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Avoid engaging in conflicts that do not concern you. Avoid engaging in conflicts that do not concern you...

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Grades don Grades don't determine people's success..

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Pay attention to What fascinates me It Pay attention to What fascinates me It's not your beauty It's your habits..

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No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency. No mourning if the thing you lost is despondency...

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When you stop loving, you stop living. When you stop loving, you stop living...


Stop Living Loving
Clicking selfie is matter of seconds.. .. building the image takes years. Clicking selfie is matter of seconds.. .. building the image takes years...

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Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well...

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If the Destination Of life is death, why not take the scenic route? If the Destination Of life is death, why not take the scenic route?..

Beauty Death

Life Death
whatever happens, life is still temporary Whatever happens, life is still temporary..

Life Whatever
Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD Working within the confines of time, is the magic maker. -DrTJ/Thomas John, MD..

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In life, everybody has a mission to reach success. It In life, everybody has a mission to reach success. It's just that not everyone knows their fate...


This is where our life greatness begins from.. ! This is where our life greatness begins from.. !..

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A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter A smart person can always cheat on their taxes, but in the end death comes for us all no matter..

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'Life is too short ' So don't hurt yourself, Don't feel depress Tell yourself that you are strong, Y..

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Procrastination is the stepping stone to failures. Procrastination is the stepping stone to failures...

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Happiness is when you don Happiness is when you don't have anything you don't want; and don't want anything you don't have....

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Want Happiness
Grief lives as long as a bubble lives Grief lives as long as a bubble lives..

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A good leader is a follower who leads with examples. A good leader is a follower who leads with examples...

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Anxiety is like the cuckoo; lays its eggs in other birds Anxiety is like the cuckoo; lays its eggs in other birds' nests...

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Let time alone be a player and yourself be audience. Let time alone be a player and yourself be audience...

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Time Alone
Nobility looks like something you inherit; but in fact it is something to conduct. Nobility looks like something you inherit; but in fact it is something to conduct...


Two things you cannot hide: your nature and your fabricated nature. Two things you cannot hide: your nature and your fabricated nature...

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Nature Hide
Age is just a number. Yes it is, a number of wrinkles and grey hair Age is just a number. Yes it is, a number of wrinkles and grey hair..

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Life Doesn Life Doesn't come with a remote control you have to get up and make a difference!..

Life Control Difference

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Being dead inside means no amount of help can ever cure you again.- Lucy XuIt's about living your life with others, not for others!- jaime monchoThere is a war within us all, for that is what it means to be human- Justin VaughanPain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it- G SwissHe who finds happiness in another man's shoes will never be happy.- Hayden BoschA tree whose roots are deeply grounded fears no gale.- Christan MitewuI know that I do not know, and uncertainty, certainly, is the cruelest of words.- Wyatt puckettThe purpose of life is to live, to live with purpose is life!- Anthony Dewayne BrownYour mind is your powerhouse Let not others penetrate it - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMThe new currency of the 21st century is not money, it is time- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTM

