you are taking life seriously you are not wise yet- Lokesh giriBeing happy is not about having more money, better friends or being higher against others. It's about being content.- Mac AceLove won't come if you don't seek for it.- srfghsdfOur lives are like a mosaic with everything we do adding a little piece and like a mosaic often the true picture is only seen when you stand back and take a look.- Bill GibbsTheir is no universal right or wrong, justice is based on opinions.- Steven SierraThe person who hides away from emotions and difficulties is turning their back on important lessons in life.- christine sharlandLife is just too hilarious! but it is only the wise that gets the joke.- Suchith Abeyewickreme The diamond with so much blood shed upon itself shows that imperfection is still valuable - Rafael GomezNever judge a book by its 'index' page. Go through the book thoroughly, before doing it. The same holds good for people as well. Remember, face is ONLY the index of mind!- Bipin Kumar G JAn older pair of shoes that fits comfortably, beats a new pair that causes pain when walking long distances.- Marcus W PringleLife is a game, those who keep winning get more interested in it.- Lokesh giriRegained childhood is the last stage of perfection.- Lokesh giriOur decisions are from past, and we always think of future, do we really live in the present?- Lokesh giriImagine you are dead and you have been given a gift to live somebody else's life, how are you gonna live it? Live your life that way.- Matt Bill(Wick)edness burns like a Candle of Death!- Mark A GardnerSome dreams aren't achieved through hard work but by mere opportunity.- Ivan Javier VelasquezLife is a gift, Talent is a blessing.- Fn ShihepoThrive by giving! The more we give the more we receive and we have more to give that we think!- Adrian McGinnGreet the day! Do not judge the day, it has not happened yet!- Adrian McGinnWe may be imperfect and impermanent but we can be impeccable and impactful!- Adrian McGinnServing life with dignity, decency, dedication, and discernment is being true to life!- Adrian McGinnThe power of an unbroken chain created by daily persistence can be infinite- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMAn unexpected act of kindness is the best. Surprise them!- Sibel TerhaarLet tears flow. They wash away your sorrow.- Syed BadiuzzamanLife is a mystery, happiness and positivity are the clues- Kabir Khivan SinghA broken piece will still miss in mending a broken heart.- William Gitau KWe are all on this earth together, we've all touched the ground with our feet and our face!- Donna DepewPoverty is always a guest in the house of a sluggard- Vusi Mxolisi ZithaOnly you can be the best 'you' there can ever be.- D.R. MeersTechnology has solved old economical problems by giving us new psychological problems.- Tadu chadaSuccess is a measure decided by others, Satisfaction is a measure decided by yourself.- Nazra NishatThe words we don't want to hear protect our egos. The words we need to hear protect society.- Forrest Munden An advice will be considered an advice only if given a few times, but if given repeatedly then it is a requirement not an advice..- Rajiv JainLead with integrity, honesty and humility- Rev. Patrick EllapenChange doesn't happen, till You Change- Mark A GardnerHow you say something is more important than what you say..- Rajiv JainThe only people who can break you are those who are close to you..- Rajiv JainIf you have time, it is the best solution to every problem..- Rajiv JainHidden Secrets drag your Soul down, Like a Vampire in the Night it steals from you.- Mark A GardnerIn the Movement of Life comes the Energy of Wisdom; It is the 'Awareness' of Action that benefits the Soul; Balance is the blending of Dark and Light. Live in balance and do not worry for your future.- Mark A GardnerLife is short, See a Vision and Paint your Canvas well.- Mark A GardnerLive life to its fullest, take chances, take risks, be unique, be authentic and be kind, because the effort you put in is the reflection you get back- Joey Martin posthumusTo repeat something a fool has said is foolishness in itself, the news media falls foolishly into that trap and gives the fool momentum.- Nancy Joan Jenkins EspeCreativity is the only energy that should never be saved.- Antonio DisiInnocence is the lie we build our faith upon. It is the twisted truth we use to justify our misguided actions. It is the soil we plant the seeds of our future in. Innocence is the ultimate disguise of doom. It is what makes us human. I have looked into its eyes, and I trust it no longer.- Manuel BundYou really have to start before you start.- Uche Onyinyechi RichardYou starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline.- Mac McGovernWhy do you say, 'Zombies are brain dead, dysfunctional, and have no place in society?' When, Zombies use more of your brain than you do.- Mac McGovernThe same people that help you climb higher and higher are also the people that will catch you when you fall, so don't push them away because when you fall, there will be no one else to hold you and tell you that you will be okay.- LarissaIf you cannot save a life, at least do not destroy one. Do not interfere in the working of the creator.- Rajiv JainDon't serve water of sadness when they're thirsty of happiness..- success songI may or may never sit in to the shadows of tress I planted now, but my legacy will live forever- Jessie MoriThe true essence of tranquility comes from the peaceful surroundings of nature.