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If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world..

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World changes by the smallest of ideas World changes by the smallest of ideas..

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In a world full of problems; be the solution. In a world full of problems; be the solution...

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Don Don't let pain be what holds you back, don't let revenge be what makes your world black...

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Change the world when you are single; because once your are married you can Change the world when you are single; because once your are married you can't even change the T. V..

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'Lifestory of a candle' Courageous it was to sacrifice itself, lighting the world of cowards who..

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pain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it Pain, hurt, disappointment can only stop your world from spinning for as long as you allow it..

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A conscious person can create a better world than a self-conscious person. A conscious person can create a better world than a self-conscious person...

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Money is the illusion of what the world thinks you are worth. Truth is, all souls are priceless. Money is the illusion of what the world thinks you are worth. Truth is, all souls are priceless...

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In a world this beautiful and teeming with opportunities, it In a world this beautiful and teeming with opportunities, it's extremely insecure to be hostile to..

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I choose to smile at the world and its teeth than being grumpy and unsatisfied because anger peals I choose to smile at the world and its teeth than being grumpy and unsatisfied because anger peals..

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I wake up early to appreciate the beauty of the world before all the A**holes wake up and spoil it. I wake up early to appreciate the beauty of the world before all the A**holes wake up and spoil it...

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Wake Up
Everyone in this world is playing the Everyone in this world is playing the 'I' game...

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A better world begins with better people A better world begins with better people..

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Its an open world outside for you to venture but beware of the walls within. Its an open world outside for you to venture but beware of the walls within...

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If we treat people like competitors, how can we possibly work together to make the world better? If we treat people like competitors, how can we possibly work together to make the world better?..

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There are three types of people in this world; Problem seekers, Problem Solvers and Problem There are three types of people in this world; Problem seekers, Problem Solvers and Problem 'see..

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Money makes the world go round but people make the world go forward Money makes the world go round but people make the world go forward ..

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We pray to god for world peace. We pray to god for the end of poverty. We pray to god for protection. We pray to god to stop murder. We pray to god..

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There are many things in the world that can be gained, but only love can be won.. There are many things in the world that can be gained, but only love can be won....

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We enter this world alone and we leave this world alone, but we all go through life together. We enter this world alone and we leave this world alone, but we all go through life together...

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The world is not going insane, it was already insane and it just took this long for us to start The world is not going insane, it was already insane and it just took this long for us to start..


World is a race between time and sanity, time always wins. World is a race between time and sanity, time always wins...

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Joy is not a goal by itself. it is just that when you are joyful, you're pleasant to the world. when you are joyful, your sense is in your hand. when..
-Sanjay Chintamani Patel

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You can be the most intelligent person of the world. Only thing you have to do is to defeat yourself.- Jasleen kaurA little more compassion for the suffering people could make this world a much better place to live in.- Syed BadiuzzamanIn the world of dishonesty, be a person of integrity.- Kirupa ManoharanWe're limited by our beliefs. Don't believe it? Can you experience our world like a person on the moon? His view of the world is much different than yours. He sees more than you. And his beliefs are stronger than yours. The more you explore the world, the more you would expand your mind and beliefs.- Shan Ali NaqviWhat kind of world do YOU want to live in? Don't settle for anything less than Utopia.- The Quoted IrisTo be calm at your worst and smile with your best is the greatest virtue with prettiest smile. The world has its charm only when harsh is endured and smile is pure.- Aditya Prakash PandeyThe world would be really boring if it was perfect.- Austin James LelievrePeople often talk about change in the world, but you have got to change yourselves for you to see the change you desire- ease berryThere is nothing in this world that can describe us better than our actions. Act positively and show good behavior.- Amoako TheophilusThere is no road in the world that goes to happiness.. But happiness itself is the only way which can go anywhere in the world!- Ananya Sardar

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Peace Quotes I don't want to defend human rights, I want to create a world where human rights don't need defending. - J BWe need accelerated global efforts to support human rights around the world. - J BThere is a way to achieve world peace, respect human rights. - J BCentralize human rights to realize world peace. - J BA world free of human rights violations is a global vision that requires a global response. - J BThere is no justification for human rights violations. Fulfilling human rights is the only answer to world peace. - J BI envision a world in which everyone's human rights are fulfilled and protected, regardless of who they are or where they live. - J BHuman rights violations are the cornerstone of all that is wrong in the world. - J BFulfilling human rights is a prerequisite to achieving world peace. - J BRespecting human rights is the most important symbol of peace in today's world. - J BAnd this I believe: that without respect for human rights, we will never know world peace. And this I would fight for: protecting human rights. And this I must fight against: any idea or government which violates human rights. This is what I am and what I am about. - J BWe can achieve world peace through continuous collective efforts in respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights. - J BWe must work together towards a common goal: a world free of human rights violations. - J BWe need to address the reality of human rights. Human rights should be driving discussions and decisions around the world. Human rights should have the loudest voice of all. - J BHuman rights remain indispensable and absolutely essential, as every human right fulfilled brings us closer to world peace. - J BThere will be conflict in the world until human rights are met in a far fuller measure than is now the case. - J BI envision a world in which everyone's human rights respected and protected, regardless of who they are or where they live. - J BWithout speedy progress on human rights issues and real action to end violations, the world not know peace. - J BThe world can no longer take human rights for granted. - J BThere are no human rights players in the world to whom I do not direct my comments because we are all human rights players. We are all responsible for advocating human rights and ensuring their universal recognition. And knowing this, I think, is crucial. - J BThe world has often brushed aside human rights violations. - J BEfforts to create a world where human rights are universally fulfilled will eventuate if all sectors of society participate. - J BWe must in some way come to our senses. We must extricate ourselves from advertisement, consumption and manipulation on the television. We must discover within ourselves a deeper sense of responsibility toward each other and the world. We must respect, protect and fulfill human rights. - J BThere is no more important job in the world than defending human rights. - J BThe champion way to promote world peace it to promote the advancement of human rights. - J BIt is imperative that respect for human rights is assured throughout the world. - J BDefending human rights today will define the world tomorrow. - J BAround the world human rights violations are all too abundantly clear. - J BAnother human rights violation.. this is a ear-splitting wake-up call to the world. It confirms that human rights violations are moving faster than we are - and we are running out of time. - J BThe lack of human rights education is underpinning the lack of major economic and social development in the world. - J BIt is a sad reflection on all communities and countries that the world is still far from reaching the goal of fulfilling human rights. - J BHuman rights are fundamental to the world we need to build. - J BThe future of our world is in the human rights we defend today. - J BOnly those who dare to defend human rights will change the world. - J BEven as we witness devastating human rights violations causing havoc across the world, we are still not doing enough, nor moving fast enough. - J BLet us reaffirm our commitment to work together for a better world that is inclusive, equitable and sustainable for everyone, where human rights are fully realized. - J BHuman rights should be supported and celebrated, as they make the world a better place for all of us. - J BThe majority of the world appears numb to human rights violations. - J BThe entire world is at a tipping point as human rights violations are increasing. Urgent action needs to be taken across the world now to mitigate suffering and safeguard decades of development gains. - J BHuman rights are the foundation of stability in the world and the creation of the conditions for its development. - J BYou can't build a peaceful world with unfulfilled human rights. - J BHuman rights violations are not an accident. Like all the problems in the world, they are man-made. - J BIt is a strange thing for me to knowingly enjoy my human rights when human rights are denied to so many people in different parts of the world. - J BRespected, protected and fulfilled human rights can break the continuous cycle of instability in the world. - J BAs we strive to end conflicts around the world, we must understand that lasting peace is based on the respect for human rights, with human rights being put at the center of all peace processes. - J BOnly in a world that is rid of human rights violations can all people make the most of their abilities. - J BAlarming and expanding human rights violations are affecting millions of people and further the destabilization of the world. - J BHuman rights violations are happening daily. This is a fact that the world should be shocked about. - J BHuman rights are art. Paint your dream of what the world could be. - J BHuman rights is a way of seeing the world. - J BIt is an unfortunate fact that human rights violations are still happening in today's world. - J BWe must do more to tackle human rights violations undermining stability in the world. - J BI shudder when I think of all that is happening to human rights in the world, and of what violations yet await us. - J BHuman rights are under fire in many parts of the world. - J BWe're in a new world. We're in a globalized world in which human rights violations could make us very sorry that we didn't act. - J BWe have a legal and moral obligation to rid our world of human rights violations. - J BWouldn't it be great if we could look forward to a world where human rights come first. - J BDefending human rights is a blessing for the entire world. - J BStand up for human rights and you can turn the world around. - J B"The best and most beautiful things in the world are human rights." - J BA world where governments are held accountable for their human rights violations will earns its place in the twenty-first century. - J B

