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You can be quite different without being indifferent. You can be quite different without being indifferent...

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Being fearless is not about being stronger than your enemy, it is about accepting that you might Being fearless is not about being stronger than your enemy, it is about accepting that you might..

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Our intention when saying some things is more important than the things being said. Our intention when saying some things is more important than the things being said...

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Being dead inside means no amount of help can ever cure you again. Being dead inside means no amount of help can ever cure you again...

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sometimes the pain is so intense that even your tears feel the pain and they just stand there in Sometimes the pain is so intense that even your tears feel the pain and they just stand there in..

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I choose to smile at the world and its teeth than being grumpy and unsatisfied because anger peals I choose to smile at the world and its teeth than being grumpy and unsatisfied because anger peals..

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Start every day with the pretense that you have just narrowly escaped death and allow yourself to Start every day with the pretense that you have just narrowly escaped death and allow yourself to..

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If sustainability is adopted by every living being on earth the way humans do, everything would be If sustainability is adopted by every living being on earth the way humans do, everything would be..

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being uncontrolled is not being cool Being uncontrolled is not being cool..

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Being resourceful is a gift. It allows the mind to utilize various avenues to travel to one Being resourceful is a gift. It allows the mind to utilize various avenues to travel to one's own..

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The hardest part after being hurt isn The hardest part after being hurt isn't healing; it's learning to trust again...

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What makes one qualified to be a critic? The inability to be better than the subject being What makes one qualified to be a critic? The inability to be better than the subject being..


Being lonely is like being a ghost, you can hear everyone but no one can hear you. Being lonely is like being a ghost, you can hear everyone but no one can hear you...


Once we start being brutally honest with ourselves we found we had mistaken bad decisions for bad Once we start being brutally honest with ourselves we found we had mistaken bad decisions for bad..

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Being positive when things go bad is the best gift one could ever get. Being positive when things go bad is the best gift one could ever get...

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Being happy is not about having more money, better friends or being higher against others. It Being happy is not about having more money, better friends or being higher against others. It's..

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I sometimes don I sometimes don't get when girls say they are not pretty when they clearly are. To be HONEST, there..

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Why waste your time being sad when there is so much happiness in life ready to be experienced? Why waste your time being sad when there is so much happiness in life ready to be experienced?..


I like being in control, not being controlled. I like being in control, not being controlled...

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Being undisturbed by pressure is the real victory Being undisturbed by pressure is the real victory..

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We humans fear the unknown, therefore the fear of being alone is the fear of self. We humans fear the unknown, therefore the fear of being alone is the fear of self...

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The love we feel for others is a sign that we are all connected and that everyone we love displays a part we like about ourselves that every human..
-Kay Yash K Hove

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Serving life with dignity, decency, dedication, and discernment is being true to life! Serving life with dignity, decency, dedication, and discernment is being true to life!..

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Balanced state of heart, soul and mind makes a perfect human being Balanced state of heart, soul and mind makes a perfect human being..

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If love is mad, every human being in mad- VnTNot being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection.- Tahir DanishEmbarrassment is the price I pay for admitting when I'm wrong, being wrong is the price I pay for not admitting when I'm wrong..- Byron AbelDon't stop being who you are because the moment you stop it is almost as if you don't exist anymore- KPSThe same energy that fuels enthusiasm fuels bitterness. But there is no comparison for the transcendence that accompanies being able to rid ourselves of bitterness.- Gbolabo AdetunjiSeparate yourself from the masses by just being you. You are tailor-made, act like it.- Germany KentPhilanthropy may not be your calling, but being a humanitarian requires nothing more than an open heart and a willing spirit.- Germany KentFocus on being the best person you can be, even if it means disassociating yourself with certain people, fake friends, social media, bad habits, or unhealthy environments.- Germany KentNature is like a Human being, be protective of Nature as you do with yourself- Ambrien bangashGood management employs you as a human being, not a machine- mohdmustafa99