- Brenda Lee SandersHappy life is a myth only struggle is the truth.- Nikhil Prakash WanjareDon't let life's circumstances define who you are, but something you overcame!- Ruby Rachelle HardeeNot being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection.- Tahir DanishEmbarrassment is the price I pay for admitting when I'm wrong, being wrong is the price I pay for not admitting when I'm wrong..- Byron AbelLife wouldn't stop to teach even when we're not ready to learn..- success songIt is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one; Than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.- Michelle CaldwellYou can keep on judging and condescending while I keep moving forward- Liz KassimBesides God, there would be no life without a woman.- Marie Yolande PierreThere is no excuse in America for anyone to tolerate mediocrity as a life reality.- Rodney PierreYou should be the editor of your life-book.- Neha S PariharYour life is at peace, If you can enjoy a cup of tea with ease.- Neha S PariharDepression or illness is a horrible thing. Treat others how you want to be treated. Pass on the happiness. You only live once.- Iain MacdonaldLife is larger for the ones who are capable of 'giving' compared to the ones who 'expect'- Dr Sanjeev TrivediGet serious about who you allow to influence you. Relationships matter and the roles people play in your life will affect you significantly, directly or indirectly.- Germany KentDisassociation sometimes is a beautiful thing.- Germany KentYour parents love you. Call them more often. Somebody somewhere wishes they had parents they could call.- Germany KentYou're at an advantage when you stand up for yourself, even if it means you are vulnerable in the process.- Germany KentA healthy mind leads to a beautiful life.- Germany KentIf you put all of your business out on social media don't be surprised when the general public tries to run your life.- Germany KentSocial media is not your diary.- Germany KentLife may go on, but how do any of us know that the world won't cease to exist when we die for ourselves?- John Guedes do NascimentoConflict is inevitable, but the propensity to engage in provocative ways is best defeated by acknowledging that disharmony benefits no one.- Wayne ChirisaA grateful heart is a graceful heart- Jennifer PerssonDifficult life is a treasure of wisdom- mohdmustafa99If reality is the mirror of our essence, we better start smiling at it.- Daniela IsmerioWhen life gets tough, is when life starts.- Allen LazarWe all have a brain, don't worry about that. The difference is, some of us actually exercise it.- Allen LazarThose who try to impress everyone, usually end up impressing no one- the curious personThere is no particular order to see, it is just the need to see orderly.- Florence CleyouLove is what makes you feel good inside. Love is not pretending like you are blind when you should be reading the things that your partner might not see. Love is truth, honesty, communication and helping your partner stay healthy and succeed. Love is what you do to help someone you say you love.- Marie Yolande PierreLife is what you make it. Your imagination is the only thing that will place you at a better stage or otherwise.- Previledge Tafadzwa MakazaTo every finishing line there is a starting point. Don't ignore the days of your little beginning, because without them the success story is never complete.- Sunday OkorieLove is a reward- an exquisite, tenderhearted gift. Not a demand.- Amelia GoodeStop living up to others' expectations, and be yourself. Only you know who you are or want to be- Rev Ernie UrbanCriminals, failures, depressives, and the homeless. These are nothing more than victims of an incompetent society.- HUNTER HWho would ever want to live life with a mediocre level of Love?- Amelia GoodeOne voice can make a huge difference- Sunday OkorieLife is being Flexibly, adjust with what you are having at the moment.- Malik Ahsan AliIn order for me to live in peace, I must be true to myself and my own heart.- Amelia GoodeSmile till you have teeth, read till you have eyes, work till you have hands and travel till you have legs.- Ritesh RanjanLife is like an equation.. The future is unknown.. until you solve it- Ephraim jajiGOODNESS is the Author of all of Creation and Existence.- Amelia GoodeIf you laugh at the little seed in your hands, who will you help groom it to become a celebrated fruit- Abasiofon Fidelis‏We are a voicing phenomenon, but when we keep silent we become an overthrown phenomenon.- mohdmustafa99The young are as uncomfortable with the past as the old are with the future; the former has no yesterday, the latter sees no tomorrow.- Siavash RohaniChallenges provoke your mind's capacity and capability, which exposes your potential and abilities. Don't be afraid to take on challenges.- Tebogo SweatzWe aren't responsible for the actions of others but we are responsible for what we do in response to that behavior- Bridget WilliamsonIt takes your inner eye to see beyond the ordinary realm and understand the level at which you're heading to in life.- Abasiofon FidelisThe more destinations you go, the more cultures you experience, the higher tolerance you will have.- Miranda ChangWhite hair are enough to keep me reminded that journey of this luxurious life has a certain end - Malik Ahsan AliLife is all about enduring bad and delivering good - Malik Ahsan AliAccountability is the mother of good management.. Every leader needs it.