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Sometimes your friend circle decreases in size, but increases in value. Sometimes your friend circle decreases in size, but increases in value...

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Blessed are those who are happy! And happy are those who are free! - Joshua Aaron Guillory Blessed are those who are happy! And happy are those who are free! - Joshua Aaron Guillory..

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No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency. No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency...

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The way of man is easy, but it is the nature of greed that dictates the road that he travels. The way of man is easy, but it is the nature of greed that dictates the road that he travels...

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Happiness is when you don Happiness is when you don't have anything you don't want; and don't want anything you don't have....

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one, two, three, Life Will Be Tension Free, Four, Five, Six, Everything will be fixed, seven, eight, One, two, three, Life Will Be Tension Free, Four, Five, Six, Everything will be fixed, seven, eight,..


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Personal wealth should be measured by one Personal wealth should be measured by one's degree of enrichment of other people's lives..

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He who finds happiness in another man He who finds happiness in another man's shoes will never be happy...

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if you appetite is for success, happiness & a better you - you will never starve for attention! If you appetite is for success, happiness & a better you - you will never starve for attention!..

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Happiness is a drug, .. get addicted. Happiness is a drug, .. get addicted...

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Before a lamp gets off, It burn out loud.. Before a lamp gets off, It burn out loud....

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Everything seems more beautiful if you Everything seems more beautiful if you're in love...

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If you are happy with your life, that If you are happy with your life, that's the definition of a successful man, no matter where & how..

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Once born on this earth will die. Then why not enjoy before leaving earth.. We have one life, live Once born on this earth will die. Then why not enjoy before leaving earth.. We have one life, live..

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Happiness either can last for a short period of time or can last forever. happiness that can be found and lasts for a short period of time is gained..
-rodriguez chavez

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When you When you're happy with the little things in life.. that's true happiness...

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Everyday is a beautiful day, the clouds are just hidden art work in the sky sent by the Universe. Everyday is a beautiful day, the clouds are just hidden art work in the sky sent by the Universe...

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The best driver isn The best driver isn't always the one in the first place, but the one having the most fun..

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by controlling the tongue we control both what goes in and what comes out By controlling the tongue we control both what goes in and what comes out..

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away..
-Rebecca Ann Totten

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Life is too short, Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness, Laugh when you can, Apologize when you should And let go of what you can't change, Love..
-Sarah-Marie Teasdale

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Those who take life seriously must be smiling joyously all the time. Those who look serious err by Those who take life seriously must be smiling joyously all the time. Those who look serious err by..


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To be content within, one must be content without To be content within, one must be content without..

Being happy is not about having more money, better friends or being higher against others. It Being happy is not about having more money, better friends or being higher against others. It's..

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Everyone should just be quiet and forget differences. Forget what he or she has done to you. No one will care but yourself. Just live life, stop the unnessery suffrage (money, greed, wants, ect. ) and be happy.- Obed CeballosDance isn't what you do, it's how you feel for that moment in your life.- Jose PizarroHappiness is the most important, then comes smile, because smile comes from lips, happiness comes from heart- kubhendraWe are enslaved by the very things that we have captured- Marcus W PringleHe who does not wish to make others happy, shall not hold any right to make them unhappy either.- Bipin Kumar G JLife is a mystery, happiness and positivity are the clues- Kabir Khivan SinghDon't serve water of sadness when they're thirsty of happiness..- success songIn life we have many paths and roads that we choose to follow.. yet we are blind to the ones that lead us to our happiness- BreannaDepression or illness is a horrible thing. Treat others how you want to be treated. Pass on the happiness. You only live once.- Iain MacdonaldDisassociation sometimes is a beautiful thing.- Germany Kent