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Inspirational Quotes Live a life worth being remembered, talked about, quoted, and even mirrored--especially by your children. - Eric J. SchneiderWhat's the point of being serious when life's a joke? - Charlotte CrafterThe value of a human being is in his/her willingness and ability to help other reasonable and responsible people reach their highest potential - Cherif Medawar Being what you are, and doing what you like to gets you to.. where you belong - dipaksHaving, Doing, Being.. Having the courage to succeed, Doing more than is expected, Being an example to those that shall follow. - Horace N. AllenImperfection is beauty, madness is genius. It's absolutely impossible to please everyone, so I suggest that we all stop trying. Who cares what anyone else thinks, everyone is absolutely amazing and beautiful in their own way. Who says that you are not perfect? Don't listen to them, you are perfect, you are perfect at being you. - hey guys.Being man is not valuable, being human is worthy. - ramesh kavdiaThe creator purposefully created each and every living being in the universe. We, humans, are bound to accept fellow humans and living beings without a choice. - Chandrababu V SWhen you are given the opportunity to help others, take that opportunity and grow from it. You will not only feel grateful and fulfilled. You will also feel a sense of pride that you've given another human being a chance of life that would have been far too reachable without you help - Gladys GallentesBeing beautiful on the outside, is no excuse for being ugly on the inside. - Amelia GoodeLife is being Flexibly, adjust with what you are having at the moment. - Malik Ahsan AliBeing fearless is not about being stronger than your enemy, it is about accepting that you might die fighting. - William Graham BörtzYou can be quite different without being indifferent. - mohdmustafa99Being great ain't about being on top of a hill for everyone's view. It is about being at a ground level but everyone is struggling to see you - Mr vybs liveAlways cloak yourself in a garment of Truth. Or risk being left to freeze in a suit of Lies. - The Quoted IrisBeing important is not determined by the distant places you know, or the important people with whom you associate; but by the important things for which you are known, and the distance you are willing to go for people. - Christopher MightyFocus on being the best person you can be, even if it means disassociating yourself with certain people, fake friends, social media, bad habits, or unhealthy environments. - Germany KentSeparate yourself from the masses by just being you. You are tailor-made, act like it. - Germany KentThe same energy that fuels enthusiasm fuels bitterness. But there is no comparison for the transcendence that accompanies being able to rid ourselves of bitterness. - Gbolabo AdetunjiPart of being a person is about helping others. - Setshaba MakgwanePriests earnestly strive for Holiness, Long-suffering, Gentleness, kindness, Meekness, unfeigned love being filled with Holy Spirit as constant companion. Priesthood unites millions of churches all over the world to celebrate the Holy Mysteries of Mass and Holy Communion. - Shaila TouchtonNot being self-aware is like being the lion who attacked his own reflection. - Tahir DanishTrue strength is not physical, but it is being able to walk through any difficulties in your life without becoming bitter towards God - Monica J. YoderBe the one who creates opportunities, instead of being an opportunist. - Muhammad Shahid IqbalNot to have problem at all, is like being brain dead - Dr Sanjeev TrivediMusic is a heavenly way to perform a ritual , to prayer or offering to the Supreme being , to express gratitude for a particularly fine day, or give back on one that had more tests ! - Vivek SahneyBeing Fake is just a beautiful and easiest way to hide your pain and problems from the world, where everyone knew how to use your pain against you to make you taste your defeat. - Sayyed TarannumServing life with dignity, decency, dedication, and discernment is being true to life! - Adrian McGinnNone of us is a better or worse human being than anyone else, if so it is our mind playing tricks on us! - Adrian McGinn

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Life Quotes If people spent as much time being happy as they spent complaining about the economy, the world would be a happier world - GabrielIf we are all trying to be different are we all not actually the same? If we all do the same thing, which is being different, then are we not going in circles? So my friend, do nothing - GabrielThere are two ways to look smart, being smart and pretending to be smart, pretending to be smart is far more difficult than really being smart. If you want to be smart you only need to work till you become smart, but with pretending it's hard to manage a lifetime. - Lokesh giriBeing LONELY is much better than feeling ALONE - AB BabyGrowth in humans is not necessarily being able to find faults in others, but being able to make a best living with them despite their faults - Lisa RoyIt didn't start out this way.. But, then again, it never really does. We live our whole lives striving to be someone, trying to make our mark in someone's world. We start out trying to conquer the world, but in the end, find ourselves struggling from being conquered by it. No one's life is a fairy-tale, and although magic does exist, it lasts for mere seconds. CHIVALRY is dead. MAGIC is rare. DEPRESSION is real. HOPE and FAITH are exhausting. LOVE is dangerous and questionable. And, above all, LIFE is terminal.. There is absolutely NOTHING to over analyze. - Brittany Ann SmithI'm just a Human being, being Human. - Bill GibbsA day is speechless, even for the worst. a week is timeless with happiness and forgiveness. a month is sky less filled with darkness and coldness. a year is heavy like the weight of your life being carried on your shoulder. a day is depressing with coldness around you. - miranda garcia Don't you hate it when everyone else can have an excuse for being human except you? - Jon Byron RangelClear your mind, it will become your greatest asset in being able to understand - Josh DarosaBeing in a polluted environment, one does not get fresh air and become polluted.. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyCould I really be someone, or is it my dream of not being someone. - Donna MalacinaThe golden rule of arguing is to listen more. This way, you can analyze rather than being analyzed. - Naqibullah PaimanIf you're gay, it's a sin. If you're bisexual, you're confused. If you're skinny, you're on drugs. If you're fat, you look nasty. If you dress up, you're conceited. If you speak your mind, you're a bitch. If you don't say anything, you're a punk. If you cry, you're a drama queen/king. If you have male friends, you're a whore. If you have female friends, you're a player.. You can't do anything without being criticized. Love me or hate me but you will never change me. - Martika CherryStill Being Respectful Even When We Are Being Treated Unfairly, Shows Class! - SHIKI E KIRKPATRICKDivine Goodness Resides in Your Soul, it is the Essence of Your Being, it Saves You from turmoil, it Rests in Your Existence. - Amelia GoodeIt is all about being AUTHENTIC. - Amelia GoodeGood friends and bad friends, these are used commonly day to day but in reality there should not be such use but friends and enemies as opposite of friend is enemy though opposite of good is bad using good and bad to qualify friends is just simply being politically correct. - Segun RasakiThe world is too busy to care what you say or do. Sometimes you just have to keep everything to your inner being. Not all who will listen to your story, are willing to assist you. Some people are only gonna listen to your story just to pass time. Know who you share your issues with. - Azwihangwisi NematsweraniThe success we knew was only by achieving. But girls, today you celebrate success by being achieved.. - Mr vybs liveDeveloping, practicing, and withstanding your own personal boundaries with others daily, will be the key to a flourishing life for yourself. Never back down, and never allow others to make you feel guilty for taking care of yourself and your own personal well-being. - Amelia GoodeThe bee colony (super organism) is still not advanced enough to prevent the theft of its honey by a single human being. - Boghos L. ArtinianThe Art of Life Lies in Being Singularly Happy. - Neha S PariharDon't stop being who you are because the moment you stop it is almost as if you don't exist anymore - KPSSorry for not being beautiful enough, sorry for not being smart enough, sorry for not having that career, sorry for not fitting in any fashion or form; but everyone has their own beauty, mind and different paths of life to others, l may be sorry but we all have flaws if there is beauty in us flaws do not get noticed. - Lila ReedDead and lifeless is reality but being lifeless and alive is cruelty. - Padma vutukuru nagarajuEmbarrassment is the price I pay for admitting when I'm wrong, being wrong is the price I pay for not admitting when I'm wrong.. - Byron Abel