- Akpan Okpongette EssienimoTo live as a carbon copy of everyone else is to not live at all.- J W BarlamentYou have to take left sometimes because right is not always right.- Ritesh RanjanLife's a journey everyone must travel, irrespective of the mode of transport, we'll all arrive at our destinations by the clock- Uwagbae Nosa Lucky It's strange to see people running after knowledge, disregarding that he himself is the source of knowledge. There will be nothing left to know, if you know your SELF - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRA person who lives their life righteously and without any misdeeds has nothing to hide - SunofYah913What Person Has Time To Hate When There are So Many Beautiful Things In The World To Explore- SunofYah913The best type of judge is one's self, because this type of judgement comes without any prejudice, hatred, or unfairness.- SunofYah913Do not judge the next person. In their shoes, you would probably do worse than them- JabulileThe mind can be creative only when it's free of all purpose.- Tapan GhoshTry to sit in the Comfort and Patience of Your Own Heart; it will lead you to Goodness.- Amelia GoodeYou are special, one of a kind. Let go of comparisons. Celebrate your uniqueness.- RoopleenOwn up and take complete and full responsibility every single time for all your actions, emotions, etc. regardless of the circumstance- G SwissNothing will never change for you - until you change- G SwissExcuses will never get you solution - G SwissIt pays to be obedient, you pay if you don't.- KRISHNAMURTYThe only way to know that your eyes are open is knowing that your eyes are closed. Therefore, you will find the truth if you found yourself believing a lie.- KimLove isn't suppose to be like ready mix cement which drys up quickly and then hardens.- Joe CervantesFake friends are no different than real enemies.- G SwissEvery minute spent complaining or not living to your fullest potential is a minute wasted- G SwissComfort and Learning are antonyms, your learning starts at the end of your comfort zone- Ritesh RanjanTrust the timing of your life. Everything you go through is a part of your process- L ParkerWhen two wrongs don't make a right, then ask yourself, who or what made it wrong to begin with.- moises santaYou must be able to stand up to the devil inside of you and say 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' for positive change to take preeminence- NDI DEREK GIYOHYou know your feelings are real when it makes you physically sick.- Michiel BesterMoments In time are not ours to own, they are meant to be shared.- Ana WhiteRELIGION: Religion is created to reform lives, not to take revenge with one another- KRISHNAMURTYLife doesn't have a correction, we correct life through learning from our mistakes and correcting them.- Hilton malatjiLEARNING: Learning is a continuous journey, not the destination- KRISHNAMURTYIf there should be any change or difference in this year, that should be you.- Sogbesan Temidayo BenjaminIt is great wisdom not to live according to wisdom. - mohdmustafa99The worldly elite moves pawns kings and bishops. When Jesus Christ returns, CHECKMATE!- Hugh Cahoon wear clothes to cover yourself not to color yourself- AijazEverything ends for something new to begin.- M A Gaffar ProdeepWe live here on earth praising material things but if we gave God the attention we give to materialistic things life would be better than better- Frankie LavenderLife is more beautiful when beautiful friends are around you.- Bizz LamichhaneThe difference between you and I is our mindset.- Marvellous Emmanuel wilsonFollow love when it calls, for it is God in every instance.- TheophilusBeing beautiful on the outside, is no excuse for being ugly on the inside.- Amelia GoodeDear smokers, when you burn one stick you not only burn relationships but also burn your one and only life.- shivangi lavaniyaBaseless, false accusation can prove to be a tricky business.. And will always come back to bite you in the end.. Keep your facts straight or shut your blabbering hole..- Archita arora Love. The only natural drug that can alter perspective without adding anything external.- Robin ThillySuccess starts in the womb and ends in the tomb.- Robert Dalton AdamsTo swim through life's waste, is what allows us to step up even cleaner. A stroke wiser for each length.- Robin ThillyDon't ask me, I am also good at questioning.- mohdmustafa99Don't let others play with your emotions, they're just afraid of dealing with their own. So they use yours as a distraction.- Jerome L. Walker, JrIf falling is a part of life then the bruises on my body surely mean I have lived.- Imraan Van KesterenWhen fools try to fool others, they actually manifest how foolish they are.- Suyog PotdarTHE GAP: Closed-Mindedness can create it, Narrow-Mindedness can widen it, Open-Mindedness can close it, Like-Mindedness.. Will Bridge It!- Johnny JR RemickPatients don't remember doctor's prescription, but their communication- PRACHI KERKARStars play their games, you play yours :)- Devesh Aviral Devrani Ironically, the evils that are unimaginable to a good person, are exactly what evil counts on..- LesleyZWho can foretell the end before starting something new? But yet, most of us play the same record over and over, in thirst of the same end.