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If reality is the mirror of our essence, we better start smiling at it.- Daniela IsmerioSometimes we have to lose ourselves and find ourselves again to appreciate our own value. It is called self love and appreciation.- Tina Fransman-SellNever Be that person whose absence makes others cheerful.- mohdmustafa99Life is like a flower. Beautiful for a season but then the colors fade. But the flower still has life in it. When spring comes back again so does the color.- Rose ImaThere's something beautiful in today, everyday.- Vardz77Life is all about enduring bad and delivering good - Malik Ahsan AliAbility to share is the beginning of ability to care.- Dr Sanjeev TrivediThe greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.- Yakin DiwanIt's human nature to realise the worth and value of what was; only when it's lost - Azmath PashaThe best of faith is that which makes you free of anxiety caused by disbelief- mohdmustafa99Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times , if one only remembers to switch on the light- MEGHANARAJAVATHSAVAYAMind is sacred, keep it pure.- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMNothing will never change for you - until you change- G SwissMay you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.- LockeheartHold on to anything you find that's good and workable for you. Drop anything negative where you find it.- Germany KentLife is more beautiful when beautiful friends are around you.- Bizz LamichhaneDon't let others play with your emotions, they're just afraid of dealing with their own. So they use yours as a distraction.- Jerome L. Walker, JrWe are the factorys of shit- harish vashdevShort time sacrifices for long term happiness..- ashStars play their games, you play yours :)- Devesh Aviral DevraniOf days, I like Mondays; of colors, I like the azure; and of music , I like silence.- mohdmustafa99Life is pleasant when you believe whatever happens is for good and has purpose. - SadashivanDreams of gold, reality of silver- Elijah RainHappinesss might be right behind us but sometimes we're too afraid to turn around.- Chris PetersIt takes a great amount of courage to open a door for an unknown opportunity. It's a risk. It could even be a mistake. Or it could be the best damn thing in the world.- Regan HowardSuccess is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success- David FigueroaDo not look for happiness, you will never find it. Happiness is a state of mind, and is not dependent on external factors, such as relationships and/or parties.- Inna ShirokovaPaint the world with brightest colors, even on the darkest days- Nicole CallantaYou may be your worst enemy, learn to be your friend.- Iris PhilipAfter every winding road, a straight road ahead- Abeer Al Jammal After every pain lies happiness.. just like after very rough storm there is a rainbow- shiza shahidPain, I welcome it.. because it makes a small happiness seem more beautiful- Kritika ShresthaThey say time heals all wounds, yet, is it true if you never make peace?- Garron C. HaunBe content with what you have. But don't stop living your dreams and achieving your goals.- Mac AceYou can only have artificial and temporary happiness from other people, but true happiness can only be created from yourself- Garron C. HaunIt is not until we are on the edge of losing control do we find out what we are made of- Kevin R WoodardTo be truly happy all you have to do is live your life the way you want it.- srfghsdfYou know it is wrong when you did it without happiness.- Brandon McCullochLife is like a puzzle, put all the pieces together. And you will live in happiness- PatrickA person who doesn't 'want' anymore is the only person who has all he wants, never the other way- Lokesh giriDetachment is the key to happiness, It is time for a change and remove toxicity around you, Don't let just anyone take you for guaranteed and have you for their own amusement, Don't waste your time, and efforts on people who don't understand your true value- Pooja FularaRather than taking a morose and desponding view of reality, see life as triumphant and true- Joshua GuilloryMoney is not everything in life. Some believe no relationship is possible without money but no amount of money can buy love or happiness.- Chitra WithaneIts better to die in happiness than to live in sorrow..- success songWe want happiness to go along the way , but it always goes across.- mohdmustafa99Lucky are the deaf; they don't hear words that we dislike to hear- mohdmustafa99A pleasing mind can capture perfect picture of other's eyes- Aquiver kid Expecting nothing is a good expectation.