Love is magical,Love is a music that grows in our life, Love is like a flower blooms in our heart. There's many love in the world,There are people who love plant, Life, Peace, Family, friends, the world or some people just met and look at each other in the eyes and when that happen they started to fall in love. Love comes around and goes around. We can't see love but we can feel them with our feelings and with our heart. We can't buy love with money or anything else but love comes from our hearts. If we love that someone we have to tell them that we love and care for them. declare our love and care before it's too late. -Wan shafina

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Few people realize the most important thing in life is not money but peace of mind that comes from the awareness of tenderness of love and trust..
-Marshall kalu

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Time is precious, Time is cruel. Time makes new memories, Time makes us crazy with thoughts. Time gives us love and laughter, Time gives heart ache..
-Candace Easton

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Happiness either can last for a short period of time or can last forever. happiness that can be found and lasts for a short period of time is gained..
-rodriguez chavez

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Hell is a heart whose only love is for

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If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world

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Don't live your life trying to impress foolish others, however live it trying to impress foolish you. The more you act foolish, the more sensibility..
-Elizabeth Appiah

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Everyone utilizes their time to earn money and spend it on things they need and things which makes them happy. Their effort on earning more and more..
-Syed Mohammad Mujtaba

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I love music, music is my soul, music saved my soul, music is everything to me.. I love music

Love is the body's invasion by another spirit. Beloved is the mirror that reflects the ideal that the lover created within himself. Mind separates,..
-Abu Turkhan

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Sometimes when I'm alone I cry, because I am on my own. the tears I cry are bitter and warm. they flow with life but take no form, I cry because my..
-karina silva


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Life would be easier if true love was music. I could just search the world finding the tune that

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You don't ever have to feel bad about removing toxic people from your life. It does not matter who that person is; a relative, an old friend, an..
-Ashley Nicole

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