- pahi shettyA female is the passage of entry for a soul into existence. She forms one of the closest links between the transcendental plane and Earth.- Dr Nirvadha SinghYou can't make a large salad mix of all the different types of food you love and expect it to taste good. Some things are best enjoyed separately.- Lorreda C SmithInjustice is always unjust.- Christian Broome HuntAbility to say no in a gentle way is a virtue.- Avhidipta MondalPeople love goats and sheeps but from lion they are inspired and feared. Sharjeel Khan- Sharjeel KhanChange , one of the most fearful aspects. Of human existence, yet the greatest. Most profound. Means of growth.- Helen CovingtonDo not look for happiness, you will never find it. Happiness is a state of mind, and is not dependent on external factors, such as relationships and/or parties.- Inna ShirokovaThe golden rule of arguing is to listen more. This way, you can analyze rather than being analyzed.- Naqibullah PaimanUnless you've loved a Man at his worst, don't begin to claim your love is the purest just yet - Nancy AlmeidaDo something with your life now, so it can benefit your future- Leonardo baraunaAlcohol is like a mask; The only reason why you put it on, is to transform yourself into something you wish you were but ultimately do not have the courage to be- Mathias FolstedAfter every winding road, a straight road ahead- Abeer Al Jammal Talking shit and taking one are two very similar acts. Both feel great coming out, but can be horribly messy to clean up if not done carefully.- Craig Taylor NelsonThe dream lives in your heart and the reality in your mind! As long as your dream becomes reality, it is not a dream anymore.- Morpho PyrrouPassion.. the driving force that morphs itself into all kinds of power- Josh DarosaClear your mind, it will become your greatest asset in being able to understand- Josh DarosaEmpathy is like the key to someone's door- Josh DarosaThe best feeling of life.. for me, is a new perspective- Josh DarosaThe power is not in the words of a man, but in its meaning - Farhad DastoorWhoever said love isn't a bed of roses forgot that roses have thorns- Baely Gabrielle Askins Society changes the weak - ABDULAZIZ Al DABAANDon't trust anyone who overuses the word trust - instead trust those who show their trust in their deeds.- TonyxIt is a wise decision to flee when you know you are going to lose, learn from your mistakes and come back stronger, rather than rot in defeat.- Austris VansovicsYesterday is in your rear view mirror, Today is in your front & Tomorrow is your blind spot that's why it isn't promised- Kennisha L CrawfordIt is not until we are on the edge of losing control do we find out what we are made of- Kevin R WoodardOur ancestors are untraceable, the line goes too far back, thousands of failed civilizations all ripped apart by greed. There are no leaders, only guides, none which have found the right direction. It is time to work together as a collective and not as individuals, after all, we are all related. FACT!- Twenty TwelveThose who fear death often waste their lives doing so.- Jesse HayesWe're all reflections of what we want to see in our own world.- Jesse HayesWe don't turn into anything we don't want to!- Gabby RamosHate is stronger than love! When you hate someone you give them your soul- Gabby RamosThe heart's job besides to keep you alive is to make you experience strong feelings about important people in your life. Your gut is there to give you the final say on whether that's good or bad. And finally, the mind is there to make sure you don't show those true feelings as best you can, to protect those exact people you love in the first place.- Paul KaiserIn order to gain true understanding of things, one must start with themselves.- Gerald AbadBe the bigger person, it makes the other person feel pretty damn small.- Lorreda C SmithIf you are not destined for greatness then life is easy..- Sidney WatkinsIt's never the right time to do the wrong thing.- Bill GibbsYou know you have accomplished something in life, when you leave memories for someone else.- Loretta AveryYou are who you are, you cannot change what fate has made unique; you must first love you.- Mac McGovernLies of deception, targeted to deceive through the indoctrination of masses, are the hallmark of compliance.- Mac McGovernIf, I can assist one stupid person make a common sense decision, I have attained greatness.- Mac McGovernLook around you, there is a wall covering you and protecting you from life, the damages of the outside world, thus to truly grasp the reality of the world you live in you must break down that wall not at once , but a little piece everyday, so you can see how you grew and how much you still can achieve- LarissaYou are Born with a Name, But you Need to Create a Name. Who You are is more important Than Who You Were.- Ritesh RanjanNot to have problem at all, is like being brain dead- Dr Sanjeev TrivediDeath is simply the soul getting naked. The wardrobes of eternity has infinite fashions.- Jason BaptisteThe only thing more hypocritical than a sanctimonious motivational speaker is a capitalist pontificating moral rectitude.- rmaelectNothing is impossible, You just have to discover it.- Mariam Paul ObiozoThere's no such a thing as impossible dreams, neither is dreaming the impossible. All are just dreams, and they are as possible as you dream them to be.- Lucas TverdsI see this world headed in a no holds barred un-imagined destination as quickly as it can..