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Life is an inspiration waiting to happen. Once it presents itself, One must take it, and run, For it only lasts the ride one is destined to take. T

Inspirational Life

"The pressures of life are inevitable" -T

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"The heavenly body is full of motivation, The question is will you find it in time. Will you find it in time to complete the rhyme. The rhyme and

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Give me a sec, I'll be right back, Put that sec in a thought, and add another till you make a stack. If you reach a stack, And I'm not back, Get up,

There is always more than one way to solve a problem, and your way may not always be the best possible way in my opinion. So you try your way, and I'

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(Police Sirens) Me: Aw come on popo I can't do this now, ima be late for class. Cop: (Walks up to the car and asks) Sir, do you know how fast you

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‎"Hiding your ignorance behind other peoples mistakes, will not make you any smarter. It will better those people who's mistakes you've pointed out,

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"There are two types of talent: natural talent, and talent that comes in every now and then. The latter some call luck and other momentary talent,

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"To achieve greatness is nearly impossible, considering of course evolution is inevitable." -O

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Boredom is a burden I hate to bear, But when it calls, and you can't go anywhere, You just have to stare. It's not fair really, I mean it has it's

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‎"The goal in life is happiness, whether it is money, love, or family alone, happiness is what

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Life is nothing but a deja-vu that repeats itself Over and over, and Over again till one day the


"How I wish for a Déjà vu, A Déjà vu with you, The Déjà vu like the week before, Ever before

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""Those with negative actions, I shall have nothing to do, For they are not my friends, But my foes,

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"Fly, fly, the butterfly away, Far away from the pray, So it will live as long as it may." -O

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"Words are not of value. It is the meanings behind them, The actions that support them, That are a

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"For one to be right, they must first be wrong. From that wrong they learn and in turn are right." -

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To have the opportunity to be the president of the most powerful country in the world, is far greater than that of the opportunity to be the richest


‎"You may get knocked down once, twice, or even a million times throughout your life, but as long

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To be insane and talk to animals is a mental illness. But to be sane and talk to animals, is plain

Funny Sad

"Meeting a new person you wonder,

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"If falling asleep here, there, and everywhere is what it takes to reach your destination, then

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"To see you soon, would be a thought successful. Hopefully sooner than later, but either is better

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‎"It is the things that you take for granted, that you will later regret, and it is they who may

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"Life is a dream undreamt." -F

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"A person never changes, you just weren

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"People don

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"I think not of myself as great, but those around me, only then can I challenge myself to be

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"A win undeclared, is a loss" -P

Failure Truth Witty

‎"Wisdom earned through hard-work is hard-earned wisdom. Hard-earned wisdom is not for those who