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There are only two things you are guaranteed in life, birth and death. What you do in between is entirely up to you.- Jeffrey MoscosoGood decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions- Mubeen KherroNever let someone else's wind flicker your spark.- Akshay MahajanIf you appetite is for success, happiness & a better you - you will never starve for attention!- G SwissTrust is a commodity seldom regained.- Melvin Sagun BurgessWalk by a thousand mirrors before you blame someone else- Brian KelleyThose who listen will be heard.- Michiel BesterNever think highly of yourself ; life will always throw you from your pedestal.- Michiel BesterHappiness is a drug, .. get addicted.- Christopher GitePlants and Books are silent Friends to Mankind, the former grows silently to let you live. The later grows you silently to live- Sridhar MovvaFighting fire with fire only makes the flame grow.- Lockeheart Sometimes it takes coming close to death, to realize how much you wanna be alive - Cory Michael AdkinsHaters are like water to my soil- James millerYes, I am SINGLE.. Yes, it's MY CHOICE..- Babi ShakesDrowned in your eyes, can't find shore! Help!- Eight words storyFor you to succeed in Life, Divorce your Ego- Atayero Rotimi JohnsonBefore a lamp gets off, It burn out loud..- KartikRottimathDon't go out of your way to break rules.. but break the rules that get in your way.- Anthony ZhouA conscious person can create a better world than a self-conscious person.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyDon't Let Your Circumstance Determine Your Future!- Toni EvansLife is simple but not easy!- Piet NtemaIt's a funny thing that comes with age, realizing you're the cause of your own cage.- Madalyn KenneyThe only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability- Amaan HussainLet not Fate decide what man desire to change, but man.- Wilgar D. ArenghWe are not a product of our environment, we're a product of the limitations we put on ourselves- Deanna GarrettEveryone in this world is playing the 'I' game.- Pat broWe can't expect to be respected if we can't respect ourselves- Derrick JacksonWe live our mortal lives for small immortal moments- Daniel MaddenA better world begins with better people- Chiquita BowlegLife lived becomes a story and most of the beautiful stories are lies.- NeetiSome people stop lying only when they are asleep. Advanced liars even lie in their dreams- Edmond H SweidyA person who has no friends, lives only half way.- charan_vishwaIts an open world outside for you to venture but beware of the walls within.- Harikrishna GopalakrishnanFirst you have to go through the Hell if you want to see the Heaven.- LucyWhy give up if life takes no hostages?- Javier de WindtLife is a journey through which you truly find yourself- Dylan Wilson BrowneProof ends cloudiness- Edmond H SweidyBalance is how much you can handle before you go nuts!- Edmond H SweidyYou should be able to resist everything but love.- Victor CourageI don't know, where do I find the courage, to be such a coward!- Lipjan HaliliYou will search for opportunity in vain unless you have planted its roots within you.- vikrantThose who pray for rain should be preparing to deal with thunder.- vikrantLove conquers all, hate conquers nothing- Victor CourageThe best driver isn't always the one in the first place, but the one having the most fun- Ford MustangBy controlling the tongue we control both what goes in and what comes out- Lokesh giriIts only when you believe that you achieve.. !- Akshay Kishor VarmaLife is not a joke. Its a comedy serial.- Gyan SaxenaYou don't stop when you get tired, you stop when you reach your destination.- Jack DangerThe difficult parts of your journey in life are your greatest teachers.- El Haji NeroThe only journey in life, is the life you choose to be your journey- MadelyneAn idea without a plan is nothing more than a dream- Steven A. BoardSteady your feet on the ground, to maintain balance..- Reselmae TolentinoThere's a beast in every lady or gentleman, and a lady or gentleman in every beast.- Donald Lynn FrostThere is a lot to learn from an illiterate person than from an educated person.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyNot everyone can be successful, but anyone can be successful- Brayne MatshotshiForgetting the problem doesn't solve the problem.- Lokesh giriIn order to get what you want in life you need to work hard, sacrifice a lot and never ever give up.- Arlene De JesusLove is one mind in two hearts.- Ai LingA generalist lives longer than a specialist- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddySome say life is unfair. But sometimes, WE are the ones making our own lives unfair.- Gregorio SantosYou aren't special, nobody is. And if you can't realize that, life would defiantly open your eyes.- isabelFight your own EGO, rather than fighting with others- Farhad DastoorSimplicity is a complicated endeavor.- Robert BluckYour past is gone but tomorrow brings a new day- Maria Farag A life worth living is our most valuable treasure.