- Byron AbelMark your plans in number system and not alphabets. You'll have more alternatives then.- Ritesh RanjanInclusive government takes not all, it even welcome ideas of those that belongs to no party..- success songI wanted my life to Change, so I made the Choice, I knew it wouldn't happen just by chance.- Allen LazarIf your life is filled with darkness, just go somewhere there is light. The darkness will slowly fade away.- Allen LazarI am a prisoner without chains or shackles. Free to do all and experience all, yet bounded by my fear of Him who is the author and finisher of my life.- LaToya Jones-MatthewsLoving flowers by tending plants, a way to compensate the lost love in life.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyYou only hurt when I'm gone. I was hurting the whole time I was there. The truth is I'm still Feeling the pain. But I know one day I'll be OK.- Marie Yolande PierreRather be angry at the person, than to be jealous.- Brian SekelePeople only believe what is written by ink.- Brian SekeleDifferences are made by circumstances.- Junior Mphumzi.N MathanjanaJesus loved the little children; but he never had any.- Michelle CaldwellGod gives you either comfort or peace. Many a times the choice is yours!- the scribeWhen those who comprehend stop caring, those who don't care will start to understand.- Michael LancefordIf who you are inconveniences your people, Then they are not your people. If who you are inconveniences your partner then that's not your partner. If who you are inconveniences your family then that's not your family. If who you are is celebrated by people, then you have found your people- Tina Fransman-SellI think about things that can elevate me, not things that can break me down.- ease berryTo be successful in life you have to keep off from negative people, surround yourself with positive people- ease berryLook at others and learn.- Sipho P NkosiIf you really want to fall in love with the most promising person then fall in love with yourself and experience it.- swati somalDevelop positive from negative and prove yourself- swati somalWhenever you found yourself around problematic people, don't get disturbed.. have patience, back to your roots and say to yourself.. 'NO, I won't give up, I will stand and fight for me.. I will raise my words and take my step against violence.. i will spread my words to encourage'- swati somalThe worse the winter the better the spring.- Leanne TarrabWhat I do and what I care about are the only things I'm in control of. I can't blame anyone for that.- Marie Yolande PierreWhat are you doing to make things happen for you? Have you heard of purpose? Your gift! What's your value?.. Well, whatever it is, that's your thing. Now take action.- Marie Yolande PierreHow is a Black person supposed to behave Like a typical village person? Wake up, we are in the 21st century. Get updated and act educated. The day of categorizing black people as low level thinking villagers and barbaric, mud house living people are over.- Mariam Paul ObiozoDespite my 20 years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a Women want? But at 21, I came to know Women are made to be loved, not understood.- Mujtuba HussainSilence is no longer golden; silence only helps the victimizers- bill p resopCeaseless awareness on your 'I' consciousness is all you need.- FEROZ KHAN LAMIRWhatever skill, talent you have in any field, the real joy begins once you start sharing and mold others as you are !- FEROZ KHAN LAMIRI'm not you.. Your not me.. Ever wonder why?- Me, Myself & I - GTIt's an everyday wish list, until you actually do it to make it your everyday life experience.- Wayne ChirisaContinuously position yourself among nurturers, thought leaders, and change agents.- Germany KentIf you're not using your gift and platform to reach people and help whenever you can, sadly, you are not rising to the level of excellence and purpose through your potential to enjoy a full abundant life.- Germany KentOppression only lasts for a season. Change the way you fight and the way you think, so that you are able to break free and walk out of the situation. Correct it and get it right. Do what it takes to win.- Germany KentSadly, people are still losing their jobs over things that they tweet.- Germany KentThe bird that sings Christmas songs during December is always there throughout the year just that it sings differently and it does not make a mistake- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusWhen I'm alone by myself I become extremely intelligent but when I'm out there with the people I just become super stupid- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusGoing through your man's phone is like peeling an onion. There are multiple layers to it, and the more you peel them back, the more likely you are going to start crying at inappropriate times.- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusLife is like a gamble, You WIN, you LOSE, It depends on how you play the game- DsistersdiariesALL Politicians are criminals to some point. If you think any different you need to spend more time in a book than on the internet.- Rev Ernie UrbanYou can never be as fool as wise you're..- success songOnward, through the fog.- Kareem DiengWhen all is lost and all hope is gone just keep on praying. Something is bound to happen whether it was God's doing or not.- John Guedes do NascimentoIf you want to get success in life Simple rules Follow universal facts and keep learning from them.