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Life Quotes The world outside is not there to kiss you, but to kick you - NayanaIf people spent as much time being happy as they spent complaining about the economy, the world would be a happier world - GabrielPeople who want others to be like them must note that if others become even a little better than you then world will say that you are like others. - AB BabyWe must be careful who we share this world with. - Meagan Lynn GervaisLive everyday as if it's your last and appreciate the world and the luckiness of yourself in life - Bethany Hope SkinnerIt didn't start out this way.. But, then again, it never really does. We live our whole lives striving to be someone, trying to make our mark in someone's world. We start out trying to conquer the world, but in the end, find ourselves struggling from being conquered by it. No one's life is a fairy-tale, and although magic does exist, it lasts for mere seconds. CHIVALRY is dead. MAGIC is rare. DEPRESSION is real. HOPE and FAITH are exhausting. LOVE is dangerous and questionable. And, above all, LIFE is terminal.. There is absolutely NOTHING to over analyze. - Brittany Ann SmithIn a world of Good and evil, everybody is one of it's own. I am I and you are you and we can not change who we are, unless we're all willing to do so. Somehow we have managed to do something great, to love one another and to conceive all the beauty in the world in bunches. One by one we come, and one by one we go. Let us all share the precious gift, the gift of life and eternal youth.. - Zarah smithNot everything in this world is the way you want it to be, but everything in this world is made out to be the way you make it to be - Aaron FischerWe are all born to become something.. in this world , do what you want, but always take advise of others - mannnawar sehreenUnless we bring balance to the world, we are destined to live a finite existence - Guy RobertsonWhen I needed the world and my peers to answer a question, I was answered with complete silence. - Jordan ScaliceYour smile determines how you see and think about the world around you. - Rebecca Ann TottenIs the world your ally or enemy? if at one moment it seems to arrange things to fit your preferrence, the next moment it throws you a step behind the rest of your environment. - Hunter JamesMoney means everything in this world, you would not even be able to have your basic needs without it - Kavyia SpencerI've seen this: money doesn't, after all, make the world go round, it only makes life easier.. - Paddick Van ZylBelieve, because there is nothing better in this world to know that life is beautiful.. - David FigueroaMy mind has become so corrupted even the most beautiful songs of this world can't save me.. I can only hope that someone.. no, a hero will come to slay me. - Abandoned ZombieNothing is perfect in this world, everything has its pros and cons.. - Nivendita sharmaIts an open world outside for you to venture but beware of the walls within. - Harikrishna GopalakrishnanAlways expect the worst to get the best out of this World. - Baqar AbidiA better world begins with better people - Chiquita BowlegWhenever world fights and decides to eliminate 'Poverty'. World loses and poverty wins - SadashivanEveryone in this world is playing the 'I' game. - Pat broI create a Dream world with her, without her knowledge - santhosh kumarA conscious person can create a better world than a self-conscious person. - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyIgnorance of what is up to the world and covered by the pop culture which adoring the lifestyle is too little too much - Kurt AhsIt's our responsibility to bring light and love into people's lives when they feel their entire world is dark and lonely - Josie WindsorPeople who are judging you think as if they have their own constitution to rule the world - Adarsh HegdeIn this world we all need a purpose and once you have discovered yours, the puzzle called life is immensely solved. - Abel NdinyoLife is a free world, No matter what humans try to make it, nature says it's free - Joshua Aaron GuilloryI wish you best of all this world could give. - Cleopas mliloThe Weakest person in this world is the one who can't even express his feelings. - BinoymanThis is a MAGICAL WORLD.. if you want to live in this WORLD try to learn at least the basics of magic. - Prasanna PasupuletiI held the dandelion in my hand, and made a wish so grand. It came to me and so I wished for something more, a wish for wealth, a wish for good health, and once again it was mine. I closed my eyes to wish to rid the world of pain, and the wind came. The dandelion was never seen again. - Melody HYou cannot judge the world as wrong and you as right unless you are an extraterrestrial. - mohdmustafa99GOODNESS is the only thing that truly exists. GOODNESS is the Spirit, the Embodiment of Love. When you understand that GOODNESS is the only Force in The Universe, and that all other messages of the world are fabrications of the human mind, you will no longer fear the present moment or the Beyond. - Amelia GoodeA failure will always blame the world. A winner will ways blame his failed decisions and correct them. - Allen LazarMusician, songwriter, composer, storyteller, painter, singer, sketch artist, etc etc.. Thank you world, you let the computers replace them all.. - Byron AbelLife is a open world game. - Md RazaullahThe world is too busy to care what you say or do. Sometimes you just have to keep everything to your inner being. Not all who will listen to your story, are willing to assist you. Some people are only gonna listen to your story just to pass time. Know who you share your issues with. - Azwihangwisi NematsweraniThe real reason why we come crying into this world is that we realise for a brief moment that we are sent to hell. - John Guedes do NascimentoLife may go on, but how do any of us know that the world won't cease to exist when we die for ourselves? - John Guedes do NascimentoI know they say There's a lot of stars in the sky. But you are the only star, that brings light to my world. YOU ARE MY SUN. - Julien NarayanasawmyWe will begin to learn how to love one another after we appear foolish to the world and begin to suffer for Jesus.. - Byron AbelA life without animals, is like a world without hope. - Tanya Sara Estelle FillbrookThe world would be really boring if it was perfect. - Austin James LelievreShe listens to the music to block out the world.. The world blocks out her cries, her pain. - Melody HMany innocent people are suffering in this world because of false accusation. There are many people in this world who unjustly falsely accuse others in order to hurt and ruin their reputation and to destroy that person's life. Because of one simple false accusation one can destroy and damage someone - Shaila TouchtonThe world should not recognize you by your parents. Your parents should be recognized because of you.. - Dipti Kotali...I see this world headed in a no holds barred un-imagined destination as quickly as it can.. - Byron AbelA little more compassion for the suffering people could make this world a much better place to live in. - Syed BadiuzzamanYou can be the most intelligent person of the world. Only thing you have to do is to defeat yourself. - Jasleen kaurThere are some moments in life when the world vanishes. - Syed BadiuzzamanLife's daily experiences bring new meaning to our outlook of life, people, and the world. - Howard Hanniford