- Maria E. RodriguezThe most important things in life are health and knowledge!- Jovan DjurkinLife won't be around forever so live it before its gone.- Josie HillmanIn life, the hardest person you'll ever have to confront is yourself.- Thai ThachLove should be underlined in your life.. But in your heart it should be bold.- Haley laneSome things in life are simply necessary temporaries.- Eddie HarrisIf you are taking life seriously you are not wise yet- Lokesh giriOne's problem is solved when one works for others' problem- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyWhether or not you have glasses or contacts, your hindsight will always be 20-20.- alecWhen Life Throws You Melons.. Make Melonade!- SvenIf someone is stuck in your mind then it means they should be there- Ashlyn Mary HornikWhen you're going in the wrong direction, it's never to late to take a U-Turn- PaskeminFlowing water will be fresh and useful forever than stagnant water.- rakeshbabuThe quality of life doesn't depend on how you earn, it depends on how you spend your earning- palash sarkarJust because you can't change where you come from, doesn't mean YOU can't change.- ajith CHEMPARATHYThe first step to having fun is letting go- kennedy mercerLife is the script, we are the actors and fate is the director- diya ahmed azzonyIf we spend too much time focussing on tommorrow then we might well miss out on today.- christine sharlandLife is just too hilarious! but it is only the wise that gets the joke.- Suchith AbeyewickremeWe are enslaved by the very things that we have captured- Marcus W PringleA better man is one who doesn't take pride in the fact that he is better.- Lokesh giriWrite your own book, Because no one is writing it for you.- Sophie BurtonLife is a game, those who keep winning get more interested in it.- Lokesh giriWhy do people bother so much about dying, when they have so many other things to do while alive?- Bipin Kumar G JBig fishes need big baits- Lokesh giriDid you say life is unfair? I never heard it promising anybody anything. what do you expect?- Lokesh giriRegained childhood is the last stage of perfection.- Lokesh giriUncertainty certainly makes life beautiful.- Lokesh giriOnly change remains the same- Kim HaleIt's a wonderful life to have problems that can be solved.- Lokesh giriOur expressions are the reflections of the inner-self tampered by emotions.- Matt BillI never had time to understand what life is, I was busy living.- Lokesh giriPromise me tomorrow. I shall waste today- Kevin Jonathan KPSome dreams aren't achieved through hard work but by mere opportunity.- Ivan Javier VelasquezLife is a gift, Talent is a blessing.- Fn ShihepoThrive by giving! The more we give the more we receive and we have more to give that we think!- Adrian McGinnGreet the day! Do not judge the day, it has not happened yet!- Adrian McGinnWe may be imperfect and impermanent but we can be impeccable and impactful!- Adrian McGinnDream and take action to achieve- Joshua MuasaThe lazy won't make it in life.- Joshua MuasaThe power of an unbroken chain created by daily persistence can be infinite- DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMSuccess without failures is often a near impossibility - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMLet tears flow. They wash away your sorrow.- Syed BadiuzzamanLife is a mystery, happiness and positivity are the clues- Kabir Khivan SinghIf we really knew the pain of absence, we would appreciate more the presence of those we love.- ClaudiaEveryone hurries to their graves. - RomeoLife is what you make of it.- David FigueroaLive life you feel good living.- Marie Yolande PierreYou starve your children not by denying them food but, through lack of discipline.- Mac McGovernTo think is God's gift to man. What to think is in your hands.- Kowsalapathy SaravananLive today like it is your last day on earth and if you wake up tomorrow, do it again.- Joey Martin posthumusCome ordinary go extraordinary.- Kowsalapathy SaravananRelationship without trust is like river without water..- Sourav MishraBe in peace with your flaws, nobody is born without them!- Jumana khanThe world would be really boring if it was perfect.- Austin James LelievreWe are all going to be hurt when we hate each other- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezYour life is at peace, If you can enjoy a cup of tea with ease.- Neha S PariharLife may go on, but how do any of us know that the world won't cease to exist when we die for ourselves?- John Guedes do NascimentoAn autobiography is a literary genre that doesn't contain any life faults like a biography.- mohdmustafa99Difficult life is a treasure of wisdom- mohdmustafa99Those who try to impress everyone, usually end up impressing no one- the curious personNot to begin a new habit, is one way to put an end to old habits.- mohdmustafa99Never Be that person whose absence makes others cheerful.- mohdmustafa99Life is like a cigarette, it burns until the last drag.