- Tadu chadaI have reached a point in life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try and impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, good. If they don't, it is their loss- Mr vybs liveWorld allows to commit crimes today, to judge tomorrow in the name of justice.- Halil XhafaThe minute I was born was the minute I lost the privilege to support abortion.- baxter phillipsThe tone at the top will set or topple the foundation the criminals amongst us are looking to stand on.- George O SmithNever be embarrassed to be your own best friend. That is where it all starts.- Amelia GoodeIgnorance is bliss but we don't have the bliss for ignorance in our time.- baxter phillipsTo say you want to make a fresh start, but reacting under the weight of past baggage and experience is the wrong thing to do, and a sure failure to the start. You have to let go of the past and treat each episode there on as a new experience, and respond like it were new.- Sapna Dhandh SharmaYou create your own luck. God just gives you the thumbs up. But if it gets late, don't wait for it.- Abhaas AggarwalWhen life lifts you high, beware, for you need to choose between the booming rocket that finally crumbles down, or the slow growing mountain, that gradually touches the sky- the curious personWhen life lifts you high, beware, for you need to choose between booming rocket that finally crumbles down, or the slow growing mountain, that gradually touches the sky.- the curious personThey're not called sins anymore, they're called issues..- Byron AbelOld Latin quotes also fit in our contemporary life. Therefore, the quote you write today may last for two thousand years and even more- mohdmustafa99The more you believe in yourself, the higher the chances for people to believe that you are different from them- Mr vybs liveInteresting, false prophets were paid to speak, true prophets were chased away or killed..- Byron AbelYou don't have to keep trying if you're the only one that keeps trying to make it work. You're wasting your time, it'll never work.- Marie Yolande PierreYou wish to be a grantee , but if the matter is wishing , then wish to be a grantor.- mohdmustafa99Any man can throw a punch, a real man will walk away and apologize.- Allen LazarI read the manga of life. You're living the anime.- Tochtli SilvaWhen people bullshit you, just smile. Why? Because your worth is something they can't handle. Bullshitting them back will only reduce your worth and make you like them. Be wise!- Biglyf writesLife does not promise that we will not go through trials, hardships, and testing of our own personal understanding of faith. What it does promise, is that if you persistently change your inner perspective to a positive one, those trials, hardships, and testings, will become void of pain.- Amelia GoodeI have a Past of very good Memory and I have a Present of very bad Memory. Choose which Me you Want.- Ritesh RanjanIf your fear is whether or not anyone wants you, you should conquer that fear, if you don't, you'll start to hurt yourself more than the pain of those who've left you.- Ely PickettIn death, we have the same urgencies as we had in life.- The Quoted IrisMusician, songwriter, composer, storyteller, painter, singer, sketch artist, etc etc.. Thank you world, you let the computers replace them all..- Byron AbelMoney is not the most important thing in life, our last breath is.- Allen LazarIt is all about being AUTHENTIC.- Amelia GoodeLife is a school with many grades. The more you progress the harder it gets. Your humanity will determine your success.- Thando MdluliAs calm as lion as wild as cat..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiDivine Goodness Resides in Your Soul, it is the Essence of Your Being, it Saves You from turmoil, it Rests in Your Existence.- Amelia GoodeI held the dandelion in my hand, and made a wish so grand. It came to me and so I wished for something more, a wish for wealth, a wish for good health, and once again it was mine. I closed my eyes to wish to rid the world of pain, and the wind came. The dandelion was never seen again.- Melody HThe stars know when to shine, and how to hide.- Saugato AdhikaryLife is like one long race, except it is the last place that wins- JOSIAH PLive life at its fullest so that there won't be lesser joy in older ages- Malik Ahsan AliThe culture and society are of no use that teach us discrimination and where stones are precious than hearts.- BonnyToday is the present you have got in your life. Don't spoil it.- Ritesh RanjanFriends are like degrees, the true ones are 360, you cannot expect 360 degrees loyalty from 45 degree friends.- George O SmithSuicide is as selfish as those that oppose it- Forrest Munden Would you be ready to accept, if somebody reminds you in your dream that you are dreaming?. Indeed you will not, you feel so real then. So is this life. Only the death can wake them up one day those who cannot recognize this and there's no death for those wise men, who knew this truth - FEROZ KHAN LAMIR You consider whatever you see with your eyes as true, but what about your own face, which your eyes cannot show you? Is that really real which the mirror or photo shows you?. Even If your own face is just a belief, what else exists? - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRHuman rights violations are committed by humans, therefore it can only be us, human beings, to address these issues. We must take decisive actions today.