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Change Quotes Change is the only constant thing in the world - aftabkhanIf I had a gift, I would have filled half the world with passionate people, with those people crazy enough to get out of their comfortable wretched lives to go in pursuit of love, love that is the way of feeling every moment without the fear/ decision from past, but the joy and gratitude of being blessed with such a wonderful gift - love. - Lokesh giriWhy do people think of changing the world? perhaps because we don't see the necessity for changing ourselves. - Lisa RoyIf you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world starts to heal :) - Paddy DuffyIt's my opinion that the human race's inherent tendency to fear the unknown, can be held accountable for much of what's wrong with the world. Perhaps it's time to embrace the unknown, so that we may begin taking steps towards understanding it. To do so, is the only means we have of ever seeing our future differ from our past. - Jesse HayesTo make a change is to make a difference in the world - Kirsten KizzeeIt's impossible to change the world but it is possible to change ourselves by looking at the world with a different perspective. - Bobby WinterI may not change the world completely. But, I'm sure that I will do a massive contribution - Word WordsworthI bealive anybody can do a little something to keep this world alive. - Austris VansovicsEvery living being has the birth-right granted by the nature to live and die in this world without the manipulative interference of human Every living being has the birth-right granted by the nature to live and die in this world without the manipulative interference of human. - Chandrababu V SEverybody sees the world in a different way.. - Hamdan Zefa BandaIf you want to change the world then be the job maker not the job seeker. - Sourabh kumarIf we treat people like competitors, how can we possibly work together to make the world better? - Iris PhilipImagine a world full of happy people, show someone love, make someone happy, be the best you can be, lets build a happier world - Amukelani HlangwaneI can't change you and you can't change me, but we can work together and change the world. - Germany KentWe live in a world with so much hatred and so little love. We live in a world where you can't even walk in the street anymore without fearing. We live in a world where you never know if tomorrow is going to be our last day. We can't go to bed anymore without saying a prayer to thank god to have kept us alive for an other day. We live in a world where fear is the most common feeling. We live in a world where in only 24h 115 000 people lost there lives in terrorists attacks. At this point we aren't living anymore.. we are fearing life. Let's make a change. Because right now what we are living is what is going to be in our children's history books. Do we really want that. So let's all pray that one day we will have peace all over the world. That we will all stand at one and never fear again. - Laurence LefebvreThe thing is, everyone is messed up in their own way, some realize it and change, but some don't. We can only hope and pray that others will see their wrong doing and change it. Some will never change but don't let them ruin a world of amazing wonderful people - Brynn Alanah LundChanging world is not that tough seriously, try changing yourself and you are done. - shivangi lavaniyaSit here thinking to myself the wonders that we've made. An individual has; invented, created, impacted the world. These individuals overcame judgment/discrimination by others who had disagreement towards their ideas. Imagine no judgement and no discrimination, what can we accomplish as a human race? - Giovanni JimenezSometimes, the worst things that happen to you are the best things for you in a different world that's interconnected with your own. - Nadine KhayatWhen you're unhappy with yourself, you think of making the entire world unhappy with you only if you could. Then after 4 seconds you realize that the world has nothing to do with you being unhappy. The world doesn't even know that you exist unless you have something great to offer the people. It's all about people. So start helping people all over the world by beginning with you. Then you'll be the happiest person alive. Stop fake being happy when you don't even know what can give you happiness. Start doing something meaningful for people and the result of happiness will be yours. What are you good at? - Marie Yolande PierreI am proud to stand with those who are fighting for their rights and the rights of others to help build a better world where human rights are respected and protected. - J BThe champion way to promote world peace is to promote the advancement of human rights. - J BTake a walk with me and let's turn the world upside down so we can step on stardust - Oana FergheteChange the world when you are single; because once your are married you can't even change the T. V cable. - Lukesh BammaHelping hand might not change the whole world, But it could change the world for one person - TLOTLO GODFREY TAUThe challenges in the world today, -in Africa, Asia, America, Europe.. can only be solved by collaboration and openness. Isolating ourselves and protecting our interests, will not lead us into a good future. - Eseka JerryBad things happen to good people so the world can become better for it. Imagine if bad things only happened to bad people. The world wouldn't benefit at all. - Nikki CoughlinStop trying to stop people from changing the world. Stop trying to try to stop people from changing the world, if it's for the better that is, for everyone! Peace - Joshua Aaron GuilloryHuman rights violations happening in many parts of the world do not need to persist if we work together. - J BThe world can no longer afford to take human rights for granted. - J BYou are a fool if you want to change people. You are mad if you want to change the world. - mohdmustafa99We have two opposing attitudes in one time: to change the world, and to be adapted to. - mohdmustafa99The world is changing but not according to scenarios of those who want to change it. - mohdmustafa99People often talk about change in the world, but you have got to change yourselves for you to see the change you desire - ease berry

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Inspirational Quotes It's always nice to be nice.. make the world worth living by sharing your smile, laughter, compassion and love to everyone.. - zindyThomas Edison , Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton: They say they all suffered from Autism and they all got kicked out of school; yet they managed to be scientists that changed the world. They called them crazy you know why? Just so they won't admit they're stupid! and you know who are called 'normal'? the stupid people who didn't follow what they were saying and left unknown to the world. - Shorouq A HassanThere aren't that many deep people in the world, Sometimes that means they don't bother to feel anything, But sometimes they think they are too good for time, No-one is too good for anything, and when you bother You discover a whole new World - Grace AwoyemiReconstruct the world by reconstructing your mind - Candi Taylor Jeter Ed SMoney makes the world go round but people make the world go forward - paul odafe uthoYou get to make choices about what you are going to do in this world. Your choices create your path. - El Haji NeroThe world is abstract, it is not real and it is nothing but an idea; so if you have an idea, than you have the entire world. - Martin Emil Armanyos Don't rush into judging & telling the world about anything. - Dato Seri Jessy LaiWe seem to fight for our survival in society that we close off our vulnerable side to maintain our perceived credibility by creating a barrier between ourselves and the rest of the world only sharing our real complete selves to a very select few - Edmond H SweidyThe earth is not flat. The universe does not revolve around the earth. The physical world is not the only reality. Genes do not control our biology. Evolution is not random. There are many cosmic forces at work, and all of them are intelligently directed. We are not a cosmic accident. Consciousness did not evolve. Consciousness is reality. Conscious energy creates physical reality. - HOWARD MANNThe whole world is in constant motion. The earth moves, the clouds move, the waves move and we too must move. Move and reach the destination of your choice. - RVM Author'Lifestory of a candle' Courageous it was to sacrifice itself, lighting the world of cowards who cared about themselves! - Kanha yNothing in this world is Good or Bad. Our thinking makes it so. A knife is good when a surgeon uses it to save a life & bad when a terrorist uses it to kill. - RVM AuthorThe eyes see the world, the mind sees the eyes. But 'I' am the one who watches them both. 'I' am the one behind. - AiR Atman in RaviIslam, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism.. what ever religion you call it; for me there is only one religion and that's humanity, thus it's what the world had started off with and god willingly, what the world will end with - Danish AhmedWorld allows to commit crimes today, to judge tomorrow in the name of justice. - Halil XhafaIn a world full of problems; be the solution. - The Quoted IrisNothing in this world is for free You have to give something to get something. - Tadu chadaYou may not be able to fix the world but you may fix that one person that changes the world - Nicole ShurtleffThere are people in this world, we need to notice without falling for people that don't need to be sought - Mercedes LopezAn eye for an eye might make the world blind, but I'd rather prefer a blind world than getting 'eyes' for rest of my life - Shekhar BhatiA life without animals, is like a world without hope - Tanya Sara Estelle FillbrookClimbing mountain is not to show yourself at the top, It actually shows your strength to see the world from the top - Santosh Kumar RathPriests earnestly strive for Holiness, Long-suffering, Gentleness, kindness, Meekness, unfeigned love being filled with Holy Spirit as constant companion. Priesthood unites millions of churches all over the world to celebrate the Holy Mysteries of Mass and Holy Communion. - Shaila TouchtonWhat kind of world do YOU want to live in? Don't settle for anything less than Utopia. - The Quoted IrisIn modern world, you die from your own mistakes vs someone else's. - Sandeep AggarwalDo not underestimate your abilities at all. Your inner lighting can illuminate the whole world. - Prof Salam Al ShereidaLook around you, there is a wall covering you and protecting you from life, the damages of the outside world, thus to truly grasp the reality of the world you live in you must break down that wall not at once , but a little piece everyday, so you can see how you grew and how much you still can achieve - LarissaWorld changes by the smallest of ideas - Pavan Kumar N ROur survival in this world depends on our ability to use little to do much. Life always gives us little to work with but that little is enough to achieve every success that we desire. - Bafferh MohammedBeing Fake is just a beautiful and easiest way to hide your pain and problems from the world, where everyone knew how to use your pain against you to make you taste your defeat. - Sayyed Tarannum