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Love Quotes Perhaps only by being in love can one become a better person. - NovaBeing in love is something you think , actual love is something you feel - karina quinonesI'm longing for.. a kiss on my forehead, a stare while I am sleeping, a hand to hold on tightly, warm shoulder to sleep on, an all night hugs and cuddles, laughter to share with, an endless heart to heart chat, being with someone, you.. - indah mayang indriyaniBeing in love is a humanly emotion that comes from a deep intimate, social communication. You sit on the phone all night, you have nice long conversations, and it just feels so amazing. Once it gets to a certain point you say 'I'm in love with this person. ' But the truth is, you're not in love with the person, you're in love with the way they make you feel. - James brownWhat hurts the most is being so close and having so much to say then watching you walk away - Jordan DavisNothing is more gratifying than seeing someone on the verge of happiness.. because of being 'Loved' by you - Naresh DhimanThe best description of Love is not being able to describe it - Josh DarosaThe key to being successful in your relationships with women is knowing that they are always right. everything else is just part of the dance. - Donald Lynn frostI'm dying twice in one life what makes it worse is being killed by the same person Twice - Siye tNothing feels greater than being in a relationship with the person that loves your honesty without looking for material. - lifeThe beauty of Love is that it can be possessed individually as well as in Union. You can love even if not being loved in return or You can love and be loved in return. - Ashish SophatBeing a blessings for someone is such a beautiful feeling ever - Aayushi vermaDon't feel like you are not good enough because he didn't care. Don't be sad because he made you an option. Don't think you are not worthy of being treated the way you should. He is the one that chose to treat you that way and make you feel that way, don't blame yourself because you tried and you cared. - Shannon oliverWe don't regret being kind to people but we make them regret losing our kindness. - Nouran MounirI prefer to see your smiles than a movie. To hear your laughter than the radio. To feel your touch than mosquito bites. Being with you is my greatest delight. - Jason BaptisteIf one does forgive that person without his repentance, he is adding to his wickedness that is being committed by him and this will not produce love or any good. - Shaila TouchtonIf love is mad, every human being in mad - VnT

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Change Quotes If I had a gift, I would have filled half the world with passionate people, with those people crazy enough to get out of their comfortable wretched lives to go in pursuit of love, love that is the way of feeling every moment without the fear/ decision from past, but the joy and gratitude of being blessed with such a wonderful gift - love. - Lokesh giriOnce we start being brutally honest with ourselves we found we had mistaken bad decisions for bad luck. - Bill GibbsThe hardest part after being hurt isn't healing; it's learning to trust again. - Sarah BridgesI'm no minority, I'm a human being. - Kai ChanIf a change is necessary for the smooth conduct of life, do not hesitate to effect that without further time being lost. Time is as significant as change in life. - Chandrababu V SEvery living being has the birth-right granted by the nature to live and die in this world without the manipulative interference of human Every living being has the birth-right granted by the nature to live and die in this world without the manipulative interference of human. - Chandrababu V SEvery single human being is selfish. May he/she want it or not. We eat meat, made of animals, just to survive, not thinking about the death of our food. That's selfish thinking, don't you think? And don't start about vegetarians, they eat plants that are just as equal as animals. So don't go around saying you aren't selfish. Everyone is. - KingKing3'I love you' and 'i hate you' have 8 alphabets each, so don't be surprised if he comes to profess his today and tomorrow you see hatred being demonstrated. - Kabirat Ahmed SalihsNo matter what I look like or what size I am, people will always judge me by it, what really matters is my personality, my knowledge, and being myself. - safaWho am I? I am a feminist. I am a woman. I am a single mother. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am a cousin. I am a Godmother. I am a great friend. I am a good self-discipline. I am a human being. I am a writer. I am a hard worker. I am a designer. I am a great listener. I am a great leader. I am a great believer of my heart, mind and soul. I am not afraid of failure. I am an experienced of life. I am who God has created me to be. - Marie Yolande PierreWhen you're unhappy with yourself, you think of making the entire world unhappy with you only if you could. Then after 4 seconds you realize that the world has nothing to do with you being unhappy. The world doesn't even know that you exist unless you have something great to offer the people. It's all about people. So start helping people all over the world by beginning with you. Then you'll be the happiest person alive. Stop fake being happy when you don't even know what can give you happiness. Start doing something meaningful for people and the result of happiness will be yours. What are you good at? - Marie Yolande PierreCalling for change and being part of making change are two very different things. Stop calling for change and be a part of making the change you want to see. - Loren WeismanEvery human being on this planet has miscarriage of success, have courage to take responsibility of failure, One who creates the history One who reads the history will never be same - SaikiranKarnamBeing present in the moment gives peace and rest to mind and body. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyDo not complain of being at the bottom, rise up. There is always room at the top. - Juned Mohammed