- J BLet your pain fuel your passion for your purpose- L ParkerONLY AWARENESS, Your total success in each and every field is directly proportional to your quantum of awareness- KRISHNAMURTYI'm so sick of lying, because when you do I'm slowly dying.- Sarah Grace ShackettWe all have secrets that we keep from ourselves.- Michiel BesterAwareness is one's invisible miraculous brain's softwear- KRISHNAMURTYFocus is a catalyst for reality - Mabrig KorieWe seem to fight for our survival in society that we close off our vulnerable side to maintain our perceived credibility by creating a barrier between ourselves and the rest of the world only sharing our real complete selves to a very select few- Edmond H SweidyA person cannot 'act, communicate or respond' above where they are.- Marian E CurrieYour degree of peace of mind is directly proportionate to your quantum of outlook- KRISHNAMURTYBe a sanctuary and grow an island garden.- Brody SevereIf you are born cruel, that is not your mistake; due to ignorance if you die cruel, that is definitely your mistake- KRISHNAMURTYAlways be yourself. No matter what anyone says. It's the little things that make you who you are. Your passions, beliefs, and personality make you, you. It doesn't matter what life brings never lose yourself for anyone.- Hannah G. GreerOh, but my dear, this is not Wonderland and you are not Alice. This is reality and you are but a girl.- Natalya MnauelA man's heart cannot stand by itself, it needs a woman to hold it.- joey the poetDisagreement is often confused with hatred.- Emily EatonWe are celebrating a victory without knowing there is a disaster coming.- Alexandru BulaiOur emotional response is driven by the proximity of events.- Piyush ShrivastavaPeople who've got IT, can only give IT, to people who get IT- Johnnie Williams IIIYou must first define what you want in life; then work hard to achieve it at any cost- JOB LAZARUS OKELLOBeauty comes from within, it shines bright inwardly with outer radiance- Carmen Lesley SpeakThe reality of war. A lot changed when the war began. It took only four years to destroy our homeland. War was declared and armies were mobilized. Young men were drafted and civilians were ostracized. Bombs were dropped and buildings collapsed. Enemies charged in and our soldiers fought back. Tanks rolled in and fighter jets flew by. Children were crying and mothers screamed 'OH God why' When the war dragged on and there was no end in sight. The presidents and the generals knew It was time to bring out the mushrooms and the very bright lights. With a quick push of a button and with one last 'may god help us all' The green light was lit and the bombs began to fall. The bombs rain down and the children were told to cover their eyes. The parents knew that they weren't going to escape alive. The sky became bright and ground began to shake. I knew at that moment, the blast killed millions in its wake. Dropping atomic bombs did end the war But there were no victors, no survivors, and no form- Jonathan AvalosLife is a dream in itself- Giobari M AturaYour mind is a cage, if you can find the key to it then you can escape reality.- Dakota Ace HardinEven though I do not like to study for knowledge, the research that I like to do grants me knowledge.- Jose Ezequiel Montalvan LlerenaNegative thoughts are the biggest threat to human kind- Shrikrishna DeoreLife becomes easier when you find the purpose to your existence.- Javier ContrerasNever be afraid of solving a math problem! Because it is easier to get a solution here than in the life problems!- KRUTHIKA CHIDAMBARANATHANLife is fun. That is if you survive the stupid injuries when your a kid, drugs when your a teen, car crashes when you are an adult, and cancer when you are old. Once you survive that hell of a ride one of your organs gonna fail on you.- Amles ZnovhIt is nice to be lazy, but laziness can't make you nice.- mohdmustafa99Doesn't matter how big you are when life turns back you have to face the reality - Anuj TiwariLiving is not about seeing, . It's about being. Silence and acceptance can give the answers we seek. With our mouths and eyes wide open all we seem to catch at time is the dirt gathered up by others.- Darren GiardelliIn Death, We Find Love's Purest Form.- Kip Campbell CooperLet go of anyone and anything that feeds your insecurities..- Vardz77Whatever consequences or troubles you avoided, will always come back to you in another form.- KawaiiGirlIt's the Stupid ones that end up becoming Wise.- Ashkan HassaniThe Minute you make the choice not to do the right thing, You have potentially given away your ability to Choose what happens next- Brett DempsayWhy hurt ourselves by waiting for the one who ain't there to end the sufferings? Why not instead look around and embrace the one who is running along the way to just end that suffering?- pahi shetty'I love you' and 'i hate you' have 8 alphabets each, so don't be surprised if he comes to profess his today and tomorrow you see hatred being demonstrated.- Kabirat Ahmed SalihsYour life is a result of your mind.- Sourabh kumarLife is not cells nor of blood, but the spirit that dwells inside it.- Alan LeNot everyone is living the kind of life you want to emulate. You also do not need to impose your own criteria for successful living on others. They might have different priorities that don't necessary match your own.- El Haji NeroLife is short, we must go after what we ultimately want - with greed, and without shame.