Where has the enjoyment in my life gone? the excitement? Its pointless. Food? Water? Friends? Family? Hugs and Kisses? Sleep? Air? or Love? Whats the point.... Maybe I should give in.... Wait a minute.... I have a boyfriend. I have a couple best friends. I have a mom and a dad. I have a home. I'm loved! Its too early to give up now! I will keep trying. I will be strong for the people I care about. -Dead Skeleton

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Time is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache..
-Candace Easton

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Few people realize the most important thing in life is not money but peace of mind that comes from the awareness of tenderness of love and trust..
-Marshall kalu

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We give everything we can and are ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away, but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOOSE U..
-Nidhi Saini

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It's not your job, money, car or social status that defines you in life, it's the people around you that choose to have you in their life and love..
-Greg Pendleton

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The storm of life may seem darker and longer than you want, but don

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Why give up if life takes no hostages?

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'Save the planet' reality check: Please don't say we are trying to save the planet, the Earth is 4.5 Billion years old, life has existed on this..
-Dean Pover


Challenges do not make us strong or weak; they simply make us discover who we really are; either

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Love the people that love you, Bless and let go of the

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Love, trust, jealousy they are all strong emotions.. But if you label them all as just 'emotions' your life might be empty, but at least won't feel..
-Djordje Peric

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Stop checking your pocket for change. Check your heart for extra love, give it to the

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Most people get depressed over math.. Say that it is pointless, and for the most part, has no use for life. I disagree completely. Math is like life,..
-Jeffrey Michael Beckman

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