- Mitchell SkoropadExtra laughing extinguishes heart's expediency ; little laughing extinguishes lung efficiency.- mohdmustafa99We each have a story that is unrevealed.- Zac OchsenbineFollowing your heart is like mastering an art.- Rashi PajwaniIf life is a tsunami, play role: the savior.- mohdmustafa99If you keep putting someone on the back burner. Eventually they will go cold- Eliza KeatingWe don't live according to what we like to choose; we live according to what we can choose.- mohdmustafa99A suicide committer is a crazy one who doesn't want to enjoy his or her craziness.- mohdmustafa99Tomorrow will be a good day if you decide to act on differently.- mohdmustafa99Some people are like sugar coated tablets, sweetened from outside and very bitter from inside.- mohdmustafa99We don't make patience. Patience makes us.- mohdmustafa99‏We are a voicing phenomenon, but when we keep silent we become an overthrown phenomenon.- mohdmustafa99Never give room for success killers- Abasiofon FidelisIf there are too many solutions, then we haven't studied the problem utterly.- mohdmustafa99Fools can hardly make a minority, but can easily make a majority.- mohdmustafa99Fear is a zone, the more it extends, the less you can move in.- mohdmustafa99The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.- Yakin DiwanLife is two tragedies : not to revenge, and to revenge.- mohdmustafa99To seek for things you need is necessity, but to seek things you don't need is avarice.- mohdmustafa99Sometimes money doesn't have to buy you quality, but convenience and a piece of mind.- Daluxolo Dywili Michael DywiliLaziness is tolerable, but its consequences are completely intolerable- mohdmustafa99Those who deserve life are those having a patriotic goal to die for.- mohdmustafa99Ignorance is darkness of both night and daytime.- mohdmustafa99Better to assign responsibility to a stone than to a fool.- mohdmustafa99Loans and Liabilities, Keeps You on Track- Rahul GovilaDeath is a doorway to God. We celebrate Life and mourn Death, shouldn't we reverse it?- AiR Atman in RaviA smooth race never made a skillful race- MEGHANARAJAVATHSAVAYAPride takes you from the peak of your life to depth of infamy.- Hasnat ChThe mind can be creative only when it's free of all purpose.- Tapan GhoshOnce you're through the mud and there is no way you could get out of that mess, patterns do arise.- Tankiso Gilbert MofokengDon't wait for doors to open, just burst right through them.- joey the poetBy far the hardest part of accomplishing anything in life is getting started.- Nnoshi kekanaNothing will never change for you - until you change- G SwissShe saw him online and wondered if he also checked her last seen ever..- Stuti SinhaNever tell literary fictions to those addicted to true ridiculous ‎stories. ‎- mohdmustafa99What we need starts from the end point of what we have got. - mohdmustafa99You can add up 'pride and prejudice' , but not pride and love. ‎- mohdmustafa99You know your feelings are real when it makes you physically sick.- Michiel BesterA big mistake is a big opportunity to transform.- Avhidipta MondalYou have always had the greatest treasures within- Steve AuraNeglect everything, except failure. ‎- mohdmustafa99It is great wisdom not to live according to wisdom. - mohdmustafa99Writing is my hobby, 'not to write' is my business.- mohdmustafa99Follow love when it calls, for it is God in every instance.- TheophilusA person learns the reality of life after facing the rejections- Rimmon ShoukatI may not be that handsome but believe me i'll always make you feel beautiful- Rimmon ShoukatWe don't have time to lose time.- rawafYour patience may be the secret of your successful life.- Kowsalapathy SaravananLife is not the way only ; it's both the way and the hindrances.- mohdmustafa99Negativity needs to be fueled to live. So does life. So does love. So does a fire.- Vardz77We are the factorys of shit- harish vashdevSmile all the While. Don't let miseries Pile.. for Life is just a Mile. - RVM AuthorHe who sweats now will not be among those sweating tomorrow.- Matshona DhliwayoAbility to say no in a gentle way is a virtue.- Avhidipta MondalHe is inexperienced to know that he is inexperienced- mohdmustafa99No gold before you dig deep.- mohdmustafa99May you' is more workable than 'you must- mohdmustafa99The deaf are more tolerable than bad listeners.- mohdmustafa99The never ending quest to survive kills the you in yourself..- WisemeEmbrace the struggle and difficulties in your life for they remind you about your true nature.- Vitali ZverevNever accept failure, it is only temporary- Victor CourageSuccess is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success- David FigueroaIf the world were made of good intentions, what a wonderful place it would be.- Cory PowellDon't die before you're dead..- Paddick Van ZylThere is always a story behind the glory.- Paddick Van ZylMany people have a degree but only Very few have a VISION.- Sourabh kumarThe golden rule of arguing is to listen more. This way, you can analyze rather than being analyzed.