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Love Quotes I'll trade all the happiness in the world to be with you, to wipe your sweet cheeks. I'll trade all the happiness in the universe to never let your smiling lips to normal. - NovaLove should always happen, with everyone and everything for it is the way of seeing the world with a gentle and soft heart. - Lokesh giriIf one was able to look at himself like he can look at others, world would have missed the greatest love of all time - 'self love'. - Lokesh giriLove, don't you feel it in your heart? love, don't you feel in your veins? if love didn't exist the world wouldn't shine - lorena patricia figueroaThere are many things in the world that can be gained, but only love can be won.. - Elijah McKinleyMaybe a single soul has no role in this world. only if every soul would be able to find it's perfect mate, it must be the most important symbolism of love. - John Mari OngMy intelligence had always been above par with most people around me. For their sake, I used to hold myself back.. Stooping down to their level of intellect, so that they could understand me, be comfortable around me. I lived in this fake world and I don't know when, I also started changing from all this pretending.. Losing my brilliance.. Becoming one of them.. But then I met you. I assumed you to be one of them and tried the same approach, but you didn't waste time, trashing my assumption. You were always there to understand my quick jokes, sarcasm and hidden meanings behind my cryptic messages. You understood me like no one else.. Maybe, even better than myself.. You were unpredictable. It's not that I failed to understand you.. It's just that you were too fun to be around. You always made me wish nervously, that you act as I hope you do.. And you never failed my expectations.. You brought colours to my boring life.. There's never been one like you and never will be.. - Zero TysonYou are all you have to offer the world. Know yourself, love yourself and be yourself. - vikrantProof of Love - The world changes when 'you' are not here. - Chiquita BowlegOur love is very strong and everyone loves to watch our care for each other, so I know that after us later this world will continue to write our LOVE saga in the HISTORY.. - Randhir kaurLove is one of the greatest gifts in the world, if you lack love, you lack a great gift in your life .. - Newton kamandeYou are the only organised thing in my messy world. - Jatin AswalThe one thing in this world which is free of cost is parents' love - Bharath vikasSitting here with you Looking at the sky! It looks like light blue, Beautiful and dry! And yet wet with dew, Appears here and nigh, And high in the sky! Why? For me and you! And all the world, too! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryAs the grasses grow, And wintered by snow, And by summer's heat glow, I want you to know Our love will never change But will contain All the world below And up above Or the universe can show Or that it can know Or that the wind can blow!.. (1 of 2 I want you to know.. ) - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe world needs love; the world needs love beyond measure. - Zac OchsenbineThe world needs more words of love. - Luke Shen Tien ChiMy world without you is blank. - PromilaMy world began when I met you. - PromilaYour feelings encircle me as wind encircles world. - Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezWhen we leave this world, the soul is not the last thing to leave our body; but hope. - Marcelo CahuenasThe world doesn't love us at all. - Joe CervantesLove is not a blind world You can create a colourful world - Naveen noel mutyala

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Philosophy Quotes World is a race between time and sanity, time always wins. - Lokesh giriThis world is a playground, we all are players without knowing the true meaning of sportsmanship, always thinking of the different ways of cheating to win even small races in life. - harbinderjit singh bajajI am the mirror which reflects my own image and this reflected image is known as the world of plurality. - Karthik RajaGive up selfishness, It refers to all of humanity, people will become people only when they give up their own egoism. Only then will we cease to be part of the animal world, and evolve into representatives of the highest race - RomeoThe knowledge of world religions is only four keys to the highest form of awareness. They will open the gates to the higher worlds; you just need to choose one of these keys to evolve - RomeoHuman is a portal to another world, the inner world of a person. He lets in far from everyone and sometimes launches his ideas to the outside world. - RomeoThere are no secrets in this world which you can not disclose to the correct person at the correct time. - T C JoseBuddha is evolving beyond the physical world - Dr N Sai Bhaskar ReddyDreams, when will you sprout out from my land of sleep.. and when will you take thy wings.. and fly into the blue skies.. unto the promised world of bliss.. where there is only love and happiness. - Kavitha jesson615To be calm at your worst and smile with your best is the greatest virtue with prettiest smile. The world has its charm only when harsh is endured and smile is pure. - Aditya Prakash PandeyIn all of this cyber illusion of the human world, the animatronics of working ethics need to be lubricated with machine oil of humanity of empathy - RomeoIn the world of dishonesty, be a person of integrity. - Kirupa ManoharanThis world is like a drama. Everything that happens on the Earth stage is produced and directed by the Creator. Then, why do we get upset, disturbed, and unhappy at what happens? - AiR Atman in RaviInstincts are creepy toys of the subconscious, there is a toy world that is developed at the expense of all lived lives, they call to have fun at the expense of oneself. - Romeo

Creativity + World Quotes

Creativity Quotes In a perfect world, dreams exist so as to become ideas. But for an idea to become a dream, is both sad and disappointing. In such a world, dreams are made of glass. - Jesse HayesIn this world we live in, is anyone truly insane? these people you call and believed to be crazy are truly just 1000 step ahead of you and you just don't understand their plans - jada cunninghamThe world would be a bloody boring place if we were all the same and everything was certain. - Iris PhilipWhen you employ a strategy, you offer it to the world to be used for or against you. - Donald Lynn FrostYour attire can never describe your image in this world.. You have to earn for it! - siva kumarUsing your abilities means to form more layers of the world. - O. KArt is my second world, second soul and second language - MypleasureWe are all books- the world is our library. - Anthony ZhouSaying we believe in god, yet participating in all things worldly, makes us a convert of the world, not of god! - SHIKI E KIRKPATRICKBeing creative is the best certificate in the whole world - oluwagbenga segunMarket yourself to the world of creativity, crosscheck thereafter if it's up to the standard.. - Ikulabi Anikulapo IkuforijiDraw a cow and color it as a zebra , then you will find that you have created a new world. - mohdmustafa99

Freedom + World Quotes

Freedom Quotes Recognizing how lucky we are when seeing the world around us move so quickly is just as important as treating those with love and compassion. This City, my freedom and my ability to work and make a good living is a gift. - Joshua C SvarenPaint the world with brightest colors, even on the darkest days - Nicole CallantaThe human rights violations in the world are man-made. We must take prompt action to tackle the factors causing such violations and ensuring that they are stopped. - J BAll is true, all is peace, all is joy, all is love, all is satisfaction, all is free, all is truth, all is happiness, all is health, all are health, all and everything is self-satisfaction and all-satisfaction and everything satisfaction, all is world peace, everyone and everything is world peace - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIt worries me not what the world will do! My duty is to live in peace with you! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTo keep the peace of light In the air of life Will help the world breathe right And prevent all strife - Joshua Aaron GuilloryTyrannical anarchists, True communists or Marxists, Secure the world that's free, Know there is no enemy, Know that tyranny is apart of the free, And yet there is no tyranny in me! I'm free, and I'm tyranny, That's free anarchy, the true Communist party - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIn the dimension of world peace all of this is free And you can cross the street certain of your safety - Joshua Aaron GuilloryExcept it be peaceful, fun, loving, play, like world peace, which some may term a game, it won't last forever! World peace is beyond a game! It's the real, true honest thing! And beyond a thing - Joshua Aaron GuilloryMake peace with world peace! Accept it serenely! Accept it joyfully! Accept it truly! Accept it now! - - Joshua Aaron GuilloryMorality is world peace, enthusiastic existence, and proud virtue! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Joshua Aaron GuilloryEvery individual and organization has a role to play in mobilizing skills, talents, and life experiences to move towards a more just and equitable world where all have what they need to survive and thrive in life. - Oscar Auliq Ice