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Peace Quotes Till the time you don't realize what you are doing is good or bad you are not a human being.. - Aman pahwaIf you are not being honest with yourself you have not reached the inner mind. - Victor CourageThe good news is that greater recognition and attention are being given these days to human rights. - J BThere is both a moral case and a practical one for the argument that no man, woman or child should live in fear of their human rights being violated. - J BYou, I, and others have the responsibility to help those whose human rights are being violated. - J BDespite improvements in human rights mechanisms, millions continue to have their human rights violated and millions more live in fear of their rights being violated. We must continue to advocate and defend human rights and safeguard the progress achieved. - J BDespite considerable efforts, the transformative changes needed to universally fulfill human rights are not yet being made. - J BAs we strive to end conflicts around the world, we must understand that lasting peace is based on the respect for human rights, with human rights being put at the center of all peace processes. - J BIn today's political climate, progress for human rights is being lost. - J BIt is a pity that human rights efforts are not being pursued endlessly. ' - J BHuman rights concern me to the depths of my intellectual and emotional being. - J BTell me what human rights are being violated and I will fight for them. - J B"A human rights defender not only defends the human rights of those being violated, but defends the human rights of the violator as well." - J B

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Funny Quotes If most of us are abnormal, being abnormal becomes normal - Lokesh giriBeing lazy has advantages, for instance if you are lazy it becomes very hard to hold a grudge. Too much effort. - Jack BrownIsn't it funny that we realize that the youth is being wasted on wrong people only after we cross it (youth). - Lokesh giriThere is only one good thing about being the last, you don't have to look back, no one can chase you. - Austris VansovicsMovie on your life is being recorded, just press the button of your memory & watch any moment of your past. - harbinderjit singh bajajFacebook popularity-- so overrated. Being used as a means to stunt, front, snoop, and to live out fantasies-- one's celebrity dreams.. - CornisheeJBruceIt is easier to be a great leader than to dream of being ruled by a great leader. - mohdmustafa99Only Jesus can love those who don't love themselves. So unless you plan on being a nun, learn to love yourself. - Lorreda C SmithThe best thing about being the eagle in the sky is being able to see the wolves and the sheep. - Ross AveryA Miss dislikes being mistakenly called Mrs. The reverse is not true. - mohdmustafa99O! pretty lady, it is my honor to have my heart being broken by you; only you. - mohdmustafa99Having time or not having it, people dislike being asked about things they don't know although it takes no time to say. 'I don't know'. - mohdmustafa99

