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I don I don't regret the things I do, I regret the things I don't do. Then in the end you don't ask..


Don Don't regret the past, Coz it's a waste of time...

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Time Past Waste Regret
We don We don't regret being kind to people but we make them regret losing our kindness...

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Girl, I will never leave you, I mean that! Everything I do for you I don Girl, I will never leave you, I mean that! Everything I do for you I don't regret! A home run hit..

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Test of time is true determination of your faith, it is these moments of silence that define who you are and who you with are. Don't regret the..
-Shaila Kunwal

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If I don If I don't regret it, then it's not a mistake..

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Mistake Regret
If I haven If I haven't met you how great that would be, but if I hadn't met you I would not have experienced..

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I don I don't regret coming to earth because it brought me to you..

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Earth Regret
Yes I cried over you. Do I regret it? NO WAY! This is life, when you cry, cry your hardest, when you laugh, laugh like it's the last chance you get,..
-Lindsey Kaufman

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