All World Quotes

If you have the courage to connect with people from different races, nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, and regions, you have the courage to bring about change in the world.- Germany KentTo dissent against the world means failure in adaptation of oneself to live in.- mohdmustafa99If you wanna change the world, say hello to the first person you see tomorrow on your way to work.- Allen LazarThe world is yours for the taking. You need only find the will within to seize it.- J W BarlamentDon't fear of failure, fear missing out on taking the countless opportunities this world has to offer you.- Jaymin ShahWhat Person Has Time To Hate When There are So Many Beautiful Things In The World To Explore- SunofYah913Beauty is more than skin deep. Beauty radiates from deep within. The innocence of a child. The love in someone's heart. A willingness to help others. The desire to make the world a better place. Someone painfully knocked down in life, who gets up, smiles, and continues to blossom.- HOWARD MANNIn the modern world, you die from indigestion and not from hunger- Sandeep AggarwalThere is no food in this world which will stop your hunger for ever. There is no happiness in this world which will last for ever.- Kowsalapathy SaravananAn education is making better use of the mind, to equip the body with the best tools this world has to offer.- Joe CervantesDo not hate yourself or others, there is already enough hate in the world.- Victor CourageIt takes a great amount of courage to open a door for an unknown opportunity. It's a risk. It could even be a mistake. Or it could be the best damn thing in the world.- Regan HowardNothing has been agreed on in this world more than disagreement.- mohdmustafa99When I say 'WHAT IF' to myself.. the possibilities are that.. I can even change the world!..- Lalith BhonsleImagination rules the world- Twitter Tisetso_FreakWhen I'm rich I will buy you the world, but for now my love is all I can afford.- Cory PowellIf the world were made of good intentions, what a wonderful place it would be.- Cory PowellBiggest mistake in the world is to hurt others.- mahendrasinh zalaThe worst feeling in the world is being heartbroken, because no one ever really understands..- Caroline HuamaniMaybe there would've been a better world if guns would change into gifts and bullets into invitations.- La Nostra De La Terra y CieloLet everyone know that you have built a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. Effective communication is the key to success in any endeavor.- Luis A. Shirley BensonYou have survived the end of the world so many times and you can't survive from a break up ?- Kristi SimoIn a world of war, it's kill or be killed.- Ryan FoxThe world is a prison.. if you are always trying to earn the money..- mohanThe best education in the world is that got by struggling to get a living.- Darab ImteyazTo be in a secured net of the world of Imitation is to live a life imitating the 'other' or live in fear. Education means to kindle the sense of freedom and fearlessness to be free from the bondage of fear- sandeep ShankaranarayananIts painful when someone gives you a new identity and they kill it before the world could know- Farhad DastoorDon't laugh because you don't understand, instead lend a comforting hand. It could eliminate a world of hurt and pain that is protected by a layer of false confidence and laughter. You never know what someone is hiding behind a veil of smiles.- Julia Blair BendallThe world is unfortunately full of Human beings but less of Humane beings, Believe me, you can make a difference; BE HUMANE..- Shoaib noorYou can have all the education in the world, but nothing compares to learning on the job- Brent HarpsterLife is the ultimate journey, there is nothing stopping you from taking a step after the last; we cannot challenge the whims of the world. Fate has assigned us who we are and what makes us ourselves, and that is weird and normal all the same. If all are weird, then weird is the norm. Be brave in tongue, but not foolish. Be strong in body, but not destructive. Be wise in mind, but not timid. The soul fuels all and can do all we wish it to do- Nick JohnsonOf what value is all the talent in the world, all the ability, unless it is given the opportunity to present itself?- TheophilusIf you want to make the world a better place, trust not in your invisible friends, but in your peers.- Jesse HayesWe're all reflections of what we want to see in our own world.- Jesse HayesThe first step in changing the world is saying hello- Isaiah Roemello SolanoThere are three types of people in this world. The first is the one who clings to fear in hopes to live at all costs, the second is one who tries to balance the fear in is mind with the courage in his heart, and the third is one who rids himself of all the fear in his mind, soul, and body and learns the true meaning of life.- Christopher Joesph AgrusoThe world makes no sense to a non sensical person and a non sensical person can only see nonsense in sense and can only make nonsense out of sense.- SundareshThe world makes sense to a truly sensible person and a sensible person can see sense even in nonsense, and can make sense even out of nonsense.- SundareshIn this world the well mannered man is the one who will succeed- Irfan Mamoun MDHow can the truth set us free when the world is covered in lies?- The Quoted IrisEveryone supposedly knows from this world what greatness is. However, not everybody realizes that we actually live in such a world.- Oscar Auliq IceFor a social enterprise to make an impact in the world, it needs a solid foundation based on sustainability.- Oscar Auliq IceThe World has failed itself.- The Quoted IrisYou think you don't belong in this world? That's true, you're stronger and better than everyone.- JakeLord, shine Your light in our super-dark world. As sinners we wait with frustrated patience for Your Resurrection. Please Lord, do not tarry. For as frustrated as we are, we know that everything is in Your perfect time.- The Quoted IrisIt is our ability to spread happiness and joy which makes this world a beautiful place to live in.. just remember it starts with us.- Vasudeva Rao D M'Funky defuncts in a river of junk sunk!' 'Or how about, ' added Daniel, 'funky defuncts who sunk because their minds stunk who are nothing but junk', referring to the cowardly society of legal zombies who roam the world mindlessly in search of their untrue selves! - J A Guillory (DAS 13 of 23)- Joshua Aaron GuilloryWorld like a cup of benefit from ocean whereas hereafter is the ocean.- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezWomen bring balance to a world that is full of strife as well as happiness to a soul that is empty, to create love when it is void. Appreciate the love of a woman.- Monica Chrisandtras HinesBiggest lie in today's world- Time will always fly but, Good relations never die!- Ananya SardarPorn is the number one Billionaire industry in this world. But no one admit they're watching it. So who's watching it????- Mhlongo Ndumiso JuliusWind encircles the world, your feelings encircle me, Your feelings encircle me as air encircles everywhere- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezMoney does not matter; integrity, ethical and moral practice is of paramount importance than anything else in the world.- EBINEZAR GNANASEKARANWe live in a world where everything is literally possible if properly done.- Ajibola Oluwayinka EmmanuelA sad world in which we live when a man must be disloyal to his family in order to prove his honor.- Zac OchsenbineThe beauty, grace, and glory of her heart Reveals the heavenly treasures of God, Of life, nature, the universal art, And to show the world all is true, not fraud! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryPerhaps the greatest goal of learning is not merely aiming for a very comfortable living, but rather a long-term service to our country in an uncertain world.- Luke Shen Tien ChiYour mind, heart, inner world and soul are portals- RomeoAfrica my origin! A place I call home, a place am from, a place I sometimes wish am not from. With our dark skin the outside world sees us as dark minded people. A place where we are treated like a minority. Oh my Africa- Isele Eghosasere ElfredaI see the sun shine every morning, and the moon come out every night, but when I look into your eyes, the entire world begins to give off light- Chari MaeChildren of wartime verified that the world is far worse than we envisage.- mohdmustafa99You know you are living in a rotten world when you are forced to justify a good deed while evil runs rampant and unchallenged.- Siavash RohaniEvery year they are waiting for the end of the world, it seems to them that fate has put a gun on mankind, and wonders if there is a bullet or not, but mankind is crazy, in fact it has guided the gun itself, and fate is a fictional alter ego - RomeoLook closely into the water before telling the world your new discovery- Abasiofon FidelisLosing my son is the hardest thing in the world it's like a part of me has died, part of my heart has shattered, doesn't matter how many pieces I try to put together, i'm always missing that one Piece in my heart that I will never be able to put back together RIP de'von- Nashonite hackmanTrust me, love doesn't exist in today's world. People are only selfish these days so be careful.- VARSHA MAHESHWARIThe thought of seeing you smile every day would make me the happiest man in this world.