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Success is not only in having or being in a dream. It is in doing.- EBINEZAR GNANASEKARANBeing the best and positive in a negative situation is not weakness nor innocence. It's a sign of leadership- Wachira WambuA man becomes a man when he is no longer concerned only about his well-being.- Zac OchsenbineOne should always let one's accomplishments speak for one and one's reputation precede one and lead one. These always have to be earned the right way, they cannot be begged or borrowed or stolen. So much for being a true leader and a true follower.- SundareshIf you're open-minded, you don't mind being open! You let them mind!- Meshack SeweBeing Different and being Indifferent are Different- Adarsh HegdeBeing broke is part of the journey. Staying broke is a f**king choice.- Jaymin ShahCreate your own destiny by being true to yourself- pollet reneilwe masekoamengNever stop being optimistic about your goals, because if people believe in you and you don't believe in yourself, you will continue to have PhD in failure.- Akinyele Akinyemi Y.Some moments are to be just lived and rejoiced, rather than being captured and updated- PRACHI KERKARLove the way you would want to be loved.. Never not love and end up wondering why you're not being loved at all.- Imraan Van KesterenContentment isn't only being satisfied with what you have but being happy with what you have and respecting it.- Bafferh MohammedIf you care about what people think about you, you will end up being their slave. Reject and pull your own rope.- Oscar Auliq IceA human being who trades away individuality for conformity is nothing but a slave.- Oscar Auliq IceTo a wise man, the only fear of becoming wiser is the fear of being referred to as a mad man- Stanley Kelechi OnwuemeneThe worst feeling in the world is being heartbroken, because no one ever really understands..- Caroline HuamaniDon't hold onto anger, bitterness and resentment, it has the power to hinder your well-being and happiness for the rest of you life if you let it. Acceptance and forgiveness is difficult but it is a lot easier than a lifetime of self-punishment and misery.- Iris PhilipDon't try being your best there will always be someone better, don't try doing your baddest cause someone will follow up with badder, so just try doing yourself, because when all is said and done a legend's legacy is at the mercy of the sharpest tongue- James OkezeWhile exercising your right of being who you meant to be, you are absolutely risking the comfortable dimension of social convention, but it is definitely worth it if you have to live your own life.- Birhanu Mekuria EsheteChances of being a winner is directly proportional to the amount of risk and challenges borne.- Maharshi UpadhyayaBeing occupied keeps you away from brooding, cribbing and crying.- Maharshi UpadhyayaIn the free market of ideas we must agree to disagree and disagree without being disagreeable.- Rick HoelzerThey call it weird.. I call it being interesting.- Zarah smithCrying is not a sign of a weakness, but a reaction of being human- Brayne MatshotshiBeing creative is exploring your inner self!- Bipin Kumar G JBeing grave is not being serious, you can simultaneously be smiling and serious.- Lokesh giriIt's much better to be nice than mean because being nice gets you more than being mean to people. It also forms connections. Being mean to people only sours you as a person. Being nice makes your life better and the life of others better and you don't end up regretting anything.- David FigueroaA realistic man who makes his home and family the center of his activities and takes pride in being a good parent and lives in harmony with his faith- Irfan Mamoun MDOne can't simply study and wish to become a billionaire, one can learn only words by studying, it's the very experience of a human being that will make him a billionaire.. and experience can only be acquired by trying new things not by sitting in a room full of books on Maths, Science and other stuff.- DhimangiriBeing confident, is when you only care about your own opinion and advice.- Allen LazarIf someone is speaking the words of truth, but is being a hypocrite at the same time, that doesn't make their words less truthful - Luka Anu i LakovskiWe get sad for not being happy- ameya agrawalIf you believe in what you create being art, then it is art, no matter what it is. Art has no right or wrong form.- Austin James LelievreBeing so-so is not a bad thing. It beats being miserable.- Austin James LelievreWe were given the gift of being a human being. If we act and think like animals, God will destroy us like animals..- Byron AbelToday Women have been successful in achieving great heights. Being a woman with balancing family, housework & job is not easy, but she does it with all her heart. Thank you to all the men who have supported women and also given her the freedom of her choice. Happy women's day strong ladies.- Joycee FernandesToday, human beings have forgotten being humans.- Devam ShahResearch is key. Do not respond to an employer before you have done your homework. You will impress them for knowing your stuff and surprise yourself for being so sharp.- Germany KentTo be intelligent enough is not far from being stupid enough.- mohdmustafa99Leaders are born to do their own things. Leaders don't wait on anyone to do things for them. They are all always busy doing their own things and they always ready to help and teach anyone who can follow and learn. It's hard for them to watch people wasting their talent and being lazy about anything.- Marie Yolande PierreBeing creative is the best certificate in the whole world- oluwagbenga segunVirtue means wielding the power to commit great evil but being powerful enough not to.- Siavash RohaniWives do not like their husbands being 'hit under the belt'.- mohdmustafa99A top boss is the person who gives himself freedom of coming late, or being absent.- mohdmustafa99Live a half of your life loyal to emotions , and the other half by being disloyal to.- mohdmustafa99Being real and true is what counts! And what is! Be real and true now - Joshua Aaron GuilloryBeing conscious and striving towards superconsciousness is the ultimate path for great leaders.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIn an open-discussion, to agree does not necessary mean being on the same side, it also means not making people upset; because the only reason they are upset is agreeing with you inconsciently.