- Naqibullah PaimanAlcohol is like a mask; The only reason why you put it on, is to transform yourself into something you wish you were but ultimately do not have the courage to be- Mathias FolstedChange what you cannot accept or accept what you cannot change.- Effymieaevi KosaiLive your life in a way you want to be remembered- ClairvoyanIn order to be someone, you must first be yourself.- Darab ImteyazThe best education in the world is that got by struggling to get a living.- Darab ImteyazTo taste the sweetness of life, you must have the power to forget the past.- Darab ImteyazWe all make mistakes but only a few are willing to be corrected.- Bobby WinterThe power is not in the words of a man, but in its meaning - Farhad DastoorDreams are delicate, nurture them with care- Farhad DastoorWhen it comes to friends; Time is invested, not wasted- Farhad DastoorIts painful when someone gives you a new identity and they kill it before the world could know- Farhad DastoorThe ultimate respect you earn from a woman is through her heart, not her body- Farhad DastoorA girl will never carry the same look for the second time, the one which made you fall in love with her- Farhad DastoorYou don't have to let go of the past, just don't live on it- AndroniqueFriends: someone to make memories with, to tell your secrets too, to be with you through life - Haley Renee McCormickI'm in love with illusion, but my pain is real.- hosam dahhanWhen it's as good as a dream, wake up.- hosam dahhanLive is not a game it's a nightmare- kolwer perezThe only kind of hero is the one who will always be there, no matter what.- Elijah McKinleyCopying in exams is cheating, life is about copying.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyYou know it is wrong when you did it without happiness.- Brandon McCullochOne step foward and 2 steps backwards, so is the dance of life.- Carlos E. LinaresBut it is all words that mean nothing and feelings that mean everything.- Zarah smith it's funny how the people that hurt you the most are the ones that swore they never would - lisseth floresLife is full of choices, choose carefully.- Linda UsmanThe only person who can make you sad, is yourself.- Joshua WuCommon sense is uncommon in common ; )- aftabkhan'Beautiful life' is a pack of irrational beliefs- Lokesh giriIf there is an after life, I don't really care at the moment I'm still living this one.- Jack BrownThe only immortality that humans can achieve is through the passing on of our knowledge.- Jack BrownWe want happiness to go along the way , but it always goes across.- mohdmustafa99Whenever there are tears with nostalgia, recall the future- mohdmustafa99Independence is the beginning of life, and must be its end too.- mohdmustafa99We smell water to find no smell in it. And so Life goes on like this , to check out to find nothing.- mohdmustafa99Routine puts all its sentences in continuous present.- mohdmustafa99Life is a tragedy for those who want it a comedy.- mohdmustafa99You create your own luck. God just gives you the thumbs up. But if it gets late, don't wait for it.- Abhaas AggarwalIf you see the dark side of your life then only you can find the right way.- Nihar Ranjan BhattacharyaIt is unfair to calculate the percentage of insane ones; otherwise the remainder will think that they are sane.- mohdmustafa99Liars are very important for our life. Without them, we cannot know the credible ones.- mohdmustafa99The narrower your instincts, the wider respect of others you get.- mohdmustafa99No knowledge; no courtesy; that's nonsense life.- mohdmustafa99That who wants to know the inlet must also know the outlet.- mohdmustafa99O Lord! Give me what I need, though I don't know exactly what I need.- mohdmustafa99Doubts are not lies but they function like them or even worse.- mohdmustafa99To watch people kills you. To be watched increases your age.- mohdmustafa99Learning by repetition only increases ability to learn by repetition.- mohdmustafa99Times haven't changed. Society has.- The Quoted IrisEvery time anyone pretends that s/he is not seeing me, he found me doing the same.- mohdmustafa99You are not famous if you get upset by someone who knows you without knowing him.- mohdmustafa99If your bed dreams are far from reality; then that indicates you live remotely from reality.- mohdmustafa99An expelling state is a geographical zone in which earth lost gravity.- mohdmustafa99Use of walking sticks is increasing with the increase of cars.- mohdmustafa99You wish to be a grantee , but if the matter is wishing , then wish to be a grantor.- mohdmustafa99No one can manage his/her life serenely because today's dealings are not yesterday's.- mohdmustafa99Nobody wants to die but that's the end of all things that live..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiDo you want people do as you do? Do the wrong.- mohdmustafa99A human was born free, but fees and taxes make him doubtful about this condition.- mohdmustafa99A human needs love because he needs to live.- mohdmustafa99Renewal is good but it doesn't mean restarting.