- TMZPoetryI don't want to be the greatest in the world. I'd rather settle just to be the bravest in the world - Mark TurnerMoney makes stress, try to make your name in the world.- Hasnat ChThe world you see or the world I see have some differences, these differences in opinion is because of our thinking, so why are you following others, be your own role model, stop following, start standing for yourself!- Ajay NegiIn this world we're like pieces on the chessboard.. some of us we are pawns whereas others are queens, kings, castles and bishops but only God knows.. like players on a board do.. that when the pawn crowns it becomes 'something' on the chessboard(world). 'the world is a chessboard. '- Malatji Kamogelo GiftThe centralization of human rights will be the realization of world peace.- J BCANCEL CANCER!: One letter makes a world of difference.- Johnny JR RemickI have great ambition to set a great record that will front page the world record book of guinness..- Kayode Seyi TayoI do not allow the world to tell me what it means to be strong, because the world simply has it all wrong- Dylan Andrew Lee-ReidelThe world is yours if you can dream about owning it.- Michiel BesterLearn to tell yourself your dreams regularly, before dictating it to world- Surbhi narnoliONE can go anywhere in this world but HE can't go everywhere in this world- Pradhyumn BhattSometimes, it's only when the noise, the stress, and the commotion of the world are silent, our soul speaks the loudest.. cries the hardest, and hungers the most- William Payton scottAt the world at large you are the only one representing yourself and the others, if that's not true then tell what is politics is all about..- Kayode Seyi TayoOpportunity exist for those who can observe trends, for this world is a trending place.- Oscar Auliq IceThe only problem in this world that the brain cannot solve 'Doesn't exist'- Ottah Nelson ChukwuemekaWhen the whole world is always against you, you know you are destined for greatness.- Amelia GoodeIn a world full of noise, the ones who see it and not hear it probably understand it better.- Christina JaafarIn this world there is one lucky person who will love you more than anyone else in the world.. someday you'll find them!- Jessica HarveyThe best attribute of knowledge is its sovereignty. You can choose to be an expert in any given subject or the biggest idiot in the world. It's just a matter of predilection.- Felipe Castro QuilesObserve but do not interfere, think but do not speak, look but do not touch. These are the lessons we are taught by the world in order to survive. In order to live, we must learn to defy.- Corbin GordonSecrets can never be hidden in a world of technology, nor can they be reversed once found..- Daniel G. BlocherI see this world in a different way, because I am a photographer.- Bizz LamichhaneIn a world filled with lies, those who tell the truth will seem like saints but possibly devils in disguise.- Jonathan Devon FergusonWhen I hold camera, I find this world more beautiful.- Bizz LamichhaneThe world is repetitive, get used to it.- A HervsI never expected that you will leave me! but if you come back we can make a different world within us- Vinod_shenoyThe world gets smaller the more you know in life.- Hilario Jr. GoveaWe live in a world where the Web is more accessible than the World itself- PRACHI KERKARLet's go to the middle of nowhere, look up at the stars, and just forget the world for a few hours.- Micka Gyle IlardeWhy you want to change the world is less important than how you will do that.- Florin HanganuThe world isn't old enough in keeping the truth away from you.- Joe CervantesOut of all the dead people in the world, she chose me to bring back to life.- Gani ImeriBeing alone I found that you are never alone . Because when the whole world leaves you god accompanies you- Shweta chauhanWomen nor men run the world - professionals do- Chiquita BowlegThere is no innocence in a world of violence.. there is no truth if all is lies.. there is no opposer if we all oppose the opposer.. there is no peace if the peacemakers are the protesters.. there is no enemy if we're all against each other- Nina Danielle uuroUnderstanding a child's world and mind, is when you realize that everything makes sense in life. You learn, you live, you enjoy and you never get tired of getting surprised by what surrounds you..- Juan Habib Bendeck SotoWhen a child is fed, a world is nourished- Ms P QuotesIf I were to lose you, I would lose my mind. The world I see is not a world I can survive without you. I see a life ahead with you next to me always.- Angel BayzThe world is not for the living but for the brightest.- Jorge Eduardo Francis Aguilar Learn to respect the female gender rather than thinking that gender weak . Don't forget that they were the ones who made you the part of this beautiful world - Vishwajeet GhoshDrowning in my own thoughts, trying to solve the world.. Picking up broken pieces of glass, will perhaps only hurt more. Better to leave them be, however also that is just a thought.. But you just cannot ignore and fact remains, this person is your world.- Not InterestingChange is what the world is about .. we let it happen , or we make it happen - Daniel A LozanoYou tell someone your stories, it gets rewritten by no other than the person you tell them to, and then end up being published to the world..- Keysey Ann Valdez TumamaoThe world is always a better place on a full stomach.- Victor CourageIf I ever lost you, my soul would roam this world alone and not even the most trying bodies could reach my hurt soul.- Destiny Star BoyerHappiness is around the world , but when you have your true friends with you , you will know it's there.- Valeria SanchezPerfection doesn't exist in this imperfect world.- vikrantI've left a lot of things undone, unfinished. I just hope that I managed to care for the truly important things in this world.- Regan HowardThere are such things as monsters in this world. They take the forms of bullies, lies, murderers and by-standers.- lisaIn this world of loneliness, Betrayal was my best friend, Whilst love stood at the door as my enemy, A fate only the universe could reverse.. - Dr Nirvadha SinghThose who rebel and don't follow the rules will fail and end up working a small job. Those who follow the rules are the ideal, mainstream person will end up being the employers of those who rebel, which is a great achievement. And those who follow the rules but think outside the box, who are thought to be weird, will change the world.- Ivy BSree Narayana Guru, born as an Ezhava (once deemed to be a backward class in Sate of Kerala, India), perhaps, is the prime reason attributed to the reluctant attitude expressed by the upper class communities in India, as to appreciate or admit the greatness of this greatest soul of all time belonged to this part of the world.- Chandrababu V SDouse my eyes, they are burning to see goddess, my orison. World seems to be deserted without her and me in prison. What ever god has made is useless, even the spring season. I will give up every dollar, and nothing left for comparison.- Mirza Sharafat Hussain BeighNo matter how many bad people there are in the world.. good people always outnumber them- Malina Marin BakerThere are kind people in this world. It is always the kind people that get hurt the most. They help others when they can barley help themselves. When you meet one of them be kind to them and be their friends. It is always the kind people that get hurt the most emotionally..- EthanThe only impossibility in the world is the theory of impossibility- Cristian NinoI come here doing all me, try to hide my flaws so the world doesn't see me. but you still can see the sins on me- Hazetiana DestinyMoney can buy the ear of a statesman or a government, only truth and honestly will be heard by the world- Matthew EdmondsThe difference between an average person and the strongest man in the world is only a couple hundred pounds (if that), which is nearly nothing at all in comparison to the rest of the world. Why let nothing hold you back from trying?- Hunter JamesIf you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.- Curtis R BosticEvery person has their own path, some people follow it and others wonder in the world waiting for their path to be fixed- genesis gomezIn this cruel world, I prefer to be an a**hole than have my ass kicked by a**holes- Hafiz AhmedWords can be the most dangerous things in the world. Please be careful how you use them..- Jerome MartinezIt's hard to be a dreamer when the world says no.- Jarrett LaFleurPoetry unlocks that unseen world and that unheard language to the real world.- Euginia HerlihyBecause the beauty of your soul beats up the beauty of this world..- Daleen IrshaidJust because the Mayans ran out of space on their rock calendar doesn't mean the world will end in 2012.- shiza shahidIf people could unite the way they do during funerals this world could be a better place.- Brayne MatshotshiHe who doesn't love his mother cannot love any other woman in the world- Chandrashekhar BansodeWhen the hole world is against you walk through the door to a new one!- Bella greerThe world respects people who secretly create problems and publicly rectify them and scorn those who silently go about their work doing every thing right- sandeep ShankaranarayananIn this world, the farthest place is not from state to state, not from a country to country, not from earth to space, it is from your heart and what you think about the other person- Taylor AnnEntertainment world is a dream; lights, money and cameras; just don't fall in love, because it can turn into a nightmare with scandals.