- CLKBeing embraced by your beloved one, heals you to the core- Radhika VyasReligion is where others tell you what to believe, how to live, what is 'truth'. Being true to yourself is to tell yourself Your Own Truth from the Life that already lives within you.- Amelia GoodeIf it rains and you do not feel the wetness, you need to find the nearest pool and immerse yourself in it, otherwise you will be ashamed of being left out from enjoying the natural blessing from above.- Segun RasakiOh, my heart is plagued with the agonizing truth that very few will fathom and acknowledge this divergent inner being I hold within myself.- Amelia GoodeBeing Scared Makes You Do Some Crazy Things.- joey the poetBeing heartless and being stone hearted are two different things. I prefer to just be a rock because that means I hurt no one's feelings and just be without reacting to anything so that no one bothers about me and gets irritated by my existence.- Vaishali BhaskaranIt's not your job, money, car or social status that defines you in life, it's the people around you that choose to have you in their life and love you for being you that is priceless . Help others and give more than you take and life will be good I am sure- Greg PendletonThe church is now being run by the mafia.- Joe CervantesBeing a plant would be fun, you would get to be a part of all of the aberration- AnonymousQuoteIf you fulfill five percent of being hopeful, you have fulfilled all requirements.- mohdmustafa99A person who trades country's Loyalty, by being Loyal to a government that doesn't deserve Loyalty must be charged with treason.- ROMAN KAMAUBeing hypocritical: some people never get tired of it- Dirk Johannes BothaA god claimed into being by writings of man hath no claim on me.- Trever WaundesI hate being me. I hate the mask I put up. But when alone I burst in tears. Can't they see my pain can't they understand. It's hard being you when you are already broken. It's hard being you when you are an outcast, a misfit, the black sheep in the family.- lesley antwiBeing strong, albeit turbulence is the best trait one can have. The only challenge is being consistently strong.- Murungi Nathaniel MuthomiSatanism isn't about being carnival but it is the alternative way of taking a religion- Meekness TaperaBeing true to oneself may alienate some but will attract intrinsic kin.- RandyThe most frustrating thing about getting old isn't that you can't do what you could in your 20's and 30's but not being able to do what you could 3 months ago!- Howard F MartinThe fear of being free, causes the pride to be a slave.- Abes ApesCourage is being afraid and not wasting anytime in overcoming fear - Sylvia Sarona MatlhaelaLiving is not about seeing, . It's about being. Silence and acceptance can give the answers we seek. With our mouths and eyes wide open all we seem to catch at time is the dirt gathered up by others.- Darren GiardelliBeing born is a gift. However being alive is a privilege. Every time you decide to hold back or procrastinate you're wasting the very gift that was given you. You have to move forward and fight with all your might otherwise the gift of being born have been wasted on you.- Danny NguyenBeing with you is like living a dream.- Oscar Auliq IceMy goal is not only to be a human being, but also being a human.- mohdmustafa99Being alone I found that you are never alone . Because when the whole world leaves you god accompanies you- Shweta chauhanHistory has been rewritten after being erased to cover up the truth about America.. the real history of things lies in ancient civilization in which only the wise have knowledge of.- Nina Danielle uuroThe MAIN problem with society today is - not being real- by playing it fake to fit in - Jesus GonzalezI'M JUST A GIRL I love being called pretty, but I'll never believe it. I'm not always right, but hate admitting I'm wrong. I'm almost always smiling, but its not always real. I can be read like an open book, but hide so much. I work hard at things, but don't always get what I deserve. I'M JUST A GIRL.- Mymenchelle LaurentToo much hassle trying to live a DOUBLE LIFE.. much easier being FAITHFUL..- Babi ShakesYou tell someone your stories, it gets rewritten by no other than the person you tell them to, and then end up being published to the world..- Keysey Ann Valdez TumamaoThe signs of being weak: 1) barking louder; 2) rudeness; 3) cruelty; 4) Never apologizes; 5) Never forgives; 6) inferiority complex; 7) bullying; 8) Doubts and fear ..- Piet NtemaBeing NICE to your enemies, works as the best weapon against them- Piet NtemaWhen you are doing things to better your race you are called a racist When you are doing things to better your gender you are called a sexist When you are doing things to better yourself you are called an egoist When you are doing things to better your community you are accused of being clannish When you are doing things to better your soul you are called weird Pulling yourself and others together on any level for any reason is one of the most threatening things one can do. There will always be someone to criticize or even lie to try and rob you of your efforts and reputation. Always expect resistance, push back and blockages, but NEVER stop doing things better.- Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SShort people look taller only when being with pygmies- mohdmustafa99Being emotionally attached to someone who doesn't give you clarity will always leave you feeling empty.- MacmillanBeing respectful can defuse nearly any volatile interaction.- Bret ToddNowadays, many of those who are incapable of learning are being forced to enter the field of learning.- vikrantDon't even bother being mean, one day it will all come back to you, you just wait!- Ellie duckWhen the loss is so great that you can feel it in every fiber of your being.. this is when no amount of kind words or pity can help. Only what was lost being returned.- William Shannon Arnold JuniorRelationships are a toss up of getting hurt and hanging on, or being strong and letting go..- Caroline HuamaniBe different, 