- mohdmustafa99The well of virtue is inexhaustible, but very few thirsty ones do know where it is.- mohdmustafa99Real life can never have a lie written all over it.- Oscar Auliq IceLife is a cup of tea! Don't drink it with fear! Drink it with love - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEveryone deserves to be happy. No ONE has the right to make others unhappy in their process.- Laila Hakim You consider whatever you see with your eyes as true, but what about your own face, which your eyes cannot show you? Is that really real which the mirror or photo shows you?. Even If your own face is just a belief, what else exists? - FEROZ KHAN LAMIRRecognize your light, then seek the light in others.- Danielle KukichMany things point to falsehood but truth ultimately wins- Joshua Aaron GuilloryDating a Christian is the best, I cheat, she finds out, we pray together and blame the devil.- Tankiso Gilbert MofokengBeing present in the moment gives peace and rest to mind and body.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIt's unfair to dwell on the past, because everyone remembers it differently- Cassandra FineWhen you are not ashamed you can bring out and do everything- Leigh Anne BuenviajeEliminate energy-zappers and replace them with energy-boosters - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMHappiness is the exception that proves the rule. ‎- mohdmustafa99A man's heart cannot stand by itself, it needs a woman to hold it.- joey the poetYou are unique and amazing, if you want to change, make a change for the better and only for yourself.. Love yourself- Henry Van VuurenWe are all beautiful flowers when the sun shines inside us.- Md Washim AkhtarLaugh of baby is so powerful that it makes thousand buds bloom.- Pingili Malla ReddyLove is a open door we just need to find the right person to walk through it with us- Myauna Cummings Your mind is a cage, if you can find the key to it then you can escape reality.- Dakota Ace HardinI see this world in a different way, because I am a photographer.- Bizz LamichhaneLife becomes easier when you find the purpose to your existence.- Javier ContrerasThe ability to smile is a product of peace and positivity and the courage to smile is a sign of growth and maturity, learn to smile once a while because it's worth it.- Melissa mhluziIf you love someone, you should fight for him no matter what.- Meg PerezKeeping a healthy and peaceful life, we need to be very selective to choose what ingredients of life to allow and what to deny to maintain a healthy lifestyle with peaceful mind- Roma ChattopadhyayWhen beauty is all you see, how can life NOT be good?- Melia GullottiAbsence of anxiety brings happiness more than absence of sadness does.- mohdmustafa99Learning is the process of life as well as pleasure of present time..- OMi ShahEvery Day, Every Hour, Every Minute and Every Second is important in life. Until day to Until we die. Everything we create and we design ours life's, good or bad come from us. Until end try to be happy and make others happy. It's just a life.- chandu reddyThe life path is easier with someone by your side- Miguel Filipe Santiago PereiraLive the impossible and unfold the beauty of life- Leticia Garcia AlcalaYour fun is not dependent on anyone else, but the right person can amplify it- Gregory K. ParaghThere are many ways to be happy in life anyone can find one of them.- Victor CourageYou're not losing everything you want. You're realizing you are better than what was wanted!- Zac FarkoshLife's like a movie, just be the director- Jérôme W.Everyone utilizes their time to earn money and spend it on things they need and things which makes them happy. Their effort on earning more and more for the purpose of having more and more happiness. I utilize my time to serve the ignored people of my society which eventually brings happiness in their life and bringing smile on their face motivates me to work more and more for them. And as a result, it brings happiness in my life even though I am not earning any money. NO ONE CAN DENY, helping others does make us proud. In one line: VOLUNTEERISM IS OUR EARNING, we buy happiness by serving.- Syed Mohammad MujtabaPeace and happiness are like Left and Right hand of a human. Right hand is always seeking the harmonious support from Left hand. If either of the two is missing the person becomes a handicapped entity.- Chandrababu V SI believe it's a Beautiful Struggle, not an Ugly Life- Alanah M FreedmanYou should be smart enough to understand how dumb you are!- PriyankaFilled with endless regret, I find happiness in the fact that in another dimension, I have made all the right decisions.