The spirits will reveal themselves to you the more they trust you - the more you're aware - the more you don't interfere with the freedom of their world. There are different kinds of spirits, just as we are spirits and our thoughts, energies, cells, hearts, feelings, and emotions are spirits. Any spirit can be or has the power to make him self/her self known to you if you're open, or capable of being open, just as he/she! But to get a more full understanding and awareness of/to a spirit they must totally trust you or outwit you of their world or else they risk you taking over it! And a true man makes friends with the angels and demons and can bring the best out of each of them and get the worst out of each of them in his relative life! And their relative life/lives with him and beyond him! life can be also another term for world - kingdom or world! Risen spirit, fallen spirit, rising spirit, falling spirits, & so on, same as demons, each are capable of the other!- Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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