Be the smile in the room, Confidence is mostly found in being yourself - Nancy AlmeidaThose who rebel and don't follow the rules will fail and end up working a small job. Those who follow the rules are the ideal, mainstream person will end up being the employers of those who rebel, which is a great achievement. And those who follow the rules but think outside the box, who are thought to be weird, will change the world.- Ivy BBeing Beautiful is not about someone's appearance, it's about the purity of their soul.- Sam CencerEvery living being, from ants to whales, has a right to live and die in accordance with the law of the nature. Human with the added advantage of possessing common sense, is bound to facilitate the lives of other hapless creatures rather than enslaving them.- Chandrababu V SLoneliness can sometimes feel like being in a cave with no match.- matt duncanLove with passion. Hate with passion. Don't be passionate about being between the two.- Sapna Dhandh SharmaWe give everything we can and are ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away, but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOOSE US , PICK US and LOVE US.. but chasing won't work, we have to understand.. so I am trying my best to set you free.. its difficult, my heart bleeds every time and my pain comes out as a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE - Nidhi SainiA perfect life does not mean being happy all the time.. It is pain combined with happiness that makes a perfect life..- shiza shahidGenerosity is giving without thinking, which I think everyone should agree. The concept of being generous isn't thinking of, 'what's in it for me', but is an important value for anyone that desires to be a responsible contributing member to society.- James Lee MorganIf you say nothing, do nothing, you will end up being nobody having nothing- Brayne MatshotshiThere is no excuse, none people, no law is stopping you from being successful, it is you yourself who rules to be a failure.- Ai LingI don't get it.. Sure it makes you happy for the time being but there are other ways to be happy. I don't care if its hard to get there but i'm wiling to figure it out myself not some artificial happiness that only lasts a few minutes. be above the influence :)- Victoria Laine BrownThe best way to follow rules is being able to break them without getting caught but still, follow.- Anas OtomThe sky is not the limit, Being a star in the sky is the limit- Quinton MickensLearning isn't always about being right. When mistakes are made, don't feel down, look at what's left, correct it, and stand up a better person- Brian SeahMaking a difference is not about being a big hero. It is about lending a helping hand to those in need, lifting someone's spirit to those who feel down, giving hope to those in despair, putting a smile to those in tears and for just being there in times of need.- lulu topacioAll your wrong doings are being watched by the messenger of GOD who is sitting deep in your mind in the guise of your SOUL.- harbinderjit singh bajajThe human race is indeed a redundant species. we seek what we know lies in front of our very noses, we yearn for things we do not wish to yearn for, and we judge those who we have already deemed as being our 'trusted'- dffjn smithIf destiny has it for you, it shall be delivered unto you, no matter what.. whether you are hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or while just being carried to the grave..- saikiranLife is full of sorrow, The sweetest of the sorrows is love, The deadliest sorrow is being attached to the things you love. So on and so forth. Don't be attached and don't love unless you are willing to face those sorrows with the person you are sharing a soul with.- Obed CeballosBeing surrounded by broken hearts should make yours the strongest- diya ahmed azzonyFreedom: A horse running wild, a bird being let out of a cage to freedom , a run-away teenager deathly in love, a little girl saying 'I have had enough of you bossing me around'- SchaelyThe future is being hurled upon us at an unimaginable speed.- Jose CorominasBeing adeptly immature is so repulsively repugnant, that in all actuality you by all means are being mature- Brooke LoughnerYou don't need love to be happy. sometimes it is better to be single and happy, than being with someone and keep thinking you want to be with someone else!- Taylor DeGeus'i love you' is nothing but a word.. but being told 'i love you' is more than any word that could possible be written.- mj mansfieldNo matter what people say about you being the worst, God will only see the best in you.- Jovonta BattleBeing beautiful is the unwritten rule in the world we live.- Tra LalalicCriticism always comes to those who don't follow the normality and guidelines set for them by society. They are always hated and and shunned until society admits its mistake, but by that time the greats are dead and the whole world mourns. Even when shunned, the greats keep going, remember this when you are being hated.- Christopher ReavesThose who give purpose to starting a war are only giving excuses to hide the truth that those who believe in peace will never accept because of their lack of will, the truth being mankind will always wage war on one another because it is in our nature. As long as man exists war is inevitable and therefore peace does not exist. For peace to exist man must perish.- Christopher Joesph AgrusoTo convince someone, you first need to prepare them to love being convinced- Lokesh giriLoving is happiness, but being loved is eternal bliss- NovaAren't we all living in an imaginative world, we love the idea of loving somebody than loving somebody for we want the feeling of being in a relation which is nice, than stop lying to self and start facing the difficulties that take to be really good enough to be liked by somebody, it certainly is a beautiful life to think we love our parents, spouse, children, but do we really love them and make them feel it? interestingly we don't have so much time in the universe left for us.- Lokesh giriEver wondered why being plastic is considered a stage of growing up? may be because we all still have the disease of dreaming about attaining perfection.- Lokesh giriBeing avoided is a very unpleasant feeling, it questions the basic character of the person.- Lokesh giriBeing different is a gift, like being normal.- Lokesh giriBeing weak is so human.- Lokesh giriReligion is nothing but, people being happy to follow rules and norms of their community.- rakeshbabuPressed up against her breasts, Making himself a nest! Her loving to caress, A feeling that is best, And him likewise caressed! And living without stress, Finding in himself rest, And him being that rest- Joshua Aaron GuilloryJesus being born a man but being also God perfectly fulfilled the law. He Himself had no sin but He obediently paid the price for the curse on man under God's perfect law.- Shaila TouchtonBeing gay is not a sin but a blessing to your parents- alex sitholeThough living in mares of loneliness, sweet dreams of you keeps me awakened to the miracle of you and I being true lovers.