- Jordan J KoloskiLife loves when you forget about it.. So forget about it- James OkezeI love you. I can't live without you. I feel so incomplete without you. You are a part of me and I can't live if I don't have that part. I am not asking you to love me forcefully or something. However, I'll never be able to stop loving you, it's like breathing to me and if I stop breathing I'll die. I know that I really love you because loving you hurts a lot. And I read somewhere that the things that really, really hurt are the right things to do. Now I can say that the things that really, really hurt are real. No matter how hard I try to ignore you, I can't. And I couldn't just get away with this feeling, I had to tell you because I had to give it a try. I still don't know whether you love me or not, but here I am telling you how I feel without even knowing anything about your feelings. I think it is worth taking the chance and trying again and again in love, no matter what happens.- nadia khanFood is for taste. Happiness is taste of life.- Kazeronnie MakI believe a person should be who they are because in the long run, this life is going to pass over, and you will never discover who you are, if you don't.- David FigueroaA perfect life does not mean being happy all the time.. It is pain combined with happiness that makes a perfect life..- shiza shahidFor me.. nothing is more relaxing than feeling the touch of wind against my skin.. It makes me feel Alive.- shiza shahidI live for the present like a kid on Christmas- Joe Anthony VasquezAs I go through all kinds of feelings and experiences in my journey through life -- delight, surprise, chagrin, dismay -- I hold this question as a guiding light: 'What do I really need right now to be happy?' What I come to over and over again is that only qualities as vast and deep as love, connection and kindness will really make me happy in any sort of enduring way.- Darab ImteyazThere are many kinds of ways to live life, drink it down and lose loved ones, cheat through it all and give pain, and people who use all their heart to bring happiness to others- Josh DarosaIt's life, you gotta take the good with the bad and make the best of what you got- James EatonNever look back.. remember with a smile. Look forward with a grin.. somethings just aren't supposed to be.- Ruth DunneI think people like to share their misery more than happiness.- Ahmed Al ShareefYes I cried over you. Do I regret it? NO WAY! This is life, when you cry, cry your hardest, when you laugh, laugh like it's the last chance you get, when you love, love with everything you have, Don't look back and don't regret, don't waste your time on second-chance guys. Live your life to the end, after all, you only get one life to live- Lindsey KaufmanI have learned that the things that I cannot change are exactly as they should be- Dr Ina CreekbaumYou can't work for love.. You can't expect Love to happen.. It will just fall into your hands and completely overwhelm you with emotion.- Garron C. HaunLive to love, love to live- alyssaWhen your heart is overloaded with regrets, anger and sadness, you cry out all the pain, When your heart is overloaded with joy, freedom and love, you cry all out with tears of joy. But when your heart feel both emotions at the same time, what kind of tears do you cry out then?.. Neither of them. I feel nothing. All thoughts and feelings disappear and my mind goes blank.- KarolinaWhen you are content with the way your life is, you wear a smile on your face! I gotta big old grin on!- Lisa BumgarnerThere will be very few days when I will be sad and cry but when that happens it will only have to do with the people that mean something to me- Elton Huff'i love you' is nothing but a word.. but being told 'i love you' is more than any word that could possible be written.- mj mansfieldJust because you haven't been swept of your feet yet, doesn't mean there isn't someone who wants to.- mj mansfieldThere is a small seed waiting to be free. Burrowed in the ground, fed and watered. It grows slowly year after year. It turns into a beautiful flower taking in the sunshine and air it wanders 'when will I be free?' It sleeps in the cold winter months. In spring it awakens and is lively again it is watered and fed day by day. It wanders 'when will I be free?' The flower lives on year after year wandering 'when will I be free?' A long time afterwards in the winter the flower whispers ' now I am free!' In the spring the flower doesn't wake up.- Bethany Hope SkinnerLive life to love, love life to live- George AntoinetteLife is Hell, and I want Heaven..- Abhishek ThakurDo you want me to give you a chance to want to make you happy, or is that something I can't do?- Freaky