- Inna ShirokovaEverybody sees the world in a different way..- Hamdan Zefa BandaEnjoy the benefit of life, don't let someone who doesn't know the definition wreak havoc on it.- Thomas Flajnik antichimerapodalI have messed up, You have messed up. He has messed up, She has messed up. They have messed up, Everybody has messed up. But the important thing is that we learn from our mistakes- Ivan MaganaThose who are labelled insane, are the ones that see things that are not there, yet- TyrelleLive for today with your eyes on the future.- Thomas Flajnik antichimerapodalWe are plants. We need water, food, sun, and we grow- Eric Scott Tolman JrBeauty is a feeling, not a vision. you may dress it up to make a design But a design without a feeling is unfinished.- Patrick CarterReasons are not reasons, they are excuses. Dare not tolerate those excuses for neglecting one's heart. To follow the feeling in one's bones can be exactly what one needs. Acknowledge the hunches and obliterate the exasperating silence. To resist one's impulse is a bowl of anguish. Preservation is a limited convention. The more we attempt to prevent ourselves from falling, the closer we become to the fall. The innocent shall never win. The vulnerable shall never prosper Nonetheless the courageous are those who acknowledge the struggle that entails living. The pretentious are those who dare to breathe. And the ingenious are those who dare to love. There is no right and wrong. Whatever brings us stability and gets us through the day is always the sanest thing to do. A second of what you want can be worth a day of what you don't.- CamillaYou take care of earth, earth will take care of you.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyNo longer will I be anchored in old memories, but run towards the horizon with an open mind and wary heart.- Tiffany Louisa RichardsonThink about this.. happiness is a virtue and this virtue makes up your reality, once you have it or own it everything becomes clear.- Kyle D BoydenI live for the present like a kid on Christmas- Joe Anthony VasquezWisdom starts not when you try, it starts when you accept trying- Josh DarosaThese that are disabled, are disabled from giving up- Josh DarosaIn any battle for one to truly understand both sides, one will need a friend and a friend on the other side- Josh DarosaDrama is the whisper of reputation, you can leave it behind, or you can forever suffer from it'- Josh DarosaThere are shortcuts in life but not hard work- Josh DarosaIn general, there are no bad experiences. For all experience have value in the quest for wisdom.- TheophilusThe greatest value is what you are having at this moment, this time, this life- Kazeronnie MakIf destiny has it for you, it shall be delivered unto you, no matter what.. whether you are hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or while just being carried to the grave..- saikiranThere is a great relation between Proximity.. Money.. Satisfaction.. & Promotion. We want all, but in practical all are inversely proportional with reference to time. Need for one, may lead to devastation of others.- Pramod PJThe world is not based on, fact or fiction, truth or myth, reality and fantasy. The world, is a world of possibilities, achievable goals, and unlimited imagination. In other words, don't believe or disbelieve, of what you don't know, the (only) thing you can do is be open-minded.- Jorrdan StevensWhen God asks me 'What have you done with the life I gave to you?', I don't want my answer to be 'I spent it all chasing Silver and Gold. ' - Feneau DemesminSome people spend thousands of dollars on therapy, trying to figure out what causes their depressive feelings. Life is cruel and unfair. In reality, they are trying to figure out what stops their depressive feelings. In my experience, there's only one thing I know of and that is love.- JoshEveryone gets nervous when they watch the ticking clock, because that is the time gone from the time reaching your dreams- Karen KuranSometimes in life one needs time to find himself, to once again be reunited with the reality again.- nervisThe first step towards correcting a mistake, a problem or a fault; is to acknowledge it.- Jesse HayesToday I woke up, often the most simplistic of tasks are the most important.- Jesse HayesI know what I know & I know what I don't know!- Maria Turner-HeuerSmile because you can, Laugh because it makes you feel good! Think positive because things will get better- Gabby RamosEveryone changes, for right and wrong reasons- but no-one forgets.- mj mansfieldYou are everything I could want. but, I don't want someone who is completely perfect; I want someone who is only perfect in my eyes.- mj mansfieldNever hold regrets or grudges, it is painful on your future- maurice booneBe the water not the glacier!- antonio miltonThey say it's good to have regrets in life that's how we learn from our mistakes.. Now if you had regrets but haven't learnt anything from it then I suggest you go see a shrink.- MaxReminiscing your past is awful waste of present, unless present is going awful bad- Lokesh giriHumanity is the supreme most Religion, so try to be a Human first!- Bipin Kumar G JWhen people ask me for answers that I don't know, I tell them to figure it out on their own and listen eagerly when they do.- Jack BrownWhen we start understanding things as they are, life seems easy but also pale, then comes the urge to make life beautiful.- Lokesh giri