- Jason BaptisteWhy not being good anymore? Being good is stressful. You can do a thousand good things for them, yet at the end of day be blamed for their disappointment. Then you become better, and expect them to at least be good to you. That's what good people do, they see good in others. I still Do.- Shreyas PatilI detest my final thought. Throughout my quest I had to adore worse. I'm weary from being ever so distraught. O please lay to rest my curse.- Zac OchsenbineI know we've made it, And we'll live and never die! I know we're related, And being one is no lie- Joshua Aaron GuilloryPastors are tickling the ears, politicians are promising security, people are being deceived straight to Hell..- Byron AbelIn sales: A funnel works best when it's full and consistently being filled; hence, the more a funnel is funneling, the more fun it is to funnel- Ms P QuotesInnovation shall be the ultimate goal for every human being.- CLKIt is simply unacceptable that people continue to live in fear and uncertainty because their human rights are not being respected and not being fulfilled.- J BLearning the game isn't enlightenment, learning yourself is! And only those who are enlightened know what I truly mean! That real, initial enlightenment will separate you from the bull crap of everyone! You don't need bad and evil in the world to live an enlightened life, though in your enlightened journey that may be around you! In truth everything is perfectly beautiful, happy and loving! Nobody can ever take my enlightenment away from me! I'll never forget it! and I'll never forget me! If you don't embrace the kid inside you, the peaceful innocence inside you, you won't know what it's truly like to be enlightened. The initial enlightenment contains the full enlightenment! People who say the world has to keep being evil are crazy [yes, I called you crazy] [you can call me crazy and I'm still at peace] and they're just repeating what they think enlightenment is! I know the joy and peace I experienced and experience by myself! That's truth! That's enlightenment - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI dream of being a country western star so i can prance the horses in the Hollywood Christmas parade in California.- Jasen cordieroHealthiest medicine for anyone is the right information, or either closure, or truly being able to accept all blame for your faults at all times..- G SwissHuman Rights are the very foundations for life on Earth and for the well-being of people everywhere.- J BPray first! Prayer shouldn't be put off as a last resort. The things you put before it like being anxious or taking matters into your own hands, are all not working. Prayer is not an old desk lamp in the attic. Prayer is at the tip of your tongue, use it.- NicNicLouisianaLove is not a skill to be mastered; out of love the world came into being; love is a greater power we can't afford to buy; but yet we can afford to sacrifice it as collateral damage to the undeserving evils of this world- Wayne ChirisaPurpose is neither being a King, a Professor nor a Doctor, yet a simple task of leading a little one to Christ is part of it!- Kimto Oche EmmanuelThe definition of being arrogant is 'having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities' and if setting my expectations of myself higher than the average man is wrong I can't see why.- Kavyia SpencerI hate being angry and pissed off. I hate when people are pissed off with me and won't tell me why. I hate when someone is pissed off with a close friend and won't grow a pair and tell them what's really wrong. I also hate when you are sitting in your room just calming down from being pissed off earlier, and you hear your parents complain about something else yet again that you have done, and they think you can't hear them complain. Its even worse if you don't know what it is that you have done wrong..- Becky Kirsty ChartersWe all get upset sometimes, we all cry a little. But that is a part of life, that is a part of being human. You are all amazing whoever reading this, you are all beautiful no matter what anyone says. Don't listen to those bullies, you are amazing. no, I don't even have to see you to know that yous are beautiful because everyone is beautiful in their own way.- hey guys.I just wanted to say that I care a lot about you, I am so happy to have you in my life, I never want to lose you no matter what, I will always be here for you, thanks for being my friend- Jacquelin As a child, visiting funeral was like visiting a park, never knew the feeling. Being grown up I feel it in my eyes- Farhad DastoorSoulless Love Love hurts and so does the feeling of being soulless. I don't need to be a mortal who is here and gone the next day to feel the bliss of love. I don't need to have a soul to know the pain of a heartbreak either. I am who I am and they are what they are, but we have what they don't have.. A Soul less Love- Haley CrosswatersA mother, by the virtue of being a woman, brings you into this life. Thus, she creates you. She gives you the chance to live a life. She looks after you, every breathing moment of her life, thus imbibing the meaning of love and care. Her unconditional love, transient to tough love, helps you understand your flaws and strengths, thus, teaching you to understand your limits and your capabilities. A mother, is someone, with whom you make your first bond. The father is someone, who is always around and knows how to fix every problem. He may not be in most of the photographs taken at family picnics, because, he is the one taking the shot. He provides the financial support and the emotional support too. The role play of a father, teaches diligence, responsibility, dedication and dependability. Through his actions, he teaches the children the meaning of hard work and perseverance. Siblings are the indispensable part of your life. No matter how much you fight with them, get angry with- fatimah plairA kiss on the cheek is to explain I care a lot about you, a hug is to state you've been my friend for a long time and I trust you, but a handshake says 'hears is an invitation to being my friend'- Hanorra RaindaFaith is like being stuck in a cave. You can get so deep that you will never see the light. Logic however is the key to understanding life. With logic, it can be dark, but being content with the darkness will always give you light. You are not alone, even if the believer in fairy tales tells you you are. Seek security in Truth, otherwise you are just living a lie.- Twenty Twelve