success song

Success Song

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Success Song Quotes

A new word create is a new life let it live and stop battle with meaning.... #creativityhabit
-success song

Creativity Life Optimism Philosophy

Music is the light that brightening the darkness of the world just like water that has no enemy so as music to souls....
-success song

Creativity Life Truth

Whoever fear to make mistake can never be perfect cos mistake itself is next to perfection....
-success song

Confidence Courage Creativity Philosophy Fear

It's unconceptualization cos it lack basis otherwise contradict it foundational context that connote the meaning....
-success song

Confidence Creativity Imagination Philosophy

Think not about lifeafterdeath rather focus on lifebeforedeath footprint and our purpose on earth ....
-success song

Life Optimism

I trust Smith when it comes to dealing with gold he wouldn't forget his business orientation....
-success song

Business Confidence Creativity Goal Time

Music is life press stop key to end the sadness and never forget to press play key to keep happiness flowing....
-success song

Happiness Life Philosophy Sad

Most things seems fake few out-of it are doubt to be

Creativity Funny Philosophy Truth Witty

Authority rules over illegal possessions present government say no to corruption and recovering

Change Leadership Life Truth

Light rule even amidst of

The back of lazy being is close to bed when others has gone out to get daily

Creativity Funny Inspirational

The primary aim of humanitarianism is to curb inhumanity of the

Freedom Leadership Philosophy

Forgiveness isn

Freedom God Leadership Life

We speak the truth we die we tell lie we die why are we still lying rather than to say the truth

Hope Leadership Truth

The independent autonomy of it is to hold on the

Confidence Freedom God Philosophy Time

Japard love exhaust the

Creativity Hate Love Truth Witty

Historian tells mostly on past philosopher relate it to what

Creativity Funny Imagination Philosophy

After international view then

Creativity Funny Philosophy Witty


Anger Confidence Creativity Funny Wisdom

Four days to go in advance when the great mentor was

Creativity Funny Leadership Optimism Wisdom

Oluwa burna hot consistently o n'gbona felifeli on hot-run diet omo mo like skusi lori skuki normal level ni m'owa after I don saprapra I prefer omo
-success song

Creativity Freedom Funny Inspirational

It can never be no when it

Creativity God Inspirational Optimism Witty

Let the message be in quote otherwise known as adage and pass the information through second

Creativity Funny Philosophy

You don

Business Creativity God Success Truth

What does it mean to keep to yourself when you suppose to be angel to give? Don

Creativity God Optimism Success Truth

I peak out the truth and expose lie that

Creativity Leadership Life Philosophy Truth


Creativity Funny Philosophy Truth

I believe truth if it

Creativity Funny Truth Witty Wisdom

Life indeed is a vanity nevertheless we must have impact to remember of for good when we're no more on this earth.....
-success song

Creativity Freedom Leadership Optimism Truth


Death Hope Life Philosophy


Creativity Inspirational Philosophy Wisdom


Creativity Death Life Philosophy

Without set mind there can never be

Creativity Short Time Truth Wisdom

A lot of things we don

Dreams God Philosophy Religion Short

If I

Freedom Leadership Philosophy Religion

Where are all human something turned some to

Freedom Short Witty


Creativity God Philosophy Time

God please lift me up I

God Imagination Inspirational Optimism

Shortage not but

Business Creativity Desire Funny Witty

Hard to believe truth but easy to accept

Freedom Truth Witty

Let them be against you and let God be with

Confidence Faith Freedom God Optimism

Imagination is like dream nobody control consciousness except G

Creativity Dreams God Imagination

Nobody would tell you not to impersonate but get ready for the consequence... #

Confidence Freedom Funny Life


Creativity Philosophy Short Time Witty

Who live by bread would die by

Confident beyond fear stand the test of time it

Confidence Courage Freedom God Life

What you see in my eyes doesn

Creativity Imagination Philosophy Witty Wisdom

Great seat isn

Confidence Death Freedom Life Fear

You can

Confidence Creativity Freedom Peace War

In a world of soccer goal can enter either post at a time....
-success song

Opportunity Time Witty