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Christopher Joesph Agruso

Location:Boerne, TX, United States Of America
Experience on Earth:34 Years
Experience on OwnQuotes: 13 Years 8 Months

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Since the dawn of life on earth, the journey to the present day has been a series of loops repeating tragic and devastating conflicts, yet the life
-Christopher Joesph Agruso

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If one has doubt or fear, the path to true enlightenment will be obscured, and that person will never ascend into god's true image and therefore thou
-Christopher Joesph Agruso

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From the shimmering light to the darkest shadows, life will flow continuously, from the very moment a baby is born into the light, the light will
-Christopher Joesph Agruso

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There are two types of dreams, there are those that can become a reality and there are those that are just fantasies which will never come true. Even
-Christopher Joesph Agruso

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There are two types of people with desire. the first one is a path which leads to greed and suffering. The second is a path to improve one's self not
-Christopher Joesph Agruso


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Courage is found in everyone. When some one doubts themselves they lose the gift of courage and become cowards. True courage is obtained by removing
-Christopher Joesph Agruso


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Death is a natural part of life. If you fear death then you will die young but if you embrace death and except the joy and sorrow that come as a toll,
-Christopher Joesph Agruso


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The history of mankind is the most bloody and predictable due to the nature of man. The reason we have honor, pride, and dignity is also born from
-Christopher Joesph Agruso


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Those who give purpose to starting a war are only giving excuses to hide the truth that those who believe in peace will never accept because of their
-Christopher Joesph Agruso

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There are three types of people in this world. The first is the one who clings to fear in hopes to live at all costs, the second is one who tries to
-Christopher Joesph Agruso

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Fear is a powerful illusion that one must rid himself of or his mind will be forever bound by the Fear is a powerful illusion that one must rid himself of or his mind will be forever bound by the..

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