- JESSICA SERITA ABRAMSOur lives are messages to the world waiting to be read.- MonicaOn Christianity: Don't walk the way the world walks , let the world see on whose footsteps you walk- Pranay BaghYou know you love someone when they treat you like you are the only one in the world and when you look into their eyes all you see is what you want- Ashley GrohWar: The ultimate form of non-natural selection in overpopulated world ruled by monsters genetically addicted to betrayal and social-economic greed.- TonyxTo have the opportunity to be the president of the most powerful country in the world, is far greater than that of the opportunity to be the richest man/woman alive; for only then can you truly rule over all- TguiThe world is not based on, fact or fiction, truth or myth, reality and fantasy. The world, is a world of possibilities, achievable goals, and unlimited imagination. In other words, don't believe or disbelieve, of what you don't know, the (only) thing you can do is be open-minded.- Jorrdan Stevens The world is your classroom - Talk 2 Your BabyI don't care who you are, you were incorrect if you ever thought that there was no-one in the world who loved you. I can personally guarantee that there will always be one person who does.- JoshThe Soul is Priceless. Do not taint your soul with all the bad of the world.- DemetriusIdeas shape our world, our reality, our existence.. Power shifts, Nations rise and fall.. But Ideas grow, they live on and they can change the world..- Haya DweidaryIf people acted smarter, the world wouldn't be considered so stupid to live in.- Jovonta BattleThe world seems insufficient deprived of a rainbow, only color left is grey and red; sick of spilling tears as I wash the red from my heart.- NyrvaI love music, music is my soul, music saved my soul, music is everything to me.. I love music because I like to sing and dance.. I feel this world is full of music.. because i'm crazy with MUSIC!- shirley ormelleThe fate of the world rests in the hands of the unborn.- Mohammed Al-DieryBeing beautiful is the unwritten rule in the world we live.- Tra Lalalic Dead to the world because no one knows where my heart is - Minetre MartinCriticism always comes to those who don't follow the normality and guidelines set for them by society. They are always hated and and shunned until society admits its mistake, but by that time the greats are dead and the whole world mourns. Even when shunned, the greats keep going, remember this when you are being hated.- Christopher ReavesDon't bother painting the world prettier for its true color is painted by evil and all you can do is watch the display of man painting its own world.- adsfsad safdsafsadThis world is filled with an overabundance of problems.. Everybody's got 'em, some more than others. But if everyone helps somebody out with one of their problems, maybe there would be a little less of 'em around.- Lorreda C SmithIf you are not having loads of happiness then no problem, but if you don't have Grief in your heart then you are the Happiest one in this World..- syed.saleemirfanFrom the shimmering light to the darkest shadows, life will flow continuously, from the very moment a baby is born into the light, the light will follow till that person dies and fades into the shadows. And still life moves on, without skipping a beat, for when a person fades from this world, another shall take its place. so is the cycle of rebirth.- Christopher Joesph AgrusoThe world is a big lie and the only truth is God- Rony BazounyIf you want to be exceptional in this world, you can't be following the standards- Joseph Washington IIISaving the World One Click at a Time- Jack R MonsalveMost people search for miracles, leaving no stone un-turned, but never find them. Therefore, losing faith in God. But miracles are defined all around us whether it's through chance or a deep desire of hindrance. Like the miracle of new life; the innocence of a baby in a world full of madness.- Meagan Lynn GervaisIf I couldn't do anything in the world for him, I'd do anything in the world to forget him.- Meagan Lynn GervaisI am one of the only people in the world who know exactly what they are. I am human and I am a soul and I am a pebble in the river of time.- Jack BrownWorld as a whole has enough food and wealth to keep everyone on it warm and healthy, still there is hunger and poverty. Are those marked boundaries on the globe that we have between states, countries and continents stopping us from not helping our brothers and sisters? Is our love only restricted to watch them in movies and weep, when they desperately need love? God is certainly playing a joke.- Lokesh giriCats are the most evil, diabolical, selfish and freaking cutest things in the world.- Jack BrownAren't we all living in an imaginative world, we love the idea of loving somebody than loving somebody for we want the feeling of being in a relation which is nice, than stop lying to self and start facing the difficulties that take to be really good enough to be liked by somebody, it certainly is a beautiful life to think we love our parents, spouse, children, but do we really love them and make them feel it? interestingly we don't have so much time in the universe left for us.- Lokesh giriWorst feeling in a world fully packed with people is loneliness.- Lokesh giriWorld wouldn't have been the same without computers, it would have been better :0- Lokesh giriLife would be easier if true love was music. I could just search the world finding the tune that completes mine.- GabrielA wise man is always eager to enter all the places in the world except women's heart for the sake of love- jaanuYou can convince anyone anything in this world, except USA..- aftabkhanThe world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think- AbhishekSometimes when I'm alone I cry, because I am on my own. the tears I cry are bitter and warm. they flow with life but take no form, I cry because my heart Is torn. I find It difficult to carry on. If I had a ear to confide, I would cry among my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on, the world moves fast and it would rather pass by than to stop and see what makes one cry. so painful and sad and sometimes I CRY and no one cares about why- karina silvaWhen passionate people enter into passionate world it will make tremendous impact - rakeshbabuIf we could love more than we expect to be loved, world would have been a happier place.- Lokesh giriFaith brings victory over death. Faith brings victory over sin. Faith brings victory over sickness. Faith brings victory over worry. Faith brings victory over the world.- Shaila TouchtonThis world is a cup of water from ocean while hereafter is the ocean- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezWhen you come to a place in your life where you know and remember that you are Good, because you are One with the Highest Force in The Universe, which is Complete Goodness, and no longer blame yourself, you will then know how to stop condemning the world.- Amelia GoodeGlory to God, in all ramifications devil has been put to shame seven hallelujah to four corner of thy world..- success songEvery successful person in the world got rejected in the beginning, which forced them to fear, but later through courage and strength they conquered the fear.- EBINEZAR GNANASEKARANCalisthenics of the eye is two dimensional design: training the eye to fall in love with world around it and perfect a sensitive eye to the visual elements that is the structural steel behind all art- Bob EvermonThe world would certainly benefit from free trade if the quantitative trade barriers and tariffs were removed, and protectionism was replaced by more competitive free market forces.- Luke Shen Tien ChiGolden leaves and ruby trees, Our sweet world is made of these - Joshua Aaron GuilloryIn early 1900, geniuses could easily master most of the subjects of human knowledge. In the current world, the best geniuses cannot exhaust the knowledge in their line of specialization. Therefore, focus on refining a few skills.- Murungi Nathaniel MuthomiIn this world, the description of good and evil are reprobated..- Byron AbelThe threat of human rights violations do not represent a scenario of some distant future. They are already a reality for millions of people around the world.- J BForever is a while, in this world- Ojo Yusuf AbdulazeezLove is the highest form of thinking in the universe. It is above any form of appearance and character, above money, above Nazism racism, above sexism and feminism, above and more valuable than any problems, above all offenses and guilt, above all earthly, material values. Love is the thinking and life of the spirit, not of the body, in any world, dimension, universe, outside of time. Since the spirit is directly connected with the heart, this constitutes the true form of the body, thus you see much more and more deeply than with the animal eyes of a materialist, an atheist. Love is when you sacrifice your ideals, dreams for the sake of a loved one because you value and love this person much more than anything in the world, since your second half and your children are your highest value in the universe. - RomeoWe must all work together to foster a climate that defends human rights and celebrates the ways that they make our world better.- J BViolations of human rights is a threat to every person in the world.- J BOur world needs stepped-up leadership on human rights.- J BIf you have the courage to defend human rights, you have the possibility of changing the world.