- mohdmustafa99Change yourself from person to personality, that is what I call as development.- BILAL SHEIKH AHMADAlways dress nicely, like it's your wedding day.. because you never know when you might marry death- Ephraim jajiDon't tell me what they said against me; tell how you defended me.- mohdmustafa99You cannot judge the world as wrong and you as right unless you are an extraterrestrial.- mohdmustafa99As important as tax, as paramount as tithes..- Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiTeach me the abacus; I want to calculate the pure ones.- mohdmustafa99We won't blame ourselves later on if each blames oneself now.- mohdmustafa99All of us are global citizens, but some of us are more globalized than others.- mohdmustafa99Life is a big question with uncertain answers.- mohdmustafa99With regards to faults of others, learn the theory and neglect the practice- mohdmustafa99Eat to live or live to eat , but don't take my meal.- mohdmustafa99Satisfy your instincts but according to sociologists not naturalists.- mohdmustafa99Let the past generation be proud of their past since we did not create them good present.- mohdmustafa99When you interfere to stop a clash, that whom you soothe first is the assailant.- mohdmustafa99Backwardness is to think that your ancestors were luckier than you.- mohdmustafa99Specialists are nice people if they tell us about things we know.- mohdmustafa99Lucky are the deaf; they don't hear words that we dislike to hear- mohdmustafa99Teach your dog barking, but teach it also when to bark and at whom.- mohdmustafa99Things in poetry do not look as they are in news.- mohdmustafa99A good goal is light; an evil goal is darkness.- mohdmustafa99I don't fret about what the future may hold, I have enough wonderful memories to last a lifetime.- Danny Ray BoydstonA non-smoker does nothing when s/he is doing nothing.- mohdmustafa99Excellence is not having too many skills, but only a very deep skill.- mohdmustafa99I dislike breaking ties with others, but when they do, I do better.- mohdmustafa99Be like a tortoise and bet on your shell not your speed.- mohdmustafa99Let's free people who think that they are free.- mohdmustafa99Expecting nothing is a good expectation.- mohdmustafa99Nothing bigger than your problems but you.- mohdmustafa99Prattling is amusing, but silence does this better.- mohdmustafa99If we were good enough, we wouldn't have saints.- mohdmustafa99One must always have defeatable enemies to enjoy victories..- mohdmustafa99We forgive fools, but isn't this the definition of foolishness ?- mohdmustafa99Help others by depending on yourself- mohdmustafa99Knowledge is the matter that we can't pretend , nor hide.- mohdmustafa99Life is a test that I'm failing.- The Quoted IrisIn the light you see me with a smile Who knows what I've been doing In the Dark- Nea MartinezEveryone deserves to be happy. No ONE has the right to make others unhappy in their process.- Laila HakimDo not let situations change your fate, you decide on the fate of those situations.- k.r.chandrasekharWe all lose to anxiety, but it is up to us to get up and face it.- Timothy DomesExperiences always explore the strength- MANOB DASAlways do your job which is your passion not profession- Rizwan AliNever make an ANGRY man more ANGRY- uday kumarLife has many ways to live, but don't hope all the ways will take you reach the destination.- Vishal VemulRecognize your light, then seek the light in others.- Danielle KukichFate moves mountains- Vivian DAlmeidaWhen your Acts confirm accusations, you affirm persecution.- Melchi-SuaWithout wisdom there is no understanding. Without understanding there is no knowledge.- Robtrice SimmonsJust enjoy every moment and move on with the flow.- Abishek patilIf we are all infinite beings, where does your life sit right now in that sea of indefiniteness?- Richard RAEvery book starts with a blank page, so do you.- Aidan L.X. LeongBe careful, what you seek, it could prison you for life- Selorm Kofi AglebeI didn't invent the wheel, I just roll with it.- Michael CrowleyOur differences are what make us interesting- Ryan WalshLove is life- Hammed opeyemiIf your dreams come true You're not dreaming big enough- Carter Ray SpencerArtist retires when he dies - Halil XhafaIt's unfair to dwell on the past, because everyone remembers it differently- Cassandra FineTrue love doesn't need whatsapp/ fb status, make it a status for others.- vivek sharmaHow to RESPECT cannot be taught, it should be an Automatic Teller Machine!- Ruchita IyerFailure is a myth, and having fear of myth is just a waste of time.- Bibek DasLife is one continuous moment full of everyone's experiences.- Brent TaylorEliminate energy-zappers and replace them with energy-boosters - DrTJ THOMAS JOHN MD ABO DTMBe free be fine - UNIVERSAL If your dreams aren't bizarre and far-fetched then start Dreaming- Sesethu MbotyiLife is a combination of Truth and myth- Dr D Vizai Bhaskar Ever has been anyone lucky enough to find peace without tasting the agony?- Sophie LalrinnungiWhat did not create me, cannot destroy me.- Doctor Bonginkosi Mahlangu You can do anything you set your mind to.- Nick LacosteDarkness is light in the eyes of a greater power.- Alby Steven FosterWin to lose or lose to win, the choice is yours!- Ritesh RanjanPoverty is not.. the absence of money.. Poverty is the.. absence of knowledge..- Babi ShakesEquality is an inapplicable theory even among the dead ones. ‎- mohdmustafa99Sanity is immeasurable; insanity is. ‎- mohdmustafa99The trouble with crackheads is that they don't play the end game - Lesley KringWe all have secrets that we keep from ourselves.- Michiel BesterWhen we go through hell surviving isn't enough; make sure the beast is tamed before we move on- Yurid G MacedoWe want to know what a drunk man drank disregarding who's. ‎- mohdmustafa99Life is not suffering, but suffering has no home but life. ‎- mohdmustafa99A person cannot 'act, communicate or respond' above where they are.- Marian E CurrieIf there's no love in it, Let me correct you , It's called a 'NEEDY RELATIONSHIP' not 'FRIENDSHIP- Rufus AbishaiEverything has its reason, if you don't know don't judge, but please ask- Salihu AsifuYou can't live forever, simply because you must leave.- Abdullahi Yahya YusufIf you don't care enough about someone else's life, you must not care about yours either?- Matthew Messerich Relations may not last forever but memories related with it do.- Dipesh ShresthaJangan memalsukan sesuatu hal, atau anda akan dipalsukan dengan hal yang anda palsukan.- christania armagita julia tamaraA man's heart cannot stand by itself, it needs a woman to hold it.- joey the poetDisagreement is often confused with hatred.- Emily EatonWe are celebrating a victory without knowing there is a disaster coming.- Alexandru BulaiHappiness is a truth but not for all.- AbhimanyuOur emotional response is driven by the proximity of events.- Piyush ShrivastavaYou don't complicate rather uncomplicated life..- Kayode Seyi TayoSuccess is all about separating insights from plain ideas.- Ranjit GeorgeNo matter how extirpated you may feel, Give nothing the power to kill you- Gomolemo MaucoIn my life there are no echoes, just the fluctuations of life.- Michael SykesShit happen life goes on.- Judith J.KennedyMaking of true men is a feminist affair.- mohdmustafa99It is nice to be lazy, but laziness can't make you nice.- mohdmustafa99Life does allow you to think but to learn the fact and act- saneleHero gets the glory , Villain gets the girl- Zaheer SoosiwalaEgo is the fundamental pillar of end of relationship.- zainab Your career is your business.- Oscar Auliq IceIn Death, We Find Love's Purest Form.- Kip Campbell CooperIf you love someone, you should fight for him no matter what.- Meg PerezWhatever consequences or troubles you avoided, will always come back to you in another form.- KawaiiGirlThere are two truths in every man's life. One he already knows, and the other he keeps seeking.- Vsyevlad SokolovMe myself a mirror. , i act according to your posture..- 7tronEvery move you make is a gamble, for best results go all in.- Ammar SamkoughTo live long, one has to age- Susanna Raubenheimer Delete can't erase what the eyes have already seen!- Kendra Latrelle MackroyWhen beauty is all you see, how can life NOT be good?- Melia GullottiIt's the Stupid ones that end up becoming Wise.- Ashkan HassaniA Poet expresses expressions - PRACHI KERKARNothing except death lives for eternal time.- Amartya MaheshwariBand-Aids Don't Fix EVERYTHING But I Wish They Did- kate stevensI am already in ashes and ashes cannot burn again.- AnonymusDearth enters when you close your door.- mohdmustafa99Life is a labyrinth and at each turn, there's something that either shapes you or deforms you.- Maitreya Rajan MahantaOne of the greatest challenge we face each day is challenging ourselves.- kemole parkerAlways expect the worst to get the best out of this World.- Baqar AbidiI was crying when I was born, because my mother was in difficult moment of her life- Kamal S LoharTwo advises are less workable than one.- mohdmustafa99Little good triumphs over much evil - Shoban kGood apology can't be repetitive.- mohdmustafa99One day there will be enough money but not enough love to live.- Avhidipta MondalBe careful what you say on Facebook. Because it will bite you on the a** later.- Monica HillRestore your ex-wife; she has restored her happiness.- mohdmustafa99Faults occur when you correct the true acts.- mohdmustafa99The life path is easier with someone by your side- Miguel Filipe Santiago PereiraStrive but never overstep.- Victor CouragePeople are drawn to drama and death but won't help them when they need it.- Kanonimous KapoaPerception Believed is Reality Achieved - ANDREW AUGUSTIf I do not speak I can not Lie, If I do speak there is possibility for the truth- Lily AthasLife is only lived once, live it right..- Ngophola MiraziLife is a gamble but never gamble with your life.- Victor CourageThe meaning of life is unknown but life has meaning.- Victor CourageLife has the ability to convince us that once we know about something, it loses its mystery.