- J BWorld leaders must see human rights as a richness, not a threat.- J BA surge in human rights defending is needed to change the world.- J BWithout human rights defenders, the world would be in great danger.- J BInvesting in human rights will benefit the world as a whole.- J BThe World is my home & India is my living room. I'm independent in my living room to explore, hoping someday I will also be able to explore my own home.- Bikram MahataCan the world muster the will to prevent new human rights violations? I think so.- J BWe must strive for a world where human rights are the basis of all human morality.- J BThe world has the resources to end human rights violations, but political commitment and civil society action are lacking.- J BThe world has often brushed aside human rights.- J B(The Devil, God, World Peace 1 of 10) If someone said it takes a devil to know a devil [as I have said in some extent before] then they would be saying God is a Devil for knowing the Devil! That is why the phrase 'It takes a devil to know a devil! or not!' is to some degree or in some degrees the better or more accurate/precise statement! God, however we look at him or it, is a devil or deceiver in some degree! He just deceives or misleads/leads to good, the perfect good, the highest good, peace, happiness or perfection! And yes, joy! - Joshua Aaron GuilloryWithout accelerated progress on human rights issues and real action to end violations, the world will not know peace.- J BI envision a world in which everyone's human rights are respected and protected, regardless of who they are or where they live.- J BLearning the game isn't enlightenment, learning yourself is! And only those who are enlightened know what I truly mean! That real, initial enlightenment will separate you from the bull crap of everyone! You don't need bad and evil in the world to live an enlightened life, though in your enlightened journey that may be around you! In truth everything is perfectly beautiful, happy and loving! Nobody can ever take my enlightenment away from me! I'll never forget it! and I'll never forget me! If you don't embrace the kid inside you, the peaceful innocence inside you, you won't know what it's truly like to be enlightened. The initial enlightenment contains the full enlightenment! People who say the world has to keep being evil are crazy [yes, I called you crazy] [you can call me crazy and I'm still at peace] and they're just repeating what they think enlightenment is! I know the joy and peace I experienced and experience by myself! That's truth! That's enlightenment - Joshua Aaron GuilloryThe problems which human rights violations pose to the world cannot be solved except by fulfilling human rights, and nothing less will do. '- J BIt is imperative, we absolutely must combat human rights violations in all its forms and address the conditions conducive to their existence if we are to progress toward a peaceful world.- J BMine: awareness mine is the richest mine compared to any other treasure mines in the world- KRISHNAMURTY80% of this world has no patience- Karabo Junior MashabelaA woman who truly loves god.. would take a man who is only rich in faith.. and hold him down physically.. and carry him spiritually.. all she would need is his love and dedication.. and together they would rock this world for jesus..- Babi ShakesWhen you are young and aggressive, having all big dreams to conquer this world, no excuse will be accepted, go and grab it, it is all yours- SYNY DreamsWisdom is the means that God has chosen for the Church of Jesus Christ to transform the world and put to shame all the principalities and powers of hell.- Pastor Sunday AdelajaOnly Hate, world can find out in a minute.. Otherwise It will take decades to find True LOVE- Jay ChandegraLove is not a skill to be mastered; out of love the world came into being; love is a greater power we can't afford to buy; but yet we can afford to sacrifice it as collateral damage to the undeserving evils of this world- Wayne ChirisaThe world was created in perfection; with commandments and a balanced life cycle to maintain order; but human nature chose its way thus the chaos we experience today- Wayne ChirisaMen & Women were never meant to be equals, reality is women rule the world.- MacmillanImagination is a world where everyone can stay and knowledge is that world where only one can stay!- sanyaWhen you grew up, you thought everything was wonderful. As soon as you grew up, you thought everything was nothing, you stopped believing on what you saw and started concentrating on people and believed their lies and their cheating and became a victim of them. What is it to stop doing something you loved or believed in? It is to stop believing in yourself and giving up on yourself. Despair that drowns. I tell you what, go out there and pay no attention to the people that surround you, the people that hurt you, live life, and explore this world! Nonetheless, find someone as excited as you are about life.- David FigueroaThe world was made to turn, our heads were made to turn, our lives were made to turn; so you can turn like everything else or keep going straight at the end you will have realized That you also come up to a turn.- Alejandro AguirreGod please take me away with you; can't take another minute, another day, another month nor another year in a world filled with hatred. Take me away, as it will please many. Take me away, so I won't have to go through anymore pain. Jesus, let me disappear, like I never existed before, this will bring happiness to many. Grant me one wish, that's all I ask; take me away so I can R. I. P. This I beg of you.- Meera SelvaratnamIf you have a dream, do it. If others have a dream, help create it. If the whole world has a dream, help your neighbors build it - bobProbably, if money was not invented, we would have lived in a better world. So, please, stop using money!- Gregorio Santos Christianity is one lifestyle, and has only one key. Let's find it! Then once we find this key, let's all unlock this hidden world - Madison Elizabeth BakerIn my mom's shoulder I always feel like a little child again, The fact is, nothing in the world feels better than mom's hug- Daleen IrshaidI want to show you that I'm not like the others and that I have something that makes me different, I want to show you I'm going to be there for you when no one else is, I want to show you the love I can give, I want to show you that you are the only girl in this world for me and no one will ever replace you, I want to show you- Ashton TaylorIf there is no love, there is no revenge. If there is no faith, there is no god. If there is no dumb, there is no wisdom. If there is no events, there is no forgiveness. If there is no heart, there is no romance. If there is no prison, there is no freedom. If there is no impatience, there is no patience. If there is no decisions, we know what will happen. If there is no difference, there is no jealousy. If there is no parents, there is no chance of learning love right after you are born. If there is no wrong, there is no right. If there is no sadness, there is no happiness. If there is no failure, there is no goal. If there is no death, there is no life. If there is no war, there is no peace. If there is no lies, there is no truth. If there are no effect, there is no cause. If there is no darkness, there is no light. If there is no imagination, there is no fear. If there is nothing scary, there is no courage. If there's no life, there is no world. If there is one person, just one, miss- Karen KuranTwo pennies is enough to buy happiness. One for yourself and the other for the world.- Obed CeballosI find it hard to understand why for some people, it is so difficult to overlook one's differences and not be envious of one another because we were all made unique for a reason, and there is no reason to be jealous if we all have something equally special and amazing to share with the world. Even if you don't know it yet- Sydney NewkirkJust two steps outside and that's the beginning. I sit down in a public place and see all the people's faces. Slightly scared, mentally impaired. Afraid of the world around me..- Zarah smithThere is so much hate in the world and too many people are dying old and young from fighting and pollution but we brought it all on ourselves. Animals suffer from litter and young children die from diseases and pills-drugs, we need help and god shall guide us through our own mess. Hope is nearly gone for us yet we steal and kill. Fellow human beings are in trouble but our selfish ways lead us away from a needy soul. Humans are greedy and arrogant, caring only for themselves and not for the welfare of others, people starve with no homes or family, children and adults just like us are lonely and need a friend and who is there for them, no one yet, we always find a way out of trouble, well they cannot find that way and they need our help. We take and take but never give. Everyone gets a time, their special time, but it is not mine nor yours so lets give it to someone who really needs help!- Bethany Hope SkinnerThe history of mankind is the most bloody and predictable due to the nature of man. The reason we have honor, pride, and dignity is also born from the nature of man. If mistakes are part of our lives then that must be true to nature as well, since we were born into this world by nature and were given a natural desire to fight one another, nature made the one mistake that would eventually cause an extinction event due to mans lust for blood.- Christopher Joesph Agruso