- Marruen MahmudAddiction is a necessity without cause- Victor CourageHow you use today determines how tomorrow will use you.- vikrantThose who make a difference.. Know they must be different- Colette DegraffYour fun is not dependent on anyone else, but the right person can amplify it- Gregory K. ParaghYou're not losing everything you want. You're realizing you are better than what was wanted!- Zac FarkoshThe truth can be hard, lies are usually easy- Victor CourageLife's like a movie, just be the director- Jérôme W.Just because you are living and breathing doesn't mean you are alive.- vikrantIf you don't ever take a chance in life you will regret it for ever!- Wendy MercedesLife is short.. Live it UP.. !- AniketWith you I had to face my biggest fear: Become a stranger for someone I love.- The Quiet GirlI've seen this: money doesn't, after all, make the world go round, it only makes life easier..- Paddick Van ZylYour life is a result of your mind.- Sourabh kumarI may be poor in life but rich in mind.- Linda MagobodiA broken heart is like a precious broken vase, it can be fixed but it won't be the same.. !- Rujul ChouthaiI've lived my life believing that problems should be complicated, not solutions- Donald Lynn FrostAdditional risks in life is not taking risks- Jeton LajqiNo matter the situation, loss will always be felt by one person more than the other.- Timmy BorbaEveryday you're living history.- Nazifa TasnimI am determined to be successful, not to prove others wrong but to prove myself right- Alyx MartinezLeast considered parts in a human body are given the maximum respect- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyHope someone asks 'do you have an insurance' rather than asking 'is your vehicle insured'. - Humans are least valued on earth..- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIn this cruel world, I prefer to be an a**hole than have my ass kicked by a**holes- Hafiz AhmedWe cannot change the past, but we can change the present.- Aubrey SanchezPain makes people change, but it also makes them stronger- Rebecca Ann TottenWhen I needed the world and my peers to answer a question, I was answered with complete silence.- Jordan ScaliceYou take care of earth, earth will take care of you.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyWithout chocolate, life would be only semi-sweet.- Keiana SolomonLife is the threshold of human existence, to not many it is promised but cherished by all.- Lisa FrederickI don't regret coming to earth because it brought me to you- shiza shahidThere's fear behind every wonderful love in life.- Ai LingEverybody needs somebody.- Darab ImteyazThere are two ways to become rich, Make more or Desire less.- Darab ImteyazHonestly, second chances doesn't make one believe in you as they used too..- NataliaOne's life will be, how one chooses to live!- K Chandra SekharIt's life, you gotta take the good with the bad and make the best of what you got- James EatonI have never seen God in my life, but he must look like our parents only..- A MehtaThe pen will never be mightier than the sword if its words are forever permanent.- Eric ScottBurning lovely memories is always too tough! you need to burn your soul before the act. - Farhad DastoorPerfection comes in the simplest of forms- Chloe MendelsonSometimes it is your past that makes your future better..- Daleen IrshaidNever do good things till you are asked to, for good turns out to be bad- Farhad DastoorDear Life, is it possible that one day I might have the chance to understand you?- Daleen IrshaidPeople are like a tooth brush, none of them are strong- OmerJawedIf you think life is bad think again- Damian Aguirre Don't just have dreams, live them - J JSolutions come from confusion, best of people are always confused.- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyLive with anger all your life and you will have dagger in your heart in no time.- ajith CHEMPARATHYAn untamed human is nothing more than an animal itself.- anna juanita brownI'm just a Human being, being Human.- Bill GibbsOne lie can cause death of thousands- maurice booneAin't life a trip? ready or not, its gonna continue without you..- joseph valdezFind your reason, or just make one. Because its freaking hard to keep living without one.- Ogie casimiroLife without dreaming is empty- Gregorius AdiIt doesn't matter what people say about you only what you say about your self.- bryce diasThink today is your last day - do what all possible- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyThere are always challenges at every stage in our life, overcoming them is what life is all about- Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyChildhood looks beautiful perhaps because we imagined too much and lived less in real.- Lokesh giriLife is still my favorite passion, though I haven't been its favorite person- Lokesh giriA good swimmer must know how to go with the flow.- Lokesh giriBeing LONELY is much better than feeling ALONE- AB BabyEnough is enough, can't you see i'm in LOVE- nina harris